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"How does 1998's game of the year hold up today?"

Personally this is my favorite game and no game has come close to challenging it, I'm expecting Wind Waker will change that, but that's another story. In 1998 this game was revolutionary, the graphics, sound, control, battles. You name it this game made a new golden standard for all games after to follow. Admit it or not I don't care but Ocarina of time really perfected 3d adventures and even now many developers can't do what nintendo did 5 years ago.

Graphics: 6.8

Well obviously the graphics are the one issue that can't compare to today's games. Characters are blocky, textures are blurry. On the plus side the draw distance still holds to todays standards, you can see right across hyrule field pretty much, not many games do that. The size of the world is impressive and the art design is great and suits the fantasy world. Enemies are plenty and each of them have their own unique look and appeal. Lighting is still adequate and all though falls short of todays standards it's still okay. The same can be said for water effects and fire, though the day to night transformation still makes me look up at the sky in awe. This game might not be much for eye candy anymore, but it's a lot easier on the eyes than let's say a super mario 64. The added high resolution helps clean a few objects up here and there.

Sound: 9.7

The musical scores in this game are perfect, every area's music suits the setting perfectly. The sound effects are dead on for everything in this game, there was a lot of attention put into this game and it still holds up wonderfully compared to today's standards. The only downside is that instruments aren't quite up to par in this game. The title screen score of the classic zelda theme is great to listen to, it was done beautifully.

Gameplay: 10

Well they don't call them classic games for no reason, Ocarina of time is a master piece of gaming. The puzzles are fantastic and mind bending, side quests are fun and reward you with a helpful item everytime. For first timers to the game, it'll take about 30- 40 hours to beat in my estimation, trying to complete all the sidequests is a game in itself. Many dungeons await you in this game, each of them will give you a new set of challenges and force you to use the items you've gained. There is no repetition in the dungeons at all. The overworld is filled with exploration, gamers will be searching under every boulder and around every corner to see what can be uncovered. You can help characters out with problems and gain allies and items that will make the dungeons a little easier to bare. Bosses are all unique and challenging, when you encounter them for the first time each of them will give you a hard time, after you know their secrets of course you will lay a whooping on them. In the master quest navi will not tell you how to do everything either, which is nice, since if you are playing the master quest it's assumed you have some experience. The dungeons are re done completely and only the layout looks the same, all new puzzles and all new adventure lies inside master quest. It's refreshing, but I was hoping there might be a few additional sidequests in the main game, maybe a few new characters and perhaps a second ending.

Story: 9.5

The story is interesting and thought prevoking, the characters involved will take your feelings and the villian is in my opinion the best villian in gaming history, cunning, powerful and undoubtably evil. The story unfolds over many years and there is quite a develoment of the main characters and how the dark world has changed them. The story itself is unchanged from the original game, the only thing changed in master quest is the dungeons.

Replay/lasting appeal: 10

Ocarina of time itself is a long lasting adventure with many sidequests, add the fact that the game is just so fun to play and you can bet that you will come back to this game. Master quest is a whole new reason to play the game, the challenge has been seriously revamped, with many more enemies and harder puzzles. The amount of enemies running around the dungeons is tripled in this game. There are a selection of preview movies to view in this too. I've beaten Ocarina of time atleast 9 times since 1998 that's a lot for me, seeing as I usually beat a game once and that's it. This game just makes you come back though, tons of great gameplay, now you just have more reasons to come back to this master piece.

Final score: 46/50
Out of ten : 9.2/10

In 1998 the graphics were revolutionary and the story was sound were also amazing, so this game at the time would have been a perfect 10, but wear and tear from time have made this game less then perfect in 2003.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/17/03, Updated 02/17/03

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