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Reviewed: 02/16/04

A free game. It's Zelda. I can't complain!

I just received a Zelda promo pack from Nintendo, and let me tell you, its great to revisit some true classics. I was never a Zelda fan until Ocarina of Time. Well, I hadn't played any other games because I'm only 12. I loved Ocarina of Time for its free roaming adventure style gameplay. Majoras Mask however, was a bit of a letdown, but a good game no less. before this however, I hadn't played Zelda 1 or 2. I tried 2 first, and it wasn't so great. I hear it was a letdown back then, too. Then I tried Zelda 1. And to be honest, I didn't like that either. I Just can't play a game without good graphics. I'm a graphics whore. The controls weren't all that either. Anyways, lets get into detail about why I did or did not like these games.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This game was the first Zelda game I ever played, and my favourite up until this day. The reason I love this game aren't the graphics or the sound, not the controls either. Its the gameplay. It was the first game that I had played that allowed so much freedom. The roaming, it was the best. And just letting the story unfold while having fun, thats a first. You hardly even know it, but your uncovering the story as you have fun. Then before you know it, the game's done. The bosses are very challenging, yet fun. Even if you lose once or twice, heck even five times, the game gives you the will to keep playing. But traveling the hills of Hyrule on foot is tiresome. So, what do you do? Get your horse. You can get where your going in no time. From the grassy hills of Hyrule, to the sandy desert, it all looks beautiful. The N64 looked beautiful back then, you'd think that the graphics would look very outdated, right? Wrong. Even though the game is old, the graphics can still hold a candle to some of the games these days. Although the graphics are othing to oogle over, they are decent, not bad enough to make you put down the game. You might have the occasional ''Eww, I can't beleive that was considered good back then.'' comments from your friends, or you. I think that Nintendo should have done just a little touch up work, but they didn't, and thats what bothers me. Now, the controls for the N64 version of Ocarina of Time were great, and the GameCube version kept those controls great, but sometimes flawed on this new age controller. Since the Gamecubes controller is more manuverable then the N64s controller, Link can't run in circles or anything like that on this controller. The controls don't take long to get used to though, you'll catch on very quickly. The last flaw: The C-Stick. The ocarina is now much harder to play, thanks to this. No more buttons, so you will mess up the notes a lot and it will get you mad. But other then that, the controls are fine. the last think is the sound. The sound is the exact same as the N64 version, and thats fine. The only problem is a little one, very little, but a problem no less. Their tends to be sound distortion when loading or changing areas.

Overall: 98%

Zelda: Majoras Mask
The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask is the sequel to the smash hit, Ocarina of Time. This game is great. The one and only grudge I had with it was the time limits. I couldn't stand them. Its just not like a Zelda game to be like that. It wasn't as good as teh first Zelda, but this one was something new and fresh, something that the fans had been waiting for. In this game, you have to stop the moon from crashing into the earth, and thats when this whole 3 days thing happens. You have 3 days to do it, and the days are a bit longer then Ocarina of Time, but not much longer. The good thing is that you can go back to the very first morning. Thats what takes the fun out. Unlike the first game, you cant free roam without worring about the time limit, which takes from the fun. The graphics in this game are a bit like the Ocarina of Time's graphics, but it seems like they have downgraded them. Now, I may be crazy, but I thought that a sequel was supposed to improve on this stuff? That aside, its an okay game in terms of graphics. The controls are the same as Ocarina of Time's controls. Same pros and cons. As for the music, Nothing special. Although, I can hear more sound distortion on this game apossed to Ocarina of Time. Overall, this is still avery worth while game to pick up, be it for the N64 or Gamecube. Despite the small flaws, it is a very good game, just not as good as the predessesor. Fans and newcomers alike will love this game.

Overall: 83%

The Legend of Zelda
Now, being a newbie to the Zelda games up until Ocarina of Time, I had never played this game. I was excpecting it to be like the Gameboy versions, boy was I wrong. I had high hopes that I would like this game, but, I really didn't. Fist off, being a graphics person, I hated this game in the graphics department because, lets just face it, they are crap. I bet that I could make those graphics myself. I don't really know what the story for this one is, but it's the first game, so I bet its save Zelda from Ganondorf.I couldn't be bothered to play to the end. And the controls. Don't even get me started. They are the worst they could be. The original was played on a D-Pad, this is played on a Control Stick. The pad has four directions, the stick has eight. The buttons are just all in the wrong places. As Simon would say, the controls are ''Bloody Horrible''. The sound. ''Beep. Beep. Beep.'' Just beeps. I know this is from 1989, but compared to now, nothing at all. I may be able to respect this on the original system, where it was meant to be crappy, but not with the excpectations these days. And remeber, this is just my opinion.

Overall: 20%

The Legend of Zelda 2
Now, playing this game after the first, I thought it would be bad too. I was right. This game is the worst idea ever. Side scrolling Zelda? The graphics are way better, ones that are passable by me, but just by a hair. The controls are much better too, because you can only move two ways, go figure. The music in this was the same, maybe a little bit better, but still bad. I don't know the story here, either, because I got way to bored before I got to one mission. I talked to an old lady, several that infact, were the same old lady over and over again. And then I wondered ''Why in the world am I playing this borefest?'' So, I turned it off. But from what I played, It sucked. I would rather play the first one until I beat it then to sit through ten minutes of this crap.

Overall: 13%

This package is great for the first two games, but why they put the other two in is just odd. Sorry if I'm sounding a bit like Seanbaby from EGM, but it's true. But I can't really make a huge rant about how the first and second game suck, because I got it for free. This is worth the waiting time, be it for Ocarina of Time or The Legend of Zelda 2, it will keep you playing for days until you complete all the games and the 20 minute Wind Waker demo which I forgot to mention. So, go for it. Hey, what have you got to lose? It's free.

Overall: 85%

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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