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Reviewed: 07/09/04

Not the best game ever, but still a great game all should have played

Many gamers says that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best game that has ever been released. Myself I tried it fo the first time when I had borrowed a N64 from a friend. I didn't think the game was anything special so I never got past the first dungeon. Later I borrowed a N64 from another friend and gave this game another chance, this time I got past the first dungeon but didn't play more after that. then a couple a years later I bought Wind Waker and got this game with me. And after I had cleared and enjoyed Wind Waker I thought, shouldn't I try to give this game another chance now? That's just what I did and the game got me hooked. The game was a great one after the first dungeon.

Zelda is unlike many other series, just as good in 3d as in 2d. You will realise that when you start in the Koriki Forest. Everything has great details. I was really surprised when I saw the power of the N64. The battle-system hasn't either got any bad damages by the evolution form 2d to 3d. It has been improved instead. The Hero [which many call Link] can use his sword to do many attacks instead of just do one attack like he only could do in the past Zelda games. This game also has a Lock-system, you use your fairy to let Link aim on one enemy or any other thing he has to aim on. This makes it much easier to hit the enemies with items like the bow or the boomerang.

The story begins that you are a boy in the Koriki Forest. You are the only child in the village that doesn't have a fairy. But you meet Navi, a fairy that will help you on your journey and tell you to visit the Deku tree. However before you go to the Deku tree you must have a sword and a shield, since you are going to battle monsters before you will reach the Deku Tree. When you got a sword and a shield you will go to the Deku Tree. Then you have to go inside the Deku tree and defeat a monster. After you have done that will the Deku tree tell you about your destiny. Now you will leave the Koriki forest and head for Hyrule Caste but before you leave town you will get the Ocarina of Time, something that will be very useful later.

The difficulty in this game is very hard the first time you play it. It's not that the enemies are hard to beat but it can be hard to find all items you need, and figure out how you should use them in the game to get further. It's not always as simple as you think it is to use your items right. Sometimes you have to travel to places you have been in before just to see if you haven't missed anything important. However after you have cleared this game once, you will already know what to do in the dungeons and then the game isn't so hard anymore.

The music is also very good in this game, it's not like you will dance to it or something like that, but you will remember it, since it's worth to notice. Also you have to be good at your memory to remember all the songs you will learn with your ocarina.

Another great this thing has is many side quests, you can do a lot more than just run to a dungeon and beat it and then run to the next dungeon and beat it. For example you can go for Skuttula hunting and try to find all the Skuttilas that are hiding in dungeons, towns and fields. Once you have some Skutullas, go to the Skuttulas house and you will get bigger wallets, and other good items.

The last great thing about this game is all the clever mini-games, I am not sure if I like them more than the main game. They are smart made, and they are very addicting. You will spend many ruppies to try to get a higher highscore, because it's fun. This will also give you items that can help you on your main quest as well. My absolute favorite is one of the mini-games where you ride a horse and are going to shoot arrows to hit a good spot. It's very challenging.

This game has replay ability if any game has it. You may think that this adventure is long but it isn't. You can if you try really hard to beat the whole game in one day, but then you have to know how to clear all the dungeons. You will also replay it so you can try to get all the skuttulas for example or perhaps you want to open all the treasure boxes there is in this game. It's also a great game itself that you can replay, just to have fun.

The only really bad thing this game has is that you do the same thing that you do in Legend of Zelda a link to the past. But that's nothing that bad in my opinion, why change a great thing?

This game deserves a 9 of 10, it's great but it doesn't live up to the hype, than again no game can live up to the hype this game has. In fact I do think that you have already played and cleared this game when you have read this review. Anyway thanks for reading it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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