"The legendary birth is concieved yet once more..."

This instant treasury was absorbed into the hearts of Zelda fans around the world. The astonishing layout was completed with outstanding graphics and a wonderful, yet challenging story to unfold. Now, Nintendo has unleashed this games undying power once more. Though some believe it was to just keep fans at bay for the Wind Waker, there were times that players would not even remember that title coming up while they were taken by suprize yet again. If the idea of an old game turned new isn't exciting, perhaps the effect the entire game holds is. From the forest tunic, to the zora tunic, whether or not you chose the master sword of the biggorons blade, fun echoed throughout Hyrule yet again.

Story: Ganon, Link's nemesis has really done it this time. This menacing foe decides to cross over by hiding behind the light of goodness and purity. This alarms the townsfolk and most importantly Zelda herself. Beckoning Link has him awaken to his most grandest adventure yet, to stop Ganon once more. However, this time it must be done by time. traveling to and fro Link uncovers mysterious powers that live within his trusty ocarina; the very object that is the key to upholding the law of the triforce once more and is the symbol to the sages. God-like creatures whom wish to banish Ganon back into the darkness once and for all. Making this game very addictive and never seemed to grow stale, this title certainly recieves a 10 for the wonderful story in which we endeavor. 10/10

Graphics: The joyous oppurtunity allowed the fans of zelda to be mezmorized by the brilliant and most mouthwatering graphics Nintendo was able to create. Being that the origin for this title was on N64, the polygons were truly insastiable. The 3-D characters and marvelous background became an istant breakthrough. Though next-gen systems continue to enchance and uprgrade gameplay I give the graphics a 9 simply because it held the best eye appealing graphics on this dated system, and yet still runs strong on the next-gen. system. 9/10

Button Configuration: The many different attacks in which Link maneuvered became instant satisfactory. The beholder would not strive too long for exellence. Instead, after a while of playing, The controls felt almost natural. Whether or not Link would consistantly roll throughout dungeons or ride Epona throug Hyrule, these controls were almost comfortable. Only one disadvantage existed; the soreness you would recieve after continous gameplay( However, please remember that t is sometimes this way for all games. (not to mention the handling of the N64 controller) Most games were used by thumbing the analog stick in the center. preferablly, the GC controller was much more relaxing while you controled Link and his plethora of attacks. 9/10

Sound Effects: The numerous echoing of Zelda's lullably or any of the other mystical notes ran softly throught out the game. Although Link and other characters didn't talk, they still had little chimes that are most familiar and quite pleasent to ones ear. The quality for the sound was extremeley remarkable as well. The background music to dungeons or fairy domains lingered about this game allowing soothing and memorable melodies to still have an impact to this day. 9/10

Replay Value: To this day I, along with many other fans, have not yet become bored with the Ocarina of Time. No matter what you may think this is definately one game in which that will never grow old. Passing through time several years, collecting fragile glass bottles and firing deku seeds from your fairy slingshot held some of the most reconizable and satisfiable things in this game.

Quest/Items/Heartpieces: Along Link's amazingly detailed story, one will find themselves collecting items that are a neccessity if one wishes to vanquish ganon and complete the game entirely. scattered throughout this etched out game, lies the trusty fairy bow, Biggorons sword, and the ever mighty mirror shield. (This is just a few items needed) Also along the way, small pieces of hearts are littered in the adventure that you wish to finish at somepoint. 36 pieces total await you and will, in time fill your health meter. Another outstanding feature to this game was the ability to ride on your trustworthy horse. This surely added new and wonderful features to the game. Good luck finding everything though because Nintendo assured players that this game will take dedication, devotion, and much paitence in order to succeed and reign as the "Hero Of Time".

Overall Rating: Perhaps the most compelling and remarkable game continues to remain at the top for most avid fans and die hard gamers of Link and his somewhat cumbersome adventures. If you have not yet played this immediate title, then please wait no more and get a copy today! I highly recommend this title to anyone who might have the slightest interest in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Whether or not you enjoy the series or one game in particular, this is surely a game that will always remain as one of his best adventures to come. Desiring it already? Then please pick this one up for you will definately go to bed happier than th night before when you have entered the new adventure and played mysterious notes from the object in which holds the answer to the fate of Hyrule and the destiny of Zelda and Link. O.A.R.= 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/31/04

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