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    Heart Piece FAQ by GameFreak903

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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/ Master's Quest
    Version 1.0
    Heart Piece FAQ
    Created by GameFreak903/Craig S.
    This FAQ is copyright Gamefreak903/Craig S. No permission to copy unless 
    consent of the creator is given. E-mail me and request for permission.
    Version 1.0 - February 25, 2003 - FAQ created and issued
    1) Introduction
    2) The Heart Pieces
    3) Complete Heart Containers
    4) Pieces of Heart
    5) In Depth Piece of Heart Guide
    6) Master's Quest Heart Piece
    7) Magic Bean Locations
    8) FAQ
    9) Contact
    10) Special Thanks
    1) Introduction
    The bonus disk has arrived and is an addictive game once again. However, 
    during your quest you want it ALL don't you. So, you want all the Heart 
    Pieces, right? Well it's not as easy as you thought. This guide is here o 
    help you find all those pesky Heart Pieces.
    2) The Heart Pieces
    If you're new to Zelda games, you're wondering what a heart piece is. Well 
    when you collect a heart piece you get a fragment of what will be a heart 
    container. Collecting four heart pieces gives you a heart container, which 
    increases your health. You can also obtain full heart containers by defeating 
    3) Complete Heart Containers
    LOCATION: Great Deku Tree
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Ghoma
    LOCATION: Dodongo's Cavern
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating King Dodongo
    LOCATION: Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Barinade
    LOCATION: Forest Temple
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Phantom Ganon
    LOCATION: Fire Temple
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Volvagia
    LOCATION: Water Temple
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Morpha
    LOCATION: Shadow Temple
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Bongo Bongo
    LOCATION: Spirit Temple
    OBTAINED BY: Defeating Twinrova
    4) Pieces of Heart
    We'll start out with ones you can get just being Young Link and working our 
    way up to Adult Link. Observe the description to see what items are needed. 
    The following are for OoT, but use this for Master's Quest as well, just read 
    the one differently placed piece of heart below this section.
    -----CHILD LINK-----
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    OBTAINED BY: A Prize in Dampe's Heart Pounding Graveyard Tour
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    OBTAINED BY: Playing "Sun Song" in unmarked grave with redead
    LOCATION: Goron City
    OBTAINED BY: Lighting torches around pot and throwing bomb flowers in 
    spinning pot
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market
    OBTAINED BY: Prize in Bombchu Bowling game
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market (Night)
    OBTAINED BY: Bringing Pooch lady's dog back (White dog near concession stand)
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market (Night)
    OBTAINED BY: Prize in treasure box game, suggestively with Lens of Truth
    LOCATION: Hyrule Field (w/stone of agony)
    OBTAINED BY: Hidden Hole in between the four fences in front of Lake Hylia, 
    bought with 10 rupees.
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    OBTAINED BY: 50 Gold Skulltula Tokens
    LOCATION Kakariko Village
    OBTAINED BY: Cow's Stall, reached by the owl's help, jump onto the roof above 
    the chicken's pen and go through the crack
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia
    OBTAINED BY: Catching a 10-pounder in the fishing game
    LOCATION: Lon Lon Ranch
    OBTAINED BY: Moving boxes in storage shed and crawling through hole
    LOCATION: Lost Woods
    OBTAINED BY: Playing "Saria's Song" to Skull kid, just left of the entrance
    LOCATION: Lost Woods
    OBTAINED BY: Playing 3 songs with the two skull kids, to the right of 
    LOCATION: Zora's Domain
    OBTAINED BY: Lighting all four torches towards waterfall, on near store and 
    the others on the way towards waterfall
    LOCATION: Zora's River (Have all 6 Gray Noted Songs)
    OBTAINED BY: Winning the Bug Catching Game with the frogs
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    OBTAINED BY: Jumping to lofty platform in the center of the river with 
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    OBTAINED BY: Having the chicken, head towards the end of the river and turn 
    around to see it, jump from the highest point toward it
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    OBTAINED BY: Playing the "Song of Storms" to the frogs
    -----ADULT LINK-----
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
    OBTAINED BY: A niche in the wall, climb to see it
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater (Magic Bean)
    OBTAINED BY: Ride the bean plant to the top of the left ash cone
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Trail (Magic Bean)
    OBTAINED BY: Ride the bean plant to the top of the Dodongo Cavern entrance
    LOCATION: Desert Colossus (Magic Bean)
    OBTAINED BY: Ride the bean plant to the top of the arc
    LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
    OBTAINED BY: In a niche behind the waterfall, climb the ladder
    LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
    OBTAINED BY: Inside a crate on the ledge of the river, use longshot
    LOCATION: Gerudo Fortress
    OBTAINED BY: Prize in the Horseback Archery Contest
    LOCATION: Gerudo Fortress
    OBTAINED BY: Hookshot on the highest roof of the Thieves' Hideout
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    OBTAINED BY: Beating Dampe's Ghost in a minute or less, use longshot
    LOCATION: Graveyard (Magic Bean)
    OBTAINED BY: Ride the bean plant to a crate, break it and it's yours
    LOCATION: Hyrule Field
    OBTAINED BY: Using Iron Boots and Gold Scale, look in the pond in a hidden 
    hole near a tree between Gerudo valley and Hyrule Castle
    LOCATION: Ice Cavern
    OBTAINED BY: Using Blue Fire to melt away the red ice around a piece of heart
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    OBTAINED BY: Longshot to the lone man on a roof
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    OBTAINED BY: On a ledge in the Windmill
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia
    OBTAINED BY: Diving in the scientist's lab with Gold Scale
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia (Magic Bean)
    OBTAINED BY: Riding Magic Bean Leaf to the top of laboratory
    LOCATION: Zora's Fountain
    OBTAINED BY: Hopping to the lone iceberg
    LOCATION: Zora's Fountain
    OBTAINED BY: Using Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic to sink to the bottom and 
    collect the heart piece
    5) In Depth Piece of Heart Guide
    -----CHILD LINK-----
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    To play Dampe's Gravedigging Tour, you must have at least 10 rupees. It helps 
    to have about 99 when doing this. He only appears at the beginning of night, 
    so wait for it. Talk to him in front of a dirt spot for him to dig. It takes 
    a good while till the heart piece will pop up, be patient.
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    In one grave in the graveyard, another hole appears. It should be one of the 
    graves on the top right near the composer's graves, possibly the second to 
    last one. Hop in and kill the re-dead. Then play the Sun's Song. You will see 
    a chest appear. Open it and claim your prize!
    LOCATION: Goron City
    First of all light all of the torches by using a Deku stick to light them all 
    around the pot. The fire is in Darunia's chamber. After all of them are lit, 
    the pot will spin. Head up to the same floor as the top of the pot and use 
    the nearby bomb flower from the stairs. Throw the bomb flower inside the pot. 
    It will spin around and give you rupees, hearts, or if you get the smiley 
    face part of the pot, a heart piece. Keep tossing that bomb.
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market
    Head to the Bombchu Bowling alley. To win you must place your bombchu to head 
    to the hole and blow up the wall. The first one is simple. Just get right in 
    front of it and make sure the spike has passed by. After the first wall is 
    gone, it gets tougher. You'll have to aim at the wall to maneuver is, or you 
    could take a chance and place it right in front of it again dodging the 
    chicken. The last one is where you have to use the wall to maneuver it 
    inside. Place it near the corner. Hopefully you'll get it.
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market (Night)
    In order to bring the Pooch lady's dog back to her house located in the 
    Alley, you'll have to find the right one. There are a lot of them out there, 
    so don't come close to them unless you are sure that it is the right dog. The 
    right dog is a white dog located behind the stand where the crowd of people 
    is during the day. Bring her dog back to her and she'll grant you a piece of 
    LOCATION: Hyrule Market (Night)
    In order to win the treasure box game located in the town market, you have to 
    pick the right chest out of 2 possible choices. One has a key to the next 
    room while the other has rupees. Make it to the end and you will get the 
    heart piece. This is easiest with the lens of truth, since you can see what 
    is inside the chest and won't have to keep guessing.
    LOCATION: Hyrule Field
    You'll need the stone of agony. Simply place a bomb near where it rumbles and 
    hopefully it will reveal itself. It should be right in the middle of the four 
    fences leading to Lake Hylia. Pay the deku scrub only a measly 10 rupees to 
    get the Piece of Heart. What a deal.
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    You'll need 50 Skulltulas in order to gain this Piece of Heart. Look in 
    dungeons and also in towns at night. Running into trees also reveals a few 
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    After gaining the magic meter from the Great Fairy at the top of Death 
    Mountain, the Owl awaits you to fly you down. Accept his offer and he will 
    plant you on the roof of the house by the chicken lady. DO NOT JUMP OFF! Head 
    towards the left side of the house by the chicken coop, and inch towards the 
    edge. Drop on the roof of the chicken coop and head through the crack to gain 
    your reward. The owl will appear again or you could get the hookshot later.
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia
    Head towards a building near the left of the lake. Inside you can fish. Press 
    B to cast and A to reel. Also use the control stick to lure the fish towards 
    it. The 10-pounder is near the logs to the left. It's on the farthest one to 
    the right. Cast your rod towards the fish. Lure it and once it's hooked Pull 
    back on the control stick and hold A at the same time. If you catch him, you 
    will get a Piece of Heart, simply weigh the fish at the desk.
    LOCATION: Lon Lon Ranch
    Head to the storage shed at the back of the ranch. Move the boxes out of the 
    way to reveal the hole. It's in the bottom left corner. Crawl through and you 
    will see the piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Lost Woods
    After learning Saria's song, head to the left of the entrance to skull woods. 
    Stand on the stump and play Saria's song. The skull kid will be overjoyed and 
    present to you a heart piece.
    LOCATION: Lost Woods
    When you reach the part of the lost woods to the right of the entrance, jump 
    down and stand on the stump. 2 Skull Kids will appear. Simply follow the 
    melody they give for 3 stanzas and you will gain a piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Zora's Domain
    To light all the torches you need to do the following. Start at King Zora's 
    throne. Use the torch and head down the stairs with a lit deku stick. Light 
    the first torch then put your stick away. Take it back out and head down. One 
    is by the shop, run by and light it. Head to the on in the middle of the 
    shallow water and light it. Then head behind the waterfall and light the two 
    in the alcove. A chest will appear and you will gain your prize.
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    About halfway in the river is a log lying in the water. Stand on the stump 
    and pull out your ocarina. Play all 5 gray note songs besides the Song of 
    Storms. This means you need Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's Song, Epona's Song, 
    Sun's Song, and The Song of Time. All 5 will grow. Now you must play a game. 
    Match the notes with the frogs and play whichever has a butterfly sticking 
    out of it. Or, just press A-Left-Right-Down-Left-Right-Down-A-Down-A-Down-
    Right-Left-A. Play it FAST. Eventually you will gain the piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    Grab the chicken at the beginning. Jump to the ledge before the heart piece. 
    You might have to throw the chicken up there to climb up the ledge. Hopefully 
    the chicken landed there too. Jump to the center platform. Don't let go of 
    the chicken, you can still get one more piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    With the chicken head to the end. Where you stand to play the ocarina, head 
    farther left. Look behind you to see the ledge. Jump with the chicken and 
    it's yours. Now throw the chicken in the river, muhahahah!
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    After learning the Song of Storms head to the frogs. Play it and you get a 
    heart piece. Simple.
    -----ADULT LINK-----
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
    If you head up the platforms around the crater, head towards a platform that 
    is lined up with the entrance to the Fire Temple, or you could just look for 
    the big climbable wall behind the warp point. Slowly walk to the edge and you 
    will start to climb on the wall. Climb down and up to the hole in the wall 
    and grab this piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
    First of all you must plant the magic bean plant for you to get this. It is 
    located right next to the warp pad to the crater. Just play the Bolero of 
    Fire and Young Link can plant the bean and get out of there. After the bean 
    is planted simply, warp as an adult and ride that sucker to the top. Jump off 
    and grab your piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Trail
    Once again, you'll need to plant the bean for this one. Its soil is right 
    next to the entrance to Dodongo Caverns. Come back as an adult and jump off 
    to the roof of the entrance. Your piece of heart is sitting there, taunting 
    you. So grab it and go.
    LOCATION: Desert Colossus
    Once again, warp here as a child and plant a magic bean plant. Warp back as 
    an adult and ride the bean plant. When you get to the stone arc, be ready to 
    jump because this thing goes really fast. Once on top grab it and continue 
    LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
    Jump to the river below you. That's right, the river that is located miles 
    down. Swim upstream till you get past the waterfall. You should see a ladder. 
    Climb up and claim your prize for the suicidal dive.
    LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
    You'll need the longshot for this one. Head to the right of the bridge on the 
    side that leads to Hyrule. You should see a platform with a boulder jutting 
    out. Jump down and look straight across. Longshot the box and break it open 
    to reveal a piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Gerudo Fortress
    Once you have your membership card, head to the right of fortress to see a 
    trail leading up. With Epona, head up and play the archery game. You need to 
    score just 1000 for the Piece of Heart. If you want the quiver you'll need 
    1500. You will only get 20 shots. Pots are worth 100 and bull's-eyes are 
    worth 100 as well. Aim for the pots first, then go for the targets. It's not 
    hard getting this, just practice some.
    LOCATION: Gerudo Fortress 
    While you are on the highest place you can go, I'm sure you've noticed the 
    chest on the roof of the fortress. Longshot the chest and open it up to claim 
    a heart piece.
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    Open the grave on the left side and jump down the hole. You will need 
    longshot for this. Race him like normal, dodging his flames. I go hit by one 
    flame and still made it in 58 seconds.  You have to get below 1:00 or 1:00. 
    When you get to the part at the end with the big pit in the middle, usually 
    you are suppose to go around, you'll never get 1:00 like that. Longshot the 
    torches at the start of this room and you'll be more than likely guaranteed 
    this piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    Once again have Link plant the magic bean here by the left side of graves. As 
    an adult, come back and roll to break open the box and gain another piece of 
    LOCATION: Hyrule Field
    Head to the tree between Hyrule and Gerudo Fortress. It's near a river. There 
    should be a lonely tree just sitting there. Head towards it and bash the 
    ground with the hammer or bomb it. Inside take care of Mr.Hoppy with 2 arrows 
    and put on your Iron Boots and Zora Tunics or have the Gold Scale. Dive down 
    and retrieve your prize.
    LOCATION: Ice Cavern
    This is pretty simple. Just grab some blue fire and use it on the red ice 
    that contains the heart piece. It's right next to the blue fire.
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    Using your longshot, longshot to the roof with the man on it. You might be 
    required to longshot to one roof and then to him. He'll be ecstatic to see 
    you and gives you a heart piece. 
    *You could also get this with Young Link. Simply climb the large tower near 
    the base of Death Mountain. Position yourself so you have your left side 
    toward the roof with the man. Hold L and jump sideways and you should land on 
    the fence connecting to the building. Carefully crawl across and you'll get 
    the piece of heart.
    **You can also just jump on the sort fence near the entrance to the Widmill. 
    From there, your hookshot should reach.
    ***Thanks to TharkasDB and Rob Louie for these tips.
    LOCATION: Kakariko Village
    Once you emerge from Dampe's race, jump to one of the two spinning platforms. 
    Wait till you get close to the heart piece and jump off. Then grab your 
    newfound piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia
    After catching a 20-pounder in the fishing game, head to the scientist's lab 
    and get in the water. Dive to the bottom then speak to him to gain another 
    piece of heart.
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia
    Yet again, Young Link is required to plant a bean next to the lab. As an 
    adult come back and jump off onto the roof. Climb the ladder and grab the 
    piece of heart on the balcony.
    *You can also just play the scarecrow's song for this one. Play it and 
    longshot up to get it and not bother planting the magic bean.
    **Thanks to Andrew Jansen for this tip.
    LOCATION: Zora's Fountain
    Head to the other path of icebergs in front of you instead of turning left. 
    They are harder to get on, but worth it. Jump at the right time and ride it 
    to the iceberg with the piece of heart on it. Grab it and go.
    LOCATION: Zora's Fountain
    With your Iron boots and Zora tunic, head to the bottom of the lake. You'll 
    notice an arrangement of rupees and a piece of heart in the middle. Grab the 
    heart piece and some rupees for future purchases.
    6) Master's Quest Heart Piece
    There is one heart piece placed differently in Master's Quest. 
    LOCATION: Ice Cavern
    OBTAINED BY: There is a piece of heart trapped in glass. You have to use a 
    bomb on the switch barely sticking out of the ice on the floor. After bombing 
    it, the glass should be gone.
    *Thanks to Jason720 for this location.
    7) Magic Bean Location
    A lot of the Pieces of Heart are obtained by using the magic bean plant 
    planted in a certain spot. Below are all 10 locations of bean plant soil.
    LOCATION: Kokiri Forest, next to store
    USED FOR: Ruppees
    LOCATION: Lost Woods, past skull kid
    USED FOR: Shortcut between Hyrule Field
    LOCATION: Lost Woods, sacred forest meadow
    USED FOR: Gold Skulltula token
    LOCATION: Graveyard
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart
    LOCATION: Dodongo's Cavern
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart
    LOCATION: Zora's River
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart/Transportation
    LOCATION: Lake Hylia, beside laboratory
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart
    LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart
    LOCATION: Gerudo Valley, use chicken to get to a ledge lining the river
    USED FOR: Piece of Heart
    LOCATION: Desert Colossus
    USED FOR: Gold Skulltula and Piece of Heart
    8) FAQ
    Q: How do I break crates?
    A: Roll into them
    Q: I can't find one piece of heart, where is it?!?!?
    A: Look over the list again and also remember the one different piece of 
    heart in Master's Quest.
    Q: You forgot...
    A: Simply e-mail me and I will add it in and list you.
    9) Contact
    If you have any questions or suggestions simply e-mail me at 
    gamefreak903@yahoo.com. I will answer your question or add your suggestion 
    whenever you ask.
    10) Special Thanks
    Nintendo - For redesigning and re-releasing the greatest game of all time
    CJayC - for providing a great interactive game website
    Jason720 - for giving me that heart piece for MQ
    TharkasDB - for a useful tip on a piece of heart
    Rob Louie - for shorter wait for a piece of heart
    Andrew Jansen - for another tip well used

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