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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NessRevenge13

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    "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" for the Nintendo Gamecube
    Faq/Walkthrough, version 1.0
    Written by NessRevenge13 (Michael Moser)
    This guide is copyright 2004 by Michael Moser. Natsume copyrights all
    Characters from the game.
    Welcome! Are you ready to return to the farm? Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    is one of the most anticipated Harvest Moons, because Harvest Moon has taken
    the leap from sprites to 3d models. The characters are now 3d, and not just
    The main plot behind Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is that you are the son
    of a farmer. Well, a father who wanted to be a farmer, but his dream just
    never came true. He and his good friend, Takakura, had planned to make a
    living off of a farm, but he died soon afterward. Takakura promised to bring
    you, the main character, to the farm and have you run it, side by side with
    Takakura like your father had wanted to do. So, you arrive in Forget-Me-Not
    Valley with a plan of a new life in your eyes. This life, spanning 30 years,
    would be full of many twists and turns, but you would succeed, through it
    all! Or maybe you would fail, but let's hope not.
    Table of Contents
    1.Version History
    2.About Harvest Moon
    3.So what's different in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    4a.Getting started! Controls
    4b.Getting Started! First few days on the farm!*
    5.Your Farm
    5a. your house
    5b. Takakura's house
    5c. Tool shed
    5d. Food storage area*
    5e. the fields
    5f. the pasture
    5g. Chicken Coop
    5h. Barn
    5i. anything else?*
    6. Forget-Me-Not Valley
    6a. Vesta's farm
    6b. Inner Inn
    6c. The Blue Bar
    6d. Pyrotechnical Twins' house
    6e. Romana's Villa
    6f. Cody's Studio
    6g. Daryl's Lab
    6h. Gustafa's Yurt
    6i. The Spring
    6j. Archaeology Excavation Site
    6k. Market Place
    6l. anywhere else?
    7. Fruits and Veggies*
    8. Scavenging for food
    9. Fishing*
    10. The Dating Game*
    11. Raising your Child**
    12. Animals*
    12a. Cows**
    12b. Chickens**
    12c. Sheep**
    12d. your dog and cat**
    12e. Goats**
    12f. Ducks**
    13. Villagers: Likes and Dislikes**
    14. FAQ**
    15. Closing comments/Credits
    16. End
    *- incomplete sections
    **- Coming soon!
    1. Version history
       Version 1.0 - Many sections have been completed, including sections 1-10.
    Some sections still need some info, but very little. Other sections are still
    being worked on as I need to get together all the facts. If you find a section
    with things missing, I'll accept any help and you will receive individual
    2. About Harvest Moon
       Harvest Moon is a series of games, produced by Natsume that are about
    farming. That's right, they're about farming. So, what makes them so fun?
    It's hard to explain. Usually, if you try a Harvest Moon game, and you play
    it for more than an hour, then you're probably hooked, and will love the
    game. If you hate it from the moment you move your character, then you
    probably won't like the game. What makes the games fun, in my view, is the
    ability of never totally succeeding. No matter how successful you're doing,
    there's always going to be something you haven't achieved yet. There is
    ALWAYS something to work towards!
    The Harvest Moon series dates back to the SNES, where it's first game was
    released. It was truly a primitive Harvest Moon, yet fun all the same. There
    was no clock, and you didn't have a time limit to get to bed. Time passed
    real fast through the day, and the only indication of what time it was you
    had was when you stopped to eat lunch. You also never had a rucksack to keep
    stuff in, and you had to carry it around. However, it was the foundation, and
    back then, it was an awesome game. Most people who play Harvest Moon now
    started by playing this one.
    Natsume, surprised by their success with it, went on to publish a portable
    Harvest Moon. However, it wasn't exactly the best Harvest Moon out. The Game
    Boy version was mainly about farming and taking care of livestock, with no
    way to marry in the game. However, all the GB/GBC games let you play as
    either a boy or a girl, which was a major first!
    Harvest Moon 64 was the first attempt at making a 3d harvest moon that used
    pixels still, but it was sort of 3d. It was a landmark, for it added a clock,
    and all sorts of special things you could get. Marriage was put back in,
    which was a great return. It also added a rucksack, which you could hold up
    to 8 tools in, and 8 items, plus you could carry a ninth one in your hands.
    There were plenty of Festivals, you had a birthday in this one. Your dog
    actually served a point : ). It was a great move, and many enjoyed it.
    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was the first Harvest Moon to be released on a
    non-Nintendo console, and it is also considered to be a great one. However,
    most of the faces in that game are found in the N64 version, and the wives
    are also the same. However, Back to Nature was a very fun game, and a lot of
    people still try and find it online to buy.
    Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland is a Harvest Moon I haven't actually played,
    but from what I heard, it was one of the worst, because Natsume went back to
    a no marriage game, like the Game boy games. I don't know much about this
    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, the second most recent Harvest Moon
    game, came out for the GameboyAdvance just a couple of months before A
    Wonderful Life. It is considered to be a portable Back to Nature by many, but
    it is also considered to be the best Harvest Moon by many. If you never
    played any Harvest Moon, this would definitely be one to acquaint you with
    the series.
    3. So, what makes Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life different?
      There are many differences between Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and it's
    MANY games before it. The most noticeable change is the jump from using
    sprites to make the game to the use of PIXELS! That's right, this Harvest
    Moon is in FULL 3d! Another major change is how they made this one more real.
    Some examples of this is that Cows can only produce milk for approximately 1
    year before they have to breed to be able to produce more milk. Also, Female
    chickens MUST have a male chicken in order to make an egg that can be hatched
    into baby chicks. If there is no male, then a fertilized egg will never
    Farming differences are great too. Now, the seeds you get will only seed ONE
    plot of land, and not 9 like the past games. Also, you only EVER get one
    piece of produce from plants, instead of multiple harvests. There still are
    more multiple harvest crops, but they are trees, and they are permanent to
    your field. Also, there are now 3 areas to plant, with one being very fertile,
    the other being medium fertile, and the one closest to your house being the
    most infertile land. Also, crops have levels now. When bought from Vesta's
    farm, they always start at B level. However, through the use of fertilizer,
    also sold at Vesta's farm, it can raise in level to make more money and more
    filling meals.
    Also, time now passes EVERYWHERE! No more going in a building to stop time.
    Natsume has made it so time passes no matter what you're doing, except if
    you're talking to someone or some other task.
    You can't just put all your items in a bin now. Only Dairy products, eggs,
    and Hybrid crops (more on that later) can be placed in a food storage bin for
    shipping. Everything else must be sold either to Van, who visits on special
    days, or you must sell them yourself in the town square. Finally, you don't
    go to shops for items (except for Vesta's farm, to get seeds). Rather, you
    buy them from a ledger, which is stored in your food storage bin house.
    4a: Getting Started: Controls
       This game doesn't require button combinations, luckily, but it does have a
    wide amount of controls.
    A button: One of the most important items in the game. The A button is used
    to perform actions, which will appear on the button area at the top. It can
    do anything from "Pick", "Milk", "Talk", or "Show", plus tons more. Make sure
    you watch what it says before you press it, especially when taking care of
    B button: This button is used to cancel out of things you may have gotten
    into. Also, if you're holding an item, it allows you to set it down, most of
    the time.
    Control Stick: Used to, you guessed it, control your character.
    C-Stick: This can be used a lot in this game. It allows you to move your
    camera, so you can always get a good camera view with this.
    R-button: Changes pages in status screen and whistles to dog and horse. Can
    also be used to attract attention of people while you are selling stuff.
    L-button: Changes pages in status screen, and centers camera behind you
    Control Pad: Scroll through menus
    Z button: Allows you to enter first person mode to look around, but you can't
    move your character in this mode.
    Start: Pause game and look through inventory menus.
    Y button: Used to train dog, and has a few functions, like "Wash", as well.
    X button: Quick item inventory. Brings up your inventory, allowing you to
    equip items faster. Use C-stick to toggle between menus.
    4b.Getting Started! First few days on the farm!
       So, you've got the controls down, so now it's time to begin your Harvest
    Moon game. Please note that anything I recommend doing is not something you
    HAVE to do. This game is all about you, and you really can't write a guide
    for it, so these are just some tips to go by, but never think that you MUST
    follow them.
    As the game starts, you'll hear Takakura talking about how your dad had died,
    and how they had made a promise. Your dad had wanted you to follow in his
    footsteps if he died, and you are going to keep that promise (whether you
    like it or not!). If this is your first time playing, pay VERY close
    attention to this part of the game, for Takakura will show you around the
    farm and introduce you to the citizens you'll meet in your first year. He'll
    also let you name your farm, your cow, and your dog (which you get to choose
    between a pointy eared one or a floppy eared one, but I don't think which one
    you choose is going to affect the game). Finally, while Takakura is showing
    you around town, you'll meet all the villagers and be able to finally name
    yourself. After the big opening tutorial, you are left in your house, at the
    start of a new day. It's 6 AM.
    Day 1: Tips
    To start your day, open your instruction booklet right now and LEARN your way
    around the farm and your town by looking at the maps. You desperately need to
    know your way, because this game is 3d and it's tough to give directions with
    a movable camera.
    Right across from your house, by the pasture is the tool shed. Go here first
    and pick up all your tools. Then, go to the shelf (also located in here) and
    take out the tomato seed B that was left for you. The other door in here
    leads to your barn, which is our first stop. Go in there, and find your cow
    and his feeding bins. I'd recommend filling BOTH feeding bins, so you can be
    sure your cow has food for all day. Then, if your cow is up (if it's
    sleeping, let it alone!), go to it's head and press A to talk to it, then
    press Y to nuzzle it, then you can go to its side and milk it. Either
    equip the milker or do it with your hands. The hands go faster, but I think
    the milker makes it happier. After you have the 3 or 4 milk you should have
    gotten (which I think are A level) go to the building near your house and
    across from the tool shed and put them in the little bin. It's easier to ship
    this way than sell to townspeople. If it's a sunny day, you can go into the
    pasture and find the button on the side of your barn. Use this to move ALL
    your animals out to the pasture. If it's not sunny, keep them inside.
    Now, you grabbed all the tools, right? It should be about 7:00 AM by now
    (yep, that all should have only taken an hour if you followed my directions :
    )), so go up to the field farthest from your house. This field is the most
    fertile, and good for growing basic seeds in. Make enough tilled soil with
    your hoe for the seeds that you have, then plant them. If it's raining, you
    can ignore watering them for now, but if it isn't, run to the waterspout,
    which is by the second field from your house, and fill your watering can.
    Head back up and water them. By now it should be 7:30-7:45 AM, and that's
    about all the work you need to do on your farm. Either look for items growing
    on your farm (Mugwort) or go to the pasture and cut some grass for use as
    fodder for future rainy days. Once it's 8 AM, its time to go to town.
    Now, in town, since you don't have much to sell, don't worry about it. I hope
    you know the map of town by now, because I will be naming locations. Go to
    Vesta's farm, which is across the bridge. Beside one of the brown houses of
    her farm, there are flowers growing. Pick them and press X to put them in
    your rucksack. These make good presents. Now, go inside. Talk to either
    Vesta, Marlin, or Celia (Celia being one of your future wives) and buy some
    seeds. Go for Watermelons, but make sure you at least have 1000G when you're
    done, as there are 2 items (500 each) you will need to buy. After that, give
    presents, if you want, to Vesta and Celia, and Marlin won't accept one. After
    that's done, it's time to head to town square, by the Inn.
    Now, sometimes Van will be in town today, and you're lucky if he is. He won't
    set up shop till 12:00 PM, but if he does set up shop, be sure to buy from
    him a brush and a fishing pole. The brush makes animal care easier, while the
    fishing rod will earn you steady profit for years to come.
    The basic plot of today is to walk around town and give flowers to everyone
    that will accept them. Most girls will accept them, and a lot of guys too,
    but not as many as girls. If you want to catch Muffy, she's always in the bar
    from 10 AM to 11 AM. She's another future wife. Celia is tough to find, but
    she walks around town, and stays at the Inner Inn. If you want to catch her,
    she leaves her house at 9 AM, so you can wait for her, however you most
    likely won't have a gift, as she likes stuff from the mines, and not flowers.
    At around 2, you can stop chatting with the villagers, as you have planting
    work to do. Head back to your farm and go to the fields, filling your
    watering can (if it's not raining) as you go. Till enough soil for the crops
    you bought and begin to plant them. After they are all planted, water them
    (if needed), and by the time you're through this, it should be about 3 if
    it's raining or about 3:30 if it isn't. Go check your cow. You can milk him
    again, so go ahead. First, talk to him at his head, then press Y to nuzzle
    him again (I don't think a second nuzzle a day does anything, but try it),
    then, if you have the brush, brush him at his side. After you are done with
    all this, start milking the cow. If you've taken superb care of your cow, you
    may have S milk, but most likely it will still be A, and you'll still get 3-
    4. Take whatever you have, and if Van's in town, go sell to him or if not,
    place them in your dairy bin.
    If you find you need more flowers, go to a little area to the south of
    Vesta's farm. There is a gray area with Toy Flowers all around it. There is
    also Toy Flowers and Goddess Drops up by the Harvest Sprites house in the
    Spring. If it's not 5 yet, then go to the Archaeologist site and dig up some
    stuff. At 5, he'll stop for the day.
    With the fossils and flowers, you can find the rest of the people in town and
    give them their presents. If you still need people for presents, you can fish
    them presents or just keep the fish for selling purposes. From 6-8 is you're
    free time. Either go give gifts or fish. Don't go to the bar and get a drink.
    You can go there to give presents, but at this point, drinks are a rip off.
    To finish your day, go to your house and check the weather. If rain is
    expected, put your cow inside. Finally, go to your diary to save then sleep.
    Day 2 has begun.
    This process generally works all spring. Just make sure you continue to water
    your crops and take good care of your cow. Crops can be upgraded levels, but
    I'd wait till you have a steady income to do that. As soon as you have a bit
    of money, you can start purchasing tools, or, better yet, buy some Bird feed.
    Once you have enough money, buy a Hen, and then buy a Rooster the next day.
    Now you have eggs to sell and if you get a fertilized egg, you can breed
    5. Your Farm
       You will be spending a good bit of time on your farm raising livestock and
    taking care of your crops, so you may want to know this place very well.
    5a. your house
       Your house is the most important place on the farm, as this is where you
    will save and sleep for the night. This place is in the corner, facing
    Takakura's house. The inside contains a bed, for sleeping, and next to the
    bed is a cabinet with a diary on top. This diary is how you will save your
    game and choose to sleep, so get used to it! Next to that is your basic TV
    programming. You get a Weather Channel, a help channel, an entertainment-
    programming channel, and a Horoscope channel, all thanks to Takakura's
    monthly payments of $5.99. A garbage can is next to that, followed by a
    kitchen (more on that later). Then there's a bookshelf, where you can learn
    how to take care of animals, crops, and other things. Beside that is a
    5b. Takakura's house
       Takakura's house is the closest place to your exit to town. The exit to
    town I'm talking about is the one by the Inner Inn. Takakura's house doesn't
    serve much purpose in Chapter 1, but in the next Chapter of your life, you
    can go to his house and meet Tartan, a plant. Yes, you'll be talking to a
    plant in his house for Chapters 2-6. This plant is going to become important,
    because through it's use you can make second and third generations of hybrid
    crops. Third generation hybrids can even be sold in the produce bin! Talk
    about useful!
    5c. Tool Shed
       The tool shed is where all your farming needs are stored. Any tool can be
    stored here. Anything from the milker to your fishing pole. Near that is a
    shelf in which you can store anything that's not a tool, but an item that can
    be used. Anything from records, to seeds, and to the legendary blue feather
    are stored here. Finally, when you finally have it, the Seed Maker is here as
    well. You can put your produce in there and receive 2 seeds, ready to be
    5d. Food Storage Area
       This is the area where you will be shipping/ordering items. The bin is
    where you will stick any dairy products you have, from eggs to milk. Also,
    when you have them, you can ship third generation hybrid crops here as well
    (more on hybrid crops later). Next to the bin is a stand with books and notes
    on it. This is your ledger. Here is what keeps tallies of your money earned
    and lost, as well as where you will receive money from shipments. If you
    click on Takakura's face on this page, you will bring up the order items
    screen, where you can order anything from tools, to animal feed, and even
    house extensions. This is also where you'll order animals. Finally, in the
    back is a refrigerator for storing eatable items.
    5e. the fields
       Throughout your farming career, you will need places to plant crops,
    right? Well the answer is solved! Your farm comes with three, fairly large
    areas for planting crops. However, they have varying amounts of fertility.
    The one closest to your house is the least fertile, making it the best area
    to plant trees, since they have no season that they must be planted in. The
    next area has medium fertility, perfect for trees as well and some fast
    growing crops, like turnips. Finally, the field farthest from your house is
    the most fertile field, and this is the one you may want to use for crops
    that take awhile to grow and have to be harvested by a certain time. All
    fields work the same however. You till the soil, then plant a seed. After
    planting a seed, you can add fertilizer (4 times for regular crops and about
    30 times for trees) to upgrade the class of produce you get. All one-time
    harvest crops only need one square, and other crops can be planted around.
    However, for trees, 1 square is planted, and no other crops can grow within
    the squares surrounding that one, including diagonally. Crops grow at
    different rates depending on field fertility.
    5f. the pasture
       This is the large area of grass situated at the center of your farm. You
    can put your cows, horse, sheep, goats, and chickens out here on sunny days,
    and you won't have to feed them if you do. You can also cut the grass with
    your sickle and make fodder to use as food for livestock on rainy days. There
    is also a small trough of water. If you push your animals next to this, and
    equip the brush, you will see the wash command. This helps to make wool worth
    more and also makes your animals very happy. Be careful if you put chickens
    out here, as they are hard to find in the pasture, and the eggs are even
    harder to find. There is a button on the side of the barn that's in the
    pasture that you can use to quickly move all animals in the barn to the
    pasture, saving a lot of time.
    5g. Chicken Coop
        This is where your chickens are stored. There is a large area in the
    middle where you place Chicken feed. As long as there is a spot of yellow
    there, then there is enough food. You don't have to place food here unless
    it's empty. In the corner is a place to place fertilized eggs. After 5 days
    on here, you will have a baby chick. After another 5 days, a chicken is
    yours. Other than that, there isn't much to the Chicken Coop.
    5h. Barn
        This is the place that you'll find your cows, sheep, goats, and horse at.
    Each animal receives two feeding areas, except the horse, which doesn't need
    much feed. There is enough room in here for 8 animals, so choose wisely.
    There is an area to withdraw fodder from, so on rainy days, you can fill the
    feeding troughs with fodder. You can also place fodder in each to be ready
    for future days. There is a door that leads to the tool shed in here, and a
    button you can use to bring all your animals inside. The chalkboard let's you
    know about the animals you have there and how they are doing.
    5i. anything else?
        There are many more areas to your farm, with lots of them being home
    extensions. I don't have much info on home extensions, other than you can get
    a pond, a food processing room, and a milking room. There is also a shed by
    your most fertile farm that is locked. What could be in there?
    6: Forget-Me-Not Valley
       Welcome to the Valley! This is the place you'll be spending your years from
    now on, so you best become accustomed to it. Over time, just like real life,
    people will age, things will change, and life will keep rolling on. As the
    seasons and years change, so does Forget-Me-Not Valley. Time to learn where
    everything you need in town is!
    (Note: Anyone with ASCII art skills that could help me by making ASCII art of
    each area of town would be appreciated. Email me if interested)
    6a. Vesta's farm
       Perhaps one of the most important areas you need to know on the farm is this
    area. This is the competing farm in town, and the reason you cannot ship basic
    crops and second-generation hybrids. Vesta, Marlin, and Celia all live here and
    work on the farm, and lots of other villagers like to stop by here. A side note
    is that further up the path, past Vesta's farm, is the hill to Mineral Town, but
    that's later.
    This is where you can buy seeds and fertilizer. Seeds come in 2 varieties: crops
    and trees. Crops will grow and only produce 1 piece of produce, and won't grow
    in certain seasons. Trees will grow in any seasons, but only produce fruit in
    one. The following is a list of the crops that can be purchased from Vesta and
    their prices:
    Crops         | Prices
    Tomato        | 30G
    Watermelon    | 60G
    Melon         | 50G
    Strawberry    | 30G
    Turnip        | 20G
    Potato        | 40G
    Carrots       | 30G
    Sweet Potatoes| 40G
    Trees      | Prices
    Peach      | 1,120G
    Orange     | 820G
    Grape      | 900G
    Banana     | 1,500G
    Apple      | 820G
    (Fertilizer is 120G a bag)
    For seasons you can plant and for specifics on crop planting, please refer to
    the Fruits and Veggies section (section 7).
    6b. Inner Inn
        This is where any visitors to Forget-Me-Not Valley stay, and maybe even stay
    for life! Tim and Ruby run the Inner Inn, with their son Rock. When you
    first start playing, Nami will be staying in a room here, but she will leave
    your town if you don't marry her. Do you think that Nami will ever come back to
    the village?
    6c. The Blue Bar
        Ever need to let loose and have a few drinks with your fellow townspeople?
    The Blue Bar is the place to do it. Throughout the day, people are stopping in
    to the Blue Bar for a couple of minutes and leaving. The Blue Bar opens around 4
    PM, and while it's open, you can order drinks from Griffen and Muffy, or just
    talk to the townsfolk. Around 10 AM is when you can first enter, and you'll
    always find Griffin and Muffy in the back room, a perfect opportunity to give
    gifts and talk. The stairs in the back say "Girls ONLY!", but maybe you'll be
    able to get up there? No one knows if you can or not yet.
    6d. The Pyrotechnical Twins' house
        I wouldn't call Kassey and Patrick's house a "house", because it's more of a
    shed with a water tower like area where they work on fireworks. They work on
    fireworks, as that is their profession, and they can be found around town or up
    in the water tower like area. If you go up the rope to the water tower and one
    of them is up there, you can play a tough game that's all about skill.
    How to play:
    Players take turns setting lines on a grid, trying to form a triangle. Each
    triangle formed is 1 point. If you build around their lines, you can cover where
    they set lines, but you can never cover a previously set triangle. This game is
    really tough, and I still have yet to beat it, so if you get anything for
    beating them, please tell me!
    6e. Romana's Villa
        Romana owns the huge mansion up the hill and away from all town,
    probably the richest person who lives in your town! Romana lives there with her
    granddaughter, Lumina, and her butler, who is more like family to her,
    Sebastian. In her courtyard is a great hangout spot for the villagers, and
    sometimes you'll find them inside the mansion. Dr. Hardy comes here everyday to
    bring medicine to Romana, and he commutes from another town. Her house is also
    full of cats, and she may just give you one later ;-). Sometimes you can find
    Lumina playing the piano up there, and she is pretty good too, I might add.
    6f. Cody's Studio
        Cody is an aspiring artist who lives in your town. He also is the only
    villager to live in a trailer! There isn't much to his trailer, but it is near
    the Twins' house and by Turtle Swamp. Cody is usually hanging out here a lot, so
    if you're befriending him, this is a good place to start looking.
    6g. Daryl's Lab
        Forget-Me-Not Valley has the privilege of having a mad scientist live in it.
    Daryl is a little wacky in the head, but he's trying to invent machines for the
    good of the public. The only problem is, if he ever does get something good
    created, his plans are stolen. If you befriend him, you can watch him do some
    experiments in his house. You might even see him on your farm!
    6h. Gustafa's Yurt
        Gustafa is (what's a good word) unique. You can't really describe Gustafa,
    but his house is a circular one with a pointed top and flowers on it. However,
    Gustafa is an aspiring musician, and likes to play his guitar. Some wild plants,
    during certain seasons, grow around his house, so you will visit for that.
    6i. The Spring
       Do you remember the little elf-like people that visited on your first day on
    the farm? Well, this is where they live. The Spring is home to many wild grasses
    and items, and is also the home of the Harvest Sprites: Nic, Nac, and Flak. You
    can come here to fish by the waterfall for good fish, and some villagers will
    come here at night. There are always 2 weird mushrooms by an overgrown tree
    here. When you eat one of these mushrooms, you will automatically be in the
    Harvest Sprites' house. There are 2 daily mushrooms here, so you can only enter
    a maximum of 2 times a day.
    6j. Archaeology Excavation Site
        Ever had the need to dig for buried treasure or for a history of mineral
    town? Well, you can do just that at the Archaeology Excavation Site. The Site is
    located up the road by Vesta's Farm, and there is a little tent by the entrance
    to the mine. Anytime you see Carter in the mine, you can mine down there. If
    Carter isn't down there, you can't mine till he is. On a normal day, he'll be
    down there no matter what, and you can dig till 5 everyday. At 5, you'll leave
    the mine, and if you have anything useful to him (which is rare) he'll take it
    leaving the rest to you. The following is a list of items you can get from the
    mine to keep:
    Item found mining   | Selling Price
    Old Coin            | 10G
    Moon Ore            | 40G
    Human Statue        | 40G
    Skull Fossil        | 50G
    6k. The Market Place
        With the removal of the shipping bin from Harvest Moon, you're going to need
    a place that you can sell your crops, either independently or to someone else.
    Between the Inner Inn and the Blue Bar is a tree, and by that tree, on a day Van
    isn't there and you're not on your horse or holding something, you can press A
    to try and sell your items to the townsfolk. A good way to do this is to wait
    till you see people coming, then open up and whistle to them as they pass. If
    you're trying to sell one item, hold it when you talk to the customer. They'll
    sometimes ask for the item you're holding, or look for something else. Selling
    is hard for me, so you might have better luck waiting for Van. Van is a
    traveling salesman who will bring items from other towns on certain days and set
    up a shop for you to buy items from him or sell to him. You can sell anything to
    him, and waggle with him by refusing what he offers at first. Sometimes he'll
    make a higher price. You can also buy items from him, and these are often
    important items. Here is a list of items you can buy in Chapter 1, and their
    Chapter 1 buyable items | Price
    Brush (!)               | 500G
    Fishing Pole (!)        | 500G
    Bodigizer               | 750G
    Turbojolt               | 750G
    Bodyhyper               | 1000G
    (Anybody with shop lists from future years, please send them to me, and you WILL
    get credit)
    6l. anything else?
       You've pretty much learned Forget-Me-Not Valley by now, but here are a few
    more areas of interest you may need to know:
    Turtle Swamp: This is a little area near Cody's Studio and Gustafa's Yurt. There
    is a turtle here, and some foraging items in certain seasons.
    Nina's grave: Near Vesta's Farm is a small stone area with some overgrown grass
    and occasionally foragable flowers as well. This is where Nina is buried at the
    end of Chapter 2.
    7. Fruits and Veggies
       An important tool you'll need while working on your farm is something to
    plant, since part of farming is growing fruits and vegetables. Luckily, Forget-
    Me-Not Valley has 2 farms, and you have the ability to start yours due to the
    nice people at Vesta's farm. For price lists on seeds, please refer to section
    6a. To begin your farming career, you need to buy seeds that you can plant. Make
    sure that the seeds you buy can be planted in the season you're in. Remember,
    crops only grow in certain seasons, while trees grow in any. Vesta will give you
    clues on what grows in what season, but you can learn everything from the
    following charts:
    Crops are a basic plant. They grow, produce a fruit or vegetable, then they wilt
    and die. They also can only grow in certain seasons, so you have to make sure
    you're planting in the proper season first!
    Crops        | Seasons for Growth
    Tomato       | Spring-Fall
    Watermelon   | Spring-Summer
    Melon        | Summer-Fall
    Strawberry   | Fall-Spring
    Turnip       | Summer-Winter
    Potato       | Winter-Spring
    Carrot       | Fall-Winter
    Sweet Potato | Fall ONLY!
    All crops, with the exception of Sweet Potatoes, will grow in more than one
    season, so you have a bit more time to grow them. Sweet Potatoes should be
    planted right away to ensure they grow by the end of fall. The average growing
    time of a plant is 5 days, and you may squeak by with 4. If you plant with only
    2-3 days left, you may not see the finished result, so plant early!
    Crops also contain levels. All crops start at level B when bought at Vesta's
    farm. However, using fertilizer (also sold at Vesta's) will help to raise the
    crops level. For basic crops like these, you only will need 4 bags of fertilizer
    to raise the crop from level B to level A. Level A crops sell slightly for more.
    With another 4 bags of fertilizer, however, you could have S crops, and S is the
    best level for crops. So, if you use 4 fertilizer on a B crop, you will get an A
    crop. Then 4 bags of fertilizer on an A crop will yield an S crop. If you put 8
    bags of fertilizer on a B crop, you will advance straight to an S crop.
    Crops require watering 2 times a day, unless it is raining. Once a crop is
    picked, equip your hoe and hit the remaining plant, as it will never grow more
    produce. After hitting with a hoe, you can go right to planting more seed.
    Trees are permanent additions to your farm, and also a humongous moneymaker as
    well! Trees cost a lot to buy, but once you have them and they are full grown,
    you never should worry about money again!
    Trees          | Season of Harvest
    Peach Tree     | Summer Harvest
    Orange Tree    | Summer Harvest
    Grape Tree     | Fall Harvest
    Banana Tree    | Summer Harvest
    Apple Tree     | Fall Harvest
    Although a huge moneymaker when properly grown, trees take a ton of money to
    become the best they can be. Unlike crops, trees will never die and you don't
    have a season you need to plant in to get it to grow. Only worry for you is
    watering till full grown, then harvesting in the right season. When a tree is
    full grown, you never will need to water it again! Talk about useful. However,
    trees will not produce fruit until their appropriate season.
    Like crops, Trees can have their level of produce upgraded. All trees start at
    level B, just like crops, but to level a tree one level while planted takes a
    whopping 30 bags of fertilizer! That's 3600G on top of the money you needed to
    buy the tree.
    Once you have a full grown tree, you can either sell the fruit for a little
    profit, or, if you have a seed maker, make seeds out of fruit and sell those for
    even better cash!
    COMING SOON: Hybrid Crops!
    8. Scavenging for Food
       So you've got crops growing on the farm, but they are taking way to long to
    grow and you need money right now! Forget-Me-Not Valley is such a fertile place
    that you can even find rare items just growing all over the place! If you need
    money or just presents for your friends in town, then scavenging is a good way
    to get them. Many like flowers in town, and the scavenged food can help regain
    your fatigue, and is a good quick pick-me-up. Some scavenged items are great
    sellers, and some may even be useful later. The following are charts of
    forageable items and how much you can sell them for.
    Item          |Places where you can find it| Selling price
    Goddess Drop  |Vesta's farm, Waterfall     | 15G
    Toy Flower    |The Spring, Nina's grave    | 10G
    Mugwort       |Around town and your farm   | 15G
    Item          |Places where you can find it| Selling price
    Happy Lamp    | Gustafa's Yurt             | 15G
    Mist Moon     | The Spring, Nina's Grave   | 10G
    Royal Fern    | Various places (farm, town)| 15G
    Item          |Places where you can find it| Selling price
    Hackberry     |Around the town and farm    | 20G
    Bracken       |Around the town and farm    | 15G
    Matsutake (!) |Vesta's Farm                | 100G
    Trumpet       |The Spring                  | 25G
    Gemsoil       |Excavation Site             | 20G
    Trick Blue    |Turtle Swamp                | 10G
    Item          |Places where you can find it| Selling price
    Sorrel        |In town                     | 20G
    Amorous       |Turtle Swamp                | 10G
    Upseed        |Around the river            | 25G
    9. Fishing
       So you're still waiting for your crops to grow, and you've taken all that
    nature has grown to offer you, and you're wondering where to turn next? One of
    the best, if not the overall best, ways of making money is through fishing! As
    soon as Van enters town for the first time, get 500G and get the fishing rod.
    That's a small price to pay for something that will make you all sorts of money.
    Once you have it, anytime you cast your rod into the river, you can catch all
    sorts of fish. After you catch one, you can sell it and make money! Pretty soon,
    you'll have earned that 500G investment back, and already be making profit with
    How to fish:
    Go to the river in town. You can fish anywhere along it, and you can only fish
    in it. The ocean looks like a good place, but you cannot fish there. After
    you've found a good spot, you can cast. Two good spots I think are the waterfall
    itself and the mouth of the river, which is the area that runs out to the ocean.
    Press A to cast, and just be patient. Fishing is all about patience! If after an
    hour you don't have a bite, then you are just not lucky, but you'll usually have
    a bite within 15 minutes of casting.
    When you hear sounds and see the bobber be pulled a little, DON'T PRESS A YET!
    This little nibbling sequence can last for 1-6 nibbles, then the fish will take
    your bait. When you hear a huge sound, and see the bobber disappear, don't press
    A immediately. Wait almost a second (not exactly a second) after it takes your
    bait to press A. The trick is not too soon and not too late. After you get the
    hang of it you shouldn't have problems, and once it's hooked, you won't lose it.
    You can catch both regular and "big" versions of fish, with big versions being
    double the worth of little versions. After you catch a fish, you can continue to
    fish or sell your catch. Fish make good presents and even better sellers!
    The best fish you can catch is a Big Sharshark. This fish can sell for a
    whopping 1200G! A regular Sharshark is also good, selling for 600G.
    (I currently don't have a fish list and selling list. If anyone could donate
    one, you'd receive credit!)
    10. The Dating Game
        Now that you've got some cash in your pocket, you must think to your future.
    You don't really want to live alone do you? Well, not that you have a choice in
    the matter, you must get married by the end of year 1. If you don't, you'll get
    proposed to by a girl, but if you reject this as well, your game will end. I
    feel it'd be better for you to choose a girl, so let's meet the 3 eligible
    The 3 eligible wives in town you can marry are:
    Celia (from Vesta's farm)
    Muffy (from the Blue Bar)
    Nami (from the Inner Inn, unless you marry someone else)
    To woo a girl is the same as befriending villagers. In fact, the girls in
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life like a lot of the same things that most villagers
    like, so wooing them is like befriending villagers. Here are some tips on how to
    woo the lovely ladies:
    Likes: Flowers, and produce from your farm
    Dislikes: Most other things
    Celia is a girl that likes basic things. She will fall for anyone that gives her
    flowers, regardless of anything else you do. A flower a day will make her happy,
    and just a flower a day could raise her to 4 hearts in record time! You can find
    her at Vesta's farm most of the day.
    Likes: Flowers, Old Coins, and Moon Ores
    Dislikes: Fish, Fossils
    Muffy is a barmaid and helps out at the Blue Bar. She is also there most of the
    day. Muffy is the flirty type, and she is mainly just looking for a nice, strong
    man to take care of her. She even calls you sexy when introducing herself! She's
    quite easy to woo, and another person you could have at 4 hearts easily.
    Likes: Fossils from the mine, Old Coins, Trick Blue Flowers
    Dislikes: Other flowers, and mostly everything else
    Nami is the shy girl who keeps to herself. She will be the most challenging of
    the three to woo, but it is possible! Most of the gifts you get her are found in
    the mines, and for the Trick Blue flower, you need to wait till fall! Not only
    that, but finding her in town is a tough task during the day as she wanders
    around. You can catch her leaving the Inner Inn at 9 AM, and that's your best
    chance for gift giving. Good luck getting her to 4 hearts in one season.
    Once Summer arrives, you'll have what you need to propose to a girl. In an
    event, the Harvest Sprites will be fighting over a Blue Feather. When a girl is
    given a blue feather in any harvest moon game, that is the proposal. However,
    just like life, she can reject, and you will keep your blue feather. Proposing
    to any girl is the same. I'd recommend 4 hearts at least, but it may be possible
    to propose at 3 and get them to accept. At 4 hearts, they may still not accept,
    so be prepared to still work. Once a girl accepts, remember this!
    When a girl accepts, you have the option to say if you're serious. If you say
    that you are serious, then she has accepted and you will be married at the END
    of that year.
    If you don't propose by the end of year 1, the girl that likes you the most will
    propose to YOU at the end of year 1, and if you accept, the game will continue.
    If you decline, then you also end your game.
    15: Closing comments/Credits
    This guide is my first guide ever on GameFAQS. This guide may only be USED on
    GameFAQs as of now, until I decide to put it on anywhere else. If I find this
    guide on any other site and/or I am informed it is there, I will press
    charges for stealing my work.
    However, you may ask me via email if you may use this guide. My e-mail is
    ImBettaThanU14@aol.com, and you can also IM me at anytime on:
    EaRtHbOuNdFrEaK9 with questions or asking to use this FAQ.
    Natsume- For making this great game
    Me- For taking time to write my first FAQ
    Nintendo- For making the system that made this game possible
    GameFAQs- For hosting this FAQ
    Want to be in the credits? Help me with info for sections that I haven't
    updated and I will put you into the credits!
    16. End
    Well, I hope you all appreciate my first FAQ. Remember, any criticism,
    questions, or complaints can be emailed to ImBettaThanU14@aol.com, or you can
    IM me at: EaRtHbOuNdFrEaK9
    I hope you love this game, and that this guide is useful!

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