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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Master Drake

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    Version 1.0
                         HARVEST MOON: A WONDERFULL LIFE
                          LIVING THE FARMERS LIFE GUIDE
    Who This Guide is For
    I'd like to start this by stating just who this guide is for.  If you are well
    into the later chapters and are making tons of money, you probably wont find
    much use of this FAQ.  I'm writing this guide with the primary purpose of
    filling in the gaps for newers players (as well as answering common questions)
    while providing tips for starting out.  I'll also add to this guide with other
    tidbits and information as I go along.  Also I'd like to say if you're used
    to the other Harvest Moons you might want to go ahead and read this before
    playing so you will avoid some of the pitfalls that some players have run into
    while assuming its like the old games (the way cows give milk for example).
    What This FAQ Does not cover: This FAQ does not cover extreme basic stuff,
    and is not meant as a manual!  I'm not going to sit down and go through the
    manual and provide information like what button does what, and how to move
    the camera around and such.  If you're just totally lost, check out the
    Frequently Asked Questions Section.  Also, I'm not writing a day-by-day
    guide for the entire game or even the first year.  There's simply not enough
    time or need for it because I think players should explore on their own.
    Instead look for tips by season.
    I'd also like to say that this is my first FAQ I've written, so if you find
    any problems with it, go ahead and drop me a line at my E-mail address, and
    I'll be glad to fix it up or answer any questions as long as you don't send
    me spam or flames.  Constructive criticism is welcome however.  Now without
    further ado, onto the meat of the FAQ!
    A Little Bit About Me
    I've been a gamer since I first touched a SNES.  Sadly enough I never played
    the HM for the SNES though I wished I could've.  When HM reappeared later
    on in my life for the N64 I gave it a shot and was hooked.  Unfortunately I
    lost interest soon after completing one evaluation and attempting a few
    new save files.
    I played the Harvest Moon for GBC somewhere around this time, and though it
    was lacking the social interests of Harvest Moon, it did keep me occupied
    on the road.
    Then I hear about the Harvest Moon comming out for the gamecube.  I've been
    waiting on this game since practically the moment I figured out what it
    would be named here in the USA.
    After watching the Harvest Moon : AWL board go up with a landslide of topics
    that basically were asking the same thing, I took it upon myself to make
    a FAQ that would answer all this.  Little did I know that several others were
    already on the subject, so I took my existing shell and built upon it and
    added so that it would be worthwhile.
    I play a variety of other games for different systems, and for the computer.
    I also keep tabs on the gaming industry and whats going on.  Other intersets
    as of the first Version of this guide include games like : Neverwinter
    Nights, Fatal Frame, Gunbound, Various FPS, etc.  My look on Harvest Moon
    is not one of bias from a long-time devoted fan, but instead as a lover of the
    game.  I consider it a masterpiece of games as of now.
    Table of Contents ^_^
    1. Version History
    2. Who Can Post this Guide
    3. Guide to Getting Started!
       A. 1st Spring
       B. 1st Summer
       C. 1st Fall
       D. 1st Winter
       E. 2nd Year
    4. Misc Guides
       A. A Look Into Money Making
       B. A Look Into the Social Life
    5. Animal Guide
    6. Frequently Asked Questions (Newbie Answers Here!)
    7. Wanted - Information!
    8. Legal Suff :-(
    9. Acknowledgements
    10. Contact Info
    1. Version History
    --Version .01--
    3/21/04 - Started Typing first true draft, Version .01!
    3/22/04 - a. Continued Writing this up, getting closer to completion.
              b. Picked up the guide again and wrote some more, started some new
                 sections.  May take longer than originally anticipated.
    3/23/04 - More Typing!  Did some proofreading and added a new section.
    3/24/04 - Correcting and Refining, Going to wait for weekend to present a
              completely finished version.
    3/25/04 - Added another section, wrapping up...
    --Version .5--
    3/26/04 - Finished up with current projects.  Updated Version Number and
              sent to GameFAQs.  Still nowhere near completion but about halfway
              done till satisfaction.
    --Version .51--
    3/28/04 - Fixed a few errors, started planning on additional content.
    --Version .52--
    3/28/04 - Amazing, already got some e-mails and added their questions.
    3/29/04 - Fixed some erorrs and added a bit of stuff.  Keep it comming.
    --Version .53--
    3/31/04 - Answered more e-mails and added more questions.  Been busy but
              happy to add what I can.
    --Version .54--
    4/1/04 - Added a couple more sites that can use my FAQ.
    --Version .55--
    4/1/04 - Started on the next minor update.
    4/5/04 - Fixed errors, added small bits.
    --Version 1.0--
    4/22/04 - I've decided its complete as is.  I don't have time to keep adding
              and this FAQ is good as a starters guide.  I will, however continue
              to add questions and answers.
    2. Who Can Post This Guide
    www.gamefaqs.com has my express permission to use this guide.  You will always
    find the latest version of the guide here.
    www.neoseeker.com now has my permission to use this guide as well.
    www.wogaming.com also has my permission to use the FAQ.  Looks like somebody
    out there likes it ^_^
    Even though I try to keep them minor, they are here, so if you ABSOLUTELY
    must avoid spoilers then stay away.  This applies to the entire FAQ (just
    being cautious).
    Here's where the meat and the bones go.  Veterans to the HM series are faced
    with new problems this time around, and new players may find this game with
    its many unanswered questions overwhelming.  I'm hoping to make a good FAQ
    that will answer all the questions one could possibly ask, and also provide
    a strong start for new players.  With time I may include later years
    information, but by the time players get to these years, I guide is really
    not as needed.  I will concentrate on the beginning years here at first,
    dividing them into the four seasons and giving some objectives and tips.
    -=- 1st Spring -=-
    Ah, yes the beginning of the game.  One thing you should focus on here is
    getting used to the game and NOT making money.  Trust me, you've got plenty
    of time to get used to the game so there's no use in rushing into it.
    You're introduced to most of the townsfolk and given some advice by Takakura
    (I always have trouble remembering how to spell his name >_<), so listen
    well and talk to him again if you have questions about something.
    One thing I'd like to note is that crops have changed somewhat from other
    Harvest Moon games.  I made the mistake of planting turnips in spring
    assuming that turnips would be the best pening crop like in the others.  I
    wasted 16 bags of turnips this way.  Spring is a great time for crops like
    watermelon and tomatoes that will continue to grow in the summer if you
    run out of time.
    -When you wake up in the morning get in the habit of checking the TV first
    thing.  While 3 out of the 4 channels are mostly pointless (though sometimes
    entertaining), you'll find that the top channel gives the weather for part of
    the day.  If the forecast is well, make getting you're livestock out one of
    the first things you do in the day.  Livestock like to be outside whenever
    -An important note for veteran Harvest Moon players!  Crops no longer sell for
    the great amounts that they used to, and won't be a primary source of income
    until the later years when you can create higher ranked and hybrid crops.
    -Its important to go buy a fishing rod and a brush from Van as soon as you
    can!  The fishing rod is one of the best ways to get insta-money in this game,
    and you'll need this your first few months.  If crops are frustrating you, just
    forget them for a bit and go fishing, you won't need them till later anyways.
    That brush will be nescessary for every animal you keep in the barn, and you
    need to brush them each one or more times a day.
    -Pay attention to you're cow!  In you're first three months, the cow will
    most likely provide the majority of you're income.  Brush her, talk to her,
    and make sure she is well fed (feed twice per day).  You can get milk twice
    per day, and that milk will go a long way towards lining you're profits with
    -Choose a girl and try to talk to her often.  Celia and Muffy like flowers in
    general and are easy to talk to and give gifts.  Nami however is more
    picky and you'll most likely need to wait.  However Nami does like fossils
    and artifacts from the dig site.  Don't be too concerned with building a
    relationship yet though, you've got an entire year.
    -If possible, have a chicken (female) and a rooster (male chicken) by the
    end of spring.  The eggs they bring in won't amount to a large amount of
    money at first but will eventually set you up with a tidy amount over time.
    Put fertilized eggs in the incubater and sell any roosters that hatch as soon
    as they grow up for a nice 450G.  Make sure you bought just a couple of bags
    of bird seed before you order the chickens though, you don't need much but
    you do need SOME.
    -Walk around town and get used to people and their schedules and try to
    discover any tastes you can.
    -The dreaded "Guu" is very annoying for a poor farmer boy.  Since you're low
    on money during you're first bit of the game, in order to stave off the hunger
    try eating the mugworts you can find on the ground.  If you run out of those
    you can catch fish and eat those.  Keep in mind that a Tomatoe, a Mugwort, and
    a Fish in a salad will produce a special food in the kitchen called marinade.
    If you're getting frustrated with the hunger try making it from one of the
    tomatoe seeds you start out with.
    -=- 1st Summer -=-
    Summer is when the game really starts to heat up (*drum shot*).  If you
    haven't messed with crops yet, its time to start doing that.  Go fishing
    in any spare time that you can and collect the things you can off the ground.
    Many people like flowers so try and keep a stockpile for the later year as
    -You should know the girl you've chosen and her normal schedule around town.
    If you haven't already make sure you get them to two hearts by the end of 
    summer and see if you can find their cutscenes (not nescessary, but they do
    increase the affection of the girl you've chosen).
    -You get a horse very quickly this summer!  Don't forget that it needs to
    be fed and taken care of with you're other animals.  You'll find the speed
    you gain from riding it around extremely helpfull I'm sure.  Also something
    some people don't know is that if you double tap R you can call you're
    horse from anywhere.
    -Make some friends and see if you can grab any items out of the deal.  I
    highly recommend starting to give gifts of fish and old coins (found at the
    dig site) to Daryl, who will eventually give you the seed maker if you're good
    friends with him (the seed maker goes on sale later and costs a tidy sum
    of 6,000G).
    -Summer time means you can finally plant the turnips that I love so much.
    What's great about turnips?  Well they are extremely cheap, and provide what
    I have found to be the most effective meal you can create.  Through just one
    turnip into a salad to create Light Pickles!  Not only is it cheap, but its
    energizing and makes a great gift!  Keep in mind that you can grow turnips
    all the way through Summer, Fall, and even Winter!
    -Take a look at you're funds and see if you could benefit from purchasing
    any extra livestock by the end of the summer.  Sheeps don't turn in a very
    big profit at first but will eventually produce golden wool if you take care
    of them well.  Keep in mind that cows will usually provide the biggest money
    bonus however, but you must first wait for them to mature and you must
    impregnate them.
    -Remember that you can wash you're livestock!  Push them over by the fountain
    thing in the pasture (outside of course!) and take out the brush.  The Y
    button at the top of the screen should change to wash.  Washing every once
    in a while will keep livestock content.
    -Take a look into planting a cheap tree if you've got the extra money.  They
    must be watered for a little while but eventually they stop needing water.
    Trees will make tons of money in comming years with a seed maker.  Just pop
    in a fruit from the tree and you get two bags of seeds that sell at half
    the normal seed cost.  Do some calculating and you can see how easy it is
    to make money with these trees!
    -If you have extra time during the days go by the Carter's Dig Site and help
    out with digging.  Several people in town like the objects you dig up, and
    you can also sell them for money.
    -=- 1st Fall -=-
    The leaves are falling and life is getting busier and busier.  For me, fall
    was the busiest time of the year.  Though many people will move faster than
    this guide in their relationship with the chosen girl, I chose to keep it at
    a slower pace and set a good guideline for the pace.  Feel free to take things
    at you're own speed.
    -Hopefully you're getting close to or at least have gotten to 3 hearts in
    you're girl's diary.  Check to make sure, and keep giving gifts.  You can go
    ahead and propose to the girl with the blue feather you got last summer
    if you make it to 4 hearts, but you may miss out on some of the cutscenes
    if you propose early (entertainment purposes mostly if you've already got
    4 hearts).
    -Now is the time for decision making.  If you haven't made many purchases up
    till now go ahead.  Try and plant one or two trees by the end of the season
    and turnips are still highly recommended for food.
    -I recommend buying a cow about now if you haven't yet so that they will have
    plenty of time to mature.  Also cut some fodder up, the winter weather is
    usually very unforgiving and you generally won't have many times to take
    animals out next season.
    -Develop relationships in spare time, forgoing activities like fishing if
    you have plenty of money.
    -If you still don't have chickens for whatever reason, get them now!
    You'll need some time to get profit off of chickens, but they do turn
    in a worthwhile profit from that 1800G cost (900g per chicken).
    -If you haven't done this by now, become friends with Daryl.  Eventually
    you should get a cutscene when going into his lab that shows him giving
    you the seed maker.  Much better to do it this way than to buy it for the
    -Don't forget to have fun somewhere in the game!  Don't get caught up in
    the details of what you should and shouldn't be doing and forget that its
    a game and the purpose is to enjoy it!  I rather enjoy just sitting back
    and fishing late at night even it means having to sleep in.
    -Make sure you've at least planted one tree by the end of this season!
    Trees can make quite a bit of money and if you don't get one planted it may
    not be ready to give fruit by next year!
    -=- 1st Winter -=-
    Its getting cold and you're about to experience the first winter of the game.
    Harvest Moon games are known for their relatively slow winters with less to do
    than normal and a sort of slow-paced catch-up season.  I personally think
    that this HM is no exception.  There are less crops available to grow in the
    winter and the harsh weather will keep you're livestock inside most of the
    time.  Turnips are still growable in the Winter along with things like carrots
    and potatoes, but thats about it.  These crops make winter's fields scarce
    (at least for me, potatoes and carrots are among my less-desirable crops
    You may find yourself with more free time this winter as you meet any goals
    you've set for yourself and breeze a sigh of relief as the year finally
    comes to a close.  Use the extra time to build relationships, fish, or
    dig at the ruins.
    -Keep you're livestock inside most of the time during the winter.  If you
    decide to bring them out at any time, keep a close eye on the weather reports.
    Winter is notorious for its harsh weather.
    -Grass does not die like it did in other HM games.  The growing time MAY
    be slowed (need someone to confirm or unconfirm this) but its still out there.
    -If you're having trouble at all with relationships then start picking one
    or two people to make sure you give a gift to every day.  It won't take long
    to develop a friendship this way.
    -Time to start wrapping things up with you're chosen sweetheart.  Though
    its not absolutely nescessary, I recommend getting their hearts up to four,
    finishing any cutscenes you can find (The last cutscene for Nami and I believe
    Muffy are both found in the Winter), and propose.  If you do not propose
    by the end of the year, the girl with the most hearts will basically
    propose to you (Go figure ^_^).
    -Impregnate you're first cow before this season is over if you can.  She'll
    stop giving milk around the first few days of winter and by now you've
    probably got sufficient funds for a Miracle Potion.  If you happen to have
    a fully mature bull, use that instead, but by the time I got here my bull
    was not fully matured.
    -Go check out the woods by you're farm (Up by the harvest sprites) and see
    if you spot someone new ^_^ I'm not sure what he's there for but he's an
    interesting diversion for the season.
    -I recommend buying the pond before the year is over so that you won't have
    to worry about it next year.  If you have the pond you will get ducks
    next summer.  If you don't want ducks then just don't buy the pond.
    -Have a small sum of cash ready for spring so that you can start messing with
    Tartan when you get him next year, and the seed maker.  The second year is
    when you can truly start experimenting with crops for a larger profit though
    you may be spending more money at first than making it (fertilizer).
    -=- 2nd Year -=-
    Ah, so you've survived the first year, and the first chapter to boot.
    Be prepared for some changes in town, but I keep spoilers here to minor ones
    so don't expect me to give away some of the more surprising things that will
    happen.  Still spoilers are still here so turn away if you don't want
    surprises to be ruined.
    Of course now that you are done with the first year you are married and will
    have a kid.  You should have the farm very secure and profitable by now,
    though you may not have any cows that are producing milk currently.  Don't
    worry about the cows for now, just impregnate them (assuming that you may
    have bought another female one during the first year) when they are old enough
    or stop giving milk and when they give birth (It'll be awhile) you'll finally
    get you're milk back.
    If you didn't buy another cow the first year, look into buying a star cow.
    They produce better milk than the other cows and you should be able to afford
    one by now.  Also if you've skimped on trees, then it'd be most beneficial
    to get some down now.
    -Enjoy the cienma at the start of the year!  I laughed pretty hard at parts of
    it.  You'll get a chance for two new names, think hard for each of them
    because they'll be popping up ALOT from now on.
    -One thing you should do pretty quick is get Tartan.  Check out the Frequently
    asked questions for more information.  Experiment with Tartan and use
    fertilizer to upgrade crops and within the comming years you will be able
    to actually turn a huge profit on crops.
    -Now that you've got a kid to take care of, don't neglect him!  Take some time
    to explore the new aspects of parenthood (What joy it is) and spend
    some time with you're kid whenever you can.  As you're kid grows
    he will take likings to certain things, and this can be influenced by you're
    friends and the things that you do with you're kid.
    -Use you're first day to look all around town and see any changes that have
    occured.  Between the first chapter and the second, there is more than one
    year that passes, but you're crops and animals will all react as if one day
    has passed.
    -Always plan in advance.  Don't neglect doing things that will help you in the
    long run just for temporary cash or solutions.  For example, hybrid and higher
    rank crops will be slow to get started with but when you have a slew of such
    seeds you can make a small fortune.
    -Try and build up more relationships quickly.  Each relationship you build
    can offer entertaining cutscenes and sometimes very usefull items.
    4. Misc. Guides
    These guides simply don't fit into any other category so I just threw them
    in here with some personal notes and tips on each.  If you're looking for
    something I don't have, send me an e-mail and I might include it.  As of now
    I don't see the purpose of making a crop guide, but if I get alot of demand,
    I may of course reconsider.
    -=- A Look Into Money Making -=-
    One of the primary purposes of Harvest Moon is of course to make money!
    However, an unfortunate fact of this is that you often need money to make
    money.  Following these tips to making money should get you on the right path
    to building the ultimate cash farm.
    Animals turn out to be you're first method of making money in this game, and
    will most likely be with you for the entire game, so don't go pushing them
    aside.  Cows turn out to be the largest source of money from the animals
    and chickens make a nice side profit as well.  Keeping you're animals
    well-maintained will provide a mostly steady income that you can rely on.
    See the Animal Guide in the next section for more details.
    Crops will be among the LAST ways you make money starting out, simply because
    of the huge amount of time you must spend on them and the very small profit
    you make off of them.  Note that I'm putting crops and trees in seperate
    categories.  With some time spent in forming hybrid crops these will start
    turnining a pretty penny later in the game, but I wouldn't worry about these
    until you get there.  Crops do serve as a great source of gifts and food,
    Trees take a little while to grow and only produce fruit for one season,
    but they are a much more reliable source of income than crops.  All you need
    is a seed maker and you can put a tree fruit in and get two bags of the tree
    seeds in return.  These tree seeds well for half the price of the original
    cost of the seeds.  Considering the high price that tree seeds sell for, one
    can see how a huge profit can be turned in the course of the season with
    simply one tree.  Create a hyrbrid tree and the profit will further increse,
    but using the 30 fertilizers required to raise a tree one rank generally is
    not worth the money or effort when you can simply plant more trees.  With
    a well planted farm of trees, this method is going to bring in the most
    money through the seasons that the trees bear fruit.  When the cheapest
    bag of tree seeds is over 800G, its easy to see why.  Trees bear tons of
    fruit every season, and it won't take long (or many trees) to have a fortune.
    Ah, fishing.  This is the best source of insta-money that one can grab,
    especially early on in the game.  While most fish sell for less than 100G,
    there are a few fish that sell for more than that, and a couple that push it
    up to 500-1000G and one that sells for 1200G (Which I have yet to see
    >_<).  One neat thing about fish is if you catch one and take it to you're
    kitchen you can put it in that big long word (Hors d'ordeurvs or something
    Frenchy, I can't spell >_<) you can make sashimi which sells for 150G.  If
    you still only have the option to make salads and soups, then keep making
    dishes until the big option becomes available.
    It may not be much, but you certainly CAN make money foraging.  Of course
    you're not going to make much money but you certainly can.  Everything
    that you pick up off the ground can be sold for a small amount of money.
    However, I recommend saving things that can be eaten when you are in need
    of a small energy boost.  Flowers are generally MORE usefull as gifts than
    selling items as well.  Also it should be noted that Fodder (made from
    cutting the grass in you're pasture) sells for 10G a piece.  If you're just
    short on buying something, go grab some fodder and sell it, but I don't
    recommend doing it often.
    Digging will make some money, but it is rather time-intensive for the
    small profit.  Plus the things that you dig up can often be used as gifts.
    Keep in mind that the dig site will open up and allow more digging as the
    years go by.  Also, the items will change.
    -=- A Look into the Social Life -=-
    The game is called A WONDERFULL LIFE for a reason.  Life is not all farming
    and making money (as you'll be *surprised* to find out in year two).
    Making friendships and wooing a girl (plus eventually building a family)
    are at the very heart of the game and add to the enjoyment in a major way.
    -People like to be talked to, but they love gifts even more.  Fortunately,
    most of the gifts that you will want to give out are cheap or even free.
    Pick flowers whenever you can and give them out as gifts.  Fish work very
    nicely as well.  Also, try making some things in the kitchen for people
    to try.  If you cook alot people will eventually start to recognize you're
    -There is usually one particular item that a person will like more than
    others.  Just because you've found one thing that a person likes, don't give
    up on trying new things.  Watch their reaction and see what they like
    -Why buy what you can get for free?  People give some very nifty items
    in cutscenes once you become their friends.  For example, befriend Daryl and
    you can get the 6,000G Seed Maker for nothing.  Also, you can get better
    tools from the townsfolk.
    -Cutscenes usually occur inside places and not outside, or when transitioning
    between the inside and outside.  Try waking up early and going in places
    when people are just getting up or following them into their houses when
    they go in at night.
    5. Animal Guide
    This guide is meant to cover the ups and downs of the various animals.  I
    don't feel that the manual covered some of the aspects very well, and plus
    I'd like to give my opinion on each.
    Special Note: For this guide...
    Cow - Female Cow
    Bull - Male Cow (of course)
    Chicken - Female Chicken
    Rooster - Male Chicken (of course)
    -=- Cows -=-
    The cow is the model of farm life.  The milking of the cow is perhaps one of
    the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of a farm.  In this game
    it is no different.  The cow is the first animal you will receive and one
    of the most profitable.
    My Opinion: I love the cows in this game and the different varieties.  One
    thing that bothers me is the tremendous amount of time one must spend waiting
    for a pregnant cow to give birth and finally start giving normal milk again.
    However, once you get over this hump (and especially with the higher priced
    cows) you'll find one of the best ways to make money the game has to offer.
    Not only that, but its consistent until the cow stops giving milk again.
    There are four types of cows in this game, the first time that they have
    diversity!  The more expensive the cow is the better milk it will give.  Here
    they are in order from cheapest to most expensive.
    -Normal    Cost: 4000G
    -Brown     Cost: 5000G
    -Marble    Cost: 6000G
    -Star      Cost: 7000G
    A Note on Bulls:  All bulls cost 1000G less than their female type (shown
    above).  Keep in mind that the father has an input in what the calf that
    is born will be.
    -=- Chickens -=-
    Chickens are the cheapest of the animals and also give the least priced items.
    However, don't think that makes them not worth it.  Chickens only cost
    900G a piece, lay eggs every day, and the bird seed you buy for them (order
    from the ledger for 150G) dosen't run out for a long time.
    My Opinion: I think that a chicken and a rooster should be the first animals
    you buy as they will pay for themselves plenty over time.  Also it should
    be noted that any roosters that you receive from a hatched egg are unneeded
    because multiple roosters are basically useless.  Wait until it matures and
    sell it for a cool 450G.
    Notes on Chickens: Chickens need love too!  Don't forget to take care of them
    and make sure they get plenty of attention!  You may find a golden egg
    waiting for you one day...
    -=- Sheep -=-
    Sheep are mostly like cows.  They do just about the same things as the cows
    except that they don't produce their wool every day.  Instead you can only
    take the wool every season.  While that may not be much to admire at first,
    if you take care of you're sheep they will produce golden wool which is
    worth significantly more than the normal wool.
    My Opinion:  Sheep are not my favorite animals by far.  The fact that you
    can only get wool from them once per season puts them close to the botton
    but certainly not AT the bottom (you'll see why, check Goat).
    Notes on Sheep: If you keep you're sheep washed, its wool will sell more
    (assuming its not affectionate enough to give golden wool yet).
    -=- Ducks -=-
    Ducks should be compared to chickens.  In order to get them you must have a
    pond, and they will come in the 2nd year.  I do not know if they will come
    later if you don't have a pond by then (Someone confirm?), so its best to
    have the pond built before the 1st year is up if you want ducks.
    My Opinion: Whats not to love about ducks?  Their basically cooler chickens!
    Okay, I am a little biased over ducks because they are such a cool animal...
    so it should be noted that what ducks do, chickens can normally do better...
    Notes on Ducks: You get a male and a female when you first get the ducks.
    Sell one and you can't get more ducks!
    -=- Goat -=-
    Thanks to Big Green Boomy for messing with a goat so I wouldn't have to get
    my hands dirty!
    Goats come on sale from Van in year two.  I believe you can only buy one, but
    I'm not deadly sure on that.  However, one thing is for sure, the goat will
    produce milk for a while (like a cow) and eventually it will stop.  Once
    the goat is done producing milk, you cannot get it pregnant and you cannot
    sell it...
    My Opinion: Ugh!  What a useless animal!  It may give milk for a while, but
    if you can't sell it, and you can't get it to produce milk again once its
    done... what use is it but to take up space?!
    Notes on the Goat: Taken care of basically like cows/sheep.  If you want a
    full collection of barnyard animals, you'll need it, but I personally don't
    recommend it unless someone figures out a use for it after about a year.
    -=- Horse -=-
    The horse is a low-maintenance, highly used animal.  Double tap R anywhere 
    to call the horse to you're side.  Use the horse to get around quickly and
    save energy from running.  You get it in you're first summer for free.
    My Opinion: What would this game be without the horse?!  Low maintenance,
    used every day.  Nice!
    Notes on the Horse: Don't waste time pulling it alone out of the barn if
    you want other animals to stay in.  Just stand outside and double tap R.
    -=- Dog/Cat -=-
    The dog and the cat are basically about the same.  They require absolutely
    no taking care of, but will be happy if you pay a little attention to them
    (give them some food).  Supposedly you can get a second dog from Carter
    towards the later years.  Any information on that would be appreciated.  You
    get the cat from Romana some ways into year two or afterwards if you are good
    friends with her, and you get the dog at the beginning of the game.
    My Opinion: Love them, hate them.  They don't server much purpose but they
    don't require work either, so whats to complain?
    Notes on the Dog: Tap R ONCE to call it, but it will only come from nearby.
    Sent by TerieAuer
    "I heard you can get a dog from Carter, but only if you dig up all the
    That sounds about right, getting the artifacts Carter needs for his dig will
    help him finish the dig and allow him to give the dog to you.
    6. Frequently Asked Questions!  And theres alot of them!
    Before I start answering questions, I'd like to remind peoples that its alot
    of fun to figure out what to do on you're own!  You've got quite a bit of
    time to play around with in this game, so I recommend figuring things out
    on you're own first.
    ...Also... please read the manual ;_;
    Q: Arg, I can't plant the crops!  What do I do?!
    A: Go to you're tool shed and look at the shelf on the left, pick up the hoe
       from that shelf.  Now go to one of the three brown dirt fields and dig a
       place with the hoe.  Put a seed in that place and water it for it to grow
       (usually twice a day works well).
    Q: My cow stopped producing milk... whats wrong?
    A: Cows produce milk only for about 40 days after cow birth, you need to
       impregnate the cow again and it will give milk after birth (takes awhile)
    Q: I just bought a cow, and its not giving me milk!  Whats wrong?!
    A: See the above, you must impregnate cows when they get old enough, even
       new ones (Sorry!  It's not like older HM games)
    Q: Where/When can I check Nami's diary?
    A: Nami's diary is in her room on the table.  She gets up at about 8-9 AM,
       you can check the diary then before she leaves her room.  Also you can
       follow her into the inn when she goes to bed late (11pm-2am eep late!) and
       check it before she falls asleep.
    Q: Where is Celia/Muffy's diary?
    A: Muffy's diary is hidden in the plant at the bar, while Celia's is upstairs
       in her room.  Both of these are much easier to get to than Nami's.
    Q: What does this "Guu~" mean?!
    A: It means you're character is hungry, and with hunger usually means a lack
       of energy; eat something to cure this.  I suggest making something in
       the kitchen for the greatest affect.
    Q: How do I sell milk, where is the shipping bin?
    A: Its in the little tower looking building across from the tool shed, you can
       put a few items in there like eggs and milk, but not crops and such.
    Q: How do I get new animals/tools/bird seed/buildings?
    A: All of this is found on the ledger in that building across from the tool
       shed (the building is called the Food Storage Room).
    Q: Do I have to feed my animals when they are outside?
    A: No, not usually.  Cows eat twice per day while other animals usually eat
       once, so unless you brought animals in early, you shouldn't have to.
    Q: Whats the point of the dog, it dosen't do anything!
    A: If you feed it alot it will chase away people that snoop around on your
       land such as Daryl or the hobo.
    Q: Why isn't my chicken laying eggs?
    A: It seems sometimes chickens simply just do not lay eggs.  However, this is
       somewhat rare after you've got them to like you.  Make sure they have bird
       seed and you're picking them up and hugging them (press Y while holding)
       every so often.  Also you need a rooster for fertilized eggs.
    Q: What girl do I choose?
    A: Personal preference really.  First run through I chose Nami.  Here's a list
       if you're still having trouble choosing.
       Nami - Introverted and intellectual, hard to get to know at first.
       Celia - Light hearted and hard working, most similar in farming talents.
       Muffy - Flirty, single, and looking.
    Q: I can't get Nami to like me!  What should I do?
    A: Nami likes produce you've grown on you're farm, foods you have cooked, (but
       make sure its not a failed attempt, bad idea) fossils and those strange
       head things you find in the ruins, and last but CERTAINLY not least, the
       trick blue flowers that grow by the turtle pond in the fall.
    Q: Are there festivals?
    A: Not like in the other HM games, they are few and far between.  Keep tabs
       on you're calendar and keep you're eyes peeled...
    Q: Wheres my horse?  How do I get a horse?!
    A: You get a horse in the first summer, just wait and be patient.
    Q: Making foods is so expensive!  Is there a better way?!
    A: I recommend growing turnips!  Throw one in a salad and you get light
       pickels, I believe its the cheapest food to make you can get.  Plus,
       turnips are cheap and grow all the way from Summer to Winter!
    Q: Making money is so hard, whats the best way?!
    A: Trees and a seed maker will eventually be the best way, but early on don't
       worry about that.  Milk you're cow twice per day and don't drink any.
       Buy a fishing pole and fish in you're spare time, I recommend closer to
       the end of the river instead of the waterfall (seems to bite more, though
       the middle river does well as well, I just don't like the waterfall area).
       Also, crops don't make much money in the beginning but plant some if you
       have time, every bit counts.
    Q: I'm trying to be friends with <Insert Name Here> what do they like?
    A: Try flowers and fish.  Most of the females in the game love flowers.  Try
       giving flowers to someone and if they dont like that, they usually like
       fish.  Also, if neither of those work or you don't have them, a large
       amount of people seem to like stuff you make in the kitchen.
    Q: I heard there's an easier way to get the seed maker... Is this true?
    A: Yep, befriend Daryl.  He'll give it to you in a specific cutscene.
    Q: My cow is mad at me!  What did I do wrong?!
    A: You may have left it out in the rain, neglected feeding it, not be paying
       much attention to it, etc.  Make sure you feed the cow TWICE per day, and
       brush it often.  Also make sure that if you think its mad because its not
       giving milk, it may just be done with giving milk and you need to
       impregnate it again.
    Q: Is there a FREE MODE?
    A: Nope, no free mode as far as anybody knows.  Some people are still holding
       out the hope that it exists, but I seriously doubt it.
    Q: How do I propose?
    A: Need the blue feather, wait till the first summer.
    Q: When do I get married?  I proposed so long ago!!!
    A: No matter when you propose, you must wait till the end of the year before
       you get married.
    Q: Why won't (Nami/Celia/Muffy) accept my blue feather?
    A: You need to get them to four hearts!  Check their diaries to see how
       many hearts they hold for you.
    Q: What is Tartan?  How do I get it?
    A: Tartan is a plant that Takakura brings to you in year two if you're a good
       friend of his.  He likes food that you make in the kitchen if you're having
    Q: What does Tartan do?
    A: First, become friends with him.  Then he will be able to combine crops
       together to make hybrid crops.  I'll let someone better than I explain
       the concepts and ways to make those hybrid crops.  However, I would like
       to suggest messing around with it for fun and profit 8-)
    Q: Whats in that stupid locked building by the most fertile (biggest) field?
    A: No one really knows right now.  One thing is for sure, if it is accessible,
       then you probably won't be able to get into it until very late in the game.
       I'll deffinately update if I find out what the crap is inside.  Hnetu has
       written in that this was originally the stable was left out.  To make things
       clear, I believe this too, but I believe that it was changed and there is
       something inside now.  Read the FAQ at Natsume's official website and you
       will see that they are hinting that there is something that opens up towards
       the end of the game...
    Q: What does the WateringCanW do?  It only holds one square of water!
    A: I'd like to know that as well.  A friend of mine said that he heard it
       helps trees grow faster.  If I don't get information on it, I'll test it
    Q: What do the odd little tools you get from people do?
    A: Having messed with the tools a little, it does seem that these tools are
       slightly quicker.  It also looks like they use less stamina than the the
       average tool.  The descriptions for some say something to the effect of
       "its heavy but..." so I speculate that they build stamina without adding
       to the affect of stamina depletion like the heavy tools do.  Any further
       information or corrections appreciated.
       MasterMario3000 has basically confirmed this, but I'm still getting
       conflicting opinions.  Also the rumor that the strange sickle produces
       2 fodder from a slice is untrue.
       tusken_crusher says with the wierd tools, by "it is heavy" I think it means
       it builds stamina like the heavy tools you start out with and by "but..."
       i think it means it takes as much energy as the light tools
    Got something else that I didn't answer or that you would like added?  Send
    me questions and I'll see about putting them here!
    The Following Questions Were Submitted By Real Life Peoples ^_^ *Gasp*
    -Submitted by Mr. Green
    Q: I heard you're son can aquire different jobs depending on who you befriend.
       How do you make your son follow in your footsteps as a farmer?
    A: Great question, I'm currently working on getting this to happen and here
       is how I understand it.  You're child is influenced by where you take him,
       what you show him, what you do with him, etc.  So, if you influence him by
       taking him around your animals, crops, tools etc. then he will be more
       influenced to become a farmer in the end.  Any further info from anybody
       would be welcome.
    -Submitted by Staid-Weirdo
    Q: How long after I buy a bull and/or cow will it be old enough to mate?
    A: Took my bull about 2 seasons, approximately.  May vary, but I doubt it.
    -Submitted by tpool23
    Q: Where do you buy seeds and when?  I'm stumped!
    A: Talk to Vesta or her two childrens while they are at home.  They must
       be on the property and not walking around.  They should offer to sell
       you some seeds.
    -Submitted by xvegislifex
    Q: When I go fishing, I never catch anything.  How do I know when a fish is
       on the line?
    A: Alright, first of all, fishing takes a little bit to master.  You must wait
       until the bobber starts to shake and then wait until it is taken under by
       the fish.  As soon as this happens wait just a second then hit A to real
       it in.
    Q: When I put the milk stuff into the shipping bin, I don't get any money how
    A: In order to receive the money from the shipping bin, wait one day after
       you put it in, then go back and check out the ledger.  There should be
       some money from Takakura.
    Q: I proposed to Celia.  All the faqs say that you have a chance to say if
       you're serious after the girl accepts.  I don't believe I ever got that.
       Why not?  Will it affect anything?
    A: I'm not familiar with the Celia sequence of events, but this is how you
       tell.  If you're blue feather is gone, then she accepted and all is well.
       If the blue feather is still in you're inventory then she rejected it and
       all is not well ^_^
    --Submitted by Linkme2ya
    Q: How do I make salad and soup?
    A: There are a ton of various salads and soups you can make.  My favorite is
       the light pickles.  In order to make this select salad and put in one
       turnip.  There are other things you can make with various ingredients.
       Go look around people's houses in town for a recipe (Check misc. objects).
    7. Wanted - Information!
    I get a ton of the same information in my Inbox, so I cleared out this
    area and can't keep taking in all the stuff I get!  I still want any
    Questions you have so I can continue to add to that part of the FAQ.  The
    rest is on hold for now until I get more time on my hands.
    8. Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2004 David Hartley
    Please do not use this FAQ without permission and do not steal material
    without giving credit.  Do not put it beyond me to pursue legal options.
    If you're looking to use any of the information provided or even to host
    the FAQ just send me an e-mail, I will most likely be happy to let you as
    long as you give credit.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any othe
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    9. Acknowledgements
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for inspiring me to create this guide.
    Thanks to God for giving me the talents I need to create this.
    Thanks to Big Green Boomy!  You're input is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to continue writing when I saw other
     FAQs had been posted, and thought mine wouldn't be a help.
    Thanks to all the peoples at the message board who asked the same question
     over and over again... sortof
    Thanks to the peoples who made this game *Thumbs up*
        Special Props to whoever created Nami! ^_^
    Finally thanks to me for writing this FAQ, thank you self *pats on back*
    10. Contact Info
    E-mail address: anonymous93@yahoo.com
    Note: Please only e-mail me if you're asking a question about something that
     is not in this FAQ or are requesting I add something!  Flames will be
     deleted but constructive criticism is welcome as always!
    I try to reply to everyone that sends me an e-mail, though the backlog may
    grow with the number of e-mails.  But hey!  It seems like I never get any
    responses back from my replies... that makes me sad ;_;
    -E-mails that I cannot read
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    -E-mails that ask how to beat the game O_o
    Amazingly enough, after posting my e-mail to the internet, I've received
    what I believe to be viruses.  -_-  These too of course will be deleted.
    My user name around GameFAQs is Master Drake, so if you see me around the
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    My user name at Neoseekr is Professor Drake, but don't expect to see me
     around there very often.

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