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    Fishing Guide by Master Cube 10

    Version: 1.18 | Updated: 04/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
    Fishing Guide/FAQ
    Copyright: Master Cube 10
    E-mail: Redwings620@formerdeadmen.zzn.com
    Version 1.18 Update 4/5/04
    Contents                 [CNTS]*
    1. History          [1HIS]
    2. Introduction     [2INT]
    3. Fish             [3FSH]
    3A How to           [3HWT]
    3B Types            [3TYP]
    3C Location         [3LOC]
    4. Hints/Tips       [4HNT]
    5. FAQ              [5FAQ]
    6. Contact          [6CON]
    7. Legal Info/Thanks[7LIT]
    *If you want to get through the guide faster use ctr+f and search for the
    characters listed in the brackets under what you’re looking for.
    1. History                  [1HIS]
    V. 1.18
    4/18/04 Came back, answered e-mails.
    4/6/04 Went on Vacation
    4/5/04 After not making any breakthroughs, got 2 e-mails and added tips/credits.
    4/1/04 Yamame info added.
    3/31/04 Added middle river info, added more sites to allow list
    3/30/04 Cleared up any questions about Daryl. fixed more errors.
    3/29/04 Made typo fixes, added Hors d'ouevres and finished swamp/middle river
    3/27/04 Got almost the entire guide done
    3/26/04 Writing information/Basic Info
    3/25/04 Started Format
    3/24/04 Started gathering info
    2. Introduction             [2INT]
    After playing HM:AWL for the Gamecube I realized many fishing questions
    and not many answers. So I took upon myself to make a guide about one of the
    aspects of HM:AWL,
    Fish. Many of you may know me on the boards, as Master Cube 10, and remember
    this is only my second guide I have ever done, so bare with me.
    *Please keep in mind this is under construction every day*
    3. Fish                     [3FSH]
    In HM:AWL fishing can be very important or obsolete in your game depending
    on your style. Even though this is true, fishing plays an important role in
    the game. If you give Daryl a fish a day for a few days, he will give you the
    seed maker for free. Also fish can be used to eat, cook, give gifts, and sell
    to Van. During mid winter of Chapter one your cow will stop producing milk,
    and you will have to live off of fish/eggs/crops for a while, which don't give
    much profit other than fish.
    |3A How to [3HWT]|
    First off, you need a pole. To get the pole simply buy it from Van. On the 3rd
    and 8th Van sets up shop near the Inner Inn, and also sets up shop randomly
    each month on other days. The pole is the second item you should buy from him,
    first is the brush.
    To fish, first equip the pole using "X" and searching in your tools.
    After that, go up to a water area (River, Swamp, or Spring) and hit "A."
    This will cast your line out into the water. Wait until your bobber starts
    going under a bit and you hear a slight noise, as the fish will do this a
    few times before taking the bait. The fish eventually takes the bait under
    water, and you see/hear a large splash. As someone mentioned on
    the message board hit another button slowly (Like L/R) before hitting the "A"
    button to real in the fish. The delay works good to help your timing. After
    you hit "A" and begin reeling the fish in, you have to do no additional work.
    The fish is caught and put in your rucksack. Equip the pole again and repeat,
    if you wish so.
    |3B Types [3TYP]|
    There are many types of fish compared to most HM games that are just sorted
    by 3 sizes or legendary fish. The more expensive the fish, obviously, the
    more rare that fish is.
    *L=Lower river   P=Pond/Spring  W=Waterfall/Upper river
     M=Middle River  S=Swamp
    |Fish         |Selling price|Location*|
    |Arna         |    400g     |S P      |
    |Colombo      |     20g     |S P L M  |
    |Snelt        |     30g     |S P L M  |
    |Nyameme      |     60g     |S P     W|
    |Rainbob      |     80g     |S   L    |
    |Huchep       |     90g     |        W|
    |Yameme       |    500g     |        W|
    |Sharshark    |    600g     |    L M  |
    |Big Arna**   |    800g     |S P      |
    |Big Colombo  |     40g     |S P L M  |
    |Big Snelt    |     60g     |S P L M  |
    |Big Nyameme  |    130g     |        W|
    |Big Rainbob  |    150g     |S   L    |
    |Big Huchep   |    170g     |        W|
    |Big Yameme   |   1000g     |S P     W|
    |Big Sharshark|   1200g     |    L M  |
    This sells for nothing, and I have never gotten it, but I have been told
    there is garbage in this game. Unconfirmed.
    |3C Locations [3LOC] |
    There are 5 fishing spots to fish at, the River areas being the best.
    Lower River
    This is an okay spot to fish at, if you fish by the bridge you can get the
    best fish in the game, (Though rare) also there is a wide variety of fish here.
    The bad part, though, on bad horoscope days you catch hardly anything,
    if anything at all, and if you do, they are pretty cruddy. The lower river
    is the spot closest to the ocean.
    Middle River
    The middle river is almost like the lower river, except I have caught no
    rainbobs where I believe the boundary is. I am trying to figure out where
    the middle and lower river meet, but I haven't so far. So for now I am saying
    no rainbobs. Which means you have a more chance of getting the Sharshark, but
    also usually get snelt or colombos. I have not fully explored this area,
    so more to come.
    Upper River/Waterfall
    This is also a very good spot to fish. The best thing is that the worst fish
    here is 60g and there aren't any bad fish, as well as the fact that the
    second best set of fish are here. Another thing is, the huchep which sells
    for 90G is a pretty common fish here. The bad things are the waterfall is
    noisy, the trees can block view even though it doesn't affect the fishing,
    and it takes generally a longer time to hook a fish than other spots with a
    higher failure rate. This is the area next to Carter's Tent and the part of
    the river closest to the Sprite's house.
    The spring is an average spot to fish at, with it's only benefits are it has
    2 rare fish. This area has too many crap fish such as snelt and colombo that you
    catch around 10 of before ever seeing another fish. This is the area right next
    to the Harvest Sprite's house.
    Turtle Swamp
    Like the spring the swamp has too many colombo and snelt, but some people say
    Arna and Yameme are common, and I would like to thank them.
     I, myself, have fished here a lot and never caught another fish except snelt
    and colombo families. For 6 hours I fished and only got 120g worth of fish,
    though. The swamp is behind the Inn/Bar and next to Daryl's house near the
    4. Hints/Tips               [4HNT]
    Even though most people fish in the same way, there are ways to enhance the
    fish you catch and some nifty tips/facts to help you out.
    1. Fishing is a good way to spend time when you have no farm work.
    2. Fish are very good to cook, restore energy by eating, and give as gifts.
    3. NEVER eat a colombo, they can make you sick.
    4. If you give a fish (Colombo he doesn’t take, snelt is the best to give)
    and an egg to Daryl (The scientist) every day for around 10 days he will give
    you the seedmaker. Instead of paying 6000 for the maker and getting it in
    chapter 2, you can get it in year 1 spring for nothing! Also you can give
    him more than one of these a day usually.
    5. Check your horoscope, on bad days fishing will be frustrating as you get
    the crap fish. Good days will give you much better fish.
    6. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but I find fishing in snow/rain and
    dawn/dusk gives you a better chance of landing more and better fish
    (Like in real life)
    7. The best place to fish is the waterfall, the 90G huchep is very
    common here and there are no bad fish.
    8. To get the Fishing ROD (Not pole) you must complete the grave task
    Galen gives you in chapter 2, then give him gifts. The rod is supposed to not
    take as much energy out of you, but nothing has been confirmed. You
    can befriend Galen in chapter 1 and take the easy way out if you want. Also,
    Galen leaves his house at 6:31 on EVEN numbered days (2, 4, etc) and retunrs
    at 7. It's between this time that you need to talk to him about Nina's grave.
    9. After making some (Around 20?) recipes, the Hors d'ouevres will be on
    your cooking list, making shashimi.  Any fish used this way will sell
    for 150g (Even colombo)
    10. I got an e-mail telling me how to get a Yamame. He told me that
    if you fish at the waterfall and get a bite, ignore it. Then the line
    will stay against the "left wall" (Not sure what he meant by this)
    and you could get a Yamame easier.
    5. FAQ                      [5FAQ]
    Q: Where and how do I get the fishing pole?
    A: You can buy it from Van, starting in Chapter 1.
    Q: Where can I get the fishing ROD?
    A: You must befriend Galen and he will give it to you.
    Q: What’s the difference between the rod and the pole?
    A: Right now, nobody knows the difference, except I think the rod looks cool.
    Most say it doesn't take away any energy.
    Q: Galen won't accept my gifts! What do I do!?
    A: Don't panic, in Chapter 2 he will ask you to clean the gravestone in front
    of his house, if he says "Wonderful!", he might accept gifts, sometimes it
    takes a while.
    Q: The fish keeps biting and I press A but I just pull in the rod without a
    A: Just feel and ignore the tiny little nibbles, they are just telling you a
    fish is coming. Once you hear, see, or feel a big bite, reel it in, I suggest
    slowly pressing a button before hitting A
    Q: I press A at the big bites but I'm still pulling in my rod without a fish....
    A: You're probably pressing A too early, remember, press it AFTER the big bite.
    Q: Mash potatoes!
    A: and gravy!
    Q: Fishing is hard, this is stupid.
    A: It's not that hard once you get the hang of it, I can fish with my eyes
    closed. Practice and patience is key.
    Q: I caught my first fishy! It's cute!
    A: Good job, keep at it!
    Q:  What's the best fish to catch?
    A:  It depends, I'd have to say the Huchep, because it is worth 90g, and it is
    one of the most common fish in the game.
    Q:  Where can I get the Hucheps?
    A:  By the waterfall.
    Q: What's your favorite spot to fish?
    A: Right on the waterfall, the opposite side from Carter's dig, as far up as
    Q: What's the most money you've gotten from fishing in between Van's trips
    to town?
    A: Hmmm, I'd say about around 6k. And I only fished for 3 out of 5 days.
    Q: How does horoscope affect fishing?
    A: Said it 2 times. But I'll say it again. If you have a bad horoscope, then
    you will hardly catch anything, and if you do, the fish are not worth much.
    On normal days, the fishing is completely random. On good days, you will
     catch a lot of rare and better fish.
    Q: Why/When fish?
    A: Fish to get money, give gifts, or get food. The best times are rainy/snowy
    days early in morning or late at night. Just remember to eat, the "Guu~"
    cuts out fishing. Also remember to do farm work first.
    Q: Should I fish?
    A: YES! It is a great part of the game, but always make sure not to neglect
    your animals crops and other farm work as I said.
    Q: You never mentioned the Ocean in the FAQ, what fish are in there?
    A: Sharks, Barracuda, Dolphins, Sailfish, etc. BUT YOU CAN'T FISH IN THE OCEAN!
    The ocean is strictly not a fishing area in the game for some reason.
    6. Contact                  [6CON]
    Have comments/Questions/Problems?
    Want to criticize my work?
    Found an error?
    Please contact me, I will be prompt to answer!
    E-Mail Redwings620@formerdeadmen.zzn.com
    AIM Redwings620
    GFAQ’s  Master Cube 10
    Or you can AIM Darkwulf at WaSsUpDawG833. He knows a lot about fishing.
    Also please give me the name you want me to credit.
    7. Legal Info/Thanks        [7LIT]
    Legal Info
    This FAQ is copyright of Master Cube 10, any reproduction or usage of this
    product without written consent is prohibited and illegal. If you see anyone
    using this guide or any part of it please inform me.
    Sites given permission to use guide:
    Thanks to
    nyone who AIMed me or E-mailed me, feedback is always enjoyable.
    ChaosHowler for the tip about the Yamame.
    Godfather Of Death for in depth Galen info and research help.
    "Bryan Helder", "Syndi", and "Andy Hurd" for info on cooking dishes.
    Gotta Play, Tubatic, and aer0302 for info on the swamp.
    Natsume/Victor Interactive for making a great game
    My Parents for paying to fix my computer
    My computer for not busting down while writing this FAQ
    Myself for working hard on this guide
    CJayC for a great website/Submitting the guide.
    DarKWuLf463 for a lot of fish info and FAQ section.
    Everybody else on GFAQ's for reading this.
    Copyright Master Cube 10 (2004)

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