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    Gift Guide by Mimas

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    [ Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Gift FAQ ]
    [            Written by Mimas             ]
    [           rach41@hotmail.com            ]
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
      A. About this FAQ
      B. What is Harvest Moon?
      C. Why give gifts?
    II. Normal Character's Likes and rewards
      1. Takakura
      2. Carter
      3. Flora
      4. Wally
      5. Chris
      6. Hugh
      7. Grant
      8. Samantha
      9. Kate
      10. Vesta
      11. Marlin
      12. Daryl
      13. Romana
      14. Lumina
      15. Sebastian
      16. Kassey
      17. Patrick
      18. Tim
      19. Ruby
      20. Rock
      21. Murrey
      22. Gustafa
      23. Griffin
      24. Galen
      25. Nina
      26. Van
      27. Cody
      28. Dr. Hardy
    III. What the Girls like
    1.	Celia
    2.	Muffy
    3.	Nami
    IV. What your child likes
    V. FAQ
    VI. Acknowledgements
    Section I: Introduction
    A. About this FAQ: This FAQ has come about because of not only my frustration,
    but because of many other fellow Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life player's,
    frustrations.  It is quite tedious to go around and figure out what to give to
    what person and whether they give any reward for all your hard work, so I
    present this Gift FAQ.  The FAQ will be updated as I play more, and as fellow
    players contribute any information.  Any questions, comments, confessions of
    true love?  Drop Mimas a line at rach41@hotmail.com.
    - March 27, 2004: The concept for this FAQ is come up with and Mimas sets off to
    work.  Will she be successful?
    - March 29, 2004: My FAQ got accepted!  Yay! ^^ Anyway, I went through and
    corrected some spelling mistakes.  Thanks kkslider!
    -March 30, 2004: My FAQ has been accepted and already I'm getting a bunch of e-
    mails.  ^^  Thanks for everyone that pointed out my silly spelling errors and
    the Vesta weird hoe times.
    - April 5, 2004: Updated the FAQ with a few new things, including the necklace
    from Flora and the likes for more people.  I'm now setting to work on the
    section devoted to your child, so stay tuned for more updates!
    - April 14, 2004: Added MukuMuku to the character section and also got started
    on the FAQ part of the guide.
    B. So what exactly is Harvest Moon?  Harvest Moon is a popular farming
    simulation.  Some people may be familiar with Harvest Moon: 64 or with Harvest
    Moon: Back to Nature.  These are certainly the most famous of the Harvest Moon
    games.  (And strongly recommended if you haven't played them yet ^_~).  The
    Harvest Moon series is a simulation series in which you get to experience the
    life of farming... everything from finding a wife to growing crops and raising
    C.  Lastly, why give gifts?  Certainly it seems like gift giving may be
    tedious, but it is really very rewarding.  If you're going to want a wife,
    you'll have to woo her somehow.  Also, you can get a bunch of gifts by sucking
    up to certain people.
    Section II: Normal Character's Likes and Rewards
    The following is a list of each characters likes.  Now you won't have to go
    around experimenting and seeing what everyone likes and dislikes.  You can tell
    if you are making progress with your gifts by how the person reacts to you.  If
    they turn around and look at you when you walk by, they are your friend.
    1. Takakura ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: This is the guy that lives on your farm with you, and ships your
    produce.  If you don't know who he is, he's the sort of hunched over guy
    wearing a white shirt that grunts when he talks. ^^;;
    Likes: Any cooked meal
    Reward: None.  You do however, get Tartan from Takakura later in the game.
    Tartan is a talking friend (thankfully one that won't want to eat people ^^)
    that will let you make combinations of certain seeds if you are nice to it
    later in the game.
    2.  Carter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Carter is the archeologist.  He lives up by the waterfall (on the
    side of Vesta's Farm, not on the side where the Harvest Sprites are) and can be
    recognized by his unruly brown hair.
    Likes: Milk, Melon, Watermelon, Fish, Cheese, Sashimi
    Reward: If you befriend Carter and Flora, you will get a Chihuahua (the one
    that you can sometimes spot at the dig site) later in the game.  You can not
    get the Chihuahua until after the mine expands fully.  It also is important
    that you get a "special artifact" in every year.  This is an item such as a
    tablet with writing that Carter will NOT let you keep.
    3.  Flora ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Flora is Carter's assistant and lives in the same tent as him and
    helps with the digs.  She has long blond hair tied back in a ponytail and can
    often be found at the dig-site or else wandering around town.
    Likes: Fish, cheese, butter, milk, curry, mushroom curry, S-quality crops,
    fossils, clay statues
    Reward: If you befriend Carter and Flora, you will get a Chihuahua (the one
    that you can sometimes spot at the dig site) later in the game.  Also,
    beginning in chapter three of the game, you can get a necklace from Flora if
    you are friends with her.  The necklace can be given to your son, but I do not
    know yet how it will influence him. (Does anyone out there know?)
    4.  Wally ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: This is the crazy guy that jogs around town all day.  You can find
    him all around town, jogging, but I seem to find him most on the path leading
    to the Harvest Sprite's home.
    Likes: Eggs, Milk, Coins, Sashimi, Cheese
    Reward: Wally will give you the wool clippers once you are friends with him
    (look for him to turn his head when he talks to you) because he has no use for
    them.  To trigger the event, you must enter Wally's house at a time when he is
    home.  The best times are usually early in the morning or late at night.
    You'll get a scene where he says his son Hugh doesn't need them anymore since
    he's become "so handsome." These are the 3rd set of clippers that sit next to
    the Wool Shears and the Electric Clippers that you can buy from your Ledger.
    5.  Chris ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Chris really looks like a reporter to me.  She has those snazzy
    glasses and that pink outfit and is the wife of Wally and mother of Hugh.
    Likes: Flowers, Milk, Apples, Fruit Juice
    Reward: None?
    6. Hugh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Being the son of Wally, its no surprise that this kid likes to run
    around as much as he does.  Hugh will grow throughout the game, and begin to
    look more and more like his dad.
    Likes: Milk, Coins
    Reward: None?
    7.  Grant ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Grant is a business man that will move into your town later in the
    game.  He wears glasses and always appears very worried.  Because he has to
    commute to work, it is hard to find Grant a lot of the time.
    Likes: Eggs, Milk, Goat Milk, Sashimi
    Reward: Alarm Clock.  In chapter 2 you are able to get this is you are friends
    with Grant.  The best time to visit him is at five o'clock in the morning,
    before he leaves for work.
    8. Samantha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Samantha is the wife of Grant.  She often wanders around town,
    talking to the other characters and really doesn't play that big of a role in
    the game.
    Likes: Flowers, Milk, Sashimi
    Reward: None?
    9. Kate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: The daughter of Grant and Samantha. Her mother accuses her of
    being tomboyish, which causes Kate to try to be out of the house as much as she
    can. Kate is bored in the country, claiming that there's nothing to do, though
    she does say that playing with Hugh is fun.
    Likes: Flowers, Curry, Coins, Moon Ores
    Reward: None?
    10. Vesta ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: This heavy-set woman is the owner of her own farm and Celia's
    boss.  She seems to want to do little more than sell you seeds and hook you up
    with Celia.
    Likes: Flowers, Milk, Crystals, Earth Soup, Curry
    Reward: Vesta gives you the weird hoe when you become friends with her.  To
    trigger the event, you must enter the storage room on Vesta's farm at a time
    when she is the only one in there.  This is rather hard, and the best time to
    get the hoe would probably be from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.
    11. Marlin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Marlin is Vesta's brother and also works on her farm.  He's very
    protective of Celia and often very mean.
    Likes: S rank vegetables, records, stamina potions
    Reward: None?
    12. Daryl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Daryl is a mad scientist who has moved into town to test his
    experiments.  He is rather scary, indeed, but will be very profitable if you
    make friends with him. ^^
    Likes: Fish, eggs, bones, coins, earth soup
    Reward: When Daryl becomes friends with you, enter his house when he is home to
    receive the seed maker.  This will save you the task of buying the seed maker
    for 6000 gold from the ledger and will work just as well.  The best time to
    trigger the event is around 5 or 6 o'clock.
    13. Romana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Romana is the old woman who lives up at the mansion with her
    granddaughter Lumina.  She is rather hard to give gifts to because she can not
    be sitting when you give her gifts.  The best time, therefore, to win her over
    is when you hear Lumina playing the piano.  Usually she'll come out of her room
    to watch.
    Likes: Flowers, oranges, milk, records, crystals, golden coins, clay statues
    Reward: Romana gives you TWO things for becoming her friend.  First of all, she
    will give you a new watering can, called the long-necked watering can.  This
    can be used to make trees grow faster, but only carries one unit of water.
    Also, sometime in year two if you are friends with Romana, she will drop by
    your farm and give you your very own cat.  Like your dog, your cat doesn't
    really have to be taken care of.  Its just there to be cute. ^^
    14. Lumina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Lumina lives in the mansion with her grandmother and servant,
    Sebastian.  Often she will be playing the piano, even though you will find out
    that she does not like to play it in a later event.
    Likes: Flowers, Fried Sweet Potato, Strawberry Cake
    Reward: In chapter three, Lumina will give you sheet music.  As I have not
    gotten this yet, I don't know its purpose, but I hear that it is used to make
    your child like music more.
    15. Sebastian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Sebastian is the old butler that lives up in the mansion with
    Lumina and Romana.  He's quite nice and cheerful once you get to know him.
    Likes: Skulls, Eggs, milk, cheese, butter, clay artifacts, crystals
    Reward: None?
    16. Kassey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: He's one of the twin brothers that make fireworks.
    Likes: Flowers, crystals, coins
    Reward: None?
    17. Patrick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: He is Kassey's brother and the other fireworks brother.
    Likes: Flowers, crystals, silver coins, eggs, cheese, fish, sweet potato soup
    Reward: None?
    18. Tim ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Tim is the chubby man who works at the Inner Inn with his wife
    Ruby.  He's been on lots of travels and will tell you about them if you ask.
    Likes: Eggs, milk, goat's milk, butter, anything from the ruins, flowers, fruit
    punch, cheese, sashimi
    Reward: When Tim becomes your friend, he will bestow upon you the strange hoe.
    To trigger the event, enter Tim's room at a time when he is in there.  Around 8
    o'clock in the morning should be good enough.  He will hand over the hoe after
    telling you about a journey he went on.
    19. Ruby ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Ruby is the wife of Tim and co-owner of the Inner Inn.  She likes
    to cook a lot and you can often find her in the kitchen.  She will also travel
    to Mineral Town quite often.
    Likes: Flowers, milk, crystals, butter, curry, gratin, tomatoes, grapes
    Reward: Once you are friends with Ruby, you can receive the Ruby Spice from
    her.  This is very useful if you want to marry Nami because the spice is an
    ingredient to make curry, one of Nami's favorites.  To trigger the event, enter
    the Inn's kitchen at a time where Ruby is there.  Mid-morning should work well.
    *Note: the spice will never run out to my knowledge, so feel free to make as
    much curry as you want without fear.
    20. Rock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Rock is Ruby and Tim's son.  You can often find him walking around
    the valley and at night you can sometimes challenge him in a milk-drinking
    contest.  (The contest is just for fun.  You don't win anything if you beat
    Likes: Mist Moon flowers, fodder, human-shaped artifacts, coins, mushroom
    gratin, butter, tomato melon salad, cheese, earth soup, Toy Flowers
    Reward: None?
    21. Murrey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Murrey is a homeless man that looks like a caveman.  He'll often
    ask you for food or money.  He comes from Po-po Valley... wherever that is.
    Likes: All food except it is made from fish
    Reward: None?
    22. Gustafa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Gustafa is a traveling musician that goes around town and sings.
    He kind of looks like a leprechaun, too. ^^;;
    Likes: Flowers, anything from the ruins, curry, mushroom curry
    Reward: Gustafa is another character that gives you two items.  Early in the
    game, you can get the strange sickle from him.  Enter his yurt at a time when
    he is home (probably early morning around 10 o'clock works best) and he will
    give you this sickle after a short scene.  In chapter 3, Gustafa will give you
    a set of drums.  I am not too sure what these do, seeing as how I have not
    gotten them yet, but I believe they are for your child and influence what
    career he will choose.
    23. Griffin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Griffin is the owner of the Blue Bar, and does very little besides
    run his bar.  You can give him gifts before he works in the back room of the
    Likes: Fish, coins, sashimi, Mist Moon flowers, Trick Blue, crystals, golden
    Reward: None?
    24. Galen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Galen is an old man who has lived in the valley for a long time.
    He loves fishing and being with his wife Nina.  If you need to make friends
    with Galen, you can help him wash a certain grave after Chapter 1.
    Likes: Fish, S-rank vegetables, apples (any rank), fish stew
    Reward: In chapter 2, you can get the fishing pole G from Galen if you are
    friends with him.  To trigger this event, enter Galen's house early in the
    25. Nina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Nina is Galen's elderly wife.  She is very kind, but won't be in
    the game long.
    Likes: Flowers, milk
    Reward: None?
    26. Van ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: This heavy-set man will only be in your town for certain days.  He
    spends most of his time over in Mineral Town, but will come over to sell you
    goods on certain days of the month.
    Likes: Eggs, Anything from the ruins, curry
    27. Cody ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Cody may look tough, but underneath he is very nice and kind.  He
    is a struggling artist trying to understand his work better by living in the
    Likes: Flowers, eggs, crystals, bones
    Reward: In chapter 2 or later, if you are friends with Cody, he will give you a
    painting.  You can put this painting in either your living room or your
    28. Dr. Hardy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Dr. Hardy is a doctor that looks after Romana.  Later in the game,
    he will also try to help Galen.  He looks frightening, but is actually pretty
    Likes: Flowers, fish, bones
    Reward: In the 2nd year, if you are friends with Hardy, you can get the weird
    sickle.  Enter his house when he is home to get the cut scene.  After the
    scene, Hardy will give you the weird sickle, which he used for operations.
    Ewww... >.<;
    29. MukuMuku ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: MukuMuku is a strange white beast that does not appear in other
    season besides Winter.  You can also see him in certain events with Daryl if
    you leave your house around 6 or 7 PM in the evening.  This monster goes around
    shouting Mo-fo and has yet to serve any real purpose in the game.
    Likes: Flowers (he will accept five different flowers in one day), Eggs, Fish
    Section III: What the Girls Like
    1. Celia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Celia is a sweet and down to earth girl who works on Vesta's farm.
    She knows a lot about plants and is very kind.  If you marry Celia, your child
    will also be very down-to-earth.
    Likes: Flowers, Vegetables, Eggs, Crystals, Shiny Coins
    2. Muffy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Muffy is bubbly, flirtatious, and a bit of a ditz.  Your first
    encounter, where she calls you sexy, pretty much sums up how the rest of your
    relationship will be.  If you marry Muffy, your child will be outgoing and fun.
    Likes: Flowers, Crystals, Shiny Coins, Sweets
    3. Nami ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description: Nami is a world traveler who has just happened to make her home in
    the valley.  She may seem cold and distant at first, but she will eventually
    begin to like you more if you are nice to her.  If you marry Nami, your child
    will be very quiet.
    Likes: Clay Statues, Fossils, Blue Trick Flowers, Curry
    Section IV: What Your Child Likes
    Coming Soon...
    Section V: Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: Do people ever stop liking me once we are friends?
    Answer: Nope.  Wouldn't it be easier if things were like that in real life? ^^;
    Question: Why won't Cody accept my gifts?
    Answer: He is probably "working."  Whenever Cody has his arms crossed or is out
    looking at the ocean, he will not accept your gifts.  Wait around and
    eventually he will start to walk around and you can give him gifts.
    Question: I can't get the fishing pole from Galen!!!
    Answer: Be patient.  If you are beyond chapter 1, you can no longer give him
    certain gifts, so be sure to help him wash a certain someone's grave.  After a
    while, this should work and you will be friends with Galen.
    Section VI: Acknowledgments
    Here is where all the boring legal stuff is...
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is copyrighted by the wonderful people at
    Natsume.  I take no credit for the game at all.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Mimas.  Please do not take anything without
    permission first.  E-mail any questions or comments to rach41@hotmail.com.
    Thanks to all the people that helped me with this FAQ.  You know who you are!

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