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    Farming Guide by X Zolon

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Farming Guide
                                   Written by Chris Stewart (X Zolon)
                                     Current Version: v1.02 (April 16 2004)
    Table of Contents
    A. Using this Guide 
    A1. Introduction
    -About the guide
    -What you will learn    
    A2. Navigation
    -How to jump to categories
    A3. Version Info
    -Version Info
    B. Your Farm
    B1: The Buildings around your farm
    B2. Your house
    -Chapter One
    -Chapter Two
    -Chapter Three
    C. Crops
    C1. Crop List
    -List of Regular Crops
    -+ Growth Speed
    -+ Soil Type
    -+ BAS Pricing
    -+ Seasons
    -List of Hybrid Gen1 Crops
    -+ Growth Speed
    -+ Soil Type
    -+ BAS Pricing
    -+ Seasons
    -List of Hybrid Gen2 Crops
    -+ Growth Speed
    -+ Soil Type
    -+ BAS Pricing
    -+ Seasons
    -Seasonal Listing
    -+Spring crops
    -+Summer crops
    -+Fall Crops
    -+Winter Crops
    C2. Making Hybrids
    C2a. Getting Tartan
    -Where, when, how?
    -Getting the Hybrid Option
    C2b. Hybrid Gen 1 List
    C2c. About Gen 2 Hybrids 
    -Why are they so special?
    C2d. Hybrid Gen 2 List
    C2e. Floral Hybrids
    -How to make
    -3 Outcomes 
    C3. Growing Crops
    C3a. How to plant
    -The Basics
    C3b. How to grow
    -Watering Basics
    C3c. How to Increase Quality
    -Using fertilizer!
    C3d. The Seed Maker
    -2 different ways to get
    -How it works
    D. Trees 
    D1. Tree List
    -List of Regular Trees
    -+ Fruiting Season
    -+ BAS Seed Pricing
    -+ BAS Fruit Pricing
    -List of Hybrid Gen1 Crops
    -+ Fruiting Season 
    -+ BAS Seed Pricing
    -+ BAS Fruit Pricing
    -List of Hybrid Gen2 Crops
    -+ Fruiting Season 
    -+ BAS SeeD Pricing
    -+ BAS Fruit Pricing 
    -Seasonal Listing
    -+Spring crops
    -+Summer crops
    -+Fall Crops
    -+Winter Crops
    D2. Making Hybrids
    D2a. Hybrid Gen 1 List 
    D2b. About Gen 2 Hybrids
    D2c. Hybrid Gen 2 List
    D2d. Making better trees
    -Hybridizing vs. Fertilizer
    D3. Making mega-money
    D3a. The Seed Maker
    -2 different ways to get
    -How it works
    D3b. Fruit Vs. Seeds
    - Which is better?
    E. Animals
    E1. Cattle (And that stupid Goat)
    E2. The Horse
    E3. Sheep
    E4. Chickens/Ducks
    E5. Fish
    F. Final words
    F1. Thanks to
    F2. In the Next Version...
    F3. Guide Stats/Goals (And Personal Stats/Goals)
    F4. Contact Information
    -----------------------------A. Using this Guide-------------------------- 
    -----------------------------A1. Introduction-----------------------------
    Hi! My name is Chris Stewart. I'm an avid fan of Harvest Moon. I never really 
    got around to making any guides. But, a new game comes out, And I've got it, 
    as usual, so, to fill up the page, I thought I'd clear a few things up. 
    Searching in some of the other guides, I found some stuff was missing, or 
    incorrect. So, I got the real answers and decided I'd right a few wrongs by 
    writing this guide! Anyway, all this one is is basically growing, selling, and 
    making hybrids of trees and crops. I got all this information myself (So far) 
    and I hope you enjoy it!
    -----------------------------A2. Navigation-----------------------------
    Navingating my guide is fairly simple. Here are the basics to jumping 
    categories. See the table of contents up there? Well, you can hopefully see 
    the different Number-Letter combinations too. TO find a section, Basically 
    Highlight (Click your left mouse button, the drag it over to the end of the 
    letter/number combo) , right click, select copy, press CTRL and F at the same 
    time (THis opens up the find menu), and left click in the text box, and press 
    CTRL and V. Now hit enter. You'll be jumped over to it, hopefully. If not, 
    click enter again! THere you have it!
    -----------------------------A3. Version Info-----------------------------
    Current Version: v1.02: Made the Animals section completed, with fish and 
    chickens, cattle, sheep.. you name it. Anyway, next version shall bring
    into being a new layout.
    V0.1 (April 4 2004) First version, the A Section complete, Table of contents, 
    basic crops list without pricing, info about generation 1 hybrid crops, and a 
    load of other information.
    v0.2: (April 5, 2004) Added a load to trees; Types, Level 1 Hybrids, 
    most of the list, Seasons, and most seed prices. Some Fruit Prices, Info on 
    trees. 1 Second generation Hybrid.
    Some crop prices. 
    v0.3: (April 6, 2004) Minor update, added the crop and tree seasonal lists.
    v0.4: (April 12, 2004) Unexpected Update, but gotta keep things coming. 
    Basically finished Hybrid Gen 1 Crop pricing, added some Gen 2 recipies, 
    some fruit prices, and generally a fairly large update. Fixed some problems
    with margins.
    v1.00: (April 13, 2004) Updated to next level... by finishing my goals 
    in the crops and trees section.
    v1.01: (April 14, 2004) Added a blank animals section, as well as the
    "Your Farm" section (Complete). updated the stats in the bottom.
    v1.02: (April 16, 2004)Made the Animals section completed, with fish and 
    chickens, cattle, sheep.. you name it. Anyway, next version shall bring
    into being a new layout.
    ||+--------------------------B. Your Farm-------------------+||
    --------------B1: The Buildings around your farm-------------
    There are a couple places around your farm. For this, refer to your instruction
    booklet for identification of places.
    -A: Your Barn: This is where you keep your horses, cows, sheep, and goats. Also,
    this connects to your tool shed and later your milking room. There is a bell 
    inside that calls all animals into your barn. There is another bell outside
    towards the field that you can use to call your animals into the field.
    On the opposite side, accross from the entrance to the barn, is the shipping
    -B: Tool Shed: This holds your tool shelf, where you put all your tools.. 
    and there is also a shelf where you can store all your miscellaneous items.
    It connects to the barn.
    -C: Food Storage: This is the shipping room. In the beginning of the game you
    can only ship eggs and milk, but later in the game you can ship 2nd Hybrid
    Level crops.
    -D: Takakura's house: Technically this isn't your building, but this is Taka's
    house. Tartan lives here in chapter 2.
    -E: Chicken Coop: This is where your chickens go. You need a male and a
    female to get a fertilized egg. You put a F. egg into the incubator to make
    more chickens.
    -F: Your house: You live here. I'll outline this later.
    Fields: There are three fields; 1 beside your house (Not Fertile), 1 beside the
    chicken coop (Fertile) and one at the corner of your farm (Very fertile), 
    you'll notice it's gigantic area for crops. You plant trees and crops in 
    these areas.
    Pasture: This is just the area your animals go to graze.
    Upgrades: There are 3 things you can make. 
    1: Pond (2500G) This is just a pond that goes in the middle of your pasture. 
    Ducks will come to live in it.
    2: Processing Room (30000G) This is a place to turn your milk into cheese and
    butter. It attaches to the food storage room (Shipping room)
    3: Milking room (60000G) This room is helpful if you have multiple cows to
    milk and very little time. It attaches to the barn and has a door into 
    the pasture. If your cows are outside, they will automatically go inside 
    to get milked.
    -------------------------B2. Your house-------------------------
    -Chapter One
    In chapter one, your house is just large enough for you. You have a bed,
    Your bedside table to save your game on, a calendar, an oven to cook food,
    and a television. There is also a bookshelf that you can change options and
    read Taka's notes.
    -Chapter Two
    Your house is larger. Now there are two beds; Your old bed (For your son) 
    and your new bed (For you and your wife) The oven is now gone, but
    everything else is still there. Instead of the oven, there's a door!
    Enter this door, and you will find your new kitchen! In here is a large kitchen,
    A table, and a usable refrigerator! You can store 330 different objects in it!
    Also, there are two doors in this kitchen area; One that leads to a bathroom,
    and one to a tub.
    -Chapter Three
    Your house is even larger. 3 rooms; your two previous ones (Your old bed is
    missign though!) and a new one, your son's room. Your old bed is located here. 
    There is also a stick, a table, and a bookshelf where you can find out his
    ||+--------------------------C. Crops-------------------+||
    -----------------------------C1. Crop List-------------------------
    *This Berryto grows on a vine
    **THis Berryto grows in the ground
    I found this annoying: They made two named Berryto!
    |    Crop    |  Soil  |   Speed |       Seasons           |   
    |Tomato      | Any    | Fast    |Spring to Fall           |
    |Watermelon  | Any    | Fast    |Spring to Summer         | 
    |Strawberry  | Any    | Fast    |Fall to Spring           |         
    |Melon       | Any    | Fast    |Summer to Fall           |     
    |Turnip      | Any    | V. Fast |Summer to Winter         |
    |Potato      | Any    | Fast    |Winter to Spring         |
    |Carrot      | Any    | Slow    |Fall to Winter           |
    |Sweet Potato| Any    | Fast    |Fall Only                |
    |------------|--------Hybrids Level 1---------------------|
    |Gretoma     |Any     |Slow     |Spring to Fall           | 
    |Berrytoma   |Fertile |Fast     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Melotoma    |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Trady       |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Tobatoma    |Any     |Fast     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Tomaca      |Fertile |Fast     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Yamato      |Fertile |Fast     |Spring to Fall           |
    |Berryber    |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Melober     |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Raury       |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Bashber     |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Cabber      |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Kashry      |Fertile |Slow     |Spring to Summer         |
    |Berryto*    |Fertile |Fast     |Fall to Spring           |
    |Dhibe       |Fertile |V. Fast  |Fall to Spring           |
    |Paberryta   |Fertile |Fast     |Fall to Spring           |
    |Caberry     |Fertile |V. Slow  |Fall to Spring           |
    |Berryto**   |Fertile |Slow     |Fall to Spring           |
    |Dhilon      |Fertile |V. Slow  |Fall to Spring           |
    |Potamelo    |Fertile |Slow     |Summer to Fall           |
    |Camelo      |Fertile |Fast     |Summer to Fall           |
    |Sholo       |Fertile |Fast     |Summer to Fall           |
    |Radita      |Fertile |Fast     |Winter to Summer         |
    |Cady        |Fertile |Fast     |Winter to Summer         |
    |Kandy       |Fertile |V. Fast  |Winter to Summer         |
    |Tataro      |Fertile |Fast     |Winter to Summer         |
    |Bashota     |Fertile |V. Fast  |Winter to Summer         |
    |Kanro       |Fertile |Fast     |Summer to Fall           |
    |------------|--------Hybrids Level 2---------------------|
    |Diry (#1)   |Fertile |         |          Fall           | 
    -----------------------------Price List-----------------------------
    |    Crop    |  B price| A Price | S Price |   
    |Tomato      |35G      |45G      |55G      | 
    |Watermelon  |75G      |85G      |95G      | 
    |Strawberry  |35G      |45G      |55G      |         
    |Melon       |70G      |80G      |90G      |     
    |Turnip      |25G      |35G      |45G      |
    |Potato      |60G      |70G      |80G      |
    |Carrot      |45G      |55G      |65G      |
    |Sweet Potato|60G      |70G      |80G      |
    |------------|--------Hybrids Level 1------|
    |Gretoma     |75G      |85G      |95G      | 
    |Berrytoma   |50G      |60G      |70G      |
    |Melotoma    |70G      |80G      |90G      |
    |Trady       |40G      |50G      |60G      |
    |Tobatama    |65G      |75G      |85G      |
    |Tomaca      |55G      |65G      |75G      |
    |Yamato      |65G      |75G      |85G      |
    |Berryber    |75G      |85G      |95G      |
    |Melober     |100G     |110G     |120G     |
    |Raury       |70G      |80G      |90G      |
    |Bashber     |95G      |105G     |115G     |
    |Cabber      |80G      |90G      |100G     |
    |Kashry      |95G      |105G     |115G     |
    |Berryto*    |75G      |85G      |95G      |
    |Dhibe       |40G      |50G      |60G      |
    |Paberryta   |65G      |75G      |85G      |
    |Caberry     |50G      |60G      |70G      |
    |Berryto**   |65G      |75G      |85G      |
    |Dhilon      |65G      |75G      |85G      |
    |Potamelo    |90G      |100G     |110G     |
    |Camelo      |80G      |90G      |100G     |
    |Sholo       |90G      |100G     |110G     |
    |Radita      |60G      |70G      |80G      |
    |Cady        |50G      |60G      |70G      |
    |Kandy       |60G      |70G      |80G      |
    |Tataro      |70G      |80G      |90G      |
    |Bashota     |85G      |95G      |105G     |
    |Kanro       |70G      |80G      |90G      |
    |------------|--------Hybrids Level 2------|
    |Diry (#1)   |430G     |440G     |450G     | 
    -----------------------------Crop seasonal Listing--------------------------
    ->=Same crop grows from season before
    |Tomato            |->                |->              |Radita            |
    |Watermelon        |->                |Diry            |Cady              |
    |Strawberry        |X                 |Strawberry      |Kandy             |
    |Gretoma           |->                |->              |Tataro            |
    |Berrytoma         |->                |->              |Bashota           |
    |Melotoma          |->                |->              |X                 |
    |Trady             |->                |->              |X                 |
    |Tobatoma          |->                |->              |X                 |
    |Tomaca            |->                |->              |X                 |
    |Yamato            |->                |->              |X                 |
    |Berryber          |->                |Berryto (Vine)  |->                |
    |Melober           |->                |Dhibe           |->                |
    |Raury             |->                |Paberryta       |->                |
    |Bashber           |->                |Caberry         |->                |
    |Cabber            |->                |Berryto (root)  |->                |
    |Kashry            |->                |Dhilon          |->                |
    |Berryto (Vine)    |Potamelo          |->              |X                 |
    |Dhibe             |Camelo            |->              |X                 |
    |Paberyyta         |Sholo             |->              |X                 |
    |Caberry           |Kanro             |->              |X                 |
    |Berryto (Root)    |Melon             |->              |X                 |
    |Dhilon            |Turnip            |->              |X                 |
    |Radita            |->                |Carrot          |X                 |
    |Cady              |->                |Sweet Potato    |X                 |
    |Kandy             |->                |X               |X                 |
    |Tataro            |->                |X               |X                 |
    |Bashota           |->                |X               |X                 |
    -----------------------------C2. Making Hybrids----------------------------- 
    -----------------------------C2a. Getting Tartan-----------------------------
    Tartan is a green two headed plant that shows up in chapter two and lives in 
    Takakura's house. To get him, watch Taka go into his house, and follow him. 
    You might get a cutscene about Tartan. If not, give him stuff you cook, and 
    try at different times. Eventually, he'll show up in a cutscene. Now, to get 
    Tartan to make you hybrids, talk to him CONSTANTLY. Soon enough, he'll ask if 
    you nee anything and HYBRID will be at the top of the menu. 
    Now, in Hybridizing, you mix 2 things to get one thing. It doesn't always 
    work, though. And there are a few rules. You can't mix flowers with trees, 
    Mixing crops with trees result in the same tree seed and the highest level 
    (CBAS) and nothing more. Now, there are a few tricks, but those will be 
    outlined later. Tartan is a nasty trickster; after every seed you make, 
    he'll ask "Quit Hybridizing?" and give you yes or no. If you pick YES 
    you'll go back into the Hybridizing menu. If you click NO you'll exit. 
    Now, when mizing two plants you haven't ever before, if successful you'll 
    get this sort of Horn/Egyption sort of music, and a new crop will pop out. 
    If it's unsuccessful, a sort of energetic drum sound comes out. If you've 
    made the crop before, you'll always get the drum sound, and sometimes you'll 
    get a new crop. If you fail, you recieve one seed bag back.
    -----------------------------C2b. Hybrid Gen 1 List------------------------
    |Hybrid      |    Crop 1   |    Crop 2  |
    |Gretoma     |Tomato       |Watermelon  |
    |Berrytoma   |Tomato       |Strawberry  |
    |Melotoma    |Tomato       |Melon       |
    |Trady       |Tomato       |Turnip      |
    |Tobatoma    |Tomato       |Potato      |
    |Tomaca      |Tomato       |Carrot      |
    |Yamato      |Tomato       |Sweet Potato|
    |Berryber    |Watermelon   |Strawberry  |
    |Melober     |Watermelon   |Melon       |
    |Raury       |Watermelon   |Turnip      |
    |Bashber     |Watermelon   |Potato      |
    |Cabber      |Watermelon   |Carrot      |
    |Kashry      |Watermelon   |Sweet Potato|
    |Berryto     |Strawberry   |Melon       |
    |Dhibe       |Strawberry   |Turnip      |
    |Paberryta   |Strawberry   |Potato      |
    |Caberry     |Strawberry   |Carrot      |
    |Berryto     |Strawberry   |Sweet Potato|
    |Dhilon      |Melon        |Turnip      |
    |Potamelo    |Melon        |Potato      |
    |Camelo      |Melon        |Carrot      |
    |Sholo       |Melon        |Sweet Potato|
    |Radita      |Turnip       |Potato      |
    |Cady        |Turnip       |Carrot      |
    |Kandy       |Turnip       |Sweet Potato|
    |Tataro      |Potato       |Carrot      |
    |Bashota     |Potato       |Sweet Potato|
    |Kanro       |Carrot       |Sweet Potato|
    --------------------------C2c. About Gen 2 Hybrids--------------------------
    Generation two hybrids are very confusing. There are a few things that are 
    odd about them.
    1: They are unnamed. You have 4 spaces to name them.
    2: Most of them look like musical instruments, Lightbulbs, and old crops.
    3: They are hard to figure out.
    Not all hybrids make Gen 2 Hybrids. Some just end up as normal crops. 
    So, you just have to keep trying at them to win.
    So.. pick your name. In here, they are just numbers, in no particular order.
    -----------------C2d. Hybrid Gen 2 List (Incomplete)----------------------
     Now.. these are just things Vesta and Tartan tell me. If Vesta told me it, 
    it'll have a (V) in front of it, and if Tartan, than (T). If It worked, 
    I'll just write what it makes. If it doesn't work, I'll write "False". 
    Okay... now to the recipies! Oh, and beside it's number, I'll have the name 
    I put for it.
    (V) Dhilon + Caberry= #1 (Diry) (Fall)
    (T) Trady + Berryto (Don't know which one)=  
    (T) Kanro + Radita=
    (T) Tataro + Cady=
    (T) Tobatama + Bashber=
    -----------------------------C2e. Floral Hybrids-----------------------------
    Floral hybrids is another name for a CROP (Not trees) hybridized with a 
    type of flower. Now, only three flowers work; The Happy Lamp (Summer) The 
    Gemsoil (Fall) and the Upseed (Winter)
    Now, mixing with any crop has the same effect. Here are the effects:
    Happy Lamp: Can grow in any season (Hasn't worked for me though, might 
    just me a glitch in my disc)
    Gemsoil: Can grow in any soil
    Upseed: Upgrades the SeeD to S quality
    -----------------------------C3. Growing Crops-----------------------------
    -----------------------------C3a. How to plant-----------------------------
    Planting is as easy as in every other game. You have your three fields. 
    Take a hoe (you start with the heavy one, check your toolshed) and till a 
    square of soil. Now, seeds are another thing in this game. Instead of 
    1 bag= 9 squares, 1 bag= 1 square. But, don't complain! Seeds are cheaper, 
    and it just fits. Plus, it won't matter when you have a seed machine. 
    Anyway, so you place a seed in a tilled square. Tada! Planting is over.
    -----------------------------C3b. How to grow-----------------------------
    Growing is simplistic as well. As with every other Harvest Moon game, you 
    simply water your crops. You start with a watering can S(Small) and you can 
    fill it up at the fountain beside the chicken coop. You simply water the 
    square with a seed in it. Eventually, your crops flower. Afte rthe flower is 
    gone, you'll either get to harvest, or else the crop will appear on the vine 
    for you to *sigh* keep watering. 
    --------------------C3c. How to Increase Quality-----------------------------
    There are four grades of crop in this game; C, B, A and S. I've personally 
    never seen a C grade crop, so I rarely mention them in this guide. Now, all 
    the seeds you buy from Vesta and her farm mates are grade B. B is an average 
    crop. Now, you can increase the grade by giving the plant fertilizer. You by 
    this at Vesta's farm for 120G/box. Different plants need different ammounts of 
    fertilizer, but I'm sure it's safe to say each plant needs about 3-6 
    Applications of Fertilizer to go up a level. My Tomacas took 6, but my Turnips 
    only needed 4, so there is a difference. Anyway, to apply fertilizer, select 
    it, use it on the crop, and three black triangular figures appear. Re-apply 
    when these figures are tiny dots, or are gone. 
    -----------------------------C3d. The Seed Maker-----------------------------
    There are two ways to aquire this amazing invention. The first, 
    more expensive, but easier way is to purchase it. It should be available by 
    Fall of year one for 6000G. The other way is to befriend Daryl. Then, enter 
    his house at about 9am, and he'll complain about them stealing his invention, 
    and he'll give you the seed maker. 
    Working the Seed Maker is simple. There are twelve slots. You put crops or 
    fruit in each slot and it will slowly (around 1 and 1/2 days to 5) decompose 
    and form 2 bags of seeds. You can sell these to Van, and make a little more 
    profit (Sometimes) or plant them. This is a good way of getting a load of S 
    ||+--------------------------D. Trees (Incomplete)--------------------------+||
    -----------------------------D1. Tree List-----------------------------
    |    Tree    | Fruiting Season|   
    |Apple       |Fall            |
    |Orange      |Summer          |
    |Grape       |Fall            |          
    |Peach       |Summer          | 
    |Banana      |Summer          |  
    |------------|-Hybrids Level 1|
    |Oraphu      |Spring          |
    |Phuju       |Summer          |
    |Appage      |Fall            |
    |Phurum      |Fall            |
    |Orahge      |Summer          |
    |Magenge     |Winter          |
    |Lanmunge    |Fall            |
    |Gehju       |Summer          |
    |Jurum       |Fall            |
    |Magerum     |Winter          |
    |------------|-Hybrids Level 2|
    |Beag        |Summer          |
    -----------------------------Price List------------------------------
    |    Tree    |  B  |  A  |  S  |  B  |  A  |  S  |
    |Apple       |25G  |35G  |45G  |410G |420G |430G |
    |Orange      |30G  |40G  |50G  |410G |420G |430G |
    |Grape       |35G  |45G  |55G  |450G |460G |470G |
    |Banana      |35G  |45G  |55G  |750G |760G |770G |
    |Peach       |40G  |50G  |60G  |560G |570G |580G |
    |Oraphu      |55G  |65G  |75G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Phuju       |40G  |50G  |60G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Appage      |40G  |50G  |60G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Phurum      |45G  |55G  |65G  |455G |465G |475G |
    |Orahge      |45G  |55G  |65G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Magenge     |45G  |55G  |65G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Lanmunge    |50G  |60G  |70G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Gehju       |50G  |60G  |70G  |560G |570G |580G |
    |Jurum       |50G  |60G  |70G  |470G |480G |490G |
    |Magerum     |50G  |60G  |70G  |610G |620G |630G |
    |Beag(#1)    |125G |135G |145G |1250G|1260G|1270G| 
    -----------------------------Season List------------------------------
    |Oraphu            |Orange            |Apple           |Magenge           |
    |                  |Banana            |Grape           |Magerum           |
    |                  |Peach             |Strawberry      |                  |
    |                  |Phuju             |Appage          |                  |
    |                  |Orahge            |Phurum          |                  |
    |                  |Gheju             |Lanmunge        |                  |
    |                  |Beag              |Jurum           |                  |
    -----------------------------D2. Making Hybrids -----------------------------
    -------------------------D2a. Hybrid Gen 1 List-----------------------------
    |Hybrid      |    Crop 1   |    Crop 2  |
    |Oraphu      |Apple        |Orange      |
    |Phuju       |Apple        |Grape       |
    |Appage      |Apple        |Banana      |
    |Phurum      |Apple        |Peach       |
    |Orahge      |Orange       |Grape       |
    |Magenge     |Orange       |Banana      |
    |Lanmunge    |Orange       |Peach       |
    |Gehju       |Grape        |Banana      |
    |Jurum       |Grape        |Peach       |
    |Magerum     |Banana       |Peach       |
    -------------------------D2b. About Gen 2 Hybrids-----------------------------
    Generation two hybrids are very confusing. There are a few things that 
    are odd about them.
    1: They are unnamed. You have 4 spaces to name them.
    2: Most of them look like musical instruments.
    3: They are hard to figure out.
    Not all hybrids make Gen 2 Hybrids. Some just end up as normal crops. 
    So, you just have to keep trying at them to win.
    Because you have to name them, I've developed a naming scheme. Simply...
    ----------------------D2c. Hybrid Gen 2 List (*)-----------------------------
    |Hybrid      |    Crop 1   |    Crop 2  |
    |Beag        |Magerum      |Phuju       |
    --------------------D2d. Making better trees-----------------------------
    TO get better trees, there is a quick and easy approach, or a long, 
    boring, and expensive approach. The long, boring, expensive one is using 
    around 60 fertilizers on the tree while it's still growing. THis will get 
    you to S grade, but it will cost 7200G...
    The easier way is to hybridize an S grade crop Seed with any grade of tree 
    seed. The result is an S-grade Tree seed. 
    ---------------------------D3. Making mega-money-----------------------------
    All you need is the Seed maker. Simply collect the fruit, and put it in the 
    seed maker. The fruit goes for a cheap price, but the seeds go for anywhere 
    from 400G-1500G. And putting them in the Seed maker... you get 2 bags for each 
    fruit! It'll last you for seasons to come, trust me! Another method, though 
    very luvk oriented, is to make a beag (Hybrid level 2) These are made from 
    Magerums and Phujus, and their seeds sell for 1250G! They take quite awhile to 
    grow, though.
    -----------------------------D3a. The Seed Maker-----------------------------
    See Section B3d.
    -----------------------------D3b. Fruit Vs. Seeds-----------------------------
    As seen in making mega-money, it's obvious that making tree seeds is the 
    way to go. You make tons more money, and if you have a level 2 hybrid, you 
    can just keep planting them for even more trees and more money!
    ||+--------------------------E. Animals---------------------------+||
    This whole section outlines Animals and their effects within the game.
    You'll find cattle, sheep, the horse, chicken, duck, and such info on here.
    If I really feel like it, you'll even find prices.
    ---------------E1. Cattle (And the stupid goat)--------------------------
    Cattle play a major part in this game. Right from the beginning you start
    with a cow. It gives around 4 Normal A Milk right from the start. After that,
    it slowly dwindles down. There are four types of cattle; Normal, Brown, Marble,
    And Star. Star cows are the most expensive. Cows are in genders. There are male
    and female cattle, bulls and cows. Cows give milk, bulls get cows pregnant.
    Bulls for that sole purpose does sound stupid, but it's crucial to the game!
    You see, cows stop giving milk if they don't need it. They only need it after
    giving birth. They'll give milk for 40 days (1 year) after birth. It takes 
    aroudn 20 days from pregnancy to having the calf. 10 Days your dow is pregnant, 
    ten days your cow is isolated. After that, for 10 days the calf is isolated
    in a calf hatch, whereas the mother cow gives Mother's Milk. Personally,
    I give this to the calf (Show it to the calf) but it doesn't do much else.
    You can sell it, but it's cheap. Anyway, I find this tedious, having to make
    cows pregnant every year. But here are some prices and costs.
    Costs: Normal Bull: 3000G
           Normal Cow : 4000G
           Brown Bull : 4000G
           Brown Cow  : 5000G
           Marble Bull: 4000G
           Marble Cow : 5000G
           Star Bull  : 6000G
           Star Cow   : 7000G
    Milk (B): Normal: 75G
              Brown : 115G
              Marble: 115G
              Star  : 270G
             Mothers: 75G
    Milk (A): Normal: 115G
              Brown : 175G
              Marble: 175G
              Star  : 405G
    Milk (S): Normal: 150G
              Brown : 225G
              Marble: 225G
              Star  : 540G
    Notes about cheese and butter: I think that Natsume skimped out on this
    butter and cheese work. I think they should have made it according to rank more.
    Like, Star CheeseB, Brown CheeseA, Normal ButterS... that stuff. Because when
    Star cows give A-S Milk, there is not much point in making cheese other than 
    for cooking... 
    Good and Normal?
    Good Butter/Cheese can be made from:
    Star Milk  : BAS
    Marble Milk: S 
    Brown Milk : AS
    Normal Milk: S
    All the others are regular Cheese/Butter.
    Cheese:   Normal: 300G
              Good  : 225G
              Moms  : 115G
    Butter:   Normal: 300G
              Good  : 225G
              Moms  : 115G
    And then there was... a goat. The goat is the stupidest creature in Harvest
    Moon. I swear it. You get it, for 40 days, it gives you crappy milk. Then it
    stops. You cannot breed it to get more milk. You can't even sell it. It just
    takes up space. So.. most people end up killing it. And although it is a 
    horrible and sad thing to do.. it just has to be done. Useless animals.
    Prices: Butter: 150G
            Cheese: 155G
            Milk  : 115G
    Good:   Butter: 350G
            Cheese: 355G
            Milk  : 300G
    -----------------------------E2. The Horse-------------------------------
    There is not much to be said about your horse. It shows up early Summer,
    during Year one of Chapter One. Taka orders it for you. You can ride 
    it and it generally cuts down energy use and travelling time.
    -----------------------------E3. Sheep-----------------------------------
    Gah.. I've never liked sheep. They take too long to produce wool and are
    just generally anoying. But that's my opinion. Sheep come in males only, 
    and produce wool once a season. They cost 1500G each. They can produce
    3 wools: Wool, Good Wool (FOrgot the name) and Golden wool. In that same
    order, you can sell them for 75G, 115G, and 600G. So pah. Stupid sheep.
    -----------------------------E4. Chickens/Ducks--------------------------
    Chickens are a great thing that have been around for a long time.
    Ducks are fairly new, however. Chickens come in males and females.
    You can order them for 900G each. Females produce the eggs, and the roosters
    can fertilize them. Fertilized eggs can be put inot the incubator to hatch
    new chickens. I don't know too much about ducks, but I think their eggs sell
    for the same price. If you treat your chickens real good, they eventually 
    give Golden Eggs. 
    Prices:    Egg: 40G
        Golden Egg: 50G
    Fertilized Egg: 300G
    -----------------------------E5. Fish------------------------------------
    Fish are great in this game. I spend a lot of time fishing even though
    I'm rich, because I have this schedule. I sell off my fish and if any are left,
    I make Meuniere Sets and then sell them for some good money. So.. Here is a
              |       Prices     |
    |  Fish   | Regular |  Big   |
    |SharShark|600G     |1200G   |
    |Snelt    |30G      |60G     |
    |Colombo  |20G      |40G     |
    |Yamame   |500G     |1000G   |
    |Huchep   |90G      |170G    |
    |Nyamame  |60G      |130G    |
    |Arna     |400G     |800G    |
    |Rainbob  |80G      |150G    |
    Tips: In Chapter One, fish in the upper river/Waterfall. I made a lot of money
    that way. Occasionally you get a yamame which sell for 500G. Otherwise the
    other fish, Hucheps and Nyamames, sell for a good begginner ammount.
    ||+--------------------------F. Final words---------------------------+||
    -----------------------------F1. Thanks to...-----------------------------
    Natsume: For getting us this awesome series
    Electronic Boutique: For holding this game for me
    GameFAQS: For hosting this Guide
    Myself: 'Cuz I'm just that great!
    CurvedSpace: For hosting this Guide
    Now... My Harvest Sprites!
    "BrassMonkey3389" For pointing out some typos :)
    -----------------------F2. In the Next Version...-----------------------------
    v1.03: I'll be re-arranging everything to make the guide more 
    asthetically pleasing.
    v1.04: Adding the  "Forget-Me-Not-Valley" Section, with locations, and people.
    v1.05: Adding the "Nature's Bounty" Section. I <I>MAY</I> move fish there.
    ---------------F3. Guide Stats/Goals (And Personal Stats/Goals)--------------
    Guide Statistics:
    Pages: 19
    Words: 5,058
    Characters (No Spaces): 25,745
    Characters (Total): 34,638
    Lines: 868
    Sections: 6
    Sub-sections: 18
    Guide Goals
    Pages: 20
    Words: 6,000
    Characters (No Spaces): 30,000
    Characters (Total): 50,000 
    Lines: 1000
    Sections: 8
    Sub-sections: 20
    Personal Statistics (Overall Guide Totals)
    Guides: 1
    Pages: 19
    Words: 5,058
    Characters (No Spaces): 25,745
    Characters (Total): 34,638
    Lines: 868
    Sections: 6
    Sub-sections: 18
    Personal Goals (Overall)
    Guides: 3
    Pages: 45
    Words: 25,000
    Characters (No Spaces): 100,000
    Characters (Total): 200,000 
    Lines: 3500
    Sections: 45
    Sub-sections: 100
    -------------------------F4. Contact Information-----------------------------
    There are a few ways of contacting me.
    1: Email: Simply plop "XZolon@hotmail.com" Into any mailing program and 
    send me your questions, etc. Subject: Harvest Moon CROP FAQ.
    2: CurvedSpace forum
    Go to www.cspacezone.net/cspaceforum4 and PM me, I'm "X Zolon".
    Subject: Harvest Moon CROP FAQ.
    3: AOL: I'm rarely on as I am still banned from it, but peg me at 
    What I accept:
    Questions (Would like to add a Q/A section)
    Constructive Criticism
    Error reports
    What I reject:
    Junk Mail
    Hate mail
    Yeah, so... Check back soon for a new version!

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