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    Price Guide by biominion

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 02/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			Harvest Moon A Wonerful Life
    			       Price Guide/FAQ
    			Contact: biominion@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    I.     Version History
    II.    Introduction
    III.   Basic controls
    IV.    Van Haggle Tip
    V.     Selling and Buying
    VI.    Animal related prices
    VII.   Tool prices
    VIII.  Mine related prices
    IX.    Foraged item prices
    X.     Crop prices
    XI.    Van's shop prices
    XII.   Other prices
    XIII.  FAQ
    XIV.   Legal rights/copyright
    XV.    Credits
    XVI.   THE END
    < I.Version History >
    1.0 Very first version, many prices missing
    <June 14th 2004>
    2.0 Van Haggle tip added, Goat milk/cheese added, 2nd gen trees added,  
        3rd gen crop names added,food related prices (recipes) section removed, 
        Van's shop prices extended, in other prices bar prices added, music CD 
        prices added, tool prices section nearly completed,Big Yamame price added
        scratch pad price added to the OTHERs section.
    <September 27th 2004>
    2.2 Put in Selling and Buying section. 
    If anyone reading this has the prices of second generation hybrids
    and the price for Van's stuff past Chapter 3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mail me at biominion@hotmail.com 
    <February 11th 2005>
    2.3 Fixed up fish prices section, thank you for all the emails!
    < II.Introduction >
    I made this Guide because my last animal FAQ was not accepted. So I 
    made a guide that could become useful and has a higher chance of making it 
    up on to the guide page. I am also very good at this game and take many things 
    into detail. My memory has served me well in this game, but others cannot 
    always remember the prices of things. I hope this to be a useful guide to many
    gamers (which I believe it will) and find everything you can. If you wish to
    know the prices of other things, or know that a price is wrong please contact
    me at BIOMINION@HOTMAIL.COM (no caps needed to empahsize) THANKS!
    < III.Basic Controls >
    A button - Use, Talk, Look, Pick, Dig, Show, Ride, Put, Take, Wash, 
    Door, Milk........
    B button - Cancel/Put in a current item from your hand into your rucksack
    Y button - Hug, Eat or something else special 
    X button - Open Rucksack/Put item in rucksack/ View town map
    Z button - Free View (outside), Nothing (inside)
    L button - Straighten View
    R button - Whistle
    Start    - Open Menu
    < IV.van Haggle Tip >
    Before I start the actual guide I would like to suggest a very good tip to
    all the new players. It's called the art of haggling, or bargaining.To me
    this added alot to the game. The fact that you could bargain. I have many of
    the haggled prices, but there are so many I could not find them all. So
    when you are selling anything to Van, bargain with him.In the guide you will
    see many of these ...g-...g (dot represent numbers) this means that the 
    second price is the price you could get by bargaining. Things like regular
    eggs, flowers and such cannot be haggled, BUT things such as gold wool, and
    expensive things the price can always be bargained. If you have something 
    expensive and hard to find try haggling.
    (Also if you have less of the RARE item haggling is easier)
    < V.Selling and Buying >
    I put this up because quite a few ppls asked me about it so here it is. 
    - Ledger
    - People
    - Your shop
    Ledger items
    - Tools
    - Animals
    - Farm upgrades
    - Animal needs
    To buy tools simply go to the ledger go to buy and scroll down to
    the item buying section. Here you will be able to choose what tools
    you want. Remember it takes a day for it to come and it will be in
    the shed after Takakura returns. You cannot sell these back, only
    by giving it to Van.
    To buy animals you do the same thing as the TOOLS. But u can only
    buy one animal a day. The animals you can buy are, young cow (Male
    and Female), Male sheep, Male and Female chickens.
    To sell them you choose sell, and you will get a cut scene showing it
    leaving the farm.
    To buy farm upgrades go down to the upgrades section. You can buy
    pond, processing plant, and milking room, but they are all expensive
    still they are worth the money. The building take a while to be built
    and you can't order any other building until it is built. You cannot
    sell a building you make.
    Animal nees such as fodder, and medicine can be ordered by going to
    the items menu. These come the next day so make sure you have some in
    stock all the time. In addition you cannot sell them off the ledger.
    The next day when Takakura comes back from his visit you will get a
    cutscene (if ur outside) of him bringing it. It is on the shelf of
    the tool shed.
    You can sell anything you carry to Van including the items you get 
    from the Ledger, meaning you can't sell animals. You can bargain with
    him (look at the section above) to get higher prices. The things he
    sells can also be sold back such as the toys and the Fishing rod
    and brush. To sell simply talk to him with the item in your hand or
    talk to him then select sell.
    Every season things are different, but he will always sell the turbojiger
    the bodijiger and the turbojolt. 
    Vesta is the big women working at the farm where Celia lives. She sells
    all seeds and trees that can be bought. Many people had problem with
    this but simply use R and L to scroll through her list of things or
    use the control stick to move it to the arrow and click A. The seeds
    are very cheap and the trees are worth the amount. She also says fertiliser
    and it is recommended you use it to upgrade your crop. 
      Celia(unmarried) / 
    Same as Vesta, Celia will not sell you ne thing after you marry.
    The friendly bartender will sell you different types of drinks to
    restore your stamina. If you have a lot of money you can also just
    chill out at his bar.
    [Your Shop]
    Many people don't ever discover this one , but you can set up your
    own shop. Simply go to where Van usually sets up shop and walk towards
    the tree. You should see the SELL on your A button. Simply click A and
    you will be able to sell the items you have in your bag. If you want to
    quit simply walk off the mat which you are on. People walking by
    will stop and come in. The kids can't buy anything but all other can.
    Lots of people like flowers, and also want your tools..... They will
    pay the same price that Van would pay you (if he was here), but you
    can give them a discount (usually very small) all the same the people
    will like you more. This is usually slow and I would suggest checking
    to see if a lot of people are walking by before you set up shop.
    < VI.Animal related prices >
      a) cows
      b) sheep
      c) chicken/ducks
      d) goat
      e) fish
      f) etc
    < a.cows >
    		Male		Female	
    Normal cow      3000g		4000g		
    Brown cow       4000g		5000g
    Marble cow      4000g		5000g
    Star cow        6000g		7000g
    All cows sell for half of the price they were bought for at first, after a 
    while they will increase
    		B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          75g             115g             150g
    Brown           115g		175g		 225g
    Marble	        115g		175g		 225g
    Star		270g		405g		 540g
    Mother's milk 75g
    		B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          225g            225g             300g
    Brown        	225g		300g		 300g
    Marble	        225g		225g		 300g
    Star		300g		300g		 300g		
    Mother's butter 115g
    		B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          225g            225g             300g
    Brown        	225g		300g		 300g
    Marble	        225g		225g		 300g
    Star		300g		300g		 300g		
    Mother's cheese 115g
    Miracle Potion
    Normal   2500g
    Brown    3500g
    Marble   3500g
    Star     5500g
    Farm's Bull 0g
    Good fodder 200g
    A trick I just learned from Typhoon Soldier 7.
    To make some free money make sure you have a bull and a female cow in the 
    barn. Usually your FEMALE cow will just get pregnant out of the blue. It 
    will say something like 'Name' is fine but is acting strangely. When it says
    this go to your ledger and buy a miracle potion for that cow with a farm's
    bull. You will pay nothing. The next day Taka will call you and tell you 
    that your cow is already pregnant and does NOT need the potion. Go to the 
    ledger and he will have payed you back for something you never bought.
    < b.sheep >
    Sheep -1500g (male only)
    	       Normal   Special
    Dirty Wool     75g	???G
    Wool Grade B   115g	???G
    Wool Grade A   300g	???g
    Gold Wool      600g	720g
    All wool can be sold to van for a higher price. Never accept the first price
    he offers, keep on un-accepting until he proposes a higher price.
    < c.chicken >
    Buy     Male 900g	  Female 900g
    Sell    Male 450g         Female 450g
    Chicks  Male 150g	  Female 150g
    Buy     Male N/A          Female N/A
    Sell    Male 500g         Female 500g
    Chicks  Male 200g         Female 200g
    Ducks can only be got by triggering this event.
    Buy a pond in your first year also have no more then 6 chickens in your coop, 
    next summer wake up later then your wife. This will trigger an event where 
    your wife calls you and tells you that their are ducks in the pond. She asks 
    you if you want to keep them. Ducks are more expensive then chickens, but lay
    the same types of eggs. If the first two ducks are sold you cannot re-trigger
    the same event to get them back.
    Non-fertilized egg   40g
    Fertilized egg       50g
    Golden egg           300g - 360g
    Gold egg can be sold to van for a higher price.
    < d.goat >
    You can buy a goat from Van in second chapter first year spring.
    Goat - 4000g
    Sell - Cannot be sold
    Milk - 115g/138g (sell to Van for higher price)
    Goat Cheese- 155g
    Goat Butter- 150g
    When buying goat from van you are able to cut the price (if you are lucky)
    down to 2000g. I bought mine for 2600g.
    < e.fish >
    There are 16 types of fish. Here is the list of them and their prices.
    Ama(Arna)       400g		Big Ama(Arna)        800g
    Colombo          20g     	Big colombo           40g
    Huchep           90g		Big Huchep           170g
    Nyamame          60g		Big Nyamame          130g
    Snelt            30g		Big Snelt            160g
    Rainbob          80g		Big Rainbob          800g
    Sharshark       600g		Big Sharshark       1200g
    Yamame          500g		Big Yamame          1000g
    Huchen(Huchep)   90g            Big Huchen(Huchep)   170g
    Garbage   0g (throw these out not back into the river)
    < f.etc >
    Fodder- cannot be bought, must be cut from the pasture. Will sell for 10g
    Good fodder- purchase from Takakura. Costs 200g sell for 100g
    Chicken feed- purchase from Takakura. Costs 150g sell for 75g
    Milk processing room- purchase from Takakura. Costs 60 000g cannot be sold.
    Food processing room- purchase from Takakura. Costs 30 000g cannot be sold.
    < VII.Tool prices >
    Heavy Hoe         -  Free, Starting tool get from Takakura. Sell for 35g.
    Hoe               -  800g  (Ledger) Sell for 400g
    Light Hoe         -  1000g (Ledger) Sell for 500g
    Strange Hoe       -  Get from Vesta in chapter 2
    Weird Hoe         -  Get from Tim (Must also be friends with Ruby)
                         Sell for 500g, haggle for 600g
    Heavy sickle      - Free, Starting tool get from Takakura. Sell for 35g.
    Sickle            - 600g (Ledger) Sell for 300g
    Light sickle      - 750g (Ledger) Sell for 435g, haggle for 450g
    Strange sickle    - Get from Gustafa. Sell for 375g, haggle for 450g
    Weird sickle      - Get from Dr.Hardy (Chapter 2), sell for 375-450g
    Fishing rod       - Buy from Van, 500g
    Fishing rod G     - Get from Galen (Chapter 2) Sell for 1000g
    Milker            - Free, Starting tool get from Takakura.Sell for 150g-180g
    Goat milker       - Get when you buy a goat from Van. Sell for 75g
    Watering can S    - Free, Starting tool, get from Takakura, sell for 50g.
    Watering can      - 600g (Ledger) 300-360g (sell)
    Watering can L    - 750g (Ledger) 375-400g (sell)
    Watering Can W    - Get from Romana. Sell for 375g-450g
    Wool shears       - 400g  (Ledger) 200-240g (sell)
    Electric clippers - 1300g (Ledger) 650-780g (sell)
    Wool Clippers     - Get from Wally. 150-180g (sell)
    Brush		  - Buy from Van. 500g, sell for 250g.
    The ...g-...g (dot=numbers) the second one is the price you can haggle.
    < VIII.Mine related prices >
    There are 24 items you are able to mine
    Back Fossil    - 300g
    Fossil         - 40g
    Hip Fossil     - 60g
    Skull Fossil   - 
    Strange Fossil - 80g
    Hop Ore        - 80g
    Moon Ore       - 40g
    Prosper Ore    - 300g
    Sugar Ore      - 50g
    Temple Ore     - 150g
    Mysterious tablet - not for sale
    Tablet C - not for sale
    Tablet D - not for sale
    Tablet E - not for sale
    Tablet F - not for sale
    Tablet G - not for sale
    Coin          10g
    Gold Coin     30g
    Silver Coin   40g
    Human Statue  40g
    Horse Statue  70g
    Jade Ball     150g
    Strange Item  300g
    Stone Disc    500g
    < IX.  Foraged item prices >
    (Sp) Goddess Drop 15g
    (Sp) Toy Flower   10g
    (Su) Happy Lamp   15g
    (SU) Mist Moon    10g
    (F)  Trick Blue   10g
    (F)  Gemsoil      15g
    (W)  Amorous      10g
    (W)  Upseed       25g
    Wild plants
    (Sp) Mugwort      15g
    (Su) Royal Fern   15g
    (F)  Bracken      15g
    (F)  Matsutake    100g
    (F)  Hackberry    20g
    (W)  Sorrel       20g
    < X.  Crop prices >
    First Class (1st gen)
    ------	              Buy    B	    A	  S
    (Sp-Fa) Tomato        30g    35g    45g   55g
    (Sp-Su) Watermelon    60g    75g    85g   95g
    (Fa-Sp) Strawberry    30g    35g    45g   55g
    (Su-FA) Melon         50g    70g    80g   90g
    (Wi-Sp) Potato        40g    60g    70g   80g
    (Su-Wi) Turnip        20g    25g    35g   45g
    (Fa-Wi) Carrot        30g    45g    55g   65g
    (Fa)    Sweet Potato  40g    60g    70g   80g
    ------------        B	   A	 S
    (S)Bannana 1500g    35g    45g   55g
    (S)Peach   1120g    40g    50g   60g
    (F)Grape   900g     35g    45g   55g
    (F)Apple   820g     25g    35g   45g
    (S)Orange  820g     30g    40g   50g
    -----------        B	   A	  S
    (S)Bannana 1500g   750g    760g   770g
    (S)Peach   1120g   560g    570g   580g
    (F)Grape   900g    450g    460g   470g
    (F)Apple   820g    410g    420g   430g
    (S)Orange  820g    410g    420g   430g
    First Class Hybrids (2nd gen)
    			 B	 A	 S
    (Su-Fa) Gretoma		 75g	 85g	 95g
    (Su-Fa) Berrytoma	 50g     60g	 70g
    (Su-Fa) Melotoma	 70g	 80g	 90g
    (Su-Fa) Trady		 40g	 50g	 60g
    (Su-Fa) Tobatoma	 65g	 75g	 85g
    (Su-Fa) Tomaca		 55g	 65g	 75g
    (Su-Fa) Yamato		 65g	 75g	 85g
    (Sp-Su) Berryber	 75g	 85g	 95g
    (Sp-Su) Melober		 100g	 110g	 120g
    (Sp-Su) Raury		 70g	 80g	 90g
    (Sp-Su) Bashber		 95g	 105g	 115g
    (Sp-Su) Cabber		 80g	 90g	 100g
    (Sp-Su) Kashry		 95g	 105g	 115g
    (Fa-Sp) Berryto (Vine)   75g	 85g	 95g
    (Fa-Sp) Dhibe		 40g	 50g	 60g
    (Fa-Sp) Paberryta	 65g	 75g	 70g
    (Fa-Sp) Caberry		 50g	 60g	 70g		 
    (Fa-Sp) Berryto (Root)   65g	 75g	 85g
    (Fa-Sp) Dhilon		 65g	 75g	 85g
    (Su-Fa) Potamelo	 90g	 100g	 110g
    (Su-Fa) Camelo		 80g	 90g	 100g
    (Su-Fa) Sholo		 90g	 100g	 110g
    (Wi-Su) Radita		 60g	 70g	 80g
    (Wi-Su) Cady		 50g	 60g	 70g
    (Wi-Su) Kandy		 60g	 70g	 80g
    (Wi-Su) Tataro		 70g	 80g	 90g
    (Wi-Su) Bashota		 85g	 95g	 105g
    (Su-Fa) Kanro		 70g	 80g	 90g
    			 B	 A	 S
    (Sp) Oraphu 		 55g	 65g	 75g
    (Su) Phuju	         40g     50g	 60g
    (Su) Orahge	         45g	 55g	 65g
    (Su) Gehju		 50g	 60g	 70g
    (Fa) Jurum		 50g	 60g	 70g
    (Fa) Lanmunge		 50g	 60g	 70g
    (Fa) Appage	         40g	 50g	 60g
    (Fa) Phurum		 45g	 55g	 65g
    (Wi) Magerum		 50g	 60g	 70g
    (Wi) Magenge		 45g	 55g	 65g
    			 B	 A	 S
    (Sp) Oraphu 		 420g	 430g	 440g
    (Su) Phuju	         420g    430g	 440g
    (Su) Orahge	         420g	 430g	 440g
    (Su) Gehju		 560g	 570g	 580g
    (Fa) Jurum		 470g	 480g	 490g
    (Fa) Lanmunge		 540g	 550g	 560g
    (Fa) Appage	         540g	 550g	 560g
    (Fa) Phurum		 455g	 465g	 475g
    (Wi) Magerum		 610g	 620g	 630g
    (Wi) Magenge		 540g	 550g	 560g
    Second Class Hybrids(3rd gen) <Incomplete>
                     B	 A	 S
    Hybrid #1
    Hybrid #2
    Hybrid #3
    Hybrid #4
    Hybrid #5
    Hybrid #6
    Hybrid #7
    Hybrid #8
    Hybrid #9
    Hybrid #10
    Hybrid #11
    Hybrid #12
    Hybrid #13
    Hybrid #14
    Hybrid #15
    Hybrid #16
    Hybrid #17
    Hybrid #18
    Hybrid #19
    Hybrid #20
    Hybrid #21
    Hybrid #22
    Hybrid #23
    Hybrid #24
                     B	 A	 S
    Hybrid Tree #1
    Hybrid Tree #2
    Hybrid Tree #3
    Hybrid Tree #4
    Hybrid Tree #5
    Hybrid Tree #6
    Hybrid Tree #7
    Hybrid Tree #8
    Hybrid Tree #9
    < XI.  Van's Shop Prices >
    Chapter 1
    Brush 		500g
    Fishing rod     500g
    Turbojolt       750g
    Bodijiger       750g
    Bodihyper       1000g
    (If you put the brush and the fishing rod on the shelf you can buy a second
    one from Van)
    Chapter 2
    Toy Car		Buy 450g Sell 225-270g	
    Blocks		Buy 300g Sell 150-180g
    Ball		Buy 300g Sell 150-180g
    Chapter 3,4,5,6
    (coming soon)
    < XII.  Other Prices >
    Scratch Pad 100g
    Pond 2500g
    Seed Maker 6000g
    Ruby's Spice 100g      (sell)
    Bar Prices (Drink)
    Red Punch    100g
    Blue Punch   100g
    Moon Trip    120g
    Moomoo Milk  150g
    Cherry Pink  200g
    Stone Oil    300g
    Breeze       255g-306g (sell)
    Quiet Winter 255g      (sell)
    Spring Song  430g (buy) 215-258g (sell)
    (if anyone knows the prices of anyother music please tell me)
    < XIII.  FAQ >
    If you need to ask something else just mail me.
    Q: When is VAN coming? I am so frustrated!
    A: He will always appear on the 3rd and 8th day of the season, he will also
    visit reguraly. His shop always open around 11:40,41,42,43,44,45,46 and 
    closes at 6:00
    Q: I've tried to sell things for a higher price but it doesn't work
    A: Somethings you cannot sell for higher prices (e.g flowers) usually you can 
    only change prices on really good things "off your farm" (e.g gold wool). Also
    Van may not give you a higher price the first time so keep trying.
    Q: What items can I lower prices?
    A: As far as I know the goat is the only thing you can decrease the price.
    Q: I can't find stuff to sell
    A: There are other guides that will help you with this, some locations are
    Near vesta's farm, Romana's mansion, Pyrotechinicians, Turtle swamp....
    Q: I don't seem to be able to make great amounts of money, what can I do?
    A: Sorry can't help you there, some tips are TREES, Butter/Cheese, 
    Ruby's spice and there are more.....
    Q: Umm I heard something about your OWN shop. What is it?
    A: You can set up your own shop to sell things to the townsfolk, to do this
    first go to the place where Van usually sets up shop. Near the tree a sell 
    button will appear. Here you set up shop and can sell things to the people 
    of the Valley. When Van's in town don't bother it won't work.
    Q: You make so little money from you crops why should I bother?
    A: If you have a seed maker and Tartan you can make some real cool crops. 
    Also it is a farm you are running.
    Q: I am in my first year and I can never seem to find anything good in the
    mines,why is this?
    A: As the years past the mine gets bigger and you can find more things. Or 
    you could just dig consistently in one spot.
    Q: The flowers are worth almost nothing should I still sell them?
    A: If you have many many flowers you can make some money, but you should keep 
    the cheap flowers for gifts, Happy Lamp,Gemsoil,Upseed for using with Tartan, 
    and sell flowers like Goddess drops.
    Q: Food and Milk rooms are expensive should I bother getting them?
    A: Food room is useful since you can make butter and cheese (it sells for a 
    much higher price) the milk room is not as useful (my opinion) but they are
    worth buying.
    Q: What should I do with food I have cooked?
    A: The prices are usually equal the things you cooked. It's your decision.
    Q: Where on earth do you get fertilisers and tree seeds!?!?!?!
    A: I asked this question myself, but when I saw the arrow button on vesta's 
    list I pressed R button and it scrolled.
    < XIV.  Legal rights/Copyright >
    Copyright 2004 Jason Minkyu Hong
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.The FAQ may be used with the permission of the author.
    This FAQ should only be seen on http://www.gamefaqs.com/ or Gamespot
    or IGN.com
    < XV.  Credits >
    Credits go to Natsume and HM AWL for making one of the greatest games ever
    Also to these websites
    for mine related prices
    for names of foods
    for names of 3rd gen crops
    for fish prices
    for its valuable resources and existing so I can post this
    To the following people and their FAQs
    -Farming Guide by Jaxx4059
    for crop prices (first, and second)
    -Money FAQ by neofan12s
    for wild plants prices
    -FAQ/Walkthrough by TheDave99
    for the tool prices
    and to the GameFAQs Harvest Moon a Wondeful life boards
    for most of the tips and FAQs
    < XVI.  The End >
    THE END. Check out my other FAQs if u want!

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