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    Marriage Guide by Aceflyer17

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    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Marriage Guide >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    >> Introduction
    I bet right now you're saying, "I already read about how to find a wife!"
    Well, you probably have, but not the whole story.  I've prepared this FAQ
    for all those starting out in this game, and I'm sure it should help you,
    even if you learn just a few new things.  Isn't it always better to get
    information from someone who knows about a certain field?  Anyway, I hope
    you pick up a few points and enjoy the FAQ:)
    >> Table of Contents
    1. The Three Girls
    2. Winning Them Over
    3. Diaries + Heart Cut-Scenes
    4. Proposing
    5. After Marriage: Wives' Actions
    6. Children
    7. Choosing A Wife
    8. Player Marriage Statistics
    9. FAQ
    10. Credits
    11. Legal Information
    1. The Three Girls <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    When you first start out your game in Forget-Me-Not Valley, you will notice 
    that Takakura recommends that you get married soon.  When you roam around the
    town yourself, you will find that there are three choices for a wife: Celia,
    Muffy, and Nami.  Who you choose is completely up to you, but before you make
    your decision too quickly, consider each choice.
    * * * NOTE: You HAVE to get married by the end of year one or else your
    game is finished.  If you haven't chosen someone to marry by the last 
    day of winter, the girl that likes you the most will propose to you.  This 
    is your LAST chance to get married.  If you reject, then . . . 
    #1 - Celia
    >> Celia lives on Vesta's Farm where she helps out.  She lives with Vesta and
    Marlin, who are brother and sister.  Celia is very nice and never gets angry
    no matter how much you talk to her.  It's not too difficult to find out where
    she is because she is almost always on the farm.  Vesta mentions that ever 
    since you moved in town, Celia's been pretty happy.
    Appearance: Long brown hair with a green dress and orange bandana.  She also
    has gray eyes.
    Overall Personality: Kind
    #2 - Muffy
    >> Muffy works at the Blue Bar with Griffin and is looking to marry.  You might 
    see her walking around town sometimes or by the river.  She stays in her room
    for a while after she wakes up at 10 am, so that's the time to catch her when
    she's not working.
    Appearance: Blonde hair and green eyes with a red dress and blue jacket.
    Overall Personality: Fun
    #3 - Nami
    >> Nami is pretty much a wandering traveler who may come across as not
    interested.  But don't worry, you can still get her to like you without too
    much trouble!  Trying to find her around town can be difficult sometimes 
    because she goes to so many different places and doesn't stay in one spot
    for too long.  
    Appearance: Bright red hair and blue eyes with an orange shirt and blue
    jacket.  She also wears tennis shoes.
    Overall Personality: Independent
    Any one of the girls is a great choice, but still choose carefully!
    2. Winning Them Over <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Once you start talking to each of the three girls, you may find that they
    are not too hard to get along with.  But if you are trying to impress a
    particular one, you have to know a little bit about them because they all
    like different things.
    #1 - Celia
    >> Celia is pretty easy to impress, and from my experience, she is probably
    the easiest to marry. All you really have to do is give her a flower a 
    day for her to really like you in no time.
    Likes: Any flower, products from your farm
    Dislikes: She doesn't really dislike things, she'll just say something nice 
    about it and not take it.
    #2 - Muffy
    >> Muffy is also not too hard to impress, but it is slightly more difficult
    than Celia because Muffy won't accept gifts when she is working behind the
    counter at the bar.  Try to catch her between 10 and 11:30 am and she should
    be in her room.  If not, try to find her late a night around the river.
    Likes: Coins and moon ore from the dig site, milk, flowers (especially the
    amorous - found in winter), big huchep
    Dislikes: Colombo, and other downstream fish
    #3 - Nami
    >> Nami doesn't fall for the flowers and produce like the others, but she
    does like the trick blue flower (found in fall).  It is harder to find
    gifts for her, but it can be done.
    Likes: Statues from the dig site, trick blue flowers, homemade meals 
    (especially curry)
    Dislikes: Pretty much everything else
    Getting a girl to like you isn't too much trouble if you know what to do,
    so don't worry too much unless you're planning on waiting until the last
    minute (winter) - then it becomes more difficult :(
    3. Diaries and Heart Cut-Scenes <<<<<<<<
    If you have not yet chosen a particular path with one of the girls and
    are just giving all three of them gifts to get them all to like you,
    that's fine.  I recommend this because you get to see everyone's 
    heart scenes.  
    To see how much a girl likes you, you have to look at their diary.
    Celia's diary is located under her bed (you will be able to view the
    diary using the "look" command), Muffy's diary is in the colorful lamp
    at the bar, and Nami's diary is on her desk in the Inner Inn.  
    When you look at a girl's diary, you will either see one green heart,
    one red heart, two red hearts, three red hearts, or four red hearts.
    This is to show how interested a girl is in you.  The most a diary 
    can have is four red hearts.
    One green heart: The girl knows that you're available to be married.
    One red heart: You've managed to impress the girl a little.
    Two red hearts: The girl is considering a possible relationship with
    Three red hearts: The girl is serious about you now.
    Four red hearts: Now she really likes you!  This is when you can 
    propose (see Proposing).
    * * * NOTE: Viewing Nami's diary can be a little hard to do because you
    can only see it when she is in her room.  She usually turns in for bed
    close to midnight, but her schedule changes frequently.  Just wait 
    outside her door until she goes in.
    Now, on to the heart scenes!  A heart scene is a short clip showing you
    having some kind of conversation with a girl to let you know that she
    is interested in you.  Each girl has multiple ones, and some are pretty
    >> Celia's Scenes
    * Possible spoilers
    #1 - With Celia at one red heart, exit Vesta's house when Celia is 
    outside.  You'll get a scene where Celia is explaining to you how 
    she thinks that she gets strength from the plants that she grows.
    She asks if you think that's silly and you automatically say no.
    #2 - At two hearts, exit your house around 9 am and Celia will be 
    looking down at your farm heading up the path to the spring.  You
    follow her and once there, you two chat for a little bit and she tells
    you that it is her favorite spot to go to.  After a little conversation,
    she leaves.
    #3 - With Celia at two or three hearts, try to enter Vesta's house 
    around 10 am.  Celia will say that she is going shopping and wants you
    to come.  Marlin gets mad at this and answers no before you can say
    anything.  Vesta comes and gets mad at Marlin for the way he acted and
    lets the two of you go.
    #4 - At three hearts, try to enter Vesta's house and Celia will try to
    come out at the same time.  She asks if you want to go to the spring
    (say yes).  Once there, Celia will say that she has something on her
    mind.  Tell her to cheer up and she'll tell you about how Vesta is 
    trying to set her up in a marriage that she doesn't want.  Soon after,
    she leaves.
    #5 - With Celia at four hearts, enter Vesta's house while Vesta, Celia,
    and Marlin are all there (around 8 pm).  You should get a scene where 
    Marlin and Vesta are arguing over who Celia should marry without Celia
    having much say in anything.  When you are there for a while they'll
    notice you.  Pick the option that suggests you didn't hear anything and
    you'll leave.
    #6 - At four hearts, exit your house between 7 and 10 am and Takakura and 
    Vesta will be at the door saying that they can't find Celia.  Marlin 
    shows up and says that he can't find her either.  You go to the spring,
    and when you still don't find her, you return to your farm to see her
    talking to your dog.  You talk to her and she tells you she loves you.
    If you say you love her too, Celia will be your wife.
    >> Muffy's Scenes
    * Possible spoilers
    #1 - Exit your house around 5 pm with Muffy at one heart 
    and Takakura will come to you saying that he needs to tell you about shipping.  
    Then your dog starts to bother Muffy and you run over to her.  Takakura 
    leaves and Muffy is worried if he was mad or not.  Say he's fine and then 
    choose "Are you hurt?"  Muffy will say she is fine and asks if she can stop 
    by some other time and she leaves.
    #2 - At two hearts, enter the bar at 6 pm and Muffy will come out at the
    same time.  She just broke three dishes and says that she breaks things
    when she has something on her mind.  Choose either option and she will
    say that she feels better and will go back into the bar.
    #3 - At three hearts, exit your house at 3 pm and you will see Muffy on
    the bridge.  She will explain to you that she just attended a marriage 
    of one of her friends in town and that she didn't have a good time 
    because she was made fun of for being a bartender in the valley.  When she
    asks you where you think she belongs, choose "Forget Valley" and she will
    feel better.
    #4 - At four hearts, try to go to sleep at 6:30 pm.  You will get a knock at
    the door.  It's Takakura and Muffy.  Muffy says that she is afraid because
    she thinks that someone is stalking her.  Say yes when she asks if she can
    stay at your house and then you talk for a while.  You get another knock at 
    the door, and it's Griffin, Carter, and Kassey.  Griffin explains that he was
    the one following Muffy.  The group talks for a while, and Muffy leaves upset
    at Griffin for scaring her.
    #5 - At four hearts, enter the bar around 1 pm.  Muffy will say that she 
    doesn't feel like working.  Choose "Want to date?" and Muffy will accept.
    The next scene is Muffy saying that this day was the best that she ever had,
    and she goes back into the bar.
    >> Nami's Scenes
    * Possible spoilers
    #1 - Exit your house sometime in the morning and Nami will be looking around
    your farm.  When you have an option to choose an answer, choose option two.
    She'll look around your farm for a while and then she'll leave.  You must 
    have Nami at one red heart for this.
    #2 - With Nami at two hearts, go to the bar when only Nami, Griffin, and
    Muffy are there sometime in the morning.  Have about 1,000G with you.  You'll
    get an event where you'll have to pay for Nami's drink, so bring that money
    in case it's expensive.  A pretty hard scene to get, but you can do it!
    #3 - With Nami at three hearts, enter your house between 8 and 9 am and you'll
    get a knock on the door from Tim and Ruby.  They don't know where Nami is and
    want to ask you for help in looking for her.  Agree to look for her, and you
    will go on a search with no results.  You'll go back to the Inn with Tim and
    Ruby and talk.  Then Nami will show up and say that she forgot she was going 
    to town for lunch.
    #4 - At four hearts, enter the Inn in the late afternoon when Nami and Tim
    are there.  Nami got a call from her father which makes her sad, and she takes
    a letter from Tim (possibly from her father also).  She doesn't want to leave
    the valley, so she asks Tim if she can work around the Inn.  Tim says it's
    fine, but she quickly changes her mind and asks you if she can have work to do
    around the farm.  You can either say yes or no, but your descision will
    end up with you either marrying Nami or not.
    #5 - At four hearts, enter the Inn late at night (around 11:30) and Tim will
    say that Nami isn't looking too happy.  Nami then walks down the stairs and 
    ignores the two of you.  You go after her and find her crying at the beach.
    She still doesn't want to leave the valley, but still needs a job.  If you
    want to marry her, choose "Work with me" when the option window appears.
    * Times mentioned in these scenes may vary slightly, but not much.
    4. Proposing <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    As you know, you can only propose to a girl when you have them at four red
    hearts in their diary.  You can also only propose after the first day of
    summer when you get the blue feather from the Harvest Sprites.  If you have
    a girl at four red hearts, just go up to her and show her the blue feather
    and she'll accept.  If you do not have a girl at four hearts and propose
    to her anyway, the number of hearts may drop, so be careful!
    * Possible spoilers
    ** These are just some of the proposal scenes you can have
    >> Celia: If you propose to Celia, she'll take you to the spring and talk
    with you for a while.
    >> Muffy: If you propose to Muffy, she'll happily drag you out of the bar,
    go back to her room and shout with gladness:)
    >> Nami: She'll look at the blue feather and think for a while and then
    5. After Marriage: Wives' Actions <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Each girl acts a different way when you marry them, and the other two
    that you didn't marry also act differently.
    #1 - Celia
    >> If you marry Celia, she wakes up at 6 am and goes to bed at 10 pm.
    In chapter two, she RARELY leaves your house, let alone the farm.
    >> If you don't marry Celia, she becomes slightly disappointed, but
    Marlin will like you because he didn't want you to marry her anyway.
    #2 - Muffy
    >> If you marry Muffy, she wakes up at 8 am and goes to bed at 11 pm.
    She'll go to bed a couple of hours later if she goes out to the bar,
    though.  In chapter two, she leaves your house pretty often, and 
    leaves the farm sometimes.
    >>If you don't marry Muffy, she becomes very sad and will often go to
    the beach late at night and just stand there...but she'll still be 
    nice to you.
    #3 - Nami
    >> If you marry Nami, she wakes up at 7 am and goes to bed at 10 pm.
    She will also go to bed later if she goes to the bar.  In chapter two,
    she is almost always out of the house and will occasionally go to 
    Mineral Town.
    >> If you don't marry Nami, she'll leave town, but there is an event you
    can trigger in chapters two or later where she comes back.  Go to the bar
    when Patrick, Cody, Gustafa, and Kassey are there.  You should get the 
    scene where all the guys are sad because Nami is gone.  Griffin will ask
    you for a drink, but reject it.  Carter will come and say that he saw 
    Nami, and you will look for her and she'll appear.  You all talk for a
    bit, and she's back in town.
    6. Children <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Your child is one of the most important parts of the game and is also
    very fun to play with.  Depending on who you marry, your child will be
    influenced differently.  Their are six different career paths: athlete,
    artist, musician, scholar, farmer, and rancher.
    #1 - Celia's Child
    Appearance: Green hat and trousers with grayish-brown eyes and orange 
    shoes.  Has brown hair, also.
    Walking speed: Medium
    Overall Personality: Curious
    Most likely to become: Farmer
    Other: Not too hard to get close to, he usually likes to wander 
    around the barn and sometimes in the pasture.
    #2 - Muffy's Child
    Appearance: Blonde hair and green eyes with blue trousers and a red and
    white striped shirt.  Has a blue and white striped hat.
    Walking speed: Fast
    Overall Personality: Mischievous
    Most likely to become: Rancher/Athlete
    Other: The most energetic child.  He likes to wander around your farm
    also, and sometimes goes in Takakura's house.  Pretty easy to get 
    close to.
    #3 - Nami's Child
    Appearance: Reddish-brown hair with blue eyes and all blue clothes.
    Walking speed: Slow
    Overall Personality: Shy
    Most likely to become: Artist/Scholar
    Other: Nami's son holds his head down as he walks, so don't think it's
    a glitch.  Mostly stays in the house.  Difficult to get close to.
    7. Choosing A Wife <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    If you're still having trouble deciding who to marry, maybe this will
    help out.
    * NOTE: This is only if you are COMPLETELY unsure of who to choose, and
    the three girls all seem the same to you.
    >> If your favorite color is blue, you may marry Nami because she will
    decorate the floor mats and bed-spread blue.  She also has blue clothes
    for your son.
    >> If your favorite color is green, you may marry Celia because she will
    decorate the house green as well as your son's clothes.
    >> If your favorite color is red, you may marry Muffy because she will
    decorate the house red as well as your son's clothes.
    >> Choose based on the wife's schedule and actions.
    >> Choose based on how your son will be influenced.
    8. Player Marriage Statistics <<<<<<<<<<
    Here are some statistics of people taken from a Harvest Moon: A
    Wonderful Life fanlisting.
    83 Total People:
    34 People (40%): Celia
    30 People (36%): Nami
    19 People (22%): Muffy 
    9. FAQ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Here are some questions that you might have.
    Q: I proposed without four hearts and the diary entry went down.
    Can I get it back up?
    A: Yes, just keep giving the girl presents.
    Q: Muffy won't take my gifts!
    A: Make sure you don't offer her anything when she is working.
    Q: I can't trigger *heart scene*!
    A: Just keep trying and you will eventually get it.
    Q: How come the statistics only add up to 98%?
    A: Decimals weren't included.
    Q: What did Nami go to Mineral Town for?
    A: She just goes wherever she wants whenever she wants.
    Q: Will Nami come back? 
    A: Yes, but you have to trigger the event.  *No relation to 
    above question*
    Q: I didn't give Celia a present and she added another heart to 
    her diary.  Is that normal?
    A: Yes, she's done that with me before.
    Q: Does Celia leave your farm more after Chapter 2?
    A: Yes, a lot more.
    Q: If I don't marry Muffy will she still work at the bar?
    A: Yes.
    Q: How will Vesta feel if I don't marry Celia?
    A: She won't really care, but she still wanted you to marry her.
    10. Credits <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >> Thanks to Hannah D for hosting the official Celia, Muffy, and
    Nami Fanlisting.
    >> Thanks to Natsume for a great game!:)
    >> Special thanks to GameFaqs and Gamespot for allowing
    individuals to share their knowledge of games with others.
    11. Legal Information
    Copyright 2006 J. B.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
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