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"Just......... Wow.......... Thats all I can to Say!"

Well it’s about time this game finally comes out! This game has been in the making for quite a while. At least we had the other Harvest Moon series games out to keep us occupied! This game is most famous for it framing abilities. That is not all this game can do though! You can buy animals, crops, food, and much much more! You can even merry, and cook up some nice recipes! And the best newest thing about Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life (HM: AWL) is that you can now make hybrid plants! I think this addition to the HM series will be the best yet to hit any of the systems! Now to my review!

Gameplay: 9/10
The game is great. You could not ask for a better HM game than this one. The days are MUCH longer. It takes me a REAL hour to just finish about 3 days in the game. The setup of the animals and the barn is much better. You can move all the animals out with just one little button. Although there is only 3 “brides-to-be” the game is very fun. You pick the girl you want, and go for her. Only having 1 year to find and purpose to the girl you want, you still have longer days and 10 days a season, that still give you a lot more time to find the girl you want. The only things I have found wrong about this game is that I cant move the camera angles up and down as I want, unless I this the “Z” button and cant move while in the view. Also I think (and all of you gamers may not agree) that all the girls and far to easy to get their heart “meter” up. It took me 9 days to get up the meter of Muffy (one of the brides-to-be in the game) by just giving her one milk and one flower a day.

Story: 9/10
Well, it pretty much the same as all the other HM games. Your father died and now it is your dream to make the farm like your father wanted. The question is, will your son take over after you?

Graphics: 10/10
Aw, talk about graphics! This HM game may be the best game with the best graphics. I can’t argue with that! Natsume has done the best job on this game I think! Ha! That’s about all I can say because I am so speechless!

Sounds: 10/10
The sounds in this game are about as good as the graphics! The sounds in here are so real. If they told me that they recorded from the real thing I wouldn’t have a hard time believing them! For example. The cows, when they….. um…… “Moo”, it sounds just as if it was a real cow. I can say on behalf of half of the players that the sounds are remarkable! That too is about all I can say again about this feature of the game!

Playtime: 10/10
Playtime is probably going to last you a LONG time. You will play this game for WEEKS. This is the first time I have been off HM: AWL just to ask questions on the board and write this review. This game is like a magnet. Right after I finish this and my questions are answered I am going right back this the game and playing and then maybe even make a FAQ. Other than that there is nothing that will stop you from getting away from this game! This game is the KING of all HM game series!

Replayability: 10/10
There is no way you will play the same way through like you did the first time! This game is unique like that! Its not like you are ever going to stop playing this game anyway.

Final Recommendation: 10/10
Hmmmmm…… Final recommendation eh? Well…. I recommend…… BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!! I cant find ANY reason not to buy this game. This will be the best HM series game that you will every buy. One thing I forgot to mention is that it is expanded because you can link up your GameBoy Advance and link up with HM: Friends of Mineral Town! That aught to get your juices going! If that doesn’t, then I don’t know what will! So I say don’t rent it, just go and BUY it. Even of you aren’t a fan or even played a HM game, this game will just rock!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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