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"Harvest Fruits Of Your Labor..."

Harvest Moon has finally arrived, I got to say I was looking forward to this game, even though this would have to be the first time I have ever played the Harvest Moon games. In the past I had read stuff about these games, take care of a farm and everything related to so. It all sounded so cool, so I began looking to Harvest Moon: A wonderful life and I liked what I read.... So when I actually got the game, I was even more interested. Think of this as Animal Crossing except a little bit less annoying.

Story 7/10 - You Inherit a farm and you have to work it so you can profit from it, you have to raise animals, plant crops, maintain relations with the villagers...the story just builds up and you eventually have to find yourself a wife.

Graphics 9/10 - I really liked the graphics here, it just looks so calm, the surrounding areas are well done, and your farm, well... looks like a farm. I like the way the cows look.

Sound 9/10 - all the sounds that are around you just add to
the overall feel of the farming theme which is excellent, it puts you in a serene, yet work filled mode. This is one of the points that I really liked.

Gameplay 9/10 - well you have to work on your farm, you have plant, you can sell the products your animal produces, it seems like you can do even more, but I have just started the game and I've yet to see what else is there to do.. on my 5th game I have taken a liking to one of the 3 girls that can become my wife. If you are impatient then all of this will seem time consuming..

Replay 9/10 - well even though I have just started the game I am already thinking of playing it again, to see how each girl is when she becomes your bride. and perhaps I will begin doing things a little bit different seeing as though I had no idea what I was doing at first.

Overall - Well I must say this game is for the patient person, you have to dedicate sometime, but in the end I guess it's all worth it. I would suggest you rent it and then if you are the type of people who like to take time and work hard to see the Fruits of their labor.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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