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"Farming taken to a new level...again"

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for gamecube is one of the greatest games to be released this year. With different things to do every time you play the fun never stops. On to the review!

This is what first catches your eye. Great graphics with only one flaw, close ups of people. They look like the ones in animal crossing, except they are people not animals. Even though the close ups aren't that good the water makes up for it and more. The water is so life like and has great movement down the stream. Overall the graphics couldn't be much better. And the lighting is great too.

There is no one who couldn't master this easy system. All controls are simple to learn and make more sense than any configuration I could come up with. The watering is easy, feeding animals is easy, well just about everything is easy. That's why the game is so great, any one could pick it up and play. The only slight draw back is the watering can. You can only water 1 square at a time. It's times like this I wish I had the sprinkler from the original. One other drawback is fishing. IF you're hungry don't fish or you will get interrupted by your stomach saying guu~.

The story is simple like in every Harvest Moon game. You first get your farm from a relative and have to become a great farmer and lead an interesting life. In Harvest Moon:AWL Your father passes away and his assistant is right there to guide you through the beginning. Although I haven't finished the game yet I can say the story is going to continue to be great.

The ease of the controls makes this game really fun. There is no need for long pauses to switch items, just push x. I really won't get into the specifics of why its fun but I will say that farming, taking care of animals, making friends, and getting rich are so much fun. The only thing that isn't fun is putting it down.

HM:AWL is the best Harvest Moon I have ever played. Everything is done well and the things that could be improved don't make the game unplayable like some other games. This is one of the greatest games this year on the gamecube, it also might be one of the best in any year for gamecube. I suggest anyone who wants to experience a wonderful life to pick up Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/04

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