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"A Wondeful Life, A Wonderful Game"

After years of waiting for a long awaited sequel to a true Harvest Moon, Natsume offers up a title that many people will enjoy. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life starts out with your past away father leaving you the farm to yourself. Your fathers friend introduces you to the aspect of the game to learn the townsfolk and basically everything about taking care of the farm. He doesn't quite help do the chores, but he does offer a huge amount of help on how to do things.

There are many new things about this game that I will talk about first before I talk about what the game is lacking. Some of the new things in the game makes the game excellent enough to outweigh the heavy bad things. Your fathers friend is one of your man men you need to keep in touch with during the game. He lives on your farm and walks around during the day offering advice when you need to learn about a particular subject. One of the easiest ways of buying things is through his ledger. You go into a certain building that that contains a bin where you sell stuff as well as a ledger of everything you've sold to date. Your fathers friend takes everything you put into a bin, and sells it the next day. The easy part comes when your order goods. You just write down and select in his ledger whether you want to buy new tools or a new animal and low and behold, the next day (usually at 1pm) he shows up with your goods ready to use, or an animal on your farm. The last thing I'm going to say about the farm is the greatest idea that everybody wished for in the one for N64. They finally have buttons you can press that automatically make your animals leave the barn to the pasture or put them inside. No more long toils trying to get your barnyard buddies in and out, just a quick process.

When it comes to animals, you have many choices to pick for your farm. Why so many choices? Well it's because in this game you can buy both male and female of cattle or chicken which you can then mate for either a baby cow or an egg that can be fertilized to produce another chicken. For example, you can buy 3 varietes of female and male cows. The only difference is, you can only milk the female cows (duh) unless you want the bull to get angry at you. When you mate the two cows, your fathers friend gives out some sexual references as well as the bull makiing sounds to them, so if you want to see a short cut scene with a little humor, mate your cow. When it comes to chickens, you can have a female chicken to produce regular non-fertilized eggs. Which means you cannot hatch it and must sell the egg. In order to get an egg you can hatch you must buy a hen for the chicken to mate.

Other good parts about the game is a traveling salesman that comes to town twice a month so you can buy goods or even sell your own. If he's not there, you can set up your own stand where his used to be and peddle your own wares as you whistle for passerbyers to come and take a looksie at your stuff. Another everyday event that occurs is a dig site set up where you can mine all year long no matter what season. However, on days the head of the dig site tends to just get up and walk around, which makes it impossible for you to dig since you must ask his permission to dig at the site each day.

There are many more positive sides to talk about but it's time to move onto the bad sides of the game. When I say bad, I mean BAD. The first thing that really makes you a little bummed out is the selection of girls. Three. Yes, only three to choose from and one of them really wants nothing to do with you unless you have 2 items that are hard to come by. When marrying, you must marry the first year and the little harvest sprites give you the blue feather the first day of summer I believe. Well, don't fret, because summer fast approaches as there is only 10 days to a season. That is correct, 10 days to a season, they are however 30 minutes long so at least you get a pretty nice chunk of time to do what you gotta do without fear of losing time which creates a huge diasppointment in longtivity to the game. Those are the 2 major flaws I can find wrong that should have been seriously dealt with to keep some Harvest Moon fans happy.

However, with the vast amount of stuff added to the game, these two flaws can easily be overlooked to warrant this game a purchase. Dont' have it yet? I suggest you give it a good rent, or buy if you loved the Nintendo 64 version of this game.

All that beings said, I will have to rate this game a 8 out of 10 based on the longtivity and replay value everybody will get from playing this game and enjoying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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