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Reviewed: 03/22/04

Got Milk?

All in all, this game would probably have to be the most addicting games I’ve ever played. I just received it a few days ago and by far, I’m still amazed how Natsume and Nintendo collaborate to create such a game.

Your father just passed away and his partner, Takakura, wants to you to help him revive the farm. Okay, it's very cliché, but there's not much you can use. I.e. A CITY IS DYING AND NEEDS A FARM ASAP!!! 11!!oneeleven! No...I don't think so....

You have 30 years of the story, and you play 10. There are 6 different chapters that the 30 years are divided by.

Almost as easy as pie. The ''A'' button is constantly used for various actions. Sure, you may have watered the ground instead of that ripe strawberry you've been waiting for but A) it doesn't hurt to refill a watering can and B) YOU CAN''T EVEN THROW YOU PRODUCE AWAY ON ACCIDENT! Being a harvest moon veteran, that was one of the most annoying things that happened to me.

Some say graphics make the game. They now have no excuse. AWL has beautiful graphics down from the tranquil drops of water to the very last blade of grass. Some of the ''fake'' flowers look real enough that you can pick! (Okay, I fell for that one...-_-) I'm sure N64 fans will miss the cute cylindrical blobs of black and white with their cute little rainbow eyes, but some will adore the real-looking heifers.

The songs aren't as addicting as BTN or N64 but nevertheless, still catchy. You have the chance to hook up to Friends of Mineral Town and receive some of the older tunes. You have the option of changing the song with 2 records at first. Again, connectivity with FoMT will unlock more jams.

The most wonderful thing about this is you can ride around a horse in town. NO MORE IS YOUR STEED COOPED UP ON YOUR PROPERTY! You have the freedom to take your horse wherever you please, and don't even hafta pick up after it.

Seeds now cover only one plot of land, instead of the traditional 3x3 plot. But there are many more products including (but not limited to), watermelons, apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, bananas, melons, strawberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, tomatoes, and so on. Fruits are now grown on trees (with the exception of strawberries.)

Tools. You lose the axe and hammer this time. Your pasture is already set up. You have 3 different plots of land with different levels of fertility. Just plow, plant, pick. Simple as that.

You have now different types of fish you can catch rather than just different sizes. You can also help the local archaeologist dig up some rare finds. He'll snatch the ones he wants to keep but the rest are yours to sell.

You have a different choice of dog in the beginning: pointy eared or long eared. Rumors of receiving a Chiauhahawuha (sp?) are still to be confirmed. You may be able to receive a cat during your second year.

You now can choose more animals, cows, ducks, goats, chickens, roosters, sheep, etc. And within the cows, you now have a choice of normal, brown, star, and marble. But, in return, you must take care of the animals more consciously. For example, now the eggs must be fertilized to be able to hatch it. Or now, a cow must be impregnated to be able to produce milk.

Now you have 3 girls to choose from. Yes, 3. But instead, your child will now age through the years (as will you) and might help you on the farm from time to time. The three girls are as follows: Celia, the down-to-earth-looking-for-a-man-traditional-farm-girl, Muffy, the flirtatious one, and Nami, (who in my opinion can be easily mistaken for a guy), the shy, but intelligent.

Play Time/Replay Value-9/10-
The only reason this gets 9 is that it doesn't really have any reason for you to play again. Here, do the math. You've got 1 real second equaling 1 game minute. 1 real minute equals 1 game hour. 24 hours in a day, 10 days per season, 4 seasons per month. You play 10 of the 30 years in the game and you sleep 6 game hours a day. So.....

18x10x4x10=7200 minutes/60=120 hours. That's not a number to sneeze at!-Tom Nook.

And that doesn't even include the time you spend talking, in your inventory, in menus, etc.

Again, this game doesn't really have that much replay value because really, the most you'd be able to do is marry a different girl. And once you do that two more times, whaddya gonna do? -_- But still, rumors of Freeplay mode (no aging, limitless farming) is still yet to be confirmed in the NA version.

My Recommendation-BUY.IT.-
It's hard to give my opinion on unbiased terms, seeing myself as a HM fan, however, due to the number of hours of game play, if you find yourself renting it, you'll merely look back 3 nights later and glance on the money you lost. So really, if you think about the logic, it's best to buy. Greater part is, it's 40 bucks. Usually, new releases cost 50.

So...In Conclusion-10/10-
This is truly not a game to be taken lightly with. The moment I got this game, I cleared my entire day, just so I could play it for 5 hours nonstop. It was worth it, every single bottle of milk. It was worth it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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