Review by galonski64

Reviewed: 04/01/04

Plant, Water, Love and then Harvest Moon

This game has been one of though game that made me buy my Gamecube. Netsume RPG, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and any other Harvest Moon been great. Fully render 3d graphics and farming make this game strangle additive. You will find yourself so engross in the game time will pass you buy.
Graphics = 10
Full of tress, grass and crops all 3d render. Moving around the environment is smooth and detail in the people and animal you meet look great. A first person view of the game is also great as it lets you look in all direction, so you can see the detail of work they have put in the game. When ever you do anything it seem to be real good as the boy carries out your commands. Just don't spend all you time looking at the wonder around you, as you will waster most of the times.
Sound = 9
Sounds of the animal, you walking on the different terrains, and the music is all very good. The animals make there proper noises and they sound so real I had to make sure a stray cow had not found in way into my house. Also once you get more records you get to pick your music, gives you some nice personal touch, other Harvest Moon's been missing. Listing to the music in the game makes it great. Just at times, the music gets on my nerve but I force my way through it. Other location wont have any and I feel it missing that music sound it needs.
Story = 9
The story is fun and entertaining. You will feel yourself getting involved with the day to day life of your fellow villager. Side stories can be unlocked and helping them are always good. Also the story will force you to do things at time, which makes it slightly annoying and it could be a bother. One thing you have to just live with.
Control = 10
They did a great job binding the GCN controller with the functions you need. They remove the run button which is nice as your character will do this automatically. X will select all the tools on you so you can easily switch to different one. L will switch the camera to your back, and the R for whistling. B for placing items in sack and A for action. All this makes doing your day to day chores on the farm very easily. Easy and time consuming go hand and hand. Just have all your tools on you and you be ready for any situation. Fishing it a lot harder this time around, but after a few tries you will understand it and get through it easily.
Gameplay = 10
So many hours in a day and yet there still not enough to play this game. On a avgerage day on the farm I say you take 30 min to play it. That leads to a lot of time playing and a lot less sleep, lol. There so much to do that the game keep you entertain. Farming, shopping, cooking, talking with the other people in the game etc, it be a long time till you are bored. Go at your own pace and don't work to hard at the farm at first till you get the in and out of things. Learning what to buy and what not to can make the difference between a rich farmer and a poor one.
Final score = 10
Buy this game, as you will run up a bill at your local gaming rental place, I know. Buy and have fun. Also get the Gameboy Advance version to link up and earn hidden stuff.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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