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"A Wonderful Game with a Twist"

Harvest Moon is one of the best series games ever made. It doesn't have any really big flaws but after a while it can be very repetitive. The fact that you can't mass sell your vegetables kind of made this a bummer. The town was also a little small and it didn't have useful shops in it like all of the other Harvest Moons, which makes this one kind of a revolutionary and that made it good. This game has spanned over many different systems. The game for the SNES was great and the game for the N64 was perfect and got the point across. The game for the Playstation was great and had a lot of new things that the N64 and SNES didn't but then Playstation 2 came out with its game and it sucked because you couldn't get married and then you couldn't play for more than a year. That made me nervous about AWL but my fears were misplaced because it is a excellent game. The game boy games although I don't own all of them are really good in depth games for being a game boy game. AWL brought a couple new things to the table that the other games didn't have.

Game Play ---- 10
The game play of this game was awesome. They couldn't have done a better job at this. It was a lot of fun and the best part is that it builds on the other games they have made. This game isn't that hard and it isn't like a game where if you screw up your dead. All it means is that you learn an important lesson and try to fix it the next day. It's a trial and error game so your learn while trying to fulfill whatever you want. This game just gives you a great variety on what you can do. The problem is that with great variety comes a great amount of boredom and that doesn't help the game move any faster. It is a good game but it also takes too long to get all of the facts and cut scenes for all of the different people.

Story ---- 8
What can I say there really isn't some big plot to this story. I like the fact that there isn't a set story line that you have to follow. It gives you variety and you decide what life you are going to live. This games story is unlimited and you could never run out of options on what to do in the game. The only flaw in this section is that it doesn't have that many festivals like in the N64 and the SNES and all of the other games. It has very limited festivals and its not like something new happens everyday in your town which can start to get boring and fast. The years I think in this story start to turn a little to slow and then not enough new things happen so you learn everything in the beginning of the year and are bored until the next chapter change. Which takes way to long to happen but I guess that makes it more realistic.

Graphics/Sound ---- 9
I am going to be honest at first I thought these graphics look terrible the Playstation 2 game had better graphics and its 2 years older. After I got the game I realized that it was a good game and the graphics were great. They made it look as real as possible. The sound was great and it was a fresh start because the sound in the other games was so so. The music on your farm can get a little annoying though if you sit at your farm all day but the good news is that you can turn it off if you want.

Play Time/Replayability ---- 9
The play time in the game is great I like the fact that you can actually tell the time in this game. This is a great improvement from the last games because time was unreliable. The days can get a bit long though in this game and the bad thing is you can only sleep for 6 hours at a time so its hard to choose a correct sleeping time. As far as replaying the game is perfect you can do anything so it is very hard to repeat the work that you first did. As I said this game has limitless possibilities.

Final Recommendation
This game is definitely a game that I would buy and play till the cows come home. This game has very little flaws and the little ones you can get over. All you have to do is remember that the next chapter is just around the corner.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/21/04

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