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"A Kind of Good Life..."

Harvest Moon...
This take us back when we first played this on SNES. The game took farming to a whole new level... It's a strategy game without strategic battle and exciting management. Yet, it was a hit. It went to GB, PSX, N64, PS2, GBA, and now Gamecube have it's own title. I, on one hand, was a little dissappointed. A Wonderful Life took out some classic aspects that made Harvest Moon, in my opinion, a great game. Now here's the Breakdown.

Yes the score isn't something to clebrate, but I have my reasons. First of all, I need to mention the removed aspects of the game. It seems that game developer of AWL tried to make the game to realistic. No longer can you grow crops in 9 squares with one bag... a major profit maker in Harvest Moon. Now it's a small profit as low as 5 dollars(I know this is not the monetary system). Yes, Hybrids is a good thing and very profitable, but it will take more than two years before the money starts pooring in. Though, hybrid can be kind of confusing. Atleast make the trees look more realistic along with the riding of upgrading and making 1 crop per bag. The abililty to upgrade tools is no longer a need, and Hammer and Axe is taken out entirely. I like to upgrade my tools to show that I've work hard for it. Also, watering plants more than once a day can be a hassle, it makes me plant less crops. AWL have it's strong points. One thing you would learn to love fishing and planting trees for money. Fishing might be time consuming and difficult(If you played Animal Crossing it'll be a little less stressful), but you'll have a good feeling reeling in a fish worth over 500 dollars. Now trees plus the Seed maker is going to be your best friend. Atleast you can ride your horse around town making traveling a breeze. I don't really use animals as profit unless they're cows so I have nothing against the animals on your farm. Cooking is a nice detail I saw of this Nintendo Version of Hm.

Usually Harvest Moon have a plain and linear story... This game starts out like any other classic HM. You start off by recieving a farm by your father but you have help by your father's trusty friend. The thing that I liked about this game is that your character is not the main point of the story. The story WILL required you to get Married, if not than good luck getting through to year 2. You won't take control of your kid, but he will be your main objective in the story. Another thing thats good is you have to make friends with the towns people for the story to progress. I personally think Harvest Moon would be boring if the story was too involving, so I prefer it the way it is.

It's not the best graphics on gamecube, but it matches the game. The cows are nicely done, with the bulls having a seperate look to it. The people of the Town, have their own personal look and matches their personalities, which is good. The graphics of the Beach is very different from the mood of the town and it's too bright, and look terribly done in close range, but you'll barely go there. I think the graphics matches the feel of the game, not to overdone and not too blocky. I like the effects of the weather and how the seasons changes.
Also, The house and characters change through years, nicely done. There is little changes in some people that do not make much since to me. Overall graphics and changes of it nicely done.

The sound is nothing too geat... the music get repetive. Sure you are given record to change the melody at your farm, but linking is required to get over two. But hey, what company wouldn't try to get you to buy a handheld if they had chance to convince. The sound effects isn't anything to go head over heels for, it'll be good if the characters have voices, but the minor remarks is okay. The sound of you running might not be realistic, but that's why you're given a galloping horse. The sounds aren't great, but that shouldn't effect the gaming.

Play Time/Replayability-6/10
This game takes awhile to beat so it might not be as fun to replay this game entirely from scratch. Though, it would not be to bad since there is more than one path that the game can take. Maybe a good game is you're really bored and have nothing better to do. It do get boring, I played over many other HM but this was not as good as I expect.

Rent or Buy?
If you can rent it for a long time, blockbuster new deal or online renting services. Then go for it, play it as long as you want. The only reason you should buy is if you're a collector or love HM games. So this my opinon is rent it.

Though this game was an average game, I am looking forward to the upcoming HM game coming out soon on nintendo.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/25/05

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