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"Best Harvest Moon Game EVER, a must have..."


From the early days of Harvest moon, the creators have come a long way. The first harvest moon game mainly stressed raising animals and marriage was an option. Harvest Moon 64 was later released which stressed marriage more and you could now have a child which grew to the age of 3. Later, In 2003 the Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town was released which was like Harvest Moon 64, except your child became fully grown. Now, Natsume has developed Harvest Moon A Wonderful life, by far the most complex Harvest Moon game up to this point.


Early Harvest moon games had a 2d pokemon-like graphic look. Later Harvest moon adopted a 3d birds eye view, with which when you talked to the characters, some animation popped up showing the face of the character in two dimensional view. Now Harvest moon has a third-person view in which you can see a character's face without having to look at the animation when you talk to them. Now you can actually see your son's face, which greatly improves the appeal of this game. Everything is completely clear and realsitic, in my opinion this game has already won best graphics of 2004.



The storyline is basically the same, except with some improvements. Though, there are only 3 girls to choose from, it is still perfect. You marry one of the three girls, depending on how hard you want your game to be. Celia (easy), Muffy (so-so), and Nami, the most rewarding, but hardest. Then, you make it to the most revered part of the game, raising your child. The years go by quicker, and your son is more complex than in all of the other Harvest Moon games. Your son now listens depending on the rate of attention you give to him. If you spend a lot of your time with him and give him lots of gifts, then he will become spoiled and he won't listen to you. If you never spend any time with him and don't give him anything, he will become neglected and he will listen to you with somewhat of a grudge against you. If you balance out the time you spend with him, and if you don't give him to many gifts, while still giving him some, then he will be good, and he will love you and he will always listen.



The sound has also greatly improved. It sounds almost real when you hear a bird chirp, a cow moo, a sheep go baa, and the local stream and waterfall. You cannot actually hear the characters talk in any Harvest Moon game but you can hear them sigh, giggle, cry, laugh, and yell. Unlike other Harvest Moon games, though, the sounds your child makes determines if he's good, spoiled, or neglected. The sound is flawless.



This game is pretty good for replaying since there are three wives to choose from and 5 career choices for your child, including scholar, artist, musician, rancher, and farmer. Your child is also either spoiled, good, or neglected. Your child also has a choice of 2 wives. There are many, many different ways that the game will turn out at the end. This game will keep you trying for the best outcome possible, and then later you will want to come back to try ou the other possible outcomes just for the fun of it.



This game spans thirty game years, and ten playable years. Each day lasts 24 minutes you sleep 6 of those minutes. There are 10 days in a season and four seasons in a year. In the first year you will devote most of your time to wooing a girl. In the second and third years you will raise your baby son, plants, and animals. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth years you will raise your 6-9 year old plus plants and animals. In the seventh and eighth years you will raise your teenager, plants, and animals. In the ninth year you will choose who your son marries by being nice to her, raise your 19-year old, and plants and animals. In the final year your son go with whatever career you pushed the most. This game truly keeps you occupied for a very long time.



Overall, this game is a must have for the GameCube with virtually everything to keep a gamer happy. This game will keep any gamer happy, but if you are a RPG or a strategy game lover then you must buy this game, you do not know what you are missing!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/31/05

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