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"Splinter Cell on the Gamecube... Do you have what it takes?"

Splinter Cell made the transaction to the Gamecube fairly well, but unfortunately there are some setbacks that anyone who played the PC or Xbox version would notice.


Splinter Cell begins with a training mode that teaches players everything they will need to know in order to be successful while playing the game. Once the training mission is complete, the real action begins. The first mission begins with a spectacular introductory movie, but it does seem a little bit blurred on the Gamecube due to some very minor compression. However, this is nothing that should bother the average player.


The controls may seem fairly easy to get used to for some people, but may also seem impossible to get used to for others. Personally, I found that the control setup was done fairly well considering the Gamecube controller lacks buttons compared to the PS2 and Xbox controllers. Whether you like the controls or not, you will have to get used to the layout in order to finish the game.


The gameplay is great but can be improved upon. There is no other way to describe it. Splinter Cell allows you to do almost anything you can imagine or wished you can do in many other games. However, you must have some patience or I can guarantee you won't find the game an enjoyable experience. Even though the game allows you to do a lot of things, it seems as if you cannot even perform the simplest of tasks. The game also includes many objectives that seem repetitious at times. Splinter Cell may be frustrating to some people for you may have to replay a level several times before you get it right. This is a stealth game, you have to remember that. Unfortunately, many of the levels have been shortened to ensure a smooth transaction to the Gamecube. Fortunately, the transaction was relativly smooth. For those who have the Gameboy Advance, you can link up to the Gamecube and unlock a new weapon (Sticky Bomb) and a radar that will help you along the way.


Here's where the game begins to fall off track. Don't get me wrong, the game looks brilliant. However, if you compare it to the Xbox or PC versions, you will notice some differences. Let's start off with the lighting. Well, there are some cases where it looks good, but for the most part it doesn't even compare to the Xbox lighting. In some locations it seems as if lighting effects were ''faked'' in order to make it look impressive. The textures are good, and the characters models are done fairly well too. There are points in the game in which some textures and architecture from the Xbox version have been removed and replaced with some boring textures in the Gamecube version. The game is still nice-looking, but not outstanding.

Lasting Appeal:

Well, the game is fun to play over a couple of times and there is a different difficulty level, but besides that there isn't really anything to do. The game offers about 15 hours of gameplay for the average player, but once those hours are up, the game will become tedious.

Final Comments:

The game is good, probably the best (maybe the only) stealth game on the Gamecube. The graphics are good and the gameplay is great. However, if you have played the game on the Xbox or PC, I would strongly recommend in renting it before you jump the gun and make your purchase.

Score Card

Major Scores

Presentation - 7.5/10 Well Done
Controls - 7.5/10 Well Done
Gameplay - 9/10 Impressive
Graphics - 7.5/10 Well Done
Lasting Appeal - 6/10 Average

Minor Scores

Sound - 9.5/10 Brilliant
Originality - 9/10 Impressive
Story - 10/10 Perfect!
Extra Features - 8/10 Nice
Relation to Genre (Stealth) - 9/10 Impressive


Final Notes

Difficulty - Medium to Hard
Best Features - Graphics; Freedom
Worst Feature - Repetitiveness; Need Patience!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/15/03, Updated 04/15/03

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