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Reviewed: 04/17/03 | Updated: 04/17/03

Silent, Deadly And So Much Fun!!!!!!

Us Gamecube owners have been waiting since release for a stealth action game and here it is!!!

Graphics (10)
What can I say this game is absolutely beautiful from the lighting to the detail on Sam's clothes. The pure variety of visuals that this game shows off Is enough to blow the controller right out of your hands. The lighting is what really sets this game apart from other games. There is nothing that is more fun than standing in a hallway containing a fan and seeing your shadow on the opposite wall among the spinning blades. And being able to actually use the cover of the shadows to hide until some unsuspecting guard wanders by and you pounce. Not only is the lighting spectacular the environments are amazing as well as the enemies. You will never see a guard that is the same as the one before. And we can't forget the FMVs they look stunning and the sometimes blurry look really gives them a kind of suspense and mystery.

Gameplay: (8)
This game is so much fun to play, the controls are excellent the levels are massive and have many multiple ways to complete objectives. And the objectives are set up well you rarely have back track because you missed a small objective. And this game is also so easy to play for the first time the controls are smooth and simple and they even offer a small training mission just incase you are having problems. The camera if you haven't heard is all under your control, which may make you think that there are huge camera angles where you can die just because you can't see but it is the complete opposite the control over the camera actually gives you an upperhand in some instances for example peeking around corners. This also gives you a chance to take a look at the amazing graphics. And once again just being able to use the shadows adds another element of strategy to this already amazing game. The gamecube version also contains an extra weapon and If you connect your GBA to your gamecube you can use it as a little radar device.

Sound (8)
The sound in this game is so spectacular it makes you want to turn off the music so you can hear the bullets whizzing by your head or just eavesdrop on a guards conversation. The music is good but can sometimes take a way from the suspense. When you enter an action area the music gets louder and faster which adds a lot of suspense to this game.

Replay (9) This is where this game shines, the real fun isn't beating a level the first time it is going back again to try to see how well you can do it again. This is where you realize how many different ways there are to beat levels.

Overall (9) This game is amazing and is a welcome relief to gamecube owners who have desperately been waiting for an amazing stealth action game to come along. It is definitely a must have for all gamecube owners. I have had my gamecube since release and I have never had this much fun. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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