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Reviewed: 05/05/03 | Updated: 05/05/03

Stealth is the name of the Game!

Us Gamecube owners have been waiting since release for a stealth action game and here it is with astonishing graphics!!!

The Graphics are beautiful. One of the best Graphical games for the GameCube. But at time the Frame Rate is slowed down such as using the night vision. The shadows show up perfectly and enemys notice the shadows moving. The curtains also blow as the air blows.

The GamePlay has a wide variety of gadgets and moves that you are able to use thorugh out the game. The missions are long and have many objectives. You are able to Grab enemy characters from behind knock them out and carry them to the Dark Corners of rooms. Also in tight places with high ceilings you are able to jump towards a wall then wall jump to the next and do the splits in mid air. Then jump down and fall on top of a passing by enemy. When you throw a bottle or soda can and the guards here the bottle break or the can roll come up to it and investigate to figure out what happened there while you sneak by them or grab them from behind and then take them out. You are able to shoot the lights out and make the room pitch black so you are able to sneak around the enemy or like i said and grab them from behind.

Controls are great. The only downside is you have to press the Z Button twice to get to the thermal vision and that takes a little time which could be critical in a tight situation. Besides that you easily learn the controls for the game without much effort.

You are able to play this game for hours and reaplay it becuase its story is so intresting and how many moves and combinations there are to take out the enemys. There are also Normal and Hard modes so you are able to challnege yourself on Hard mode or play the game a little easily on Normal

The Sound is awesome you can hear yourself walking on any surface and glass break. Water rushing to birds chirping and the music really sets the tone for the game.

Should I?
You should buy this game no questions asked and plus if you have the GBA and a cable you are able to unlock the sticky bomb which is exclusive to the Gamecube version.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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