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"This is a GREAT game...on the Xbox."

So one day, I rode my bike down to the GameStop which is about a few miles from house and bought this game hoping it would be a better version of the Xbox Splinter Cell. Damn was I wrong...


The graphics are very weak considering how this is a port from the frail PS2 version. Oh, how so much better the graphics would have been if it was ported straight from the Xbox. Anyway, Sam Fischer looks good but everyone else looks EXACTLY the same throughout the same long and drawn-out level. The backgrounds are crappy. The GCN couldn't handle the Xbox's superior graphics so many great visuals were sacrificed such as most of the shadow effects being replaced with the wall beings painted black to seem as though they're still there. When the enemies die, they go down in the same cheap sequence stricken with terrible frame-rate. After all, there is nothing more disappointing than gunning down three terrorist bastards, walking up and seeing them in the exact same position on the ground and them being exactly the same person. I guess when Sam Fischer infiltrated a base, he didn't know there'd be clones patrolling it. O_o


No complaints here. They are all very realistic. Nice work.


Zzzzz....zzzzz....zzzz Wha? How long have I been out? I personally find the gameplay boring, not that it's bad, I just find it unappealing. You sneak around and knock out enemies, repeating the same knockout technique again and again to get through. If enemies are at a distance, you can use a silenced pistol on the perpetrator, somehow having no blood at all come come out, unlike the XBOX one where there was an acceptable amount of blood. You only get about 5 weapons total. What is actually pretty cool is the ability to jump and hang onto things. Everything this game calls ''original'' has already been seen in other games, which is why I gave it such a low score.


The story goes ''You are Sam Fischer. You alone have the 5th Freedom, the right to kill, steal, and infiltrate to ensure that American freedoms are protected.'' *hums James Bond music to himself*


Ok now this is what really dragged the score down a bit. The extras were merely trying to cover-up the inferiority to the Xbox version, but failed miserably. This game boasts ''30 minutes of extra cinematics.'' WRONG! This version couldn't handle the Xbox one's eyepopping cinematics so they replaced them with blurry, PS1-like footage. ''GBA/GCN connectivity''. Wow a stupid Sticky Bomb, oh Lord, hold me back, I just can't resist.


All-in-all, this just a watered-down version of the Xbox one. You notice I bring up the Xbox version a lot, but I'm trying to make you see the differences. If you have a GCN and an Xbox, RUN. GO BUY. THE XBOX VERSION.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/25/03, Updated 05/25/03

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