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Reviewed: 05/31/03 | Updated: 05/31/03

A Splinter Cell Operative must not only defy enemy eyes, but also enemey ears.

You are dropped into the middle of a war, you must collect intelligence and stop the enemy. You are Sam Fisher also known as Splinter Cell.

Graphics 8.9
Well I should start with the graphics for this game. This game looks amazing, you can go through and you can see every little detail. From graffiti on the walls to dead cows on the ground. They paid very close attention to detail in this game and spent a lot of time on the graphics, it shows. Even what Sam is wearing looks so real, from his gun holster to his eye goggles. Every one of the guards look different in some way. The lighting effects for this game are fantastic, you can see your shadow move along the wall, and so can the guards. Even from the opening scene I was amazed with the graphics, for a moment I thought that they had filmed a little movie for the game, but no, it was just the graphics. Yes, they are that good.

Sound 8.5
The sound for this game is very good. You actually use sound to your advantage, weather to distract guards or draw attention to yourself. (That's a bad thing to do in this game though.) The music picks up pace when you get detected and slows down as your sneaking up behind an enemy ready to grab him use his body as a human shield, then knock him out, and hide him in the shadows. The voices are very good for this game, especially Sam's and the rest of the Third Echelon team. The bad guys also sound evil. Brilliant voice casting.

Story 9.5
This game also has a very good story. When I picked up the game, I thought it would be another one of those action games where you just run around and shoot bad guys. But this actually has a very good story to it. The story has you going around the world, even sneaking into the CIA headquarters. There are some components of the game that don't make a lot of sense but do in their own little way. You are part of the third echelon team. You have to collect intelligence, and use it to your advantage. There is even a touching scene where one of your team members dies... It was so sad.

Game play 10
The game play for this game is difficult to get used to at first but once you master it sneaking around buildings and killing people will come as easy as taking candy from a baby, or taking the life from an unsuspecting guard. Through out this game you have to use what ever is near you, to hide from or distract the guards/ soldiers/ mercenary's. You get an array of weapons and gadgets, including, a laser microphone, optic cable for seeing whats behind that ever so scary closed door, a sweet headset, no not night vision braces. Night vision goggles. From wall mines to emergency flares, all the toys James Bond only wishes he had. The one thing I didn't like about the game play is some of the very frustrating parts that are more luck then skill. You can get stuck for weeks trying to get past one hallway. But this brings up another good thing, checkpoints, once you have completed a certain part of the mission you will get a checkpoint, this means if you die during the next part you just go back to the last check point, but you lose where you were if you turn of your game before getting to a save point which is different from a check point, because save points save your progress not just record it. But you do because this game is a port of the PS2 version, not the X-Box version lose some parts of missions. But if you have a GBA you can connect that up and you get free grenades. Who says nothings free anymore?

Rent or Buy.
What are you doing still sitting at your computer reading this review? Here's a few simples steps for ownership of Splinter Cell, get up, find wallet, open wallet, if there is no money then you must find some money. Once you get money, drive, run take an air plane, do what ever you can to get to the nearest game store as quickly as possible, sneak up behind clerk, grab him around heck with water gun digging into his head and demand a copy of splinter cell. If you run don't bother looking both ways before you cross the streets just go. BUY THIS GAME NOW.
Overall Score- 9.5

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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