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Reviewed: 06/05/03 | Updated: 06/05/03

More Realistic Doesn't Always Equal More Fun

Splinter Cell is another game in the stealth and espionage genre, joining the ranks of the Metal Gear Solid series and the Tenchu series in this generation of games and consoles. Splinter Cell, while being the most realistic out of the said games, is easily the most boring, and I'll tell you why in the duration of this review.

The controls are pretty bad in my opinion. They are too complex and you seem to have to jam down the fire button hard to get the guns to shoot, which isn't too good of a thing whenever you are surrounded by two enemies that are about to shoot you in the face. The control set-up is poorly done, too. Overall, bad controls that could be so much better.

You play as Sam Fisher, a lone CIA agent that is sent out to do many various tasks. You are trying to stop terrorists in many exotic locations and do it without the enemy never knowing of your existence. If you are caught, the government will deny any knowledge of your character's existence. You are Sam Fisher. You are Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell, not being an original game in it's concept, is very innovative for it's genre. The game is strictly mission-based, and there is no exploration really. You basically have to go in a straight line and make sure you don't appear somewhere before you should so the enemy won't see you. There are lots of gadgets for you to use to make sure that you don't get discovered. For one, there is this little camera that you can slip under a door's crack and you can see inside the room without going in. There's a lot of tricky things like that at your disposal.

One big thing I hate about the game is how you only have 2 weapons throughout the whole game; an assault rifle and a silenced pistol. I mean, you should be able to get something more for variety and stuff. Oh well. I find using the pistol is better than using the rifle. With the pistol, you can hold people hostage by putting your gun to your head, hold someone in front of you and use them as a human shield, and a few other things that you can't do with the rifle. The aiming system is a little messed up. I had the crosshairs right on an enemy's body before and shot, but missed him. I wasn't far away either. And why does it take 2 shots in the head to kill someone? Since everything else is so realistic, why can't the kill points be realistic?

The levels are very well designed and generally pretty long. There are lots of levels that take place indoors and lots have a small outdoor environment. In the levels, there are numerous ways that you can interact with the environment. For example, you can climb poles, throw coke cans that are laying around, and pick up other objects. You can also shoot out lights and shoot out the screens of computers and stuff like that.

The enemies have very good artificial intelligence. If they think they hear you, they will search their location a little and make sure you aren't anywhere near them. If they feel threatened by you, they will immediately start shooting and sometimes retreat if they get scared after you shoot at them.

The replayability in the game isn't that great. There are no rewards or anything like that at all. All you can do is replay the game over and over, but I wouldn't even want to play through it once. Oh well. Overall, the replayability is bad. The gameplay is very realistic, but extremely boring. You will end up putting yourself to sleep if you play this for too long.

The graphics are amazing. The game looks better than the PlayStation2 version by far, but not as good as the Xbox version. There are great light effects and stuff like that. There is alright sound. It isn't anything great by any means. Overall, great graphics and average sound.

I would say that you shouldn't even rent this. It is too boring. If you have only a GameCube, I would suggest waiting for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, which will be released in fall of 2003. If you have a PlayStation2 to accompany your GameCube, I suggest picking up Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. These two games will quench your thirst for a stealth-based action game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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