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"Not feeling inspired, so I'll just say it's sub-par."

I was so excited to get this game on the Cube. I refrained from getting it on the XBOX first (only God knows why) for the my favored system, the Gamecube. I loved Metal Gear Solid, heard great reviews for this could it miss? Well, here's how:

I probably shouldn't have started with graphics if I wanted to emphasize the badness of the game, but oh well. The graphics on this game are actually very good. Lighting effects are superb and the people are very detailed. Environments are large and also...well, detailed. The cut-scenes are also very well done. They look almost as good as FFX's cutscenes.

Also not that bad, but nothing absolutely great. Everything is done fairly easily and the buttons are well placed for this game. But going into first person is annoying as Hell (as we all know the Devil is quite annoying). You have to click down on the C-stick, so sometimes while trying to look up, you'll go into first person mode. That's my only beef.

You may be wondering where this game went wrong. Well, hold on, it's coming. The story is well told through news casts, different conversations you hear, and data sticks that you can pick up from people you knock out. It is mainly just a terrorist that is planning world domination. Nothing original, but still good.

Hold on, I'm almost to the bad part. Okay, the sound is superb in this game. The different noises you hear alert you of everything around you. Surround sound makes you feel like a real spy. Conversations can be heard, footsteps make you aware of your enemies. This part of the game was really well done.

Crash!!!Kabooooommm!!!! We're here, at ground zero. This is where the game crashes. While many people wouldn't agree with me, I have my opinion and must express it here. This game prides itself on stealth and the intelligence of the AI, but the stealth part is all messed up and the AI are idiots. You can hide in the dark two feet away from someone, and they don't see you, even though you have a huge flashlight on your back. You drop one of their friends with a loud thunk on the floor, and they don't pay attention. Then there are the moves. You may think that jumping splits is cool, and, while it may be, you only use it once or twice in the whole game. Really, you only use a lot of your moves once or twice in the game. Mostly, you sneak behind someone, knock them out, and hide them. Throwing coke cans does nothing because they never hear it. And throwing bottles works next to never, because if you run even barely trying to get behind the person to choke them, they turn around (all of a sudden being able to hear you). And don't even think about holding a gun and moving around. If you have a gun armed, you only move about .00000002mph. And finally, while small, is the main reason I hate this game. Every time you try to shoot a light out, it takes 20 shots. Sure, you can hit the light dead on, but the developers want on specific spot on the light.

The only thing bad about this game is the gameplay. I am one of the few people I have heard of who disliked it, so chances are, you will like it. The game is pretty long, and allows you to do different things to take out people, so has some replay value. But I can't get passed the games flaws. It was a great prospect for a game, but torn down by the shoddy gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/13/03, Updated 07/13/03

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