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"Stay out of the Light"

This game is based on a book by Tom Clancy. There have been many Tom Clancy video games, but I think this is by far the best.

Game play-9/10

Some of the controls can be clunky, but once you get used to them you'll be knocking out bad guys in no time. The main thing in this game is stealth, sometimes one alarm could mean the end of the mission. With a number of gadgets at your disposal, everywhere from explosive lock picks, to silencer pistol, plenty of gadgets here to make life a little bit more fun and enjoyable. You can wipe out an entire facility of its guards without being seen. You'll soon find more ways then stupid jokes in the world to get through the levels. The main thing is to stay out of the light, and also the bodies of the fallen. The security cameras also provide interesting strategies, this game is definitely for the strategist at heart. The perfect stealth game.


This game has a story line, and it sticks to it. The point of the game is to find out what happened to Agents Madison and Blaustine. This simple mission escalates into finding out a deadly secret about the Georgian president Nikoladze.


The difficulty of this game varies. Some situations can be rather challenging, and some can just be a simple walk up behind a guy and chop him on the back. The game is inconsistent with the level of difficulty, but like most games it gets harder and harder the farther you go along. The security cameras also add to the mix, easy to get around, but some are placed where it is near impossible to see them.


The graphics are amazing, they did a hell of a job making this game. The lighting effects are spectacular, you see you shadows as they would appear in real life. The reason this gets a 9 is because of the drop attack. It looks really weird punching the ground and knocking a guy out.

The sound is another great feature, sometimes you rely only on your hearing in dark areas to tell you what you need to know, if there is a guard coming, or a security camera near by. Great weapons noise, the guns fire and sound like the real thing, and your footsteps along a metal platform will echo, jeopardizing your mission.

Play Time- 7/10

The play time is there, but the replay ability is not, there seems to be no reason to play the game over after you beat it one time. There are no unlock-ables, unlock-ables would have definitely added to the replay value, and for doing certain things, you do not get rewarded, this is a one time game, play through once and your done.

Buy or Rent

If you are a fan of Tom Clancy, or stealth, then this game is definitely for you, but if your not really into it, the it probably wont bring you in, its a great game, but only for the people who are fans of stealth, impatient people will be frustrated and break controllers, but I say buy the game, its the best stealth game out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/19/04

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