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"If you like stealth games you can't miss this one!"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Review (yeah how many months late)

At long last my review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell! First off, I would like to thank Ubi Soft for making this game and being greedy enough to publish it for the Game-Cube. It is truly a glimpse of what is to come in the stealth genre.

What would a Tom Clancy game be without a plot? Well if you have read any of his books then expect something like that. You play the roll of Sam Fisher who has been re-recruited to the NSA, 2 agents are missing, and you have been instructed to find them. I won't tell you much of the plot simply because you should enjoy it on your own without me giving it away ;)

Ok where do I start oh yes the graphics, now I'm a stickler when it comes to graphics ever since I saw the review of the Xbox version a long time ago I was truly amazed at the technology Ubi-Soft possesses the use of light and shadows in the environment is nothing short of breathtaking. The environments are large and expansive each with there own unique touch. For instance a level in CIA HQ looks exactly how you would picture it mess halls, janitor closets, cubicles, what I'm saying is everything makes sense. Now remember the GCN isn't as powerful as the Xbox so expect to see some drops in visuals particularly in the outdoor environments and when fire or rain is on the screen. However, the visuals are very impressive none the less.

Score 9

Next we'll talk about the Gameplay, once again I tip my hit to Ubi-Soft the word I like to use is tight. Sam Fisher can run if he wants to, but really, you will need to be crouching most of the time as we are talking about stealth here. Sam has a very wide variety of moves he can perform. He can rappel down walls shoot out lights cameras etc.. Sam is armed usually with a SC 20k which is a silenced rifle (one thing to note here is that you aren't armed with a lot of ammo which almost forces you to put more of an emphasis on stealth) that is usually equipped with smoke grenades,
Sticky-shockers and wall mounted cameras, Sam also carries a silenced pistol and a lock pic for you guessed it locked doors!

Score 9

Up next is sound which is the most important and well done part in the game from Sam shooting his SC 20k to hearing the enemies yell in horror when they find one of there own unconscious. What makes the sound great is the music which sets the tone perfectly throughout the game you'll cringe when and enemy spots something he doesn't like and goes into full alert as the music begins to beat faster and louder as you search for a some dark corner to hide in.

Score 10

Value overall is pretty good, there are 2 difficulty levels (medium and hard) and a very nice touch of having multiple paths through levels so you can play at your own style and pace the game isn't particularly long but DO NOT expect this to be a cakewalk! The enemy AI is phenomenal guards approperatly walk around at a brisk pace never stopping very long so you can sneak up on them, one sound they don't like and it's weapons drawn. They also carry weapons that can knock out Sam's health very fast so do not expect to last long in a firefight, stealth is the name of the game.
On a side note there is a bug in the game regarding the pistol, the trouble is that even at close range it is extremely inaccurate at headshots which is somewhat disappointing. Thankfully, the SC 20k has a scope, which makes aiming easier and less frustrating.

Score 8

Reviewers tilt: Overall this game is superb from the graphics to the overall sharpness and effort Ubi-Soft has put into this truly awesome game I give it a very high recommendation

On a side note I love this game so much I am going to buy it for the xbox soon, one more thing to note is that if you have both a xbox and a gamecube but can't decide what version to get simply break it down. If you have a GBA you can use it to plant sticky bombs and use gun turrets on your many foes. But if you want some slightly better graphics and gameplay you might want to get the xbox version. Both versions are terrrific though you can't miss this experience.

Score 9
Overall 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/02/04

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