Review by poopman 602

Reviewed: 09/28/04

Not a good stealth game, not a good game at all

When I first heard of Splinter Cell it sounded pretty fun, a realistic stealth game where 5 to one odds meant you were dead and where light and darkness played a part in the game. This did not end up being the case. The game was bad and there are many reasons why this game didn't meet my expectations and probably won't end up meeting yours. Some of these reasons are the graphics and story, but most importantly THE GAMEPLAY!!!

Controls: 9/10 This games controls were pretty good and simple. I didn’t really see any problems but considering when you’re playing a game the controls just come naturally these didn’t factor in to my final score very much.

Graphics:3/10 Considering the importance of graphics in this game, light and shadow will make the difference of whether a guard does or doesn’t see you, the graphics stink. The shadow effects look awful and all of the character models are poorly made and blocky. The environments are decent but aren't good enough to save this hopeless game.

Sound: 6/10 The music wasn’t very good and neither were a lot of the sounds. Sam Fisher’s deep voice fits him perfectly and some of the other main characters have decent voices but a big problem with this game is that you have to interrogate lots of people with heavy accents and while their voices were acted ok you can’t always understand what they’re saying.

Story: 2/10 I really don’t remember much of a story. Pretty much what I picked up to be the story that there’s a group of top secret agents called the Splinter Cells. You’re a Splinter Cell and your mission is to find out what happened to two other agents who were investigating a terrorist threat. This story is bad and hard to understand. The story is poorly told through awful cutscenes as well as interrogations of people with such heavy accents you have no idea what they’re saying.

Gameplay: 1/10 This game is horrible in lots of ways but its gameplay is truly terrible and definitely overrated. You're stealth operative Splinter Cell Sam Fisher. In this game you try to move around going from point A to point B avoiding enemy guards. The thing about this game is that you usually can't avoid the guards so have to resort to shooting them and killing them. Now this would be good and nice but you usually don't get many bullets per level and you'll have to confront lots guards. That would be okay except it takes about six bullets aimed at the head of a guard to kill him. Now I’m not sure if it’s that this “very well trained” Splinter Cell is awful at aiming or if the people who made the game had been shot in the head and weren’t killed. This game claimed to be realistic and failed, there is nothing realistic or good about needing to shoot six bullets at a persons head to kill them. Another thing that I have a problem with is the alarm system, if guards see you and sound an alarm your mission is instantly over. Now I can understand your mission being ended if you kill someone who you needed information from but realistically you could complete your mission even if you were seen, I would have preferred an MGS system where you get seen and then tons of guards start chasing you, you would still probably die but at least you could try to escape or put up one hell of a fight. Another major problem with this game is that EVERY mission can be beaten with a trial and error method. This means you might die a few times but in the end you'll easily beat each level, this also means that this game has no replay value because every play through will always be exactly the same. This game's gameplay is awful and overrated.

I would now like to note that with my final score I base the game on its overall fun. Graphics, sound, story, and anything else I missed affect my average, but fun (gameplay) really makes a game worth buying or not buying I would say gameplay equals about 50% of the total score of a game.

Final Recommendation
Stay away from this game, don't let your friends trick you into getting this game. Don't let reviewers get you to even rent this game. JUST STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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