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"Not what you'd expect!"

Splinter Cell: Gamecube

This game was originally on X Box, but since Ubi Soft realized how many people were buying it, they decided to let everyone have a peace of the cake. Surprisingly it turned out a lot better that everyone expected!

Lets get started!

Difficulty 5/10: Well, Gamecube owners definitely got the easy version of the game I read in an X-Box FAQ a lot of stuff which weren't in the Gamecube version. Also there are a lot more save points and a lot more checkpoints, this game isn't that hard, but some missions (especially the CIA headquarters and The Chinese Embassy in which you cant kill) are very, very hard!

Graphics: 9/10: WOW! This is probably one of the best-looking Gamecube games I have ever seen! Sure, so the X-Box has better graphics, but at least we beat the PS2! (Now I can laugh in my friends face) The light effects aren't very good, but I was still amazed at the graphics.

Sound: 7/10: The soundtrack was great! The music fit perfectly, except that it got a little repetitive. The major loss was that all the foreign soldiers had no accents! The only levels that sounded perfectly were Level 1: Training and Level 4: CIA Headquarters! I would like to say that in the last level of the game when you enter the room with all of the dead guards the music is amazing and fits perfectly!

Originality: 8/10: Ok, well this is Tom Clancy so you would expect a shooter, but I didn't expect a one person stealth game, but this still isn't the first stealth game it gets an eight.

Replay: 4/10: This is the low part of the game; once you beat it there is no point in going back (except if you want to play it on Hard mode) Also you cant unlock anything, you start out with all extras!

Controls: 9/10: Great! You can do everyone of Sam's moves with three buttons! That's right over 20 moves with three buttons. But when you press Z to switch to thermal vision it takes a while because first you have to go through night-vision mode.

Story: 9/10: The story is great, it's realistic, its exiting, it basically out of a Hollywood action thriller, the only bad part is that it's a bit hard to follow. (I had to play the game twice to fully understand it)

Length: 7/10: This is a long game, it probably will take you about 10-15 hours to beat it on Normal and about 20-25 on Hard.

Gameplay: 8/10: The game was great, you can crouch, climb, peek from corners, shimmy, use zip lines, roll, do wall jumps, drop attacks, door peeks, rappelling, rappel shooting, hanging of pipes (while shooting), move bodies, talk, grab, use a terrorist as a human shield, and my favorite move the split jump (I've only found two places in which that you can perform this move) Well, what do you say to that? My only problem is that when you want to hide a dead (or knocked out) body in another room, you have to drop the body, open the door, pick up the body, and get it into the room before the door closes (this problem has been fixed in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow) One thing I didn't think was fair is that the PS2 got an extra mission! Darn you PS2, darn you!!!!!! Oh, also one other thing the Gamecube got is the ability to plug in your Gameboy Advanced using a connection plug you will unlock the ability to use a new gadget called the Sticky Bomb. You will also get a map showing the location of every enemy. And you will be able to deactivate and activate wall mines without getting close to them; you can also control Automated Turrets. But do I want that new mission!

Final Score: 7.3

Buy or Rent: If you like stealth or action BUY, BUY, BUY! If you don't have a lot of patience rent it first and see if you like it. I know you'll love it! And if you don't at least you didn't lose a lot of money!

I had a lot of fun and I'm sure that fans of the stealth and action genre will love it too. Well that is my review Shadow Net member 103011 signing off. Expect a review for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/22/05

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