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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chibi_robo

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 03/12/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             A walkthrough by chibi_robo for
        ____   _       _   _       _           ____           _               _
       / ___| | |__   (_) | |__   (_)         |  _ \   ___   | |__     ___   | |
      | |     | '_ \  | | | '_ \  | |  _____  | |_) | / _ \  | '_ \   / _ \  | |
      | |___  | | | | | | | |_) | | | |_____| |  _ < | (_) | | |_) | | (_) | |_|
       \____| |_| |_| |_| |_.__/  |_|         |_| \_\ \___/  |_.__/   \___/  (_)
    Name: Chibi-Robo Walkthrough
    Author: chibi_robo (AKA Marcus Johnson)
    Email: chibi.robo.guide@gmail.com
    Version: 0.75
    Date: 3/13/2006
    Guide Started: 2/9/2006
    |                            |
    | ~~ I. Table of Contents ~~ |
    1. Introduction - intrdctn (for search, search for intrdctn)
    2. Main/Manual - mnl
     2A. The Little Robot Who Could
     2B. Menu
     2C. Controls
     2D. Main Screen
     2E. Equip Menu
     2F. Pause Menu
     2G. Explore!
     2H. Chibi-House
     2I. Talk with Telly
    3. Talk to Telly (FAQ) - tttfaq
    4. Characters (only one is playable) - chrctrs
     4A. Playable
     4B. Helping hands
     4C. The Family
     4D. The Free Rangers
     4E. Everyone Else
    5. Guide - guid
     5A. Party - 5% (you've completed 10% of the game after this chapter)
     5B. Talking Toys - 15% (not including side quests)
     5C. Giga-Robo - 30%
     5D. The Free Rangers - 40%
     5E. Spydorz - 55%
     5F. Broken Family - 75%
     5G. Adventure Time - 80% (coming soon)
     5H. Final Battle - 90% (coming soon)
     5I. He Lives!!! - 100% (coming soon)
     5J. Finish the side quests - 100% (including side quests) (coming soon)
    6. Counts - cnts
     6A. Happy Points and Rankings
     6B. Power Consumption
     6C. HP and Moolah for trash
     6D. HP for cleaning stains with toothbrush
    7. Side quests - sdqst
     7A. The Free Rangers
     7B. Captain Plankbeard
     7C. Mort and Princess Pitts (coming soon)
     7D. Dinah and Funky Phil (coming soon)
     7E. Telly (coming soon)
     7F. Fred and Frieda (coming soon)
     7G. Bluebird (coming soon)
     7H. Mr. Prongs (coming soon)
     7I. Drake Redcrest (coming soon)
     7J. Sophie (coming soon)
     7K. The Great Peekoe (coming soon)
     7L. Sunshine (coming soon)
     7M. Cooking (coming soon)
    8. Equipment eqpmnt
     8A. Tools
     8B. Chibi-Gear
     8C. Suits
    9. Online Store - onlnstr
    10. Utilibots - utlbot
    11. Chibi-Doors (coming soon)
    12. Items (coming soon)
     12A. Trash (coming soon)
     12B. Deliverable/Side quest (coming soon)
     12C. Use-able (coming soon)
    13. Collectibles (coming soon)
     13A. Stickers (coming soon)
     13B. Frog Rings (coming soon)
     13C. Crayons (coming soon)
     13D. Blocks (coming soon)
    14. Rooms (coming soon)
    15. Contact - cntct
    16. Legal - lgl
    17. Credits - crdts
    |                                     |
    |  ~~ 1. Introduction - intrdctn - ~~ |
    This is... yea the introduction. This is my FIRST Walkthrough,
    so it is not much, Also I just got the game like... a couple of weeks
    ago so I have not seen quite everything yet, but I hope to have that finished
    by next year. I expect version 1.0 (or whatever the next version is) to have
    a lot of stuff in it. I got some ASCII art from a program called FIGlet (almost
    10 years old) which you can find at http://www.figlet.org. Later I will have a
    lot more to this guide and I hoped to have the first full guide on this game,
    but apparently someone beat me to it. I thought that this game wouldn't get VERY
    popular (not as popular as Super Mario Sunshine or Super Smash Bros. or Mario
    Kart: Double Dash) because Nintendo Revolution is on it's way and everyone is
    saving up. Well now I've figured this game is so popular that Nintendo Power
    has even devoted a  magazine cover to Chibi-Robo and even made a guide to
    Assisted Living which I have read a time or two.
    So to start us off, Chibi-Robo is an action/adventure game, where you play as
    this little robot (Chibi means cute. Although I am a guy so I don't really
    use words like cute so I'll call him a little robot) well this little
    robot is smaller than a mug yet can climb to the ceiling. He can also stick
    almost anything in his tiny little head (very unreal) such as a car. I will one
    day include EVERYTHING about Chibi-Robo.
    Now info on my version of the game, I bought the game on Friday, the 10th of
    February. I had paid for it about the beginning of January, spending my
    Christmas money. I also bought a few other things that I will not get into as
    this guide is focused on Chibi-Robo.
    |                              |
    | ~~ 2. Main/Manual - mnl - ~~ |
    ** 2A. The Little Robot Who Could **
    All below is from pages 6 and 7 of the Chibi-Robo manual.
    One fine day, a small robot by the name of Chibi-Robo arrives at the Sanderson
    house. What does the four inch automaton want? To bring happiness to all! With
    the help of his flying robot manager, Telly Vision, Chibi-Robo works day and
    night to help the Sanderson family get the most out of life and find happiness.
    Aim for the top of the Chibi-Rankings by gathering Happy Points and Moolah!
    It's rumored that Chibi-Robo will become Super Chibi-Robo if he reaches the
    top of the rankings, but...
    Need to store some garbage? Jewelry? How about a pirate ship? Chibi-Robo's
    chrome dome has an easy-open top for quick access, and it can store almost
    anything. It also comes equipped with handy signs, ! & (/), with which he
    conveys his feelings.
    Using state-of-the-art technology, Chibi-Robo's Chibi-Vision can zoom in on
    distant objects in the blink of an eye.
    Chibi-Robo's power source. It loses energy as Chibi-Robo moves about. If it
    drains completely, Chibi-Robo will be rendered motionless.
    Running low on energy? Find the nearest outlet and plug in for a quick
     >Meet the Sandersons<
    The head of the household, Mr. Sanderson, is currently unemployed. His wife,
    Mrs. Sanderson, takes care of the housework and family finances and is
    struggling with the family budget. Their daughter, Jenny, only speaks in the
    language of frogs. Meanwhile, the family's faithful dog, Tao, wants nothing
    more than bones.
    ** 2B. Menu **
    Menu information can be found on pages 8 and 9 in the Chibi-Robo manual.
    * Main Menu: Use Control Stick or D-pad to Select than press A to confirm.
     - New Game: Select New Game to start playing Chibi-Robo from the beginning.
     - Load Game: Choose load Game to continue a previously saved game.
     - Options: On the Options menu, you can choose to turn the Rumble Feature on
       or off and set the Sound to Stereo or Mono.
    ~ About Saving: You can save your game whenever Chibi-Robo recharges his
      battery. A single save file requires six blocks on your Memory Card. You can
      save up to three games on a Memory Card, but once you turn the game off, you
      will lose all of your progress. (so using all three files will take away
      18 blocks of save data.)
    ** 2C. Controls **
    The controls below are from pages 10 and 11 in the manual. (I may have change
    them slightly to make them more understandable)
    | A-button        | Confirm Selections, Investigate, Scroll conversation text,
    | ^      ^        | Pick up Chibi-Plug, Talk, Use Chibi-Gear items
    | B-button        | Cancel, put Chibi-Gear away, drop Chibi-Plug,
    | ^      ^        | Scroll conversation text
    | C-stick         | Make menu selections, move camera
    | D-pad           | Make menu selections
    | Control Stick   | Make menu selections, move Chibi-Robo
    | L-button        | Center camera behind Chibi-Robo
    | R-button        | Turn map camera on and off
    | X-button        | Open Equipment menu (where you pull out nifty gadgets)
    | Y-button        | Turn Chibi-Vision on and off
    | Z-button        | Pose (really awesome stuff, unlock it later in game)
    | Start/Pause     | Open Pause Menu.
    ** 2D. Main Screen **
    The information in this section is yeah basically pages 12 and 13 of the manual.
    This is the screen where the majority of Chibi-Robo's adventure unfolds. One of
    the most important things to do is keep an eye on the Chibi-Battery and make
    sure it doesn't run out.
     * What's on the Screen? Each day in the game is divided into equal day and
    night periods, and the family members will be in different places during each
    period. If Chibi-Robo's battery runs out while he's out and about, Telly will
    transport him to the Chibi-House where he can safely recharge-but poor Chibi
    will lose some Moolah in the process.
    This shows the total time in minutes for each day or night period.
    >Day and Night Icons<
    The sun icon displays during the day, and the moon icon displays at night.
    >Happy Points<
    This shows Chibi-Robo's current Happy Point total.
    This shows Chibi-Robo's current Moolah total. Use Moolah to buy items on the
    This shows how many pieces of Scrap Chibi-Robo is carrying. Scrap is used to
    make Utilibots. This number will flash when Chibi-Robo has collected enough
    Scrap to make a Utilibot.
    This shows how much energy is in Chibi-Robo's battery. This will decrease as
    Chibi-Robo moves around.
     * How to Operate the Three Cameras
    All cameras can be zoomed in or out by moving C-stick up and down.
    >Centered Camera<
    Move C-stick left and right to rotate the camera. Press L to center the camera
    behind Chibi-Robo.
    Press Y to switch the camera into first-robot view. Use control stick to look
    around. Hard-to-find items are easy to spot with Chibi-Vision, so be sure to
    make good use of it.
    >Map Camera<
    Press R to switch to a ceiling camera for a bird's-eye view of the room
    Chibi-Robo is exploring. The map will display Chibi-Robo's location, as well the
    locations of items. Use control stick to move the camera's position.
    ** 2E. Equip Menu **
    Equip Menu is page 14 in the Chibi-Robo Manual. Page 15 too!
    Press X on the main screen to display the Equip Menu. This is where you go to
    equip Chibi-Gear and tools, as well as to change suits.
     * Viewing the Equip Menu
    The top row of the menu shows Chibi-Gear and tools, while the bottom shows
    Chibi's suits. Use control stick, D-pad, or C-stick to switch between rows. Time
    stops when the Equip menu is open.
     * Selecting Suits
    As Chibi-Robo explores the house, he'll get special suits to wear. Use control
    stick, D-pad, or C-stick to scroll through the suits and press A to put one on
    or to take it off.
    Press Z while wearing a suite to strike a pose. Poses differ depending on the
    suit being worn.
     * Selecting Chibi-Gear and Tools
    Chibi-Robo can equip Chibi-Gear he buys online and tools he picks up around the
    house. Use control stick, D-pad, or C-stick to choose a piece of Chibi-Gear or a
    tool for Chibi-Robo to use and press A to confirm.
    /Using Chibi-Gear and Tools/
    "Press A to use the tool or Chibi-Gear that Chibi-Robo has equipped. To put
    tools and Chibi-Gear away, press B or return to the Equip menu, select the
    equipped tool or piece of Chibi-Gear, and press A."
    ** 2F. Pause Menu **
    Pages 16 and 17 of the Chibi-Robo Manual contain this info and more.
    Press START/PAUSE on the main screen to display the Pause menu. The Pause menu
    is where you come to check on Chibi-Robo's status, items, and stickers.
     * Viewing the Pause menu
    Use control stick or D-pad to choose a menu selection, then press A to confirm.
    The game clock stops while you are in the pause menu.
     * Items
    All of the items Chibi-Robo has collected are shown here. Select an item with
    control stick or D-pad, then press A to see a description of the item. The
    number displayed next to an item shows how many of that item Chibi-Robo is
    carrying. Depending on the situation, Chibi-Robo can sometimes use items by
    pressing A.
     * Status
    Chibi-Robo's ranking, Happy Points, and Moolah are on display here.
    >Chibi-Ranking< Where Chibi-Robo is currently ranked.
    >Happy Points, Moolah, Scrap< How much Happy Points, Moolah, and Scrap
    Chibi-Robo is currently carrying.
    >Chibi-Robo Upgrades< This shows the components Chibi-Robo has purchased on the
     * Controller
    Open this menu item to see a layout of the control scheme. Check it out if you
    forget what a button does.
     * Stickers
    Chibi-Robo will gain Happy Stickers as he progresses through the game. Come here
    to check them out.
    ** 2G. Explore! **
    You can find out about exploring on pages 18 and 19 of the Chibi-Robo manual.
    One of the most important things for Chibi-Robo to do is explore his
    surroundings. Who knows what treasures hide behind shelves and on tables? Get
    out there and check out every nook and cranny!
     * Moving Chibi-Robo
    Tilt control stick in the direction you want Chibi-Robo to move. Tilt it a
    little bit to make him walk, or tilt it farther to make him run.
    Chibi-Robo can climb up or jump onto some objects. Walk toward the object and
    press and hold control stick to make a small meter appear. If you keep holding
    control stick in the desired direction, Chibi-Robo will climb or jump up onto
    the object when the meter is full.
    There are some places where Chibi-Robo can hang from edges. Use control stick or
    A to climb up and B to let go and drop. (Also use control stick to move from
    side to side while hanging)
    /Charging Up/
    "Press A while standing next to the Chibi-Plug to pick it up. Move close to a
    socket while carrying the Chibi-Plug and press A again to make Chibi-Robo plug
    himself in and recharge. Once Chibi-Robo is recharged, you can save your game
    progress. If you want to save, select ! and press A"
     * ! Marks the Spot!
    The investigation icon, !, will sometimes pop up when Chibi-Robo gets close to
    certain items or people. When it appears , press A to investigate.
    Talk to gamily members and toys! They've got lots of things to tell you.
    Check out hanging cords! They're a great way to reach new heights.
    Snoop snoop snoop! Open drawers to see where it gets you. (use as stairs)
    Talk to the can! Investigate garbage cans to get rid of trash you are carrying.
    /About the Chibi-Robo Chibi-Manual/
    "At some point in the game (the second night), the Chibi-Robo Chibi-Manual will
    appear in the living room. This is the official Chibi-Robo owner's guide. It
    contains everything you need to know about chibi-Robo and Chibi-Gear."
    ** 2H. Chibi-House **
    Pages 20 and 21 of the Chibi-Robo manual
    This is Chibi-Robo's base of operations. He returns here automatically at the
    end of each day and night or when his battery runs out.
     * Break Time
    At the end of each day and night, Chibi-Robo returns to the Chibi-House to
    recharge, count his Happy Points, and adjust his standings in t he Chibi-
    Rankings. Rumor has it that he'll get new longer-lived batteries as he moves up
    in the rankings (true). Game progress can also be saved in the Chibi-House.
     * Chibi-PC
    The Chibi-House is also the place to use the Chibi-PC, where Chibi-Robo can
    access the Online Shop and Recyclotron. Eventually, Scrap Trade will be an
    option as well.
     - Online Shop: This is the place to buy Chibi-Gear and items with your hard-
    earned Moolah. Select items with control stick or D-pad and confirm with A. If
    you purchase Timer 10 or Timer 15, each day and night will be 10 or 15 minutes
     - Recyclotron: Use Scrap gained from destroying Spydorz to build Utilibots with
    the Recyclotron. Select which Utilibot to build with control stick or D-pad and
    press A to confirm.
      - Scrap -
    Scrap is what the Recyclotron uses for building materials. Chibi-Robo can pick
    up Scrap by destroying the mysterious arachnid-shaped robots known as Spydorz
    with his Chibi-Blaster.
    /What are Utilibots?/
    "Utilibots are machines that let Chibi-Robo gain access to places he can't reach
    on his own. Chibi-Robo can activate Utilibots by plugging into them with his
    Chibi-Plug and sharing his battery power.
    ** 2I. Talk with Telly **
    Page 22 of the instruction manual!
    Q: I don't know what to do! What do I do?
    A: Well here are a few ideas for you! Try on suits and press Z, talk with people
    in the house, or shoot Sunshine stickers with the Chibi-Blaster. How's that for
    Q: I don't have enough Moolah to buy any chibi-Gear! How do I get some quick
    A: Have you seen any of those funny doors with blinking eyes? I've named then
    chibi-Doors, and Chibi-Robo can open them with his Chibi-Plug. I've got a
    feeling there may be something useful behind them...
    Q: There's, like, a really big robot in the basement! What's up with that?
    A: Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you. Ah! That robot's got a
    socket. I wonder what would happen if Chibi-Robo plugged his Chibi-Plug into
    |                                         |
    | ~~ 3. Talk to Telly (FAQ) - tttfaq - ~~ |
    I got these questions from all over the Chibi-Robo manual. Talk with Telly (page
    22) and all the little boxes with Telly giving you a tip. I also made some up
    (questions that would be asked most likely) and my brothers asked me some.
    Q: How do I save?
    A: You can save your game whenever Chibi-Robo charges his battery. A single save
    file requires six blocks on your Memory Card. You can save up to three games on
    a Memory Card. You can also play Chibi-Robo without a Memory card, but once you
    turn the game off, you will lose all of your progress.
    Q: How do I use Chibi-Gear and Tools?
    A: Press A to use the tool or Chibi-Gear that Chibi-Robo has equipped. To put
    tools and Chibi-Gear away, press B or return to the Equip menu, select the
    equipped tool or piece of Chibi-Gear, and press A.
    Q: My Chibi-Battery is running low, how do I charge it?
    A: Press A while standing next to the Chibi-Plug to pick it up. Move close to a
    socket while carrying the Chibi-Plug and press A again to make Chibi-Robo plug
    himself in and recharge. Once Chibi-Robo is recharged, you can save your game
    progress. If you want to save, select ! and press A.
    Q: What is the Chibi-Robo Chibi-Manual?
    A: At some point in the game (second night to be exact), the Chibi-Robo Chibi-
    Manual will appear in the living room. This is the official Chibi-Robo owner's
    guide. It contains everything you need to know about Chibi-Robo and chibi-Gear.
    Q: What are Utilibots?
    A: Utilibots are machines that let Chibi-Robo gain access to places he can't
    reach on his own. Chibi-Robo can activate Utilibots by plugging into them with
    his Chibi-Plug and sharing his battery power.
    Q: I don't know what to do! What do I do?
    A: Well here are a few ideas for you! Try on suits and press Z, talk with people
    in the house, or shoot Sunshine stickers with the Chibi-Blaster. How's that for
    Q: I don't have enough Moolah to buy any chibi-Gear! How do I get some quick
    A: Have you seen any of those funny doors with blinking eyes? Telly's named then
    Chibi-Doors, and Chibi-Robo can open them with his Chibi-Plug. Go on in and grab
    the Moolah.
    Q: There's, like, a really big robot in the basement! What's up with that?
    A: That is Giga-Robo, try plugging into his socket...
    Q: I had my Gamecube Microphone plugged in and my little brother grabbed hold of
    it and said a few things through it. Then Chibi-Robo looked at me, then a
    question mark over his head, then he collapsed. What happened?
    A: WOW you just found secret. Well when you speak silently (whisper lightly
    kind of) through your mic Chibi-Robo will look at you and when you talk normal
    voice an exclamation point or question mark will appear above his head and he
    will stare at you for a few seconds. If you yell through the mic you'll scare
    Chibi-Robo and he'll collapse, but don't worry, he'll come back alive.
    Q: I'm hearing a strange noise, when I enter the foyer Telly says it's coming
    from the far side of the room. What is this noise?
    A: Giga-Robo is making the noise I believe. Only problem is getting past the
    Free Rangers.
    |                                 |
    | ~~ 4. Characters - chrctrs - ~~ |
    Thanks to Nintendo Power's articles on Chibi Robo in March and April 2006
    issues for information on Characters. Also I took a peek at CyricZ's guide
    but it was only Peekoe, the frogs, Bluebird, the Spydorz and the aliens.
    ** 4A. Playable **
    ~ Chibi-Robo: The main, only playable character. Chibi means cute and Robo
    will stand for robot. So Chibi-Robo is a cute robot. Chibi-Robo is an upgrade
    from Giga-Robo which resembles R.O.B for the NES (Robotic Operating Buddy for
    the Nintendo Entertainment System).
    ** 4B. Helping Hands **
    ~ Telly Vision: Chibi-Robo's manager who speaks for him (other than saying yes
    ! or no (/)) Telly Vision also sets up the Utilibots for you, lets you in on
    whatever is recent, ETC. Telly Vision is a good friend to have and it'd be hard
    for Chibi-Robo if Telly weren't there to help him.
    ** 4C. The Family **
    ~ Mr. Sanderson: Jenny's father is obsessed with Drake Redcrest (you get a
    limited edition Drake Redcrest toothbrush and mug) and robots. Unemployed, he
    goes spending Moolah (their currency of money, sounds Hawaiian) like crazy
    on toys and Chibi-Robo. Since no one can understand Jenny he gets away on
    buying Chibi-Robo.
    ~ Mrs. Sanderson: While Mr. Sanderson is spending Moolah like crazy, his wife
    is stressed like crazy. Trying to keep the family together, keeping the bills
    caught up while Mr. Sanderson has no job, and preparing meals, etc.
    ~ Jenny: Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson's daughter who thinks she's under a magical
    spell which causes her to only speak frog language only says ribbit unless you
    have your frog suit on.
    ~ Tao: The Sanderson's dog Tao loves bones and has a weird uhh voice. He will
    only give you happy points for giving him his bone, but later on it is between
    the Free Rangers and Tao.
    ** 4D. The Free Rangers **
    ~ Sarge: Leader of them all
    ~ Tex and Frisco: Leaders of the two separate groups
    ~ Houston, Tucson, Vegas, Denver, Nawlins, Jersey, Cincy, Macon, Montana, Fargo,
    Bama, Fairbanks, Oregon, Maui, Idaho, Memphis, Orlando, and Detroit: Free
    ** 4E. Everyone else **
    ~ Sophie: Tao's chew toy who has gone completely gaga over Drake Redcrest,
    wear the Drake Redcrest suit in front of her and she'll completely freak out
    ~ Drake Redcrest: Mr. Sanderson's favorite toy. Drake patrols the house and
    fights for justice.
    ~ The Free Rangers: Hard-Boiled eggs that go crazy over training to fight the
    "Great Hairy Beast" (Tao) You can find Memphis's tags in Tao's dog house and
    their photo is on the table.
    ~ Sunshine: Jenny's teddy bear who can go insane over the want of nectar. Not
    too much to worry about but I think you can handle it.
    ~ Giga-Robo: An older version of Chibi-Robo who sits powerless in the basement.
    One of the main objects in the game is to bring him to life also. He uses about
    10,000 kilowatts of energy which is why he sits dormant.
    ~ Captain Plankbeard: Captain of the Scurvy Splinter wants to be evil and find
    treasure, but what's this? Sanderson's broke? Leave that Moolah be Plankbeard!
    The Sanderson's will die if you take it. Okay so Plankbeard isn't QUITE as evil
    as he dreams to be. Maybe you can find his ship and recruit a crew?
    ~ The Great Peekoe: It's Moolah time, and happy point time if you'd like.
    When you first meet Peekoe, you might think he's a cheating monster, but after
    having your soul "cleansed" you will realize this is just a weird shaped
    monkey that is completely randomized and I haven't figured out his gender yet.
    ~ Mort: Mummy who hasn't had new bandages in 1800 years. Rests in peace in his
    grave under the bed. You will find bandages in the kitchen. Mort has a crush
    on someone (all the toys do). And that someone is Princess Pitts (kind of
    me of Princess Peach).
    ~ Princess Pitts: The dreamy, scared princess who lives high in a castle is
    missing her red shoe. Your job is to find it, make your way through the castle
    and give the shoe to Princess Pitts.
    ~ Dinah: A LEGO made dinosaur who is in love with Funky Phil. Dinah eats frogs
    so don't trick her wearing the frog costume. You'll knock her teeth out being
    made of metal and all.
    ~ Funky Phil: One of those flower things that dance when they hear music.
    Locked up behind the blinds, Funky Phil is pretty Funky.
    ~ Frieda: Found dried and shriveled in the backyard, Frieda needs water. Give
    her some water and find Fred and get wet. Also get some happy points.
    ~ Fred: On the floor in the bedroom, Fred almost got eaten by a Lego dinosaur.
    Put Fred in your head and take him to his bed. With Fred and Frieda together,
    you can get some rain, happy points, and the flowers will grow faster.
    ~ Spydorz: Your only enemies. They can get pretty nasty but all they need is a
    shot from your Chibi-Blaster (they might need a power shot, or even three
    shots) and they are gone.
    ~ Bluebird: Bluebird at the beginning of t he game is a baby bird without a
    mother, sleeping. In order to access the roof this bird needs to move. Hungry
    for eggplant the Bluebird won't move yet. (kind of reminds me of my tree and
    house, climb on the tree to get on the roof)
    ~ The Aliens: Very quiet little dudes. They get sick and burn up easily on
    earth, squirt them and they'll thank you. The Aliens also made a device to go
    back in time. This could be useful.
    ~ Kid Eggplant: A purple eggplant (I have never seen a real eggplant before,
    I've only eaten eggplant lasagna which I didn't like) who is obsessed with the
    popularity of eggplants.
    ~ Mr. Prongs: Plump blue little guy with prongs on his head. He also wears a
    pink bikini and I'm not too sure what he's useful for yet. You'll find him in
    the living room with the Chibi-Radar.
    |                         |
    | ~~ 5. Guide - guid - ~~ |
    ** 5A. Party **
    First in the living room, at the party, Mrs. Sanderson gives
    Jenny a hat, Jenny doesn't like it, then the dog, Tao, gives
    Jenny a bone, Jenny seems to like it, then Mr. Sanderson
    pulls out something, is it a boom box? until Chibi-Robo comes
    out of it, it looks like a Barbie dance thing or a really fancy
    boom box. Well Chibi-Robo comes out with his manager,
    an extremely really little flying television. His name is Telly-Vision.
    Telly-Vision explains they've come to a party empty-handed
    and gives you your first assignment, get the rose to give to
    Now all you have to do is go to the stack of plates, tilt the
    control stick toward the stack of plates until Chibi-Robo
    doesn't move anymore, you'll see a power-meter that will
    fill up and then Chibi-Robo will hop onto the stack of plates.
    Now go toward the vase that has the rose in it and do the
    same thing, the first power meter will show then Chibi-Robo
    will hang on the edge of the vase, keep holding the control stick
    toward the vase and the second power meter will appear then
    Chibi-Robo will climb onto the vase. The Sandersons will
    be amazed and all, so-so.
    While on the vase go up close to the flower and a little bubble
    with an exclamation point and a Chibi-Robo head on top of it
    will appear. When this appears it means you are in range to
    talk, pick up, use the A-button.
    The rose will go into Chibi-Robo's head.
    That's Awesome!
    Everyone's all impressed again. Telly-Vision gives you excellent
    and informs you of your Chibi-Copter. Now press x and
    select Chibi-Copter from the top row, press A-button to use
    it. Now you'll get down from the vase without getting hurt. Nice
    huh? Now you got to go over to Jenny and give her the Rose.
    Go to Jenny and press A to talk, then you'll have to select yes
    and you'll be taken to the items menu where you will select the
    rose and give it to Jenny. Jenny will be a little excited. Then Jenny
    will give you 20 happy points and 120 Moolah.
    Now Jenny blows out the candles, YAY. Okay, Now it is time
    for REAL business. Telly-Vision will tell you about Chibi-Rankings
    which I recommend you pay attention to, then he'll ask you to save
    which I recommend you SAVE. (Otherwise you got to go through
    all the talking and get the rose and all again if you forget to save later)
    After that pick up trash on the floor of Chibi-House, and head out.
    ** 5B. Talking Toys **
    First, go to the couch near where Mr. Sandersons hand is and you'll find his
    toothbrush, pick it up, it is useful. Now scrub the nearby stains and find some
    other stains to clean up, then the T.V. will turn on, go ahead and go to the
    reflection it makes on the floor and you'll meet Drake Redcrest which he'll give
    you the Drake Redcrest suit and now you can go into the foyer (by the way, the
    strange noise is coming from Giga-Robo in the basement) be sure to pick up all
    the Moolah laying around, you'll need to buy Chibi-Blaster as soon as possible.
    Now talk to Drake Redcrest again and he'll show you the pose, when you've
    mastered it go to Sophie, (she's the chew toy in the kitchen doorway) and show
    her the pose and it'll scare her away then you can go into the kitchen. You can
    go into the kitchen and explore, or you can keep following the guide. Go toward
    the T.V., (oh by the way pick up your Chibi-Plug to walk faster) then walk up to
    the drawer on the left of the T.V. and press and hold A and pull back on the
    drawer. Climb on and do the same with the other drawer then you will be on the
    little cabinet, Go right (toward the T.V.) and pick up that little ring, it is a
    frog ring. Now go away from the T.V. past the door and onto the other cabinet,
    use the drawers as stairs again, when you get up, there is a Chibi-Door. It is a
    door that has eyes so Telly named it a Chibi-Door. Just insert your Chibi-Plug
    and turn then go on in and get all the Moolah before coming out. I recommend you
    save the foyer for later as you could die in there if you went in. Also if you
    go towards the patio door you'll find a trash can, go to it and press A when the
    investigate symbol is there and you can empty your garbage into the trash can,
    to get some extra Moolah just before time runs out you'll want to empty your
    garbage into the garbage can. First go on the cabinet and collect garbage from
    up there and around the trash can before emptying to save trips to the trash
    can. Pull out your Chibi-Copter while at the edge of the cabinet (the farthest
    edge from the garbage can) and hold A to hover across to get in the little wall
    mount and get that Chibi-Door. Right next to the trash can is also a large china
    cabinet, you can go behind this, recharge and pick up some Moolah on the way.
    On the couch and chair there is a TON of Moolah and trash. You can also get some
    valuable trash (not the most valuable trash in the whole house but for starters
    it is). To get on the couch, go to the stack of books by the chair and use them
    as stairs and then use the books on the chair as stairs to get on the arm, then
    get on the wooden part of the arm to get on the coffee table. Also, to get on
    the couch, hover from the soft part of the arm to the little table between couch
    and chair, there might be some trash on the little table. Then hover to the
    couch. The Moolah on the chair isn't valuable enough to go through all the work
    needed to get it. (It is only 20 Moolah total) When you are on the arm of the
    couch, don't get off quite yet. You can get 30 Moolah from the top/back of the
    couch. First go to the back of the arm and climb up the ladder by pressing A.
    Then get some good Moolah. Pick up the trash on the couch and table and head to
    the kitchen. When you first enter the kitchen you will see a Chibi-Door, go in
    get the Moolah, that is about all you can do for now. For the rest of the night
    knock yourself out in the living room and kitchen with Moolah, trash, and
    stains, but be sure to stay clear of the foyer unless you just want to get hurt
    or something.
    ** 5C. Giga-Robo **
    When the half-day starts (it should be daytime now) go to the Chibi-PC inside
    the Chibi-House, then go to online store and go all the way down and buy Chibi-
    Blaster if you have enough (enough=1110 Moolah). If you don't have enough, don't
    buy anything else. Just go out in the family room and Kitchen and collect Moolah
    till you have 1110 Moolah or more. Now for the main part of this chapter.
    Once you have the chibi-Blaster, talk to Mr. Sanderson for a news update on
    Spydorz (which Mr. Sanderson invented) and your one step closer to finding the
    Head to the kitchen, pick up trash and clean stains in your way (and grab Moolah
    too) Now go to the drawers by where Mrs. Sanderson is standing and climb up (use
    the handles as stairs and you don't need to pull the drawers out) Get the mug
    from up there. This is kind of like a bullet proof vest, except it is a mug. It
    will keep you from getting hurt when someone shoots at you (and you'll see why
    you need it if you've gone to the foyer already). Now go toward the patio door
    while still on the counter in the kitchen, and go to the little light house lamp
    and the cord will drop, now you have easy access to the planter, and the
    counter. You can go through the top entrance of the dog house to get Memphis
    tags, even though that's not required I recommend you go ahead and do that.
    Then after that, you need to go to the living room, then the foyer. Recharge
    before entering the foyer if you feel the need to. Once you get in the foyer,
    INTRUDER! No just joking but you seem to be an intruder of some sort... Anyways
    go toward where Telly points you to. That'd be the entrance of the basement. Use
    the R button if you can't seem to get there, when you press R a map will show,
    which you can get direction from. You'll be heading to where it says basement.
    Once you are in the basement, go plug into the big robot (the big robot is Giga-
    Robo). You'll see some things from his memory system, then the Giga-Battery will
    appear. Pick the Giga-Battery up to meet Captain Plankbeard. Plankbeard will
    tell you about Giga-Charger (which I'll tell you how to get in a minute) and
    some other things. By the way, robots do NOT die! Anyways now your mission is
    reactivating Giga-Robo. Before you start finding the charger, the basement
    (before climbing any) needs a bit of tidying up. Go under the stairs, clean the
    stains and pick up the trash, there are huge stains on the floor everywhere in
    the basement so clean those up and get on with your mission. First thing you
    need to do is pull out Chibi-Blaster and take aim with Y, shoot the sunshine
    sticker. The sunshine sticker is a sticker that has a little teddy bear on it.
    Now the shelf will fall and you can climb up on it. Beside the point, if you run
    out of energy, you will collapse and be back at the Chibi-House with the trauma
    suit, and then when you leave the Chibi-House (as you cannot pose in the Chibi-
    House) and press Z and hold it for a long time you will be back at the chibi-
    House again with the ghost suit. So if you want to, you can just run out of
    energy right now and go back to get the trauma suit and ghost suit. If you don?t
    do it now, later in the game (I?m still trying to find out as I?ve only heard
    this) it?ll appear in the Online Shop. It takes away some of your Moolah when
    you run out of energy though, and you want to save up as much Moolah for when
    you meet the Great Peekoe, the more Moolah you?ve already got, the faster you?ll
    get maximum Moolah and 10,000 happy points. Also after that happens the Chibi-
    Battery will be available at the Online Store, or it will appear at the Online
    Store later in the game (whenever the trauma suit is available). Well to
    continue, shoot the sunshine sticker, go up the ramp the shelf that fell formed.
    Now, you?re going to climb up on the box, go all the way to the picture, then
    take a left a climb up. Now you may think your stuck but you aren?t. You can go
    all the way to the ceiling in this room. And most the other rooms you can reach
    the ceiling as well.
    On this platform, you go all the way to the left, to the two light colored
    bricks. You can pull them out just like you did the drawers on the cabinet in
    the living room and kitchen. Once you get those out climb on up, and pick up a
    bottle of gun powder (you?ll need it for Drake Redcrest later) then there are
    two more bricks to pull out and climb up here also, then from the bricks get on
    the box. Now hover from the box to the stack of stuff on your left, another
    brick (only one this time) now climb up on that box, and hover to the bird cage
    to knock the rope down for easy access to that area. At this point you probably
    are low on battery so you can hover down, recharge and climb up the rope. Now,
    hover from the bird cage to the shelf held by ropes (looks kind of like a swing)
    then climb up one of the ropes of the swing/shelf to get to the ceiling
    structure (as most basements are unfinished, if this basement was finished you?d
    be above the ceiling) now go toward the stairs while on the structures, climb up
    on the piece of wood and go all the way to the end of it (the end that?s farther
    away), there?s a Chibi-Door to open and get some Moolah. After you get the
    Chibi-Door, the long piece of wood that is closer and lower than what you?re on
    you?ll travel across to the other higher piece of wood. Then go closer to that
    swing/shelf right by the wall, you are very close to the Giga-charger now.
    You?ll just go off the edge then tilt the control stick toward the wall, you?ll
    hopefully land on the shelf right below which is where the Giga-Charger lies.
    Pick it up now, you?ll probably need to recharge about now, if not you?ll still
    need to get down from the shelves and climb the rope again, go back to that
    Chibi-Door you just got and get on the other side of the lower post of wood go
    all the way to the wall, then hover into the little wall mount to get a frog
    ring and a Chibi-Door. You?re done with the basement for now.
    ** 5D. Free Rangers **
    When you enter the foyer, Sarge will talk to the Free Rangers a bit and now is
    the beginning of your first side quest. At the end of this side quest, you'll be
    rewarded with the Tao suit so you'd better get working. With the Chibi-Blaster,
    shoot down some of the Free Rangers. Keep shooting more down until Sarge says
    "You're slacking off" then when they get to number 13... 14... now say yes. You
    have now joined the Free Rangers. Congrats! Now go talk to Sarge on the stairs.
    After a short talk with him, climb up the shoe lace hanging off the table behind
    the stairs, then hop up on the next platform and pick up the Free Rangers photo.
    Now go across the Foyer to the cabinet near the basement with a drawer you can
    pull out and climb on the cabinet. There is also a Chibi-Door up there to get,
    then under another table/platform next to the basement is another Chibi-Door to
    get. Nothing left in the foyer to do right now.
    Now you can go back to the living room, shoot the sticker on the patio door.
    There?s a Chibi-Door right outside the patio door, and one behind the tree.
    There is also some weeds you can get in the circle in almost the center of the
    backyard. You?ll have to pull the weeds out in able to let the aliens (later on
    in the game) land. Then there is sort of a ladder on the tree that you can
    climb, then hover to the swing, get the frog ring, climb up the strings, and get
    the Chibi-Door up there. When you?re done getting things in the backyard, goto
    the kitchen (living room first as there is no access to the kitchen from the
    backyard) and shoot the sunshine sticker off the drawers by the doorway, now you
    can climb up and you have access to a Chibi-Door. By this time I have run out of
    time during this half-day, and my ranking has gone down to 5,000 already. Now
    that it is night-time you can meet The Great Peekoe who after helping you get
    99,999 Moolah, you will receive 5,000 happy points which should take you to at
    least the top 5 (320 battery power). Oh and by the way, don't spend any Moolah
    on filling up the Giga-Battery yet. You can get a TON of Moolah so save the
    Moolah you have to get a lot more. This next half-day will double your Moolah
    and Happy points as many times as you like. So save, and head to the foyer! Mr.
    Sanderson will drop the Chibi-Manual but don't bother with that for now. When
    you reach the foyer, you will find Jenny on the stairs crying. Go up the stairs
    as far up as you can to talk to her then she won't even speak two words before
    Mrs. Sanderson comes out and tells her to go to bed. That makes you about 1/3
    through the entire game now. Also, now that you've done that, the charge chip
    and range chip are available at the online store, and Telly Vision announces
    that Citrusoft has been secretly developing a new kind of Chibi-Gear. (it is the
    After that go to the basement to firstly hear Captain Plankbeard's story and be
    set off on another side quest. You'll want to save in the outlet, then go to the
    Great Peekoe (the guy Plankbeard was betting with) and say you want to get
    purified, offer all the Moolah you have, then the first time his left eye will
    open but other than that there is no pattern (except that his left eye opens up
    about twice or three times as much as his right) If you get it right and he asks
    you to play again select no and go save, then go back give him all the Moolah
    you have. If you lose one time you must reset your Gamecube (that's why you save
    every time you win) Keep repeating the process until you have 99,999 Moolah,
    then at that point bet 50,000 and lose on purpose to gain 5000 happy points
    (that should bring you down to at least the top 5 in rankings) Then save and bet
    all your money again and win so your Moolah goes back up to 99,999 and if you
    want to you can go ahead and repeat the process for getting happy points but it
    is not necessary. When I have finished with Great Peekoe here, I have 99,999
    Moolah and 5,418 Happy Points. Now that you have 99,999 Moolah, go back to the
    Chibi-House and fill the Giga-Battery then come back down to get all that money
    back again. You can also at the Chibi-Store buy everything there is. (not Timer
    10 or Timer 5 though and don't spend a whole lot of Moolah on seeds) Go talk to
    Sarge and give him the Free Rangers photo you got, go to another room really
    fast then come out (you just have to enter through the door then go right back
    to the foyer). You will find the Free Rangers near a door, now you can start Spy
    Training. You're eyes have to follow the Free Ranger that says he's the spy.
    After you've cleared that one, no more training for the day, come back the next
    day (not night-time half-day though)
    It is probably the end of the day now if not run around and clean things up. Not
    much else you can do right now until it is daytime. During the daytime, the
    Spydorz might show up but if you are at top-speed with this guide they won't,
    because this is only the second day you've been with the Sandersons and they
    don't show up till either the 3rd day or 3rd night, not sure which yet. Why
    don't you go to the kitchen, talk to Mrs. Sanderson and have some tea with her.
    Be sure to give her the Sugar cube and Cookie. She'll love them. The sugar cube
    is on the little sugar cup and the cookie is on one of the plates. While on the
    table, get the frog ring and any trash then you can just use the Chibi-Copter to
    get down from the table to end tea time. Right now you need to train with the
    free rangers. If you haven't already given the photo to Sarge, there still is
    time. Just give it to him, go to the basement then come right back out and find
    the Free Rangers right in front of the drawer. Now you can start training. First
    is spy training, refer to the section above for help on that one. The second
    training session, is handrail training. Talk to Sarge to get started, pick up
    your Chibi-Plug to go faster. Go along the handrail you start on to the wall,
    come back, then talk to Sarge and see if you cleared it. You must do it in less
    than 33 seconds. My top time is 31:50 Now you can go out in the back, climb the
    ladder on the tree, hover from the ledge on the tree to the swing, climb up the
    rope holding the swing up, then shoot a charged blast at the spider web (or is
    it a Spydorz web?) Check out up in the tree a little, come back down and pick up
    trash, clean stains for the rest of the half-day.
    ** 5E. Spydorz **
    Yup it's time for Spydorz listen to the cool tune as you leave the Chibi-House,
    that means there is Spydorz in the area! Spydorz is basically the start of the
    REAL part of this game, the best part of it. Spydorz take a big part in this
    game, serving as Chibi-Robo's only enemies. Mr. Sanderson created them, but this
    section is not a Spydorz biography. Time for REAL battle (not just covering up
    with a mug and running away from Free Rangers that have mistaken you for an
    enemy) ok so there is an oil spot on the ground? Go closer to check it out, you
    should already be charged up so no excuses (unless you still have only 80 energy
    which I highly doubt) So this is the Spydor Roulette! Okay now this is cool, now
    key tips, go crazy with the control stick when Spydorz get on you (ok not so
    crazy that you break the stick off cause that'd be bad, you'd be stuck here,
    dying with no help (that's why you save before coming out of the Chibi-House)
    and shoot at them like crazy (though be careful where you shoot as there is only
    two bullets allowed out, once one disappears you can shoot again) once they're
    all dead, you should have at least 200 Scrap though I got lucky and picked up
    490. (I hope your lucky enough to get 300 cause it's important, when you get 300
    in scrap, you can make the Living Room Ladder Utilibot. Then, really important
    you can get the Foyer Ladder and Kitchen Ladder. So if you have 300 scrap run
    into the Chibi-House and get the Living Room Ladder from the Recyclotron on the
    Chibi-PC! Once you have that, there is lots to get. First you'd best clean up
    that oil for some Happy Points. Oh yea, did I mention? Defeating those Spydorz
    makes you half-way through the game. Now all there is left is the parents get
    mad, a couple of side quests, defeating Tao and the Queen Spydor! If you count
    all the extras you are about 35% or 40% through. Well before you start fooling
    around with the Utilibot, you need to do Free Rangers Training. Head over there
    and I'll tell you what to do.
    This is the third training session, Jungle Training. --++==**&&Jungle
    Training&&**==++-- Now walk in all the places on the floor you can in the Foyer
    as I know there is Spydorz somewhere in this room, Hopefully you find enough and
    get lucky to have another 300 in scrap. Go ahead and head back to the Chibi-
    House, get on the Chibi-PC, Recyclotron, and get the Foyer Ladder as you need it
    first. You don't need the kitchen ladder very bad but you will need it. For the
    night, go ahead and search in every room around where there is oil for Spydorz,
    clean up and bit, and fool around with the Utilibots. Before you buy the Kitchen
    Ladder, go up the Foyer Ladder to get on the stairs, then go all the way up,
    then come back down and buy the kitchen ladder. Now I will cover everything you
    can do on the Living Room Ladder, by the end of this coverage, it should be the
    end of the half-day and you should have the first two (hopefully three)
    Utilibots. Well, first take the Ladder over to the shelf by the T.V. have it
    right in front of the middle cubby. Make it go up to the first row of cubbies
    and get in that one, shoot the sunshine sticker on the left wall of it to go
    through, get the frog ring, and get back out. Now move the ladder in front of
    the cubby right next to the T.V. and extend the ladder all the way, then get
    off, get that Chibi-Door and for now you are done with the Ladder there. If
    you've still got time, go upstairs in the Foyer, go all the way to the other
    side of the upper level and go into Jenny's Room, climb up the string to get on
    the T.V. table. Right in front of the T.V. is the squirter. Now you've got even
    more things to do. The list just keeps growing doesn't it? We'll cover all of it
    somehow. The day should end about now, and you should have at least two
    Utilibots if not three. We've got a lot of things to do, while trying to keep
    the Spydorz out of here too. When the next day starts, we are going to get
    things done from top-priority (things that can only be done during one type of
    half-day) then start with the Living room. So first, go upstairs in the Foyer
    and hit the parents bedroom (the door right at the top of the stairs) and climb
    up the jump rope just inside the door, hover to the latch on the door, then to
    the peephole, then get on the lever to open the peephole. Now you can enter at
    night. Get the squirter if you haven't already.
    There is no Free Rangers training today. You must first dig up Captain
    Plankbeard ship, the Scurvy Splinter. Give it a rest, you need it. Go to the
    doorstop by the living room door and just sit on it by pressing A. Telly will
    come down, then will stop talking, just press A and he will talk again. Go ahead
    and head back to the living room to get everything done now. You probably right
    now have at least 300 Scrap. Go and get the Foyer Warp. If not do that as soon
    as you get 300 Scrap (just look at the meter every time you defeat some
    Spydorz.) You probably have a couple frog rings on hand. Go give them to Jenny.
    When she says "Ribbit, Gimme, ribbit?" you say yes and select the frog ring.
    You'll get 33 Happy Points and 50 Moolah from each ring. Now find the Living
    Room Ladder, we need to move it a little first. Move it all the way to the left
    side of the furniture on the left of the television. Extend it just enough to
    reach the top of the furniture, it is ok if it is higher, you can use the Chibi-
    Copter to copter down to the Chibi-Door which you need to open and get Moolah
    from. Now move the Ladder toward the Chibi house. You might have to use R to
    make sure your in the right spot and extend the ladder until you see the Chibi-
    Door. The last three either need the Living Room Bridge (which you can buy now
    if you have bought the Foyer Warp and have 300 Scrap but I'll save it for the
    next half-day as we need to get moving here) or the Chibi-Radar. Now without the
    ladder, go to the lamp by the patio door and climb up the cord next to it, hover
    toward the lamp and get on the little platform on it, climb up all the platforms
    until you reach the string, climb up the string to get on the top of the lamp,
    hover from the lamp to the top of the furniture, get the Chibi-Door and get the
    stains if you want. Go ahead and go to the backyard now. If you see any water
    stains, get the squirter, get on the water and press A to suck up some water. Go
    to the shriveled up frog in the dirt next to the flowers and squirt it three
    times. Once you've squirted it three times, You will receive the Frog Suit. Now
    you can speak with Jenny. While the sun still shines, hurry through the Living
    Room to the Kitchen to get the spoon. If you don't get it now, you can get it
    next half-day as your going in the kitchen anyways. If you've still got time,
    put on the Trauma Suit if you have it, (if you don't have it, just run out of
    energy as fast as you can to get it) then just hold Z until you go to the Chibi-
    House. Now you have the ghost suit. With the ghost suit, just put it on and
    press Z to kill all Spydorz near you. Also the ghost suit is useful for some of
    the side quests. The half-day should end about now. Have you made 4th ranking
    yet? I did. Anyways you are near 60% through the game now. Your days are a lot
    busier, but your progressing faster now.
    ** 5F. Broken Family **
    First thing, go to the Kitchen, climb up on the counter and go to the Ladder
    (it's on the right of the sink) extend it until it is at the shelf with the
    spoon (it has the container sticking out on the side). Get in the container and
    get the spoon, get on the shelf and pick up and garbage, then open and get the
    Moolah out of the Chibi-Door. Then get down and move the ladder in front of the
    tray with the honey jar on it and extend it all the way. Climb up and get on the
    top of the cupboard, go over to and shoot the Sunshine Sticker, climb in the
    hole you made in the wall and go left. Keep going till you reach another little
    door, come out and go to the red top-of-the-cupboard and copter down into the
    shelf by the Chibi-Door, and get it. Also go into the little shelf with the
    first aid kit in it and get the bandages from right beside it. Now go back to
    the ladder, climb up, go through the mouse hole but this time float to the hood
    above the oven and go get the Chibi-Door. Now go up the ladder again except this
    time go right and get the Chibi-Copter to hover all the way across the hood of
    the planter to get the Chibi-Door. Now one final time up the ladder, go to the
    north edge of the top, hover down to get the last Chibi-Door for the day. The
    last two of this room require Chibi-Radar or the Kitchen Bridge. If you haven't
    already, go over on top of Tao's doghouse and hover inside the hole on the top
    to get Memphis's dog tags. Now head through the Living Room to get out in the
    backyard. Go over near the tree in the dirt, there is something sticking out of
    the dirt (the Scurvy Splinter to be exact) go use the Spoon to dig it out. Once
    it's out, pick it up and go down to the basement to give it to Captain
    Plankbeard The day might be over by now, if not clean up or get the ghost suit
    by holding Z while wearing the Trauma Suit. You should have enough Scrap now for
    the Living Room Bridge and the Kitchen Bridge. If not you need to be sure to
    explore any place that has some Oil. You might also have enough for the Bedroom
    Bridge and the Basement Warp, those are the last two Utilibots. We don't need
    the Bedroom Bridge right now but we will very soon.
    |                          |
    | ~~ 6. Counts - cnts - ~~ |
    Here is where you can find counts in Chibi-Robo. I have Happy Point/Rankings,
    Power Consumption, Happy Points and Moolah for trash, and Happy Points for
    brushing stains.
    ** 6A. Happy Points/Rankings **
    Here is all the Happy Points, what rank you get for so many happy points and
    what amount of battery power you get for what rank.
    Legend: HP=Happy Points,
    |HP     |Rank     |Enrgy|
    |0      |1,000,000|80   |
    |80     |100,000  |100  |
    |200    |10,000   |120  |
    |440    |1,000    |140  |
    |800    |100      |160  |
    |1280   |10       |180  |
    |1780   |9        |200  |
    |2380   |8        |230  |
    |3080   |7        |260  |
    |3880   |6        |290  |
    |4780   |5        |320  |
    |5780   |4        |360  |
    |6880   |3        |420  |
    |8080   |2        |500  |
    For Rank 1, you must defeat the mother of all Spydorz, Queen Spydor. You can get
    rank 1 with 0 Happy Points, 1,000,000,000 Happy Points, and every amount in
    ** 6B. Power Consumption **
    I kind of finished this chart based off of CyricZ's guide :/ but I did most of
    it myself. * = used CyricZ's guide
    Walking/Running = 1 for about every three feet*
    Climbing = 1 pull 3 energy
    Falling = between 1 (very small falls) to 150 (long fall (like ceiling of foyer)
    Using Suit Pose = 30 energy for 1 pose
    Ladder Utilibot = Extending all the way is between 100 (living room) to 200
    Bridge Utilibot = Extending all the way is roughly 50
    Warp Utilibot = about 10 for activating
    Opening Chibi-Door = 5
    Using Chibi-Copter = 12 to hover straight, normal running energy to fall
    Using Chibi-Blaster = 1 per blast
    Charged Chibi-Blaster shot = 5 per charged blast
    Using Toothbrush = 0.8 per use*
    Using Mug = 2 per cover, normal running energy to run while under it
    Using Spoon = 0.7 per use*
    Using Squirter = 2 per squirt
    Using Chibi-Radar = 3 per use, + 2 per second while it is still showing you hot
    or cold.
    Getting hit by Free Ranger's = 10 per hit
    Getting attacked by Regular Spydorz = About 1 per second that they stay on
    Getting hit by big Spydorz = 10 per hit
    Getting hit by Mother of all Spydorz = big power drainage, but it is easy to
    stay away from her.
    ** 6C. HP and Moolah for trash **
    Here I will list how much Happy Points and Moolah you can get for different
    kinds of trash. When you stop at the trash can, cookie crumbs come last, when
    they come just press B and they won't be thrown away. Feed the fish with cookie
    crumbs as you will get more happy points and Moolah. If you have 10 cookie
    crumbs, and you've already fed the fish that half-day, go ahead and toss em.
    |Wastepaper          |1  |10    |
    |Candy Wrapper       |1  |10    |
    |Cookie Crumbs       |2  |20    |
    |Twigs               |2  |20    |
    |Popper Trash        |3  |30    |
    |Empty Can           |5  |50    |
    |Candy Bag           |5  |50    |
    |Cookie Box          |5  |50    |
    |Weeds               |3  |30    |
    |Bottle              |10 |100   |
    |Broken Bottle top   |20 |100   |
    |Broken Bottle bottom|20 |100   |
    ** 6D. HP for cleaning stains with toothbrush **
    Here is all the happy points you can get from cleaning stains.
    |Type of stain_|HP_|
    |Footprints    |4  |
    |Dog prints    |2  |
    |Crayon        |4  |
    |Oil           |2  |
    |Black Oil     |2  |
    |Water         |2  |
    |Dust          |   |
    |                                 |
    | ~~ 7. Side quests - sidqst - ~~ |
    Here is every side quest I've come across.
    ** 7A. The Free Rangers **
    Here is the side quest of the Free Rangers. To start this quest, you must give
    the photo to Sarge then go to another room and come back in. As a reward for
    completing this quest, they will award you with the Tao suit. First you need to
    do several different trainings during every half-day.
    The first is Spy Training. It is to train your eyes to follow the great hairy
    beasts lightning fast movements. You must keep y our eyes on the Free Ranger who
    says he is the spy. After completing three-in-a-row you will have it finished
    (you can fail the fourth one if you like).
    After Spy training is Handrail training. In handrail training, you have to pick
    up the Chibi-Plug to go faster, then walk all the way to the wall on the rail
    and turn around and go back in under 33 seconds without falling off the rail.
    Next comes the Jungle. In the Jungle Training, you have to climb the vines, and
    move to a different leaf with a vine to climb to reach the flower bed, then
    shoot the enemies but not the animals. Then land on the landing spot. First you
    must climb the vine in front of you,
    |                               |
    | ~~ 8. Equipment - eqpmnt - ~~ |
    Here is all of the equipment explained, found in the equipment menu when you
    press X.
    ** 8A. Tools **
    Here is all the tools you find around the house, and where you can find them.
    Toothbrush - This nifty cleaning device will help you clean stains on the floor.
    It is a never-ending cleaning project. You can find this by Mr. Sandersons hand
    while he is sleeping the first night.
    Squirter - With this, you can clean stains on the wall, water plants, keep the
    animals alive.
    Spoon - It's time for digging. Digging with Chibi-Robo is not hard at all. Just
    press A and that's all. You can use the spoon to make music and make Mr. Prongs
    grow also.
    ** 8B. Chibi-Gear **
    Here is all the Chibi-Gear. The last two you have to buy at the Online Store on
    the Chibi-PC.
    |                                   |
    | ~~ 9. Online Store - onlnstr - ~~ |
    Here is everything found in the online store explained and when you should get
    Timer 5 - 5 - You start out with this timer. You really shouldn't buy this as it
    just makes your days go faster, and you will not have enough time to do
    Timer 10 - 10 - This timer, is the middle timer. Still your days go kind of
    Timer 15 - 15 - Buy this timer before even leaving the Chibi-House. It will make
    your days 15 minutes long instead of 5 or 10.
    Pink, Blue, and White Flower Seed - 30 - You can buy an unlimited quantity of
    these flowers (the only limit is the amount of Moolah you have) You can plant
    these in planters all over inside and outside. Get some Happy Points from Mom
    for delivering these to her.
    Nectar Flower Seed - 777 - Plant this in the planter in Jenny's room, give the
    nectar to Sunshine and give the flower to Mort for the Princess.
    Charge Chip - 860 - Now you can use charged blasts to find hidden Chibi-Doors
    and blast away the Spydorz faster.
    |                                |
    | ~~ 10. Utilibots - utlbot - ~~ |
    These are all the Utilibots in order that you can get them. All Utilibots are
    300 Moolah. There are !!@@##$$%%^^&&**(())--++== Utilibots in all.
    Living Room Ladder - Once you get this one, your first Utilibot, Kitchen Ladder
    and Foyer ladder will be available. Get the Foyer ladder and go upstairs with it
    before getting Kitchen Ladder.
    Foyer Ladder - With this Utilibot, you can go upstairs and access most of the
    main part of the game. After this you can get the Kitchen Ladder.
    Kitchen Ladder - This is a nifty device that will allow you to get the spoon and
    a couple of Chibi-Doors. After you buy this and the Foyer Ladder, and you've
    used the Foyer Ladder, you can get the Foyer Teleporter.
    Foyer Warp - Ahh, finally, an easier way to get upstairs! Just move this to
    right in front of the Living Room Door and you will be upstairs in the Foyer
    from the Living Room in a zap!
    Living Room Bridge -
    Kitchen Bridge -
    Bedroom Bridge -
    Basement Warp -
    That's all I've gotten so far.
    |                         |
    | ~~ Contact - cntct - ~~ |
    My email address is chibi.robo.guide@gmail.com PLEASE NO SPAM
    Any questions you have that have not been answered in the FAQ section I will
    accept those.
    I will be asking for help here though. If you notice any grammar/spelling
    errors you may email me about them. Also if you notice something that
    I didn't mention about this game that is important, please send me the
    information. This is my first guide and I'm not a really good gamer, I have
    cleared the game thanks to CyricZ's guide. Also compliments will be excepted,
    if you don't like the game or guide, don't complain to me, firstly I did not
    make the game and second if you don't like the guide then don't read it.
    |                      |
    | ~~ Legal - lgl - ~~  |
    Copyright 2006 chibi_robo/Marcus Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
    This guide may not be reproduced without permission, may not be sold in ANY way,
    and may not be available for download EXCEPT at the following websites.
    www.gamefaqs.com and linked websites
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    The original version of this guide was made on
    2/9/2006 the latest version finished on 3/13/2006
    |                         |
    | ~~ Credits - crdts - ~~ |
    - Everyone who took part in making such an awesome game (Best game in my
    collection yet)
    - Chibi-Robo manual for some information
    - Nintendo Power for "Assisted Living" article
    - CyricZ's manual helped me in the game where Nintendo Power's article
    - GameFAQs for information provided (guide making documentation) and hosting
    - Dab Games, GameFAQs, CheatCC, Neoseeker, Super Cheats, and DBP Guy Gaming for
    - FIGlet ASCII art generator for helping with ASCII art.
    - Everyone else that downloaded the guide and/or enjoyed it.

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