Review by jsnake9

Reviewed: 04/25/06

A great game... But not for everyone.

Chibi-Robo is a game that not very many people would buy or even consider buying. This is mostly because it looks "kiddy". While the game may look kiddy, it is actually quite fun. It is not for everyone though. So, I will review this game so you can learn more about it and see if it would be a worthy purchase.


Chibi Robo is a quirky game. Thus, the graphics need to be quirky in order to fit the game. It wouldn't make sense to make the game's visuals incredibly realistic when the actual game is even more unrealistic than Mario.

Like I said, the graphics aren't that great. They get the job done though. Light reflects off Chibi in a pixelized manner. Textures look nice from far away, but turn blurry up close. Character models look very blocky.

You'll see pretty much every color of the rainbow and more in this game. They're actually used quite well. Colors aren't splashed everywhere like a three year old's drawing.

The graphics make the game look very kiddy, which sadly turns people away from a great game.

They could've done more, but again, it wouldn't fit the game very well.

Graphics score : 7/10


The sound in this game has some of the greatest sound effects ever heard in a Video Game. Each surface you walk on actually makes a different sound. If you walk on wood, you'll hear kindof a "plink plonk" sound. You walk on tile and you hear "ding dong boom". Very nice.

Not only that, each tool you use makes a different sound. The Brush makes a sound like you're a professional guitarist, the Radar sounds like you're in a Marching Band, the Copter makes a sound like you're zooming through the air. All done very well.

Voice acting is almost non-existent. Instead of the characters speaking English, or even Chinese, they speak some unknown language no one has ever heard of. It's pretty annoying. But again, it fits the quirkyness of the game.

Sound Score: 8/10


Ah yes. The category that makes or breaks a game.

Chibi Robo has a pretty interesting concept that sounds like it's doomed to fail. Instead, Skip pulls it off perfectly.

You are Chibi Robo, a 4" tall robot designed to help a family that has been going through some tough times. You clean and cook and do all sorts of daily things that they're too lazy to do themselves.

Cleaning and all that may sound horribly boring, but it's really not. Skip gets rid of the boring-ness by adding "Happy Points". Happy Points are kindof like experience points, in the way that the more Happy Points you obtain, the longer you can go without running out of battery power.

Chibi Robo has an electric plug coming out of his bottom. This is because like every other toy, he needs to recharge time to time. Happy Points remedy this by adding to your battery power, thus allowing you to explore more and go longer distances without running out of charge.

Gameplay resembles Metroid alot in the fact that you obtain a new item, previous obstacle is now passable, obtain another new item, repeat. It's quite rewarding being able to overcome an obstacle that was previously unpassable before with your new item.

The point basically is to make the Sanderson's happy with all your tools despite being incredibly small and battery powered.

Gameplay Score: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

Rent or Buy?: It depends. If you like quirky RPG/Adventure titles that are very strange, go for it. If you're the more serious type and is put off by the kiddy look, rent it and then decide if you like it enough to buy it or not.

At least give the game a chance. Once you get past the kiddy look, it's an awesome game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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