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"SuperHappyFuncleanytinyrobogame YAY!"

*sigh* Chibi-Robo fond fond memories. I counted down the day till you came out and waited as you were shipped in the mail to me. You were truly a fun and interesting break from the norm.

Summary: In Chibi-Robo You take on the role of none other than that mechanical midget cleaning robot Chibi-Robo. Your job in life is to make people happy! How would one robot go about making one happy you ask? Well not through illegal substances… You basically run around a clean stuff for the lethargic Sanderson household. You will have a guide/support of your flying friend Telly-vision, whom you probably guess is…yes that's right, shaped like a T.V.

Game play: 8/10
Since Chibi is a robot and runs on batteries these batteries will eventually run out of energy and need to recharge at the local wall outlet. This at first will be annoying as you won't be able to wander far from the safety of the nearby outlet. But gradually as you “earn” happy points you will be able to get bigger batteries. To do this you need do what it implies which is to make the Sanderson household happy. This isn't really that hard as picking up a wrapper will earn you points. The game is broken up into day and night. In the day the Sandersons will be about the house. At night the various toys will come to life as though from a certain Pixar movie. Many side quests ensue in the game from finding a Frogs lost boyfriend to Finding out the past of the large Giga-Robo in the basement. All along the way your clean scrub and utterly make people Happy.

Controls: 8/10
While not revolutionary there not utterly horrible either. Move chibi around for basic plat forming elements. Scrub stain by tapping button fast, hold button to charge up blaster nothing to hard to understand here but the simplicities nice.

Graphics: 8/10
This is no next-gen. but the clean colorful characters can't help but make you smile in a horribly sweet way. Animations are nice. There's nothing bad but there nothing super eye popping to report.

Sound: 9/10
The sound design in this game is definitely a high point to this game. It's hard to describe really but instead of run off the mill sound effect, Chibi-Robo replaces the sound with music. This may sound stupid but it really is a nice touch. The scrubbing sound is replaced by the sound of a strumming guitar. Every thing in this game sounds great but the voices. Instead of voice acting you get a mumble kind of sound out of the characters. While this isn't bad its not great and kinda killed the Perfect sound score.

Over all this games great, fun, different but the fun will last about 8-10 hours at most maybe more if you really love the game. I truly love the game and pop it in every once and a while but after a while its originality seems to wear. I recommend a rent if you cant find a cheap copy but if you find one for about $20 scoop that baby up and head on home.

That's about it… I'm off to some Superhappyrobocleanuptime!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/14/06

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