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Ok, I owe it to my brother that I first played the game. He pointed it out to me, and instisted that I bought it. So I did, without knowing anything about it. I brought it home and started playing it. All of a sudden, it was midnight. I had played through the whole day. I totally loved the game and played in non-stop because I was so addicted!

Graphics: 7

Yeah, I know. The people in the game look totally lame. They don't even look like people. That's pretty much the only problem with the graphics. Other than that, its very well done. Chibi-robo is well animated and looks like something that could be in real life. The world you traverse, a big house, is huge and is beautifully done to make you actually feel four inches tall. Of course, somethings in the house are a little too conventienly placed, like, theres no way a pile of books would be perfectly placed to make a miniature staircase in real life!

Gameplay: 10

In this game, you belong to a very disfunctional family. The dad is a slob, the mom is just plain annoying, and the daughter is a little nuts(she thinks shes a frog). Your job in the game is to make them happy, doing whatever it takes. You can clean, cook, garden, give presents, and much more. While doing the many things to make people happy, there are many sidequests to venture on that involve a lot of strange mysteries in the house. All the sidequests in the game make it much more replayable. Trust me, you won't quit on this game as fast as you might think you would.

Sound: 5

The music is okay, but not great. I find it depressing and it changes from night music, to day music as the game goes on. The little musical notes that the robot makes with its feet I find annoying, but sound really doesn't make a game. The voices are just jibberish, and there are no real voice actors.



Overall: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/06

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