Review by chickmcjr

Reviewed: 07/19/06

This game defies all logic

I just...WHAT THE HELL. My sister of all people bought this game. "Come on brother give this a shot! It's really fun!" And naturally I took one look at the box and the game and burst out laughing. It just looked so childish. But she kept bugging and bugging until I gave it a shot. Now I am forever in her debt. Well...maybe not FOREVER.

Graphics 8/10

AH!!! A HUGE FACE OF DOOM!!! Oh, it's just a doll...heh, heh...phew. Everything looks really huge when you're tiny. (Well duh) The graphics are well done because of the detail that was put into everything to make you feel small and insignificant. Well you ARE a tiny robot. Everything in the game has been carefully put into place to make sure that you can complete you tasks, and they've been inserted very cleverly too.

Music and Sound 7/10

Eh. It's alright. The voice clips are pretty pathetic. If you can CALL THEM voice clips. Music is pretty good I suppose. I never really got used to the little robot walking. But that's what a mute button is for right?

Game play 10/10

Now this is what I don't understand. You're a robot. You have to do chores for the stupid, stupid family you belong to. Now, doing chores in real life is a 'chore'. Heh, heh. Get it? And when I think about it doing chores in a game doesn't seem very appealing either. That's why this game makes little sense. I've never actually played a game where doing all the stupid little jobs in this giant house you live in could actually be fun! It is nuts! Also the game lasts for quite a long time. You'll be earning gifts, going on side-quests and lots of other stuff for no other reason then just because you want too.

The whole object of the game is to collect things called Happy Points which you save up in order to get new things. Gee, that sounds familiar...Anyway, during the day you are given a couple of objectives of what you can do and you have to go out and do them. When it becomes night time after all your hard work you have to head back to the house and plug yourself into an electric socket so your battery power fills back up. It's a pretty awesome concept and reminds me a lot of Harvest Moon. Except with a battery instead of stamina. And happy points instead of gold. And humans and cleaning instead of animals and...oh you get the idea. The point is it's really fun. Doesn't really sound like fun but it is. Oh dear lord it is.

Overall rating 8/10

I just can't put my finger on what makes this game so great. Still, go out and buy it definitely don't rent it. There aren't many good games available for the Game Cube anyway. And it's fun! Who doesn't like a bit of fun every now and again?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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