Review by Robertp17

Reviewed: 10/19/06

A Fun, Engaging, Quirky Game

When this game came out many, many reviews came out praising the quirky little game and calling it a “sleeper hit” before it was even out the door. Based on these reviews and the fact that I wanted a truly fun, new gaming experience I decided to get Chibi-Robo. I am glad to say the other reviews were right and here I will try to explain just why I have fallen in love with this game as weird as it may seem.

The basis of the game is that you are a small robot bought by the father of a family for his daughter’s birthday (not really a great present for a kid if you ask my but I digress). Your purpose is to help the family by cleaning the house and helping with chores but you have the added responsibility of making sure the family is happy. With the father losing his job, the daughter refusing to take off her frog hat, and some material issues you have quite the uphill climb.

To aid you in your quest is a plethora of characters including a little flying buddy called Telly, some egg soldiers, toys, and some “unique” characters (I don’t want to spoil anything). However, no game is complete without enemies and this is no exception. Evil robots called spydorz appear soon after you arrive there and they are none too friendly around you. Fortunately Telly hooks you up with some cool weaponry for defending yourself and the spydorz leave metal behind which you can turn into helpful gadgets.

Now with all this going on you may wonder what the objective it. Well, the simplest objective (and the one which won’t give away all of the plot lines) is that you are to gain enough happy points until you reach the #1 happy point position among chibi-robos and are granted Super Chibi-Robo-hood. To reach #1 though you must accomplish one major task which will take you the entire game (which is seemingly separated into chapters. You gain happy points by helping around the house and helping its inhabitants. For example cleaning a stain or throwing garbage away will net you some happy points and some of the game’s currency (which you can use to buy upgrades).

One final complexity is that you must watch your battery life. You use power by moving around and completing tasks and if it runs to 0 you faint. Situations and events change from night to day as well adding a layer of strategy. While this all sounds complex it works well together and is the perfect game for kids and adults alike. Let’s examine the rating aspects:

STORY: Well I’ve already described most of it. The story is incredibly weird and quirky and it works. It hooks you and makes you care about the characters making you want to play just a little more to see what happens. The plot twists in this game even had me going “Wow, I didn’t see that coming” at the end. 10/10

CHALLENGE: Honestly it’s not incredibly challenging. While getting to certain things within the time/battery limit can be frustrating and there are some cool puzzles, it’s nothing that a 7 year old couldn’t handle well. But this lack of extreme challenge adds to the fun by allowing you to enjoy exploring and not worry so much. The spydorz add another degree of challenge but are easy to take care of. 7/10

GRAPHICS: I’ll rate this based on how I thought they worked for this game not on them being amazingly complex. It’s a simple game and while the graphics may seem as simple compared to Madden 07 they fit the environment well. Everything is clear and obvious as to what it is and environments such as the sink and the outside are pretty well detailed. Enjoyable and fun graphics. 9/10.

SOUND: Well, most of the sound is you walking. That’s right Chibi makes sounds (music even) when you walk or climb or fall. However, it is never annoying and while I can’t say it truly adds to the game since there is a lack of a true soundtrack Chibi’s personal soundtrack allows a pleasant gaming environment. The character’s voices are weird ala Peanuts cartoons but they can get annoying after a while. Other sounds such as weapons fire or environmental sounds (things dropping, etc) are spot on. 7/10

LEVEL DESIGN: This game is huge. I mean that. You are this little robot in this HUGE house and you can pretty much go anywhere from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Each environment is laid out in its own unique way and done in a pleasant manner. I even commonly look around just to see all the nuances of the area I’m in. Obstacles such as blocks and items that must be climbed are made in a non-frustrating manner which allows almost fluid motion of the character. 10/10.

CONTROLS: Very straight forward. Walk, climb, hop, and fall. You control yourself mostly with the joystick and when you need to use an item it’s very easy to select it. 10/10

GAMEPLAY AND FUN: Fun. Fantastic fun. While I thought that picking weeds and chopping trees was the limit of the fun I could have with virtual chores this game has proven me wrong. Not to mention the amazing plot that makes you want to play more and more and the fun characters and side quests. Addictive fun. 10/10

PLAY TIME/ REPLAYABILITY: It took me around 14 hours to complete the main quest and a few side quests but I spent a lot of time cleaning and picking up trash. Probably a good 12 hour game and more if you want to do every side quest. 10/10

RENT OR BUY: Buy. If you want a game that is fun and far from the regular gaming clichés then check this out. I did and I am very happy with my decision.

Overall: 9/10. Odd name, odd game, but a whole lot of fun! This would be great to play by yourself or even with your kids (the E10 rating I think is a bit harsh as some other reviewers have said as well). By the way it's produced by one of Nintendo's famous game designers. Check out the credits!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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