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"Nintendo gave us 100 happiness points!"

At first, a game about a four inch tall robot who cleans a house doesn't sound fun...But it is. In fact, you'll probably get about forty or more hours from it. You can even get it for ten dollars at EB Games! Definitely worth it! On with my review!

Story(10): WOW. You may ask, "How the heck can a game about cleaning have a story?!" Well, the story is actually very complicated and surprising. It has all sorts of twists and turns! Once you start on the story, you won't be able to stop playing! You begin at Jenny's birthday party...But you're her present. Also, the daughter, Jenny, thinks she's a frog. O_o This is DEFINITELY a ten!

Graphics(10): The graphics in this game are really nice. They are smooth and colorful. Everything is very bright! Of course, nighttime is still somewhat dark, you won't need to worry about it being a "I'd better change my color settings" game. The cut scenes are well made and put together. The shading is near perfection. Ten out of ten for obvious reasons.

Sound(10): Is that music? Yes. Where's it coming from? Chibi Robo's feet. O_o Seriously, each step he takes is a music note. When he cleans, he makes beautiful music. I still want a Chibi Robo band. There are voice-overs...Kind of. More like funny noises such as Dad's famous: HAWK EYE ME HAWK!!!!! It's really nice to listen to, although Mom can sound annoying at times. The battle sound effects are pretty cool too. Ten out of ten.

Music(10): Wow. It's so beautiful. The music of this game fits like a puzzle piece. It perfectly blends in with the sounds that Chibi Robo and everyone make. It also always fits the mood. At times it isn't there, which actually makes it fit in perfectly. That's because if there was music were it actually ISN'T, it would sound weird. I'm gonna give this a ten.

Characters(10): Very awesome. There are a LOT of characters in this game. There's Mom, Dad, Jenny, Tao, Chibi Robo, Telly, Sophie, Drake Redcrest, and many others. Mom is Jenny's, well, mom. Enough said. Dad has a money problem. Big time. He basically bought Chibi Robo for HIMSELF. He's Jenny's dad. Jenny is the little girl Chibi Robo is a present for. Or, suppose to be a present for. She loves Chibi Robo and thinks she's a frog. Tao is the family dog...yeah. Chibi Robo is the character you actually play as. He comes with all sorts of gadgets. he starts with his Chibi Copter. All he wants is to make people happy. Telly is Chibi Robo's manager. He keeps track of happiness points and Chibi Ranking. Sophie is a strange caterpillar chew toy. She is in love with Drake. She keeps a diary and can be really weird. Drake Redcrest is a toy as well. He is obsessed with Space Hunter Code. He might just be crazy. Overall, I give it a ten.

Controls(10): Very nice, and very easy to use. The controls are extremely simple. Control stick to move, "A" to use items and talk, "B" to put things away, "Z" to pose, and "X" for a menu of equipment and costumes. Almost anyone can learn to play within five to fifteen minutes. Ten out of ten.

Game Play(10): Yes! The greatest part of this game! The game play! As said before, you start at Jenny's party. After that, you simply need to clean up the house for a little bit and then get to the good stuff. How does a little robot clean up? With different items you find in the game. I won't tell you because of spoilers, but you also use Chibi Robo's head....As a storage place. O_o Yeah, he can fit ANYTHING in there. Well, most things. He stores trash in his head to carry it to a trash can. When you clean up and help the other characters, you get happiness points. When you have enough, you will become Super Chibi Robo!

Through the game, you will get new items and costumes to use. They help you clean up and progress in the awesome story. There are tons of things to do in this game such as getting stickers and completing side-quests. Of course, there is also the story. You also have a battery power, which you really don't want to run out. If it does, you will return to the Chibi House. The Chibi House is this game's base. You can buy things, recharge, and save your game in it. Around the house you will find outlets. When you plug into the outlet, you will regain your battery power and be asked if you want to save.

Around the house is Moolah. You can use it to buy different items at the Chibi House. Not only can you get Moolah around the house, you can also get Moolah from characters and cleaning bonuses. Cleaning bonuses give you extra happiness points and Moolah for cleaning a lot. When you destroy enemies in this game, you receive scrap metal. You can use that to get special things around the house to help you reach new areas. The day system goes from morning to night through timed minutes. You start out with a five minute timer, but you can buy ten and fifteen minute timers.

You can also buy flower seeds from the shop and plant them around the house. There usually isn't a point to it, but it makes the house look nicer, and growing them can be very fun. There are also a few mini-games. There is so much to do in this game, it will last you AT LEAST forty hours, probably more. It would be a disgrace to give this less than a 10.

Buy or Rent?: Buy. There's no reason not to. It's only ten dollars and since it will last over forty hours, there's nothing to lose. Now, renting costs about eight dollars, so it's a waste of money to rent it rather than buying it.

Overall(10): Overall, I'd have to say this is a great game and to not only get this, but save up for Park Patrol coming up for the DS. This game gets a ten out of ten from me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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