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"Presenting Chibi Rockin!"

You're probably wondering "Why in the world would I EVER want a game about cleaning some weirdo family's house?" I thought that too, at first. My friend told me about this new game called Chibi Robo. She didn't give me very much detail (Basically all that she said was that he's adorable) but I thought I would check it out. So I went to the store and I thought to myself, "Why does she want me to get this?" But I got it (I thought I would do something nice, seeing as how she was my best friend) and invited her over. We played and at first we're like, "The only thing good is that he's cute!" But then, we finally fell in love with it and played it for HOURS! So, don't judge a book by it's cover. And now it's time for the review.

Story/Plot: 10/10
You start off as a tiny meek robot that was bought as a present for a young girl's birthday, whose family is in debt. The father and daughter adore you but the mother thinks you will raise the electric bills and the dog just plain hates you. You then soon discover the other toys in the house can talk and walk and everything a 5 in. human could do. Each toy accesses something new for you, like the dog's chew toy, Sophie, opening up the Kitchen. You then find an army of egg soldiers you must pass through to get to the basement. In the basement, you find a giant version of yourself called Giga-Robo that was abandoned due to an electricity crisis. Your job is then to find the Giga Charger and recharge the Giga Battery to save Giga Robo and become a courageous hero. How much more original of a story-line can you have?

Sound/Music: 9/10
Every time Chibi takes one step, a note is hit. If you walk or run around, a tiny tune is played. Most people have their own themes and their are many sound effects like when Drake Redcrest poses or Chibi does his Drake Redcrest Suit Pose. The two only bad things about it is that the background music is slightly repetitive and that the characters talk gibberish. Except for Jenny who only says "Ribbit" anyway.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics are beautiful. Chibi's shading is fantastic and Telly has many emotions, some where he cries, and some where his eyes shrink. The toys all look like a toy would look. Drake looks plastic while Sophie looks like a fuzzy chew toy. The opening cutscene where Chibi first comes out of the Chibi House is amazing and will dazzle many viewers and players. The only problem is once again with the humans- they look odd. Jenny is kinda supposed to look weird, so she's fine. Mrs. Sanderson looks like she's wearing a tight plastic dress! The humans emotions are very odd looking such as Mrs. Sanderson's facial expression when you talk to her in the kitchen counter for the first time and when Mrs. Sanderson winks and blows kisses.

Gameplay: 10/10
Here's where we get to the good stuff. Chibi Robo is a tiny robot, and like any robot, runs on electricity. Chibi has a certain amount of energy that is consumed when you do something. You need to plug the cord connected to him to charge him up again and save. There are also a total of 7 tools that Chibi uses to clean the house, for transportation, and also to defend himself if the need be. Chibi also utilizes 7 different suits to perform certain tasks like talking to different animals, sleeping until the next part of the day, and of course we have the Super Chibi Robo Suit! Along with tools and suits, there are a number of upgrades to buy as well that can increase your Chibi-Blaster's range or give you an extra energy boost. Cleaning and making people happy give you Moolah, the game's currency, and Happy Points, Chibi Robo's version of Experience Points. Finally, there are many mini-games to do like flipping patties with Papa. I've already proven my point that Nintendo has outdone themselves with the great gameplay and I haven't even listed everything else you can do!

Controls: 10/10
My Grandmother could play this. She may drive of cliffs in Mario Kart, but she can definitely handle this game! The controls are VERY simple. A is to interact with people, animals, tools, etc. B is to put away the tool you're holding. X is to bring up the equipment screen to equip tools and suits. Y is Chibi Vision to look around and search for items. Start is to look at items, status, stickers, etc.

Rent Or Buy:
BUY! You're gonna spend like 8 bucks renting it and there's no point if you can just buy it for about 10 bucks. And besides, this is a game that you're gonna want to keep for a LONG time!

Before I start, Crowds is simply a segment where I explain what kind of people would like this. Anyway, any person who doesn't mind things being on the cute side you'll love this. Hardcore RPG fans may not enjoy it (except for shooting the enemies known as Spydors) but anyone who can enjoy a 4 in. tall heroic robot who likes to clean psycho family's houses will like this game!

Overall Score: 10/10
Nothing like a good old original Nintendo game to cheer you up, eh? Who said cleaning was boring?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/08

Game Release: Chibi-Robo! (US, 02/06/06)

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