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"A type of game that we have never seen before"

Before getting onto my review, read this explanation of my grading scale. 5 is an average score. 8 and above mean awesome. 3 and below mean awful. I grade things like this, because the standard "7 is average" is just wrong. That gives you 3 scores for a good game and 6 scores for a bad game. See anything wrong with that? Besides, nothing ever gets below a 4 on that scale. Why have numbers that you aren't going to use?


This game presents a very original concept from a plastic soldier's point of view. The concept of the game has never been seen before, so for having nothing to base this off of, it works. And when I say it works, I mean that it works exceptionally.

The point of the game is to make people happy. For doing a deed, you are rewarded Happy Points. How much you get is determined by how big of a task you did. For example, brushing up a single dirty pawprint gives you two Happy Points. Being there for someone to blow off their steam to, 10 Happy Points. Retrieving an item which the recipient likes, it can go up to 33 Happy Points.

Another objective is to collect Moolah, the currency in this game. This is used to purchase items which will help you progress more in the game. Moolah can be found lying around, or given to you along side of Happy Points when doing a deed. There is also another use, but I won't spoil it for you.

Finally, there is Scrap, which, as far as I know, can only be obtained by shooting at little electronic spiders. This is used to build Utilibots, which work similar to an item, except they are used to get to new places.

Happy Points work a lot like EXP in an RPG. Each point you collect contributes to your overall ranking, out of 1,000,000 other Chibi-Robos. Increase in rank significantly to receive a new battery, which increases your total capacity by 20 points, on top of your initial 80. Become number 1, and you'll... have to figure that out on your own. Don't worry, the game spoils it for you soon enough.

This game is weird beyond comparison. Okay, maybe that's exaggerated a little. If you want a game to compare it to as far as strangeness, the word "Katamari" readily comes to mind. Every area of the game adds on to the weirdness.

Gameplay: 10 - Basically, you run around, cleaning stuff up and collecting items in a small perspective. You can pick up trash, brush up messes, and use your gadgets to get to new areas. Doesn't sound entertaining yet? It didn't to me, at first.

Whenever you start to get bored with the game, the game hands you a new item and unlocks a new door. Each new area has something new to do, like climbing kitchen cabinets, or gardening.

This game is a free choice type game, meaning you don't have to do things in a set order. You can do things whenever you please. You get objectives, but you have until the end of time to do that. As far as time, you have to go back to your little Chibi House at the end of the day and at the end of the night. You also must recharge your battery by plugging yourself into a wall outlet before your battery runs out. These limits are much less restrictive than they sound, especially when you get higher-capacity batteries and rather cheap time upgrades.

Storylime: 8 - I'll try not to spoil anything for you. The storyline of this game is really good for the type of game it is. A man buys a robot without his wife's permission. Wife gets mad. Child wears a frog suit and only talks in croaks. These are only the things which are revealed to you at the beginning of the game. When you factor in that this type of game isn't judged by its plot, its pretty deep.

Sound/Music: 8 - This is the only game I've ever had to group the sound and music together. If you're wondering why, it's because they're the same thing. Walking causes musical sounds, as does everything else. The only exception is if you are doing something with a gadget, which causes natural sounds (which are pretty average). The random musical notes prevent the sound from getting monotonous.

This area would have gotten a higher score, had it not been for the Animal Crossing-like voices, which CAN get annoying, especially the one of your "Manager". Also, the crazy title screen music can get on your nerves, so don't let it idle on the title screen for too long.

Graphics: 8 - This game looks as if were possible on a Dreamcast, as far as the humans and dog look. The other stuff is slightly better. What appears to have had the most care taken on it is Cheebo's (as the mom calls him) model, fortunately, because that's what you're going to be staring at the whole game.

Take into consideration buying this game. Keep in mind that reviews are not prophecy, not even this one, and that you'll likely have different opinions than both me and a media source that gave this game a low score.

You may like this game if you like -
.Exploring areas from a new perspective
.Working with tools
.Completing simple objectives

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/06

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