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"Chores, Anyone?"

Ok, so Im in the movie/game rental store browsing around the shelves full of games. My mom is standing there waiting and as I look through the gamecube games, this one catches my eye...Chibi-Robo eh? Well, theres nothing better here and it looks kinda fun so whatever.

As I sit in my car on the way home, I pull out the manual for Chibi-Robo. Hmm...This game seems pretty cool actually. I mean how often do you get to be a 3 inch robot that lives in a huge house? Never. It should have stayed that way, well that's what I thought...So I get home and set up my gamecube. When I turn the game on, its got this fun little opening scene thing...Not bad!

Then the real action begins! Gameplay. Now...The story starts out with you being given to some wack-job girl dressed as a frog (for her birthday gift). Sigh, Kids these days...Anyway, so you start the game after the scene and all you do is chores. The days start off as being (I think) 10 minutes for a half-day. Not much time. I mean like I said before, your only 3 inches big in a HUGE house. So I start looking around in this room (living room). Clean a lil here, sweep a lil here...Ok...throw some stuff out here. Watch a fatass sleep on a couch...

*2 hours later*

WHAT THE ---!?!!?! Wheres the story?!?!! Oh wait...The parents start to fight...The story unravels...Night time...Talking stuffed animals. Wow, So I try to get to the basment of the house and im attacked by -- guess..Nope! Wrong there buddy! Talking army egg toys...Well, theres a first time for everything. Ok so some story "unleashes" and the days go by. (In the game)

* Yet, Another 2 hours go by*

Ummm...Jeez its time for my dinner!? What!?! Im sorry, but can I have 4 hours of my life back? SO theres a tiny bit of story as you continue (somehow) to play this "Chibi-Robo" game. The parents fight, you help a frog...Ummm lemme see, oh! how could I forget!?! You meet some FREAKISH honey craving cracked up bear! Now, this is interesting...The next day that I played this game it became a little less interesting...This game was OK the at some parts, and it was good at others...But after about 6 (yes...6) hours of gameplay, it becomes just a LITTLE boring.

I guess you could say that its a 50/50 chance you'll like it - - Just got home from school, you do your chores and then you play Chibi-Robo (more chores!!!) BUT! If your like me and LOVE simulation games its pretty good. If there had been more time than a max of 15 minutes par half day and maybe a little less chores...OMG WAIT! THERES ANOTHER DISADVANTAGE! you have to recharge the little robot guy like every not even 5 minutes (which is a huge pain!!!!) He runs out of battery and is sent back to the living room! GOD! it tells you how many times you recharged and after a total of 8 (not consecutive) hours of gameplay, I have recharged something like 89 times...GOD!

Gameplay: 8/10
Pretty good for the most part but there has to be less chores and maybe more story...

Sound 6/10
Repetitive elevator music...The only music you can rely on is the stupid noise that his feet make on different surfaces...Theres one part where you meet this guy thing in some weird ass underwear and he wants you to make music for him with a spoon...Were they really that desperate for ideas?

Graphics 8/10
I have to admit that the graphics are pretty good in this game. The most cutting edge image is the robot though...The way that lil guy shines...Makes me so proud...*Tear* Haha k Im gonna stop now.

Storyline 7/10
There a few major parts you must complete and a few sidequests...but there could have been more.

Replay 2/10
There is no way this game could be replayed...There is no choice in anything like what your robot looks like or you know, what house you go to...I think it would be easier to replay if it had some more major choices...Each day of the game is repeated I dont know how another file could be any different.

Overall: 7/10
This is not an average...I hope you enjoyed this review...Seeing as its the first one I've written hehe...Im going to be doing this more often so keep your eyes peeled!

Whether you wanna try the game or not, I suggest you rent it before you buy it! Hope you enjoyed my first review! Bye bye!!!

- Cr4zyG4m3r


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/27/06

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