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    Extra Challenges Guide by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    V   V      RRRR   AAA  L     L     Y   Y     333
    V   V      R  R  A   A L     L      Y Y     3   3
    V   V  --- RRRRR AAAAA L     L       Y        33
     V V       R   R A   A L     L       Y      3   3
      V        R   R A   A LLLLL LLLLL   Y       333
    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: February 2, 2003
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   April 12, 2003
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    Challenge Mode (General)
    Extra Challenges
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    This guide is designed to provide information on the Extra
    Challenges feature of Challenge Mode in V-Rally 3; this is
    located to the far-right of the Challenge Mode main menu
    screen.  This information has been specifically made
    available in a separate guide from my V-Rally 3: Game Guide
    so that those who do not wish to view its details in the Game
    Guide will not see it.
    Please note that some of the information in this guide comes
    from my V-Rally 3: Game Guide.
    Here, the player must complete various challenges.  Challenge
    Mode sets the player on three or more stages (of which only
    the first four sectors are used for the challenges), which
    must all be completed within a specified time limit.  The
    stages are not necessarily from the same rally, meaning that
    the player will likely be presented with vastly different
    terrain types in different countries, all within the same
    First, the player must select a driver; at least one driver
    must be available in order to play V-Rally 3.  Then the
    player can select a challenge from among those presented (by
    using the left and right buttons on the D-pad), and view the
    car used for the challenge.
    Next, the player is shown the times to beat for the
    challenge.  The player can also customize the car's tuning.
    Then, the player heads to the first stage of the challenge.
    Following the first stage, the player is shown the
    performance (time) and given the opportunity to view a
    replay, and then is allowed to prepare in the same manner for
    the second stage; this repeats for all the stages.  Upon the
    completion of the final stage of a challenge, the player may
    be shown a trophy presentation and given the name of the next
    Please note that some challenges must be completed with a
    specific vehicle, whereas other challenges will allow the
    player to choose from a small selection of vehicles.  Also,
    once a challenge has been successfully passed, the next
    challenge in the series will become available, and all
    previous challenges can also be selected.
    Challenge Mode comprises several vehicle-specific challenges,
    then a pair of tire-manufacturer challenges (in which the
    player can choose from a selection of permitted vehicles).
    Once these five default challenges have all been successfully
    passed, the player will unlock Extra Challenges, which allows
    for the creation of unique challenges using one or more
    vehicles selected by the player.
    Creating unique challenges is somewhat straightforward.
    First, a name can be selected on the Name screen.  Permitted
    vehicles are then selected on the Cars screen.  Damage can be
    toggled between Off and On.  When ready, the player can
    select OK to move ahead.
    A few notes are warranted here on the selection of permitted
    vehicles from the Cars screen.
       1.) There are four categories: All, 2.0L 4WD, 1.6L FWD,
           and Bonus Cars.  Selecting any of these categories
           means that the player will only be permitted to use
           the vehicles in that category.  This also means that
           if a player has not yet unlocked all the bonus cars,
           then she or he will be limited to those bonus cars
           already acquired in the game should Bonus Cars be
       2.) Selecting any specific vehicle means that the player
           will be limited to using that vehicle for the created
           challenge.  Only those bonus cars which have already
           been unlocked will be available for individual
           selection in this manner.
    In the next step, the player can add stages to the created
    challenge.  A stage in Finland is available by default, with
    its default time to beat listed on the far-right of the
    initial line; selecting this line (the first line) allows for
    that initial stage to be modified on a pop-up sub-screen.
    Here, the player can change the country (remember that the
    entire continent of Africa is treated as a single country in
    V-Rally 3), track (all forward-direction tracks for each
    country are listed before that country's reverse-direction
    tracks), and the time to beat (adjusted in 5% intervals up to
    a 15% differential).
    Adding new stages is done by selecting Add, and a new
    Finland-default line appears.  Selecting this line allows for
    the player to make changes.
    Unfortunately, each stage has its own specified
    weather/lighting conditions, which cannot be changed in Extra
    Challenges :-(   It would be quite interesting, for example,
    to create a challenge where ALL stages are run through Africa
    at nighttime, or ALL stages run in France in severe foggy
    Should a player later wish to edit or delete/erase a created
    challenge, this can be done from the Extra Challenges sub-
    menu.  Any attempt to delete/erase a created challenge will
    be 'cautioned' with a verification screen.
    Once the player has created a challenge, it is then
    selectable from the Challenges: Select sub-menu.  All player-
    created challenges will appear after the five default
    challenges (i.e., after the Michelin Challenge).
    Unfortunately, the record times for any created challenges
    are not shown on the Records screen, nor do they appear in a
    driver's Pressbook :-(
    For questions, rants, raves, comments of appreciation, etc.,
    or to be added to my e-mail list for updates to this driving
    guide, please contact me at: FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM; also, if
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