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    Car FAQ by noodleguitar

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 07/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ___	    ___         _______              __      __    __    __      ______
      \\ \     // /        ||  __  |     /\     || |    || |   \\\  ///     ||__   |
       \\ \   // /         || |_|| |    /  \    || |    || |    \\\///       ___|  |
        \\ \ // /   ___    ||    __|   / /_\\   || |    || |     || |       ||__   |
         \\ \/ /   |___|   || |\ \    / ____ \  || |__  || |__   || |        ___|  |
          \\__/            ||_| \_\  /_/   \\_\ ||____| ||____|  ||_|       ||_____|
    				Car Mini-FAQ
                       [ASCII Contributed by Noodleguitar]
    \			 [TOC] 1. Table of Contents	    		/
    1.  Table of Contents		[TOC] 
    2.  Introduction		[ITD]
    3.  Versions			[VRS]
    4.  Car Tags			[CTG]
    5.  1.6 Liter Class Cars	[16L]
    6.  2.0 Liter Class Cars	[20L]
    7.  Copyright information	[COI]
    8.  Contact			[CTT]
    9.  Other FAQ's Written		[OFW]
    \			 [ITD] 2. Introduction	                        /	
    This isn't really a walhtrhough, but more an information document that 
    you can help with picking the right car.You must have seen the strange 
    codes in the Table of Contents. Those are search tags. Press CTRL + F 
    and type in the screen the search tag you want to go to. This FAQ 
    isn't very long, but it helps me in most FAQ's.
    check if you see this letters standing precisely beneat each other. If
    you don't, change the letter type in Courier New.
    Too bad if my ASCII doesn't work.
    "This guy can't even type English, what a noob..." No, I'm not so good 
    at English but that's because I'm Dutch and NOT English, so if you see 
    any strange words, don't e-mail me!
    I don't have the bonus section yet, because I started all over again due
    to a lack of memory on my Game Cube and I haven't unlocked the bonus cars
    yet. But they will come soon!
    I have tested all the cars with the normal settings. The tracks that
    I have chosen are all the first tracks from Finland, France, Sweden
    and Africa. The top speed is measured in Konza (Africa, track 3)
    \		            [VRS] 3. Versions    	                /
    version 1.0 - July 13th 2005: Made sections 1,2,3,4,7
    			      Things to do: Test all the cars and write 
                                                it in the FAQ
    version 1.1 - July 14th 2005: Tested the 1.6L and wrote it down.
                                  Things to do: Test the 2.0L Cars.
    version FINAL - July 26th 2005: Didn't do very much, but tested all the
                                    2.0L Cars and wrote it in the FAQ what
                                    completes him.
    \                           [CTG] 4. Car Tags                   	/
    I think I love tags or something, because who else would come up with 
    this idea? You could guess them, I just made two characters out of one 
    car (exept for the bonus cars). It's helpfull to get the stats of one
    car quick, though.
    Here are the search tags for the cars:
    1.6 LITER:
    MGZR EX 258			[MG]
    Peugeot 206 1.6L		[P1]
    Ford Puma			[FP]
    Renault Clio			[RC]
    Opel Corsa			[OC] ...watch out for barafranca's...
    Volkswagen Polo			[VP]
    Fiat Punto			[FU]
    Citroën Saxo			[CS]
    2.O LITER:
    Ford Focus RS			[FF]
    Hyundai Accent			[HA]
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII	[ML]
    Seat Cordoba Telefonica		[SC]
    Toyota Corolla			[TC]
    Citroën Xsara			[CX]
    Subaru Impreza 2001		[SI]
    Peugeot 206 2.0L		[P2]
    To bad they didn't made some DIFFERENT cars in the bonus car section 
    instead of taking an already used 2.0 Liter, took another version of 
    the car and titled them "Bonus Cars".
    \		     [16L] 5. 1.6 Liter Class Cars    	         	/
    Here, I made a section with grades for every element. This may be
    helpful with quickly choosing a car.
    Topspeed 1.6L = 121 mph
    |        |GRAVEL  |ASPHALT |SNOW    |DESERT  |Looks   |average |
    |[MG]    |7.2     |7.6     |6.8     |8.1     |7.6     |7.5     |
    |[P1]    |6.6     |6.9     |6.6     |7.0     |7.3     |6.9     |
    |[FP]    |8.2     |8.0     |8.2     |7.6     |8.7     |8.1     |
    |[RC]    |7.4     |6.4     |6.3     |7.3     |5.2     |6.5     |
    |[OC]    |6.6     |6.9     |6.8     |6.9     |7.6     |7.0     |
    |[VP]    |7.1     |7.5     |7.0     |7.0     |7.1     |7.1     |
    |[FU]    |7.7     |7.8     |7.0     |7.6     |7.9     |7.6     |
    |[CS]    |7.0     |7.8     |7.1     |7.3     |7.2     |7.3     |
    |BEST    | [FP]   | [FP]   | [FP]   | [MG]   | [FP]   | [FP]   |
    iow: Choose the Ford Puma whenever you can except in Africa.
    [MG] If you make mistakes with this car... no problem. You can easily
         put yourself back on the road. It is a good jumper and it handles
         great despite his size. It's also very good in very tight corners.
         It just won't let you full gas in corners and I don't advice to 
         do that. It has not a very good acceleration though.
    [P1] It accelerates very quick. But it wouldn't defenitely be my car.
         It is not handling good at gravel and neither in snow.
         You also need a lot of braking to survive in Sweden.
         If you make one mistake with this car it means certain death.
         It's also very bad in very tight corners because of it's 
         flying over the road the whole time. In the desert it's very
         slippery, so that it's almost incontrolable.
    [FP] My fave 'o Class. This car is brilliant. It looks good and
         handles well on all surfaces. This car can't just be taken
         out of balance. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit
         inmanouverable in the desert.
    [RC] Yugh... Very ugly! It's the authistic kid among cars. If you
         have to choose it, use it on a dirty terrain. The only 
         beautifull thing about it, is how the frontwheels are mounted.
         It is very slippery on asphalt on if you have a rough side-road
         it will be likely that you will be smashed around, because this
         car bounces way to good. It's also very slow in the snow, so it
         won't take much braking power in Sweden.
    [OC] This car drives very bad. It is slippery in gravel, it slows you
         down in corners and it's handling is very bad in the snow.
    [VP] It's quite steady in gravel and at asphalt it's even steady and
         fast! The disadvantage is that it slows you a bit down in snow.
    [FU] It definately handles good on gravel,asphalt and the desert.
         It's just a bit slippery on snow. It also has a fairly good
    [CS] It is a bit overhandling in gravel and you must make no mistakes.
         This car is just designed for asphalt, also due to his high
         acceleration. It is also -according to my tests- the fastest
         car with a topspeed of 123 mph.
    \		       [20L] 6. 2.0L Class Cars    	         	/
    Here, I made a section with grades for every element. This may be
    helpful with quickly choosing a car.
    Topspeed 2.0L = 133 mph
    |        |GRAVEL  |ASPHALT |SNOW     |DESERT  |Looks   |average  |
    |[FF]    |7.1     |8.2     |7.5      |7.2     |8.4     |7.7      |
    |[HA]    |7.8     |8.4     |7.0      |7.3     |8.0     |7.7      |
    |[ML]    |7.4     |7.1     |6.9      |7.1     |7.9     |7.3      |
    |[SC]    |8.7     |7.5     |7.2      |8.5     |7.4     |7.9      |
    |[TC]    |7.1     |7.3     |7.3      |7.6     |7.5     |7.4      |
    |[CX]    |7.2     |7.8     |7.5      |7.4     |7.8     |7.5      |
    |[SI]    |8.2     |7.4     |7.6      |8.3     |8.2     |7.9      |
    |[P2]    |7.7     |8.1     |7.6      |7.4     |8.0     |7.8      |
    |BEST    | [SC]   | [HA]   |[SI]+[P2]| [SC]   | [FF]   |[SI]+[SC]|
    [FF] This car is a bit sippery on gravel, but it's very steady on asphalt.
         It also accelerates pretty quick. In snow it's a bit slippery but it
         handles well enough on that surface.
    [HA] It's pretty steady on gravel. It's also good in hairpins and is 
         supersteady on asphalt. Despite it's good abilities on asphalt it's
         fairly bad in snow. On that surface he's slow and unstable. Further
         is he a bit slippery in the desert.
    [ML] The big red one. It's a bit slippery on asphalt and very slippery in
         snow. It can easily be  picked off balance but is steady in the 
    [SC] This one is supersteady, manouverable and fast in gravel. It's
         manouverability is due to it's size and width. It's short and small
         what gives him plenty of space on the track. Although it's a bit
         slippery on asphalt, but accelerates fast.`He's fast in corners,
         but in snow it's slow on straight pieces. It's also superfast and
         steady in the desert.
    [TC] This one is steady, but slippery on gravel. It's also fairly steady
         on asphalt and handles good in the desert.
    [CX] Another big red one.
         You must not rush corners with this car, especially not in gravel or
         desert. It's good on asphalt despite it's size, but it's risky to 
         drive in the desert, because one mistake means certain death.
    [SI] It pulls up fast in the desert due to Subaru's powerfull engines. It's
         good in the desert and on gravel. Like this car? Wait untill you see
         the bonus version of it...
    [P2] Not much to say about this car. It handles nice on gravel and is super
         fast and risky on asphalt.
    \		     [COI] 7. Copyright Information    	         	/
    This FAQ is created and copyrighted by Noël Lüneburg and may not be stolen. 
    With stealing I mean copy this FAQ and delete my name/delete and put yours 
    instead. This FAQ may be copied with my permission. For mail refer to [CTT].
    The named cars in this FAQ are not registered trademarks from me and those 
    can be copied and send to others.
    The only sites now that have permission to show this FAQ are:
    If you want your site to be permitted, send me a request - [CTT]
    \		            [CTT] 8. Contact    	         	/
    You can mail me questions, tips, mistakes, difficulties to
    noodleguitar@gmail.com. You can also send me spam but I just won't read
    it. The subject should be "V-rally 3 cars" or something.
    If you want your site to be permitted to be able to show this FAQ,
    send a request to my e-mail and I will check this site for existense
    and reliability.
    \		      [OFW] 9. Other FAQ's Written    	         	/
    Other FAQ's written:
    Pokemon Blue (GB) -> Walkthrough/FAQ [DUTCH]
    Enter the Matrix (GC) -> Walkthrough/FAQ
    V-rally 3 Cars (GC) -> Mini FAQ
    FAQ's to come:
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