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    Boss FAQ by bigbadwolf

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    V::;,====I  V;::XM+;:+B   Y:,iI;,;=V    Ri:,;RR+;;VMX;:;;X  Y;;+RXXtItYIIYtYIX
    B;,:;ii:,++VV,,:BB+==IM  I;:+YX:,,:IB  BX;;++RR+,,IBX,:::V  V;;IWBRIYIYIIYtYtVR
    X;;+RMBI=:.+V,:=BRY;;iM I,;+V X;=::iBBRB+::,;WW+,:VBX;;;:tXBY:;tWXVVXVVVIYIIIVM
    M+;+M  Bi:,=X.,=BMI,:iBt,:iB  R;;;;;VMBV;:::+BRi.=XBX::+:;VMY:;tW        RRYItR
    B+.;M  M+,+IM,,;WBI;;Vt:;iB   Y:,+t:iBR=,VX==MRt;+VBB;=t+,iBI:=IBMRXIVYYYYVtYIM
    V+:=RXi=,,+XB,,,MXI:.+:=VM    R;,tX;;YV:=XY,;RBV;;IMB+=iR==VV;;YMMRYttIttIIIYVB
    R+,;+,,;;tI B.;=BMY,,:=::IB   V;=IB=.:+.tWX.,BBt;,YBX:=+B+:IV:.VBXXIVYVYYYIVVBB
    R++it+iYR   R:+IMXY,;iYi,=VB  V;=XBI:;:;VMY,;BMI,+VBX;;VMY;=i;=VBXIItXRR
    Bi==M       R::=BRY:=IRY;=:IR X,;IBXi+::BBY:,VBI.+VRV;;tMXi;;;+YBXIYtVVVVVXXVV
    R+;,M       R::=BRt.,iM VI:+YXX:+tM I;:V XI:,YBt,+VBX;;tMBY;,;=YXXIIiIiitiYtYtM
    B+:;#       V::=BBI=+tM  XI=+VY;++R  VY  XV:;XWt==IRX;:tM XtiiiX BVVIYtYIIYtVIM
                                      BOSS FAQ
    by bigbadwolf
    Version 1.0  
          1) Key points                                   (ctrl-f #1)
          2) Specific Boss Strategies                     (ctrl-f #2)
             EMPRESS BULBLAX                              (ctrl-f #B1)
             BURROWING SNAGRET                            (ctrl-f #B2)
             BEADY LONGLEGS                               (ctrl-f #B3)
             GIANT BREADBUG                               (ctrl-f #B4)
             EMPEROR BULBLAX                              (ctrl-f #B5)
             PILEATED SNAGRET                             (ctrl-f #B6)
             WATERWRAITH                                  (ctrl-f #B7)
             RANGING BLOYSTER                             (ctrl-f #B8)
             MAN-AT-LEGS                                  (ctrl-f #B9)
             RAGING LONG-LEGS                             (ctrl-f #B10)
             SEGMENTED CRAWBSTER                          (ctrl-f #B11)
             FINAL BOSS: TITAN DWEEVIL                    (ctrl-f #B12)
          3) Credits, Permissions & Legal                 (ctrl-f #3)
                             KEY POINTS                            #1
    (*) DON'T PANIC
        Most of these bosses have the ability to inflict heavy casualties on you 
        before you get the chance to work out decent strategies. But don't worry, 
        once you have they become much, much easier. Don't be afraid to use the 
        reset button to get a good feel for a boss before you fight him properly.
        If Nintendo hadn't wanted you to be able to do this, you wouldn't be able
        to this.
    (*) Know your resources.
        The required Pikmin I recommend is usually a rough guide, don't worry if 
        you have a few less or want to use more (but sometimes too many can make
        things worse). If you've plenty of sprays, use them too. A lot of bosses
        are attracted to the captains, not necessarily the Pikmin. You can use
        this 'decoy' ability to work in your favour.
    (*) No deaths!
        These boss strategies are designed to be able to defeat the bad guys with
        no Pikmin deaths. Once mastered, this shouldn't be a problem. But if you 
        don't care about losses, or it's your first time through, just try to 
        fight with MORE than I recommend and so you don't get to LESS than that 
    (*) Life is short!
        You can be ultra safe with many of these bosses and just use a couple of
        Pikmin at a time to fight them. But this'll take far longer, and I for one
        have better things to do. So should you.
    Difficulty: (*)         Piece of cake.
                (**)        If you're unlucky a few may die, but not hard.
                (***)       Can be tricky but easy to kill once you know how.
                (****)      You'll need to be good to beat these with no deaths.
                (*****)     The final boss. Ohhh, he's evil. An evil Dweevil.  :)
                             SPECIFIC BOSS STRATEGIES              #2
                             EMPRESS BULBLAX                       #B1
    Description: Looks like a big red maggot with a Bulborbs face. Can give birth
                 Bulborb Larvae in certain situations. Has a tendency to roll 
                 around and flatten things.
    Locations:   Hole of Beasts           (Level 5)
                 Frontier Cavern          (Level 8)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 11)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 30  (Level 4)
    Pikmin required: 10 Purples or reds
    Difficulty: (**) to (****)
                             **Hole of Beasts**
    Take about 10 Purples roud to the Empress, and throw one on her head to wake 
    her (whistle it back quick!). Go round to the head end, go right up to the 
    head and quick fire the purples on. She'll curl a bit and look in pain, then
    come back to face the front - whistle your guys off NOW as she'll shake them
    off otherwise. She'll roll around now, but kill none of your Pikmin as you 
    whistled them back, right?! 
    After 3 rolls she'll face front again, so repeat the cycle. Do this about 4 
    times and she'll die. Collect the Love Tester (200). Now you have the 
    equippable item 'Treasure Antenna', it'll let you know if items are close and 
    it'll turn off once you've cleared a room (as it should now). 
                             **Frontier Cavern**
    She's harder now than the first time you met her as she's obviously been up 
    to no good and is giving birth to Larvae at an incredible rate! To start, 
    throw the 5 purples up to the ledge above. Now take just Olimar and walk round 
    the paths (killing the larvae you pass) all the way past the Empress and round 
    to the purples. Then turn and fight the swarm of Larvae following you.
    Now quickly grab the purples and throw them onto the Empress. She'll turn and 
    writhe in pain then straighten up again - this is your sign to whistle them
    off and run back a bit; you'll need to kill a couple more Larva while the 
    Empress rolls around and kills some more. Now just repeat the throwing
    process, you shouldn't have to worry about the Larva any more.
    After about five times she'll die, now dismiss the purples and quickly scout
    around killing any more Larva, they can eat 'mins if you're not careful. 
                             **Hole of Heroes**
    Same old Empress, but much harder here as you start at the tail end, and now
    she causes a rockfall when she rolls. The key to a no-death run here is a good
    start. Use Pres to kill the first Larva and lure the next to the right. Then 
    run round the left with Olimar to the head end, and set them on the wall. 
    Switch back to the Pres and fight the Larvae.
    When the wall falls, swarm the 'mins into the safe part behind and take 10 
    reds and throw them on the Empress. Whistle them off as soon as she faces
    back to the front again, and run back to the wall. She'll roll, rocks will
    fall. Switch to the Pres and run back up to the others. That's the hard
    part over, just repeat until she dies, she'll squash the Larvae now.
                             **CM Arena 30**
    This boss is no tougher than when you meet her for the second time in story
    mode, so if you've done that you should be fine. Grab the purples, and run 
    right up to her face. Throw them on, and she'll curl up and act hurt. Then 
    she'll straighten up again. That's the signal to whistle them off, as she's 
    about to roll (and kill her larva - ha!)
    Repeat this about four times and she's done. Don't worry about the fire traps
    nearby, just don't let any purples start attacking them. Once dead, be 
    careful to finish off any surviving Larvae as they eat 'mins fast. Now you
    can use the reds to take care of the flame traps before exiting.
                             BURROWING SNAGRET                     #B2
    Description: Looks like a Stork or Crane poking its head with along neck and
                 beak out of the ground. Favourite food: Pikmin pie.
    Locations:   Garden of White Flowers  (Level 5)
                 Awakening Wood           (outside Snagret Hole)
                 Snagret Hole             (Level 3)  X2
                                          (Level 6)  X2
                 Valley of Repose         (on ledge by item)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 4)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 11  (Level 5)
    Pikmin required: 25 reds
    Difficulty: (**)
                             **Garden of White Flowers**
    I'm sure you remember this guy from the first game. He's no harder now. Use
    about 25 reds, and go to his nest. When he emerges, he either comes straight
    out, or he pokes head first and then slowly comes up. Be patient though; he'll
    only emerge slowly about one time in four.
    When he comes up quickly, run away, and wait for him to rebury. When he emerges
    slowly, fire all the Pikmin onto his head; by the time he's fully out he'll be
    hurt and so won't eat any Pikmin. Do this about 3 times and he's beaten with no
    'mins lost. Woohoo! You can sacrifice whites for a faster kill, but it's not
    worth it really. 
    Collect the reward, the Glove (100). This gives you the equippable item 
    'Pikpik Radar', you can now get the Pikmin to carry you home by holding x.
                             **The rest!**
    With 9 of these battles in the game, and most using exactly the same
    strategies, I'm not going to relist them here. It's worth noting though, that
    if you're facing two at a time (Snagret Hole) pick them off one by one, and
    when you can avoid having to fight them (the overground parts) do so. If 
    there's water nearby just use blues as a reburrowing Snagret flings Pikmin
    You might not even notice the Hole of Heroes fight, as the main boss on
    this level is a Pileated Snagret and the Burrowing one can be (and usually is)
                             BEADY LONGLEGS                        #B3
    Description: Looks like a big yellow four-legged spider with a round body, 
                 stamps around with dangerous crushing feet.
    Locations:   Citadel of Spiders       (Level 5)
                 Perplexing Pool          (outside)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 14)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 10  (Level 1)
    Pikmin required: 15 yellows or reds
    Difficulty: (**)
                             **Citadel of Spiders**
    Once you've lured him out of the cobwebs into the middle of the room, he'll
    stamp around, then stop and lower his body for a breather every so often
    (Usually it's about every 8 stamps). Take this as your chance to run in and
    throw 15 or so reds onto the body. Use a red spray first for extra-fast
    Whistle them off as soon as he builds up to spin them off, and retreat to a
    safe distance until he lowers again. Repeating this a few times will soon
    finish him off. He leaves 'The Key' (100) which will now unlock Challenge
    Mode for you! 
    You can select it from the title menu. Don't forget to use whites to dig up
    the Gem (100) before you leave, and get a red spray from the Irridescent Flint
    Beetle here (3 hits). 
                             **Hole of Heroes**
    Plenty of Dweevils wandering around here but ignore them and lure Beady down.
    Use blues in this watery level, and just wait for beady to rest and lower 
    before throwing the 'mins on. If any Dweevils hijack the Nintendo Block (80) 
    he gives you just smack them off with Olimar.
                             **CM Arena 10**
    Ah, the first challenge mode boss fight! Scout ahead with Olimar to find 
    where the Sheargrubs and Dwarf Bulborbs are, and to lure Beady down. Then go
    back with the yellows, clearing the way until you get back to him. He'll
    stamp around, then stop and lower his body for a breather every so often.
    Take this as your chance to run in and throw 20 or so yellows onto the body.
    Use a red spray first for extra-fast damage. 
    Whistle them off as soon as he builds up to spin them off, and retreat to a
    safe distance until he lowers again. Repeating this a few times will soon
    finish him off, and give you the key.
                             GIANT BREADBUG                        #B4
    Description: Looks like a large loaf of bread that wanders around! Very greedy,
                 and any Pikmin dragged back to it's lair won't be seen again...
    Locations:   Gluttons Kitchen         (Level 6)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 16  (Level 1)
    Pikmin required: 20 yellows 
    Difficulty: (*)
                             **Gluttons Kitchen**
    Not much of a boss here, just drag the Giant Breadbug while it's holding 
    onto one of the items like any normal Breadbug. Make sure you leave the 
    purples by the nosecone so they don't get fried!
    Wait until he grabs an item and then swarm it so you win the tug o' war 
    and drag him back to your ship nosecone. This'll take off half his life so
    repeat once to kill him. If this method goes wrong you can also flip him over
    with purples but this takes much longer. If you're too slow and the normal
    Breadbugs half-inch the items, you'll have to kill them first to make them
    This gives the equippable item 'Anti-Electrocutionizer' (rubber is a good
    insulator after all!) which means your captains are now immune to electricity.
    Use the yellows to kill the Anode Beetles and the electric traps. Job done.
                             **CM Arena 16**
    Ignore the normal Breadbugs here, just worry about the Giant one as he has the
    key. Wait until he grabs an item and then swarm it so you win the tug o' war 
    and drag him back to your ship nosecone. This'll take off half his life so
    repeat once to kill him. If this method goes wrong you can also flip him over
    with purples but this takes much longer.
                             EMPEROR BULBLAX                       #B5
    Description: Usually sleeps buried in the ground with just eye-stalks showing. 
                 Looks like a Large Bulborb with a rocky back. Eats Pikmin. Often
                 found in groups. 
    Locations:   Bulblax Kingdom          (Level 7)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 10) X2
                 Cavern of Chaos          (Level 4)  X2
                 Challenge Mode Arena 30  (Level 5)  X3
    Pikmin required: 10 purples and reds 
    Difficulty: (***)
                             **Bulblax Kingdom**
    The trick here is to kill the Emperor before he's even into the battle. Take
    all purples and reds and throw them (purples first) right between his eyes.
    He'll rise up, but if it's done right he'll die almost instantly, before he can
    throw them off and lick around. 
    If this doesn't finish him or he wakes up, you can run off and wait for him to
    rebury. You'll get the Robot Body (100) which gives you the equippable item 
    'Flare Guard', and your captains are now safe from fire damage. Use reds in the
    next room to get the Statue (250), notice the (now easy) walk through the flame
                             **Hole of Heroes**
    First scout with Olimar not only to tell which Bulblax has the item, but also
    to lure out the two sets of Militites that are buried on this level which 
    will otherwise scatter your 'mins. Take the reds to the Bulblax you need to 
    dispatch and throw them rapidly on his eyes. With a touch of luck by the time
    he rises and gets ready to attack, he'll be dead!
    Note that if there're more than one of these guys around their roar
    will wake nearby sleeping ones up.
                             **Cavern of Chaos**
    If you want to kill them fast, lure an Emperor out, make him swallow a bomb
    and then use blues on him when he's stunned. On the other hand, lure him into
    licking up 7 bombs (there're plenty here) and he'll die anyway. Collect the
    Milk Carton (60) and Milk Cap (30). Search around the edges here; sometimes
    a Queen Candypop'll drop down. If so, get reds.
                             **CM Arena 30**
    This would be rock hard in this time limit if it weren't for the careful
    scattering of bomb-rocks on this level. This makes the Emperors much easier,
    just lure one of them out of the ground and into licking up a bomb (you can
    even nudge these around). When it explodes in his mouth, he'll be dazed for
    a fair while; switch to Louie in control of the purples and a few reds and
    lob them on. 
    Use red sprays as well if you have them left, it all saves time. In the 
    worst case scenario you may have to kill all three to get the key, as it's
    random which one has it. As you won't want to reset now (and have to do all
    4 previous levels again) you just have to work fast. Make sure you tempt them
    well away from the water so no Pikmin drown.
    When you get the key, be careful of the bombs, water and flame traps (and any
    slumbering Emperors) and exit for the final pink flower in Challenge Mode.
                             PILEATED SNAGRET                      #B6
    Description: Looks like a Snagret with a crested head, but can emerge fully
                 from the ground to hop around and eat Pikmin.
    Locations:   Snagret Hole             (Level 7)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 4)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 21  (Level 2)  
    Pikmin required: 30 flowered reds 
    Difficulty: (****)
                             **Snagret Hole**
    A what? For those ignorant of bird biology, pileated means it has a crest along
    its pileum (the top of its head). Put most of the 'mins safely off in a corner
    and just use about 30 fast ones. The general idea here is the same as for the 
    Burrowing Snagret; about every one time in five the Snagret will emerge slower,
    just poking out his head at first. 
    When he does, piling on the (red sprayed if possible) Pikmin will cause him so
    much damage he won't peck any at all, and will throw them off and re-burrow.
    So when he comes up fast, just run away and circle behind him so he goes
    straight back down. When he flings the 'mins off, you have to be very fast to
    whistle them back or he'll get them next time. He won't regenerate health, so
    don't rush.
    It's a lot hardier than the Burrowing version though, so you'll need to repeat
    this about 10 times. Refill the 'mins with honey from the edges or red sprays 
    if you have enough, as it helps when it comes up fast and you have to peg it.
    If you don't mind sacrificing Pikmin, this hungry boss is a sucker for whites.
    Don't even THINK about dragging purples around with you (unless you've 
    poisoned it with whites), they're much too slow.
    Kill it to get the Robot Body (100), this gives you the 'Metal Suit Z', ie a
    tougher Olimar! Use the Queen Candypops around the edge to get more 'mins. You
    should be leaving this cave with 24 more Pikmin than you came in with!  
                             **Hole of Heroes**
    As if taking on a Pileated Snagret next to a sand whirlpool wasn't hard
    enough, they throw in another Snagret too! But don't worry, you only have
    to kill the Pileated one (red crested) to collect the Gold Coin (1,000), so
    just avoid the side the Burrower is on. As usual, take the reds to do the 
    task and wait for the Snagret to emerge slowly before attacking it.
    When it comes out fast, just run away. Also try to throw parallel to the sand
    pit here, so any 'min that miss don't go too far away. This battle may take a
    reset or two...
                             **CM Arena 21**
    This one's quite a toughy to do with no loss (for the pink flower), so I hope
    you saved those red sprays! Exactly same techniques as in the Snagrets Hole
                             WATERWRAITH                           #B7
    Description: Looks like a giant frog made of water, riding on steamroller
                 wheels. Will crush all in its path.
    Locations:   Submerged Castle         (Level 5)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 28  (Level 1)  X2  
    Pikmin required: 10 purples 
    Difficulty: (****)
                             **Submerged Castle**
    In each of the first four levels in this cave, the Waterwraith will appear
    noisily after a few minutes and start steaming around the level. General
    1) He'll kill (most) enemies in his path, and disable traps. Use this fact.
    2) He doesn't go right into corners. Hide there.
    3) He'll vaguely follow your captains, so you can lure him around.
    4) Try and get far-away items before he drops to make life easier.
    5) He can't be harmed by blues and will squash them, so keep away. 
    6) You CANNNOT harm him until level 5.
    7) You can ONLY get blues into this cave, ignore the entrance info.
    **Level 5**
    Knock down the walls and use the Violet Buds to change 10 Bulbmin into purples.
    Nectar them up, then go into the large circular area.
    After all the trouble in the preceeding 4 levels, this guy is a piece of cake.
    Go near the nectar in the main room and he'll drop down and roar a bit.
    Run around so you can approach him from the side and throw purples onto him: 
    he'll freeze and turn purple. Whistle them off and throw again - he shouldn't
    get to move. If he looks like he's about to, whistle them off and repeat. 
    Very quickly his rollers will break and he'll run around helplessly. 
    Take your time, he can't hurt you now. Throw more purples on when he runs out 
    of breath and rests to finish him off. You'll get the equippable item
    'Pluckaphone' (100). Now you can whistle 'mins out of the ground and don't
    have to manually pluck them out any more! Leave the cave, and say goodbye to
    the Bulbmin as they'll hang around down there.  
                             **CM Arena 28**
    When the timer hits 270, two Waterwraiths'll both drop down and start rolling
    around. A few other enemies drop, too (Yellow Wollywog, Anode Beetle). The key
    to beating them without too much hassle here is to divide and conquer: you
    don't know which has the key so destroy both Rollers, and hope the first one
    you finish when they're roller-free is the key one. If not, it'll take a bit 
    Don't knock walls down at the start, they can be handy in separating the 
    bosses. Just watch the timer, and lure out some Dweevils from the pipes if you
    want. Once they've dropped, remember you can crowd into corners to save 'mins,
    and wait for a good shot then throw purples on one of them. With so many, they
    die pretty quick. Leave the first one running around while you de-roller the
    Be careful of the Anode Beetles etc that fall (remember they don't get 
    crushed), and finish off the running watery things. One has the key, the other
    gives that freaky baby head item (666 points, weird huh?).
                             RANGING BLOYSTER                      #B8
    Description: Looks like a large Bloyster (sea slug) with big glowing eyes on
                 stalks. Will home in on captains and eat Pikmin.
    Locations:   Shower Room              (Level 7)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 7)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 20  (Level 2) 
    Pikmin required: 20 reds
    Difficulty: (***)
                             **Shower Room**
    Split up so Olimar has 10 reds, Louie has 10 reds (or similar). Knock down a 
    wall to enter the main section, and run round the back of the Bloyster with 
    one of them. He'll light up (the captains colour) and turn to chase. Just as 
    he is turned, swicth captains. He'll be confused for a second, then light up
    the other colour and turn to face the other captain.
    Repeat again but this time each switch throw some Pikmin on his tail before
    he turns, and make sure the captains are opposite sides of him. Also switch
    fast so he never does his eat-attack. Whistle off Pikmin once he's shaken
    them away so they're out of danger. It's actually quite straightforward to 
    kill the Bloyster once this technique is mastered, even with no deaths. You
    can even just keep all 20 Pikmin with one of the captains.
    When it dies collect the equippable item 'Mega Tweeter' (100), which enlarges
    the area of effect of your whistles.
                             **Hole of Heroes**
    The slight twist here is the presence of Cannon Beetles; lure them into 
    shooting each other (kill the green Armoured ones first). Make sure the 'mins
    are safe in a corner while you do this. Then fight the Bloyster as normal; 
    split into two teams of reds with the captains and switch fast enough to 
    confuse the Bloyster into spinning round so he doesn't eat any.
                             **CM Arena 20**
    Ah, so this is what a giant keeps in his bath! You're given plenty of time
    to kill the Bloyster here, so no rushing. Split the blues up and give half
    to either captain. Now with one, go to the the far side of the Bloyster. He'll
    glow whichever colour you are, and turn to face you. Just as he has done 
    turning, switch to the other captain.
    The Bloyster'll spend a few seconds dithering then switch colours and turn 
    around again. Keep repeating, but every time you switch quickly go right up to 
    his tail and throw some blues on. He'll turn and shake them off, but as long
    as you switch fast enough he'll never do his 'eating' attack so no 'mins will
    die. You've enough red sprays to keep the 'mins fired up so use them
    frequently. Don't dither too much between attacks as he'll regenerate health
                             MAN-AT-LEGS                           #B9
    Description: Looks like a small mechanical version of Beady long legs, 
                 but kills with a powerful laser rather than stamping feet.
    Locations:   Subterranean Complex     (Level 9)
                 Hole of Heroes           (Level 13)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 25  (Level 2) 
    Pikmin required: 20 reds
    Difficulty: (****)
                             **Subterranean Complex**
    Pikmin goes all shoot-em-up now! Safely huddle away all the Pikmin in a corner
    here, and then take the reds with Olimar to the middle. The Man-at-legs 
    will be lured out and stamp around before either (1) resting and lowering its
    body, or (2) get ready to shoot you. If it's going to shoot, it steams more
    and the body opens up, a gun emerges and a red laser starts tracking.
    When this happens quickly run away and behind any nearby protrusion from the
    ground. As the weapon fires at a low angle, you'll be protected behind any
    barrier as long as you huddle up behind it. Wait until the laser turns off 
    before you come out of hiding, as the shots are usually in 2 or 3 groupings.
    Then run back to the raised centre section.
    Try and stay just out from under the boss, but on the centre section. Now 
    when he rests and lowers his body, you'll have a height advantage (as his legs
    will be on the lower part) and will be able to throw most of the reds on.
    Whistle them off just before he spins them away, and then run and look for 
    hiding as he'll get ready to fire.
    Repeat this five or so times and the job'll be done. For your troubles you'll
    be given the equippable item 'Solar System' which lights up all the dungeons.
    You should be able to notice the difference straight away.
                            **Hole of Heroes**
    The slight twist here is the ring of water around the boss, so use blues 
    only. Put the others in a safe place and lure him out. There's a wall right
    next to him so use this to dash behind. Don't bother to wait for it to lower
    and rest, just use the height of the centre to throw on him, then whistle off
    and run behind the wall. Rinse and repeat to get (another!) Ninty Block (80).
                            **CM Arena 25**
    OK, secure a safe spot in a corner from traps (use reds or whites) and huddle
    all the 'mins there with Louie, and give Olimar the blues to fight this guy 
    with. Red-spray them up, and go over to the suspicious orb in the centre to
    lure the boss out. He'll stamp around a bit then open up his body section 
    (use the steaming as a signal for this) and follow you with a laser targetting
    red beam.
    As soon as this happens, he's about to shoot so run behind a barrier fast! The 
    shots are fast and damaging but very on very shallow trajectories, so only a 
    small barrier will save your 'mins. Make sure you wait until he puts his gun
    away, as he often fires in two or more bursts. Then he'll stamp some more
    (don't worry, his legs won't hurt), and lower his body and rest like all long
    legged bosses!
    As usual, this is your opportunity to throw the blues onto his body to give
    him a smack. Whistle them off before he flings them away, as he'll probably
    start firing soon after. You'll need to repeat this cycle a fair few times 
    as stingily you only have 10 blues, and with the water in the middle I 
    wouldn't risk it with the other colours.
                             RAGING LONG-LEGS                      #B10
    Description: Looks like a fat black version of Beady long legs with even larger
                 stamping feet. Slow, but will speed up when hit.
    Locations:   Hole of Heroes         (Level 15)
                 Challenge Mode Arena 15  (Level 1) 
    Pikmin required: 20 reds
    Difficulty: (**)
                            **Hole of Heroes**
    First take the reds around the edge and kill the Greater and Lesser Jellyfish, 
    then lure Long-legs down by going near the middle. Similar to Beady, but bigger
    feet to avoid and easier to hit. When he rests run in and throw the reds on,
    but make sure to whistle them back well before he throws them off as he'll 
    stamp around fast for a short while. Wait at a safe distance until he slows,
    then repeat. Pretty easy boss, really. Get the NES Robot Head (250) and exit.
                            **CM Arena 15**
    This guy's slower than Beady but has bigger feet. Same idea, use a red spray 
    first then wait for him to rest. Throw the glowing Pikmin on fast and watch 
    his health drop. Whistle them off just before he spins them, and then back 
    off as he'll do some fast-stomping before resting again. Should only take a 
    couple of repeats.
    If you didn't clear the Dweevils first, be prepared for some fun and games
    taking the key back! 
                             SEGMENTED CRAWBSTER                   #B11
    Description: Looks like a large blue crustacean with one oversized claw. Has a
                 tendancy to curl up and roll around. Soft underbelly. 
    Locations:   Cavern of Chaos       (Level 10)
    Pikmin required: 40 reds
    Difficulty: (****)
                            **Cavern of Chaos**
    Nasty one here to do in a no-death run, but luckily if you get it right it's
    very quick. Take all your reds with Olimar round to the right hand side of the
    room (avoid the middle), and use a red spray on them ready for battle. Now
    switch to the Pres and lure the boss down by going into the middle, and lead
    him into the wall on the right when he rolls. When he hits the wall, he'll
    flip over and expose his soft underbelly for a short while. Trouble is, he'll
    also cause a rockfall.
    Switch to Olimar, run up close and throw all the reds quickly onto his weak 
    underbelly. Here's where you need the luck, you don't have time to wait for the
    rockfall to finish, so just hope one doesn't fall on the 'mins. If it does,
    reset. If it doesn't,the sheer number of reds will kill this thing in one go,
    or possibly two. Be careful if it does take tow, as when he flips back over
    he'll knock the 'mins away with  his claw and deflower them.
    Collect the Doll Head (666 - how freaky is this?) and pat yourself on the back.
    You really don't want to play a slow tactical battle with this guy, cause he
    regenerates pretty fast and one wrong move can lose you a whole bunch of 'mins.
                             FINAL BOSS: TITAN DWEEVIL             #B12
    Description: Looks like a pile of junk until disturbed... then rises up as a 
                 towering huge Dweevil that has learnt the ability to use 
                 weapons. Changes colour depending on its attacks.
    Locations:   Dream Den           (Level 14)
    Pikmin required: 40 reds, 20 blues, 20 yellows, 20 whites
    Difficulty: (*****)
                            **Dream Den**
    Well, here it is: the final five items of the game for you to get. Just one
    last baddie in the way. Hope you have a spare half hour...
    As you approach the pile of junk with Louie in the middle, the Titan Dweevil
    will rise out of the ground and equip himself with the four 'weapons' that
    were lying there. You have to attack each one with your Pikmin and damage it 
    so it falls off the Dweevil. Trouble is, he'll use them to defend himself
    and they're pretty powerful.
    When you're halfway to destroying one it'll start to smoke and the attacks from
    that weapon will increase in effect. The Dweevil will tend to use that weapon
    when he selects one to fire at you. They stun Olimar (but don't hurt him) but
    only one Pikmin type is immune to each one. Here're the culprits:
    Negative Ion Converter
             This is at the front of the Dweevil and when used, launches electric
             nodes and runs a current through them seconds later. This will kill
             any non-yellow Pikmin on touch, but only has medium range. When 
             smoking, the nodes electrify instantly when thrown.
    Flare Cannon
             This is on the Dweevils left side and sprays a short range arc of 
             flames in the direction of Olimar. Only reds are immune to this. The
             damaged version has larger range and sweeps in a bigger arc.
    Monster Pump
             This tap-resembling pump shoots out large droplets of water all
             around the arean, even to the edge. Only blues are immune. When it's
             smoking the number and speed of droplets launched increases.
    Chemical Weapon
             This is at the rear of the Dweevil and sprays three arcs of poison
             gas on a circle reaching to the edge of the lower area. Only whites
             are immune. The powered up attack sprays four arcs and is faster.
    As 100 Pikmin are a bit unwieldy to run around with, and ideally you want to be
    attacking a weapon using Pikmin imune to its attacks, you want to leave some
    by the safe exit. Trouble is, the water attack reaches all over the arena, so
    you can only leave the blues there. Take the other 80 with you.
    Although the weapons can be beaten in any order, the above reason means you 
    want to get the water pump first, then the electric bulb as this is the only
    attack that is instant 'min death (the others can be whistled out of danger).
    Then it's best to polish off the flame cannon as you have plenty of reds, 
    and leave the poison pump until last when he can't hurt you any more (just
    use whites). 
    He'll rest and lower every now and then, which makes throwing Pikmin on 
    easier, but he will fire a weapon instead if you're too close. This 'safe'
    distance gets further away as he loses his weapons, so try not to get too
    frustrated and run in all the time.
    Don't bother to try any cunning petrification techniques on him, when you use
    your purple sprays although he'll solidify attacks on the weapons don't seem
    to do any damage. Save them for emergency escapes when he's about to use a
    weapon you weren't expecting!
    Just before he rises, use a red spray on the 80 'mins with you, and go to the
    side where the water pump is. Start throwing Pikmin on as soon as he's 
    lifting. With a bit of luck, he'll attack with electricity and you can just
    KEEP throwing 'mins on the tap, just avoid the nodes. If this works, the
    tap will fall off almost straight away - it's worth resetting to get this
    best possible start.
    Still using all 80, and keeping them red-sprayed (as you will have got some
    more from beetles etc in this cave) now attack the electric weapon at the
    front. It's easier to lure him to the edge and stand up a ramp so you get
    the height. With sprayed Pikmin attacking, this shouldn't take long.
    Once off, take the Pikmin to safety and leave the whites and yellows with
    the blues and just use reds to destroy the flame cannon. He'll use his poison
    attack every now and then but just run out of the arena when he does.
    When he's down to the last weapon, you're laughing - he can't hurt you now.
    With your 20 whites, just walk right up to him and keep throwing them on. It
    doesn't matter that he'll fire it constantly; in fact it helps, as you can 
    throw them onto it even WHILE it's being fired! Easy. 
    Once the last one's off, it's just like any other weedy Dweevil. Grab all your
    'mins, throw them onto him and finish the job. Collect the four weapons (each
    1,000) and Louie (10). Interestingly the Piklopedia lists him as the 'King of 
                             CREDITS, PERMISSIONS & LEGAL          #3
          Nintendo for making such a brilliant game
          Gamefaqs and NTSC-UK boards for discussing stuff
          My gf again (well, why not)
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