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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Sound Defense

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 12/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Pikmin 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
    Copyright 2004 Jim Avery
    Due to the abuse of my e-mails to send me mind-blowing amounts of spam
    (as well as questions that are answered in my walkthrough), I have
    been forced to stop all my e-mails.
    Table Of Contents
    1 - Version History
    2 - Basics
      2.1 - Characters
      2.2 - Controls
      2.3 - The Pikmin
    3 - Walkthrough (I)
      3.1 - Valley Of Repose
      3.2 - Awakening Wood
      3.3 - The Perplexing Pool
      3.4 - Return To Awakening Wood
      3.5 - Return To Valley Of Repose
      3.6 - Return To The Perplexing Pool (N)
      3.7 - Wistful Wild (N)
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    5 - Thanks To...
    6 - Legal Info
    (I) = Incomplete
    (N) = Not started
    1 - Version History
    Version 0.2 (3:58 AM EDT 9/12/2004) - Done up through the first trip to 
    Awakening Wood. More to come.
    Version 0.4 (10:40 PM EDT 9/21/2004) - An update? *gasp* Yea, I found 
    time to complete more stuff today. Next update's ASAP.
    Version 0.5 (1:54 AM EDT 10/3/2004) - Beat the game myself the other 
    day on another file, but I've only got the rest of the Awakening Wood 
    for you folk.
    Version 0.7 (7:26 PM EDT 10/4/2004) - Trying to go at a steady pace, 
    Return to Valley of Repose is wrapped up.
    2 - Basics
    2.1 - Characters
    Captain Olimar - The hero of the original Pikmin has returned to their 
    planet in order to save his failing company.
    Louie - Your stereotypical bumbling idiot, Louie botched a really 
    important delivery, and needs to aid Olimar in rectifying his mistake.
    President - The Prez of Hocotate Freight's looking to save his company 
    from bankruptcy.
    The Ship - Your new ship can talk, and it's got a lot of advice to 
    dispense; disregard its yes-man disposition.
    2.2 - Controls
    Start - Enter pause menu
    Control stick - Move cursor/captain
    A - Punch; pluck Pikmin; pick up/throw Pikmin; enter/exit caves
    B - Call Pikmin
    C-stick - Command Pikmin toward certain direction
    X - Separate Pikmin/captains
    Y - Switch captains
    Z - Change camera angle (bird's-eye/third-person)
    L - Center camera behind captain
    R - Zoom in/out
    D-pad up - Use ultra-bitter spray (stun enemy); switch leaf/bud/flower 
    Pikmin (while holding one with A)
    D-pad down - Use ultra-spicy spray (speeds up, strengthens Pikmin); 
    switch leaf/bud/flower Pikmin (while holding one with A)
    D-pad left/right - Switch Pikmin (while holding one with A)
    2.3 - The Pikmin
    Red - The first color you'll find. They're the best fighters, and are 
    Purple - One of two new colors, these are basically sumo Pikmin. Each 
    one has the strength and weight of 10 normal Pikmin, but are really 
    White - The other newcomers. These guys are really fast, poisonous and 
    poison-resistant, and can dig up buried treasure when necessary.
    Yellow - These guys don't have bomb-rocks to hold anymore, but they're 
    now resistant to electricity, and can still be thrown highest.
    Blue - They can swim.
    Bulbmin - You'll find these Pikmin/Bulborb hybrids in caves. When you 
    kill their leader, you can command them with your other Pikmin.
    3 - Walkthrough
    While Olimar was trying to survive on Earth in the original Pikmin, his 
    company, Hocotate Freight, had to send another employee, Louie, on a 
    job delivering golden Pikpik carrots. Unfortunately, a huge space bunny 
    devoured the entire load, and Hocotate Freight had to take out a loan 
    of enormous proportions, starting them on the road to bankruptcy.
    However, upon Olimar's return (shortly after his ship is reposessed), 
    they discover that a simple souvenir from the other planet is worth a 
    whole 100 pokos! The president of the company sends Olimar and Louie 
    back to the planet to get enough treasure to repay the other 10,000 
    pokos. And thus our adventure begins...
    Note: I was going to organize it so there was one section for each 
    level, but I decided to make it so you could read straight through 
    without hopping about (since you can't get everything at once in any 
    level, except the last). Also, treasures will be listed in this manner:
    Proper Name (what it is; ### pokos)
    This walkthrough is not spoiler-free.
    3.1 - Valley Of Repose
    -- The First Day --
    You'll end up making a near-crash landing in the Valley of Repose, 
    seperating Olimar from Louie. You'll start out as the former, and the 
    ship will point out some Pikmin in battle. Call them over with B 
    (you'll be instructed), then us the C-Stick to swarm the Bulborb and 
    kill it. The ship will then find Louie, so press Y to switch to him.
    Run up the slope to encounter the red Onion. Pluck the Pikmin that 
    appears with A, then have it knock down all of the flowers around the 
    Onion and produce more Pikmin. Once you've got 11, head down the other 
    path (past the battery, which the ship will make a fuss over) to the 
    paper bag. Throw all of your Pikmin on, then switch to Olimar and have 
    him throw his on.
    Reunited, have the Pikmin take the Bulborb to the Onion to produce just 
    enough Pikmin to dig the battery out and carry it back to the ship; it 
    will be appraised as the Courage Reactor (280 pokos). So ends day one.
    -- All Proceeding Days --
    The next day, take your Pikmin and gather more from all of the flowers 
    in the area. Once you're done (you should have 42), take them to the 
    other paper bag and flatten it. Swarm the Dwarf Bulborb to kill it, 
    then sneak up behind the large Bulborb and throw Pikmin on its back 
    unitl it dies (you shouldn't lose any). Take their bodies back for more 
    Pikmin if you'd like, then go back and grab the Utter Scrap (crushed 
    can; 170 pokos).
    Take them all back and order them toward the stick wall to break it 
    down. Head toward the hole in the ground and the ship will make a 
    remark, then go up to it and press A to enter the Emergence Cave.
    -- Emergence Cave --
    Necessary Pikmin: red
    Sublevel 1: Separate all the Pikmin and go up to the hole in the next 
    area with just Olimar to see a cutscene (to prevent the beasts from 
    getting your Pikmin). Go back and get them, then kill all of the beasts 
    and bring them back to the pod (they're worth something), along with 
    the Quenching Emblem (bottle cap; 100 pokos) and the Citrus Lump 
    (orange; 180 pokos). Continue to the next floor.
    Sublevel 2: Swarm two Bulborbs, then pass the globe (you need 101 
    Pikmin for it) and continue on until you reach the purple Candypop 
    Buds. Throw 5 Pikmin into each one, and they'll come out as purple 
    Pikmin; each one has the strength of 10 Pikmin. Pluck them all, then go 
    back and retrieve the Spherical Atlas (globe; 200 pokos), which will 
    become the Sphere Chart and let you access the next area. Grab the rest 
    of the beasts, then go to the geyser and press A to exit the cave.
    Outside the cave again, the ship will make a big fuss, then the day 
    will end. You're done getting treasure here until a bit later.
    3.2 - Awakening Wood
    Upon landing, grab your red Pikmin and kill all of the Bulborbs in the 
    area in front of the ship. Once that's done, get the Sunseed Berry 
    (strawberry; 170 pokos) from the elevated area. Go up the slope near 
    the ship and use the Pikmin to grab the berries from the plants there; 
    ten of them will get you an Ultra-Spicy Spray that can temporarily 
    strengthen and speed up your Pikmin. Go back and knock down the wall, 
    then kill the enemy behind the wall by swarming it. Take the left path 
    (watch out for the giant plant enemy) and go right to find the Hole of 
    -- Hole Of Beasts --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, purple
    Sublevel 1: A simple level. Go forward and kill the sheargrubs that 
    appear, then grab the Stone Of Glory (d-pad; 100 pokos) and go on to 
    the next floor.
    Sublevel 2: Only things here are two more purple Candypop Buds; get 
    yourself 10 more purple Pikmin and head on down.
    Sublevel 3: There are fire spouts all over the place; take your fire-
    resistant red Pikmin to disable them all, then get the Strife Monolith 
    (Mah-Jong tile; 150 pokos) and the Cosmic Archive (floppy disk; 230 
    Sublevel 4: You'll need your red Pikmin to take out fire spouts here. 
    Kill the Bulborb here to get the Dream Architect (Game and Watch; 280 
    pokos), then get the Luck Wafer (playing card; 140 pokos) near the 
    Candypop Bud (5 more purple Pikmin).
    Sublevel 5: This'll be your first boss, the Empress Bulblax. Take your 
    purple Pikmin and throw a few on her to wake her up. Throw some on her 
    face; then call them off when she tries to shake them off. Once she 
    starts shaking wildly, call them off and keep them off until she stops 
    rolling around. She'll die eventually, and will leave behind the 
    Prototype Detector (Love Tester; 200 pokos); the ship will derive from 
    it the Treasure Gauge, which will alert you when treasure is near. Head 
    Back out, head back along the path toward the Hole of Beasts, but 
    instead of taking a left past the old wall, head forward and flatten 
    the paper bag. Kill the enemy here, then head into the next cave, the 
    White Flower Garden.
    -- White Flower Garden --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, purple
    Sublevel 1: Watch out when throwing Pikmin around here, they can fall 
    to their deaths. Swarm all of the sheargrubs around here, then grab the 
    Alien Billboard (shoe polish; 80 pokos).
    Sublevel 2: Go around with your red Pikmin and take out the Fiery 
    Blowhogs here, then throw some Pikmin down (if necessary) to the 
    Petrified Heart (jewel; 100 pokos) and grab the Drought Ender (bottle 
    cap; 100 pokos).
    Sublevel 3: Nothing here but three white Candypop Buds; throw some red 
    Pikmin into these to get white Pikmin back out. Once you've got 15, use 
    your Treasure Gauge to track down a treasure, and the white Pikmin will 
    dig it up. Haul the Superstick Textile (masking tape; 80 pokos) back to 
    the pod.
    Sublevel 4: Use your white Pikmin to take out the poison spouts, then 
    grab the Survival Ointment (chapstick; 90 pokos) and the Toxic 
    Toadstool (mushroom; 30 pokos).
    Sublevel 5: Prepare yourself for the easiest boss fight ever. Take a 
    smallish number of red Pikmin (like 25) into the next area, and the 
    Burrowing Snagret should pop out. If he comes out all at once (up to 
    the neck), run away. If he pokes his beak out, throw your Pikmin on 
    him. Rinse and repeat. He'll go down like a sack of potatoes. You get 
    from him the Five-man Napsack (glove; 100 pokos), which in turn becomes 
    the Napsack; hold X to take a nap, and a couple of Pikmin will take you 
    back ot the Onion. I, like most of the world, am mystified by what 
    purpose this could possibly serve. humber_pig@hotmail.com suggests: 
    "The nap function I have found very usefull it allows me to send one of 
    the leaders back to the ship or onions with out leading him there. so I 
    can continue useing the other one."
    Once you're outside again, take your army (reds, purples, whites) and 
    head back to where the White Flower Garden was. Have your white Pikmin 
    break down the wall and destroy the poison spouts (note: it takes 15 
    Pikmin forever squared to knock down a wall). Go over to the blocks and 
    throw a single red on the raised block, then stand on the lower one and 
    throw all of the others on the ledge. The lower block will eventually 
    rise, so call your Pikmin and head forward to some purple berries. Have 
    some Pikmin gather these, and have a few more get the Chance Totem 
    (die; 100 pokos) from the ledge. After a bit, the berries will grow 
    back, so pick them again and you'll get a helping of Ultra-Bitter Spray 
    to paralyze the enemy.
    Get all of your Pikmin (don't forget that one red) and head back to the 
    Hole of Beasts and go the opposite way at the T-split to find another 
    poison wall; use whites to knock it down. Bring the rest along to roll 
    out a bridge (watch out for a Creeping Chrysanthemum), and you can 
    transport the Geographic Projection (globe; 200 pokos) to the ship, 
    creating the Survey Chart and opening up The Perplexing Pool. This 
    should exhaust your options for this area without yellow or blue 
    Pikmin. No, you can't get the blue Pikmin yet.
    3.3 - The Perplexing Pool
    This place seems like a later form of Pikmin's Distant Spring. Anyway, 
    our first task is getting ourselves some yellow Pikmin. If you go 
    forward a bit, the ship will alert you to their presence. Grab all your 
    whites and maybe 50 reds. Go down the slope, then left. Sneak up on the 
    Yellow Wollywog and throw Pikmin on until he turns around, then run. 
    Your Pikmin will kill him by the time he lands. Continue on to the 
    blocks; throw a red on one, throw the rest on the ledge. Take the 
    Pikmin on the ledge and go forward to the Fiery Bulblax (if a Snitchbug 
    takes your Pikmin, throw more Pikmin on it, then swarm).
    Separate your Pikmin and take your reds to the Bulblax, then 
    continually throw them on until he dies. You can have reds haul stuff 
    back if you want, then take your white Pikmin and knock down the poison 
    wall. Once they're done, go forth alone to the tree with the yellow 
    Pikmin; call them down, then have them get all of the yellow flowers 
    here to generate a total of 24 yellows. Go back and get your reds, then 
    take them past the entrance to the yellow Pikmin area, toward a Fiery 
    Blowhog. Defeat it, then have them unfurl the bridge.
    Take a few yellow Pikmin (10 at least) to the bridge and go toward the 
    large stump near it. Go around until you're up higher, then throw the 
    Pikmin up to the Impediment Scourge (bottle opener; 50 pokos) and 
    they'll bring it back. Go back there with yellows, to the weird 
    platforms, and go to the very left, near a ramp. Throw the yellow 
    Pikmin up, then walk up the ramp. Carefully walk along the left edge 
    until you come to a dead end, then throw the Pikmin up to the Gherkin 
    Gate (pickle jar top; 100 pokos).
    Go back once again with all of your yellow Pikmin and walk back toward 
    where the blocks were, then knock down the nearby electric fence. Once 
    it's all down, get some more Pikmin (reds, purples, maybe) and enter 
    the Glutton's Kitchen.
    -- Glutton's Kitchen --
    Necessary Pikmin: yellow
    Recommended Pikmin: red, purple
    Sublevel 1: Interesting level...anyway. Dwarf Bulbears are everywhere. 
    Kill them however you wish (I prefer throwing purples on them), then 
    grab the Master's Instrument (crayon; 30 pokos).
    Sublevel 2: The Breadbug makes his reapparance here. He'll try to steal 
    your stuff, but if you swarm the item he's carrying you can drag him 
    back to the ship and do serious damage (do not try this with 
    Sheargrubs). Otherwise, just throw Pikmin on him. If he drags a Pikmin 
    back to his hole, it will die, but if you kill the Breadbug, its hole 
    will disappear, and sometimes treasure will come out. Grab the 
    Imperative Cookie (swirly cookie; 25 pokos) and the Massive Lid (bottle 
    cap; 100 pokos).
    Sublevel 3: You'll want to run around with your yellows for a bit, 
    destroying electric traps and killing Anode Beetles (throw them on). 
    There's also a Puffy Blowhog, and more Breadbugs. Here's a strategy: 
    kill anode beetle, bring it near ship, have Breadbug grab, swarm, kill 
    Breadbug. One of the Breadbugs is holding a treasure, either the 
    Harmonic Synthesizer (castanets; 120 pokos) or the Director Of Destiny 
    (broken compass; 100 pokos).
    Sublevel 4: Some Breadbugs are running around, as well as a Bulbear and 
    some Dwarfs. Kill them off, and get the Happiness Emblem (bottle cap; 
    100 pokos); the Bulbear will come back to life unless you bring him to 
    the ship quickly. There's also an Invigorator (coffee mug; 130 pokos) 
    outside the boundaries a little, and a White Goodness (white chocolate; 
    60 pokos) up on a ledge; use yellows to get it.
    Sublevel 5: Some Cannon Beetles are wandering about; using their rocks 
    to kill enemies is always fun. Afterward, take care of them (throw 
    Pikmin in front of them between rocks), then collect the Boom Cone 
    (party hat; 100 pokos) and the Sulking Antenna (portable antenna; 150 
    Sublevel 6: The boss level pits you against a Giant Breadbug. You can 
    lure him back to your ship, as always, but use only yellows due to the 
    electric traps and beetles; two whacks will do it. Also kill the Anode 
    Beetles and Breadbugs for cash and perhaps treasure. Treasures here 
    include the Hideous Victual (egg; 100 pokos), the Sweet Dreamer (donut; 
    40 pokos), the Meat Of Champions (ham; 35 pokos), and the Dream 
    Material (eraser; 100 pokos) which comes out of the Giant Breadbug. 
    This will give you the Anti-electrifier, making you invincible to 
    electric attacks. Once done, leave.
    Okay, you're back outside. There's a cave right next to the landing 
    site, the Citadel of Spiders. Get some reds, whites, yellows, and 
    purples and head in.
    -- Citadel of Spiders --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, yellow
    Recommended Pikmin: white
    Sublevel 1: Not much here; some Sheargrubs, and some leaf enemies 
    (throw one Pikmin on and it dies). The only treasure around is the Love 
    Nugget (tomato; 40 pokos).
    Sublevel 2: I recommend running around with reds to take out the flame 
    traps. There are a couple of Wollywogs around, not too much trouble; 
    one's holding a Creative Inspiration (bottle cap; 100 pokos). Some 
    flame Dweevils (spiders) will be lurking about, picking up treasures. 
    Get the Lip Service (lipstick; 50 pokos) and the Paradoxical Enigma 
    (duck head; 80 pokos). Break down the wall to get to the exit.
    Sublevel 3: A level for yellows. Anode Beetles and Snitchbugs abound. 
    The treasures are the Patience Tester (water chestnuts can; 130 pokos) 
    and the Memorial Shell (shell; 100 pokos).
    Sublevel 4: We've got some blue enemies going round that pretty much 
    instantly kill Pikmin; I used Olimar to kill them. I also used him to 
    kill the crab-thing (lure him out, attack his butt). Otherwise, fire 
    spouts make red Pikmin excellent for exploring. You can find a Flame of 
    Tomorrow (matchbox; 10 pokos), and there's a Time Capsule (locket; 70 
    pokos) somewhere, and one of the crabs is holding a King of Sweets 
    (dark chocolate; 15 pokos).
    Sublevel 5: This final level pits you against a Beady Longlegs. About 
    15 Pikmin (try not to use whites) should suffice. Take them and throw 
    them on his body when he rests, then call them off before he spins. 
    Don't let him squish your Pikmin. He'll drop The Key (key; 100 pokos), 
    which will unlock Challenge Mode. Use your white Pikmin to dig up a 
    Regal Diamond (diamond; 100 pokos) on a ledge, then leave.
    You're done with the Perplexing Pool for now. You should have about 
    5000 pokos by now.
    3.4 - Return To Awakening Wood
    With yellows in tow, you can finally get the blue Pikmin. Grab all of 
    your whites from the ship (and others, if you have less than 20) and go 
    left of the ship to the flowerpots. Go around to the slope and go up, 
    then throw whites into the upper pot to uncover the Pilgrim Bulb (bulb; 
    55 pokos); throw yellows onto it to get it down. Once it's back, put 
    the whites away and grab all the yellows, then head toward the two 
    caves (swarm the mold if it's there). On the way, you'll pass a stump 
    with a Healing Cask (Carmex lip baum; 60 pokos); throw some yellows up 
    to bring it back. Go back when they're done and head toward the White 
    Flower Garden. 
    Separate the Pikmin and go through the water alone, then use Olimar to 
    kill the Burrow-nit near the electric fence. Go back and throw the 
    yellows onto the ledge, then have them knock down the electric fence 
    (you might want to throw them on). Go through and whistle the blue 
    Pikmin off of the enemy, then have them kill it (not easy). Collect all 
    of the flowers/enemies here to get max Pikmin, then have them return 
    the Decorative Goo (paint tube; 80 pokos) to the ship. 
    Once there, take out all the whites and purples, then put back yer 
    blues (e-mail me if you get that reference and I'll put your name here 
    - first five only!) and all but 20 yellows and take out as many reds as 
    you can. Take only your blues toward the wall that's in the water (to 
    the right of the path to the other two caves). Have them break the rock 
    in the ground to drain the water, then take all your Pikmin over to 
    break the wall. Go forward and throw your yellows up to break the 
    electric fence, then take the other Pikmin up to the entrance via the 
    stump bridge on the other side. Enter the Bulblax Kingdom.
    -- Bulblax Kingdom --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, yellow, white
    Recommended Pikmin: purple
    Sublevel 1: There's a red Candypop Bud here, but who cares. Kill off 
    the orange Bulborbs by throwing Pikmin on its back when it's facing 
    away (purples are always nice for this); you can lure it out if you 
    want, then it'll turn around when it gives up on you. You can kill it 
    with Olimar if you want, but it takes a while without the Rocket Fist 
    from later. One of them has the Crystal Clover (emerald broach; 150 
    Sublevel 2: This here's red Pikmin country. Fiery Dweevils and flame 
    spouts abound; take them out and collect the Tear Stone (gemstone; 150 
    pokos). It may be up on the high ledge; to get it, throw reds onto the 
    lower end, then go into the alcove, call them and direct them to the 
    treasure, and they'll probably take out the flame spouts as well.
    Sublevel 3: Nothing here can kill you, luckily, but dang, those 
    Blowhogs are annoying. Approach them from behind and throw Pikmin on to 
    kill them without losing flowers. You can turn 5 reds into whites here, 
    but you probably won't need that many to dig up the Olimarnite Shell 
    (seashell; 40 pokos).
    Sublevel 4: You can turn 10 reds to purples here, and you'll want to 
    for later. We've got some Anode Beetles here for yellows to kill, plus 
    some electric traps, a gold Flint Beetle, and a gray Wollywog, the 
    latter two of which hold the Unknown Merit (tablet; 100 pokos) and the 
    Crystal King (crystal; 110 pokos).
    Sublevel 5: More Orange Bulborbs. There's an Anxious Sprout (closed 
    pinecone; 50 pokos) to be dug up here, but watch out for the falling 
    bomb-rocks, unless you're using them to kill Bulborbs.
    Sublevel 6: Still more Orange Bulborbs here, and they've thrown in some 
    Fiery Dweevils to annoy me. There's red and purple Candypop Buds here; 
    I would use the latter. Bomb-rocks still fall around here, near 
    treasures sometimes, so keep on your toes. You can get the Colossal 
    Fossil (skull; 140 pokos) here, and an Orange Bulborb holds the Eternal 
    Emerald Eye (emerald broach; 150 pokos).
    Sublevel 7: Here you're fighting a fairly watered-down Emperor Bulblax 
    that you can actually defeat in seconds. Use reds to disarm the traps 
    leading up to him, then take purples and reds and throw them between 
    its eyes (as always, start with purples). Keep throwing, and he'll die 
    with no trouble at all. If you fail, run away and he'll go back to 
    sleep; if you have to, throw Pikmin onto his face and watch out for his 
    tongue. He'll leave behind the Forged Courage (robot; 100 pokos), which 
    will turn into the Scorch Guard, which makes you invincible to fire. 
    Once that is stored, knock down the far wall, then take reds along the 
    right side and throw them onto the ledge. Go up the slope, then call 
    them over to collect the Gyroid Bust (statue; 250 pokos). Leave via the 
    Back outside, you'll need an army with at least 31 blues and all of 
    your whites. Head to where you got the Geographic Projection (left at 
    the Hole of Beasts) and keep going to the water. Use the blues to take 
    out the Wollywog and unfurl the bridge. Have the whites unfurl the 
    poison bridge and destroy the poison flumes, then take out the other 
    Take the blues and both captains over to the block next to the wall, 
    then throw at least 15 Pikmin on it, but it must be less than half of 
    the blues (no going 50-50). Put one captain on with them, then take the 
    other captain and throw the rest of the blues on the other block near 
    the bridge. Switch back to the other captain and throw the blues up to 
    the Air Brake (shuttlecock; 100 pokos) and bring it back, completing 
    the above-ground treasure hunt here.
    Return to the poison bridge with an all-colored army of 76 Pikmin (you 
    can get 24 from Queen Candypops in the cave). Take only about 15-20 
    agile ones (and by agile, I mean not purple) over to fight a Burrowing 
    Snagret. Once he's gone, knock down the wall and enter the Snagret 
    -- Snagret Hole --
    Necessary Pikmin: yellow, blue, white
    Recommended Pikmin: red, purple
    Sublevel 1: Some Sheargrubs are around here, and these can actually 
    kill your Pikmin, so be quick in killing them. Kill off the Orange 
    Bulborb to get the Crystallized Telekinesis (marble; 120 pokos), then 
    go up the long path to get the Levaithan Feather (feather; 10 pokos) 
    and go down.
    Sublevel 2: Bunch of enemies here, including Creeping Chrysanthemums, 
    Burrow-nits and Sheargrubs. Take them out and collect the Combustion 
    Berry (strawberry; 190 pokos) and the Taste Sensation (sushi; 40 
    pokos). There's a white Candypop Bud here, too, if you want to utilize 
    Sublevel 3: There's two Burrowing Snagrets around here; this should be 
    easy for you by now, and one's got a Meat Satchel (hot dog; 40 pokos). 
    Kill the Swooping Snitchbug, then knock down walls to get eggs with 
    Sublevel 4: There are lots of enemies around here, and they can be 
    killed off by boulders from the Cannon Beetles. Finish those off when 
    you're done and grab the Heavy-duty Magnetizer (magnet; 150 pokos), 
    then take out the electric traps and collect the Crystallized Telepathy 
    (marble; 120 pokos) and the Cupid's Grenade (cherry; 20 pokos).
    Sublevel 5: Your treasure antenna's going nuts here; take out the 
    Antenna Beetle to fix this and get the Emperor Whistle (whistle; 75 
    pokos). Dwarf Bulborbs are raining from the sky; kill them off to get 
    the Crystallized Clairvoyance (marble; 120 pokos).
    Sublevel 6: Lots of water and poison flumes around here. Another two 
    Burrowing Snagrets are here, one with a Triple Sugar Threat (stick 
    candy; 60 pokos); I suggest using blue Pikmin to kill them. Another 
    Antenna Beetle's running around, along with a Bulborb holding a 
    Stupendous Lens (binoculars; 120 pokos). Also around is the Salivatrix 
    (yogurt top; pokos) and the Science Project (clover; 20 pokos). Can't 
    forget a Queen Candypop; I recommend blues for the treasure hunting 
    here, and for later. There's also a blue Candypop Bud, in case you need 
    more for the yogurt top.
    Sublevel 7: The boss here is a Pileated Snagret; it's like a Burrowing 
    Snagret, except it pops out fully and hops after you. You'll have to 
    get quite far away for it to go back in the ground (or else run behind 
    it). Takes longer, too. It'll drop the Justice Alloy (robot; 100 
    pokos), which will become the Metal Suit Z, making the captains more 
    damage-resistant. More Queen Candypops are hanging around; go for 
    You're done with the Awakening Wood, as far as I can tell.
    3.5 - Return To Valley Of Repose
    This level is why we wanted all the blues from the last level. Take all 
    of your blues and as many whites as you can and head to the Emergence 
    Cave (kill the Bulborbs if you want). Take the blues and knock down the 
    wall in the water, then destroy the rock plug to the right, draining 
    the water. Once that's done, take the whites to the other side of the 
    former pond and have them dig up and bring back the Spiny Alien Treat 
    (flower bud; 50 pokos). Take your blues and kill the enemies in the 
    water, then unfurl the bridge that's so high up. Go back to the pond 
    and find the narrow path. Take about 20 blues through to defeat the 
    Burrowing Snagret there, then have the whites dig up a Pink Menace 
    (ring; 100 pokos).
    That done, take some reds, yellows and whites up past the bridge, then 
    take out some of the nearby creatures (the Cannon Beetle can help you 
    out). Follow the right wall to a poison wall and break it with whites. 
    Go up the hill and enter the Subterranean Complex.
    -- Subterranean Complex --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, yellow, white
    Sublevel 1: Couple of Snowy Bulborbs here, some poison flumes. Bumbling 
    Snitchbugs, too, that will try to grab the captains and injure them; 
    throw some Pikmin on, then swarm. The Exhausted Superstick (tape; 50 
    pokos) should be semi-buried here, and there's a fully buried Nouveau 
    Table (telephone dialer; 100 pokos).
    Sublevel 2: We've got Snitches, Careening Dirigibugs and bomb-rocks 
    everywhere; make sure you don't throw Pikmin off the edge trying to 
    kill them all. Especially dangerous are falling bomb-rocks; they're all 
    over the entire cave. Grab the Network Mainbrain (NCL tube; 100 pokos) 
    and the Spirit Flogger (gear; 70 pokos).
    Sublevel 3: Armored Cannon Beetles are hanging around here; try to get 
    them to kill one another, since one of them has the Superstrong 
    Stabilizer (bolt; 60 pokos). There's also flame spouts around here for 
    your reds to take out. Collect the Coiled Launcher (spring; 70 pokos) 
    and the Omega Flywheel (gear; 60 pokos).
    Sublevel 4: No treasure here, just white Candypop Buds. Maybe some 
    sprays in the eggs.
    Sublevel 5: All that's around here is a ridiculous amount of bomb-rocks 
    and bomb Dweevils. Make sure to explore everything with a Pikmin before 
    you send them in to collect the Adamantine Girdle (nut; 70 pokos) and 
    the Mystical Disc (clock face; 75 pokos).
    Sublevel 6: This level sports poison flumes, Anode Beetles, Dweevils 
    (who can pick up treasure, and sometimes will walk off the edge - the 
    treasure will reappear next to you) and Careening Dirigibugs. Take out 
    as much as you can before collecting the Repair Juggernaut (bolt; 85 
    pokos), the Vacuum Processor (FEE tube; 100 pokos) and the Space Wave 
    Receiver (TV dial; 80 pokos).
    Sublevel 7: More Careening Dirigibugs and bomb-rocks, but the new 
    addition is a cannon enemy called a Gattling Groink. He'll come back to 
    life after a while, and holds the Indomitable CPU (cathode ray tube; 
    100 pokos). Draw his fire with one captain (he can't hurt you) as the 
    other throws Pikmin on until he dies. There's also a Furious Adhesive 
    (red tape; 60 pokos) and a Thirst Activator (bottle top; 300 pokos).
    Sublevel 8: The level for collecting purple Pikmin. You can get 15 each 
    time you come here. This is where you'll want to return when you need 
    100 purples.
    Sublevel 9: Start off by hiding all but your reds carefully away in a 
    corner with one captain. The boss for this cave is an annoying creature 
    called Man-at-Legs. It's like Beady Long-legs, but with a bloody laser. 
    Luckily, it's low-lying, so it shouldn't be too hard to take cover 
    behind something when it fires. Stay near it so it hangs around the 
    raised center, which lets you throw Pikmin on it more easily when it 
    rests. You'll obtain the Stellar Orb (lightbulb; 100 pokos), from which 
    you'll get the Solar System, which lights up the dark caves (notice the 
    (Note: at this point I had earned back the 10,000 pokos. Once this 
    happens, you can return to the planet, but since you left Louie behind, 
    the President will join you instead. And your ship's got some fancy 
    gold plating. Lastly, the Piklopedia, Treasure List and treasure 
    counters list the total number as well.)
    Back outside, there's still plenty more to do. Take out a bunch of 
    blues and about 30 yellows and head across the bridge again. Leave the 
    Pikmin and take just the captains over to the left; kill the Cannon 
    Beetle, then head forward into the water and kill the Fiery Bulblax (I 
    hope you have the Scorch Guard; if not, lure him into the water). Take 
    your blue Pikmin to collect the Temporal Mechanism (watch; 110 pokos), 
    then take your yellows past the pond and throw them onto a ledge near 
    the Fossilized Ursidae (bear statue; 160 pokos); there'll be a slope to 
    the right that you should go to to throw your Pikmin.
    Bring the blues back and follow the path between the Subterranean 
    Complex and where the Fiery Bulblax was. Follow the path until you come 
    to the slope, then leave your Pikmin behind while you take out the 
    Cannon Beetle. Once it's gone, bring the blues up and throw them to the 
    Unspeakable Wonder (crown; 120 pokos). You've collected all of the 
    above-ground treasure now, so take an army of 80 Pikmin (you can get 20 
    from the next cave) of all colors past that slope and have them kill 
    the Puffy Blowhog. Unroll the bridge and enter the Frontier Cavern.
    -- Frontier Cavern --
    Necessary Pikmin: red, yellow, blue, purple, white
    Sublevel 1: Snowy Bulborbs are hanging around, alogn with a Doodlebug 
    that farts poison, so keep on your toes (you can whistle Pikmin out of 
    danger if poisoned). Have the whites dig up the fully buried Essence of 
    Rage (ruby; 70 pokos) and the Essential Furnishing (ornament; 100 
    Sublevel 2: Lots of Bulborbs around, along with Cannon Beetles that 
    will gladly off them for you. Get rid of the enemies, then collect the 
    Icon of Progress (boot; 85 pokos) and the Joy Receptacle (gift; 60 
    Sublevel 3: Here you'll have your first encounter with the Bulbmin. If 
    you kill the leader, the others will scatter about; if you whistle to 
    them, they'll hang around and do your bidding. They are omni-resistant. 
    Anyway, there's a Bulbear wandering around that's holding the Danger 
    Chime (bell; 120 pokos). He'll regenerate after a while, so bring him 
    back. Otherwise, we've got various traps to take care of, and dig up 
    the Gemstar Husband (ring; 100 pokos) and collect the Fleeting Art Form 
    (candle; 75 pokos).
    Sublevel 4: Yellows and Bulbmin will be useful here, for there are a 
    lot of Anode Beetles and Snitchbugs of both kinds. Treasures include 
    the Omniscient Sphere (marble; 85 pokos) and the Innocence Lost (star; 
    100 pokos).
    Sublevel 5: This level is a nice relief; those stone things, Mamutas, 
    look mean, but all they'll do is replant your Pikmin. You can flower 
    them that way, if you want. Also try to kill the butterflies, and 
    remember to change your Bulbmin to another color (preferably purple) so 
    you can take them out of the cave. There is a water Dweevil here, but 
    he's no problem. One of the Mamuta's packing the Brute Knuckles (fist; 
    100 pokos), which will give you the Rocket Punch, making the captains' 
    punches more powerful.
    Sublevel 6: More Bulbmin to collect here, and the Cannon Beetles can 
    help to take out enemies, so go around with a captain first. Blues and 
    Bulbmin will be needed to collect the Priceless Statue (black queen; 80 
    pokos) and the Worthless Statue (white king; 80 pokos); Bulbmin 
    especially will be necessary to take out fire traps. To get to the 
    exit, take some with one captain to the exit while leaving the rest 
    with the other captain.
    Sublevel 7: You should turn your Bulbmin into whites on this level. I 
    recommend wandering around the whole level with a couple of Pikmin to 
    discharge the falling rocks and other things. Once that's done, take 
    out the Bulborbs and collect the Spouse Alert (bell; 120 pokos) and the 
    Flame Tiller (yo-yo; 120 pokos).
    Sublevel 8: It's the return of Empress Bulblax. She's not sleeping 
    anymore; now, she's creating larvae that will kill your Pikmin pretty 
    much instantly. Luckily, they also die pretty much instantly. Take the 
    purples you brought and head up the path to the Empress, but when 
    larvae show up, dismiss your Pikmin and punch them out. Once you've 
    gotten to the Empress' face, throw the purples on until she dies, like 
    last time. You'll have to stop every now and then to handle larvae, but 
    luckily she'll kill some of them off with her rolling around. After 
    she's gone, get rid of the remaining larvae, then collect the Repugnant 
    Appendage (shoe; 100 pokos). You'll get the Rush Boots, letting you run 
    Make a note of the purple Pikmin you have now. If you have less than 85 
    (I did), you may want to go through the Subterranean Complex a few 
    times up to level 8; bring one red Pikmin along, and you can get 15 
    purples per go. Otherwise, you're finished with the Valley of Repose.
    3.6 - Return To The Perplexing Pool
    3.7 - Wistful Wild
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What are those sprays?
    A: The ultra-spicy spray temporarily strengthens and speeds up your 
    Pikmin. The ultra-bitter spray temporarily paralyzes an enemy.
    Q: How do I get through a cave sublevel really fast?
    A: Leave most of your Pikmin with one captain, and take one or two with 
    the other. Have the captain with less Pikmin go and find the entrance 
    to the next level, then when he enters, all the Pikmin will go along. 
    This trick will not work when entering a cave.
    Q: I need 100 purple Pikmin for the weight in Wistful Wild. How do I 
    get them really fast?
    A: Go to the Valley of Repose and make your way to the Subterranean 
    Complex. Bring one red Pikmin along and make your way through to level 
    8 (you can make it white on level 4 to speed things up). Throw the red 
    into the Queen Candypop Buds, then change them into purples; you can 
    flower them here as well. Leave via the geyser. These flowers 
    regenerate, so you can do this as many times as you need.
    Q: Okay, the cave I'm in definitely looked different last time I was 
    A: Some cave sublevels are randomly generated, to a certain extent.
    Q: How do I know which Onion an enemy is coming back to?
    A: Whatever color the numbers change is the one. Purple/white Pikmin 
    take it to alternating Onions.
    Q: How do I know which Pikmin the leader is going to throw?
    A: At the bottom, a particular Pikmin will appear next to the counts; 
    you'll throw that one. Also, the arrow above your cursor turns the 
    color of the Pikmin.
    Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my website?
    A: E-mail me that question and I'll give you my answer.
    Q: You forgot to mention this./I have a tip for doing this./How do I do 
    this, because it's not in your FAQ, but should be?
    A: E-mail me concerning any of the above situations. Remember to put 
    'Pikmin 2' somewhere in the subject line so I know what you're talking 
    about. Always double-check to make sure my FAQ doesn't answer your 
    question, because 90% of the time, based on what I've seen, it does. If 
    you e-mail me asking a question that's not in my FAQ because that 
    particular section is incomplete...just don't, because the odds are my 
    answer is 'I don't know.' Soon I will know all, and you can e-mail me 
    5 - Thanks To...
    Shigeru Miyamoto for creating the best games the world's ever seen.
    Nintendo for making this game.
    Wal-Mart for being the only place to have the blasted game.
    6 - Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
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