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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Personuknow

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 10/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Table of Contents
    The Game........................................................2.
        The Story...................................................2A. 
        The Characters..............................................2B.
    The Basics......................................................3.
        Screen Layout...............................................3B.
        All about Pikmin............................................3C.
    The Planet of the Pikmin........................................4. 
        Treasures and Upgrades......................................4C. 
        Valley of Repose: In the Beginning..........................5A.
        Awakening Wood: Time to get up!.............................5B.
        Perplexing Pool: Collecting Yellows.........................5C. 
        Awakening Wood: Back for Blues..............................5D. 
        Perplexing Pool: It's Cave Day!.............................5E. 
        Valley of Repose: Cleaning the Valley.......................5F.
        Awakening Wood & Perplexing Pool: Re-stalking the Onions....5G.
        Wistful Wild: The Final Trial...............................5H.
    Challenge Mode Walkthrough......................................6. (CS)
        White Flower Walkthrough....................................6A.(CS)  
        Pink Flower Walkthrough.....................................6B.(CS) 
    2-Player Battle.................................................7.
    Frequently Asked Questions......................................9.
    The Stuff at the End............................................10.
        Version Log.................................................10C.
        Legal Stuff.................................................10D.
        My Thinking.................................................10E.
    (CS)-Coming Soon
    To jump quickly to one section of this walkthrough, simply click the text, 
    press Ctrl+F, and type the number (and letter, if applicable) in the box that 
    1. Introduction ==============================================================
    This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, one I hope is thourough and helpful. I 
    decided to start with a game I fell in love with instantly, Pikmin 2. Probably 
    the best game out for the Nintendo GameCube right now, Pikmin 2 improves on 
    its predecessor is many ways. Keeping the same control scheme, it provides 4 
    new areas (filled with puzzles, treasures, and plenty of enenmies), a 
    completely revamped Challenge Mode (far more difficult than the original), 2 
    new playable characters (Louie comes to Olimar's side, and an alternate second 
    character you can unlock), and of course, 2 new types of Pikmin (You guessed 
    it, Purple and White)! With all of this, plus the all-new 2-Player battle 
    arenas and Challenge Mode in multiplayer, Pikmin 2 is sure to provide you with 
    countless hours of fun, frolic, and, of course, flowers!
    2. The Game ==================================================================
    Every good game has a story of some kind. Pikmin 2 may not win any awards for 
    elaborate storytelling, but enough of a plot is provided to compell to play. 
    Read on to discover the plot behind this game.
    2A. The Story ---------------------------------------------------------------- 
    Hocotate Freight is a long-haul deep-space shipping company. One day, its only 
    employee of any merit, Captain Olimar crashed on an uncharted planet while on 
    an interstellar vacation. There, he was aided by indigenous creatures which he 
    called Pikmin. In the end, Captain Olimar escaped, but in Olimar's abscene, 
    his employer, Hocotate Freight, ran into financial difficulties...
    2B. The Characters -----------------------------------------------------------
    The Cast and Crew of Pikmin 2. I'm a poet who didn't know it!
    Captain Olimar: A veteran member of the Hocotate Freight Shipping Company, the 
    pilot was on an interstellar vacation when, after colliding with a meteor, he 
    crashed-landed on an uncharted planet. His ship a wreck, his Life-Support 
    limited, and his hopes plummeting, Olimar proceeded to encounter a strange, 
    onion-like vessel which ejected a single seed. Plucking this tiny sprout 
    marked his first encounter with the Pikmin, a cute, yet surprisingly 
    ferocious, race of half-animal, half-plant creatures that were eager to carry 
    out his bidding. Utilizing the incredible strengths of the Pikmin, Captain 
    Olimar reconstructed his ship and took off, heading straight back toward his 
    home planet of Hocotate.
    Louie: A local employee of Hocotate Freight, Louie was attacked by a "giant 
    Space Bunny" during his very first delivery mission, which consumed all of his 
    Pikpik Brand Carrots. The company was required to take a massive loan in order 
    to repay the Pikpik Carrot Company. Unfortunately, Hocotate Freight still owes 
    quite a sum of money. When Olimar is assigned to return to the planet of the 
    Pikmin, Louie is ordered to accompany him on this adventure.
    President Shyacho: The long-standing owner of Hocotate Freight, Shyacho is in 
    real trouble when the company is drawn into an enormous debt. Sending Olimar 
    and Louie back to the planet Pikmin, he hopes enough treasure might be 
    salvaged to alleviate the debt. When Louie is left behind once 10,000 Pokos 
    worth of treasure has been obtained, the Prez returns with Olimar to the 
    planet to see how much extra treasure can be grabbed.
    S.S. Dolphin: To get from Hocotate to Pikmin planet, Olimar and Louie need 
    some sort of convayance. This comes in the form of an old, rather junky ship, 
    the S.S. Dolphin. A craft with a personality all it's own, the ship will help 
    you learn the controls and give you helpful tips throughout the game. At the 
    end of each day, you take off inside the craft. The Dolphin also holds Purple 
    and White Pikmin, and is solely responsible for appraising and naming the 
    items you'll find throughout the game. The Survey Pod (the top section of the 
    ship) will also detatch to join you down in the various caves and mazes 
    scattered throughout the game.
    3. The Basics ================================================================
    Even seasoned gamers don't stand a chance if they don't know how to play. Take 
    a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls and gameplay mechanics of 
    Pikmin 2.
    3A. The Controls -------------------------------------------------------------
    Guess what this section's for?
    A Button: -Throw Pikmin: Line up the Targeting Reticule with the place you 
                             Want to throw Pikmin, then press and release the A 
                             Button to throw.
              -Pluck a Planted Pikmin: Get near the sprout you wish to pull, and 
                                       tap the A Button to extract it. Repeatedly 
                                       press the A button to continuosly pluck  
              -Punch: To deliver a small punch, tap the a button when no Pikmin 
                      are behind you. If you're an enemy, you may do a bit of   
                      damage. You can eventually upgrade you punching power.
    B Button: -Whistle: Move the cursor over your Pikmin and press the B Button to 
                        call them to attention with your whistle. Hold the B  
                        Button to expand the radius of your whistle. The maximum   
                        width of your whistle can be upgraded, as well as given 
                        the ability to call sprouts out of the ground.
    X Button: -Dismiss and separate: Press the X Button to cause all of you Pikmim 
                                     as well as your other leader, to become idle. 
                                     Additionally, Pikmin will automatically 
                                     separate by color.
    Y Button: -Change Leaders: Press the Y Button to switch between Olimar and 
                               Louie. Each can control a separate squad. When 
                               together, the two will automatically swap Pikmin.
    C Stick: -Move the Group: Tilt the C Stick in any direction to move all of 
                              your Pikmin accordingly. When being ordered by the   
                              C Stick, Pikmin will automatically interact with  
                              anything they touch, i.e. picking up an item,  
                              attacking an enemy. Mastery of the C Stick is  
    D-Pad: Up-Use an Ultra-Bitter Spray: Fires an Ultra-Bitter Spray directly in 
                                         front of you. May effect multiple   
                                         enemies. Turns all effected enemies to 
                                         stone for approximately 10 seconds. Stone  
                                         enemies leave behind Nectar or a Spray  
                                         (See 4D. Miscellanious), and any items   
                                         they'd have otherwise. 
           Down-Use and Ultra-Spicy Spray: Causes all of the Pikmin in your group 
                                           to become "supercharged." Pikmin will  
                                           all move faster than flowers 
                                           (Regardless of Budding Status) and  
                                           attack with twice as much speed and 
           Left/Right- Switch Colors: When holding a Pikmin (Hold the A Button),   
                                      press Left or Right to switch between the   
                                      colors of Pikmin in your group.
    Control Stick: -Press Hard: Moves the leader under your control. 
                   -Press Slightly: Aim the targeting reticule.
    L Button: -Center Camera Behind Leader: Press the L Button to center the 
                                            camera behind the leader. 
              -Move the Camera: Continue to hold the L Button and tilt the Control  
                                Stick Leftt or Right to move the camera  
    R Button: -Zoom: The default view is a 2/3 zoom. Press the R Button to zoom 
                     out to 1/3 zoom. Press the R Button the zoom into full zoom.  
                     When in full zoom, press and hold the R Button to go   
                     into 3rd  person view.
    Z Button: -Tilt Angle: Press the Z Button to switch between a top-down view 
                           and a 45-degree view (default).
    Start/Pause: -Access the Radar Screen: Press the Start/Pause button to access 
                                           the Radar screen.
                 -Access the Item Screen: Press the L Button on the Radar Screen 
                                          to view the Item Screen.
                 -Access the Menu Screen: Press the R button on the Radar Screen 
                                          to access the Menu Screen.
    3B. Screen Layout ------------------------------------------------------------
    O   o   o   o   0   o   o   o   O   o   o   o   0   o   o   o   O    DAY
                               ^----Sun Meter            Day Counter---->(6)
      Ox4 <---- # of Ultra-Bitter 
     _|o|_     Sprays available          View Here
    |_   _|
      Ox3 <----# of Ultra-Spicy
              Sprays available
      __   __
     /  \ /  \  <---- Idle Leader and Health, respectively 
     \__/ \__/   |---Controlled
                 |                             |---- Pikmin you control/Pikmin on  
      ___     __\/       ___       _________  \/     the Field/All non-wild Pikmin
     /   \   /   \      /   \     |         |   _____in existance___    
    (     ) (     )    |     | X  |         | /|        | /|        |
     \___/   \___/      \___/     |_________|/ |________|/ |________|
    Note that only 100 Pikmin can be on the field at a time (including sprouts).
    3C. All about Pikmin ---------------------------------------------------------
    Pikmin are strange creatures originally discovered by Captain Olimar on his 
    first quest to rebuild his ship. Half-Plant, Half-Animal, the Pikmin are 
    indeed strange and mysterious beings who reside in Onion-like Motherships.
    Types of Pikmin:
    -Red Pikmin: Once again, the first Pikmin you'll encounter, Red Pikmin are one 
    of the original 3 types. The most ferocious of the primary colors, Red Pikmin 
    are resistant to fire and second in strength only to Purple Pikmin. Their 
    distinguishing features are there noses.
    -Yellow Pikmin: Returning in the sequel are Yellow Pikmin, versetile little 
    things that can attain heights twice that of other Pikmin. Their ability to 
    carry bomb-rocks has been replaced with a more use resistance. Yellow Pikmin, 
    as one might presume, are now impervious to electrical hazards. Their 
    distinguishing features are their ears.
    -Blue Pikmin: The third of the Primary Pikmin colors, Blue Piks are assumebly 
    able to survive in water, whereas other Pikmin flail frantically, attempting 
    to float (whistle to them to have them swin to you). This ability, though 
    singular, is incredbly useful. In multiple areas, you'll have to use Blue 
    `Mins to crack open a drain or bust down a gate submerged in water, or perhaps 
    to simply more a piece of treasure through a pool. Their distinguishing 
    features are their mouths/gills.
    -White Pikmin: Resistant to all forms of poison, due to their own toxicity, 
    White Pikmin are incredibly agile and rather small. They can sense buried 
    treasure, and have that neat pink flower. Spawn these guys by tossing some of 
    your own `Mins into an Ivory Candypop Bud. Their distinguishing features are 
    their beady red eyes. 
    -Purple Pikmin: The greater of the two Pink Flowers, Purple Pikmin weigh as 
    much as 10 Pikmin, and have an equal strength. Achieving quite a bit of 
    distance, Purple `Mins slam down rather nicely when they land, sometimes 
    stunning, or causing a bit of damage to, enemies they land on or near. These 
    beasts are made from Violet Candypop Buds. Their distinguishing features are 
    the little bristles on their heads, reminiscent of hair.
    -Bulbmin: While not entirely Pikmin, Bulbmin are just as ferocious and useful 
    as any. To obtain these guys, make sure there aren't 100 on the field in the 
    given level. Kill the slightly larger leader, then whistle to the Bulbmin to 
    have them join your group. They can obtain flower status through Nectar like 
    all Pikmin, but are restricted to the caves and labyrinths you find them in. 
    See the Piklopedia for a more detailed background.
    -Whenever a Pikmin is afflicted by by fire, water (droplets), or poison, 
    simply whistle to them to allieviate the creature's condition. When non-Blue 
    Pikmin are drowning in large bodies of water, whistle to them and they will 
    swim torward you. If they make it to land in time, the Pik will hop out, dry 
    up, and join you up again.
    -Remember that when you're in caves and you lose a generous portion of Pikmin,
    if you're not satisfied with the results you have received, hit the Reset 
    Button and try again. There's nothing wrong with it, especially if and when 
    it is your first time in that particular sublevel.
    -Above ground, when more than one type of Pikmin carry the remains of an 
    enemy or a pellet, the type with the greatest presence will send it to that 
    Onion, which is relected by the color of the fraction. Remember, white 
    fractions denote that the item will go to your ship, and if a spoil doesn't 
    have enough Pikmin attempting to lift it, the fraction is grey.
    -Purple and White Pikmin will randomly choose where to send spoils. Often, 
    adding more of those two colors will result in a change of Onion. If a Pikmin 
    of the primary colors latches on, that Pik's Onion will automatically become 
    the destination.
    -AVOID ELECTRICITY WITH ALL NON-YELLOW PIKMIN! If you ram a large and varied 
    number of Pikmin into an Electric Fence, there's gonna be quite a few ghosts 
    rising up in a bit.
    -Don't forget that when moving on to the next level of a cave, you don't have 
    to have all of the Piks with you; they'll magically appear at your side as the
    hole-hopping cutscene begins. This is a useful fact to bear in mind when in 
    the Submerged Castle (ZOMG!!!1!! ITS DA GHOSTrOLLER TING!!!11!!!1/!) or if the
    hole has a large body of water in between it and you.
    -When you have Pikmin planted in the ground when underground, and you attempt 
    to leave the level you're on, you will be warn that there are sprouts in the 
    ground and asked if you want to leave. If you do leave with those sprouts 
    still planted, they will count as dead Piks in your cave total.
    -Whenever a Pikmin is in the process of being ingested in any way, shape, or 
    form, if the creature doing the ingesting is killed, the Pikmin will remain in
    the grips of the dead beast for a few seconds before hopping out idle.
    -100 Pikmin can be on the field at any time, there can be as few as 1 or as 
    many as 76. However, there is NO way, NO glitch, NO non-Action-Replay-related 
    means of having over 100 Pikmin on the field at any point in time. The number 
    of Pikmin out and about includes those with you, idle, working (fighting, 
    carry, etc.), and sprouted in the ground. The farthest left box tells you how 
    many Pikmin (under your control) are in existance, including those sprouted in
    all regions.
    -Pikmin are not in the least brilliant (they look up to Louie as a leader, 
    after all) so don't expect them to do ANYTHING at all unless they are assigned
    directly to the task.
    4. The Planet of the Pikmin ================================================== 
    The Pikmin's homeworld is full of thing both wonderful and deadly. Take a bit 
    to educate yourself about the various flora and fauna inhabiting the planet. 
    Asociate yourself also with the many other thing scattered throughout the 
    4A. Areas --------------------------------------------------------------------
    These are descriptions of the four major areas in the game. I'm NOT going to 
    include caves, because copying and pasting them up here is a waste of space. 
    I'll provide tips for treasures, as well as when enemies are added/changed.
    Remember: Treasure Name (Weight in Pikmin, Worth in Pokos). I may make some 
    references to Pikmin 1 areas, so don't get confused.
    Total Caves: 3
    Total Treasures: 7
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Poison
    Enemies: Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit
             Decorated Cannon Beetle
             Dwarf Red Bulborb
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Pellet Posy
             Red Bulborb
             Water Dumple
             Watery Blowhog
             Withering Blowhog
    Treasures: Courage Reactor (20, 280)
               Fossilized Ursidae (25, 160)
               Pink Menace (5, 100)
               Spiny Alien Treat (4, 50)
               Temporal Mechanism (25, 110)
               Unspeakable Wonder (30, 120)
               Utter Scrap (35, 170)
    -On your first day, gather the 20 possible Red Pikmin, then have them pull the
    Courage Reactor (20, 280) out of the mound of snow.
    -Get Yellow Pikmin past the Emergence Cave, across the bridge, past the pond, 
    to a large mount of slippery snow. Toss the Yellows up to the circular 
    opening, where they'll slide down to the Fossilized Ursidae (25, 160).
    -After draining the portion of the pond, hike across with some Reds or Purples
    but with Whites regardless. Look for a small path heading up a hill. Avoid or 
    kill the Burrowing Snarget, then take your White Piks and uncover the Pink 
    Menace (5, 100) located at the end of the path.
    -Across from the aforementioned path is a wide open area. Facing this area 
    from the path, the Spiny Alien Treat (4, 50) is buried toward the left.
    -After crossing the bridge, head left toward a large pond with either Red Piks
    or Blues. Either kill or avoid the Water Dumples, then get across the pond. 
    Keep your Blues back, or have your Reds swim across. Either lure the Fiery 
    Bulblax on the other side of pond into the water and use an Ultra-Bitter Spray,
    or freeze it as it sleeps. Kill the stone-cold beast, and use Blues to 
    retrieve the Temporal Mechanism (25, 110) and anything else left behind.
    -Near the ramp leading to the Frontier Cavern, there is a giant malformed 
    snowman. Climb up the nearby slippery slope with some Red Pikmin, and take out
    the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva at the top. Proceed to throw the Reds onto the
    snowman's head, where they'll gather around the Unspeakable Wonder (30, 120) 
    and tote it down.
    -Grab the Utter Scrap (35, 170) located in the sewer lid area with the Red 
    Bulborb in the middle.
    Creature Notes:
    -The three or four 5-Pellet Pellet Posies near the landing area, as well as 
    the 10-Pellet Posy on the ledge, will disappear around Day 15.
    -A large cluster of enemies sits near the bridge area, including a pair of 
    Decorated Cannon Beetles. Use the rocks from these two beasts to kill the 
    other creatures, and each other, as well.
    Total Caves: 4
    Total Treasures: 7
    Hazards: Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Burrowing Snargret
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit
             Creeping Chrysanthemum
             Dwarf Red Bulborb
             Female Sheargrub
             Gas Pipe
             Iridescent Flint Beetle
             Iridescent Glint Beetle         
             Male Sheargrub
             Pellet Posy
             Ravenous Whiskerpillar
             Red Bulborb
             Yellow Wollywog
    Treasures: Air Brake (15, 100)
               Chance Totem (15, 100)
               Decorative Goo (10, 80)
               Geographic Projection (101, 200)
               Healing Cask (6, 60)
               Pilgrim Bulb (10, 55)           
               Sunseed Beery (5, 170)
    -Take some 41 Pikmin over to the pond beyond the Geographic Projection area 
    that links you to the Snarget Hole. Get a leader and around 20 Pikmin onto the
    block that starts higher up. Toss 21 or more Pikmin onto the other block, then
    switch to the first leader and toss his Piks up to the Air Brake (15, 100).
    -To get the Chance Totem (15, 100), break down the Gas-Pipe-protected White 
    Gate near the White Flower Garden. Get a leader and some Pikmin up on the 
    higher ledge using See-Saw Blocks (for the leader), then head on over to the 
    giant die, which is located on another ledge, but that any Pik can reach.
    -As you encounter Blue Pikmin, be sure to grab the Decorative Goo (10, 80) 
    behind the Blue Onion, on the far side of the pond.
    -Down the path opposite the Hole of Beasts is a Gas-Pipe-protected White Gate.
    Bust it down, then destroy the Creeping Chrysanthemum. Build the nearby 
    bridge, then use plenty of Purples to tote the Georaphic Projection (101, 200)
    back to the Ship.
    -When you arrive in the Awakening Wood with Yellows, take a few, past the 
    Burgeoning Spiderwort, and toss them on top of a tall stump where the Healing 
    Cask (6, 60) sits. Its where that Yellow 20-Pellet sat in Pikmin 1.
    -To the left of your starting point sits a pair of pots, one higher than the 
    other. Once you have White Pikmin, take some behind these pots up a ramp, and 
    to the edge of the lower pot. Toss up the White Piks to the larger pot to 
    uncover the Pilgrim Bulb (10, 55).
    -When you defeat the Red Bulborb near your camp, look around for a ledge. On 
    the ledge is the Sunseed Berry (5, 170).
    Creature Notes:
    -Be watchful of the Creeping Chrysanthemums-they are often placed near several
    other flowers. One is also hidden among several Margrets on the plateau with 
    the Burrowing Snarget.
    -An Iridescent Flint Beetle hides near the ramp leading up to the pots. Locate
    an Iridescent Glint Beetle in another pot near the bridge you built for the 
    Geographic Projection.
    -Male and Female Sheargrubs will spawn near the Geographic Projection bridge 
    and on the island with two bridges in the pond near the Snarget Hole starting
    around Day 15. The Females near the Onions and the pots will disappear.
    -Also around Day 15, three Pellet Posies, one for each color, will spawn with 
    10-Pellets, around the landing area. Also, an alternating 20-Pellet Pellet 
    Posy will spawn on the Sunseed Berry ledge.
    Total Caves: 4
    Total Treasures: 7
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Beady Long Legs
             Dwarf Bulbear
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Gas Pipe
             Hermit Crawmad
             Pellet Posy
             Raging Long Legs?
             Skitter Leaf
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Toady Bloyster
             Water Dumple
             Withering Blowhog
             Yellow Wollywog
    Treasures: Aquatic Mine (3, 80)
               Fortified Delicacy (20, 60)
               Gherkin Gate (15, 100)
               Impediment Scourge (10, 55)
               Massage Girdle (15, 100)
               Onion Replica (20, 30)
               Optical Illustration (15, 140)
    -The first time you kill the Toady Bloyster outside your camp and to the 
    right, you'll receive the Aquatic Mine (3, 80) and a single random 10-Pellet. 
    -After draining the large lake to the landing area's right, take a sqaudron of
    White Pikmin near the vacuum pipes stuck in the ground. Use the Treasure Gauge
    to locate the Fortified Delicacy (20, 60), then unearth it with your Whites.
    -The Gherkin Gate (15, 100) is found in the same location as the UV Lamp was 
    in the original Pikmin. To reach them, look for some ramps leading up to a 
    narrow ledge opposite the the Burgeoning Spiderworts. Head along these ledges,
    careful to keep Yellow Pikmin from taking a plunge into the puddle beneath. As
    you reach the end of the ledge, use the C Stick to keep you Piks on the ledge 
    as you toss them to the treasure.
    -A stump outside the hollow one you found Yellows in has the Impediment 
    Scourge (10, 55). Toss Yellow Piks up to tote the prize on down.
    -Play around with the blocks in the back of the Perplexing Pool, keeping one 
    leader on the blocks and the other on the ground. Use Pikmin to raise and 
    lower blocks so that you can manuver one of the leaders onto the extended 
    ledge. Toss up an appropriate number of Piks to your second leader, then grab 
    the Massage Girdle (15, 100) and send it back to your ship. 
    -On a small ithmus behind the landing area, the Onion Replica (20, 30) is 
    buried. Head down the path near your ship, and toss White Pikmin on the the 
    lowest part of the ledge (at the end of the path). Head around with some Blue 
    Piks, call down the Whites, and set them to digging up the treasure. Have your
    Blues take the giant vegetable through the water.
    -Take Blue Pikmin behind the Citadel of Spiders and have them build the double
    bridge. Proceed across the with some Yellows and toss them over the wall. 
    Whistle to them, then set them to destroy the Electric Gate. Come back with 
    you Blue Piks, and grab the Optical Illustration (15, 140).
    Creature Notes:
    -The Fiery Bulblax and Pellet Posies in the Yellow Onion stump will not 
    respawn once killed.
    -On about Day 15, the Yellow Wollywog near the Citadel of Spiders (on land) 
    will be replaced by a trio of Shearwigs. Additionally, Dwarf Bulbears will 
    spawn farther along the aforementioned path and near where the Fiery Bulblax 
    -At Day 30, a full-grown Bulbear will spawn somewhere in the back area. Also, 
    a Beady Long Legs will drop down in front of the landing area-walk onto the 
    little sand circle directly outside the camp. 
    -I am trying to investigate rumors that you can lure down a Raging Long Legs 
    randomly, but as of yet, I have not encountered one. If someone can send me 
    indisputable evidence that one exists (a screenshot), I'd be greatly 
    Total Caves: 3
    Total Treasures: 5
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Eletricity, Poison
    Enemies: Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit
             Creeping Chrysanthemum
             Decorated Cannon Beetle
             Dwarf Red Bulborb 
             Fiery Blowhog
             Gas Pipe
             Gatling Groink
             Hermit Crawmad
             Orange Bulborb
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Watery Blowhog
             Withering Blowhog
             Yellow Wollywog
    Treasures: Anti-hiccup Fungus (5, 30)
               Armored Nut (5, 60)
               Conifer Spire (7, 15)
               Doomsday Apparatus (1000, 3000)
               Seed of Greed (10, 70)
    -Obtain the Anti-hiccup Fungus (5, 30) from on the side of the Impact Site 
    stump with two Orange Bulborbs on it. It is tuked away in a corner opposite 
    the Dream Den.
    -The Armored Nut (5, 60) can be procured from one of the Creeping 
    Chyrsanthemums in the Impact Site landing area.
    -The Conifer Spire (7, 15) is guarded by an Armored Cannon Beelte Larva. To 
    reach it, destroy the Electric Gate near the Final Trial landing area. Take 
    out the Shearwigs, and head down the path.           
    -The Doomsday Apparatus (1000, 3000) is perhaps the most well known treasure 
    (if not by name) in the game. Found in a small clearing directly behind the 
    Yellow Onion but separated by a stone wall, its not hard to find. It still 
    takes half a day to move, however.
    -The Seed of Greed (10, 70) is spilled by the Orange Bulborb closest to the 
    Dream Den one it is killed.
    Creature Notes:
    -BE WARY OF THE GATLING GROINK! It patrols from the Final Trial landing area 
    to the ramp left out of your camp at turns back around at the stream 
    (actually, that's where it starts).
    -The Burgeoning Spiderworts here are peculiar: When you first encounter them, 
    they'll bear mostly Ultra-Spicy Berries, but one or two Ultra-Bitter Berries 
    on each; usually three total. Over time, the plants will come to bear only the
    red fruits.
    -Mitites may be found in any of the three locations where eggs are placed 
    (near the Dream Den, near the Hole of Heroes, and at the top of the ramp).
    -Yes, its true. Strange, bee-like creatures can be found as soon as Day 30 or 
    31. They hang around near the Hole of Heroes, and another cluster directly 
    across the Impact Site landing area. These bugs will spill massive amounts of 
    Nectar and Sprays, and may randomly poison non-Whites. For a pic, go to:
    (I pulled this link off a forum at GameFAQs, but the Pik-pic isn't mine. Let 
    me know if it is yours, and I'll give you credit.)
    4B. Piklopedia ---------------------------------------------------------------
    A list of enemies! How original! Once you've killed any enemy in story mode 
    (or come into contact with a plant), it'll be added to that file's Piklopedia.
    Louie's Notes are also thrown in once you beat the Titan Dweevil and rescue 
    Louie. Format:
    #? (number)
    EXAMPLE (name in caps)
    99 Pikmin (weight)
    0 x 99 (worth)
    Olimar's Notes: It is evil!
    Louie's Notes: And tasty!
    Simple Strategies: RUUUNNNNN!!!!!
    Controls (for in game):
    A Button: Throw Pikpik carrot/Zoom
    X Button: Olimar's Notes
    Y Button: Louie's Notes
    Z Button: Ultra-Bitter Spray
    L/R Button: Switch to Treasure Hoard
    C Stick: Rotate camera
    D-Pad (Up/Down): Zoom in/out
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Red Bulborb
    Oculus kageyamii russus
    Grub-dog family
    This large organism has the familiar mandibles and cranial morphology of the 
    grub-dog family, as well as the characteristic bulging eyes. As with most grub
    -dog, the creature's cranium comprises of half its total length and girth. 
    Showing a scarlet abdomen with white spots,this creature is primarily 
    nocturnal, choosing to prey upon smaller creatures returning to their nests. 
    Originally classified as the spotty bulborb, further research has reclassified
    this spieces as the red bulborb. Subspieces of varied color have recently been
    discovered, but academics are divided into two rival camps over how to handle 
    their classification.
    Louie's Notes: Plump specimens are best spit-roasted whole, stuffed with a 
    lime and a slab of bacon. Baste frequently to ensure a magnificently moist 
    Simple Strategies: Take all of ten Purple Pikmin, get behind the Red Bulborb 
    (if possible), and toss the 'Mins on the beast in rapid sucession. More Purple
    Pikmin are recommended, but not required.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Hairy Bulborb
    Oculus kageyamii folliculus
    Grub-dog Family
    This subspieces of grub-dog has a thick coat of soft white fur that obscures 
    its abdominal markings. The fur also warms its vital organs, making this 
    spieces well adapted to colder climates. However, its hair follicles are 
    surprisingly frail, which can result in immeadiate hair loss if the creature 
    is surprised.
    Louie's Notes: Remove all of the bulborb's hair, wrap the beast in foil along 
    with a halved lemon, and place it directly on the grill. The foil should 
    protect the carcass from scorching, and the lemon will give the meat an 
    elegant hint of citrus.
    Simple Strategies: Take all of ten Purple Pikmin, get behind the Red Bulborb 
    (if possible), and toss the 'Mins on the beast in rapid sucession. More Purple
    Pikmin are recommended, but not required. Note that the hair will fall out 
    once the damage meter becomes yellow.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Orange Bulborb
    Oculus kageyamii orangium
    Grub-dog family
    This bulborb spieces boasts a garish color pattern, with deep orange body and 
    black spots. The orange bulborbs yellow, bloodshot eyes make it clear that 
    this grub-dog is excessively edgy and high-strung, making it much easier to 
    wake from a deep sleep than other spieces in the bulborb family.
    Louie's Notes: This bulborb's meaty flanks make for salciously savory steaks 
    that shouldn't be missed.
    Simple Strategies: Take 15 or more Purple Pikmin and toss them at the Orange 
    Bulborb when it is barely in cursor range. This beast will wake up when 
    anything gets too close, so you'll need to make Olimar's hands a flurry as you
    pump Purples on the Bulborb.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Dwarf Red Bulborb
    Pansarus pseudocolii russus
    Breadbug family
    Although initially identified as a juvenile red bulborb, groundbreaking new 
    research indicates that this creature is in fact a member of the breadbug 
    family. A close relative of the vanilla breadbug, it escapes predation through
    mimicry. Unique adaptation of the red bulborb's crimson coloration allows the 
    spieces to safely commingle. Such effective adaptation and obfuscation by a 
    prey spieces is rare, indicating this clever creature is a master of mimicry.
    Louie's Notes: For a blissful bisque mince the entire beast finely and stir in
    with heavy cream, artichoke hearts, and a pinch of black pepper. Heat slowly 
    until piping hot. Mmmmm...Rich and creamy!
    Simple Strategies: Swarm with 20 or more Pikmin, or land a single Pikmin 
    directly on the beast. The latter works best with Purples.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Snow Bulborb
    Pansarus pseudocolii frosticus
    Breadbug family
    Like the dwarf red bulborb, the snow bulborb is a member of the breadbug 
    family the seeks to survive by imitating the appearance and behavior of a 
    bulborb. Its pale coloration aand blue spots make for easy identification. In 
    particular, this organism mimics the hairy bulborb, but it is of course unable
    to grow the hair that give the hairy bulborb its name. However, as the hairy 
    bulborb has been know to lose its hair in certain circumstances, the snow 
    bulborb is an effective mimic that is often mistaken for a member of the same 
    Louie's Notes: Best grilled and served hot over a bed of fresh spinach and 
    crumbled blue cheese.
    Simple Strategies: Swarm with 20 or more Pikmin, or land a single Pikmin 
    directly on the beast. The latter works best with Purples. This seems to the
    most resilient spieces of the three dwarf bulborbs.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Dwarf Orange Bulborb
    Pansarus pseudocolii orangium
    Breadbug family
    Just as dwarf red bulborbs mimic the appearance of red bulborbs, it was 
    theorized that an orange bulborb-variant must also exist. Recent fieldwork has
    confirmed this theory.
    Louie's Notes: Although difficult to prepare, this exquisite creature is more 
    than worth the effort. Great in fajitas!
    Simple Strategies: Swarm with 20 or more Pikmin, or land a single Pikmin 
    directly on the beast. The latter works best with Purples. This spieces seems 
    to have above-average eyesight and may see you coming faster than the other 
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Spotty Bulbear
    Oculus terribilis dotticum
    Grub-dog family
    A midsize subspieces within the grub-dog family, the spotty bulbear's unique 
    feeding habitsset it apart from other grub-dogs. The spotty bulbear patrols a
    set path searching forprey, instead of passively feeding on creatures that 
    wander into a limited territorial range. When entering bulbear habitat, it is 
    wise to proceed with extreme caution until the bulbear's patrol path can be 
    clearly identified.
    Louie's Notes: For an unrivaled green curry, peel away the spotty bulbear's 
    skin, pulverize the juicy innards, and stew until curiously fragrant.
    Simple Strategies: The only "simple" way to take out a Spotty Bulbear is to 
    freeze it with an Ultra-Bitter Spray and swarm it with a large number of 
    Pikmin. If you can't for some reason, attempt to sneak up on it with 15-20 
    Purple Pikmin, then mercilessly pound the bulbear's back with the Piks. Where
    applicable, you can also lure it off the edge of a sublevel into an infinite 
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Dwarf Bulbear
    Oculus terribills
    Grub-dog family
    A grub-dog larva into its third stage of development, this creature's body 
    structure is near maturation. However, unlike mature bulbears, it has yet to 
    claim its own patrol route, and thus is dependent upon its parent for guarding
    Louie's Notes: Remove innards, stuff with sage and finely aged prosciutto, and
    broil until golden brown. The ultimate crowd pleaser!
    Simple Strategies: The Dwarf Bulbear is far hardier than any of the three 
    Dwarf Bulborbs. Swarm it with a good 30 or more Pikmin to ensure its quick 
    death. To tackle more than one at once, be sure to use a vast number, but not 
    to spread your army to thinly. Dwarf Bulbears are susceptible to a Pik on the 
    head, but it may take a few. Use Purples for the latter.
    Olimar's Notes: Bulborb Larva
    Oculus bambinii
    Grub-dog family
    As the name implies, this is a bulborb in an early stage of development. Its 
    distinct bulborb coloration has yet to appear, but it already exhibits other 
    uniquely bulborb. It is capable of hunting nourishment independently without 
    the help of its parents.
    Louie's Notes: This meager creature offers little meat, but it's eyeballs are 
    a local delicacy. Try them with okra and a dollop of sour cream!
    Simple Strategies: These little white-mouse-things can eat a Pikmin instantly!
    Fortunately, bulborb larvae can be killed with a single punch, so lay down the
    law with your leaders.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Fiery Bulblax
    Oculus vulcanus
    Grub-dog family
    Bodily excretions of a highly flammable waxy subtance interact with the cell 
    structure of this grub-dog's skin, causing a chemical reaction that produces 
    extremely high temperatures. The skin benefits from a spongy cell structure
    that diffuses the surface heat, protecting the creature's inner organs. Due 
    to the ashtonishing amount of heat produced by this beast, it should be 
    observed with great caution.
    Louie's Notes: No stove? No problem! This sizzling beast practically cooks 
    itself. Remember to thoroughly extinguish the steaks prior to eating.
    Simple Strategies: Use an Ultra-Bitter Spray on the Fiery Bulblax, and toss 
    on some Red Pikmin. Or, if it is easier, lure the Bulblax into a body of 
    water, freeze it with an Ultra-Bitter Spray, and chuck Blue Pikmin at it. Or,
    if you so desire, lure the infernal beast over the edge of a sublevel and into
    an infinite void.
    5 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Water Dumple
    Ichthyosa felinis
    Grub-dog family
    A resident of freshwater pools and marshes, this aquatic creature regularly 
    feeds oninsects that land on the surface of the water. It shares a nearly 
    identical skeletal structure with its close relative and terrestrial cousin, 
    the bulborb. This may offer clues to its evolutionary origin and suggests 
    that it only recently migrated to an aquatic habitat.
    Louie's Notes: Deep-fry water dumples for all the flavor with half the fat!
    Simple Strategies: Swarm with a good 25 or more Pikmin. When in groups, try 
    to lure one away at a time to pick them off individually.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Bulbmin
    Paraciticus pikminicus
    Pikmin Family
    This loathsome creature is in fact a parasitic form of Pikmin that has 
    infected a bulborb. Unlike Pikmin that nest in Onions, this parasitic relative
    spends its life inside the body of a host, usually a bulborb. Juveniles fall 
    in line and mimic the actions of their parent until maturing to full 
    independence. By buring its rootlike limbs into the nervous system of the host
    bulborb and infusing it with natural hormonal excretions, the bulbmin is able 
    to control virtually all of the host's bodily functions. However,the host's 
    voracious appetite seemsimpossible to surpress.
    Louie's Notes: Grind the meat and season with allspice, salt, and ground white
    pepper. Press the seasoned meat into satchels, then panfry them with onions. 
    Prior to serving, smother the brats in dijon mustard and sauerkraut. Buns are 
    Simple Strategies: After getting the Bulbmin's attention, toss Pikmin 
    (preferably Purple) onto the creatures back Continue until the Bulbmin is 
    dead. Younger Bulbmin will join your group if you whistle to them. Note that 
    controllable Bulbmin will only appear if you less than 100 Pikmin with you.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Fiery Blowhog
    Sus draconus
    Blowhog family
    This creature expels a volatile phosphorus compound from its snout that 
    combusts upon contact with the air. This fire-breathing ability is dependent 
    upon the air-to-fuel ratio at its mouth, catalyst reaction within the expelled
    compound, and purification of the compound. Thus it is highly unlikely such a 
    complex process could cause the spontaneous explosion of a fallen blowhog. 
    (This process is also perhaps to avoid risk of spontaneous combustion in the 
    belly of a live specimen.) However, one should still treat a fiery blowhog 
    with great care, even after its functions have ceased.
    Louie's Notes: Roast this flavorful beast for several hours, letting it stew 
    in its own succulent juices. Don't worry about overcooking this beast...it's 
    Simple Strategies: Toss a Pikmin or two on the Fiery Blowhog, and call them 
    off before they are flung by the beast. Proceed to swarm with 40 or more 
    Pikmin. An alternative is to pound the beast with Purple Pikmin. Remember to 
    keep all non-Red Pikmin clear of the flame.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Watery Blowhog
    Sus loogiens
    Blowhog family
    A variant subpieces of the fiery blowhog, the watery blowhog lacks several of 
    the dominint genes necessary for the production of fire-producing catalysts, 
    and thus expels jets of the nonflammable liquid. This subspieces appears to 
    have only recently evolved. However, the heriditary traits of this variant are
    dominant and highly robust, so it's population is rapidly increasing.
    Louie's Notes: This beast's unrivaled moistness gives it a melt-in-the-mouth 
    quality that's incomparable.
    Simple Strategies: Toss a Pikmin or two on the Watery Blowhog, and call them 
    off before they are flung by the beast. Proceed to swarm with 40 or more 
    Pikmin. An alternative is to pound the beast with Purple Pikmin. Remember to 
    keep all non-Blue Pikmin clear of the liquid.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
    Granitus chukkulinae
    Lithopod family
    This speimen is a lithopod larva. This expidition was unable to confirm the 
    existance of anymature lithopods, leading to the conern that this spiees was 
    extinct on this planet, but the discovery of creatures in larval form eased 
    such concerns. Lithopods, like flint beetles, use internal metabacteria to aid
    in chemical digestion. These metabacteria can only survive in certain 
    environments, such as within the body of certain insects, so lithopods do not 
    contain any metabateria immeadiatley after hatching. Larvae feed on partially
    digested ore regurgitated by mature lithopods, ensuring the larvae obtain 
    metabacteria that they would not normally have accquired.
    Louie's Notes: Carefully remove every grain of sand, peel back the 
    exoskeleton, and slurp heartily!
    Simple Strategies: Toss a Pikmin or two on the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva, 
    and call them off before they are flung by the beast. Proceed to swarm with 40
    or more Pikmin. An alternative is to pound the beast with Purple Pikmin. 
    Remember to keep all Pikmin clear of the rocks the Larva spits. Also note that
    the rocks have the capacity to kill other enemies, provided the rock hits 
    their vulnerable point.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Decorated Cannon Beetle
    Granitus decorum
    Lithopod family
    This creature is the larval form of a cannon beetle variant known for a diet 
    consisting entirely of eating stones. The decorated cannon beetle favors 
    stones with high iron content, which contributes to its red torso. The stones 
    creatures launch are wrapped in a powerful magnetic field which causes the 
    stones to stray from their launch trajectory when other objects with high 
    metal content, such as space suits, are nearby. Extreme caution is recommended 
    for explorers wearing steel-plated armor in close proximity to this fearsome 
    Loiue's Notes: Slice the meat into tender and vigorously apply a lime and 
    pepper rub. Panfry until lightly crusted. Accompany with watercress and 
    drizzle with fresly prepared tamarind sauce.
    Simple Strategies: Simply lure this beast's rocks into hitting itself after 
    using the stones to kill other enemies in close proximity. An effective 
    alternative is to pound the Decorated Cannon Beetle with Purple Pikmin. Don't 
    forget, though, that the stones follow YOU.
    Olimar's Notes: Puffy Blowhog
    Sus inflata
    Blowhog family
    This spieces of blowhog uses internally generated hydrogen to inflate a 
    flotation bladder and hover above the ground. The creatures electrified pulse 
    creates a sash of color that flows along the surface of its body, making it a 
    particularly beautiful blowhog spieces. Precisely how it is able to internally
    stabilize its highly explosive hydrogen and simultaneously generate eletricity
    remains a mystery. The puffy blowhog blows leaves and grass around to eat the 
    insects underneath. It maintains midair bouyancy by using its fins and 
    releasing air through blowholes. This enables it to float effortlessly, even 
    in the breeze. In times of danger, the puffy blowhog can deompress its 
    flotation bladder for a rapid escape from predators.
    Louie's Notes: Slice this creature's feather-light skin into triangles, deep-
    fry until crispy, and salt generously. Makes the perfet sooping cchip to 
    acompany fresh mango salsa!
    Simple Strategies: With a good 75 or more Pikmin, you can make short work of 
    the Puffy Blowhog by dashing underneath it as the Blowhog gusts air, piling 
    Pikmin onto its stomach, and swarming it with the rest of your Piikmin once 
    the creature is ground-bound. A single Purple can also drag down these 
    floating enemies. With less Pikmin, don't wait to long before calling Piks off
    the Blowhog, they piling them back on as the beast gains height.
    Olimar's Notes: Withering Blowhog
    Sus decrepitia
    Blowhog family
    The withering blowhog is a close relative of the puffy blowhog, but its breath
    is significantly weaker. However, its breath does contain a petal-withering 
    plant hormone that causes flowers to instantly lose their petals. Although its
    breath has not been studied in detail, analysis of the chemical compounds 
    invovled hold promise for the biotechnology sector. 
    Louie's Notes: Hang this creature on a rak and sun-dry on a hot afternoon. 
    When suitibly crisp,grind the sundried beast into powder. Makes a great 
    substitute for cayenne or curry powder!
    Simple Strategies: With a good 75 or more Pikmin, you can make short work of 
    the Withering Blowhog by dashing underneath it as the Blowhog gusts air, 
    piling Pikmin onto its stomach, and swarming it with the rest of your Pikmin 
    once the creature is ground-bound. A single Purple can also drag down these 
    floating enemies. With less Pikmin, don't wait to long before calling Piks of 
    the Blowhog, they piling them back on as the beast gains height. Watch out 
    especially for this Blowhog's "nasal blasts," as they instantly deflower any 
    Pikmin within their range.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Gatling Groink
    Megaplod calibersi
    Unknown family
    This beastly predator's aggressive ejection of high-speed projecctiles makes 
    it one of the most fearsome creatures in the ecosystem. Its body seems to 
    comprise of both biological and mechanical components, and represents one of 
    the most evolutionarily advanced specimens ever observed. The chamber within 
    its torso gives it rapid-fire bio-pellet launch capabilities. What appears to 
    be a tail fin is in fact the base of its counter-weight and ammunition 
    cylinder, so immobilizing this appendage will prevent the groink from 
    attacking...at least in theory. Confirmation of this suspicion remains 
    elusive, as nobody has volunteered to test it.
    Louie's Notes: Remove the cannon and ammo stockpile, then vigorously tenderize
    the meat with a heavy mallet. Spoon over a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice 
    and douse with chili sauce.
    Simple Strategies: The Gatling Groink's projectiles can only harm/kill 
    anything that they land on. Pikmin (besides Purples) in close proximity with 
    be thrown down. Otherwise, everything else will remain esstially uneffected. 
    Except for the windshield (which Piks bounce harmlessly off of), the Gatling 
    Groink is vulnerable from all points. Use Purple Piks on ground-bound Groinks.
    When one of these beasts is mounted on a tower, use Reds or Yellows.
    Olimar's Notes: Iridescent Flint Beetle
    Pilli envelopens
    Flint Beetle family
    Flint beetles are nocturnal, choosing to hide in the grass by day and stay 
    ative at night. These creatures keep undigested food pellets in their stomachs
    to sustain them through winter, but given the right stimulus they will spit 
    them out. Recent researh has revealed that these pellets are enveloped in a 
    membrane that seals and preserves them in a sterile, airtight environment. If
    kept at room temperature, it seems that this pellet membrane will keep its 
    contents frest for up to six months. The membrane may be made from the same 
    substance that gives the exoskeleton of the flint beetle its beautiful sheen.
    Louie's Notes: An essential flavor-adding ingredient in gumbo and jambalya. 
    Also delicious in soups, broths, and marinades.
    Simple Strategies: Smack this creature three times for it to disappear back 
    into the ground. Underground, you first hit will spill a blob of nectar, two 
    hits will yield two more blob of the yellow substance, and hit number three 
    releases a random spray. Above ground, the first hit will yield a randomly 
    colored 1-Pellet. This beetle is easiest to hit with Purple Pikmin, due to 
    their area-of-effect shockwave.
    In certain underground levels, you can try flipping beetles off the edge-just 
    be careful your Pikmin isn't riding it!
    Olimar's Notes: Iridescent Glint Beetle
    Pilli auricus
    Glint Beetle Family
    This variety of beetle consumes subterranean minerals. Due to the fact that it
    rarely emerges above ground, sightings of this particular spieces are 
    extremely rare. While minerals are this beetles primary source of food, the 
    beelte itself does not have the ability to digest these minerals. Instead, 
    metabacteria living inside the beetle's stomach chemically break down the 
    minerals. The resulting purified metal is discharged, but rare metals such as 
    gold and platnium crystallize onto the iridescent glint beetle's shell, result
    ing in the beautiful laminated shimmer.
    Louie's Notes: This precious treat is exceptionally rare. I could sell it back
    home for a fortune! Then, I could use the cash to upgrade my kitchen, buy 
    galatic-class ingredients, and even star in my own cooking show...The Insect 
    Simple Strategies: Smack this creature three times for it to disappear back in
    to the ground. Underground, you first hit will spill three blobs of nectar, 
    and the second and third hits will produce a random spray each, usually the 
    same type. Above ground, the first hit will yield three randomly colored 5-
    Pellets. This beetle is easiest to hit with Purple Pikmin, due to their area-
    of-effect shockwave.
    In certain underground levels, you can try flipping beetles off the edge-just 
    be careful your Pikmin isn't riding it!
    Olimar's Notes: Doodlebug
    Pilli flatularum
    Flint Bug family
    While life-forms that excrete foul musks to warn of danger are not rare, the 
    doodlebug is the only spieces known to release flatulence when active above 
    ground. Interestingly enough, since it is merely releasing the gas creating 
    by decay of the contents of the creature's intestines, it does not have a 
    special musk-producing organ. This means the creature is in fact merely 
    flatulating. Spectral analysis of the rank gas inicates that is contains not 
    only methane, but hydrogen sulfide, making the flatulence a Grade XIII 
    Louie's Notes: Looking for a flavor that will surprise and delight your 
    guests? This beast's aroma may surprise your guests, but it won't be 
    Simple Strategies: Smack this creature three times for it to disappear back 
    into the ground. Underground, you first hit will spill three blobs of nectar, 
    and the second and third hits will produce a random spray each, usually the 
    same type. This beetle is easiest to hit with Purple Pikmin, due to their area
    -of-effect shockwave. However, non-White Piks should avoid the poisonous 
    "flatulence" the bug releases as it moves.
    In certain underground levels, you can try flipping Doodlebugs off the edge-
    just be careful your Pikmin isn't riding it!
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Sheargrub (Female)
    Himeagea mandibulosa
    Mandiblard family
    The males of this spieces are purple and black creatues with tapered mouths,
    while the females are lighter in color and lak an armored exoskeleton. As 
    with most mandiblards, these creatures have regressed to the point where they 
    have lost both legs and wings. They can be seen crawling around on the ground 
    and are believed to feed on the vegetable extracts from the congealed fluids 
    of expired Pikmin.
    Louie's Notes: For an unforgettable quiche, slice this creature up and mix 
    with four eggs, two vine-ripened tomatoes, diced zuuchini, and generous 
    handfuls of feta and swiss. Bake until crusty and golden. This beast is most 
    flavorful if caught and cooked just after laying its eggs.
    Simples Strategies: Take any number of Pikmin and swarm once out of the 
    ground. Purple Pikmin tossed directly on top of these creatures will result in
    an instant kill. Note that these buggers will destroy bridges if given the 
    chance. They're also subject to water damage.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Sheargrub (Male)
    Himeagea mandibulosa
    Mandiblard family 
    This specimen is a male sheargrub. Having lost both it's legs and wings, the 
    male burrows into the soil and waits to ambush small creatures that pass by. 
    This beast's mandibles can be dangerous, making creatures such as Pikmin easy 
    Louie's Notes: Spread several specimens in the bottom of a casserole dish and 
    layer with sliced avocado. Bake until the meat is choice and the cheese is 
    luiously browned.
    Simple Strategies: Thankfully, you can save Pikmin from the grips of this 
    beast on your second adventure, whereas in the first Pikmin, a Male Sheargrub 
    that had a hold of a Pikmin wouldn't die until the Pik it had did first. 
    Simply swarm with a good 15-20 Pikmin and don't worry if a Pikmin is subject 
    to the mandiblard's mandibles. Use larger groups against multiple Males. 
    Purple Pikmin tossed directly on top of these creatures will result in an 
    instant kill. Note that these buggers will destroy bridges if given the 
    chance. They're also subject to water damage.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Shearwig
    Himeagea volaris
    Mandiblard family
    Unusual for their genus, flying mandiblards have retained their wings. 
    However, only the adult males of this spieces can fly. Females of this spieces
    spend most of their life span underground. They do emerge for a period after 
    maturation to spawn, but they never metamorphose.
    Louie's Notes: Grate this beast into a zest and whisk with sugar, cream, and 
    chopped dark chocolate for a luciously indulgent mousse that's a true culinary
    coup de grace!
    Simple Strategies: Thankfully, you can save Pikmin from the grips of this 
    beast on your second adventure, whereas in the first Pikmin, a Shearwig that 
    had a hold of a Pikmin wouldn't die until the Pik it had did first. Simply 
    swarm with a good 15-20 Pikmin and don't worry if a Pikmin is subject to the 
    mandiblard's mandibles. Use larger groups against multiple Shearwigs. Note 
    that if the Shearwig is not occupied with chopping up a Pikmin, it'll hop into
    the air at yellow health and slowly regenerate. Purple Pikmin tossed directly 
    on top of these creatures will result in an instant kill. Note that these 
    buggers will destroy bridges if given the chance. They're also subject to 
    water damage.
    8 Pikmin 
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Cloaking Burrow-Nit
    Trilobitins reclusiva
    Burrow-nit family
    The snake-eye pattern in this beast's shell is one of the most distinctive 
    features of the burrow-nit family. The red pattern of the cloaking burrow-nit 
    and the spikes around its mantle make it easily identifiable while still 
    making it a representable specimen of the burrow-nit family. The shell on the 
    cloaking burrow-nit's back also provides a frame that fixes its muscular 
    structure in place, and appears to give the creature its powerful needle-
    launching attack.
    Louie's Notes: Boil in sheel with a pinch of salt until bright red, and serve 
    piping hot with tartar sauce. 
    Simple Strategies: A good 20 Pikmin can easily overwhelm this beast. The face 
    is the only vulnerable point of this creature, so don't bother swarming the 
    rest of the shell. If the Cloaking Burrow-Nit snatches a Pikmin, pound its 
    face with everything you've got-its almost like the Burrow-Nit becomes more 
    vulnerable as it tries to suck up your Pik. Note that these buggers will 
    destroy bridges if given the chance.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Ravenous Whiskerpillar
    Lepidoptera pluckieous
    Whiskerpillar family
    As this spieces of insect has only recently been discovered, fully mature 
    specimens have yet to be collected. No molting or metamorphosis has been 
    observed during the observation period, making it unlikely that mature 
    whiskerpillars will be encountered anytime soon. Based on active predation by 
    Pikmin, it is believe that the whiskerpillar's place in the food chain has not
    changed over time.
    Louie's Notes: Delicious skillet-seared or sauteed with scallions and a red 
    Genovese sauce.
    Simple Strategies: Swarm the Ravenous Whiskerpillar with any number of Pikmin,
    but be sure to beat it to the nearby Burgeoning Spiderworts. Otherwise, as it 
    reaches berries, it'll feed on them until the berries pop! Notice that the 
    Whiskerpillars scream and squirm as they are carried back to an Onion.
    5 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Anode Beetle
    Scarabum electrodea
    Scarb Beetle family
    This speimen is representative of an insect hybrid that use electricity in 
    addition to glycogen for its energy. Although difficult to confirm due to 
    their microscope size, tiny hairs on the creature's legs cause the friction 
    that generates the electrical charge. The electrical charge is processed by 
    the creature's internal machina battery structure, and then stored as a deus 
    electrifical field. As this field reaches critical levels, surplus electricity
    is emitted, resulting in a low voltage current that is transmitted between 
    specimens. It can shock other creatures in the immeadiate vicinity. 
    Considering this process, it can be surmised that the largest impetus to pack 
    behavior is not so for synergetic effect of producing as a pack as it is to 
    take advantage of this most effective means of group preservation.
    Louie's Notes: Drain the electrical charge before boiling. Although it is 
    possible to eat an anode beetle while it is charged, doing so may result in 
    an unpleasant tingling sensation.
    Simple Strategies: Take care of an Anode Beetle by hit its back and swarming 
    it with a good 20 or more Pikmin. If you use Yellow Pikmin, wait for the 
    Beetle to fire its electrical current before ladling on the Piks. Or, for a 
    much easier way to go about taking care of the Anode Beetles, toss a Purple 
    nearby the creature when it is not firing its beam of electricity.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Mitite
    Mitivius infiltratus
    Unknown family
    These paracitic insects feed on eggs. Upon reaching maturity, they excrete a 
    special pheromone that attracts females of a certain spieces, enticing these 
    females to swallow the Mitites whole. (Pikmin, however, seem to dislike the 
    scent.) After entering the female's body, the mitites lay their own eggs 
    inside the host's eggs just prior to the host spawning.
    Louie's Notes: Flash-fry with garlic and red chilis in a hot pan, then 
    sprinkle with gorgonzola. Some dinner guests may find the legs unappealing, 
    so its best to remove them before serving.
    Simples Strategies: Once an egg is busted open to reveal Mitites, grab a 
    Purple Pik fast as you like, and toss it to take out multiple Mitites at once 
    with its area-of-effect shockwave landing. Other Pikmin can take out a single 
    Mitite each, but the 'Min must land directly on top of the one Mitite.
    5 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Hermit Crawmad
    Camabarus rustica
    Crawmad family
    Looking at the eyes and the sickle-shaped legs characteristic of squillas, one
    would think this is a squilla relative. In fact, this is a relative of the 
    hermit crab. This spieces, however, has migrated from seaside life in a shell 
    and instead inhabits burrows in the ground. While its legs appear sickle-like,
    they are pincers that have evolved into a fin shape. This beast feeds on small
    creatures that pass by its lair, dragging them inside to eat them.
    Louie's Notes: Shuck from the shell, bake on high heat until crispy, then dip 
    in a pot of melted milk chocolate. Lip-smacking sweet!
    Simple Strategies: While size seems to vary from specimen to specimen, the 
    strategy remains singular: get relatively near the Hermit Crawmad so that is 
    rears its head back, and direct you Pikmin with the C Stick and a retreat as 
    it does. If the Crawmad cannot get ahold of a Pikmin within a set distance, 
    it'll stop, turn around, and retreat itself. Attack its blank, exposed rear to
    inflict damage.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Swooping Snitchbug
    Scarpanica kesperens
    Scarpanid family
    The scarpanids originally lived on the ground, sporting poorly developed 
    vestigial wings. This spieces has developed enlarged antennae that can be used
    as makeshift wings. Scarpanids are attracted to the sight of large groups of
    Pikmin in cavalry formation and will swoop down to seize them. However, 
    scarpanids do not eat Pikmin, and they will drop any seized Pikmin after a 
    short time. The reason for this behavior is unknown, but I look forward to 
    future research in the area.
    Louie's Notes: Remove the wings, marinate a well-marbled steak for several 
    hours in a chipotle marinade, then charbroil to perfection.
    Simple Strategies: Pop a Pikmin onto the Swooping Snitchbug when its not 
    expecting it to send the flying creature into a surprised spiral downward. 
    Proceed to swarm with a good 50 Pikmin for instant results, or use less in a 
    couple of run-throughs.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Bumbling Snitchbug
    Scarpanica doofenia
    Scarpanid family 
    This is a variety of snitchbug. Its most interesting characteristic is that it
    likes to snitch leaders. Yet barring wanton carelessness or incompetence, 
    leaders are not easily captured. Any leader caught by this creature is clearly
    an idiot, which is why this creature is also known as the exposing snitchbug. 
    There are several known varieties of snitchbug, but research has stagnated 
    despite being such an interesting spieces.
    Louie's Notes: Remove the wings and discard the remainder of the beast. Enjoy 
    the luxurious, wafer-thin wings with fine water-dumple caviar.
    Simple Strategies: Pop a Pikmin onto the Bumbling Snitchbug when its not 
    expecting it to send the flying creature into a surprised spiral downward. 
    Proceed to swarm with a good 50 Pikmin for instant results, or use less in a 
    couple of run-throughs. Wiggle various sticks to escape the Snitchbug's grips
    should they find you.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 4
    Olimar's Notes: Careening Dirigibug
    Flotillum circusmaximus
    Dirigibug family
    This creature floats effortlessly throught the air using gas-filled balloons. 
    Both its appearance and its nature are antagonistic. And it is the only 
    variant of its spieces in the ecosystem. It may be best to consider the 
    possibility that it somehow wandered into the ecosystem from an entirely alien
    one. Positive proof does not exist at this point, but that is how the creature
    is currently classified.
    Louie's Notes: Pull off the balloonlike air sacs, mince the meaty abdomen, and
    shape it into small cakes. Pan-sear the cakes until crusted, but be careful 
    not to overcook the delicate meat. When ready to serve, garnish the plate with
    the vibrant air sacs. Even the most discerning dinner guest will be dazzled by
    the colorful presentation!
    Simple Strategies: Simply pop a Pik up to the Careening Dirigibug before it 
    produces a Bomb-Rock, and swarm with 20-30 Pikmin. Or, if it creates one of 
    the destructive stone, wait a second or three before tossing a 'Min sky high. 
    Avoid the fallen Bomb-Rock as you swarm, or, if necessary, evacuate the area.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 5
    Olimar's Notes: Antenna Beetle
    Mesmeri raiocontra
    Kettlebug Family
    This creature is able to control the Pikmin by way of the peculiar frequency 
    of its roar, but its only objective seems to be defensive in nature, as it 
    stops Pikmin from attacking and forces them to run away. This beast prefers 
    humid, dimly-lit environments, and has been known inhabit empty and discarded 
    containers. For this reason, it's wise to thoroughly ventilate any specimens 
    that are recovered. Lifting off with one of these creatures in the holdcan 
    lead to a rupturing of the specimen during decompression, resulting in an 
    explosive mess.
    Louie's Notes: Extract meat from the exoskeleton and sear on all sides in a 
    hot wok to seal in the flavor. Top the dish with a splash of spicy peanut 
    Simple Strategies: Observe the localized area in which the Antenna Beetles 
    jumps and lands in, then rush in as it lifts off. Proceed to swarm with 20-30 
    Pikmin, or pound with Purples, as it lands.
    Olimar's Notes: Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat 
    Cephalus dottalium
    Jellyfloat family
    This native jellyfloat is indigenous to the region. Unfortunately, it is 
    currently endangered, as its habitat is being overwhelmed by immigrant 
    Louie's Notes: Similar in taste and texture to gelatin, this jiggling mass of 
    jelly can be sculptured into all kinds of creative shapes. As a bonus, it also
    doubles as professional-grade hair gel. It's the perfect cool summer treat!
    Simple Strategies: Lob on about 10 Pikmin (or a single Purple Pik), and swarm 
    with and additional 20-ish Piks (or pelt with Purples). This creatures can 
    suck up Pikmin which will eventually die after a minute or two. Note that it 
    patrols an area and will only pursue you as you draw near.
    Olimar's Notes: Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
    Cephalus vortexia
    Jellyfloat family
    Vivid pink coloration is the most notable characteristic of this floating 
    life-form. This immigrant spieces is not native to the region, having appeared
    to have recently arrived on wind currents. The luminescent organ in its head 
    attracts prey, which it then sucks up and consumes with its lower orfice. 
    Unlike jellyfish, the jellyfloat's tentacles do not have nematocysts, so there
    is no harm in touching them.
    Louie's Notes: Like a fine cheese, the aroma of this fluid floater can be 
    oppresive, but its flavor must be experienced to believe. Also makes an 
    unforgettable nondairy spread!
    Simple Strategies: Lob on about 10 Pikmin (or a single Purple Pik), and swarm 
    with and additional 20-ish Piks (or pelt with Purples). This creatures can 
    suck up Pikmin which will eventually die after a minute or two. Note that it 
    will pursue you as it comes into view.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Fiery Dweevil
    Mandarachnia napalmens
    Dweevil family
    Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astonding size
    on their backs, then mimicking them. The fiery dweevil is one spieces in this 
    family. Generally, this is a very gentle insect that feeds on grass nectars, 
    but when faced with danger the fiery dweevil ignites flammable internal gases,
    juts out its jaw, and spews scorching flames. As this clearly makes it a 
    rather dangerous insect, it is best not to linger directly in front of it.
    Louie's Notes: The search for a high-protein, salad-topping alternative to 
    bacon bits is over! Grind this spicy dweevil into tasty micro-chunks and toss 
    them generously over your salad to add instant flair AND flavor!
    Simple Strategies: Toss Red Pikmin onto the small-ish head at the center, or 
    pound with Purples. Avoid the flames its spews with non-Red Pikmin. Using the 
    punch attack is also very effective, especially after receiving the Scorch 
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Anode Dweevil
    Mandarachnia volticula
    Dweevil family
    Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astonding size
    on their backs and mimicking them. The anode dweevil is one spieces in this 
    family. They seem to have no particular preference for which objects they 
    carry on their backs, as they will carry anything they can lift. They boast an
    internal organ the generates electrical charges, which the anode dweevil 
    releases when it senses danger.
    Louie's Notes: Raw anode dweevil makes for an unforgettable sushi treat, but 
    if it is not prepared by an expert hand with exact precision, consuption could
    result in a jolting electrical explosion of apocalyptic proportion. 
    Simple Strategies: Toss Yellow Pikmin onto the small-ish head at the center, 
    or pound with Purples. Avoid the electric bolts it spews with non-Yellow 
    Pikmin. Using the punch attack is also very effective, especially after 
    receiving the Anti-Electrifier.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Caustic Dweevil
    Mandarachnia sulfurnid
    Dweevil family
    The caustic dweevil is one member of an insect family known for mimicking 
    objects by carrying them on their backs. Several points of differentiation 
    with other members of the spieces have been confirmed, such as body color and 
    behavioral patterns, but none of these suggest major deviations in the 
    creatures genetic structure. This makes it clear that it is a relative of the 
    family. When attacked by enemies, the caustic dweevil spits out bodily fluids 
    in response. Space suits corrode and oxidize when they come into contact with
    this highly acidic liquid.
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. Effects of consumption include uncontrollable arm 
    flailing and enthusiastic dishwashing.
    Simple Strategies: Toss Blue Pikmin onto the small-ish head at the center, or 
    pound with Purples. Avoid the water it spews, especially with non-Blue Pikmin.
    Using the punch attack is also very effective. 
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 2
    Olimar's Notes: Munge Dweevil
    Mandarachnia pungetis
    Dweevil family
    The munge dweevil is one member of an insect family known for mimicking 
    objects by carrying them on their backs. These insects often carry the 
    carcasses of other life-forms on their backs, but apparently this not for the 
    purpose of transporting them as food , but instead is another example of their
    mimic behavior. The munge dweevil produces two different chemical compounds 
    within its body, which form poisonous gas when mixed and expelled. This gas is
    used only for self-defense.
    Louie's Notes: Exposure to even extreme heat doesn't seem to rid this creature
    of deposits of potent gas. It's probably best for everyone if you avoid eating
    this hazardous fare.
    Simple Strategies: Toss White Pikmin onto the small-ish head at the center, or
    pound with Purples. Avoid the water it spews with non-White Pikmin. Using the 
    punch attack is also very effective.
    Olimar's Notes: Volatile Dweevil
    Mandarachnia explodus
    Dweevil family
    The volatile dweevil is one member of an insect family known for mimicking 
    objects by carrying them on their backs. The dweevil family exhibits a most 
    unusual characteristic whereby th creature's behavioral patterns actually 
    change based upon the object the creature carries on its back. The volatile 
    dweevil has one of the most potent attacks of all the spieces within the 
    dweevil family, due to the habit of carrying explosive devices. Approach with 
    caution and/or body armor!
    Louie's Notes: This scorching spieces combusts upon contact with the tongue. 
    Only edible by the adventurous and asbestos-tongued.
    Simple Strategies: More often than not, these beasts will fall out of the air 
    on top of you. As a health meter (that acts as a clock) appears, RUN or risk 
    having your Pikmin blown away...for good!
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Toady Bloyster
    Molluschid minionicus
    Bloyster family
    This spieces of creature has yet to fully evolve from shelled mollusk to the 
    more advanced bloyster. Compare to the bloyster, this creature is 
    significantly smaller. The fact that its mandible to not protrude as 
    significantly as the ranging bloyster is due in part to the fact that like 
    most mollusks, its vital organs are located deep within the creatures 
    Louie's Notes: Pan-sear with herbs and oil until lightly crusted on the 
    outside and rosy on the inside. Compliment the savory flavors with a light and
    buttery crème sauce.
    Simple Strategies: Avoiding the front of this large beast, pelt Pikmin onto 
    the vulnerable tail, preferable Red Piks or Purples. Be sure that Pikmin 
    shaken off don't latch on to the side, as it can get annoying call them back.
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 5
    Olimar's Notes: Yellow Wollywog
    Amphicaris frodendum
    Amphituber family
    This magnificent specimen has the brightest gold coloration and the greatest 
    number of lateral spots of any member in the amphituber family. The spieces 
    seems to have lost some swimming proficiency with the evolutionary adaptation 
    that granted it greater jumping ability. The amphituber inhabits aquatic 
    shallows and shows an instinctive drive to jump upon and squash smaller 
    Louie's Notes: Beer-batter and deep-fry for a down-home flavor you won't soon 
    Simple Strategies: With 5-10 Pikmin, lob on 6 or 7 before the Yellow Wollywog 
    takes off into the air. Whistle to your Piks as the Wollywog falls. Lather, 
    rinse, repeat. For faster results, pound with a ridiculous number of Purple 
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Wollywog
    Amphicaris albino
    Amphituber family
    It is believed that juvenile wollywogs were once carried by underground 
    current into caverns, where they thrived in the dark habitat. This troglodytic
    spieces of wollywog's coloration result from generations of cave dwelling and 
    lack of sunlight. Comparative differences between the size and shape of this 
    wollywog and other spieces are thought to be the results of natural selection 
    at work, choosing traits better suited to life in a subterranean environment.
    Louie's Notes: Wollywogs are best ground up, shaped into a patty, and flame-
    broiled on a grill. Slap on tomato slices, lettuce, onions, ketchup, and slide
    the patty between a sesame-seed bun for the ultimate beast-burger experience.
    Simple Strategies: With 5-10 Pikmin, lob on 6 or 7 before the Wollywog takes 
    off into the air. Whistle to your Piks as the Wollywog falls. Lather, rinse, 
    repeat. For faster results, pound with a ridiculous number of Purple Piks!
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Wogpole
    Amphicaris frodendum
    Amphituber family
    The wollywog spawns in early spring, laying its eggs on low-hanging tree 
    branches and shrubs growing in or near lakes and ponds. Suck unorthodox 
    amphibious behavior is a defense mechanism, protecting the eggs from predation
    by blue Pikmin and water dumples. The wollywog's wild hopping near the 
    shoreline in early spring is thought to be a method of driving predators away 
    from wogpole eggs.
    Louie's Notes: Wogpoles can be eaten raw, but they're much more flavorful when
    steamed or grilled. Also heavenly in risotto! Feel free to experiment with 
    this lush ingredient.
    Simple Strategies: When in water, simply sic' a few Blue Pikmin on one. 
    They'll pursue, but they can be detered. When flopping wildly on land deal 
    with it in a manner of preference.
    Olimar's Notes: Lapis Lauli Candypop Bud
    Flora cobaltium
    Candypop family
    No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this flower, its spits
    out the same number of blue Pikmin. This family of plant boasts soft, fleshy 
    leaves, the sinewy tendrils of which allow the flower to open and close
    repeatedly over the course of a day.
    Louie's Notes: This flower's tough texture makes it unsuitable for salads, but
    its bright blue hue makes for a grandoise garnish!
    Simple Strategies: When you're lacking Blue Pikmin, lob 5 Piks of any other 
    color into this Candypop Bud to see it shoot out 5 blue seeds before wilting. 
    You can also toss in Blue Pikmin (without consequence) and let them mature 
    into flowers, if you've got time on your hands.
    Olimar's Notes: Crimson Candypop Bud
    Flora rufusia
    Candypop family
    No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this flower, its spits
    out the same number of red Pikmin seeds. The Pikmin, the candypop flowers, and
    the Pikmin Onions are not easily explained by current theories of 
    xenobotanical sciences, and thus have not yet been appropriately studied and 
    Louie's Notes: This spicy flower combusts upon contact with the tongue. Keep 
    fire-retardant condiments withing arm's reach!
    Simple Strategies: When you're lacking Red Pikmin, lob 5 Piks of any other 
    color into this Candypop Bud to see it shoot out 5 red seeds before wilting. 
    You can also toss in Red Pikmin (without consequence) and let them mature into
    flowers, if you've got time on your hands.
    Olimar's Notes: Golden Candypop Bud
    Flora aurumia
    Candypop family
    No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this flower, its spits
    out the same number of yellow Pikmin seeds. Current research has yet to 
    produce any theories as to precisely what kind of interaction causes the 
    Pikmin to change color to match the color of the flower's petals.
    Louie's Notes: This tart flower's acidic juices can burn a hole through a 
    frying pan. Eating it would be unwise.
    Simple Strategies: When you're lacking Yellow Pikmin, lob 5 Piks of any other 
    color into this Candypop Bud to see it shoot out 5 yellow seeds before 
    wilting. You can also toss in Yellow Pikmin (without consequence) and let them
    mature into flowers, if you've got time on your hands.
    Olimar's Notes: Violet Candypop Bud
    Flora puniceus
    Candypop family
    Research from our most recent expidition has confirmed the presence of 
    candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the micro-ecologies this 
    plant has been found in, one could surmise that IT COULD BE FOUND IN ANY 
    CAVERN, REGARDLESS OF GEOGRAPHIC REGION. Tossing Pikmin into this flower 
    results in the release of purple Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of 
    Pikmin tossed in. This variety of candypop contains robustly odoriferous oils.
    If candypop flowers could be cultivated, there is no doubt that the plants 
    would offer multifacited benefits to the cosmetic, medical, and tourist 
    Louie's Notes: The convenient purple flower secretes a dark, flavor oil that 
    eliminates the need for salad dressing!
    Simple Strategies: Whenever you stumble across a Violet Candypop Bud, toss in 
    a color of Pikmin you have a surplus of (overall). Harvest the maximum 5 
    sprouts from every purple flower stumble across.
    Olimar's Notes: Ivory Candypop Bud
    Flora niveus
    Candypop family
    Research from our most recent expidition has confirmed the presence of 
    candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the micro-ecologies this 
    plant has been found in, one could surmise that IT COULD BE FOUND IN ANY 
    CAVERN, REGARDLESS OF GEOGRAPHIC REGION. Tossing Pikmin into this flower 
    results in the release of white Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of 
    Pikmin tossed in. In many cases, plants with small leaves typically have 
    limited photosynthetic capabilities, and thus must find alternate means of 
    obtaining nutrients, with parasitic and predatory behavior being most common.
    The candypop could be considered one such example.
    Louie's Notes: This elusive flower spoils within seconds of picking, making it
    unsuitable for cooking.
    Simple Strategies: Whenever you stumble across an Ivory Candypop Bud, toss in 
    a color of Pikmin you have a surplus of (overall). Harvest the maximum 5 
    sprouts from every white flower stumble across.
    Olimar's Notes: Queen Candypop Bud
    Flora regina
    Candypop family
    This specimen constantly changes colors. When Pikmin are thrown into it, it 
    shoots out seeds that match the flower's coloration at the moment the Pikmin 
    landed inside of it. The number of seeds shot out is always greater than the 
    number of Pikmin thrown in. It can be said that this is a completely baffling 
    plant, and many mysteries remain over presicely what sort of relationship it 
    has with the Pikmin. It would appear that the Pikmin would gain all of the 
    benefit from this relationship...Perhaps it is simply a different variety of 
    Pikmin to begin with?
    Louie's Notes: Eating this flower leads to spectacular, breathtaking 
    Simple Strategies: When you're running low on primary-colored Pikmin, seek out
    one of these little flowers. Toss in a single 'Min to create an additional (9
    total) of the color of the spots when the Pik lands in the flower. 
    Unfortunately, the flower can take only one Pikmin before shooting out seeds 
    and wilting.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 7
    Olimar's Notes: Creeping Chrysanthemum
    Taraxacum rovinia
    Chrysanthemum family
    Like Pikmin, the creeping chrysanthemum is a member of a group of creatures 
    with ambulatory root structures. This creature is known as a "mimic," but 
    because it is actually a form of plant, this label is not entirely accurate. 
    For unknown reasons, the creeping chrysanthemum's mimicry does not fool 
    Pikmin, perhaps because they share a similar heritage. It relies on preying 
    upon other creatures to provide sustenance, so it has no need of leaves for 
    photosynthesis. Generally speaking, the role of plants in an ecosystem is as 
    a producer spieces, and thus plants are generally found at the bottom of the 
    food pyramid. However, on this strange planet the liner between producer 
    plants and consumer plants is blurred.
    Louie's Notes: When thinly sliced, this predator's sizable bulb makes a 
    sumptuous pizza topping.
    Simple Strategies: When the Chrysanthemum emerges from the ground, swarm it 
    with a sizable army of Pikmin. Or, for a more exhilarating experience, toss a 
    Purple Pik onto the flower (to lure it out), and pound it with around 30 more 
    Purple 'Mins.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Skitter Leaf
    Rus pseudoarbicans
    Skitterling family
    The skitter leaf is a relative of the pond skater that shed its wings and 
    adapted to life on the ground. With no residual traits of its airborne past, 
    the skitter leaf can neither fly nor skit across the surface of the water. The
    wings have since evolved into the leaflike structure on its back. Which serves
    to hide the skitter leaf through mimicry. It appears quite effective, as few 
    predators can see through this clever disguise.
    Louie's Notes: This superb amalgamation of juicy meat and leafy greens ensures
    that the skitter leaf will be the new spinach!
    Simple Strategies: Attack with as many or as few Pikmin as you like. Be warned
    that its ability to send Piks flying may result in loss of flowers (or small 
    portions of damage). If your bored though, you can beat these things to death 
    with your leaders.
    1 Pikmin
    0 x 1
    Olimar's Notes: Unmarked Spectralids
    Fenestari prismatus
    Flitterbie family 
    When strolling through the forests of this planet, clouds of these creatures 
    are seen dancing overhead. Like flower petals drifting in the breeze, the 
    sight of flitterbies dancing in the lush green undergrowth is unforgettable. 
    Flitterbie collectors drool over specimen sample boxes lined up in order, 
    highlighting the slight color graduation changes from blue to red to yellow. 
    Such items tend to fetch particularly high prices at auction.
    Louie's Notes: Spectralids don't provide a lot of meat, but the exquistely 
    elegant wings are surprisingly tasty., particularly when expertly prepared 
    with a sweet candied glaze.
    Simple Strategies: To down an Unmarked Spectralid, simply toss a Pikmin up and
    have it make contact. Often, these creature will leave behind blobs. Commom 
    Yellow Spectrlids will drop nectar; rarer Blue and Red Spectralids may yield 
    an Ultra-Bitter and Ultra-Spiy Spray, respectively.
    Olimar's Notes: Honeywisp
    Nectara fatuus 
    Honeywisp family
    This floating life-form drifts effortlessly on the winds. Upon death, its 
    physical structure instantly collapses, and as this creature is particularly 
    elusive and difficult to catch, no sample specimens have been acquired as of 
    yet. If we could simply recover a live sample, research on this spieces would 
    likely proceed more smoothly...
    Louie's Notes: Although the eggs are small, the yolk has a distinctly bold and
    tangy flavor. Try tossing a few in a pan along with your choice of meat and 
    fresh vegetables and cook up a country scramble!
    Simple Strategies: Toss a Pik at the Honeywisp as it float down toward the 
    ground, or simply smack it with a Yellow 'Min. The egg carried by this 
    creature will often yield nectar, but on occasion, two blobs of nectar, or a 
    spray, may be found, and in rare circumstances, Mitites may pop out of the 
    7 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Mamuta
    Unknown family
    The imbalanced, asymmetrical arms of the mamuta are among its most notable 
    features. Feeding on seeds and fruit, the mamuta is known to actually sow and 
    grow plant spieces. While other spieces have exhibited seed-burying behavior 
    for the purpose of storage, the mamuta is the only spieces so far known to 
    actually cultivate fiels of plants.
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. Tastes like chicken.
    Simple Strategies: Swarm it with a good 40+ Pikmin, or pound with Purples. To 
    get the better end of the deal, use Piks without flowers-if they get pounded 
    into the ground, you get them flowered at no cost to you! 
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 3
    Olimar's Notes: Breadbug
    Pansarus gluttonae
    Breadbug family
    The adult breadbug competes for many of the same food sources as Pikmin, but 
    its thick-skinned hide allows it to withstand most Pikmin group attacks. 
    However, some researchers claim to have observed breadbugs being overwhelmed 
    by massive numbers of Pikmin and reduced to food.
    Louie's Notes: Breadbugs are hearty and nutritious but also bland and 
    unimaginative. They may be palitable in a pinch, but they hold no true 
    culinary promise.
    Simple Strategies: As a Breadbug latches on to an item, swarm the same item 
    with twice as many Pikmin and watch as the creatures is dragged back to the 
    Pod. Land a single Pikmin squarely on the Breadbug's back to finish it off, or
    repeat the above process to end the creature's life.
    1-20 Pikmin
    Olimar's Notes: Pellet Posy
    Amplus nutrio
    Pellet Weed family
    In the stem of the pellet posy, one can observe the muscule fiber unique to 
    the half-plant, half-animal spieces such as Pikmin and candypop flowers, so 
    the pellet posy is a spieces that can be considered a close relative. Although
    the ability to crystallize nectar is unique to a small group of the pellet 
    weed family, the fact that these plant reach maturity so quickly and that 
    their pellets contain such high concentrations of the nutrients in the soil 
    explains why the Pikmin and so many of the other indigenous spieces are so 
    reliant on these pellets for sustenance.
    Louie's Notes: On a quest for the perfect hors d'oeuvre? Slow cook this plant 
    in a wood-fire oven, but be careful to serve only the tender pellet.
    Simple Strategies: Varieties of the Pellet Posy exist in 1-, 5-, 10-, and 20-
    Pellet variations. Simply land a Pikmin on the pellet to down it instantly, or
    attack them stem to fall the spoil.
    Olimar's Notes: Common Glowcap
    Fungi lumenarium
    Glowcap family
    Th light emitted from this rare mushroom is neither a reflection, nor a 
    release of stored light. It grows not only on decomposing trees, but on rocks 
    and soil. This mushroom's fungal filaments are capable of stabilizing and 
    concentrating pure Hocotatium 111. It is none other than the Hocotatium 111 
    approaching the point of critical mass that causes the glowcap's blue 
    Louie's Notes: Rapturous frest or sauteed, this illuminating fungus will be 
    hot in the galaxy's trendiest restaurants.
    Plant Info: It's a mushroom that glows. Who knew?
    Olimar's Notes: Clover
    Quattrius infectum
    Clover family 
    This is a naturallized spieces. These plants are extremely persistant, and 
    with the assistance of a symbiotic fungus that grows on its roots, the spieces
    is able to survive even in drought conditions. Typically, its leaves come in 
    groupings of three, but intense impact upon the leafing stem early in the 
    development cycle can result in an extremely rare four-leaf cluster.
    Louie's Notes: Mildly poisonous. May result in nausea, headaches, fever, 
    fatigue, cheat pains, paralysis, loss of bone density, moodiness, feral rage,
    sauciness, dilly-dallying, strokes of brilliance, and untimely doom.
    Plant Info: Honestly, I've never seen a four-leaf clover in this game. But 
    then again, I don't pay a heckuva lot of attention to the plants.
    Olimar's Notes: Figwort
    Srcophularia xenomium 
    Figwort family
    This plant offers an excellent example of a non-native spieces introduced into
    the ecosystem by some unknown method. Upon introduction, it quickly 
    established a foothold and adapted to the new habitat. This plants distinct 
    flowers usually exhibit a stunning blue in early spring, but recent fieldwork 
    has recorded specimens displaying a deep red hue. Although this may represent 
    a sudden deviation in genetics of this spieces, the red coloration is much 
    more likely an anomaly. Additional readings suggest no significant atmospheric
    or solar radiation changes have occurred in the ecosystem, leaving open the 
    possibility that soil composition and mineral deposits may have affected petal
    Louie's Notes: This titillating ingredient tastes impossibly fresh, but you 
    must cook it immeadiately after picking, If you don't, it'll go bad in 
    Plant Info: I think these are some of the most common plants you'll find, 
    especially in the Awakening Wood.
    Olimar's Notes: Dandelion
    Taraxacum officinale
    Dandelion family
    This perennial grows best in location with full sun exposure. Its flowers 
    boast countless tiny yellow pellets packed together in a head. This spieces 
    seems to have as many weedlike variants as petals, so more detailed research 
    on these plants would best be left to a botanical research specialist.
    Louie's Notes: Young leaves are only suitable in garden salads. Use the flower
    to add color to your dishes.
    Plant Info: Its amazing how they captured the likeness of this weed. 
    I think its beautiful, don't you?
    Olimar's Notes: Seeding Dandelion
    Taraxacum ventulus
    Dandelion family
    It is believed that this plant produces tufted seeds with a parachute-like 
    arm, which allows to genetly ride the wind. This increases the distribution 
    range of the plant considerably.
    Louie's Notes: Dried, roasted, and finely ground, the root of this plant makes
    a passable coffee substitute.
    Plant Info: I really love how when your leaders or Pikmin hit this plant, the 
    seeds are disturbed and thrown into the air. Its just so detailed and 
    Olimar's Notes: Horsetail
    Equestrius vindico
    Horsetail family
    This variety of horsetail is prevalent in regions with low nutrient content 
    in the soil. Unlike most other plants, this spieces propagates itself through 
    the release of spores.
    Louie's Notes: Remove and discard the primative, scaly leaves, then blanch the
    tender stock in a buttery broth.
    Plant Info: They're...uh...tall.
    Olimar's Notes: Foxtail
    Vulpes cauda
    Foxtail family
    This plant remains erect after withering and losing its color, so we can only 
    hypothesize about the true color of the plant's plumage. However, local soil 
    analysis indicates trace amounts of dormant seeds, making it not hard to 
    imagine that the area was thick with these plants in the summer.
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. Plagues victims with potent, debilitating cramps.
    Plant Info: Another plant that is...umm...tall.
    Olimar's Notes: Glowstem
    Nocturnica illuminati
    Glowcap family
    Although they are obviously unrelated, the glowstem bears a striking 
    resemblence to the street lights on Hocotate. It is highly possible that 
    glowstems could be a relic of some unknown civilization beyond the scope of 
    our imagination.
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. Known effects include uncontrollable episodes of 
    improptu break dancing.
    Plant Info: Its metal. And its related to the glowcap. I don't get it!
    Olimar's Notes: Margaret
    Luminosus croceus
    Chrysanthemum family
    This plant's delicate yellow flowers often inspire waves of nostalgia, giving 
    a bittersweet to any who gaze upon them.
    Louie's Notes: Can be eaten fresh out of the soil, but it's much more 
    flavorful when incorporated into a heavenly veggie lasagna.
    Plant Info: Recognize this flower? (Hint: look at the family)
    Olimar's Notes: Fiddlehead
    Violinae orchestrus
    Fern family
    At first glance, this plant resembles the spring use in the ship's sub-light 
    engine. Many of its most primitive characteristics remain intact, including 
    the habit of spreading through the dispersal of spores.
    Louie's Notes: Sun-dry the leaves for several days, then grind them with a 
    mortar and pestle. The resulting herb grants an aromatic, earthy flavor to 
    mutton and poultry dishes.
    Plant Info: Bit of a joke, if you compare the name and the binomial 
    nomenclature, you may see it.
    Olimar's Notes: Shoot
    Unkownn family
    This is a young shoot of some kind, but what kind of tree spieces does it 
    belong to? What shape will it take when it matures and grows to full height? 
    Unfortunately, we are only able to obtain information from our portable 
    scanners on a select few of the countless number of spieces we've encountered.
    But even if our expedition yields only brief observations on the life we 
    encounter, it will still provide a better understanding of this bizarre 
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. And yet strangely delicious.
    Plant Info: Which is it? What do you mean? I must know!
    20 Pikmin
    0 x 15
    Olimar's Notes: Empress Bulblax
    Oculus matriarcha
    Grub-dog family
    Initial observation place doubt on the capability of the grub-dog family to 
    support a strong ant- or beelike social structure, but recent studies show the
    family is capable of such complexity. The the egg sac of the largest female 
    grub-dogwithin a given range swells to dramatic proportions in response to 
    environmental changes, such as the sudden depletion of prey spieces. These 
    females temporarily take on the role of pack matriarch. Also, in pack 
    formation it has been observed that nearly all males not involved in spieces 
    reproduction undergo natural sex changes. The characteristics of such 
    specimens are quite intriguing indeed.
    Louie's Notes: For a sophisticated delicacy, make a pate de foie gras from 
    this massively obese creature's liver and spread it over a seseme cracker.
    In-Depth Analysis: You'll encounter the Empress Bulblax 3 different times in 
    story mode. The first time, in the Hole of Beasts, the Empress will be curled 
    up, asleep. Toss a Pik onto her to awaken the beast from her slumber. Toss 
    Pikmin on her face as she shakes and wail 4-7 times. As she stops, whistle 
    back your Pikmin lest they be thrown about and squashed by the Empress' 
    iminent rolling cycle. After rolling to one wall, she roll all the way the the
    opposite side. Once done, she'll head back to the center and stop, so you may 
    continue your assault. 
    The second time you battle the Empress, in the Frontier Cavern, you'll deal 
    with her constantly spawning Bulborb Larvae in addition to the beast herself. 
    After leaving Piks by the pod, head out with leaders and proceed to beat the 
    crap out of every Larva you encounter. Send one leader to near the butt-end of
    the Empress Bulblax and have that leader distract any other newly-spawn 
    enemies. Grab Piks with your spare leader and get in front of the gigantic 
    beast. Toss on Piks, then whistle them off as the wailing Empress tries to 
    toss them hither and thither. During the rolling cycles, switch to the first 
    leader and deal with newly born Bulborb Larvae. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Your final encounter, in the Hole of Heroes, comes with very little change in 
    the overall fight. Quickly alternate between moving Pikmin to the opposite end
    of the area (by the Empress' head) with one leader, and killing Bulborb Larvae
    with the other leader. The only difference in this fight is that when the 
    Empress Bulblax hits the walls, she dislodge rocks that'll fall, generally, on
    the leader closes to the head. 
    5 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Burrowing Snarget
    Shiropedes anacondii
    Snavian family
    The majority of snarget spieces lie in wait to ambush and capture prey, with a
    body type perfectly adapted to such sudden strikes. It violently attacks 
    small, surface-dwelling insects. Distributed across a relatively wide range, 
    subspieces of snarget suited to the varying soil conditions have emerged, 
    making the snarget the most geographically represented spieces beside the 
    bulborb. Visually resembling the burrowing snarget is the snarrow, the range 
    of which partially overlaps with the snarget's range. While the two may appear
    similar, when pulled from the ground they can be distinguished by the presence
    or absences of tail and wing markings.
    Louie's Notes: Slice the serpentine torso into thin medallions, skewer on a 
    metal rods with Hocotate onions, and barbecue over an open flame.
    In-Depth Analysis: The Burrowing Snarget is actually a vast amount easier than
    it was in the original Pikmin, although it still may achieve a mini-boss 
    ranking. The key to defeating this boss is to swarm it as fast as possible 
    with as many Pikmin as possible, often only with good luck. Wait for the 
    Burrowing Snarget to get caught emerging, where only it's beak, and possibly a
    small portion of the head, is visible for 2-5 seconds. If your lucky, you may 
    be able to kill the Snarget in a single run-through, though more often than 
    not, you'll see you're Piks flung about as the beast plunges back into the 
    ground. If the Burrowing Snarget does come out of the ground in its entirety 
    (all at once), dash away from the Snarget and use the C-Stick to ensure no 
    unnecessary Pikmin losses.
    You'll encounter 6 or 7 other Snargets throughout your adventure, but the 
    strategy remains unchanged. Avoid impeding obstacles that may interfere with 
    your fight, and finish off, or avoid, nearby enemies as you commence your 
    Olimar's Notes: Beady Long Legs
    Pseudoarachnia armoralis
    Arachnorb family
    Although this creature is commonly associated with spiders, it is actually the
    result of a separate evolutionary line of insectoid creatures. Since the 
    spherical body section carries most of its internal organs, there appears to 
    be no other features that would correspond to a head or abdomen.
    Louie's Notes: Poisonous. Consumption results in prolonged writhing and 
    uncontrollable mirth.
    In-Depth Analysis: While the way the original Beady Long Legs of Pikmin 1 
    stepped around (Directly under its body? No thank you!) was a tad ridiculous, 
    the Beady Long Legs of Pikmin 2 is far more...for lack of a better word, 
    realistic, than its predecessor. Take Yellow Pikmin (a smallish squad, maybe 
    10-20) and toss them up onto the central orb. The Beady Long Legs will 
    eventually shake them off, but no matter; just toss them back on. Avoid the 
    Pikmin-squashing feet, and whistle back Piks before they are flung about. You
    can also use other color Piks, but you'll need to wait for the Beady Long Legs
    to complete a steping cycle and lower before its orb is at a reachable height.
    You'll face the Beady Long Legs in the Citadel of Spiders, in the Hole of 
    Heroes, and outside of landing area in the Perplexing Pool starting on Day 30.
    While you can use any Pikmin on the fore- and lattermost, the Long Legs in the
    Hole of Heroes should be fought with Blue Piks, due to the giant lake nearby, 
    at which point you'll need to wait for the Arachnorb to lower its center 
    before you can attack.
    20 Pikmin
    0 x 15
    Olimar's Notes: Emperor Bulblax
    Oculus supremus
    Grub-dog family
    The largest member of the grub-dog family is normally found buried in the 
    ground, with only the stalks of its eyes exposed. This camoflage allows the 
    predator to surprise smaller creatures and use its long, adhesive tongue to 
    capture prey. The thick hide and angular hump give the organism a distinct 
    rocklike quality. During the rainy season, moss grows freely on its hump, 
    making it nearly impossible to distinguish this lethal predator from a stone.
    Louie's Notes: To prep the tongue for cooking, marinate in olive oil and chop 
    into cubes. Stir in a pot with carrots, potatoes, and chives, cover, and 
    simmer over low heat for several hours. Accompany this mouthwatering, rustic 
    stew with a hearty roll.
    In-Depth Analysis: The Emperor Bulblax is no longer the challenge it was. 
    Perhaps it can be attributed to the loss of the active use of Bomb-Rocks, 
    which are often present in abttle none the less. Regardless, however, the 
    Emperor Bulblax is first encountered in the Bulblax Kingdom, with subsequent 
    appearances in each of the three Wistful Wild caves. Awaken the beast by 
    sending something in between the eyes. The Emperor Bulblax can easily be 
    defeated by toss Pikmin onto the face of the beast and letting them pound away
    mercilessly at the supreme failure. For even faster results, let loose a 
    stream of Purple Pikmin upon the front of the gluttonous beast. Avoid the 
    tongue-swinging attack, watch out for Pikmin that find their way underneath 
    the beast (as it may jump up to squash them/dislodge Piks on its face), and 
    keep Piks close when the Emperor lets loose a roar the scattereds your Pikmin 
    and awakens other nearby Bulblaxes. Still, if things go off without a hitch,
    you shouldn't have to worry about any of these.
    In the Wistful Wild caverns, you'll encounter the Emperor Bulblaxes in groups 
    (still buried, of course). Take them on one at a time, feeding them Bomb-Rocks
    to death if you've got time on your hands.
    10 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Giant Breadbug
    Pansarus gigantus
    Breadbug family
    This gargantuan spieces of the greater breabug family has a torso so perfectly
    square that it almost seems like it was formed in a mold. For a brief period 
    after birth, the giant breadbug competes for food with smaller breadbugs, but 
    upon reaching maturity it seeks out much larger prey. This is the primary 
    reason that two spieces with similar feeding habits can coexist in the same 
    habitat. Hordes of Pikmin appear to pose the only plausible threat to this 
    massive creature's life.
    Louie's Notes: Although cooking this colossal beast yields a mountain of meat,
    every ounce of it is flavorless. Only suitable for intergalactic all-you-can-
    eat buffets.
    Simple Strategies: In your one encounter with this beast, you'll only need to 
    find two objects for this enormous Breabug to try and steal. As it drags the 
    spoil back to its hole, overpower it with twice as many Pikmin required to 
    send to the Pod, where it will die after colliding with the piece of the Ship 
    twice. Use Andoe Beetles once other options have been exhausted.
    5 Pikmin
    0 x 10
    Olimar's Notes: Pileated Snarget
    Shiropedes ambulatria
    Snavian family
    This variety of snarget has the ability to both burrow underground and walk 
    above it. Its earthy red coloration and distinct yellow eye and ear markings 
    make it immeadiately recognizable. Despite featuring a chimera-like merging of
    serpent and avian features, the pileated snarget has poor eyesight for a bird,
    perhaps due to extended periods spent underground. To compensate for this, its
    nose features a thermal-sensing organ common to many snakes, making it a 
    dangerously effective hunter.
    Louie's Notes: You haven't lived until you've tried a mint-braised snarget 
    shank! Or if you're feeling especially saucy, stuff a birf with your favorite 
    can of savory nector, throw in on the barbeque, and let the juices mingle to 
    make a mean beverage-canister snarget!
    In-Depth Analysis: The Pileated Snarget is as easy or as hard as you make it. 
    The trick is to use either Red or Purple Pikmin (in the Hole of Heroes and 
    Snarget Hole, respectively) to pound the beast into submission. Use Ultra-
    Spicy Sprays whenever you feel it necessary, but try to fight this boss when 
    you have a good while, especially if you're attempting not to lose Pikmin. 
    Wait for the Pileated Snarget to get stuck during emergence (just like the 
    Burrowing Snarget), then swarm. A great alternate strategy is to wait for the 
    body to become only partially submerged before pelting Piks at the head. Note 
    that this Snarget will fully emerge and hop around to its heart content 
    chasing you before reburrowing.
    In the Snarget Hole, use Purples in the hill-filled terrain. In the Hole of 
    Heroes, use Red Piks, which will have less trouble with the sinking pit in the
    middle. Regardless of which cave you're battling in, be sure to only use 
    flowered Pikmin, as leaves and bud may be caught and devoured by the humongous
    Olimar's Notes: Man-at-Legs
    Pseudoarachnia navaronia
    Arachnorb family
    This spieces of the arachnorb family fuses with machinery at a crucial point 
    in the maturation process, giving it the ability to fire energy burst from the
    launcher beneath its orbular torso. However, the man-at-legs itself is not in 
    control of this weapon. Instead, the mechanical portions of its structure 
    appear to automatically acquire and attack targets. The man-at-legs has a 
    genetle disposition, and as a member of the arachnorb family, it has no 
    natural enemies. It is particularly difficult to understand why this spieces 
    would develop such awesome offensive capabilities, leading to rumors in the 
    scientific community that it was the machinery that approached the arachnorb 
    and proposed the symbiotic relationship.
    Louie's Notes: Although the meat is a bit on the metallic side, the oil makes 
    a mouthwatering gravy or lubricative vinaigrette.
    In-Depth Analysis: Again, the Man-at-Legs can be as easy or as hard as you 
    want it to be. In the Subterranean Complex, pound the orb with Purple Pikmin 
    to do quite a large amount of damage (say, half?), then finish it off with Red
    Piks. Search out higher barriers, especially ones that can be traversed over, 
    to make things run nice and smoothly. The machine gun fires in 3 bursts, for 
    around 15-ish shots total. The number in each "burst" will vary, but each will
    have a short but noticable break inbetween one another. Stay on the Man-at-
    Leg's nest as you fight it to ensure that you can reach the orb at any time. 
    If things start getting annoying, use and Ultra-Spicy Spray or five to get 
    things done faster. Note that the legs not stomp on and kill Pikmin.
    The only major difference included with the Hole of Heroes Man-at-Legs is that
    water hazards stand between you and the Man-at-Leg's nest, not to mention 
    puddles here and there. In this battle, you can't really get the massive kick-
    off, but it's still relatively easy, especially since all the barriers can be 
    walked directly over, making for easy access.
    3 Pikmin
    0 x 15
    Olimar's Notes: Ranging Bloyster
    Molluschid predatoria
    Mollusking family
    This spieces of mollusk has shed its shell through the process of evolution.
    What appears as a flower-shaped protrusion on its back actually functions as 
    its gills. The ranging bloyster ensnares small animals with its sticky 
    tentacles, reels them in, and consumes them. Observers have noted that this 
    creature exhibits a keen interest in flashing objects. It often tries to 
    capture and ingest these objects. Researchers and explorers equipped with 
    flashing identification beacons should be wary when in close proximity to this
    dangerous predator.
    Louie's Notes: The gills are best prepared deep-fried in an herb and bread-
    crumb batter. Also tasty poached and drenched with fine soy sauce.
    In-Depth Analysis: The Ranging Bloyster will be attracted to your controlled 
    captain the moment you wander into its range. Keeping this in mind, arm each 
    leader with 15-20 Pikmin of Red or Purple, and march them out on to the field. 
    Manuver to put a leader at each end of the Bloyster, then alternate between 
    captains, tossing on a few Piks before the beast turns to face you, at which 
    point you should switch to your second leader and repeat.
    In the Hole of Heroes, hide your Pikmin behind a gate and dispatch the Cannon 
    Beetles in the room before tackling the Ranging Bloyster with the exact same 
    strategy. If you just can't get it down, though, feed it to death with White 
    Olimar's Notes: Waterwraith
    Amphibio sapiens
    Unknown family
    All that is known about this creature stems from a few sightings deep 
    underground. All reported sightings feature the same core set of details: a 
    giant, viscous form with a clear, hazy sheen not unlike hard candy. One 
    theory hold that it may be the ecoplasmic incarnation of a kind of psychic 
    phenomenon, but as is usual with such theories, it is very difficult to prove.
    All witnesses report suddenly being overcome with fear upon sighting the 
    creature, approaching a state of panic and near insanity. In fact, every 
    report contains an inordinate amount of extremely vague detials, which has led
    to suspicions that exhaustion and fear have caused some simple phenomenon to 
    be viewed as a living creature.
    Louie's Notes: Inedible. Known to cause mass hysteria, followed by leg spasms 
    and internal thunderings.
    In-Depth Analysis: The Waterwraith can hardly live up to any of the hype 
    surrounding it. Not even half as hard as most noobs would have you believe, 
    the Waterwraith can't be dealt with until Sublevel 5 of Submerged Castle. So 
    work quickly in the first 4 levels. Big deal. When you hit Level 5, toss 
    Bulbmin into the Violet Candypop Buds, harvest/flower the Purple Piks, and 
    take them out into the arena area. Lure down the wraith, then land a Purple 
    Pikmin nearby it as it begins moving about. Here, you can use one of two 
    strategies: the more obvious (and safer) one, which is to pelt the creature 
    with Pikmin, or the hidden method, to swarm the rollers and destroy them that 
    way. If you opt for the second means of victory, bring in extra Piks/Bulbmin 
    and, as the Waterwraith remains frozen in place, swarm the back roller, finish
    it off quickly to avoid any risks, then gather up your purples again. As the 
    rollers break up, the Waterwraith will live, but the roles will reverse, with 
    you as the hunter. Land a Purple near the wraith, and toss on Piks. Finish 
    easily, and show those noobs their true noob-osity. Noob speak: U sucs, I 
    In addition, a Piklopedia fun fact for you from The Ultramind12:
    "You really can do that. Just press Z as the Rollers appear and they'll 
    petrify, but the WW won't, then Petrify him, then petrify the rollers again 
    as he's about to break out. It looks funny." Good for a laugh, really.
    20 Pikmin
    0 x 15
    Olimar's Notes: Segmented Crawbster
    Parastacodia reptantia
    Creep-crab family
    This gigantic beast is wrapped in a hard shell. In an atypical evolution, the 
    right front leg of this creature is hypertrophic, taking on the function of an
    arm, rather than a leg. Its asymmetric physical development is unique in the 
    natural world. One unlucky explorer's incorrect conclusion that this creature 
    adheres to a pattern of peaceful, quiet behavior led to an unfortunate 
    incident. In fact, this beast exhibits intensely hostile, aggressive 
    tendencies, aiming at prey and ramming them at full speed.
    Louie's Notes: Dessert meats are all the rage on Hocotate. When the planet's 
    finest chefs hear about the kind of sorbets, pies, and parfaits you can make 
    with the claw meat on this sweet beast, they'll clamor for every morsel we 
    bring home!
    In-Depth Analysis: This beasty can be about as murderous as you let it, so 
    take care not to let your Pikmin get squashed as the Segmented Crawbster rolls
    around in ball form. Lure the creature into a wall to watch it smack itself 
    flat on its back. Avoid the ensuing rock fall, and pelt Red Pikmin (preferably
    Spiced up) on to the gelatinous underbelly. As the beast flips over, it swing 
    its bladed claw at straggling Piks, with, surprisingly enough, only deflowers 
    them as they go flying. Lather, rinse, and repeat, being careful of the 
    rolling Creep-crab and avoiding rocks the whole way.
    Olimar's Notes: Raging Long Legs
    Pseudoarachnia furiendis
    Arachnorb family
    Arachnorbs boast a wonderous biological composition, with a silicon-based 
    exoskeleton and innards coated with malleable heavy metals. However, much 
    about these creatures remains a mystery, as spiecemens regularly explode when 
    they are dissected. These explosions produce scorching flames that completely 
    melt all internal organs, leaving us with a disapointing lack of information 
    on the inner workings of this spieces. We must await the development of new 
    dissection processes and more speciallized research before we can better 
    understand this enigmatic creature. However, the following observation notes 
    have been recorded: appears to be leveling ground for some unknown purpose...
    Location of eyes and ears not readily apparent...Freezing a specimen may yield
    new research opportunities.
    Louie's Note: Neither boiling nor baking can diminish this creature's 
    overpowering musky scent. Only suitable for serving to unpleasant in-laws.
    In-Depth Analysis: The Raging Long Legs is one of the easier bosses of Pikmin 
    2. Simply get under it with 20-ish Red Pikmin, use an Ultra-Spicy Spray, and 
    gather your Piks and dash out, just before the 'Mins are flung about. Count as
    the Arachnorb takes about 12 steps at a far faster pace, then continue your 
    assault. Avoid the gynormous feet as you take down this hulking beast, and you
    should have no trouble missing the massive orb. A couple of run-throughs may 
    be required, but it will be easy and quick all the same. While the Raging Long
    Legs resides as the resident boss of the Hole of Heroes, I am attempting to 
    investigate rumors that you can encounter a Raging Long Legs at the Perplexing
    Pool. This is, however, extremely unlikely.
    Olimar's Notes: Titan Dweevil
    Mandarachnia gargantium
    Dweevil family
    The largest member of the dweevil family, this fearsome predator carries 
    protective components that often exhibit offensive capabilities, an evolution 
    that may be attributed to mere chance. Another evolutionary theory is that the
    chemical contents of the containers carried by the titan dweevil contribute to
    possible gene splicing. While other dweevils do not seem to choose what 
    objects they carry, the titan dweevil appears to prefer shiny shiny objects 
    above all others.
    Louie's Notes: Eaten raw, this predator's luxurious legs are bold and full 
    flavored. What a satisfying crunch!
    In-Depth Analysis: Straight from my Walkthrough, it's the copied-and-pasted 
    Titan Dweevil Strategy!
    FINAL BOSS: Titan Dweevil: I wasn't joking when I said you need about an hour.
    If you don't have one, come back and do this later. Mmm...yes, the Titan 
    Dweevil. The legs don't hurt, but the weapons do...at least to Pikmin, you'll 
    just get knocked over, but no damage. Descriptions are provided below.
    Shock Therapist (30, 1000): Located on the front of the Titan Dweevil, the 
    Shock Therapist is an electricity-based weapon. When in use, it'll launch 
    spike-balls that'll fire an electric current between them. Once it begins 
    smoking, the spike-balls will have electricity being fired at them as they're 
    released. Seeing as electric is the only element that CAN kill Pikmin 
    outright, the only logical course of action is to use Yellows only. Unless you 
    use Yellows on all four weapons, you might get this one done the fastest. Take
    this bad boy out second to ensure Reds and Whites won't suffer.
    Monster Pump (30, 1000): When facing the Titan Dweevil, the this weapon is 
    located to the  left of the Shock Therapist. Reminiscent of a water faucet, 
    the Monster Pump fires balls of water capable of reaching any point on the 
    field. Once it begins smoking, the Pump will release more balls of water a 
    farther distance. As such, this weapon should be dispatched first, to ensure 
    that Pikmin CAN be stored safely on the side.
    Flare Cannon (30, 1000): To the right of the Shock Therapist is a fire-based 
    weapon. When in use, this giant flamethrower will issue columns of fire as it 
    rotates in a 180-degree arc. Once the weapon begins smoking, it'll fire longer
    columns of flame, as well as rotate so that it's arc is always facing you. 
    While it makes no difference if this it taken out third or fourth, it seems 
    more practical to make it number 3.
    Comedy Bomb (30, 1000: On the Dweevil's rear sits this weapon, a poison-based 
    one. Unless you find something funny about Pikmin flopping madly everywhich 
    way, though, this weapon possesses little power of comedy. When put to work, 
    this weapon fires three long arcs of poison. Simply get up on the ramps to 
    avoid them, or move in between, which is no hard feat. Once the weapon begins 
    smoking, it will fire four arcs that move at a faster pace, and may reverse 
    direction halfway though the spin. Save this for last.
    Two things: first, the Titan Dweevil will tint itself the color of the element
    it is using. Second, when a weapon smokes, it has beeter odds for use.
    So, with your non-Blues out in a corner, hang out around, not under the Titan 
    Dweevil as it stomps around. Once it move each leg twice, you'll hear almost 
    a groaning sound, and the Titan Dweevil will lower it's body. Toss Piks on the
    Monster Pump, then call them back as an attack is prepared. If the Titan 
    Dweevil uses the Shock Therapist, GET OUT OF THE WAY! If the Comedy Bomb of 
    Flare Cannon are used, just get up on a ramp. If the Titan Dweevil uses, the 
    Monster Pump, however, you'll need to switch to Shyacho, and keep a steady 
    whistle going over his Piks. Once the water stops coming, switch back to 
    Olimar. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Once the weapon is knocked off, don't bother transporting it back to the Pod. 
    Instead, pull out Shyacho, give him the Blues, take the Yellows, and put him 
    back in his corner. You won't need to worry about Shyachos crew anymore.
    Now, lets go after the Shock Therapist, shall we? Take your Yellows down in to
    the arena, and toss 'em onto the electric weapon. Thanks to a Yellows height 
    bonus, you can reach the Shock Therapist no matter how high up it is! Remember
    to flee to a ramp if the Flare Cannon or the Comedy Bomb is used. In all, the 
    Shock Therapist is the easiest one to remove, since you can hit it at anytime.
    Of course, there is no one way to fight this monstrous monster, and you may 
    feel compelled to use Yellows on all four weapons.
    Oh, another note: if a Pikmin attacks a weapon while it is in use, and 
    continues to attack that weapon as it is withdrawn, the Titan Dweevil will 
    automatically attack again, but it will shake off the attacking Pikmin.
    After you've remove the Shock Therapist, trade your Yellows for Shyachos Reds.
    At this point, if you want to transport the two Treasures back to the Pod, you
    may as well-just make sure that the Titan Dweevil doesn't use the Comedy Bomb,
    and that you use Reds otherwise.
    If you choose to get the Treasures tucked away, do so. Now, you'll return to 
    having to wait for the Titan Dweevil to lower itself before you can attack. 
    It is possible to get a Pik or three on a weapon while the Dweevil is on the 
    move, but you'll end up tossing you Pikmin all over the arena, which could 
    yield disaterous consequences should the Comedy Bomb be put into use. So, just
    wait for your chance to toss on a Pik or five, then dash away if the Comedy 
    Bomb is put to use.
    When the Flare Cannon comes off, tote it to the Pod, if you can, or just leave
    it and grab your Whites in place of your Reds.
    At this point, you're probably relieved to know that, so long as you only use 
    White Pikmin, you're in the clear, and there is no way you can lose a single 
    Pik. Again, you'll have to wait for the Titan Dweevil to lower itself before 
    you can attack. If you want to speed things up, use Reds or Yellows for 
    assistance. If you don't want to take risks, stick to just Whites. Either way,
    its fairly smooth sailing from here.
    Once the Comedy Bomb is peeled off, the Titan Dweevil's hard exterior will 
    fall away to reveal the tender, juicy insides. When is saw that it didn't die 
    the first time, here are some of the things that went through my head, as they
    may through yours if you didn't know this was coming: @&#%!!! Will it attack 
    with all elements??? #@&%!!! @*$?ing !*&$head &$@#%?\!!!!!! Now that you know,
    however, we can prevent you from thinking these things.
    Grab every last Pikmin you have, and toss them onto the Titan Dweevil's 
    enormous head. What are it's attacks now? It shakes off your Pikmin! That's 
    it! Praise the lord! Kill this king crab-spider-whatever by simply loading 
    its head down with Piks. Actually, its punchy-grabby thing it does is the 
    Titans way of offing Piks.
    Kill the beast to be treated to a spectacular scene: the Titan Dweevil becomes
    covered in blue soapy bubbles. And then...it pops! And there sits Louie, in 
    all his tired glory, your final prize for your long adventure. After an 
    examination by the ship, grab the King of Bugs (1, 10), tote him back to the 
    pod, and hit the geyser for your very last "Cave Complete!"
    4C. Treasures and Upgrades ---------------------------------------------------
    To make up for all the extra space created by the Piklopedia, I'll just throw 
    in a list for you. Weight is in Pikmin, Worth, in Pokos.
     #   Name                      Weight Worth  What it is
    ~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1.   Cupid's Grenade                3    20  Cherry
    2.   Sunseed Berry                  5   170  Smaller Strawberry
    3.   Combustion Berry              12   190  Larger Strawberry
    4.   Seed of Greed                 10    70  Chestnut
    5.   Disguised Delicacy            15    40  Half of a Kiwi
    6.   Insect Condo                  15    40  Apple
    7.   Citrus Lump                   15   180  Squashed Orange
    8.   Spiny Alien Treat              4    50  Artichoke
    9.   Anxious Sprout                15    50  Dead Asparagus Head
    10.  Child of the Earth            15    40  Small Potato
    11.  Love Nugget                   20    40  Tomato
    12.  Infernal Vegetable            15    40  Small Green Chili
    13.  Anti-hiccup Fungus             5    30  Common Wild Mushroom
    14.  Toxic Toadstool                5    30  Mushroom with smashed red head
    15.  Growshroom                     5    50  Mushroom with large bulbous head
    16.  Onion Replica                 20    30  Onion
    17.  Science Project                1    20  Stiff four-leaf clover
    18.  Pilgrim Bulb                  10    55  Turnip Bulb
    19.  Arboreal Frippery              1    10  Maple leaf
    20.  Conifer Spire                  7    15  Pinecone
    21.  Armored Nut                    4    60  Smaller Acorn
    22.  Corpulent Nut                  8    80  Larger Acorn
    23.  Meat of Champions             10    35  Thin slice of ham
    24.  Hideous Victual               10   100  Egg, sunny-side up
    25.  Meat Satchel                   5    40  Hotdog
    26.  Taste Sensation               15    40  Triangular Sushi
    27.  Triple Sugar Threat            6    60  Sugar balls on a stick
    28.  Compelling Cookie              3    10  Small vanilla conical cookie
    29.  Impenetrable Cookie            8    25  Large chocolate conical cookie
    30.  Bug Bait                       5    10  Vanilla wafer
    31.  Imperative Cookie              5    25  Cinamin-swirl cookie
    32.  Comfort Cookie                 4    10  Small marble-patched cookie
    33.  Succulent Mattress             8    50  Large marble-patched cookie
    34.  King of Sweets                 5    15  Small dark chocolate in wrapper
    35.  Enamel Buster                  8    60  Large dark chocolate with almond
    36.  Diet Doomer                    5    25  Pink candy in wrapper
    37.  Pale Passion                   5    25  White chocolate in wrapper
    38.  White Goodness                 8    60  Striped white chocolate
    39.  Chocolate Cushion             10    40  Chocolate-frosted doughnut
    40.  Sweet Dreamer                 10    40  Pink-frosted doughnut
    41.  Confection Hoop               20    60  Old plain doughnut
    42.  Pastry Wheel                  10    35  Powdered doughnut
    43.  Possessed Squash              30   180  Jack-o-latern
    44.  Fossilized Ursidae            25   160  Wooden bear carving
    45.  Colossal Fossil               10   140  Primative Skull
    46.  Leviathan Feather              1    10  Fake feather
    47.  Olimarnite Shell              15    40  Snail shell
    48.  Fortified Delicacy            20    60  Crab shell
    49.  Scrumptious Shell             10    60  Half of a scallop shell
    50.  Memorial Shell                10   100  Half of a scallop shell
    51.  Mysterious Remains             8   150  Hollow lobster claw
    52.  Crystal King                  10   110  Large piece of crystal
    53.  Future Orb                    25   200  Glass sphere containing a fish
    54.  Gyroid Bust                   10   250  Gyroid statue
    55.  Unknown Merit                  5   100  Ancient Japanese coin
    56.  Lustrous Element              10  1000  Golden Dollar
    57.  Mirrored Element              10   300  Silver Dollar
    58.  Vorpal Platter                12    60  Tin can lid
    59.  Invigorator                   20   130  Small coffee mug
    60.  Milk Tub                       5    60  Empty creamer tub
    61.  Merciless Extractor           20    90  Juicer
    62.  Broken Food Master            20    90  Broken Ladle
    63.  Utter Scrap                   35   170  Smashed soda can
    64.  Decorative Goo                10    80  Empty bottle of acryllic paint
    65.  Master's Instrument            4    30  Small pink crayon
    66.  Manual Honer                  10   130  Small manual pencil shapener
    67.  Implement of Toil              2    55  Double-ended pencil stub
    68.  Heavy-duty Magnetizer         10   150  Small magnet
    69.  Harmonic Synthesizer          10   125  Castanet
    70.  Emperor Whistle               15    75  Whistle
    71.  Director of Destiny           20   100  Compass
    72.  Sud Generator                 20    60  Bar of soap
    73.  Flame of Tomorrow             10    10  Match case
    74.  Impediment Scourge            10    50  Pin of some sort
    75.  Dimensional Slicer            10   100  Can opener
    76.  Time Capsule                   7    70  Locket
    77.  Lip Service                    4    50  Lipstick
    78.  Mirrored Stage                15   140  Pocket face powder
    79.  Behemoth Jaw                  20   100  Dentures
    80.  Joy Receptacle                15    60  Small wrapped present
    81.  Fleeting Art Form              2    75  Candle stick
    82.  Danger Chime                  10   120  Golden bell
    83.  Spouse Alert                  10   120  Silver bell
    84.  Innocence Lost                15   100  Tree-topping star
    85.  Essential Furnishing           5   100  Decorative ball
    86.  Icon of Progress              15    85  Small stocking
    87.  Temporal Mechanism            30   110  Clock portion of watch
    88.  Mystical Disc                  6    75  Clock face
    89.  Vacuum Processor              10   100  CPU Processor
    90.  Indomitable CPU               10   100  CPU Processor
    91.  Network Mainbrain             10   100  CPU Processor
    92.  Space Wave Receiver           10    80  TV Channel knob
    93.  Sulking Antenna               35   150  Old TV antenna
    94.  Nouveau Table                 25   100  Old Phone dialer
    95.  Omega Flywheel                20    60  Gear
    96.  Spirit Flogger                20    70  Hollow gear
    97.  Superstrong Stabilizer        10    60  Small screw
    98.  Repair Juggernaut             20    85  Large screw
    99.  Adamantine Girdle             12    70  Nut
    100. Massage Girdle                20   100  Flat-bottomed nut
    101. Superstick Textile            30    80  Masking tape roll
    102. Exhausted Superstick          12    50  Thin masking tape roll
    103. Furious Adhesive              10    60  Red tape roll
    104. Petrified Heart                5   100  Heart-shaped ruby
    105. Eternal Emerald Eye           20   150  Golden brooch with emerald 
    106. Regal Diamond                  5   100  Diamond
    107. Tear Stone                     5   150  Tear-shaped Sapphire
    108. Princess Pearl                 5   100  Ear-ring pearl
    109. Crystal Clover                20   150  Stone-studded brooch
    110. Unspeakable Wonder            30   120  Toy crown
    111. Essence of Rage                8    70  Silver-mounted ruby
    112. Essence of Despair             6    80  Silver-mounted emerald
    113. Essence of True Love           5    60  Gold-mounted sapphire
    114. Essence of Desire              8    90  Gold-mounted amethyst
    115. Pink Menace                    5   100  Gold ring with pink heart
    116. Joyless Jewel                  5   100  Silver ring with green heart
    117. Frosty Bauble                  5   100  Gold ring with blue square
    118. Gemstar Wife                   5   100  Silver ring with pink star
    119. Gemstar Husband                5   100  Gold ring with green star
    120. Universal Com                  5   100  Silver ring with blue square
    121. Omniscient Sphere              1    85  Small orange marble
    122. Crystallized Telepathy        10   120  Large red marble
    123. Love Sphere                    1    85  Small pale yellow marble
    124. Crystallized Telekinesis      10   120  Large deep yellow marble
    125. Mirth Sphere                   1    85  Small light-blue marble
    126. Crystallized Clairvoyance     10   120  Large deep blue marble
    127. Maternal Sculpture            15    55  Baby bottle cap
    128. Extreme Perspirator           15   150  Wobbelina
    129. Rubber Ugly                    8    90  Rubber duck
    130. Paradoxical Enigma             4    80  Rubber duck head
    131. Silencer                      20   670  Baby doll head
    132. Wiggle Noggin                 15    85  Wiggling cat head
    133. Coiled Launcher               15    70  Rusted spring
    134. Boom Cone                     10   100  Firework cone
    135. Flame Tiller                  20   120  Yo-yo
    136. Doomsday Apparatus          1000  3000  Small barbell
    137. Aquatic Mine                   3    80  Bobber
    138. Stupendous Lens               10   120  Magnifing Lens
    139. Air Brake                     15   100  Birdie
    140. Worthless Statue              10    80  White chess king
    141. Priceless Statue              10    80  Black chess king
    142. Boss Stone                     8   110  Orange japanese stone
    143. Luck Wafer                     1   140  Ace of spades
    144. Talisman of Life              15    90  Violin rosin
    145. Strife Monolith               12   150  Mah-jong tile
    146. Chance Totem                  15   100  Six-sided die
    147. Dream Architect               20   280  Game-and-Watch
    148. Stone of Glory                 5   100  D-Pad
    149. Glee Spinner                   6   140  Control stick
    150. Cosmic Archive                15   230  Floppy disk
    151. Remembered Old Buddy          30   250  Picture viewer
    152. Fond Gyro Block                5    80  Red Gyro Block
    153. Memorable Gyro Block           5    80  Yellow Gyro Block
    154. Lost Gyro Block                5    80  Green Gyro Block
    155. Favorite Gyro Block            5    80  Blue Gyro Block
    156. Treasured Gyro Block           5    80  White Gyro Block
    157. Proton AA                      6    90  AA battery
    158. Durable Energy Cell           15   160  C battery
    159. Courage Reactor               20   280  D battery
    160. Fuel Reservoir                 8   120  9V battery
    161. Drone Supplies                15   130  Underwood Deviled Ham
    162. Patience Tester               20   130  Sun Luck Water Chestnuts
    163. Endless Repository            20   130  Beach Cliff Sardines
    164. Fruit Guard                   15   130  Treetop Apple Juice
    165. Nutrient Silo                 15   130  Skippy Peanut Butter
    166. Stringent Container           10   130  Clabber Girl Baking Powder
    167. Survival Ointment              6    90  Chapstick
    168. Healing Cask                   6    60  Carmex
    169. Abstract Masterpiece           6    30  Snapple lid
    170. Optical Illustration          15   140  Ragu lid
    171. Thirst Activator              20   300  Treetop lid
    172. Yellow Taste Tyrant           15   100  French's Mustard lid
    173. Salivatrix                    20    30  Dannon yogurt lid
    174. Gherkin Gate                  15   100  Vlasic lid
    175. Alien Billboard               15    80  Kiwi shoe polish
    176. Activity Arouser              15   100  Wilson tennis ball lid
    177. Hypnotic Platter               4   100  A&W Root Beer cap
    178. Massive Lid                    4   100  Yoo-Hoo Cola cap
    179. Pondering Emblem               4   100  Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Milk cap
    180. Happiness Emblem               4   100  Squirt cap
    181. Quenching Emblem               4   100  7-Up cap
    182. Drought Ender                  4   100  Dr. Pepper cap
    183. Creative Inspiration           4   100  Royal Crown Cola cap
    184. Spherical Atlas              101   200  Northern Hemisphere of globe
    185. Geographic Projection        101   200  Southern Hemisphere of globe
    186. Prototype Detector            35   100  Love Tester
    187. Five-man Napsack              15   100  Glove
    188. Brute Knuckles                15   100  Metal fist statue
    189. Repugnant Appendage           20   100  Pink baby shoe
    190. Stellar Orb                    5   100  Small light bulb
    191. Forged Courage                20   100  Red robot toy
    192. Dream Material                10   100  Eraser
    193. Justice Alloy                 20   100  Gundam-G toy
    194. Amplified Amplifier           20   100  Speaker
    195. Professional Noisemaker       15   100  Long-range speaker
    196. The Key                        1   100  Golden key
    197. Shock Therapist               30  1000  Electricity generator
    198. Flare Cannon                  30  1000  Flamthrower
    199. Comedy Bomb                   30  1000  Gas machine
    200. Monster Pump                  30  1000  Water faucet
    201. King of Bugs                   1    10  Louie!              
    In addition, for the two and a half of you who care, each Treasure belongs to 
    a certain group of Treasures, or "Series." There are 25 total Series, which 
    are listed below. I'm not doing notes for the Treasures, but Olimar's Notes 
    come standard with the Treasures, and a specific Treasure's Sales Pitch (the 
    Ship) can be unlocked as you gather the entire Series. Note the alternating 
    blue and green sets of squares, which signify different Series, listed below:
    Succulent Series             - 1 - 7
    Nature's Candy Series        - 8 - 16
    Xenoflora Series             - 17 - 22
    Gourmet Series               - 23 - 27
    Sweet Tooth Series           - 28 - 42
    Paleontology Series          - 43 - 51
    Ancient Secrets Series       - 52 - 57
    Cook's Arsenal Series        - 58 - 63
    Tortured Artist Series       - 64 - 71
    Modern Amenities Series      - 72 - 79
    Frigid Series                - 80 - 86
    Hyper-Technology Series      - 87 - 94
    Industrial Set               - 95 - 103
    Husband's Tears Series       - 104 - 109
    Space Love Series            - 110 - 120
    Crystallized Emotions Series - 121 - 126
    Dream Series                 - 127 - 146
    Blast From The Past Series   - 147 - 156
    Mystical Energy Series       - 157 - 160
    Massive Recepticle Series    - 161 - 166
    Survival Series              - 167 - 168
    Ancient Ad Series            - 169 - 176
    Odd Logo Series              - 177 - 183
    Explorer's Friends Series    - 184 - 196
    Titan Dweevil Series         - 197 - 201
    The Exploration Kit is formed from a series of 12 different items from the 
    Explorer's Friends Series that provide the Ship with enough raw materials to 
    construct (mostly) useful upgrades that will be of great assistance on your 
    ITEM #1
    After defeating the Ranging Bloyster in the Shower Room, you'll receive the 
    Amplified Amplifier. Return the piece to the Research Pod to have the ship 
    configure the MEGA TWEETER, which increases the blast radius and time of your 
    ITEM #2
    Annihilate the Waterwraith in the Submerged Castle to have it spill the 
    Professional Noisemaker. Tote it back to the ship, where it'll be combined 
    with the President's alarm clock to make the PLUCKAPHONE. You now have the 
    ability to whistle Pikmin out of the ground! Combine with the Mega Tweeter to 
    whistle hordes of Piks out from underneath Onions!
    ITEM #3
    Triumph over the Subterranean Complex's Man-at-Legs to earn the Stellar Orb. 
    The Ship with combine it with an artificial sun to produce the SOLAR SYSTEM, 
    which makes all underground area as bright as day!
    ITEM #4
    The Justice Alloy left by the Pileated Snarget in the Snarget Hole will be 
    used to reinforce the suits integrity, giving you the METAL SUIT Z, the Space 
    Suit that is more resistant to enemy attacks.
    ITEM #5
    Forged Courage, the treasure dropped by the Emperor Bulblax, will also be 
    fused with your Space Suit to create the SCORCH GUARD, a fire-resistant suit 
    that allows your leaders to march through flame as if they were Red Pikmin.
    ITEM #6
    The gluttonous Giant Breadbug in the Glutton's Kitchen will spit out the Dream
    Material as it dies. Give this to your ship to receive the ANTI-ELECTRIFIER, 
    which gives your suits the ability to withstand most electric attacks!
    ITEM #7
    The Repugnant Apendage that is acquired from the second Empress Bulblax you 
    fight can be return to the ship to yield the RUSH BOOTS. You leader can now 
    move as fast as White Pikmin!
    ITEM #8
    While the Ship long ago finsihed the ROCKET FIST upgrade, it conveniently 
    forgot about this helpful addition. Colloecting the Brute Knuckles from the 
    Frontier Cavern will jog the Ship's memory, and it will finally bestow the 
    punch-powering upgrade upon you.
    ITEM #9
    You first boss fight (against the Empress Bulblax), in the Hole of Beasts, 
    will leave you with the Prototype Detector. Gather it up and send it to the 
    ship to gain the immensly-useful TREASURE GAUGE. This'll help you pinpoint 
    hidden Treasures, and is especially useful for buried ones.
    ITEM #10
    Find the Spherical Atlas at the bottom of the Emergence Cave. Tote it back 
    to the Ship with Purple Pikmin to gain the SPHERE CHART, and upgrade that 
    allows you to travel to the Awakening Wood.
    ITEM #11
    Find a second half-globe, the Geographic Projection, hidden in the Awakening 
    Wood. Tote it to the Ship with Purple Piks, and you'll gain the SURVEY CHART, 
    which will grant you access to the Perplexing Pool.
    ITEM #12
    The Five-Man Napsack yielded by the Burrowing Snarget of the White Flower 
    Garden will allow the ship to produce the NAPSACK. Dismiss your Pikmin, then 
    hold X to flop down asleep. This makes you invulnerable to some attacks, and 
    Dweevils can now pick you up
    To unlock Challenge Mode on the title screen, obtain The Key from the Beady 
    Long Legs in the Citadel of Spiders. Save the game, and you can access this 
    fun but aptly-named challenging mode at any time on the main screen.
    4D. Miscellanious ------------------------------------------------------------
    -Black Gates/Walls: Wooden Gates that are tougher than White Gates, taking 
    long to destroy.
    -Bridges: Brigdes can be built over water so that Pikmin other than Blues can 
    -Drains: At certain areas, stones covering holes can be broken to drain pools 
    of water.
    -Eggs: When broken, they'll release either 1 or 2 blobs of Nectar, a Spray, or 
    Mitites (5 different possible combos).
    -Electrical Fences: Fences that have been electrified. Only Yellow Pikmin can 
    tackle them.
    -See-Saw Blocks: These blocks come in pairs. The block with more weight on it 
    will be lower. Leaders don't count towards weight.
    -Water: Only Blue Pikmin can survive in water. Some bodies of water have 
    drains you can unplug.
    -White Gates/Walls: Wooden Gates that can be broken down by Pikmin. The more 
    Pikmin working, the faster it will fall.
    -Budding Status: The plant atop a Pikmin's head (Leaf, Bud, Flower)
    -Nectar: Yellow blobs that can give multiple Pikmin Flowers.
    -Ultra-Spicy Spray: Temporairily causes your Pikmin to become faster and 
    stronger, about 20 seconds.
    -Onion: That three-legged thing you'll find near Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin 
    when you first encounter them. Onions shoot out seeds and serve as a home for 
    -Items: Anything your Pikmin can carry. Most items will show a fractions above
    the the item. The upper number represents the number of Pikmin necessary to 
    carry the particular item; the lower, how many Pikmin are attempting to lift 
    the item, sucessfully or not. The lower number must naturally be greater than 
    or equal to the upper in order for the item to move. The few Items out there 
    that don't display fractions have a minimum, maximum, and necessity of 1 
    Pikmin to carry that particular item.
    Hazard Enemies:
    -Electrirc Wires: A pair of Nodes that fire Electrical bolts between them. 
    Use Yellow Pikmin to prevent chances of losses. Note that they spark before 
    -Fire Geysers: Holes in the ground that issue flames from time to time. Use 
    Red Pikmin to safely disable them.
    -Gas Pipes: Cylinders that puff Poisonous Gases into the air. Use White Pikmin 
    to disable them.
    -Bomb-Rocks: No game RTS-esqe game would be complete without some device 
    capable of wiping out armies in seconds. In Pikmin 2, such a device is called 
    a Bomb-Rock. In the original, Yellows could carry Bomb-Rocks, but now, you'll 
    find them scattered throughout underground environments. As the name implies, 
    they're exploding stones that can massacre 100 Piks in less then half a 
    5. Walkthrough =============================================================== 
    This is the meat of this document, the Walkthrough. Read along to discover how 
    to play through the story mode of Pikmin 2. This game is a very non-linear 
    one, so if you are tempted to hop around to different points (as are 
    available), do not feel as if you're doing anything wrong-Pikmin 2 was 
    designed to be a game where it's very hard to play the same way twice. 
    5A. Valley of Repose: In the Beginning ---------------------------------------
    DAY 1: The first day is a rather tedious tutorial. You can listen to the ships 
    instructions, or refer to the Controls section of the guide. You begin with 
    just Olimar. The ship will point out 5 Red Pikmin doing battle with a Dwarf 
    Red Bulborb. They won't do damage to it until they become yours, so you may as 
    well whistle to them (B). After a breif cutscene, you can toss Pikmin at the 
    Dwarf Red (A), or Swarm it with your little guys (C Stick). After the Dwarf 
    Red dies, go over to the paper-bag-looking thing and toss your 5 Pikmin onto 
    Shortly afterword, the Dolphin will let you know it has "reestablished 
    communications" with Louie. Switch to Louie (Y) and head up the hill straight 
    ahead of you. When you reach the Red Onion, a cutscene will show it ejecting a 
    seed. Move Louie near the seed and pluck it (A) to watch another short 
    cutscene. Take you Red Pikmin over to the nearby Pellet Posy. Toss your 'Min 
    onto it. Once the Pellet Post is cut down, the Red Pik will be idle for a few 
    seconds before picking up the pellet and carrying it back to the Onion, where 
    you'll see the Onion eject 2 seeds. After the cutscene go ahead and pluck the 
    sprouts. Repeat this process with the remain 4 Pellet Posys (1 on either side 
    of the Onion, 2 on a ledge behind it). Once you're done, you should have 16 
    Pikmin on the field, 5 with Olimar, 11 with Louie.
    Head down the path left of the Onion. You'll see a cutscene of a Duracell 
    battery. Leave it alone for now. Continue down the path until you reach an 
    area with 2 bags on the ground. One should already have 5 Pikmin on it, so 
    toss all of Louie's 'Mins onto it the squash down the bag. After yet another 
    cutscene, gather all of the Pikmin that are on the bag. Have six Piks carry the 
    dead Dwarf Red back to their Onion. Head there yourself, continuing to ignore 
    the battery. After some time, the Pikmin will reach the Onion with the carcas, 
    which will release 4 more seeds for a grand total of 20.
    Head back to the battery. Have ALL of your Pikmin get around it, so that they 
    will all work on digging it up (that's why they're making that weird noise). 
    When the Piks are done, the battery will pop out of the ground, and your 'Mins 
    will proceed to gather around it, heft it up, and carry it to your ship. Once 
    the battery reaches the ship, your craft will name it the Courage Reactor, and 
    place its value at 280 Pokos. After a final cutscene of explaination, the day 
    will end, at which point you can see all the treasure you collected, the 
    amount of Pikmin you have in comparison to the amount at the start of the day, 
    and (if you want) how you've lost Pikmin during the day and overall. Finally, 
    read your mail, and be done. Save if you like.
    DAY 2: The stage select screen will pop up now, but as your only choice is the 
    Valley of Repose, you'll have to head back one way or another. Note that L on 
    this screen takes you to the Piklopedia, and R to your Treasure Hoard.
    The ship will start the day by showing you how to call out Pikmin from their 
    Onion. Take out all of you Piks, and begin cutting down Pellet Posys, some by 
    the Landing area, some by the other bag you didn't squash (yet), and some by 
    where you found the Onion yesterday.
    Now I want to point out 2 things: First: Louie doesn't automatically start at 
    your side, you must whistle to him so that he will do so. Second: There is now 
    a clock-type thing along the top of the screen. Watch this carefully, as it 
    dictates how much time is left in the day.
    That path behind your ship doesn't lead anywhere, so don't bother with it. 
    Once you gotten all the pellets you can find, start pulling up sprouts. If you 
    have Louie with you, he'll help out with the plucking. Take all of your Pikmin 
    with you over to the bag (35), and toss 'em onto it. Once it is leveled, take 
    your Pikmin and kill the Dwarf Red Bulborb. Takes its body, and any pellets it 
    leaves behind, back to the Onion for more sprouts. 
    A bell might ring about now, indicating the day is 1/4 over. The same sound is 
    made when the day is 3/4 over, and a grandfather clock-esqe ring sounds at 
    Once you have all of your Pikmin with you (50-53), head back to where you just 
    were, past the second bag. Go up a little farther to spot a Red Bulborb. A 
    rather common enemy, you'll be seeing a lot of these guys. Note that it is 
    sleeping, thus nocturnal. Get behind the beast (The red, white spotted side) 
    and start tossing Pikmin onto it. The beastly Bulborb will wake up almost 
    immeadiately. It is imperative that you keep throwing a steady stream of 
    Pikmin onto it if you don't want to lose any. Once the Red Bulborb is 
    no more gather it (10), the Utter Scrap (35, 170), and any other pellets the 
    Bulborb may have left behind.
    NOTE: From here on in, treasure will be described as follows: Treasure's Name 
    (# of Pikmin needed to carry, Worth in Pokos).
    Once you've pullled the remainder of your Piks, head back to the area that 
    had the Bulborb (which will henceforth be known as the sewer lid). Look around 
    the edges of the sewer lid area for a giant white bit of wall. Get next to it, 
    and direct all of your Pikmin torward it with th C Stick. They will begin 
    slapping it with their leaves. Soon, you hear a somewhat rumbling noise, 
    indicating the white wall has been broken down a level. After twice more, 
    you'll also hear the "Barrier Broken" noise and, what? Yet another cutscene! 
    Gather your Pikmin, and head toward that hole looking thing.
    Rather soon for a second cutscene, doncha think? The Dolphin will explain 
    Cave-entrance protocol. Head toward the thing, press A, and select yes on the 
    confirmation screen.
    Total Sublevels: 2
    Total Treasure: 3
    Hazards: None
    Enemies: Snow Bulborb
    Boss: None
    Sublevel 1: After the Research Pod tells you a bit about the cave, collect 
    your Pikmin and head the only way you can. Gather the Citrus Lump (15, 180), 
    and start attacking the Snow Bulborbs. After that, you can collect the 
    Quenching Emblem (4, 100) as well as the bodies of the 4 Snowys. If you choose 
    to get the monsters, the ship will explain that it does not think beasts are 
    worth much, and, trust me, they aren't, but sometimes its just wasteful to 
    leave them there, so you may as well collect them. Once you've collected both 
    of the treasures, you'll hear a sound reminiscent of something powering down. 
    Keep an ear out of this noise in every cave, as it means you've collected all 
    the treasure in that sublevel. Once you've gotten every thing, head toward the 
    hole that looks strikingly similar to the one on the surface to see a 
    cutscene. The ship will remind you of the controls, then tell you to get near 
    the hole and press A to drop down another level.
    Sublevel 2 (Final Floor): Once you land, gather your Pikmin as the words 
    "Final Floor" flash across the screen. Small cave, eh? Kill the Snow Bulborb 
    near the Pod and send back for a few measley pokos. Head down the path to 
    encounter the Spherical Atlas, and hear the Pod express that it fears not 
    even 100 Pikmin could lift it! Sucks, huh? Continue down the path killing 5 
    more Snow Bulborbs along the way. Enter a clearing to see a pair of Violet 
    Candypop Buds. Toss 5 Pikmin into each to see them issue 5 Purple seeds each 
    before wilting. Pluck one of the Purple sprouts to mark your meeting with 
    Purple Piks. Toss 3 Reds on to each of the Snowys on your way up, if you 
    haven't already taken care of them. When you reach the Spherical Atlas (101, 
    200) toss ten Purples and at least 1 Red onto it to get it moving. Once you 
    collected everything, head back to the clearing where you found the Purples. 
    Head farther along to see a Geyser type thing and, good lord, another 
    cutscene! After that, get near the Geyser and press A to hop on and blast 
    through a crack in the roof. 
    VALLEY OF REPOSE: You'll land at the Landing site, where the ship will explain
    to you how exhausted you are, and the second day will end here.
    5B. Awakening Wood: Time to get up!-------------------------------------------
    DAY 3: As you reach the area select screen, you'll watch as a new area opens 
    up. Select this new area as the locale for todays adventures, the one called 
    "Awakening Wood." At the beginning of your first day in any other area other 
    than the Vally of Repose, you'll get a really neat fly-by overview of the area 
    before you land.
    After the ship lets you know about the Purple Pikmin, call them out, along 
    with all the Red Pikmin you have. Now, if you head to the opposite side of the 
    ship as the Red Onion, you'll see a patch of grass. Direct your Pikmin toward 
    it, and they'll begin pulling it up in search of Nectar. If they find any, 
    cluster as many Piks as possible around it to get the maximum amount of 
    Flowered Pikmin possible. For the most part, the rest of this clear area can 
    be used to gather Pikmin seeds. You'll eventually come across a Red Bulborb 
    and 2 Dwarves. Kill the 2 Dwarf Red Bulborbs, then get behind the Red Bulborb. 
    Make sure you're holding Purple Pikmin when you throw. Toss all ten of them to 
    inflict massive damage quickly. Before you carry off your spoils, however, 
    take a moment to look at the nearby ledge. Toss some Pikmin up there and have 
    them collect the Sunseed Berry (5, 170) which will put you at over 1000 pokos 
    (10%)! Go ahead and cut down the Pellet Posys and kill the Female Sheargrubs 
    by the pots and near the Onion. Send them all back to the Onion for a fun 
    sprouting session.
    Head into the clearing near your landing site to find 2 Burgeoning Spiderworts 
    which hold red berries. Use the C Stick to quickly direct your Pikmin to climb 
    the stalk. When they reach the top, the Pikmin will begin pounding away at the 
    berries the loosen them up, which causes them to drop to the ground. Your 
    Pikmin will fall off the plant once all 5 berries have been dislodged, and a 
    lucky 5 will pick up the berries and carry them off to the ship. The Dolphin 
    will let you know that it will research the berries properties. Collect the 5 
    berries from the other stalk to gain an Ultra-Spicy Spray. Gather up your 
    Pikmin, press down on the D-Pad, and set them to the Black Gate, which will 
    fall far faster under the extra strength and speed of your spiced up `Mins. 
    Collect another set of 10 berries if you'd like, as they grow back rather 
    fast. Also note the Honeywisp in the corner. Usually, if you hit a floating 
    Honeywisp, it'll drop an egg contianing Nectar, so more for your Piks.
    Pound the Cloaking Burrow-Nit on the other side of the wall. If you're Pikmin 
    are still under the Ultra-Spicy influence, or you have another spray, you can 
    take on the Creeping Chrysanthemum. Otherwise, try and dash past it. Head down 
    the path the Chrysanthemum was guarding, and make a right. The ship will 
    introduce the to you the Hole of Beasts, which you should proceed to enter.
    Total Sublevels: 5
    Total Treasures: 6
    Hazards: Fire
    Enemies: Female Sheargrub
             Fire Geyser
             Male Sheargrub
             Red Bulborb
    Boss: Empress Bulblax
    Sublevel 1: Hunt around the many paths for Sheargrubs. You'll come to a 
    clearing that contains several Sheargrubs and the Stone of Glory (5, 100), 
    plus the hole to the next level. Kill the Sheargrubs, Collect the spoils and 
    the item, and be on your way.
    Sublevel 2: In a clearing adjacent to the Landing point, you'll encounter 
    another pair of Violet Candypop Buds. Try to use Pikmin without flowers, as it 
    is Nectar-economical. In 2 of the various dead ends, you'll find Eggs, which 
    you can use to flower up your new Purples, and any other Piks that were leaves 
    as well. When you're done, head to the hole and hop down.
    Sublevel 3: When you call all of your Pikmin, press X to dismiss them and 
    gather the Reds. Due to their fire resistance, they're perfectly suited to 
    knocking out the Fire Geysers smattered throughout the level. Pick up the 
    Strife Monolith (12, 150) from inside the giant cinderblock. You'll also find 
    the Cosmic Archive (15, 230) near the exit of the level. By the way, did I 
    ever tell you about how cool it looks to see the undersides of a bunch of 
    flowers shimmering as they shake? Oooh, it's so pretty.
    Sublevel 4: In one of those little dead ends, you'll find Mitites. The buggers 
    scare your Pikmin around. However, you can toss a Purple into their midst to 
    kill a whole bunch at once. Sneak behind the Red Bulborb down here and let 
    loose a flurry of Purple Piks on his back to down the beast quickly and 
    release the Dream Architect (20, 280). Also search around for the Luck Wafer 
    (1, 140), a Violet Candypop Bud, and some Eggs, but beware of Fire Geysers.
    Sublevel 5 (Final Floor): Once again, gather your Piks and separate them. This 
    time, however fetch the Purples.
    BOSS: Empress Bulblax: Toss Purple `Mins onto her to get her attention. She 
    wail once, then knock the Pikmin off of her. The trick is to call back your 
    `Mins so they don't get squashed when she begins her rolling cycle. After she 
    comes to a stop in the center after hitting the walls on either side. Toss 
    Pikmin onto her to inflict some damage. Now she'll wail 4-5 times, where 
    you'll want to call back your Pikmin on about the 4th wail, so they don't get 
    flung about and squashed. Deal enough damage, and the Prototype Detecor (35, 
    200) is yours! The Treasure Gauge will now appear at the bottom of the screen. 
    As the beasts of this hole are no more, take the geyser up, completing this 
    AWAKENING WOOD: 20% OF DEBT RECOVERED! Huzzah! We're 1/5 of the way there! 
    Head back to the area where you fought the Creeping Chrysanthemum. This time, 
    however, toss 20 Purple pikmin onto the paper bag (200) to sqaush it. 
    Annihilate the Cloaking Burrow-Nit, ignore the White Gate with the red gas at 
    the bottom, and hop in this new found hole.
    Total Sublevels: 5
    Total Treasures: 7
    Hazards: Fire, Poison
    Enemies: Female Sheargrub
             Fiery Blowhog 
             Gas Pipe
             Male Sheargrub 
    Boss: Burrowing Snagret
    Sublevel 1: Good music, eh? Move toward the opening and encounter a few 
    Sheargrubs. Get to the middle to find a few more. One of the dead-ends holds 
    the Alien Billboard (15, 80), another, the exit to the next level. Note that 
    the Treasure Gauge greys out once you collect the Alien Billboard, as it sums 
    up all the treasure in the level.
    Sublevel 2: This circular area holds 2 Fiery Blowhogs. In area with open 
    borders like this one, Pikmin can be chucked over the edge and die. Thus, take 
    your compliment of Purple Pikmin and relentlessly pound each of the Hogs, 
    avoiding their flames. Grab the Petrified Heart (5, 100) off one of the dips, 
    pull the Drought Ender (4, 100) out of one of the dead-ends, and be on your 
    merry way. 
    Sublevel 3: Head down the path to come across some Ivory Candypop Buds in a 
    clearing. Toss Reds into them to meet the White Pikmin. Flower `em with the 
    Nectar from the Honeywisps in the corners. As you pass by the metal structure, 
    you'll see a cutscene in which several of your White Pikmin curiously begin to 
    dig up a treasure. Set the rest of your `Mins to work on it after the clip to 
    unearth the Superstick Textile (30, 80) quickly. Dash down the pathway and 
    move on to the next level.
    Sublevel 4: White Pikmin can also withstand the poison released by the Gas 
    Pipe. Use this knowledge to knock out the several around your starting area. 
    You'll either find the Toxic Toadstool (5, 30) or the Survival Ointment (6, 
    90) behind one of the pipes. The other can be found on a severed tree trunk 
    near the exit of the level. Get it by tossing Reds or Whites onto it from the 
    risen ledge nearby.
    Sublevel 5 (Final Floor): Head down this path in front of you. At the bottom 
    of this hill, dismiss you Pikmin, then gather your Reds.
    BOSS: Burrowing Snagret: More of a Mini-Boss really, the Burrowing Snagret 
    can be rather annoying. At the bottom of the little valley here, you'll 
    encounter one. To kill it, swarm the creatures head if it gets stuck emerging 
    from the ground (You'll only see his beak for a few seconds.) If a few Pikmin 
    get stuck to its head (It's weak point), they'll be able to do damage until 
    the creature reburrows. It's rather annoying, however, when it goes 15-20 
    emergences without getting stuck. Destroy the beast, and claim the Five-Man 
    Napsack. You can also smash the eggs if some of your Pikmin deflowered. Ride 
    the Geyser up, and its Cave Complete.
    AWAKENING WOOD: Back on the surface, you'll only have a little bit of time 
    left, so call all of your Pikmin to you, dismiss them, and take the Whites. 
    Head over to those flower pot things near the grass (To get on top of them, 
    you'll have to o around. Get to the edge of the lower pot, and start tossing 
    your Whites up to the taller of the 2. Eventually, they'll extract the Pilgrim 
    Bulb (10, 55) and carry it rather quickly to the ship. Finish the day by 
    collecting more pellets for your Reds, and/or grabing the berries up the hill.
    DAY 4: Theres not a heck of a lot to do today, except gathering the Geographic 
    Projection, which takes a surprisingly long time.
    With just Olimar, gather all of your White Pikmin, and head toward the Hole of
    Beasts. When you get there, though, instead of hopping in, turn around and go 
    the opposite direction. You'll come to a White Gate with a pair of Gas Pipes 
    underneath it. These pipes make it impossible for other Pikmin to work, so let
    your White Pikmin tackle the gate, and leave Olimar with them.
    Switching to Louie, theres not a lot to do until that gate is down. So for 
    now, spend some time gathering berries from the Burgeoning Spiderworts. Take 
    out your 25 Purples, and all the Reds you can, and have them with Louie. 
    Surprising soon, the White Pikmin will finish with the gate. Switch to Olimar,
    and find the Whites disabling the Gas Pipes. Once they finish, head toward to 
    White Flower Garden. As you reach it, you should spy another gate, with, you 
    guessed it, Gas Pipes underneath. Sick your White 'Mins on it, and switch back
    to Louie.
    Take Louie and his buff 'n' tough Pikmin squad over to the newly opened gate. 
    Be careful, as there is a Creeping Chrysanthemum on the other side. I suggest 
    using an Ultra-Spicy Spray, for multiple reasons, such as faster movement. 
    Anyhow, take out the giant walking rose, then walk a little farther in to see 
    the Geograpic Projection! First, before you grab it, however, you can also see
    a bundle of twigs nearby. Send all of your Pikmin at it, and in no time, 
    you'll have a bridge. Tranporting the Geographic Projection (101, 200) will go
    far faster now.
    30% OF DEBT RECOVERED! Isn't that gratifying? Not really? I didn't think so 
    Once Olimars team has taken down the White Gate and Gas Pipes, head over there
    with Louie's squad. Gather Olimar and the Piks, and walk over to the See-Saw 
    Blocks. Throw all but one of your Pikmin on the ledge, then leave Olimar and 
    toss a Pikmin up onto the Block higher up. Over along the egde, you'll 
    encounter the Chance Totem (15, 100) and another Burgeoning Spiderwort. This 
    one, however bears Purple fruits. Gather them, but stay up on the ledge. 
    Berries will regrow, so gather them, as many as possible, before the day is 
    out. With Olimar, you can use the extra Pikmin sent down by Louie to spawn a 
    few more sprouts of Red. At the end of the day, You won't be coming back for 
    a bit, so pull any Pikmin sprouts out of the ground, if you want.
    5C. Perplexing Pool: Collecting Yellows --------------------------------------
    DAY 5: After selecting the newly unlocked Perplexing Pool as your area for 
    activity today, you'll get to watch a really cool fly-by of the giant area, 
    before setting down near a giant pool.
    Upon starting the day, gather 10-20 Purple Pikmin, and head away from the 
    landing site. You'll see a cutscene of 5 wild Yellow Pikmin, which you'll want
    to gather. Make a left, toward the mostly golden Yellow Wollywog. After 
    stunning, smashing, and killing the beastly amphibian, switch to Louie, and 
    take out about 40-ish Red Pikmin and ALL of your Whites. Reunite the leaders, 
    and continue to follow the sandy path.
    Squeeze between the 2 stumps, then hug the larger one at your right to help 
    ensure your Pikmin aren't tempted to take swimming lessons. You'll come across
    a pair of See-Saw Blocks, so throw all but one Pikmin on the ledge above. This
    time, however, take both leaders with you. Toss your last Pikmin up on the 
    other block, and be sure to come back for him at the end of the day-he'll be 
    fine otherwise.
    Up on the elevated area now, take out the 2 Swooping Snitchbugs floating in 
    the air. One will be relatively near the Blocks, the other one by a series of 
    ledges. After this task is complete, dismiss your Pikmin (away from the 
    action), and gather your Reds. See that Fiery Bulblax? Hes-a goin' down. Get 
    behind the foul creature, and press Up on the D-Pad, using and Ultra-Bitter 
    Spray on him. Toss your Red Pikmin on the stone beast's back and quickly 
    annihilate it before it comes back to life. Once it has been destroyed, it'll 
    leave behind Nectar, and possibly some pellets. Use the Nectar to replenish 
    the flowers of Pikmin that might've been replanted by the Swooping Snitchbugs.
    Head back to Louie, leave your Reds for your Whites, and get them working on 
    that gate, leaving Olimar with them.
    Switch back to Louie, take down the Fiery Blowhog in a fashion of your 
    choosing, and head for the bundle of twigs to begin construction of a bridge. 
    A cutscene will note a spider web-like substance coating the ground, which 
    will start popping up everywhere. Have your Pikmin attack the central dome to 
    cause the webbing to receed, and a pair of Bitter-Berry-Bearing Burgeoning 
    Spiderworts to emerge. 
    Once your White Pikmin have unleashed the take-down on the Gas Pipes, take 
    them with you. When you reach the Yellow Pikmin's hangout, call to them to 
    have them rejoin you. Collect the pellets in here, plus the bodies and pellets
    from defeated enemies in the surrounding area. The White Pikmin can help speed
    up the process.
    Have the Whites pull up some grass near the Yellow Onion (just off the stump) 
    to flower up your Yellow Pikmin, then rejoin Louie. Set off back toward the 
    landing area. On the other side of the bridge, you'll encounter some 5 
    Shearwigs, which can easily be overwhelmed, but can also make you Piks into 
    Chopped Sushi if you're not careful. When you get near the base, however, 
    keeping heading over to the Yellow Wollywog (which should actually be there). 
    Look around near the water for a cave located in a hollow stump. After you are
    introduced by the ship, make sure you have a good mix of all 4 colours, and 
    hop on in.
    Total Sublevels: 5
    Total Treasures: 11
    Hazards: Fire, Electricity
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Fiery Dweevil
             Fire Geyser
             Hermit Crawmad
             Iridescent Flint Beetle
             Skitter Leaf
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Water Dumple
             Yellow Wollywog
    Boss: Beady Long Legs
    Sublevel 1: A rather complex level that leave many places for Pikmin to get 
    stuck behind. The Skitter Leaves will run away from you, so unless you want 
    the cash, you don't have to kill them. Take out the various Shearwigs (If they
    hop into the air, a colision with a Pikmin will kill them outright) scattered 
    through the level, and grab the Love Nugget (20, 40). Be on your way 
    Sublevel 2: Take out the Fire Geysers, but be wary, as a Yellow Wollywog is 
    usually stationed near one (take care of it on the same way as the one above 
    ground). There's another Yellow Wollywog around, and one of the two usually 
    has the Creative Inspiration (4, 100). Fiery Dweevils can get annoying, so 
    deal with them appropriately (by throwing Reds on their heads). Break down a 
    gate to find Lip Service (4, 50), and dig the Paradoxical Enigma (4, 80, thats
    a mouthful) up. Head down when you're done.
    Sublevel 3: This level is filled with Anode Beetles, making it difficult and 
    extremely dangerous for non-Yellow Pikmin to travel around. So take your 
    electricity-resistant 'Mins and eliminate the Beetles, as well as some 
    Swooping Snitchbugs, which often are mixed in with the other bugs. Collect the
    Patience Tester (20, 130), and the Memorial Shell (10, 100) which is buried, 
    and guarded by a Swooping Snitchbug. Head down the Hole when you're done.
    Sublevel 4: Kill any nearby Water Dumples, gather 5 White Sprouts (use Red 
    Pikmin), and move along, disabling Fire Geysers as you go. One of the Hermit 
    Crawmads contains the King of Sweets (5, 15) and is guarding the Time Capsule 
    (7, 70). Another Hermit Crawmad guards a rusty pipe with the Flame of Tomorrow
    (10, 10) inside. Drop down when you're finished.
    Sublevel 5 (Final Floor): First off, take your Pikmin up the path. Use White 
    Pikmin to uncover the Regal Diamond (5, 100) on a ledge. After you've 
    collected it, separate your Pikmin and get your Yellows in order, 'cuz you 
    have one heck of a battle ahead of ya.
    BOSS: Beady Long Legs: Actually, you'll want to leave behind your Yellows 
    first, then walk around the arena-esqe part of the level to lure out the 
    giant spider. Now, gather your Yellow Pikmin, Spicy-Spray 'em, and toss them 
    up to the orb at the center of the creatures legs. Why yellows? 'Cuz they can 
    reach that orb at any height, although other Piks cannot. Be sure to avoid 
    letting your 'Mins get stomped on by the giant spider's feet (the C Stick 
    comes in handy for this), as you don't have a lot of Yellows, and you need 
    to conserve what you have, for now. From time to time, whistle at the Pikmin 
    who aren't with you. Anywho, as the body crumbles, the central orb will split 
    in half and drop The Key (1, 100), but pay attention mostly to the cool (if 
    brief) fireworks display. After delivering the strange Treasure, the ship will
    give you a most peculiar message: "Challenge Mode is now accessable from the 
    Title screen." Whatever that's supposed to mean, who knows, but for now, 
    content yourself with smashing the Iridescent Flint Beetle, using nectar it 
    drops to flowerize your Piks, and Completing the Cave.
    PERPLEXING POOL: Wow! 40% already? And its only Day 5! Note that the Yellow 
    Onion is now back at camp. You can go for the Impediment Scourge (10, 50) if 
    you like; it is located near where you found the Yellow Onion originally, high
    on a stump only Yellows can reach. But that's about it, the day is done.
    5D. Awakening Wood: Back for Blues -------------------------------------------
    DAY 6: Today's destination is the Awakening Wood. We'll be here for 3 Days, 
    gathering Blues and Treasure, then completing a pair of caves.
    Today, the focus is on grabbing Treasure and setting up your army of Blue 
    Pikmin. Immeadiately start by pulling out all of your Yellow Pikmin from their
    Onion, leaving Louie back at camp. Heading through the clearing with the 
    Burgeoning Spiderworts, I'd like to mention you need a good 40 or so Yellow 
    Pikmin, so actually, you might need to raise a few more, if you feel it 
    necessary. Anyway, take out the Cloaking Burrow-Nit, and, avoiding the 
    Creeping Chrysanthemum, move on over to the ledge straight in front of you. 
    If you see the shell of another Cloaking Burrow-Nit, be sure to throw your 
    Pikmin as far away from it as possible. Once all are above on the ledge, head 
    over the squashed paper bag, hugging the wall on your (Olimar's) left. Cross a
    puddle to reach the ledge your Pikmin are on, and understand why you had to 
    throw them up here. On your way up, you'll probably see a cutscene of some 
    wild Blue Pikmin, guarded by an electric fence. After swarming the Cloaking 
    Burrow-Nit up here, sic' your 'Min on the Electrifical Gate.
    As Louie, pull out some Purples, and use them to squash the Dwarf Red 
    Bulborbs, then get as much to the Yellow Onion if you can. Put your Purples 
    back as the Electric Gate is knock down.
    Back to Olimar, gather up your Yellows. Use the C Stick to get them all off 
    the ledge, then dismiss them. Enter the pond and whistle to the Blues to 
    complete the Pikmin Rainbow. Create sprouts from the various Pellet Posies, 
    the carcas of the Cloaking Burrow-Nit (and pellets it might've dropped), and, 
    if you so desire, the Wogpoles in the lake. Once you've sprouted all you like,
    grab the Decorative Goo (10, 80) and waltz off the cliff with the rest of your
    Pikmin. Call to your Yellows, and toss them up to the Healing Cask (6, 60) 
    located on a high stump near the Spiderwort clearing, and over to the other 
    Cloaking Burrow-Nit, if you didn't already gather it.
    Not much else to do that we have time for, so, take you Blues over the the 
    grass and flower them up. Next, dismiss your Pikmin, and take your Blues over 
    by that gate in the water. Instead of attacking it, however, swarm that rock 
    nearby. When it is destroyed, the water by the gate will drain. Bring out a 
    horde, and break down the gate, giving you access to the upper area now. Pull 
    some Ultra-Bitter Berries, and some Ultra-Spicy ones from the clearing as 
    well. It's about sunset now, so watch it, then see your ship, plus all three 
    Onions, blast off, together again. 
    DAY 7: One week into the game (Pikmin Days)! Start today off the same way as 
    yesterday, by retrieving 50 of your Yellows from their Onion. Leave Louie 
    behind, but this time, head up the slope you opened last evening. On a high 
    ledge, you'll see another Electrical Gate. Toss up your Yellows to it, or 
    cross the wooden stick, the entrance to which can be found on the other small 
    As Louie, pull out a few Purples and smash the Red Bulborb. Retrieve with or 
    for Blues, then put all of your Pikmin back and get out 40 Reds and 10 Whites.
    When the Yellows finish with the gate, switch back to Olimar and gather them 
    up. Take them to the Yellow Onion and put 20 back. In turn, remove 20 Purples 
    from your ship. Head over and across the hollowed-out twig bridge, and hop 
    into the Bulblax Kingdom. Don't worry if all of your Pikmin don't make it up 
    the brigde, they'll magically appear at your side as you hop in the hole :).
    Total Sublevels: 7
    Total Treasures: 10
    Hazards: Fire, Electricity
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electrirc Wires
             Female Sheargrub
             Fiery Dweevil
             Fire Geyser
             Iridescent Glint Beetle
             Orange Bulborb
             Withering Blowhog
    Boss: Emperor Bulblax
    NOTE: From here on in, killing a Bulborb means "to pelt a Bulborb with Purple 
    Pikmin until such a time that the Bulborb is deceased." This applies to all 
    BULBORB subspecies, not Bulbears, and definitely not Bulblaxes.
    Sublevel 1: Orange Bulborbs are pure evil extract. Able to see you coming, you
    cannot, under any circumstances, swarm them, so don't try. You'll just lose a 
    lot of Pikmin. It helps to separate your Pikmin, so that they won't get mixed 
    up. An Orange Bulborb resides in a dead-end. Another, near a a large tree 
    stump, holds the Crystal Clover (20, 150). A smattering of Dwarf Orange 
    Bulborbs can be found around here, as well as a Crimson Candypop Bud. If you 
    want the Crimson Bud for your Piklopedia, use a Red Pikmin-you won't alter the
    ranks of your army, but you'll still get an entry. Head down the tunnel when 
    you're finished.
    Sublevel 2: A fire-themed level, gather only your Red Piks at the beginning. 
    Use them to take out the various Fire Geysers and Fiery Deevils about. Once 
    done, you see a sloping, U-shaped piece of wood with the Tear Stone on it. 
    Toss Reds onto the low end, then use the C Stick to direct them toward the 
    Fire Geyser, and to gravitate them to the Tear Stone (5, 150). Jump down the 
    hole, generally at the far side of the level.
    Sublevel 3: Down here, you'll find Withering Blowhogs. These pests can't 
    scatter your Pikmin, but they immeadiately deflower the 'Mins they hit, which 
    is incredibly annoying. Take care of all three, then toss some Reds into an 
    Ivory Candypop Bud. Use the eggs you find to flower up your Piks with Nectar, 
    trash the smattering of Female Sheargrubs, and dig up the Olimarnite Shell 
    (15, 40) in one of the dead-ends. Down when your done, I always say.
    Sublevel 4: Watch out for the Electic Nodes in this level, as well as the 
    Anode Beetles. Near one of the clusters of Anode Beetles, a Wollywog will drop
    down on you. Smash it with Purples to obtain the Unknown Merit (5, 100). Look 
    around for the Iridescent Glint Beetle, which is only susceptible to Purples.
    Launch one on top of it sucessfully to get the Crystal King (15, 110). Use 
    Reds for the Voilet Candypop Buds down here, then move on down.
    Sublevel 5: Be very careful in this level, as Bomb-rocks fall at 3 or 4 
    different points in this level. Take Purples only, and use them to squash the 
    Dwarf Orange Bulborbs around here. If one gets next to its fully grown 
    countepart, pelt Purple Piks in the direction of the Dwarf, and hope some of 
    the Purples stun the Orange Bulborb, otherwise, you know what to do with him. 
    You'll see a bit of a brown peak sticking out of the grounds. Cluster Piks 
    around it and have them unearth the Anxious Sprout (15, 50). Down, down, down 
    we go, where we'll stop, when we hit the Final Floor!
    Sublevel 6: With several Dwarf Orange Bulborbs scattered around, plus some 
    Fiery Dweevils and a pair of Orange Bulborbs, this level could take a while. 
    Carefully use a Red/Purple Combo to take out Fire Geysers, Fiery Dweevils, 
    Orange and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs throughout the level. One of the Orange 
    Bulborbs hold the Eternal Emerald Eye (20, 150). You'll find the Colossal 
    Fossil (15, 140) buried in the ground. Toss five Yellows in the Violet 
    Candypop Bud this time (we don't need to sacrifice anymore Reds, do we?), and 
    move down a level.
    Sublevel 7 (Final Floor): Ahh, the Final Floor. Remove the Fire Geysers from 
    activity, then gather your Purples, and head into the arena.
    BOSS: Emperor Bulblax: You can kill this guy in under 5 second with the right 
    strategy. Winning the fight for easiest Boss in Pikmin 2, get close to his 
    eyes to see him emerge, then pelt his face relentlessly with Purples. Do this,
    and he is without hope. If the battle gets dragged out, keep your Pikmin away 
    from his mouth and tongue, and out from underneath him. Him back is Pikmin-
    Proof. You'll collect the Forged Courage (15, 100), with which the ship will 
    create the Scorch Guard, keeping you and Louie from Fire Damage.
    Break down the Black Gate, then dismiss and take your Reds. Toss 'em up on a 
    ledge (near a Fire Geyser), the hike up a slope covered in them. Use the Reds 
    to get the Gyroid Bust (10, ). Finally, take the Geyser up to complete the 
    AWAKENING WOOD: Wow! You've recovered Half of your debt! Great Job! Put all of
    your Pikmin away except for your Whites, and pull out about 50 Blues, if you 
    have that many. Otherwise, make sure you have about that amount. Cross the 
    bridge you made to transport the Geographic Projection, and make an immeadiate
    left up a hill. Coming to a pond with 2 bridges, dismiss and take your Blues. 
    Use them to take down the Yellow Wollywogs (toss Pikmin onto them, preferably 
    leaves), then to build the bridge not covering Gas Pipes-let the White Pikmin 
    take care of that once the first bridge is finished. Grab the yellow Wollywog 
    bodies, and pellets they may have left as well, for Blues. 
    Hike across Snagret Plateau (or at least, it was in the original Pikmin), 
    avoid the Creeping Chrysanthemum, and hop off the ledge. Touch the Sunflowers
    at ground-level to scare some Unmarked Spectrands airborne. Hit them with a 
    Pikmin to get a blob of Nectar, plus a sprout. Pull up the grass nearby your 
    base to find more Nectar, then pull the various sprouts of the day, and flower
    them up before the sun sets.
    DAY 8: "And on the eighth day, He said, 'Go forth, my people, and create as 
    many sprouts as possible!' And they did as he hath commanded, praising his 
    name all the while."
    Start off the day back at the pond (with Louie) we were at yesterday, but this
    time with a good 75 Blue Pikmin. Head over to the Snagret Plateau, and Spicy 
    Spray your Pikmin. Take out the Burrowing Snagret and the gate it was 
    guarding. Then, head back over to the pond. Toss 25 Blues on the Block that 
    starts in the air, then dismiss and get on the block with Olimar. Switch to 
    Louie, and toss 26 or more Pikmin on the other block, putting Olimar's in the 
    air. As Olimar toss your Pikmin on the block up to the Air Brake (15, 100). 
    Louie can throw some more up to you, if necessary. Note how the Treasure Gauge
    switches off, meaning you've collected all of the Overworld Treasure in the 
    Awakening Wood.
    Grab the head and Pellets of the dead Snagret, then pull up and flowerize all 
    of your sprouts. Assemble a collect of Pikmin with 35 Blues, 30 Yellows, 25 
    Purples, and 10 Whites. Go ahead and jump down the Snagret Hole, the cave 
    behind the Gate that the Snagret was guarding.
    Total Sublevels: 7
    Total Treasures: 15
    Hazards: Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Antenna Beetle
             Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Burrowing Snagret
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit         
             Creeping Chrysanthemum
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electrirc Wires
             Gas Pipe       
             Male Sheargrub
             Orange Bulborb      
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Watery Blowhog
    Boss: Pileated Snagret
    Sublevel 1: Separate your Piks at the beginning of the level, and take your 
    Purples. Pound the Male Sheargrubs in the open area. Now, to take out the 
    Orange Bulborb, you have to be very careful. Holding a Purple, dash up the 
    hill. A little over half way up, release A and throw the Purple. After that, 
    relentlessly pound the foul beast until he coughs up Crystallized Telekinesis 
    (10, 120). Near the exit (up a long, winding pathway), look for the Leviathan 
    Feather (1, 10). Use a White 'Min to get it to the Pod quickly. Down the hole 
    we go.
    Sublevel 2: Take you Piks around, avoiding the Creeping Chrysanthemums. One is
    usually near the Combustion Berry (12, 190), the other in a path. Fight them 
    if and when you have to, but don't provoke them. You'll find a pond in the 
    path-toss Pikmin other than Blues near the high rising rocks (out-of bounds). 
    The Taste Sensation (15, 40) is lying around somewhere-don't forget to pick it
    up. Take out the Burrow-Nits, various Male Sheargrubs/Shearwigs, and be on 
    your merry way.
    Sublevel 3: A pair of Burrowing Snagrets make this level a tad challenging 
    (Grrr, the darn thing has no health in its meter, and yet, it is alive!). One 
    of the Snagrets holds the Meat Satchel (5, 40). You'll find eggs, exits, and 
    one of each Violet and Ivory Candypop Buds behind various gates. Use Blues for
    one flower, Yellows for the other. Exit once you're done.
    Sublevel 4: Scattered around are some Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, Electrirc Wires, 
    a Watery Blowhog, and a Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. Near, or on, a rusty 
    hinge-like surface, another Armored Cannon Beetle Larva will fall from the 
    sky. Kill it to get the Heavy-Duty Magnetizer (10, 150). You'll also find 
    Crytallized Telepathy (10, 120) and Cupid's Grenade (3, 20) in various dead-
    ends. Down the hole once you're done.
    Sublevel 5: The Antenna Beetle with throw off your Treasure Gauge, and take 
    control of your Pikmin if they get to close. Pound the thing to get the 
    Emperor Whistle (15, 75). Also, Dwarf Orange Bulborbs will fall here and 
    there; kill the right one to obtain Crystallized Clairvoyance (10, 120). When 
    you're done, move on to the next level.
    Sublevel 6: A pair of Burrowing Snagrets and another Antenna Beetle inhabit 
    the level. Kill a Snagret to obtain the Triple Sugar Threat (6, 60). Suppose a
    creature actually has a valid reason to eat a treasure this time. Find the 
    other near the collection of pools. Nearer to the exit, you'll find the 
    Salivatrix (20, 30) and the Science Project (1, 20). Kill the Dwarf Orange 
    Bulborb that falls on you near the exit to obtain the Stupendous Lens (10, 
    120). You'll find Lapis Lazuli Candypop Buds down here-toss a Blue in one to 
    gain the Piklopedia entry, if you want. Use Blues in the pair of Ivory 
    Candypop Buds in here, and head down when you are done.
    Sublevel 7 (Final Floor): Bah. Time now to fight the incredibly evil Pileated 
    Snagret. If you're trying to minimize casualties, just use Whites.
    BOSS: Pileated Snagret: If you're not willing to sacrifice White Pikmin, or 
    are going for no deaths (as I am), I suggest using Purple Pikmin WITH FLOWERS.
    The key is to toss your leaf Purples in the dead-ends, then Nectar 'em up 
    later. This battle can get long and drawn out, so you'll need a bit of playing
    time. When the Snagret's caught as it emerges, toss or swarm it with the 
    Purples. Actually, the best method is to do that, then to toss Purples at it's
    head as it looks around for a few seconds before fully emerging. Kill the evil
    beast, and you'll receive the Justice Alloy (20, 100), giving you a stronger 
    Space Suit. The gates contain various eggs and Queen Candypop Buds. When 
    you're done, Geyser up, and its Cave Complete :).
    AWAKENING WOOD: 60% of Debt Recovered! Is it just me, or are you flying 
    through the Pokos?
    The rest of the day can be spent however you'd like, as you can rest knowing 
    that you've gotten every last bit of Treasure in or under the Awakening Wood!
    I suggest spawning Blues and Reds, to make up for all the ones you spent 
    gathering Whites/Purples. Of course, if Yellows are lacking, you may as well 
    just use Purples and Whites, to add a randomized element to the sprouting. 
    Also gather some Berries to round out the day.
    Note that you get the really cool End-of-Day blast off music!
    5E. Perplexing Pool: It's Cave Day! ------------------------------------------
    DAY 9: Well, it's almost Cave Day, but today's Pre-Cave Day! Land in the 
    Perplexing Pool to begin a new 4 Day adventure!
    Today leaves much to be done, so get cracking, as the work won't finish 
    itself!Start the day by leaving Louie behind and grabbing 30 Yellow Pikmin. 
    Now, move right outside of the camp and cross the bridge you built your first 
    day here. Move near the See-Saw Blocks you first used to reach the higher 
    area, and take out the Swooping Snitchbug. Instead of hopping down by the See-
    Saw Blocks, look for a ledge a bit to the right of it, near an Electric Fence.
    Get down by it, and assign your Yellows to break the Gate down.
    Back to Louie, pull out 30 of each Yellows and Blues. Now, if you've played 
    the original Pikmin, and got the Repair-Type Bolt, you'll know what I'm 
    talking about. Move as far right as you can near the beach of the pond. Look 
    for a crevice near a walled-in high ledge. Dismiss your Pikmin, and gather 
    Yellows. Toss all of the 'Mins on the aforementioned ledge, then take your 
    Blues. Navigate across the lake and find the Would-be Brigde sticks. Have your
    Piks unroll the wood, then go back to the ledge. 
    When you whistle at your Yellows, if you understand what I was talking about, 
    they'll have a wall and some water between you. This time, move along the 
    skinny stone walkway, toward the bridge you Blues have finished. If you'd 
    like, dismiss your Yellows, take your Blues, and toss 'em in the water around 
    the bridge. This way, if a Yellow falls in, the Blues will play lifeguards, 
    flinging the drowning 'Min outta the water. Navigate your Yellows safely 
    across the bridge, and guide them to yet another Electric Fence.
    Switching to Olimar, you'll more likely than not find your Yellows finished 
    with their gate. Look around, and you'll notice that there's no where you can 
    go with your Pikmin! Toss them up on the nearby tall tree stump, and walk ALL 
    THE WAY AROUND, through the water, by the ship, over the bridge, and through 
    the open area. Hearken your Yellow Pikmin to you, using the C Stick to guide 
    them from the lower area you were just at, and return to camp.
    As Louie once more, his Yellows oughtta be done as well. Take his Blues, and, 
    avoiding contact with the Yellows, hop into the large pool. Cluster your Blue 
    Pikmin around the rock on the hole. Once it is destroyed, the entire lake area
    will drain, giving all Pikmin access to it!
    Take Louies bunch over to the area near the Citadel of Spiders. Take out the 
    Yellow Wollywog here, plus the one in the water nearby, using only Blues. Use 
    the same Blues to unravel the nearby bridge, and take the Yellows over. Get 
    near the wall that extends over into the water, then throw the Yellows over 
    lower parts, whistle to them, and direct them to the Electric Gate. Have them 
    knock it down, but its generally to close to sunset to carry back the Treasure
    behind it. Get as many spoils back to the Onions as you can before the sun 
    DAY 10: Today is long and boring, but mostly long. Prepare for an hour or so 
    of no sunlight, as you'll spend quite a while underground.
    We'll start with the simplest level first. Take 50 Yellows, 20 Reds, 20 
    Purples, and 10 Whites down into the Glutton's Kitchen. To reach this level, 
    head over the bridge, down the right-most ledge on the far side of the upper 
    area, into the hollow stump, and to your right. Its shouldn't be hard to miss,
    and you might've seen it yesterday.
    Total Sublevels: 6
    Total Treasures: 14
    Hazards: Electricity
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit
             Dwarf Bulbear
             Electrirc Wires
             Female Sheargrub
             Male Sheargrub
             Puffy Blowhog
    Boss: Giant Breadbug
    Sublevel 1: A large group of Dwarf Bulbears dwell down here, but they can be 
    swarmed easily, and die from a Pikmin landing on top of them. Inside a box, 
    you'll find another Dwarf Bulbear. Toss a large number of Yellows into the 
    box, and hopefully, onto the Dwarf Bulbear. Once the beast as died, pick it 
    up, along with the Master's Instrument (4, 30). Down the exit you must go, 
    when done, you are.
    Sublevel 2: Notice that you're surrounded by a giant train track. Get on this 
    track near the tunnel (which is near the crossing) and toss Yellows on top of 
    the tunnel to reach the Imperitive Cookie (5, 25). To take out the various 
    Breadbugs, kill the Sheargrubs and the Cloaking Burrow-Nit. To win a tug-of-
    war over a Sheargrub, use a Purple-their tremendous strength allows them to 
    sucessfully combat that of the Breadbug. One of the Breadbug's nests contains 
    the Massive Lid (4, 100). Drop down the nearby exit when you're done.
    Sublevel 3: Loads of Anode Beetles in here. Take them out, and use their 
    bodies as lures for Breadbugs. You'll obtain the Harmonic Synthesizer (10, 
    120) from one nest and the Director of Destiny (20, 100) from the other. A 
    pair of Anode Beetles guards one of the eggs, so use Purples to smash them-if 
    the Beetles fall, they'll be flipped over by the Purple as well. Also beware 
    of the Puffy Blowhog floating around in here. Finally, if you want the Golden 
    Candypop Bud entry for your Piklopedia, use a Yellow. Find the hole and hop 
    down to the next level.
    Sublevel 4: Down here, the challenge is the Bulbear. Fire an Ultra-Bitter 
    Spray at it and as many of its Dwarven friends as possible, then Spicy Spray 
    your Piks. Smash the creatures while they are frozen, then gather the 
    Happiness Emblem (4, 100) from the Bulbear. The remaining 2 treasures, White 
    Goodness (8, 60) and the Invigorator (20, 130), will often switch places, one 
    out-of-bounds, the other on a high table, reachable only by Yellows. There's 
    a pair of Breadbugs down here, but they aren't particularly important. Just 
    move on when you've gotten everything.
    Sublevel 5: Usually, you'll start near a plate with an Armored Cannon Beetle 
    Larva inside. Dismiss your Pikmin, and take your Purples. Pound the thing 
    with your Piks, and use them to take out the 3-4 nearby Dwarf Bulbears. 
    Dismiss your Purples now, and head into the second little section. 2 of the 3 
    half-shell things contain an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva, so manipulate them 
    to kill the many Dwarf Bulbears over here, before taking them down with your 
    Purples. Toss Reds into the Violet Candypop Bud, and collet the Boom Cone (10,
     100) and the Sulking Antenna (35, 150). Check out Various dead-ends to lure 
    out falling Eggs and a Queen Candypop Bud. You know what to do when you're 
    Sublevel 6 (Final Floor): 3 Treasures start out in the open, but you'll only 
    be able to yank 2 away from Breadbugs, due to Electrirc Wires and Anode 
    Beetles. Let the Giant Breadbug take the Meat of Champions (10, 35), while you
    grab the Hideous Victual (10, 100) and the Sweet Dreamer (10, 45) away from 
    minor Breadbugs.
    BOSS: Giant Breadbug: He'll respond mostly to Anode Beetle Bodies, so take out
    a few, and swarm 'em once the Giant Breadbug latches on. Hitting the Pod will 
    do only half damage, so the only effective thing to do is repeat this 
    proceedure.He'll leave behind the Dream Material (10, 100), which'll give you 
    resistance to electricity!
    Take care of other enemies, and Treasures you might've not had a chance to 
    get, then take the Geyser up, completing the Cave :)!
    PERPLEXING POOL: 80%! Already! Wow you're good! Now, put back 30 Yellows and 5
    Purples, then take out 15 Reds, and 20 Blues. You should have: 30 Reds, 20 
    Yellows, 20 Blues, 20 Purples, and 10 Whites. Head across the lake bed to the 
    Shower Room, the cave that drained the area of water. It had the rock on the 
    entrance you broke to do so.
    Total Sublevels: 7
    Total Treasures: 14
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Dweevil
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electrirc Wires
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fire Geyser
             Gas Pipe
             Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
             Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
             Munge Dweevil
             Orange Bulborb
             Unmarked Spectralids
             Volatile Dweevil
             Water Dumple
             Watery Blowhog
             Withering Blowhog
    Boss: Ranging Bloyster
    Sublevel 1: The first cave you'll do with all 4 types (but not the last!), the
    Shower Room can be a quite puzzling challenge. Take out any enemies that start
    in your landing area with Purples, then disable the various Electrirc Wires. 
    Its easier to pound Watery Blowhogs with Purples, so just do so. Watch out for
    a falling Wollywog, as well as many Wogpoles that are around here. Grab the 
    Merciless Extractor (20, 90) from a dead-end, and be on your way.
    Sublevel 2: Take out the Gas Pipe near your starting point, watching out for 
    falling rocks and falling Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. Move over to the adjacent 
    area, and pick off the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat. Dismiss and take your 
    Purples, and smash the Orange Bulborb, from on the ledge if possible. Kill off
    the remaining Dwarf Orange Bulborbs around here, then grab the Durable Energy 
    Cell (15, 160) the Orange Bulborb was guarding. Also grab the Sud Generator 
    (20, 60) from a nearby dead-end.
    Sublevel 3: There are several Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats, as well as a Greater
    Spotted Jellyfloat, down here, plus some Water Dumples and a Hermit Crawmad. 
    Kill the Greater-Spotted Jellyfloat for the Mirrored Stage (15, 140). If you 
    get lucky, one of the Eggs might have Mitites in them, so use Purples to smash
    them open, then to KO many Mitites at once. If you get unlucky, a Wollywog 
    will fall on you as you're doing this. The remaining 2 Treasures are the 
    Scrumptious Shell (15, 60) and the Vorpal Platter (12, 60). One is found 
    behind a Gate, the other, in a dead-end. Toss your Piks up on a ledge and 
    cross overa pool, call your 'Mins back, use them to break down a gate, and 
    exit the level.
    Sublevel 4: You'll find the level's only Treasure, the Aboreal Frippery (1, 
    10) in 1 of 3 place: In one of 2 two Pipes, or on the ground on the watery 
    slope, which is a thin layer of water, so your Pikmin will be fine. Theres a 
    geyser in here, if you'd like to use, otherwise, find the hole in a dead-end 
    at the back of the level. Also note that a large group of Unmarked 
    Spectralids, plus a few Queen Candypop Buds, inhabit the level. Leave the 
    level once you're done.
    Sublevel 5: Start off this level by polishing off any enemies near the Pod. 
    Explore around to find an area with a pair of Fire Geysers and Dwarve Orange 
    Bulborbs, and a Withering Blowhog floating over some water. Take Blues and 
    carefully toss them onto the Withering Blowhog. When the beast get grounded, 
    only let your Pikmin continue to attack for a second or 2 before calling them 
    back, lest they be thrown into a Fire Geyser or eaten by a Dwarf Bulborb. Once
    the airborne Blowhog is no more, trade your Blues for Reds, and take out the 
    Fire Geysers and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. Grab the nearby Treasures. One is on a
    ledge (near a Fire Geyser), the other behind the White Gate (not the one with 
    the pond in between it and you). A third Treasure lies in a water-filled pipe. 
    You'll find a number of Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, Fiery Blowhogs, and Withering 
    Blowhogs over here, so use Reds to take them out (they have a resistance to 
    Fire, the only element present). Once done, trade your Reds back for Blues, 
    and head up the sandy hill and toss Blues in the grate to get the third 
    Treasure. The three Treasures are the Endless Repository (20, 130), the Broken
    Food Master (20, 90) and the Pondering Emblem (4, 100). Do I really need to 
    say what to do now?
    Sublevel 6: In this level, once again, take out the enemies near your starting
    point (usually, a Wollywog and a Dwarf Orange Bulbear or 2). Look for a path 
    with 3 (upside down) half-pipes. You might encounter more Dwarven Bulbears, or
    mabye the Wollywog from earlier, a Volatile Dweevil (note that it's body is a 
    bomb-rock-it is a rather kamikaze-eqse creature), an Electric Dweevil, and a 
    Munge Dweevil. The latter two work as the Fiery Dweevil does, except they 
    expell electric bolts and poison gas, respectively, when provoked. They are 
    still largely susceptible to Purples however, but take them out in a fashion 
    of your preference. Usually, you'll find the Behemoth Jaw (20, 100) in one of 
    these pipes-take out the Dweeils first so you aren't annoyed to death. Behind 
    a White Gate, you'll generally find the Abstract Masterpiece (6, 30)-but watch
    out! A Poisonous Dweevil will fall as the Treasure begins moving. Grab your 
    Pikmin back, and leave them away from the Dweevil. Take Louie and punch the 
    beast to death...yes, it is possible, and sometimes, far more convienent. 
    Tote the Treasure to the ship, and leave your Pikmin once more. Find the 
    Orange Bulborb, usually in a small bodie of water. On the way, you'll oft 
    encounter several more Dwarf Bulborbs, plus a Bumbling Snitchbug, be careful 
    because these guys don't go for your Pikmin-they grab you! The impossible 
    thing is, its you can't defeat the Orange Bulborb when it is in the water. 
    Soooo...lure it , then take some Purples and smash it once its out of the 
    drink-and pray it doesn't shake your Piks! Behind it, you'll find the Rubber 
    Ugly (8, 90)-for the most part. Of course, this level is very strange, and 
    occasionally, you'll end up with a really odd set-up including a Ivory 
    Candypop Bud-use Reds for it if you get it. 
    Sublevel 7 (Final Floor): Time now for the Ranging Bloyster, a would-be 
    devastating and puzzling boss that is rather easy if you have a strategy.
    BOSS: Ranging Bloyster: To take out this baddie, first develop 2 entrance 
    into the arena area by breaking down gates. Once done, separate your Pikmin. 
    Give one Leader Reds, the other Purples. Now position a Leader (lets say 
    Olimar) at one entrance to the arena. Move the other leader (Louie) to the 
    other opened entrance. Now, as Olimar, dash out into the arena and attract 
    the attention of the Ranging Bloyster. Quickly switch to Louie and also dash 
    out into the arena. When you do, line it up so that the Ranging Bloyster is 
    between your leaders. Now switch to Olimar, and toss some Pikmin on the 
    Bloyster's tail (it's weak point). After they're shaken off, call the Piks to
    you and switch to Louie. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Alternate between characters 
    and toss at the tail until the big baddie will keel over and...well...melt. 
    Grab it's tail, plus the Amplified Amplifier (20, 100)! You'll receive the 
    Mega-Tweeter, giving your whistle a wider range and a longer blow time. Looks 
    like the ship might've used one of those Duracell Batteries, as the whistle 
    just keeps going...and going... and going...as well as you should, that is, to
    the geyser to complete the Cave :)!
    PERPLEXING POOL: Now, there might be a chance you've hit 10,000 Pokos 'cuz you
    got a Treasure or two I didn't detail here, but if you're like me, you're 
    incredibly close, just not quite there. Now, for the last cave of the day, 
    you'll need 60 Blues. Also, if you're day is like mine, you haven't even 
    exhausted 1/4 of it yet! Take your Blues by Glutton's Kitchen, but head out 
    into the stream. Take out the Yellow Wollywog carefully, then pound the Black 
    Gate. It does take quite a while, so use an Ultra-Spicy Spray, if you wish. 
    Once the barrier is down, its time for some fancy moves. Lure out the Hermit 
    Crawmad, and move your Blues outta the way before it launches itself. Dash 
    away from it, past a trio of Water Dumples, and under a Withering Blowhog. 
    You'll find a cave in the far corner. Hop down to discover the infuriating 
    evil of the Submerged Castle
    Total Sublevels: 5
    Total Tresures: 13
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Dweevil
             Anode Beetle
             Careening Dirigibug
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electrirc Wires
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Fiery Dweevil
             Fire Geyser
             Iridescent Glint Beetle
             Volatile Dweevil
    Boss: Waterwraith
    What'll baffle you is the presence of Fire, Electricity, and Poison. 
    Unfortunatly, it is impossible for Pikmin other than Blues to enter. Of 
    course, you'll meet some helpful pals that'll even things out.
    Sublevel 1: Okay, you'll notice a heckuva lotta Fire based things in this 
    level. The key to taking out the Geysers is to swarm them once they stop 
    shooting flame. Kill Fiery Blowhogs by tossing two or three Blues on the pigs,
    calling those 2-3 Piks back just before they're thrown, and then swarming the 
    beast once it settles. Taking out the Fiery Bulblax is easier than you think; 
    simply lure the beast into water, immobilize it with an Ultra-Bitter Spray, 
    and swarm it, easy said as done. The Bug Bait (5, 15) has been swallowed by 
    this beast; the Pastry Wheel (10, 35) is floating around somewhere, and the 
    Diet Doomer (5, 25) can be anywhere, even down the gullet of a Fiery Blowhog. 
    Once you've gotten the Treasure, make for the hole, ASAP!
    Sublevel 2: In this level, you can get two kinds of luck: okay, and horrid. A 
    few enemies start in the small area you do. Usually, its just a Dwarf Orange 
    Bulbrorb, or a Careening Dirigrub, but on occasion, you encounter Bulbmin. To 
    kill the leader of a pack of Bulbmin, wait for it to get in throwing range, 
    and toss like you've never tossed before! This is the only way I've found to 
    do it without losing Pikmin or Sprays. Kill the leader, then whistle to the 
    smallish Bulbmin, who will instantly join you. They work in exactly the same 
    way as a Pikmin, EXCEPT that they're INVULNERABLE to ALL TYPES of ELEMENTS! 
    These are the dudes you have to use with the other types of elements. Anyhow, 
    the leader will leave behind the Comfort Cookie (4, 10). Grab that, then break
     down the gates kill other nemies and head straight for the gates if the 
    Bulbmin don't start in your little area). Behind one gate, you'll find pile of
    sand on one side, and a pipe missing its side on the other (its not at ground 
    level, but higher up). Kill enemies in here. If one is nearer to a slope that
    heads down into water, it might lure out a Fiery Dweevil. If it does go to 
    the corpse, you won't worry about it when you go for the other Treasure. Head 
    up the hill, and in the corner near the slope downward, you'll find a pipe. 
    Follow it to empty out by the Chocolate Cushion (10, 40). Behind the other 
    gate, you'll find the Confection Hoop (20, 60) on a ledge plus somemore Dwarf 
    Orange Bulborbs, and possibly a Careening Dirigrub. Now, if it didn't happen 
    to you last level, it probably will in this one. After a period of time, the 
    Waterwraith will fall down and begin to annoy you. If anything being carried 
    by your Pikmin gets near him (or vice versa), call you Piks back IMMEADIATELY,
    or they'll be squashed unmercifully. Exit this level the moment you get a 
    chance. I'd like to point out a useful fact: all Pikmin on the level will 
    follow you down a hole, even if they're not in a Leader's group. Use the fact 
    to your advantage, leaving the second all three Treasures have been collected.
    Sublevel 3: Move through this level as quick as possible. Kill a Withering 
    Blowhog to get the Activity Arouser (15, 100). More Bulbmin reside in this 
    level, so kill off their leader and gather them up. Watch out for various 
    Anode Beetles and Anode Dweevils, plus a Wollywog. An Ivory Candypop Bud may 
    be provided for your use-toss Bulbmin in, as they won't be leaving the cave 
    anyway. You'll find the Succulent Mattress (8, 50) floating around, and the 
    Compelling Cookie (4, 10) behind a gate, or possibly, vice versa. Take off 
    down the hole the second you are done, and not a moment later! 
    Sublevel 4: You'll find two Bulbmin in this level, plus a slew of falling 
    Bomb-rocks and Volatile Dweevils. There is also an Iridescent Glint Beetle down
    here-Bulbmin can take it out. Hit it with one to release the Pale Passion (5, 
    25). Find the Drone Supplies (15, 130) behind a gate, and the Proton AA (6, 
    90) floating around. Once you've obtained the Treasures, disembark to the 
    Final Floor.
    Sublevel 5 (Final Floor): It was short, but difficult all the same. If you 
    made it this far without abandoning, you've done well. Toss Bulbmin into the 
    pair of Violet Candypop Buds down here, and prepare for some fun with the 
    BOSS: Waterwraith: To take out this baddie, you need Purples from the buds. 
    Once you have them, get near the center of the Arena-esqe area to lure the 
    Wraith down. This is a two part battle. The first part, you'll need to wait 
    until the Wraith pounds the ground with his roller-rock and looks around. 
    Then, launch a Purple Pikmin at it. It'll turn Purple and freeze. In this 
    state it is vulnerable. However, he'll often shake your Pikmin arounds quite 
    often so gather up your Piks often, or they may be squashed, when the Wraith 
    pounds the ground with his front rock, or just when he's rollin' around. After
    you take out his health meter, the rocks will break, and you'll begin again as
    the bully runs away from you. This time fortunately, you cannot get hurt in 
    any way, and you can use any Pikmin, although its best to just stick with the 
    Purples. He'll freeze when effected by Purples, and continue to shake often. 
    Take down this foul copporeal beast, and the Professional Noisemaker (15, 100)
    is yours! You can now whistle Pikmin Sprouts out of the ground!
    Notice two things. First, you should have well over 10,000 Pokos. Second, as 
    you leave, the Bulmin'll stay behind.
    PERPLEXING POOL: You'll be here less than 5 seconds, then the game will 
    realize how many Pokos you have, and you'll get to see what is, for some 
    strange reason, my favorite cutscene, the Debt Repayment Cinema. For those 
    who are reading ahead, unless you actually have the game, and are only ahead 
    by a few paragraphs, STOP READING NOW, 'cuz it's all spoilers from here! 
    "Congratulations, you've repaid all of the debt! Now Hocotate Freight will be 
    prosperous and debt-free until the end of time...probably." 
    After watching a rather neat cutscene, you'll see the bredits, and your 
    overall statistics for the file you completed. You'll then save and be asked 
    if you'd like to continue your expedition. If you choose yes, you'll watch 
    another cutscene, and be on way back to the planet.
    DAY 11: When you land (back in the Perplexing Pool), you get to see how Bling-
    Bling the Dolphin has become, all plated in gold and that shizznit. After 
    asking Olimar to take care of Shyacho, you'll begin your day in the Perplexing
    Pool. Today, we'll be spending the day above ground, collecting the 6 
    remaining hidden treasures. 
    With just Olimar, take out 10 Whites and 50 Blues. If you haven't already 
    found it, there's a path behind you ship. Take this path with your Piks. And 
    toss your Whites onto the ledge at the very end. Now go back to the Onion 
    area, and make a left outside the camp. Head for the Black Gate in the water. 
    Kill the Water Dumple trio one at a time, by getting close enough to lure just
    one away from the group. Kill all three then attack the Gate.
    Switch to Shyacho, and get out 30 Blues and 10 Purples. Remember that electric
    gate you broke down two days ago across the stream from the camp? Head over 
    there, killing three Shearwigs and a pair of Dwarf Bulbears. Dismiss your 
    Pikmin and take the Blues over the water, collecting the Optical Illustration 
    (15, 140).
    Once Olimar's team has finished taking down the gate, continue down the now 
    extended stream. Take out a pair of water Dumples at the far end, and a Yellow
    Wollywog closer to you as well. Now, on the little ithmus, your should be able
    to see your White Pikmin. Call them down, and cluster them at the center of 
    that little island, where they'll begin unearthing a Treasure. Once they 
    finish, have your Blues transport the Onion Replica (20, 30) back to base. 
    Before this all happens, however, switch back to the Prez', put back his 30 
    Blues, and take out 10 more Purple Piks for 20 total. Head over to the dryed 
    out pond. You see that manta-ray-esqe creature? That's a Toady Bloyster. It's 
    weak spot is it's tail, so pound it with Purples to take out the beast. It'll 
    leave behind the Aquatic Mine (3, 80) and 2 randomly-colored 10-Pellets. Smash
    the two Yellow Wollywogs in the pond, and send everything back to camp. Do the
    same with Olimars team also now, except be sure to toss your ten White Pikmin 
    back on the ledge before moving the Onion Replica.
    If you are fast, take 20-25 Yellow Pikmin into the Upper area. Now, near the 
    pond, you might notice a series of ledges and ramps. Toss your Pikmin up onto
    the widest flat leadge, and take a ramp up there yourself. Call your Piks to 
    you, and imeadiatley use the C Stick to keep them agains the wall. Move along
    the narrow ledge, avoiding crevices here and there, if you can. When you reach
    the end of the path, hold the C Stick steady, and toss Yellows up onto the 
    high up ledge. They'll cluster around the Gherkin Gate (15, 100). Once all of
    your Piks are moving the Treasure, hop down to ground level, and distract the 
    Fiery Blowhog so your Yellows can pass unharmed. Remember, the Scorch Guard 
    prevents you from taking fire damage, so you can stand in the flame all you 
    If you're faster, gather up the Whites you used for the Onion Replica, plus 10
    more (20 total), and head out to the far end of the lake bed. Hunt around near
    the Pipes to have your Whites start to uncover something. They'll pull out the
    Fortified Delicacy (20, 60). Spend the rest of the day gathering sprouts, 
    Nectar, and Berries.
    DAY 12: The Perplexing Pool again? There's one more Treasure left, and it 
    takes a bit to get, so there wasn't time for it yesterday. After you get it, 
    you'll have some time for Prime Sprouting and/or Berry-Gathering.
    Start by gathering 60-ish Blue Pikmin. Today is what I call a respawn day, due
    to the fact that several enemies, including the Shearwigs by the brigde and 
    the Swooping Snitchbugs in the Upper Area, will, get this, respawn! Anyhow, 
    take out the aforementioned Shearwigs and Snitchbugs, plus the Fiery Blowhog. 
    Then head by to the Submerged Castle. Don't worry, you're never going back in,
    so that not why you're going there.
    Once you pass the broken gate, take your time to viciously murder the Hermit 
    Crawmads, Water Dumples, and the Withering Blowhog down here. Once you're 
    done, you'll find a high ledge next to 4 See-Saw Blocks. Toss 20 Piks up on 
    that ledge, and prepare for some puzzling fun.
    Every other block forms a pair, remember that. Lower the block at the end of 
    the row, farthest from the ledge, dismiss, and walk Olimar on. Have Shacho 
    toss a Blue on the inner block nearer to the ledge to raise the one Olimar's 
    on. Have Olimar hop down to the next block. Toss a Blue on the block nearest 
    to the ledge and raise Olimar up again, and have Olimar hop back down to the 
    third block. Have Shyacho throw another Pik onto the farthest block to raise 
    Olimar up yet again, and have Olimar land on the final block. Toss a 'Min 
    onto the second farthest block to raise Olimar up one last time. As him, walk
    out onto the ledge. Call your 20 Pikmin to you, and throw them to the Massage 
    Girdle (20, 100). Gather up all the carcasses in the area, along with the 
    Treasure, and head back to camp. The rest of the day is your's, so do what you
    Blast off from the Perplexing Pool for the final time, as you're done here for
    quite a while. 
    5F. Vally of Repose: Cleaning the Valley -------------------------------------
    DAY 13: Today, we'll return to the beginning. Head to the Valley of Repose to 
    begin setting this up for a much broader exploration of the beginning area.
    Start the day by gathering 35 Blue Pikmin, leaving Shyacho by the ship. Head 
    over across the sewer lid area, avoiding the Dwarf and Red Bulborb. When you 
    reach the Cave, however, make a right into a pond. Find the White Gate 
    situated in wall, to your right if you look back at Emergence Cave. Set your 
    Blues to the gate.
    As Shyacho, pull some 30 Purple Piks out of your ship and use them to lay the 
    smackdown on the pair of creatures in the sewer lid area. Return the 'Mins for
    Reds and Yellows. Have 35 Yellows and 30 Reds. Once Olimar's team has torn 
    down the barrier, have him and his Blues move past it. Look for a stone on 
    your, you guessed it, right. Pound it with your Blues to drain the immeadiate 
    area of water, plus the area on the other side of the gate-wall.
    Now it is time for some good fun with the Decorated Cannon Beetles. Be sure to
    leave your Blues behind. These Cannon Beetles are similar to the Armored 
    Cannon Beetle Larva, but with 2 distinct features: First their red coloration 
    (no, it has nothing to do with fire). Second, the fact that the rocks they 
    fire are filled with potent minerals which cause the rocks to home on nearby 
    sources of Iron, i.e. your space suit. Use these wonderfully destructive 
    tag-a-longs to take out the Water Dumple in the creek, the Fiery Blowhogs by 
    the unbuilt bridge, a Cloaking Burrow-Nit (the rock has to hit its face), and 
    the Watery Blowhog near the White Gate with Gas Pipes underneath. There are 2 
    Decorated Cannon Beetles: one by the slope you have to use initially to get up
    to the risen area, the other, in a small pass between you and the other two 
    caves of this area. You can also use rocks to kill the Cannon Beetles 
    themselves. Use the rocks from the Beetle in the pass to take out the one by 
    the slope first. Then cause the other beetle's rocks to hit itself.
    Now, once everything as far as the eye can see is dead, take your Blues to the
    unbuilt bridge and...well...build it. While they're occupied, rush Mr. Prez' 
    over to the the ramp leading up to the bridge. Gather up all your Piks and the
    leaders. Now, head through the small pass the Decorated Cannon Beetle was 
    guarding, and over a long expase of open area. If you come to some giant 
    blocks, move to the left. You'll come to an area with a Withering Blowhog. 
    Kill it, and separate your Piks. Have Olimar take the Reds, while Shyacho gets 
    the Blues and Yellows working on the other unbuilt bridge. 
    If you zoom out, you'll see that you're right next to a giant melting snowman 
    with a crown on its diapilated head. You should also see a ramp leading 
    upward. Once you start to hike up the slippery slope, an Armored Cannon 
    Beetle Larva will pop out of the ground. Avoid its crushing rocks as you get 
    up the slope with your Piks. Toss as many as you can on the bug, and kill it 
    as quick as you can. Once he is dead, toss all of your Red Pikmin on the 
    snowman's head, and hopefully, the Piks'll latch onto the Treasure. Once 
    enough are mounted successfully, they'll hike back to your ship with the 
    Unspeakable Wonder (30, 120).
    Move on past the creek, where the other Decorated Cannon Beetle was 
    positioned, and by other slope. Zoom out to full to see, high on a ledge only 
    Yellows can reach, a statue of wood. Dismiss your Pikmin, and call back your 
    Yellows. If you look, you'll notice a slope next to the wall. Up on the high 
    ledge is a circular area, which leads down a path toward the large piece of 
    loot. Toss Yellows into this area and watch them slide idlely toward the 
    wooden carving, where the Piks will develop a sense of purpose and grab on. 
    Once 25 'Mins are holding the Treasure, they'll hop off the ledge with the 
    Fossilized Ursidae (25, 160).
    Round out the day by gathering nearby sprouts and plucking sprouts, if you 
    have any.
    DAY 14: Today, we'll start by having with White Pikmin, before tackling the 
    Valley of Repose's 2 remaining caves.
    Head back over across the bridge you built yesterday and into the wide open 
    area With just Olimar and a team of White Pikmin (all that you have). Find a 
    gate in the wall on your right with Gas Pipes at the bottom, and attack it 
    with your Task Force.
    Back at camp, have Mr. President take out all the Reds or Purples or mixture 
    (your call) you can, and head over to the dried streambed. When you get there,
    go across it instead of along it. Set your view so you're looking at Emergence
    Cave, and find a path to your left leading upward. Up a bit, you'll encounter 
    a Burrowing Snarget. You can really only attack him when he's in the path, so 
    take care of him. Dash down the walkway if the beast threatens your Pikmin.
    Once you've killed the foul beast, take Olimar's squad of Whites (that have 
    broken the gate and the Gas Pipes) over to the Snarget path. At the top, your 
    Whites will uncover the Pink Menace (5, 100). Take the squad across the stream
    bed. Toward the left side (from the view on the pathway), your Whites will 
    uncover the Spiny Alien Treat (4, 50).
    Once you've gathered all the Treasures (and pellets that you want), take a 
    full squad of 40 Reds, 30 Yellows, 20 Purples, and 10 Whites over to the gate 
    your Whites destroyed earlier. Hike up this slippery ledge to be introduced to 
    the Subterranean Complex, which you should proceed to enter.
    Total Sublevels: 9
    Total Treasures: 16
    Hazards: Fire, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Beetle 
             Armored Cannon Beetle Larva 
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Careening Dirigibug
             Fiery Dweevil 
             Fire Geyser 
             Gas Pipe 
             Gatling Groink 
             Hairy Bulborb
             Munge Dweevil 
             Snow Bulborb
             Swooping Snitchbug 
             Volatile Dweevil
    Boss: Man-at-Legs
    Sublevel 1: Various Snow and Hairy Bulborbs inhabit the first level of this 
    labyrinth, and the Bumbling Snitch bugs don't make it any easier. Take out Gas
    Pipes around your starting enclosure, then dismiss and Gather your Purple 
    Piks. Take out all the enemies you can, then caall in Whites to remove the 
    remainder of the Gas Pipes. You'll usually find the Nouveau Table (25, 100) 
    buried just about anywhere, and the Exhausted Superstick half-buried near lots
    of enemies. Move on to level 2 when you feel you're finished.
    Sublevel 2: A trio of Careening Dirigibugs and a Swooping Snitchbug make this 
    level especially challenging to get through without losing any Piks. Go around
    with a leader and set all the Bomb-Rocks off (by punching them) before you 
    start working with Pikmin. If you get lucky, one one the Dirigibugs will be 
    stuck in one area with the Snitchbug. If not, the key is to take out one at a 
    time. For the Dirigibugs, wait until they get to the point where they're 
    farthest away from any others before attacking (if they're carrying 
    bomb-rocks, wait until they're preferably near the edge so the exploding stone
    falls harmlessly into space). Once the 4 flying creatures have been taken out,
    have your Pikmin pull the Spirit Flogger (20, 70) out of the ground, and the 
    Network Mainbrain (10, 100) from a dead-end. Leave for level 3 once you're 
    Sublevel 3: Once again, leave your Pikmin behind as you scout out the level.
    Bait the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva and get them to take out the various 
    Fire Geysers, and, if possible, each other. Use Purples to smash the 
    remainder, and gather up the various Treasures; One of the Beetle Larva will 
    pop out of the ground in one of the risen-dirt-hole-area-thingys; kill it to 
    get the Superstrong Stabilizer (10, 60). Gather also, the Coiled Launcher (15,
    70) and the Omega Flywheel (20, 60). Be sure to use Reds in the Ivory Candypop
    Bud in another one of the risen-dirt-hole-area-thingys before you depart.
    Sublevel 4: This is what I call a rest level; in these types of levels, there 
    are no [real] enemies, and usually only one or two pieces of Treasure, if any.
    You'll find a trio of Ivory Candypop Buds down here. You can use them if 
    you like, but it is recommended you use Yellows. You'll also find quite a few 
    eggs down here; good for flowerizing any Piks, new or old, possibly sprays, or
    if you're lucky, Mitites (use Purples)! If you're ready to fly the coop, a 
    Geyser is provided for your convienience; however, it is wiser to finish what 
    you start, so take to hole down when you're ready. 
    Sublevel 5: In this level, the absolute ONLY safe course of action is to go 
    through the area with Olimar and de-Bomb-Rock it. Punch normal rocks, plus 
    Volatile Dweevils, to set them off. Once you've gotten everything you can find,
    switch to Shyacho. From this main little ledge, you can toss Pikmin down to 
    lower areas, so long as you aim correctly. One of the dead-ends hold the 
    Adamantine Girdle (12, 70), another, the Mystic Disc (7, 75). Use the maximum 
    to carry each (20, 15 respectively) so that when Pikmin lure down other Bomb-
    Rocks you missed, they'll outrun 'em with ease. Note that when both Treasures 
    are moved (though they have to be dislodged first), Volatile Dweevils will 
    fall, so grab, drop, and run. Once you've gather the two Treasures, exit this 
    fun level.
    Sublevel 6: This level can also be very tricky. If you get lucky, you'll start
    with the Repair Juggernaut (20, 85) close-by. Otherwise, its probably out 
    somewhere else. The Careening Dirigibugs, Anode Beetles, and Gas Pipes, 
    working in tandem, is a very hard combo to beat. Soooo...once again, go out 
    with just Olimar. Use the Bomb-Rocks from the Dirigibugs to wipe out the Gas 
    Pipes, and if possible, the Dweevils. By the way, if a Dweevil grabs a 
    Treasure, you might be able to force it off the edge-the Treasure will respawn
    where it started, but the Dweevil won't. Once the Dweevils and Gas Pipes are 
    out of the way, take some Yellow Pikmin. When a Careening Dirigibug drops a 
    Bomb-Rock near an Anode Beetle, flip over the Beetle with a Yellow and 
    retreat. If you're fast, the explosion will kill the Anode Beetles, but not 
    your Piks. Kill all five or six, then you can deliver the Treasures, which are
    the Space Wave Receiver (10, 80) and the Vacuum Processor (10, 100), using one
    of two methods: you can take out the Careening Dirigibugs (duh), or you can 
    use super-fast Whites to move the loot. Once you're done, move on to the next 
    level. There's another Geyser in here too, so don't get confused.
    Sublevel 7: You'll meet the good ole' Gatling Groinks in this level. Trust me,
    they're EVIL! One, you'll find on foot, another, mounted on a tower. Gatling 
    Groinks fire balls of energy that scatter your Pikmin, and can kill anything 
    they land on squarely (direct hit kills only). Even then, these Motorcycle-
    Fish-things are still incredibly annoying. To take them out, use your Purples 
    and toss Piks at their sides-that windshield blocks Pikmin. Also, note that 
    dead Gatling Groinks regain health. If their health meter becomes fully 
    charged, the Groinks will come back to life. Take out the two Groinks, the 
    Careening Dirigibugs, and the Bomb-Rocks (on your own) throughout the level. 
    The Gatling Groink on the tower will leave behind the Indomitable CPU (10, 
    100), and you'll find the Furious Adhesive (10, 60) and the Thirst Activator 
    (20, 300) somewhere. If either of the latter two spawn in a dead-end, watch 
    out, as a Volatile Dweevil will drop down on it once it begins moving. Head 
    down to the next levelwhen you're finished up.
    Sublevel 8: Another rest level here. This time, you'll find 3 Violet Candypop 
    Buds down here, plus 2 Queen Candypops. If you are truly dreading the boss 
    battle ahead, you can take the Geyser up. You'll need to start stocking up on 
    Purple Pikmin anyway, so use the three flowers (toss in Yellows, especially if
    you didn't use the ones in Sublevel 4). Use the Queen Candypop Buds to 
    replenish your forces. Various eggs abound, so break what you will, and move 
    on down to the Final Floor.
    Sublevel 9 (Final Floor): For those who are arachnophobic, even if the Beady 
    Long Legs scared you, this boss is hardly frightening...at least in 
    appearance. Give Shyacho your Whites and (if you have any) Yellows and tuck 
    him in a corner near the Geyser, then take the Reds and Purples and scout out 
    the level. Look for things that stick out of the ground, including a large, 
    W-ish shaped protrusion, and a mound you can walk over. Remember their 
    BOSS: Man-at-Legs: Without strategy, the Man-at-Legs is a really slaughter 
    house on feet. I lost 4 Pikmin to give you this strategy, so listen up! The 
    trick to keeping things short and clean is to constantly toss Purples onto the
    Man-at Legs as it emerges from its hole in the center of the arena (tossing 
    Pikmin on the orb or touching it will cause it to begin its emergence). You 
    may rack up half a meter of damage, you may get more, you may get less. It 
    doesn't really matter, since Purples are useless after this point. Hide them 
    behind the giant W-shaped protrusion you found earlier. After the Man-at-Legs 
    emerges, it'll shake any Pikmin on it off (you'll know because it twists its 
    legs a bit before scattering Piks) before pulling out it's cannon. The laser 
    gun it fires projects at a rather low angle, so almost any barrier you can 
    find will do. Use the aforementined barrier that you can walk over (another 
    one similar to it has a handle on it). The Man-at-Legs fires about three 
    volleys of blasts with a short pause in between each one. Once the Man-at-Legs 
    begins retracting its gun, rush out onto the risen portion in the center so 
    you can toss Reds on the central Orb. Note that the Man-at-Legs is invincible 
    while its gun is out, and that Piks will bounce harmlessly off. Once the 
    mechanical beast is eliminated, you be treated to a spectacular explosion 
    before the Stellar Orb (5, 100) is dropped, granting you the Solar System, 
    which illuminates the entire Sublevel you're in right now. Exit via the 
    Geyser, and it is Cave Complete once more.
    VALLEY OF REPOSE: When you land, exchange Piks so you have a group of 30 Reds,
    20 of each Blues, Yellows, and Purples, and 10 Whites. Now, head over to the 
    melting snowman where you got the Unspeakable Wonder. If you built the nearby 
    bridge, head up it. Otherwise, take the time to do so. Once you get up onto 
    this neat little ledge, meet the Frontier Cavern, and hop inside.
    Total Sublevels: 8
    Total Treasures: 15
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Bulborb Larva
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Caustic Dweevil
             Decorated Cannon Beetle
             Dwarf Bulbear
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electric Wires
             Fire Geyser
             Gas Pipe
             Hairy Bulborb
             Iridescent Glint Beetle
             Orange Bulborb
             Snow Bulborb
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Unmarked Spectralids
             Water Dumple
    Boss: Empress Bulblax
    Sublevel 1: The thick underbrush in this level makes it difficult to see, so 
    zoom in if it helps. Start by separting and gathering Purples. Kill the pair 
    of Hairy Bulborbs, plus the Snow Bulborbs around here as well. Also, hit the 
    Doodlebugs as often as possible, so that you can gather a bunch of sprays. The
    levels two Treasures, the Essential Furnishing (5, 100), and the Essence of 
    Rage (8, 70), are buried underground-use the Treasure Gauge the locate them. 
    Depart when you're done.
    Sublevel 2: Kick off this level by going solo and getting the pair of 
    Decorated Cannon Beetles to kill as much as you can (including themselves). 
    Once done, take Purple Pikmin and kill everything else, usually a Hairy 
    Bulborb and a Snow Bulborb or 3. The Joy Recepticle (15, 60) and the Icon of 
    Progress (15, 85) can be just about anywhere-above ground or under. Be sure to
    get everything before moving down to level 3. 
    Sublevel 3: Be sure to locate the Bulbear right off the bat. When it 
    approches, use an Ultra-Bitter Spray on it and any Dwarf Bulbears tagging 
    along. Decimate the Bulbear for the Danger Chime (10, 120). Explore around, 
    disabling Gas Pipes, Fire Geysers, and Electrirc Wires as you go. If you've 
    lost Pikmin, you can salvage a few Bulbmin from the massive one; otherwise, 
    just kill it. Use the Ivory Candypop Bud, and find the Gemstar Husband (5, 
    100) buried, usually near the exit. You'll also usually find the Fleeting Art 
    Form (2, 75) above ground, but the latter two Tresures may switch places. 
    Theres a Geyser in here, with no reason to use it, so take the hole down.
    Sublevel 4: Start this level by gathering your Yellows. Tour the level, taking
    down Anode Beetles, Swooping and Bumbling Snitchbugs, and Electrirc Wires as 
    you go. Once done, collect the Innocence Lost (15, 100), which is sometimes 
    buried, and the Omniscient Sphere (1, 85), which is guarded by yet another 
    Bumbling Snitchbug. Use the Violet Candypop Bud, and get going when you're 
    Sublevel 5: In this level, you'll find Mamutas guarding Unmarked Spectralids, 
    and Caustic Dweevils waiting to pounce on anything left behind. For those who 
    don't know Mamutas, they'll pound your Piks into the ground, which'll resprout
    as flowers. Not entirely bad enemies, huh? One of the Mamutas'll leave behind 
    the Brute Knucles (10, 100). This piece of Treasure will remind the ship of 
    the long forgotten Rocket Punch that was sitting in it's hold. Now your Punch 
    attack will be stronger and more effective against enemies. Be sure to use the
    Violet and Ivory, and, if you want to, Lapis Lazuli Candypop Buds before you 
    depart. There is a Geyser here, so don't get confused if you want to head 
    Sublevel 6: This level can have a vast variety of setups, but you'll need at 
    least 10 Blues to transport Treasures sometimes, so don't take risks. Start 
    here by, once again, manipulating Decorated Cannon Beetle Rocks to kill 
    everything, even Fire Geysers, and of course, themselves. You'll find the 
    Priceless Statue (10, 80) and the Worthless Statue (10, 80) scattered 
    somewhere. Head down when you're finished.
    Sublevel 7: Rocks will fall in random places, so keep an eye and an ear out. 
    March throughout the level, taking down Dwarf and Orange Bulborbs, and 
    avoiding falling stones. The levels two Treasures, the Spouse Alert (10, 120) 
    and the Flame Tiller (20, 120) are often buried, but sometimes not. Also make 
    good use of the Ivory Candypop Bud here. Jump down to the Final Floor When 
    your finished.
    Sublevel 8 (Final Floor): Start this level by tossing your Purples on the 
    nearby legde (in front of you, usually). Take your leaders, and head down the 
    path solo. Take out the Bulborb Larvae, which eat Pikmin instantly, and die 
    with one hit, or, punch. 
    BOSS: Empress Bulblax: Get to the top area to encounter another Empress 
    Bulblax! Send one leader down to the butt-end of the Empress to distract any 
    newly spawned young, and then take the other Leader to the Purples Piks near 
    the Geyser on the ledge. Take them and use them to pound the Empress' head. 
    Before she shakes off your Pikmin, be sure to call them back. While she is 
    rolling, switch to your other leading, and take out any Bulborbs Larvae 
    attacking him. Once the Empress is no more, take out the last of her young, 
    and grab the Repugnant Appendage (20, 100). You'll receive the Rush Boots, 
    which'll make you faster and invulernable to Puffy/Withering Blowhogs. Take 
    the Gayser, and its Cave Complete! If you're good you not have even lost any 
    VALLEY OF REPOSE: Spend the rest of today gathering Sprouts. When you've found
    all that you can, just go to the Menu Screen and select Go to Sunset.
    DAY 15: Today is our last day in the Valley of Repose. Ahh, such memories. 
    Land in the snowy area one last time.
    Start the day by gathering 50 of each Red and Blue Piks. Head over the bridge 
    to where the Decorated Cannon Beetles were. If you take the path toward where 
    you got the Fossilized Ursidae, you'll see a lake on your right. Separate, and
    take Blues to kill the 3 Water Dumples in here. Then, with the other leader, 
    take you Reds, and get them to the island in the center. To do this, once the 
    Piks are in water, whistle to them, and they'll swim your way. From the 
    island, get to the area behind the pond in the same fashion. You'll find a 
    Fiery Bulblax here-use and Ultra-Bitter Spray on it, and swarm it with Piks. 
    If you don't have any Purple Sprays, use and Ultra-Spicy Spray and toss Reds 
    on the brilliant beast's back.
    The other method is just as reckless. Bring 50-60 Blues to the pond, and after
    taking out the Water Dumples, dismiss your Blues and lure the Fiery Bulblax 
    into the water. If you use an Ultra-Bitter Spray and get the timing right, it 
    won't be on fire when the Bulbear is frozen. Whats cool is that the Bulbear 
    might leave behind a Blue 10-Pellet if you kill it with them.
    Once the foul creature is no more, use Blues to tote any bodies out of the 
    lake, and give them to whatever color you like. The Bulbear will leave behind 
    the Temporal Mechanism (20, 110)- use Blues to get it across the pond.
    Now, you should have a hefty amount of time left, sooo...pick a color of 
    Pikmin you have the most of. Take two of that color (either Red, Yellow, or 
    Blue; i.e. for me, Blue), put the rest of your Piks back, and head down to the
    Subterranean Complex.
    Total Sublevels: 8
    Total Treasures: 0
    Hazards: Fire, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: None
    Boss: None
    Why is everything listed differently? With 2 Pikmin, it ought to be obvious 
    that you're not here to fight, and since you should have all of the 
    Treasures...well...you won't have to worry about them.
    Sublevels 1-7: Quickly dash through each level, ignoring enemies and slipping 
    past Hazards. If you like, on level 3 or 4, you can change your Piks to Whites
    for faster movement. Remember, you don't even need to take your Piks to the 
    hole with you, either; they'll magically appear at your side as you jump down.
    Sublevel 8: Remember this level? Pick a primary color of Pikmin your have the 
    LEAST of (i.e. for me, Yellows) and toss your two Piks that accompanied you 
    into the pair of Queen Candypop Buds when they are the desired color. Once 
    you're done with that, toss 15 of your now large group of 18 Piks into the 
    Violet Candypop Buds. When you leave, you should have 15 Purple Piks, plus 3 
    of other colors. Didn't make out to bad, now didja? Take the Geyser up, or, if
    you hop down the hole, use the Geyser on Sublevel 9. It truly is that simple.
    VALLEY OF REPOSE: With nothing left to do really, you can Go to Sunset, or 
    collect what few sprouts you can, and THEN Go to Sunset. Hopefull, you'll have
    100 Purple Pikmin right now, as you'll need at least that many. Don't worry 
    though, as the next two days will be devoted to sprout collecting. Be sure to 
    grab the last ones here as well, 'cuz you shouldn't really need to come back 
    for any reason.
    5G. Awakening Wood & Perplexing Pool: Re-stalking the Onions -----------------
    DAY 16: It doesn't matter where you land first, but for the section's title's 
    sake, you'll stop at the Awakening Wood first.
    Really, you can get a heck of a lot of sprouts from the main area. Start back 
    taking out the Red Bulborb and its Dwarven Buddies. Then pound the Cloaking 
    Burrow-Nit(s) behind the Burgeoning Spiderwort clearing. Assign the corspes as
    you see fit. Note the a 10-Pellet of each color will spawn about halfway 
    through the day, plus a color-changing 20-Pellet you can knock down (its on 
    the ledge near all the Margarets). You can also take out Unmarked Spectralids 
    that hide in various flowers, as well as the Iridescent Flint Beetle by the 
    flower pots.
    Hopefully, you'll be able to raise your numbers greatly-it is really easy to 
    do in the Awakening Wood. When you have about 5 of the Pik color you have the 
    most of, head down the Hole of Beasts. WATCH OUT FOR THE CREEPING 
    Total Sublevels: 5
    Total Tresures: 0
    Hazards: Fire
    Enemies: None
    Boss: None
    With the group of only 5, you should, again, avoid fighting, thus no enemies.
    Sublevel 1-3: Get to the exit.
    Sublevel 4: Use the Violet Candypop Bud in here. Flower up your Purples 
    (perhaps using the Mitites in one of the dead-ends), and disembark.
    Sublevel 5 (Final Floor): Sneak past the sleeping Empress Bulblax, and Geyser 
    back up to the surface.
    AWAKENING WOOD: You need a few extra Purples, which is why you went down that 
    hole. Hopefully, you'll have at least 105 (as I do). Let your Pikmin mature as
    long as you can, but whistle them out of the ground as the day comes to a 
    DAY 17: Head to the Perplexing Pool For some more sprouting, if you so desire.
    Good sources of seeds include the Toady Bloyster (tail plus a randomly-colored
    10-Pellet or two), Yellow Wollywogs (x2, more in the stream), Shearwigs (x8), 
    and Dwarf Bulbears, Swooping Snitchbugs, Ravanous Whiskerpillars, the Fiery 
    Blowhog, and, naturally, the Pellets everything leaves behind. Who could 
    forget those? Use Purples to kill everything. I killed the Yellow Wollywogs 
    in the dried lake (with Purples), but you can take out any other ones, as well
    as Water Dumples and all the creatures in the back area.
    Also be sure to grab berries, and to let sprouted Pikmin matures to Flowers. 
    Also remember you can use the Pluckaphone to get Piks outta the ground en 
    masse. Bearing these things in mind, set out to increase Pikmin population 
    drastically. :)
    Can't say these 2 days were a flop, as I went up over 200 Piks myself!
    5H. Wistful Wild: The Final Trial --------------------------------------------
    DAY 18: Today, you'll begin the long adventure that awaits you in the Wistful 
    Wild. Take a good look in the fly-by, 'cuz this level can get rather rather 
    Now, start the day by taking out 100 Purples. Yes. 100 Purples. Head out of 
    base camp and kill the Dwarf Red Bulborbs outside. Make a right, and notice 
    several things: first, Nectar-Rocks if you need any; second, there is a small-
    ish clearing behind the rocks; and third, a giant barbell sits in the 
    clearing. Toss a Pikmin on it to see that the beast treasure weighs, not 10, 
    not 100, but 1000! HOLY CRAP!!! Now THAT'S a huge Treasure! Toss/swarm your 
    Purples around the giantic weight to begin the half-a-day hike to the ship 
    (because when you think about it, only 1/10 of all the Piks that should be 
    carrying it are). Beware, as when the Purples and their piece get near the 
    camp, a Gatling Groink may make its way down and if you're not watching the 
    Treasure, things could be disatrous-gather your Purples and kill it quickly.
    Once the giant thing reaches your ship, you'll see how worth it it was to 
    carry that piece back. The Doomsday Aparatus (1000, 3000) is yours!
    Once you're done, put back the Purples, and grab between 50-75 Blues. If you 
    continue along the path which ran the the Doomsday Apparatus, you'll squueze 
    through a metal-beam-thing, then down a ramp, and kill the Hermit Crawmad 
    here. Proceed to bust down the gate as fast as you like.
    Once the Blues are finished, tackle the drain in the lake and to your left. If
    a Blowhog is nearby (especially a Fiery Blowhog) take it out first. Once 
    you've drained the area, you can take out the other Blowhog, and the webbing 
    domes, if you like.
    Spend the rest of the day gathering more seeds and berries. You can get other 
    Pikmin to the back area to transport things too, don't forget. Also, there's 
    a Swooping Snitchbug and a Decorated Cannon Beetle near the Cavern of Chaos-be
    sure to take them out before you move stuff through there.
    DAY 19: Start the day by grabbing 50-ish Yellows and heading back by the Lake.
    If you didn't see it, there's an Electric Fence back here, so take it down. 
    I'd like to note that a Gatling Groink came to my camp about now, so I'm not 
    exactly sure when and why this happens, only that it does.
    Once the Electric Gate is down, leave the Yellows and walk down the path. 
    You'll come across an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva guarding a Treasure. Take 
    out the bug manually, then use Piks to grab it and the Conifer Spire (7, 15). 
    Also grab berries from back here, if you like.
    I'd spent the rest of the day gathering and maturing sprouts. Pull all of 
    yours out of the ground, as tomorrow we have a pair of caves to cover. Also 
    grab even MORE berries from in the lake area, if you're up for it.
    DAY 20: Today, we'll be tackling a pair of rather tough caves, so hope you're 
    up for the challenge!
    Take out 30 Red Piks, 20 of each Yellows, Blues, and Purples, and 10 Whites. 
    If you've met the Cavern of Chaos, hop right in. Otherwise, its directly on 
    the other side of the wall you face when you exit camp. Get aquainted before 
    hopping in.
    Total Sublevels: 10
    Total Treasures: 17
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Careening Dirigibug
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit 
             Creeping Chrysanthemum
             Dwarf Red Bulborb
             Electric Wires
             Emperor Bulblax
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Fire Geyser
             Gas Pipe
             Gatling Groink
             Iridescent Flint Beetle
             Puffy Blowhog
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Water Dumple
             Watery Blowhog
             Withering Blowhog
    Boss: Segmented Crawbster
    Sublevel 1: Start off this level by taking out anything nearby, probably 
    Electric Wires, maybe two. Head around the level solo, and take out the Fiery 
    and Watery Blowhogs and the Electric Wires using the Bomb-Rocks scattered 
    around the place. Once those enemies are taken out, use your compliment of 
    Reds to bring the Careening Dirigibugs down to earth. Once you've down all the
    enemies, grab them, plus the 2 treasures, the Enamel Buster (8, 60) and the 
    Mirth Sphere (1, 85). When you're done, I guessing you know what to do.
    Sublevel 2: Kick off this sublevel by taking your squad and eliminating the 3 
    Swooping Snitchbugs down here. Then, gather up your Reds, and prepare for some
    fast fighting. I hope your have at least 3 Ultra-Bitter Sprays, 'cuz it's the 
    only guarenteed way to take out the 3 Fiery Bulblaxs in this level without 
    losing a Pik. To help speed things up, let loose an Ultra-Spicy Spray as you 
    begin. Take out the burning beasts use the Purple Sprays. Each will leave 
    behind a Treasure: the Gemstar Wife (5, 100, pull out the Spouse Alert, 'cuz 
    we've found the Gemstar Husband's!), the Frosty Bauble (5, 100), and the 
    Essence of Despair (6, 80). What to do now, I wonder?
    Sublevel 3: This level contains a pair of Mamutas and several Creeping 
    Chrysanthemum. You can swarm the Mamutas, but to take out the Creeping 
    Chrysanthemums, you'll need to take care. You can lose Piks if they get flung 
    into the blackness beyong the walls. So, to take out the giant rose creatures,
    Spice up some Purples, and toss 'em onto the Chrysanthemum. You may need a 
    second spray, if you'd like to use one. You'll find the Child of the Earth 
    (15, 40) buried, usually behind a gate. You'll also find the Infernal 
    Vegetable (12, 30) out in the open, generally near the exit, which is where 
    you should head once you're done.
    Sublevel 4: One of the gates will usually protect the Milk Tub (5, 60). Grab 
    that, then gather your Blues.
    SUB-BOSS: Emperor Bulblax (x2): You see the scattering of Bomb-Rocks? Leave 
    'em. If your not really up for a fight, lure out the Emperor Bulblaxes, and 
    run away. They'll gorge themselves on a deadly diet of Bomb-Rocks, which will 
    result in about a sixth of a meter of damage, plus a temporary stunning, which
    is FAR longer then the Emperor Bulblax in the original Pikmin would be 
    stunned... of course, these are smaller Emperors eating bigger rocks... 
    anyhow, you can let them kill themselves, or help out with Blues, as they're 
    usually in the water. Trust me, the Emperor Bulblaxes in this level are if 
    nothing else, easier, even if there are two of them. I mean, after all, most 
    people have enough common sense not to lure out both at once...you do, don't 
    you? One of the beast's have gluttonously devoured the Mysterious Remains (8,
    150), you sub-Treasure for this sublevel. One of the gates has a Queen 
    Candypop Bud you can lure down. Obviously, you're done here, so lets move on.
    Sublevel 5: A peaceful little rest level. You find one of each Violet, Ivory,
    and Queen Candypop Buds down here-use Reds in the first 2. Also, you'll find a
    couple Iridescent Flint Beetles-good for some nectar and a spray each, and a 
    falling egg or 3-if you get lucky, more sprays! If you really want to, you can
    use the Geyser, but since you're halfway done, why not continue?
    Sublevel 6: Down here a variety of creatures await certain doom. Take out any
    nearby Water Dumples and Electric Wires before exploring. One of the Wollywogs
    has ingested the Princess Pearl (5, 100). Usually, you collect the Growshroom
    (5, 50) half-buried in a pool. Be careful of Anode Beetles. Clean up the 
    enemies, and be on your merry way.
    Sublevel 7: In this level, you'll find several of each Gas Pipes, Cloaking 
    Burrow-Nits, and Withering/Puffy Blowhogs. Take out anything nearby, then 
    disband and grab Purples. Want a fun fact about them? Their immense weight 
    keeps them steady, even in strong winds. Puffy Blowhogs can't do squat to 'em,
    but Withering Blowhogs can still deflower. Be careful, as often the 3 types of
    enemies are clustered together. One of the Puffy Blowhogs hold the 
    Impenetrable Cookie (8, 25). You'll also find the Fuel Reservoir (8, 120) 
    behind a gate, for the most part. Hop down the hole when you're finished.
    Sublevel 8: This level is brimming with Dwarf Red Bulborbs, at least 50 of 
    'em. There's also a pair of gatling Groinks down here-deal with them first. 
    This level isn't difficult, just a challenge not to lose any Pikmin in. You'll
    grab the Fruit Guard (15, 130) out of a dead-end, often near the exit. Use it 
    when you'r done.
    Sublevel 9: This level can get of your nerves. Take out the Bumbling Snitchbug
    first, then the pair of Careening Dirigibugs. Watch out for Gas Pipes. Two 
    Treasures grace this level: the Maternal Sculpture (15, 55) and the Wiggle 
    Noggin (15, 85). Down the hole when you're finished.
    Sublevel 10 (Final Floor): Time now for what I condiser the second most evil 
    boss of Pikmin 2. For a laugh, send the Prez' out into the middle of the 
    BOSS: Segmented Crawbster: This isn't exactly a boss that requires strategy. 
    It requires Reds, 5-10 Ultra-Spicy Sprays, and some fancy footwork, especially
    if you don't particularly want to lose Pikmin. Take your 20 Reds (that's how 
    many you should have), and spice 'em up as the Crawbster falls. It may swipe 
    at you with it's bladed club-arm, but that can't actually hurt your Piks-it 
    deflowers them. However, for the most part, it'll hop into a ball and start 
    rolling around. The goals are, in order, to do the following: Get the 
    Crawbster to hit a wall, avoid the falling rocks that ensue, and toss the Piks
    on the exposed underbelly, the weak point. If you do it right, one or 2 solid 
    runs will result in the beastly boss' termination. Believe it or not, it IS 
    possible to not lose Pikmin in this battle, but you cannot be stingy with your
    Ultra-Spicy Sprays. I used a good 5, so don't be afraid to blow them all in 
    the interest of conserving Piks. The boss will leave behind the Silencer (20,
    670). After that chaotic test of skill, use the Geyser to achieve the Cave 
    Complete status . :)
    WISTFUL WILD: If you lost a lot of flowers, use the Nectar stones near camp, 
    or the eggs up on the ledge near the entrance to the Cavern of Chaos. Now, do
    you remember where the Conifer Spire (the Pinecone) was? Head back by the lake
    area, through the broken Electric Fence, and along this merry little path with
    30, 20, 20, 20, and 10 (hint: these are the numbers I recommended you start 
    Cavern of Chaos with). You'll come along to this halved-and-hollowed piece of 
    Bamboo. Walk along it to fall off next to the Hole of Heroes. After your 
    introduction, smash the nearby eggs if you need more nectar, and hop on down 
    into the second-most challenging hole of them all. 
    Total Sublevels: 15
    Total Treasures: 13
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Anode Dweevil
             Antenna Beetle
             Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Beady Long Legs
             Bulborb Larva
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Burrowing Snarget
             Careening Dirigibug
             Caustic Dweevil
             Cloaking Burrow-Nit
             Creeping Chrysanthemum
             Decorated Cannon Beetle
             Dwarf Bulbear 
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Dwarf Red Bulborb
             Emperor Bulblax
             Empress Bulblax
             Female Sheargrub
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Fiery Dweevil
             Gas Pipe
             Greater-Spotted Jellyfloat
             Hairy Bulborb
             Hermit Crawmad
             Iridescent Flint Beetle
             Iridescent Glint Beetle 
             Lesser-Spotted Jellyfloat
             Male Sheargrub
             Munge Dweevil 
             Orange Bulborb
             Pileated Snarget
             Puffy Blowhog
             Ranging Bloyster
             Red Bulborb
             Skitter Leaf
             Snow Bulborb
             Swooping Snitchbug
             Unmarked Spectralid
             Volatile Dweevil
             Water Dumple
             Watery Blowhog 
             Wilted Blowhog
             Yellow Wollywog
    BOSS: Raging Long Legs
    Sublevel 1: This first level contains a variety of enemies. If you want to do
    things quickly, spice up your Piks. Take out the Creeping Chrysanthemums first
    and foremost. Tackle nearby Cloaking Burrow-Nits, and any Sheargrubs the come
    your way. Eliminate Skitter Leaves, and grab the Corpulent Nut (8, 80) from a
    dead-end beofre flowering up Piks and vacating the level. Oh, and be on the 
    lookout for falling Dwarf Orange Bulborbs.
    Sublevel 2: In this area, you'll find a pair of Careening Dirigibugs and 
    Swooping Snitchbugs, plus a Bumbling Snitchbug, an Antenna Beetle, and several
    Anode Beetles. Take out everything near you camp first. Explore with Olimar 
    and his Yellows, and take out the many Anode Beetles you'll encounter. Come 
    back for Purples, and use them to take out everything else. Buried behind one
    gate is the Essence of True Love (5, 60). A Bomb-Rock will fall when you enter
    most gate-guarded dead-ends, so be prepared. Hop on down to level 3 once 
    you're done.
    Sublevel 3: This level is home to a plethora of Blowhogs, all four different 
    types. Take out the Withering Blowhogs first using Purple Piks, since they are
    the only ones that pose a real, true, and irreversable threat. Remove the 
    Fiery/Watery Blowhogs next, since they posses the capacity to kill Pikmin, 
    though not terribly quickly. Deal with the Puffy Blowhogs last, especially of 
    you're still using Purples, since the Violet Piks are not effected by "nasal 
    blasts." Actually, there may not be Puffy Blowhogs present, depending on your 
    setup. Either way, when you're done, grab the Love Sphere (1, 85), which may 
    be behind a gate, or out in the open, or somewhere else. Also, watch out for 
    various falling Volatile Dweevils. Hop down when you're done.
    Sublevel 4: Without a doubt, everyone loves the Pileated Snarget. So, without 
    further ado, present your second fight against one.
    SUB-BOSS: Pileated Snarget: You may or may not have noticed, but there is a 
    giant pit in the center of the arena. For this reason, I recommend that you 
    use Reds for this fight, as Pikmin move very slowly trying to get up out of 
    the pit. Otherwise, the strategy remains essentially unchanged. If you want to
    get rid of the pest quickly, poison it to death with Whites. Remember to use 
    Ultra-Spicy Sprays if you have a few in stock. Set aside Leaf Pikmin, as they 
    are not fast enough to escape the Snarget, especially when exiting the pit. 
    You also may or may not encounter a Burrowing Snarget, but you need not worry 
    about it, as you will, for the most part, if at all, avoid contact. From the 
    corpse of the Pileated Snarget, you will receive the extremely valuable 
    Lustrous Element (10, 1000). Hop down the hole once you're finished.
    Sublevel 5: This peaceful rest level is home to a pair of Mamutas, some 
    Unmarked Spectralids, 5 or so Honeywisps, and an Iridescent Glint Beetle or 2.
    Also, you'll find a Queen Candypop Bud, which may come in handy if you lost a 
    few Piks in the last level. If you didn't know, Honeywisp eggs may contain 
    Mitites, so don't be alarmed if one contians some. Overall, theres not much to
    do, so flower up Piks, grab some sprays, and leave. Theres a Geyser in here, 
    if you feel you need it.
    Sublevel 6: When you start this level, dismiss your Pikmin, and gather Blues.
    Have the other captain hold on to the other colors. Kill the surrounding 
    Yellow and regular Wollywogs, Water Dumples, and Hermit Crawmads, plus 
    Wogpoles, if you like. If you wish, you can use the Lapis Lazuli Candypop Buds
    for extra Blue Piks. Gather up bodies, as well as the Nutrient Silo (15, 130),
    which is located on an island. Break the rock on an exit, and hop on down.
    Sublevel 7: SUB-BOSS: Ranging Bloyster: You first and foremost concern is to 
    find a safe spot to keep Piks in. Run as far away from the beast as you can, 
    and open a gate to get a safe spot. Use Decorated Cannon Beetle rocks to kill 
    all 4 Beetles, then take out your Purples. Use the same tactics as in the 
    Shower Room to take down this beast. Get behind the Bloyster with one captian,
    and as it turns around, switch to the other and pound it with Purples. You can
    either split the Piks or have one leader have 'em all. It's completely up to 
    you. Carry back carcasses, as well as the Joyless Jewel (5, 100), before 
    heading down.
    Sublevel 8: This level contains Bulbmin, but no treasure. You'll find a couple
    of Crimson Candypop Buds down here, plus a Queen Candypop Bud. Also, you can 
    take the Geyser if you're not feeling lucky. Otherwise, hop on down once more.
    Sublevel 9: This level contains one of each full grown Bulborb and Bulbear, 
    plus a Fiery Bulblax, from each species, plus several Dwarves of each. 
    Hopefully, you'll have at least 2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays, one for each Bulbear 
    and Bulblax. Be sure to take out the Bulbear quickly, so it can't gain any 
    followers, but that's not a problem, since it usually starts right next to 
    you. The Fiery Bulblax hold the Dimensional Slicer (8, 100). Once everything's
    done, move on to level 10.
    Sublevel 10: SUB-BOSS: Emperor Bulblax (x2): Usually, one will start near 
    landing point. Don't worry though, because these guys can be taken out with 
    ease, using Purples. Note that if one of the Emperors uses its time-slowing 
    ultra-roar, any other Emeror Bulblaxes in the level will pop themselves out of
    the ground. Gas Pipes are scattered around, and Mitites will pop out of the 
    ground at a couple points. One of the Bulblaxes will leave behind the 
    Treasured Gyro Block (5, 80). Get it and go.
    Sublevel 11: SUB-BOSS: Empress Bulblax: Almost immeadiately after starting, 
    the butt-end of the Empress Bulblax that is facing you will start shooting out
    Bulborb Larvae, so gather your Pikmin and dismiss as far from the Bulblax as 
    you can, along the back wall. Run up the Larvae with just a leader and bunch 
    them once to kill them outright. Switch back to your second leader and grab 
    your Purples. Kill the next Larva with Olimar (let's say), then dash to the 
    other end of the cave with Shyacho and his 20 Purples. Toss 'em on to the 
    Empress' head, and call them back before she throws them off. Quickly, before 
    the Empress starts her rolling cycle, switch to Olimar and take out anymore 
    Larvae that spawned. Now, as the Bulblax rolls, when she hits a wall, rocks 
    will fall, always on the leader with Pikmin (Shyacho). So, switch back to him,
    and dodge the rocks with great finesse. After hitting each wall, the Empress 
    will halt in the center. Lather, rinse, and repeat until the monarch is no 
    more. Your Treasure for this battle is the Favorite Gyro Block (5, 80). Break 
    down the gate, and move on down.
    Sublevel 12: A rest level here. One of each kind of those hit and run Beetles,
    Flint, Glint, and Doodlebug. The Glint Beetle holds the Lost Gyro Block (5, 
    80). A Queen Candypop Bud is provided, as well as a Geyser for those who are 
    sick of this cave. But as true Heroes, you should continue down the hole. Oh 
    and see if you can't make one of the Beetles flip off the edge. It's good for 
    a laugh! :)
    Sublevel 13: Time now for everybodys truely favorite boss, now with water!
    SUB-BOSS: Man-at-Legs: First though, take a moment to gather up Blues with 
    Olimar, and keep Prez' and the rest of the Pikmin tightly in a corner. Look 
    also for bumps in the ground you can walk over, as they provide optimum cover 
    from laser assaults. Don't toss Pikmin into the orb in the nest, which is in 
    the center of a small pond Remember to wait for 3 bursts, with a pause 
    in between each, to pass before leaving protection. Attack the central orb, use
    some Ultra-Spicy Sprays if you want. You'll receive the Memorable Gyro Block 
    (5, 80) for your effort. Skip on down to the next level once you're finished.
    Sublevel 14: Ahh, my good ole' arachnophobia...*shudders*...several Dweevuls 
    of all 4 types grace this level-beat 'em up with your captains. In the middle 
    of the lake, a far larger arachnid will come calling.
    SUB-BOSS: Beady Long Legs: This time, you'll want to use Blues, due to water 
    hazards here. Spice them up if you like, and toss them onto the Beady Long-
    Legs as it lowers its orb. Be sure to avoid the stamping feet. Kill the thing,
    and the Fond Gyro Block (5, 80) is yours. Hop on down to the hole, or kill 
    Dweevils, or both, your choice.
    Sublevel 15 (Final Floor): At last, your long, hard journey has come to an 
    end. Before tackling the Boss, however, take your Purples and skirt the edge, 
    taking out the 4 Jellyfloats. Head back to the Pod, take your Reds, leave them
    near the entrance of the arena, and head out to the center.
    BOSS: Raging Long Legs: Hardly a challenging boss, it must be the final boss 
    to commemorate your achievement of completing all 15 levels, or something. Set
    your Reds spiced, and toss 'em all on the Raging Long Legs' orb, which is 
    extremely difficult to miss, in any sense of the phrase. Call your Red Piks 
    back just before they're shaken off, and run away. Keep count of the number of
    steps the arachnorb takes, which is usually 8 or 12. Resume your attack once 
    the Long Legs slows. Another 2 runs'll often finish the beast giving you the 
    Remembered Old Buddy (30, 250). Some eggs are by the Pod; toss 5-ish Purples 
    on each, so that if Mitites burst out, they'll be killed instantly. When 
    everything is cleaned up, hop on the Geyser, and its Cave Complete, and the 
    last one you'll have a chance to enjoy! :)
    WISTFUL WILD: Put back all your Piks except Blues, and take out 40 more for 60
    total Blue Pikmin. Head left out of camp, up the hill and left again into some
    3 Dwarf Red Bulborbs. Rid them of there lives, then move into the pond. Take 
    out the Yellow Wollywog, and destroy the Cloaking Burrow-Nit and the Fiery 
    Blowhog. Get your Piks to build the bridge. Once they're done give 'em some 
    spoils and head back to camp. Put away your remaining Blues and take out 50-
    ish White 'Mins. Have them Tear down the Black Gate guarded by Gas Pipes.
    In the mean time, use your other captain to gather spoils and berries. Reap a 
    few extra sprouts before the day is out, and gather up your Whites at the Gate
    if the sun sets too soon.
    DAY 21: Kick off this beautiful morning by retrieving 30 Purple Piks and 20 
    Blues. Today, some things might respawn, so more seeds in the end.
    Head back to the bridge you built yesterday, killing a Swooping Snitchbug and 
    several Dwarf Red Bulborbs along the way. When you reach the bridge, you may 
    encounter a Cloaking Burrow-Nit destroying your Min's handiwork! Leave your 
    Purple Pikmin and bring Blues across the stream. Eliminate the giant bug, 
    helping out if neccesary. Reconstruct what was lost, then switch out your 
    Blues for Purples. 
    Head through the former black gate (if you didn't get it finished, then you'll
    need to tear it down with Whites) and eliminate the Orange Bulborbs one at a 
    time. Remember that the Withering Blowhog cannot send your Purple Piks flying 
    around, although the 'Mins will lose their flowers. Once the three enemies in 
    here are defeated, head down the other end of the stump to meet the Dream Den.
    Break eggs to get what nectar you need then turn around. Near the ramp you 
    used to come down here is the Anti-hiccup Fungus (5, 30). Also, one of the 
    Orange Bulborbs will have left behind the Seed of Greed (10, 70). Don't gather
    them yet though, 'cuz you'll need all the Purples you have for this next part.
    Back near the bridge, you should notice a path wind around the stump. Follow 
    it along to encounter a field with 3 Creeping Chrysanthemums and a pair of 
    Withering Blowhogs. Dispatch each of the budded beasts first, one at a time if
    possible. Once you've eliminated all enemy presences in the area, gather up 
    the Armored Nut (5, 60) left behind by one of the three Chrysanthemums, plus 
    the 2 Treasures from earlier.
    Really, not much is left to do today, so gather what berries you can, as well 
    as any sprouts you'd like. Also, if you're compelled to do so, you can tear 
    down that gate by the Dream Den, but keep in mind it has Gas Pipes underneath 
    DAY 22: You guessed it, the very last day of our little journey. Do whatever 
    you like throughout the day, perhaps gather a few more Berries or sprouts.
    Once you've finished with that, use Purples to bulldoze a path to the Dream 
    Den through various respawning enemies. Once you're done with that, take 30 
    Reds, 20 of each Blues and Yellows, and 15 of each Purples and Whites, and hop 
    on down, into the final cave.
    Total Sublevels: 14
    Total Treasures: 21
    Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
    Enemies: Anode Beetle
             Anode Dweevil
             Antenna Beetle
             Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
             Bumbling Snitchbug
             Careening Dirigibug
             Caustic Dweevil
             Dwarf Bulbear
             Dwarf Orange Bulborb
             Electric Wires
             Fiery Blowhog
             Fiery Bulblax
             Fiery Dweevil
             Fire Geyser
             Gas Pipe
             Gatling Groink
             Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
             Hairy Bulborb
             Hermit Crawmad
             Iridescent Flint Beetle
             Iridescent Glint Beetle
             Lesser-Spotted Jellyfloat
             Munge Dweevil
             Orange Bulborb
             Puffy Blowhog
             Red Bulborb
             Snow Bulborb
             Withering Blowhog
    Boss: Titan Dweevil
    You'll need a good 2 hours for this cave: 1 for levels 1-13, the other for the
    Titan Dweevil. Seriously though, don't attempt this cave unless you're up for 
    the challenge of all challenges.
    Sublevel 1: You'll probably notice the overabundance of Dwarf Orange Bulborbs 
    in this level; get used to it. If a Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat starts near you,
    kill it quickly. Pound nearby D.O.B.s, then proceed to disable a Gas Pipe that
    usually blocks entrance into the second part of the level. Take out some more 
    Dwarven Bulborbs, as well as Jellyfloats and Hermit Crawmads-careful, as one 
    be be surrounded by plants. Once you've eliminated the enemies (use Purples), 
    pick up the Disguised Delicacy (15, 40) out of a dead-end, bust up the Gas 
    Pipe guarding the rock-covered hole, destroy that stone, and be on your way. 
    Oh, and don't worry about the Bulborbs that are "out-of-bounds."
    Sublevel 2: One of the more puzzling levels, you may be here a bit. Dismiss 
    your Pikmmin after taking out any nearby Bulborbs (behind the wal) then leave 
    'em and head out. Now, you need to be careful to avoid the Gatling Groinks 
    blasts. However, you CAN manipulate them to kill other beasts, so do just 
    that. Take out the smattering of Snow Bulborbs, plus the one Hairy Bulborb, 
    by punching them, luring them into getting blasted, or a mix of the two. Once 
    the Bulborbs are eliminated, take your Yellows, hike up the block ramp by the 
    Groink's Tower, and pound it with the Piks. Get it to the pod before it 
    recharges, as well as all the other carcasses, the Implement of Toil (2, 55) 
    which is on the other side of that toy block wall, and the Manual Honer (10, 
    130), which is spilled by the Gatling Groink. When your satisfied, continue on
    down the hole.
    Sublevel 3: A Bulbear contains this level's only Treasure, but you have to 
    lure it down first. First, go out by yourself and use the Treasure Gauge to 
    scout out where the Bulbear will fall. If any Dwarf Bulbears are nearby, 
    they'll do that shout thing and move half an inch before stopping. If they do 
    this over and over AND OVER, that's an indication of where the Bulbear will 
    drop. Take a White Pikmin (because they're the fastest), and head to where the
    Bulbear is to lure it down, avoiding Dwarf Bulbears. Now, if you can get the 
    Bulbear to walk off the ledge, I suggest you do. Perhaps you might be able to,
    persay, veer suddenly into a dead-end once you have some space between the 
    Bulbear and yourself. It take to most direct route to you, dropping off into 
    an infinite void along the way. The Treasure it was carrying, the Glee Spinner
    (5, 140), will magically appear near where the Bulbear went overboard. 
    Otherwise, freeze the dude with a Purple spray, and swarm it. Either way, once
    you've gotten it, make your way to the exit, avoiding Careening Dirigibugs, 
    Electric Wires, Gas Pipes, Bomb-Rocks, and more Dwarf Bulbears.
    Sublevel 4: Start off by leaving your Piks and heading out along the winding 
    paths. Get the many Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae to take each other out by 
    getting in between them and lining yourself up perfectly. Polish what ACBLs 
    that you couldn't otherwise manipulate off with punches, then grab Purples. 
    Land a Purple Pik close enough to an Anode Beetle to flip it over, but not 
    directly on it, then kill it. Use the ACBLs to knock out Gas Pipes, and grab 
    the Mirrored Element (10, 300) from next to the exit, which you should use 
    once you're done.
    Sublevel 5: Dismiss and grab Red Pikmin once you start off this level. Take 
    'em around, disabling Fire Geysers as you go. Carefully eliminate the Fiery 
    and Withering Blowhogs you encounter. Once you've done that, leave your Red 
    Pikmin and scout out the Fiery Bulblax. Get it to walk off the edge, and 
    retreive the Insect Condo (15, 40) from nearby. Pound the 2 Red Bulborbs down 
    here, collect bodies, and move along.
    Sublevel 6: Store you Pikmin in one of the dead-ends, and grab your Purples. 
    Destroy the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat to obtain the Future Orb (25, 200). 
    Also make short work of the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat and the 2 Armored Cannon
    Beetle Larvae. You'll find the hole behind one of the various gates.
    Sublevel 7: A good, fun old level! Cluster you Pikmin in a safe spot, and grab
    Purples. Take out Bumbling Snitchbugs first, then Careening Dirigibugs, and 
    Puffy Blowhogs last. Remember, Purples aren't effected by gusts from Puffy 
    Blowhogs. This level isn't hard, but it is incredibly tricky. Take your time a
    plot out the best course of action. Remember to wriggle free if you get 
    snatched by a Snitchbug. One of the Puffy Blowhogs will leave behind the the 
    Essence of Desire (8, 90). Once you've retrieved that, bust open the hole and 
    jump on down.
    Sublevel 8: This is the incredibly fun "Dweevil level!" Start by locating the 
    Antenna Beetle. Take out the barrier by it with the appropriate Pikmin, then 
    switch for Purples, and pound the beast. Once that's done, you may begin the 
    long process of disabling Electric Wires, Gas Pipes, and Fire Geysers, plus 
    eliminating Fiery, Anode, Caustic, and Munge Dweevils. Remember, Leaders can 
    punch Dweevils, so keep that in mind. Also, Purples are surprisingly effective
    against the spiders-but be careful if you use them against Anode Dweevils. A 
    spider will often start near the Possessed Squash (30, 180). You'll also find 
    the Extreme Perspirator (15, 150) in a dead-end. Once the cash corpses have 
    been gathered jump on down the hole.
    Sublevel 9: A rest level here. You can stock up on sprays, as well as flower 
    up some Piks, from the Iridescent Flint and Glint Beetles, plus a pair of 
    Doodlebugs. If you really need to, use the Geyser in here, but otherwise, lets
    move on, shall we?
    Sublevel 10: This level can really be discouraging to those attempting to get 
    through this cave without losing a single Pikmin (the Titan Dweevil? Psh, yeah
    right, but still). Immeadiately dismiss Piks and head over to the Gatling 
    Groink, wherever it is. Take 15 minutes to kill the thing with Olimar, then go
    and grab some Blues. Take out enemies near the Groink's body, then get it to 
    the Pod ASAP. From here, wipe out the rest of the enemies in this area, 
    including Water Dumples, Wollywogs, and Fiery Blowhogs. A pair of Lesser 
    Spotted Jellyfloats are also present, one of which holds the Talisman of Life 
    (15, 90). Collect the beasts for a few measley Pokos, then move on down the 
    Sublevel 11: Kick off this level by killing the closest enemy you can, lure 
    the Breadbug to it, dragging the body back, then nailing the Breadbug with a 
    Pikmin to kill it. That being done, disable surrounding Gas Pipes, and gather 
    your Purples. If several enemies, including Cloaking Burrow-Nits, Dwarf 
    Bulbears, Fiery/Watery Blowhogs, and a Bumbling Snitchbug, get clustered 
    together, do your best to lure one away and kill it, picking 'em off one at a 
    time. Your two Treasures of this level, the Yellow Taste Tyrant (15, 100) and 
    the Boss Stone (8, 110), can be randomized; one will appear on the ground, the
    other, up on a stump accessible from a ledge behind it. Once you've gather 
    everything, lets move on.
    Sublevel 12: Polish off nearby enemies, then take out nearby Gas Pipes. Scout 
    around with Whites, disabling any Gas Pipes you come across. Once you're done,
    exchange the pale Pikmin for Purples ones. Take out a pair of Orange Bulborbs,
    one of which has the Stringent Container (10, 130). Also be on the look out 
    for an Antenna Beetle and any Wollywogs that didn't start near you. Also, pull
    the Universal Com (5, 100) out of the ground from behind a gate. Take 
    everything back for cash, and move on down the hole. 
    Sublevel 13: There are 5 Bulborbs down here in these cramped quarters. I 
    suggest you use Ultra-Bitter Sprays on the two Orange Bulborbs to keep things 
    from getting out of hand or eaten. Destroy all five beasts with purples, and 
    grab the Hypnotic Platter (4, 100) which was left behind by an Orange Bulborb.
    And so, bearing this Treasure in your holds, you should now have all but 5 
    pieces, all of which are found on level 14 of the Dream Den. Those who are 
    truly brave may continue.
    Sublevel 14 (Final Floor): Well, here we are. The final boss sits in the 
    center of the arena. For the strategy we'll use, give Olimar your Blues, then 
    tuck Shyacho and the rest of the Pikmin in a corner next to the Geyser. 
    Stumble down into the center to view a cutscene of...Louie! Close in one him, 
    and, lo' and behold, the Titan Dweevil emergeth!
    FINAL BOSS: Titan Dweevil: I wasn't joking when I said you need about an hour.
    If you don't have one, come back and do this later. Mmm...yes, the Titan 
    Dweevil. The legs don't hurt, but the weapons do...at least to Pikmin, you'll 
    just get knocked over, but no damage. Descriptions are provided below.
    Shock Therapist (30, 1000): Located on the front of the Titan Dweevil, the 
    Shock Therapist is an electricity-based weapon. When in use, it'll launch 
    spike-balls that'll fire an electric current between them. Once it begins 
    smoking, the spike-balls will have electricity being fired at them as they're 
    released. Seeing as electric is the only element that CAN kill Pikmin 
    outright, the only logical course of action is to use Yellows only. Unless you 
    use Yellows on all four weapons, you might get this one done the fastest. Take
    this bad boy out second to ensure Reds and Whites won't suffer.
    Monster Pump (30, 1000): When facing the Titan Dweevil, the this weapon is 
    located to the  left of the Shock Therapist. Reminiscent of a water faucet, 
    the Monster Pump fires balls of water capable of reaching any point on the 
    field. Once it begins smoking, the Pump will release more balls of water a 
    farther distance. As such, this weapon should be dispatched first, to ensure 
    that Pikmin CAN be stored safely on the side.
    Flare Cannon (30, 1000): To the right of the Shock Therapist is a fire-based 
    weapon. When in use, this giant flamethrower will issue columns of fire as it 
    rotates in a 180-degree arc. Once the weapon begins smoking, it'll fire longer
    columns of flame, as well as rotate so that it's arc is always facing you. 
    While it makes no difference if this it taken out third or fourth, it seems 
    more practical to make it number 3.
    Comedy Bomb (30, 1000: On the Dweevil's rear sits this weapon, a poison-based 
    one. Unless you find something funny about Pikmin flopping madly everywhich 
    way, though, this weapon possesses little power of comedy. When put to work, 
    this weapon fires three long arcs of poison. Simply get up on the ramps to 
    avoid them, or move in between, which is no hard feat. Once the weapon begins 
    smoking, it will fire four arcs that move at a faster pace, and may reverse 
    direction halfway though the spin. Save this for last.
    Two things: first, the Titan Dweevil will tint itself the color of the element
    it is using. Second, when a weapon smokes, it has beeter odds for use.
    So, with your non-Blues out in a corner, hang out around, not under the Titan 
    Dweevil as it stomps around. Once it move each leg twice, you'll hear almost 
    a groaning sound, and the Titan Dweevil will lower it's body. Toss Piks on the
    Monster Pump, then call them back as an attack is prepared. If the Titan 
    Dweevil uses the Shock Therapist, GET OUT OF THE WAY! If the Comedy Bomb of 
    Flare Cannon are used, just get up on a ramp. If the Titan Dweevil uses, the 
    Monster Pump, however, you'll need to switch to Shyacho, and keep a steady 
    whistle going over his Piks. Once the water stops coming, switch back to 
    Olimar. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Once the weapon is knocked off, don't bother transporting it back to the Pod. 
    Instead, pull out Shyacho, give him the Blues, take the Yellows, and put him 
    back in his corner. You won't need to worry about Shyachos crew anymore.
    Now, lets go after the Shock Therapist, shall we? Take your Yellows down in to
    the arena, and toss 'em onto the electric weapon. Thanks to a Yellows height 
    bonus, you can reach the Shock Therapist no matter how high up it is! Remember
    to flee to a ramp if the Flare Cannon or the Comedy Bomb is used. In all, the 
    Shock Therapist is the easiest one to remove, since you can hit it at anytime.
    Of course, there is no one way to fight this monstrous monster, and you may 
    feel compelled to use Yellows on all four weapons.
    Oh, another note: if a Pikmin attacks a weapon while it is in use, and 
    continues to attack that weapon as it is withdrawn, the Titan Dweevil will 
    automatically attack again, but it will shake off the attacking Pikmin.
    After you've remove the Shock Therapist, trade your Yellows for Shyachos Reds.
    At this point, if you want to transport the two Treasures back to the Pod, you
    may as well-just make sure that the Titan Dweevil doesn't use the Comedy Bomb,
    and that you use Reds otherwise.
    If you choose to get the Treasures tucked away, do so. Now, you'll return to 
    having to wait for the Titan Dweevil to lower itself before you can attack. 
    It is possible to get a Pik or three on a weapon while the Dweevil is on the 
    move, but you'll end up tossing you Pikmin all over the arena, which could 
    yield disaterous consequences should the Comedy Bomb be put into use. So, just
    wait for your chance to toss on a Pik or five, then dash away if the Comedy 
    Bomb is put to use.
    When the Flare Cannon comes off, tote it to the Pod, if you can, or just leave
    it and grab your Whites in place of your Reds.
    At this point, you're probably relieved to know that, so long as you only use 
    White Pikmin, you're in the clear, and there is no way you can lose a single 
    Pik. Again, you'll have to wait for the Titan Dweevil to lower itself before 
    you can attack. If you want to speed things up, use Reds or Yellows for 
    assistance. If you don't want to take risks, stick to just Whites. Either way,
    its fairly smooth sailing from here.
    Once the Comedy Bomb is peeled off, the Titan Dweevil's hard exterior will 
    fall away to reveal the tender, juicy insides. When is saw that it didn't die 
    the first time, here are some of the things that went through my head, as they
    may through yours if you didn't know this was coming: @&#%!!! Will it attack 
    with all elements??? #@&%!!! @*$?ing !*&$head &$@#%?\!!!!!! Now that you know,
    however, we can prevent you from thinking these things.
    Grab every last Pikmin you have, and toss them onto the Titan Dweevil's 
    enormous head. What are it's attacks now? It shakes off your Pikmin! That's 
    it! Praise the lord! Kill this king crab-spider-whatever by simply loading 
    its head down with Piks. Actually, its punchy-grabby thing it does is the 
    Titans way of offing Piks.
    Kill the beast to be treated to a spectacular scene: the Titan Dweevil becomes
    covered in blue soapy bubbles. And then...it pops! And there sits Louie, in 
    all his tired glory, your final prize for your long adventure. After an 
    examination by the ship, grab the King of Bugs (1, 10), tote him back to the 
    pod, and hit the geyser for your very last "Cave Complete!"
    WISTFUL WILD: After landing, you'll wait a few seconds before being treated to
    arguably the neatest cutscene in the game!
    And that, my friends, is it. Now, go have dinner, then lets try Challenge 
    Mode, shall we?
    6. Challenge Mode Walkthrough ================================================
    * Coming Soon! *
    7. 2-Player Battle ===========================================================
    For those who can't seem to find a good friend (or constantly succumb to their 
    friend's tactics), you can find helpful tips for the 10 2-P Battle mode. Win 
    by gathering your Opponent's Marble, four Yellow Marbles, or causing your 
    opponent or all of their Pikmin to perish.
    Enemies: Dwarf Red Bulborb x 4
             Female Sheargrub x 8-11 (random)
    Quick Win: Yellow Marbles
    A great place for beginners, the Battle Field is a very basic level. With a 
    small grove at either end of the field, several possible combinations can be 
    put into effect: a wide open arena, a constricted path with a third alcove 
    halfway between each players base, or (my personal favorite) two open area 
    with a large wall in between them and two paths on either side.
    For a fast win, dig up four Yellow Marbles and send them off to your Onion to 
    triumph. For a challenge, try stealing you Opponent's Marble; just make sure 
    yours doesn't get kidnapped as well!
    Enemies: Female Sheargrub x 10+ (random)
             Snow Bulborb x 3
    Quick Win: Opponent's Marble
    In this branching arena, there are almost no open areas, save the player's 
    Onion areas. Look for Female Sheargrups to boost your Pikmin population, but 
    beware of the Snow Bulborbs until you have a good 20 Piks. 
    Because of the various paths that form this level, the easiest means of 
    victory is to rob your opponent of their Marble; just be careful to conceal 
    your efforts, and you might get away with it!
    Enemies: Dwarf Orange Bulborb x 10
             Dwarf Red Bulborb x random
             Female Sheargrub x 8-10 (random)
             Puffy Blowhog x 2
    Quick Win: Opponent's Marble
    This level is infested with Bulborbs, so tread with care. The Puffy Blowhogs 
    can become quite a nuisance, so take them out quickly before you opponent can 
    strike-or leave them to annoy you opponent instead. 
    Seek out a back way of reaching your enemy's Marble, and act the part of the 
    theif, but guard that Marble fiercely from predators on the way back!  
    Enemies: Dwarf Bulbear x 10
             Female Sheargrub x 8-10 (random)
             Raging Long Legs x 0-1 (random)
             Red Bulborb x 4
    Quick Win: Yellow Marbles
    My absolute favorite arena, the Angle Maze comes in two varieties: a spin-off 
    of Dream Den, Sublevel 10 (very maze-esqe) or an open field variety which 
    includes the Raging Long Legs. The giant arachnorb can be annoying, but its 
    good for a laugh when in lands in front of your opponent's base!
    Especially when your enemy is trapped behind a Raging Long Legs, but otherwise
    as well, it is quite simple to rob the field of 4 Yellow Marbles quickly. Of 
    course, with the large variety of Grub-dogs to add to the fun, this level is 
    good for a half-an-hour brawl as well.
    Enemies: Armored Cannon Beetle Larva x 2
             Dwarf Red Bulborb x 4+ (random)
             Snow Bulborb x random
    Quick Win: Yellow Marbles
    For those who'd rather fight their way toward each other than fight each other
    directly, the Colosseum is the perfect choice. With an absolute crap-load of 
    Bulborbs, plus Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae here and there, things WILL get 
    hectic. Of course, the fun is in manipulating Larvae into shoot down other 
    enemies, or, even better, opposing Piks!
    If you get lucky, perhaps several Yellow Marbles will start on your side, as 
    the level is generally broken down into 2 or 3 constricted openings. 
    Otherwise, make the attempt to lure your opposing leader into get biten or 
    shot to death to claim victory.
    Enemies: Dwarf Red Bulborb x 10
             Female Sheargrub x random
             Gatling Groink x 0-2 (random)
             Honeywisp x 4+ (random)
    Quick Win: Yellow Marbles
    This is another fun level to take forever on. With two varieties, this level 
    will surprise you and offer a challenge at the same time. Don't worry, as the 
    style with Gatling Groinks finds them mounted on towers and stationary. The 
    other version is a remake of Subterranean Complex, Sublevel 5.
    It is rather simple to gather up a set of Yellow Marbles, so do so quickly to 
    ensure a victory. Be careful of the edges, as Piks can get thrown clear into 
    the abyss.
    Enemies: Cloaking Burrow-Nit x 4
             Decorated Cannon Beetle x 4
             Skitter Leaf x 8
    Quick Win: Opponent's Marble
    In the field, you can duke it out with your opponent, some enemies, or both. 
    Keep in mind that the stones of Decorated Cannon Beetles can be turned to 
    weapons of mass destruction by luring them into enemy hordes of Piks.
    If your opponent becomes engaged in the center, be sure to steal their Marble-
    just be sure to keep your enemy preoccupied as you make off with the sphere!
    Enemies: Skitter Leaf x random
             Snow Bulborb x random
             Water Dumple x 4
             Yellow Wollywog x 1-4 (random)
    Quick Win: Yellow Marbles
    This level has enemies scattered everywhere, hidden in alcoves, or out in 
    plain sight. The Yellow Wollywogs can be a bit of a nuisance, but with the 
    right technique, they can further your efforts to decimate your opponents 
    forces or build your own Pikmin population. Depending on the setup you get, 
    you and your opponent may have a lowered area separating you, or you'll each 
    start in the slick dips with many passages between.
    Narrow, winding passages are the perfect place for enemies, cherries, and, of
    course, Yellow Marbles. Nab them before your opponent does to clinch victory, 
    or duke it out for the golden orbs.
    Enemies: Breadbug x 4
             Female Sheargrub x random
    Quick Win: Opponent's Marble
    You may find yourself torn between letting a Breadbug hide your Marble away 
    and keeping at your Onion. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your 
    sphere's theft, so be sure to note where it is hidden. 
    It pays to keep close tabs on the Breadbug that steals your Opponent's Marble 
    too, for you can proceed to kill that Breadbug and make off with enemy's orb 
    without their knowledge!
    Enemies: Anode Beetle x 8
             Careening Dirigibug x 4
             Fiery Blowhog x 2
             Watery Blowhog x 2
    Quick Win: Pikmin Extinction
    Its all about your plan when this is your level of choice. The only time 
    you're allowed to pick up Bomb-Rocks, you can push them around to heft them 
    upon your leader and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. Perhaps you could
    also consider tempting your opponent's Piks onto you, then running them into 
    electricity somewhere.
    With fire, water, and electricity present, not to mention the ridiculous 
    number of Bomb-Rocks and the Careening Dirigibugs adding to them, it is no 
    difficult feat to quickly eliminate you opponent's Pikmin. The level itself 
    isn't quite 'Min-friendly, either.
    These are the assorted benefits and plagues that can be bestowed upon a player
    who sends a cherry back to their Onion. Note that up to 5 spin can be stored 
    at once. Simply hit the Y Button to activate the effect as it becomes 
    ULTRA-SPICY SPRAY: Collect a bunch, and use them to defeat stronger enemies or
    your opponent's Pikmin.
    ULTRA-BITTER SPRAY: Save 'em up, and use them to freeze nearby enemies you 
    face, or bury opposing Piks in the ground.
    VOLATILE DWEEVIL: A Volatile Dweevil will fall on your opponent. Particularly 
    useful when your opponent is engaged in a fight or uprooting Piks.
    FIERY/WATERY BLOWHOG: Depending on your opponent's color of Pikminm the 
    Blowhog the rival Piks are susceptable to will fall near the enemy Onion. 
    (Red=Watery Blowhog, Blue=Fiery Blowhog)
    WITHERING BLOWHOG: A Withering Blowhog will appear near your opponent's Onion.
    Its rather annoying, really.
    SWOOPING SNITCHBUG: Perhaps even more annoying, this to will appear at your 
    opponent's Onion.
    RED/BLUE MARBLE: Your Marble will bounce its way back to underneath your 
    Onion, except for when it is trapped in a Breadbug's hole.
    BOULDER: Giant stones will pelt your enemy. While they're surprisingly easy to
    avoid, save it for when your opponent is plucking sprouts-they'll have no time
    to escape!
    WHITE FLOWER: All off your above-ground Pikmin will instantly bloom into 
    flowers. A useful item to get early on.
    SPROUT +5: Your Onion will shoot 5 seeds into the ground. Useful early on, or 
    late into the match.
    SPROUT +10: Your Onion will shoot 10 seeds into the ground. Very useful in the
    beginning of the match, or if your Pikmin are massacred by enemy creatures.
    PIKMIN GHOST: You and your Pikmin will become completely invisible to your 
    opponent. Unfortunately, the dust cloud your Piks kick up are visible, as is 
    their glow when idle.
    -Always look for ways to lure creatures into attacking your opponent's Pikmin.
    It's rather hilarious to see hordes of Bulborbs devouring enemy Piks, or 
    watching them get squashed by the homing rocks of a Decorated Cannon Beetle.
    -In every level, you'll start with 4 or 5 Pellet Posies near you base, and 
    often an enemy or three. Be sure to try and get your color pellets to maximize
    Pikmin production.
    -Scouting out cherries early on can yield incredibly useful results. It's a 
    great bonus when you receive +10 seeds, or, even better, when you opponent 
    receives a blowhog!
    -Keep an eye on your opponent's screen from time to time. If your rival 
    becames engaged in something, use the chance to make off with their marble!
    -While I listed quick ways to win in each level, that is not, by any means, to
    say that that is the only way to win. Often, it all depends on the layout, and
    whether it is easier to dig up Yellow Marbles, or steal your opponents.
    -In several levels, you'll find that Shearwigs will pop out from under 
    uncovered Yellow Marbles, so take care when theiving the golden orbs.
    -Opposing Pikmin can't hurt you, but can limit your actions while they are 
    attached to you. Simply spin the Control Stick and/or C Stick to send rival 
    Piks flying. Additionally, Pikmin killed by one another will be regenerated 
    as seeds at the appropriate Onion.
    -Remember to scout out cherries whenever possible! Its quite hilarious to 
    watch your friend try to cope with a Snitchbug, a Fiery/Watery Blowhog, and 
    two Withering Blowhogs at the same time!
    -Don't forget sprays, either! If you catch you opponent, take no prisoners and
    plant those Piks back in the ground with an Ultra-Bitter Spray, or add some 
    sprouts to your opponent's Onion after using an Ultra-Spicy Spray. Beware of 
    non-original copycats!
    8. Bonuses ===================================================================
    These are the six cutscenes you can unlock. They can be acessed at any time 
    from the "Bonuses" option on the Title Screen Menu. I'll also throw in the 
    special title screen Easter Eggs below.
    To Unlock: Complete Day 1 in Story Mode and Save.
    Viewed: When you start a new file; may be shown randomly if Title Screen is 
    left idle.
    Script: Hocotate Freight is a long-haul deep-space shipping company. One day, 
    its only employee of any merit, Captain Olimar crashed on an uncharted planet 
    while on an interstellar vacation. There, he was aided by indigenous creatures
    which he called Pikmin. In the end, Captain Olimar escaped, but in Olimar's 
    abscene, his employer, Hocotate Freight, ran into financial difficulties...
    Shyacho: Olimar, I'm so glad you're safe! Yes, very glad. Quite glad. But...
    sadly, I have an annoucement to make to is not so glad: our company is going 
    under. Yes, we're finished. On his first mission, Louie here met a ravenous 
    Space Bunny and his entire load of Golden Pikpik brand carrots was eaten! I 
    had to take out an enormous loan to repay the debt from this loss. I decided 
    to sell of coporate assets to repay the loan, but the only asset we had to 
    sell was your ship, the S.S. Dolphin. As for the rest of our loan...we have no
    means to repay it! Olimar! What is that? You brought that back as a souvenir 
    for your kid?
    Ship: Treasure! Treasure! Treasure! Money! Money! Money! Money! Initiating 
    valuation of recovered Treasure. This artifact is worth 100 Pokos!
    Shyacho: That thing is worth 100 Pokos! That's more than a year's salary! 
    WHAT! There are MORE on that planet? They can repay our debt! Louie! You dolt!
    Look alive, you must depart imeadiately with Captain Olimar!
    To Unlock: Obtain 10,000 Pokos in Story Mode (if you're in a cave, exit it) 
    and Save after viewing.
    Viewed: After Obtaining 10,000 Pokos (and emerging from cave, if neccesary).
    Ship: Your mission is complete! You've earned 10,00 Pokos! Now Hocotate 
    Freight will be properous and debt free until the end of time!...Probably.  
    Prepare to blast off! We return to Hocotate triumphantly!
    [As Olimar turn to take one last glimpse at the planet, he remninscises of his
    experience with the three main Pikmin colors. Then, it suddenly dawns on 
    him... Louie is not in the cockpit!]
    To Unlock: After viewing the Debt Repayment Cinema, you will also view the 
    Credits. Save afterword.
    Viewed: After watching the Debt Repayment Cinema.
    Scrpit: [You'll watch Louie in sort of a clay-mation cartoon, adventuring in 
    the background as the Credits roll by.]
    To Unlock: After being ask if you would like to continue, select yes. Save 
    Viewed: After selecting Yes on the adventure continuation prompt.
    Shyacho: Thanks to you, our company has been saved! Hurrah! What?!? Theres 
    still more Treasure? ...Good gravy! If we collect it all, we'll be filthy 
    rich! Louie! ...Wheres Louie! What?!? You lost him? In that case, I shall go!
    To Unlock: Collect all 201 Treasures (if you're in a cave, exit it) and Save 
    after viewing.
    Viewed: After collecting the 201st Treasure (and emerging from cave, if 
    Script: [As the Ship lifts off, the Pikmin stand by watching. The President 
    sits laughing in the back cockpit, as Olimar witnesses hordes of Pikmin light 
    up their flowers and sing. The three Onion follow the Ship before going their 
    separate ways. The planet is put into view and 7 flowers containing PIKMIN 2 
    flash by, before the screen blacks out and the word "The End" pop up.]
    To Unlock: Receive a Pink Flower on all 30 Challenge Mode arenas and Save.
    Viewed: By acessing the Bonus screen after unlocking.
    Script: Louie's Dark Secret 
    The President entrusted Louie with the golden Pikpik carrots. But Louie 
    couldn't surpress his powerful hunger and he ate every last one. Then he 
    falsified his report to the president, which led to Hocotate Freight accruing 
    a insurmountable debt...
    [Louie puts his finger to his lips as the screen fades.]
    L Button: Pikmin will form/reform the name "Pikmim 2."
    R Button: Pikmin will form/reform the word "Nintendo."
    When words are formed, press:
    X Button: Summons a Red Bulborb
    Y Button: Summons an Iridescent Flint Beetle
    Z Button: As a Red Bulborb, causes the Red Bulborb to try and eat Pikmin
    C Stick: -Up: Moves creature in direction facing
             -Left/Right: Creature rotates in respective direction
    9. Frequently Asked Questions ================================================
    Q: How do I do this/find that/collect the other?
    A: Refer to my Walkthrough section. It details where to find everything. Also 
    check out Section 4, where tips are provided for many aspects of the game.
    Q: Where do I find Purple and White Onions?
    A: You don't. You can spawn Purple or White Pikmin by tossing any kind of 
    Pikmin in a either a Violet or Ivory Candypop Bud.
    Q: How do I defeat the _________?
    A: Refer to the Piklopedia, where I have detailed Simple Strategies 
    for defeating most enemies.
    Q: I found an error in your guide (mis-spellings, inconsistancies, etc.). 
    A: Let me know, and I'll include you in the Acknowledgements. Good for fame, 
    Q: I found an enemy that isn't listed in the cave I'm in.
    A: It's not easy to write an FAQ, but sorry if I missed something. If you 
    found Mitites in a cave that they're not listed under, that's because I did 
    not encounter them in that specific cave. If you've found an enemy-enemy, 
    e-mail it to me straight away, and you'll find your name under the credits. 
    I'll still add 'em even if they're Mitites, too.
    Q: You guide describes one of the underground area differently than as I see 
    A: The layout of the sublevels used in underground caves and in Challenge Mode
    are randomly generated. That is to say, the placement of some things, such as 
    Treasure, enemies, hazards, or distinct physical landmarks, is randomly 
    generated. Thus, I try to be as descriptive as possible while being vague 
    about the layout of the map, though I may slip up sometimes. 
    Q: Should I get this game?
    A: If you have a GameCube, that should be a no-brainer (meaning yes).
    10. The Stuff at the End =====================================================
    It couldn't have been possible with out...then he got ran over by a 
    tractor...blah blah blah. You may as well click that X in the top right 
    corner now, 'cuz this guide is pretty much done.
    10A. Acknowledgements --------------------------------------------------------
    Thanks to:
    My Mom, for picking this up for me from GameStop.
    GameStop, for having this game so soon (the 31st of August).
    My GameCube, for rectifying it's startup problem before the 31st of August.
    Shigeru Miyamoto, for creating Pikmin, and subsequently, Pikmin 2
    Shigeru Miyamoto's garden, for inspiring Shigeru Miyamoto to create Pikmin, 
    and subsequently, Pikmin 2
    Nintendo, for publishing Pikmin 2.
    CyricZ, for motivating me to write my own thourough FAQ (as not whole lot of 
    `em are super good, compared to his).
    John C., for being a huge help with my 2-P Battle and Challenge Walkthroughs.
    Nintendo Power, for 2-P Battle enemy content for all 10 levels.
    The Ultramind12, for discovering the hilarious Waterwraith-Piklopedia anomaly.
    10B. Contact -----------------------------------------------------------------
    If you wish to contact me, because you've found an error of sorts (not 
    pretaining to underground areas), or, for whatever strange reason, you want to 
    host this walkthrough on your own website, let me know at:      
    If you have a question, it is IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CHECK THE GUIDE AND MAKE 
    SURE YOUR QUESTION IS NOT ANSWERED. I make no guarentees as to how fast I may 
    answer you. It may be 3 days, or 3 weeks, or possibly longer.
    10C. Version Log -------------------------------------------------------------
    Version 1.50, 10/22/04, 311K: Sections 4., 7., and 8. are complete! I might do
    a complete spelling and grammar check before the Challenge mode update, but
    otherwise, this is probably my second-to-last update.
    Version 1.00, 10/10/04, 168K: The Walkthrough is complete! Next update will
    include Piklopedia, and maybe might to Challenge Mode.
    Version 0.75, 9/25/04, 98K: Up to second visit to Valley of Repose. Will 
    finish that, and hopefully, the Wistful Wild in next update. Also hope to 
    tackle the Piklopedia with next update. Will start Challenge Mode Walkthrough 
    Version 0.15, 9/20/04, 46K: Up to Day 4 in Walkthrough. Completed also, 
    sections 1-3 and 4D., for now.
    10D. Legal Stuff -------------------------------------------------------------
    All Names, Scenarios, Music, and other affiliated content of Pikmin 2 
    mentioned within this guide is Copyright 2004 Nintendo.
    All other content of this guide is Copyright 2004 David "Personuknow" Potter.
    All rights reserved.
    If you wish to post this guide on any site of yours or that you are affiliated 
    with, I have no objections to letting others use my work. However, IT IS 
    POST THIS GUIDE ON THE REQUESTED SITE. If you do feel compelled to obtain 
    rights to use this document, simply e-mail with the request, and site name.
    are caught using this guide without my explicit written permission, you are in 
    DIRECT VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT LAW. Reproduction of this document, in whole or 
    in part, and/or public distribution of this document, is DIRECTLY VIOLATING 
    The following sites may post this guide at their discretion:
    If you find this document, in whole or in part, on a site not listed above, I 
    urge you to contact me immeadiatley.
    Links to an accepted site (listed above) are permitable, upon the discretion 
    of the site's manager.
    10E. My Thinking -------------------------------------------------------------
    If you enjoy strategy, especially Real-Time, Pikmin 2 is a great game. Fun and 
    easy to pick up, it'll offer you many hours of play, in Single-Player, Two-
    Player, or Challenge Mode.
    As for me, I'll flop down on the ground now, and hope some Pikmin will come on 
    by, lift me up, and carry me off.

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