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    Mail FAQ by nez77

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    By Nez77
    Contact: nez777@yahoo.com
    Version 1.14
    Created September 20, 2004  (Last Updated June 19, 2011)
    This FAQ is © 2004 Nelly Cung (nez77)
    * This FAQ is dedicated to my boyfriend, Paul (AKA WebEffect).  He and I     *
    * have been dating since January 2003 and have already been put up against   *
    * dozens of hardships. One thing that hasn't changed is how much we love     *
    * receiving mail (electronic and letters) from each other.                   * 
    * I thought this FAQ was an appropriate dedication for him.                  *
    ==============================TABLE OF CONTENTS================================
    5. THE MAIL
    ==============================VERSION HISTORY==================================
    Version 1.14 : 06-19-11  Heading adjustments for consistency-sake
    Version 1.13 : 08-30-05  Corrected two typos
    Version 1.12 : 10-24-04  Corrected total mail count (79)
    Version 1.11 : 10-14-04  Updated credits section.
    Version 1.10 : 10-12-04  Was given a tip that I was missing a mail section.  
                             Added "Louie found before all treasures discovered"
    Version 1.00 : 09-30-04  Added "Using this FAQ" and Credits/Thanks
                             Spell-checked and ready for submission!
    Version 0.99 : 09-29-04  Added Copyright, Title, Table of Contents, and
                             About this FAQ.
    Version 0.06 : 09-28-04  Finished 8000 - 9999 Pokos
    Version 0.05 : 09-26-04  Finished 5000 - 7999 Pokos.
    Version 0.04 : 09-24-04  Finished 3000 - 4999 Pokos.
    Version 0.03 : 09-23-04  Finished 0 - 2999 Pokos.
    Version 0.02 : 09-22-04  Finished Game completed (10000 Pokos)
    Version 0.01 : 09-20-04  Started Mail FAQ, Started idea and organization.
                             Version History, Finished Treasures Completed.
    This FAQ is © 2004 Nelly Cung (nez77).  This FAQ cannot be used nor distributed
    for commercial use.  It cannot be distributed in any fashion without the 
    written permission of the writer.  Permission may be obtained by e-mailing me
    at:  nez777@yahoo.com.
    This guide must be displayed in its entirety.  Currently, the only site(s)
    allowed to post this FAQ is/are:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Nez77's Laboratory (my personal website at www.geocities.com/nez777)
    If you have any questions, comments or contributions to this FAQ, then please
    e-mail me at nez777@yahoo.com.  I hope you find this FAQ to be helpful.
    All logos, characters and plot ideas are properties of Shigeru Miyamoto and 
    Nintendo.  I do not claim any rights to the game (Pikmin 2) in any shape, 
    make or form.
    ==============================ABOUT THIS FAQ===================================
    I was intrigued at how this game has in and of itself is just two employees
    and a boss just doing their job.  If it weren't for the mail at the end of
    every day, then we, as the gamer, would know nothing about these characters. 
    How they think, their backgrounds, family, and their reputations.  The mail is
    completely useless in terms of completing the goal, but it gives the game an
    extra dimension that made the game more meaningful.  You weren't a pikmin, a
    drone just to do work, but you had people that depended on you, each with
    their own attitudes.
    I must say that this was one of the most painful FAQs that I have ever
    decided to write.  It wasn't that long, but the repetition was ridiculous, and
    just "GO TO SUNSET" all the time.  I hope that people will enjoy this FAQ so
    that they can read what the characters have to say without skipping days as I
    ==============================USING THIS FAQ===================================
    Mail is something that you'll get at each "Today's Report."  There are 64
    unique letters that depend on the progress in the game.  If it weren't for the
    mail, there wouldn't really be much plot or any character development in the
    The mail comes in "batches" depending on which batch you are currently in
    (i.e. how many Pokos you have earned).  If you move onto the next batch,
    without getting all of the mail, then the mail one will receive is from the
    new batch (thus skipping the rest in the old batch.)  If one were to stay
    within the batch over the number of mails in that batch, then the player will
    receive the last mail over and over again until progressing in the game.
    I have tried, within reason, to get all the mail that I was able to get. 
    There might be a secret mail if one were to get up to Day #100, or 99,999
    Pokos.  It's possible, but I find this unlikely, but then again, I never tried
    either.  If someone has accomplished this and can verify it for me, that would
    be greatly appreciated.
    ================================THE MAIL=======================================
    0 - 2999 Pokos (12 mails) 
    President - 
    You found your first bit of treasure.  Fine work!  Our future
    depends on your efforts, so check you treasure hoard regularly.  I'll check in
    often.  Keep up the pace!
    President - 
    Baby steps first, Olimar!  Plan well, and don't worry about me. Our debt is
    with Happy Hocotate Savings & Loan, afterall.  Besides, there's
    nothing left to repossess, so HA!
    President - 
    How's progress, Olimar?  Remember, you'll never get anything done if you sit
    back and watch from afar.  Be sure to hold "R" occasionally for a close-up
    view of the action.
    Olimar's wife - 
    My dearest dear... how are you?  Your boss gave me this space e-mail account
    and told me all about your business trip.  Just remember: you have a family to
    think about!
    President - 
    Louie: It's been three months since you joined out company, and I'm sure you
    love it.  I expect big things from you Louie.  Far bigger things than I expect
    from Olimar!
    Olimar's son - 
    Papa!  No fair!  No fair! You snuck off and went on an expedition without me!
    You have to promise to absolutely, positively take me next time!  Say it!  Say
    President - 
    Olimar!  I see that you're making notes in the treasure hoard. This is no
    scientific jaunt!  It's business!  Which is why the ship is writing sales
    pitches for your finds.
    Olimar's daughter - 
    Dear Papa...  How are you?  I am fine.  But Mommy is very, very mad at you. 
    Please don't make Mommy mad!  Pretty please with sugar?
    President - 
    I wonder where we'd be now if I hadn't been so stingy and purchased space
    insurance... But the route Louie took was always a safe shipping lane...
    President - 
    You know, Olimar, I've been in this business for over 50 years, and I've
    never heard of space bunnies in that shipping lane.  I have some doubts about
    Louie's accident...
    Olimar's son - 
    Papa!  There's this girl at school who's kind of nice, and I've been bragging
    about you to her.  So, I need you to bring me back the coolest souvenir ever!
    President - 
    Yet another lonely day at the office.  I have nothing to do here, so I'm just
    counting the hairs on my head.  Like my employees, I have precious few left...
    3000 - 4999 Pokos (10 mails)
    President - 
    Olimar!  Good work so far!  I hereby promote you to Perennial Manager!  Press
    "X" to divide up work, and "Y" to delegate more work to your subordinate
    leader.  Hope all goes smoothly!
    President - 
    Olimar!  Terrible news!  I thought I went to Happy Hocotate Savings & Loan,
    but it seems my loan came from the shop next door: All-Devouring Black Hole
    Loan Sharks!  Oops!
    President - 
    I just took a call from my loan agent!  He has the scariest voice I've ever
    heard.  While you two are dawdling about, my life hangs by a thread! Get to
    work, slackers!
    Olimar's son - 
    Hi, Papa!  Mama heard you got a promotion, so now she's very happy.  You have
    lots of people under you now, right?  So, does this mean you're a Super
    President - 
    Louie, your auntie sent me some cookies.  Now, I only meant to taste one,
    but... then I ate them all.  Sorry.  To make up for it, I shall officially
    make you a Cookie Specialist.
    President - 
    Some say that you should look to the past, to place you have been already, in
    order to make new finds...  Of course, extraordinary people like me always
    press onward.
    Olimar's wife - 
    Hey, you should know... I didn't get that part-time job. That stupid store is
    only hiring teenagers who wear too much makeup, apparently.  Maybe I need a
    new look or something.
    President - 
    Louie... When I was about your age, I made my name thunder through the
    universe as a great explorer.  Model yourself after me, son, and you'll go
    places.  Persevere!
    President - 
    All I do is take calls from debt collectors!  Thinking it was OK to work at a
    leisurely pace was a big mistake.  Work isn't about quality, it's all about
    speed.  Hop to it!
    President - 
    The phone is off the hook again today... Darn debt collectors! I've begun to
    lose track of days.  What day is today?  And what month is it?!?
    5000 - 7999 Pokos (11 mails)
    President - 
    Olimar!  You're my hero!  You've erased half of our debt.  Still, things have
    become a bit more dangerous, so I'm going into hiding.  Focus on work... and
    don't slack off!
    President - 
    Hello... I am still on the lam from debt collectors.  For the time being,
    I've decided to live under the bridge, but if they catch me, I don't know what
    they'll do to me...
    President - 
    Some wild animals are nesting under the bridge now.  They think I'm their pal
    or something.  My stylish suits are covered with hair.  I'm pitiful... but at
    least they're warm...
    President - 
    Well, the animals that adopted me are actually rather cute once you get used
    to them.  Once we get the debt paid off, I might build a refuge for them. 
    What do you think?
    President - 
    When you're down, you find out who your true friends are... and I think I
    finally have.  Maybe I'll just fire you two ingrates and hire these nice
    President - 
    Today, a group from the government offices paid me a visit.  They kicked me
    out from under the bridge as if I were trash.  The animals left... I have
    nowhere left to turn...
    President - 
    I found some tasty grass today.  It was the first time in a while that I
    could eat until I was full.  I've become one heck of a grass and root chef...
    Maybe I'll write a book.
    Olimar's son - 
    Dad! Mom is not fair!  She said that this month I don't get any allowance! 
    And there's this game I really want to buy!  She said I'd get more money when
    you got back!  Hurry!
    Olimar's wife - 
    Today, as I cleaned the bedroom, I found your secret cash stash.  With
    thanks, I'll accept it gladly.  I'll just pretend I didn't see that journal of
    Olimar's daughter - 
    Dad!  Dad!  Thank you so much!  Mom is giving me an allowance again!  She had
    this huge smile when she gave it to me, too.  You had a TON stashed away,
    didn't you?
    President - 
    Today, I just missed getting nabbed by the debt collectors.  I was able to
    escape them thanks to my all-grass diet!  You should try it, too!
    President - 
    All day, every day, it's the same old thing: dodge debt collectors!  I can't
    take it!  My pleasantly plump face has gotten deathly skinny.  Hurry up and
    collect treasures!
    8000 - 9999 Pokos (10 mails)
    President - 
    Olimar!  You'll be promoted to manager!  Only a small bit of debt remains. 
    You've done great... as have I!  No one dodges debt collectors like I do!  I'm
    a pro!
    President - 
    Today, I tried building a small room at the top of a tree.  It reminded me of
    my younger days, when I lived in a little shed.  Those memories help make this
    President - 
    Only a bit of debt remains!  If you two dolts can gather treasures with such
    ease, I figure I could find boatloads down there.  I'll have to think about
    President - 
    All is well!  I'll soon be able to bid farewell to this fugitive lifestyle! 
    It's strange, but I think I may miss it a little.  It feels good to survive
    incredible hardships!
    President - 
    I have a regrettable message.  I have been caught.  If I don't pay off the
    company debt right away, I'm to be buried in Hocotate Swamp.  It's bleak
    here... Hurry!
    President -  
    Olimar!  Come back to Hocotate right away.  I need you to be held hostage in
    my place.  I'm going to run....uh, I mean... search for treasures.  Hurry up!
    President - 
    Olimar!  You are as slow as molasses.  Effective now, I'm reducing you to a
    bottom-rung employee until you get back on pace!  Lately, Louie has held more
    President - 
    Olimar!  Hurry it up!  I'm at the end of my rope!  If you get this debt
    repaid for me, I'll pay you any bonus you want!  And promote you! And buy you
    a new suit!  Anything!
    President - 
    Will my life end in a place like this?  No!  I won't die!  Olimar!  I believe
    in you!  Hurry up and get this debt repaid!  Oh, how I wish I were there to
    oversee this project!
    President - 
    I wonder how many days have gone by since I was captured by the debt
    collectors.  Olimar... Louie... I'm almost done for... Repay...debt! 
    100% Debt Paid (12 mails)
    President's wife - 
    Hmmph!  Some president you are!  I just got back from vacation to find out
    you're on a treasure hunt!  Well, don't bother coming home until you've found
    every item on your list!
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie, we suddenly stopped hearing from you!  Everything OK?  If things get
    tough, you can always come home.  I'll stock up on those Pikpik carrots you
    Olimar's wife - 
    Olimar, you've worked so hard!  Your special bonus arrived today.  This is a
    first, right?  I bought the kids a few things they've been wanting.  They were
    so happy!  And so was I...
    Olimar's son - 
    Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  My allowance doubled!  And it's all thanks to my papa! 
    After all, he's a great captain!  But when in the world will he be able to
    come home, huh?
    ***SPAM?*** - 
    I am so lonely... I want a friend that'll listen to my troubles.  I want to
    meet someone like you.  Contact me at http://www.pikmin.com.
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie!  Are you eating well?  When you were a boy, you were quite skinny, so
    I made you clean your plate.  Be sure to cook suspicious food before eating it!
    Olimar's daughter - 
    Papa!  I'm going to prep school!  Mama said that if I don't study hard, I
    can't become a proper lady.  Did I write a nice proper mail?  Do tell, Papa!
    Louie's aunt - 
    At my age, reminiscing is wonderful.  Louie, do you remember the hill behind
    our house?  You hated to play outside, so I made you eat bugs and plants.  Ah,
    ***SPAM?*** - 
    Do you love BARGAINS?  Do you like DESIGNER ITEMS AT CUT-RATE PRICES?  Then
    come save tons of Pokos at... http://www.pikmin.com.
    Olimar's son - 
    Lately, I've been getting a ton of mail from a strange person selling
    designer items at cut-rate prices.  It sounds like a deal.  Should I send them
    your bonus check?
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie, I sent you some of the preserved bug foods from home.  You should
    share some with your company president.  As a kid, bugs loved you so much. 
    Always nibbling...
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie... You've sent absolutely no replies.  I'm worried about you.  I'd like
    to come see you, but I'm so old...  All I can do is send you preserved bug
    Louie found before all treasures discovered  (15 mails)
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie, I'm really relieved to know you're safe and sound.  I'd heard you'd
    been eaten by a bug!  They sure loved chewing on you as a boy.  Guess you
    haven't changed!
    Olimar's wife - 
    We received yet another special bonus!  I've come to love you all anew!  I
    decided to take the kids to the hot springs.  We'll have enough fun for you
    too, so don't worry!
    Olimar's son -
    PAPA!  Thanks!  There were so many cute girls at the hot springs!  I was a
    little nervous, but I got over it.  Next time, you totally have to come with
    us!  We'll have so much fun!
    President's wife -
    Your notification report was wrong again.  How many times do I have to
    correct you?  It's because of behavior like this that, I, the REAL boss, have
    to work so hard.
    ***SPAM?*** - 
    It slices!  It dices!  It plays video games!  It sends mail! It wraps gifts! 
    It cures snoring!  Interested?  Check out http://www.nintendo.com.
    Olimar's daughter-
    Papa, today I went to see the orchestra to help me become a proper lady.  I
    think it was expensive.  Both Mom and Brother slept through it, but not me! 
    Aren't I proper?
    ***SPAM?*** - 
    Would you like to find the new you?  If you're thinking about changing jobs,
    let Hocotate Whiz do the work for you!  See http://www.nintendo.com.
    President's wife - 
    Hey, you think you can loaf because I can't see you?  The ship has been
    reporting everything to me!  Are you surprised?  That machine knows who the
    real boss is.
    Olimar's daughter -
    Mama is being mean.  Every day I go to school.  I want to be a great lady. 
    But I'm so, so tired...  Brother is always crying.  Growing up isn't any fun
    at all...
    Olimar's son - 
    Papa!  Hurry up and come home!  Mama is so nuts!  Every day, she orders to be
    study, study, study!  She’s even thinking about sending our dog, Bulbie, to
    the circus!  Help!
    President's wife - 
    Hey, just how long are you planning on staying on that planet?  Men!  All
    they do is chase empty dreams!  It's pure unadulterated nonsense!  Nonsense, I
    tell you!
    President's wife - 
    It may interest you to know I've somehow been able to begin turning the
    company around in your absence.  So, you just go on doing what you like for a
    bit longer, OK?
    Olimar's wife - 
    Hey, hon!  I'm on a solo vacation right now.  Beach by day, theater at night.
    Ahhh, life is grand!  And don't worry, the kids are in school every night
    until 10!  Wheeeeee!
    Olimar's son - 
    Papa!!!  This is awful!  Mama threw away all of my games!  Seems like every
    time money comes in, she gets meaner!  I want the old Mama back...
    Olimar's daughter -
    Hey, Papa.  I do nothing but study.  I hate it.  Please come home soon.
    All treasures collected (9 mails)
    Olimar's wife - 
    I think I may have messed up, darling... I lost a small fortune buying
    lottery tickets.  It was all a nightmare.  I'm afraid we're going to have to
    live lean for awhile.
    Olimar's son - 
    Hey, Papa!  I'm so happy!  Mama's back to normal!  I'm not sure what the
    reason is... Love, maybe?  Anyway, hurry up and come home, and don't forget to
    bring souvenirs!
    Olimar's daughter - 
    Daddy, Mama has changed again.  She's become nice like she used to be.  She
    said it's OK if I don't study.  Is it really OK if I don't become a perfect
    proper lady?  Really?
    President's wife - 
    All of the treasures on the list have been found!  I see you in a new light,
    honey.  Hocotate Freight is open for business once again!  Get right back to
    work tomorrow!
    Louie's aunt - 
    Louie, I heard that you completed your task!  Congratulations!  My little
    Louie has become an extraordinary man!  How about visiting your dad?  I've got
    bug juice!
    ***SPAM?*** - 
    Hocotate E-Mag #255 Not just songs; songs of love!  Rock out to Pikpik's
    greatest hits and get sappy!  http://www.pikmin.com
    Olimar's son - 
    Dad, today I'm writing on behalf of Bulbie.  Mom and I completely forgot to
    feed him.  He got skinny but he's been eating a lot of Pikpik carrots, so
    he'll be OK.
    Olimar's daughter - 
    Dad!  Our dog, Bulbie, has been acting like a pig!  He ate all of our
    carrots!  Have you really seen creatures on that planet that look just like
    Olimar's Wife - 
    I love you!!!  Don't keep me waiting any longer!  Please come home!  I've
    made a ton of your favorite soup, and it's here waiting for you!  P.S. Bring
    First and foremost: me, for actually doing it.  I've been wanting to do an in-
    depth FAQ for a while, but was waiting for the right game to do it in.  
    Shigeru Miyamoto for creating a wonderful game.  I loved the first one too!
    Nolan Pflug - For the tip that I was missing the "Finding Louie" section.
    Kelsie - For locating a typo that I made.
    Corky - For locating a consistency error.
    Various - For correcting a typo.
    Maybe you: Find anything wrong with this FAQ?  Any additional advice? 
               No matter how small, even a typo, let me know!
               I'll add you here if you find anything!  
               Just e-mail me at: nez777@yahoo.com
    GameFAQs and CJayC for helping me so much with other games when I got stuck.  
    I hope this FAQ helps people as well.

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