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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Redshift

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    Pikmin 2
    This guide was written, contributed and copyrighted by me by me, known here as 
    lighterfluid6. Don't plagiarize, or use this guide giving yourself credit. 
    This guide is not to be posted in any website other than gamefaqs.com, ign.com 
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    you do contact me, do it only to ask for help that you feel isn't covered in 
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    circumstance, contact me asking me to join your special forum, be part of some 
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    sure the guide doesn't cover that. That is all.
    Thanks to the efforts of the courageous Pikmin, Captain Olimar managed to 
    repair his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, and return home to Hocotate after he crash-
    landed on the mysterious planet of the Pikmin. When he returned to his home 
    planet however, he discovered that his company, Hocotate Freight, was going 
    out of business. A new employee named Louie lost an entire shipment of 
    valuable golden Pikpik carrots when his ship was attacked by a ravenous space 
    beast, costing the company a great deal of money. To pay for the enormous ten 
    thousand poko debt that they owed, the company had to sell Olimar's prized 
    S.S. Dolphin, but it was still not enough. When Olimar heard this disastrous 
    news, he dropped the souvenir he had been carrying; an artifact from the 
    planet of the Pikmin. As it so happened, the souvenir was worth 100 pokos! 
    Hocotate Freight's president realized that if there were more of these 
    treasures on the planet that Olimar had explored, they could pay off the 
    company's entire debt. He tasked Olimar and Louie to take the company's last 
    ship and return to the planet of the Pikmin and retrieve as much treasure as 
    they could find.
    As you read through this guide, look for CAPITALIZED words that indicate new 
    treasures, creatures, plants and types of Pikmin. The walkthrough is divided 
    into nine chapters:
    1.	The First Day.
    2.	Exploring Underground.
    3.	Beasts and Birds.
    4.	The Distant Spring.
    5.	A Day in the Woods.
    6.	Aquatic Phenomenon.
    7.	Life without Louie.
    8.	Bosses Unite!
    9.	The King of Bugs.
    Additionally, chapters will be divided in accordance to what region of the 
    game you are exploring, making it easier to keep track of the game's caves and 
    sublevels. No Pikmin were killed for the creation of this guide. This 
    walkthrough is meant to fully complete the game without having lost a single 
    Pikmin. Additionally, while the game does allow for an infinite amount of days 
    to work, this guide will try to complete the mission in an efficient amount of 
    time (on average, you'll spend two days in each area at a time).
    Chapter 1: The First Day.
    -Valley of Repose-
    Pikmin 2 directly follows the events of the original Pikmin and most of the 
    game's controls are identical to its predecessor's. When the team reaches the 
    planet of the Pikmin, the old company ship doesn't land as smoothly as it had 
    intended, and poor Louie has gotten himself lost. After the Ship touches down 
    at the Valley of Repose's landing zone, your mission will begin.
    The first few days will consist of a lot of tedious tutoring from your Ship, 
    so if you already know the basics, skip through the text as fast as you can. 
    If you aren't used to the controls, then you'd better read what the Ship has 
    to say, and take a moment or two to get a good feel for how to handle Olimar 
    and the Pikmin. The good news is you get an unlimited amount of time on your 
    first day, and you get an unlimited number of days to work with anyway, so 
    feel free to work at your own pace. It's only a matter of true gaming skills 
    to try and beat the game as quickly as possible.
    There are a few RED PIKMIN in the clearing nearby attacking a DWARF RED 
    BULBORB, one of the planet's fierce predators. Use your whistle to call the 
    Pikmin to you. Hurray, they remember you! Now use your new troopers to defeat 
    the bulborb. During the first day, enemies won't be able to harm you or the 
    Pikmin, but they can be dangerous later on. After the Pikmin kill the Dwarf 
    Red Bulborb, walk towards the paper bag on the other side of the clearing. 
    After the Ship locates Louie, press the Y Button to switch over to him.
    Louie is all the way across the snowy wilderness, so you'll have to find a way 
    for him to meet up with Olimar at the landing zone. Walk up the snowy path 
    until you reach a clearing. Here you will find the RED ONION, the home and 
    hatchery of the Red Pikmin. When you approach the onion, it will spit out a 
    single red seed. Give the seed a few moments to sprout, and then pluck it from 
    the ground. When you pick it, the Pikmin will join your ranks (you can enjoy 
    the humorous cut-scene in which the curious Pikmin chases down the frightened 
    Louie for a few seconds). Now that you have access to a Pikmin and its onion, 
    you can begin growing more.
    There are several PELLET POSIES growing around the edges of the clearing that 
    each holds a nutritious red pellet of crystallized nectar. Use your Pikmin to 
    knock down the spindly flowers, and then let it carry the pellets back to its 
    onion. When Pikmin return certain items to their onions, such as pellets or 
    the bodies of defeated enemies, more Pikmin seeds will emerge from the onion. 
    The Pellet Posies here all hold red pellets, but later on you will encounter 
    flowers that hold yellow or blue pellets, and even some that change colors at 
    regular intervals. Also, some Pellet Posies grow to produce 5, 10 or even 20-
    size pellets! (The number and color of the pellet dictates how many Pikmin it 
    will produce; if Pikmin of the same color as the pellet return it to their 
    onion, it will yield more pellets than if Pikmin of a different color 
    harvested it. The color majority of a group of Pikmin carrying something will 
    determine which onion it will be sent to, but you needn't worry about that 
    until you have different colored Pikmin). 
    After you gather all five pellets from the surrounding Pellet Posies, you 
    should have eleven Pikmin sprouts. If you leave them in ground long enough, 
    they will turn into bud or flower Pikmin, increasing their speed each level. 
    Once you've assembled your team, continue down the path in front of the onion, 
    which will eventually lead back to the landing zone. On the way, you'll pass a 
    half-buried battery sticking out of the ground. This is your first treasure, 
    but you don't have enough Pikmin at the moment to carry it. When you reach the 
    end of the path, turn right to find the paper bag that separates Olimar from 
    Louie. Throw all of Louie's Pikmin onto it, and then switch back to Olimar and 
    do the same with his Pikmin. The weight of the Pikmin will flatten the bag and 
    open the path between sides.
    Once the leaders reunite, have at least three Pikmin carry the carcass of the 
    Dwarf Red Bulborb back to the Red Onion. After the new Pikmin sprout, you'll 
    have a grand total of twenty Pikmin, the most you can have on your first day. 
    Return to the battery you saw earlier. Now that you have more Pikmin, you'll 
    be able to carry this treasure back to the Ship, but first you must dig it out 
    of the snow. Have the Pikmin dislodge it from the ground, and then let them 
    tow it back to the Ship. The battery, which the Ship will label the COURAGE 
    REACTOR, will erase 280 pokos off of your debt. Your first new day on the 
    Pikmin planet will come to end after the treasure has been obtained.
    Chapter 2: Exploring Underground.
    -Valley of Repose-
    When Day 2 begins, the true fun will begin. The Red Onion will land next to 
    the Ship, so you don't have to go all the way down to the other clearing just 
    to use your Red Pikmin. Round up your team and start harvesting the Pellet 
    Posies growing in the area. One of the flowers is growing on a snowy ledge 
    behind the onion, but it won't be ready for picking until later in the day. 
    After you collect the first two pellets and grow Pikmin from them, walk out of 
    the clearing by where you deflated the paper bag the day before.
    Just outside the landing zone, you'll find two massive Pellet Posies that will 
    each grow five Pikmin (but they also require that many to carry). Take them 
    back to the onion, along with the regular Pellet Posy growing amongst them. 
    Additionally, you can grab another three pellets by heading over to the 
    clearing where Louie found the Red Onion earlier. These pellets, when totaled 
    with the 5-size pellet at the landing zone that should be done growing by now, 
    will give you 47 Pikmin total. Take them all back outside the landing zone and 
    use them to flatten the second paper bag near where the first one lay.
    The bag will require at least 35 Pikmin to squash. Once the obstacle has been 
    cleared, take your Pikmin across to the large clearing on the other side. You 
    will meet a Dwarf Red Bulborb foraging along the ground, so kill it before it 
    gets the chance to eat any Pikmin. They aren't that dangerous; they take 
    damage quick (especially if you throw a Pikmin directly on its back) and they 
    take a long time to eat anyway. Have a few of your Pikmin take its body and 
    the red pellet it drops back to the onion. Now walk out into the center of the 
    clearing, and prepare to fight the slumbering RED BULBORB. Large bulborb 
    species share the same weakness to attacks on their backs as the smaller 
    bulborbs, but they are much more dangerous. Their huge jaws allow them to 
    swallow many Pikmin quicker than you can do anything about it. Get behind the 
    sleeping beast and start tossing Pikmin as fast as you can onto its fleshy red 
    back. Keep piling them on until the Red Bulborb dies. Hopefully, it will be 
    defeated before it has a chance to react. If it does end up eating your Pikmin 
    you can simply reset the day. You can also use Olimar or Louie to pummel the 
    beast, making it easier to defeat it with the Pikmin after it falls asleep 
    again. After you defeat the Red Bulborb, have another ten Pikmin carry its 
    body back to the onion, and yet another five carry the 5-size pellet it 
    regurgitates. This should give you 70 Pikmin total.
    Walk back out towards the bulborb's clearing and head over to the opposite 
    side, where you'll find a crushed soda can, the UTTER SCRAP. Have at least 35 
    Pikmin carry this treasure back to the Ship for another 170 pokos. Now take 
    the remainder of your crew and head towards the right. You'll come to an odd 
    gate made of sand, next to the creepy snowman. If you set your Pikmin upon it, 
    they'll have it down and out of your way in a few minutes (the more the 
    quicker). Also, make sure you touch the tall FOXTAIL plant nearby for its 
    Piklopedia data (which you can access in the Area Selection screen). Most 
    creatures must be defeated in order to be recorded in the Piklopedia, but 
    scenic plants such as the Foxtail must simply be brushed up against. Anyway, 
    after your Pikmin knock the gate down, take them across and head for the mound 
    of dirt on the ground on the other side. This is your first cavern, the 
    Emergence Cave.
    Caves play a fun and important role in your expedition, as the majority of the 
    planet's treasures are found underground. Caves however, are very strange 
    places when it comes to time and space, so there are a few things you need to 
    know before you enter. Both Olimar and Louie (and the Ship's Research Pod) 
    will enter a cave when you explore, but only the Pikmin you have with your 
    active leader will accompany you (the remainder of your Pikmin will 
    automatically return safely to their onion, no matter where they are or what 
    they're doing), and you must take at least one Pikmin. However, since you 
    normally can't grow more Pikmin underground, it is a good idea to take as many 
    as you can with you. If they all die while you're exploring underground, 
    you'll automatically exit the cave without any of the treasures that you 
    collected in it. 
    Caves are even weirder in a sense that time above ground does not pass while 
    you are underground. When you exit the cave, you'll be at the same part of the 
    day as when you went in. This means that you can spend as much time as you 
    want in caves. Caves are divided into sublevels, and in order to proceed in 
    them, you must find the hole in each level that will allow you to descend. 
    When you reach the final sublevel, you'll find a geyser that will blast you 
    back above ground. While each sublevel tends to have the same environment, 
    treasures and group of enemies, most of them have a different physical layout 
    each time you explore them. At any time during your spelunking explorations 
    you can escape from the Start Menu, but you won't be able to keep your 
    acquired treasures unless you use a geyser.
    Anyway, now that you've got the cave basics covered, take your 70 Pikmin and 
    enter the Emergence Cave. This cavern is pretty short and simple. It only has 
    two sublevels, and it doesn't even have a final boss at the end like all of 
    the other caves.
    -Emergence Cave-
    Sublevel 1
    Walk forward from the initial clearing and defeat the SNOW BULBORBS roving 
    around. Snow Bulborbs are practically identical to Dwarf Red Bulborbs, so 
    defeat them the same way by throwing Pikmin onto their soft backs. After you 
    kill them all, take their bodies back to the Research Pod. Without the onion, 
    you won't be able to grow more Pikmin, but the bodies of defeated enemies can 
    still be salvaged for small amounts of pokos. Now take the two treasures lying 
    around; the CITRUS LUMP and the QUENCHING EMBLEM, worth 180 and 100 pokos, 
    respectively. After everything has been collected, locate the hole in the back 
    of the cavern and delve deeper into the cave.
    Sublevel 2
    The final sublevel isn't much tougher than the first, but it's considerably 
    larger. Each time you pass between sublevels or enter/exit a cave, the game 
    will be saved for you, making it easier to reset the game in case any Pikmin 
    die. Take your group down the path and take note of the globe. The globe is a 
    special treasure, but it requires 101 Pikmin to carry, which is more than you 
    have right now. Keep walking and kill the Snow Bulborbs when the path turns 
    left. Don't forget to brush up against the green CLOVER patches growing in the 
    area. After you pass through the herd of bulborbs, walk out into the clearing. 
    Two VIOLET CANDYPOP BUDS are growing in the middle of the open clearing. These 
    flowers are found only in caves. When you toss Pikmin into them, they will 
    eject them back out as seeds of the same color as the flower's petals. They 
    can only convert up to five Pikmin at once though, so once you toss your ten 
    Red Pikmin into the two Violet Candypop Buds, they will wilt and disappear. 
    Violet Candypop Buds produce burly PURPLE PIKMIN. These robust variations 
    weight ten times as much as a regular Pikmin, but they can carry ten times as 
    much too. They are so heavy that they can stun enemies if you throw the Purple 
    Pikmin at them. If you want, leave the sprouts in the ground until they mature 
    into buds or flowers, since Purple Pikmin are painfully slow as it is. Because 
    they can pull the weight of ten ordinary Pikmin, you can use your ten Purple 
    Pikmin and one Red Pikmin to carry the SPHERICAL ATLAS (100) you saw earlier. 
    After you have it, return to the clearing and use the geyser in the back to 
    exit the Emergence Cave.
    -Valley of Repose-
    The Spherical Atlas treasure is one of twelve special items that actually does 
    something useful for your quest. This treasure in particular will unlock the 
    next region for you, the Awakening Wood. After you collect it and escape from 
    the cave, the day will automatically end, but only this one time. If you 
    planned on growing more Pikmin, exit the Emergence Cave without grabbing the 
    Spherical Atlas. This way you can grow more Red Pikmin from the new Pellet 
    Posies and you can reenter the cave for an additional ten Purple Pikmin. You 
    can keep doing this until the day runs out, but the Violet Candypop Buds will 
    only appear at the bottom of the cave the first two times. Just remember to 
    grab the Spherical Atlas when you're finally satisfied.
    Chapter 3: Beasts and Birds.
    -Awakening Wood-
    The Awakening Wood area is far more biologically diverse than the Valley of 
    Repose, and there are two new caves which you'll be exploring on your first 
    run through the region. To begin your third day, touch down at the landing 
    zone and gather up all of your Pikmin, especially the 10 or 20 Purple Pikmin 
    you should have by now. If anything, you should always try and keep the Purple 
    Pikmin alive, because you will need as many as you can get later on in the 
    game. Not to mention, they're amazingly useful for defeating enemies. 
    Normally, you can only have up to 100 Pikmin out of their onions at a time. 
    Right now however, you will only be able to obtain up to 95 Pikmin for field 
    use, because there are five wild Pikmin in the area that you will get later. 
    Don't let this stop you from growing Pikmin however, because overflow sprouts 
    will simply be stored in the onion, meaning you won't have to plant them. As 
    for the Purple Pikmin, they have no onion, so they simply stay in the Ship's 
    cargo hold and carry items to a randomly-determined onion when there is no 
    other majority.
    Anyway, walk out into the large clearing next to the landing zone and start 
    defeating the local wildlife and knocking down the Pellet Posies. FEMALE 
    SHEARGRUBS will surface from the ground and attack your Pikmin, so watch out 
    for them. Females are actually harmless, but the large-jawed males that you'll 
    encounter later will eat your Pikmin if you aren't careful. Be sure to check 
    out the plants in the area for more Piklopedia data (FIGWORT, HORSETAILS and 
    MARGARETS can be found growing here and there, while the DANDELION can be 
    found on a flower pot behind the Ship; loop around the pots to reach it).
    Continue further back to find a small group of Dwarf Red Bulborbs and a 
    sleeping Red Bulborb. Use the Purple Pikmin to take them all down with ease. 
    Behind the Red Bulborb, on a ledge, you'll find the SUNSEED BERRY, a treasure 
    worth 170 pokos. Toss your Pikmin up to it to retrieve it. Continue to the 
    back of the clearing until you reach water. Your Pikmin will drown if they 
    fall in the water, so don't get too close. Walk through the patch of flowers 
    to flush out the swarm of UNMARKED SPECTRALIDS, small colorful butterflies 
    also known as Flitterbies. Flitterbies can be killed by throwing Pikmin up at 
    them before they fly away, and doing so may yield droplets of nectar. Nectar 
    will instantly convert any leaf or bud Pikmin that drink it into flower 
    Pikmin, so use that on your slower Purple Pikmin. Later on, you may see red or 
    purple Flitterbies that will produce a different kind of substance, but that 
    will come into play a bit later.
    Along the opposite wall near the bridge, you'll find another potted plant. 
    Throw a Pikmin up onto it to reveal the glittering IRIDESCENT GLINT BEETLE. 
    These rare insects are usually only found in caves. As the beetle scurries 
    around, throw Pikmin onto it to flip it over. When you flip the bug, it will 
    release nectar or large 5-size pellets. You can flip the bug three times 
    before it disappears underground again. You can also find an IRIDESCENT FLINT 
    BEETLE behind the first set of potted plants behind the Ship. These bugs 
    behave the same way, but they're more common and will release smaller pellets 
    when flipped.
    After you complete your nature walk and carry the enemy bodies back to camp, 
    take your Pikmin out into the enclosure to the right of the landing zone, 
    where two large berry plants are growing. These are Burgeoning Spiderworts, 
    which produce small red berries that the Pikmin can harvest and return to the 
    Ship. If you bring back ten berries to the Ship, it will produce one droplet 
    of red Ultra-Spicy Spray. Purple variations of the Burgeoning Spiderwort 
    produce purple Ultra-Bitter Spray droplets. Both of these sprays (which can 
    also be obtained from the red and purple Unmarked Spectralids) will help your 
    Pikmin battle enemies. Red spray will invigorate your troops for about forty 
    seconds, making them faster and stronger. Use the Ultra-Spicy Spray against 
    tough bosses or when you want the Pikmin to perform a task quicker. Purple 
    Ultra-Bitter Spray will affect enemies instead. Spray an enemy creature with 
    the purple spray to encase the beast in a layer of rock, which will immobilize 
    it temporarily. A petrified enemy won't leave behind a body, but it will leave 
    behind nectar, red spray or purple spray (bosses will leave behind multiple 
    droplets, but they'll be harder to damage while petrified). If you want some 
    red spray now, take a few minutes to collect at least ten berries, but watch 
    out for the grub-like RAVENOUS WHISKERPILLARS that will sometimes appear. They 
    climb to the top of the Burgeoning Spiderworts and consume the berries before 
    you get a chance to pick them. Kill them as soon as they appear, if they do.
    Continue to the end of the Burgeoning Spiderwort clearing and have the Pikmin 
    start knocking down the gate on the other side. As they work, take a few of 
    the Pikmin and scour the surrounding area for HONEYWISPS, small creatures that 
    float through the breeze, carrying egg sacs around. If you hit one with a 
    Pikmin, it will drop its egg sac, which will burst to reveal one or two drops 
    of nectar. Honeywisps like to vanish in midair, so hit them quickly. After the 
    gate is knocked down, take your Pikmin to the next clearing.
    The first enemy you will meet is a CLOAKING BURROW-NIT. Burrow-nits hide in 
    the ground and try to mimic fearsome snakes with their colorful eyespots, but 
    they'll emerge to attack you and your Pikmin with their pointed mouths if you 
    come near. Swarm them or toss Purple Pikmin on top of them to kill them before 
    they strike. When you get further into the clearing, ignore the paper bag and 
    the treasure (at the top of a stump) on your right, and turn to the left down 
    the narrower path. Watch out for the CREEPING CHRYSANTHEMUM. These nasty 
    baddies hide in the ground, looking almost exactly like the harmless yellow 
    Margaret flowers. If you look closely though, you can tell a chrysanthemum 
    apart from a regular flower because it has three stems with no leaves and a 
    pair of blinking eyes. When the beast senses you, it will emerge from the 
    ground and start gobbling up your Pikmin with its large mouth. Stun it with 
    Purple Pikmin for a quick victory. If the Creeping Chrysanthemum strikes, move 
    your Pikmin away and let it smack into itself instead. This will daze the 
    plant and allow you to attack it while it's down. After you defeat the 
    chrysanthemum, continue down the path and turn to the right when you get to 
    the end. You'll find another cave in the back corner, the Hole of Beasts.
    -Hole of Beasts-
    Sublevel 1
    The first sublevel is fairly simple. Just watch out for MALE SHEARGRUBS as you 
    explore the small labyrinth for the lone treasure, the STONE OF GLORY (100). 
    The males of the sheargrub species have large jaws and purple heads that 
    distinguish them from the harmless females. After you collect your rewards, 
    find the hole to the next sublevel.
    Sublevel 2
    Sublevel 2 is the first of many 'recovery sublevels' that you will come upon 
    during the game, discerned from normal sublevels by the distinctive pleasant 
    music and the general lack of enemies and treasure (though not always). Simply 
    look in the cave's alcoves and corners for nectar eggs, which can be broken 
    open to reveal their contents. Most of the time, they release one or two 
    droplets of nectar, but occasionally they contain red or purple spray 
    droplets. Even better, you may find an egg that has been infested with a 
    MITITE swarm. These parasites infect eggs and will scurry around after you 
    discover them. If you kill them, they will each release droplets of nectar, 
    meaning an entire swarm can provide you with enough nectar to flower up a 
    whole platoon of Pikmin. Pikmin dislike Mitites however, so they will scatter 
    in panic when they're near them. However, the sheer force of a single falling 
    Purple Pikmin can wipe out an entire Mitite swarm instantly. As you explore 
    this sublevel, you may also find a Violet Candypop Bud, though it is rare. Use 
    it if it appears, and then have the new Purple Pikmin feed on the nectar so 
    that they mature into flowers. Before you leave, brush up against a COMMON 
    GLOWCAP, one of the luminescent mushrooms growing in the area.
    Sublevel 3
    There are still no enemies here, but there are plenty of fire spouts to give 
    your flame-resistant Red Pikmin a good workout. Just swarm the spouts with the 
    Pikmin until they disable it. Just be careful; Olimar and Louie will take 
    damage from burns, and Purple Pikmin will actually die if they catch on fire. 
    Blow your whistle at a burning Pikmin to save it. Hunt around for the COSMIC 
    ARCHIVE (230) and the STRIFE MONOLITH (150), a Famicom disk and a domino 
    piece. One of the treasures may be hidden within the cinderblock. After you've 
    collected both of the treasures, descend to the next sublevel.
    Sublevel 4
    This is the last sublevel that separates you from the cave's final boss. Make 
    sure you have enough Purple Pikmin by using the Violet Candypop Bud in one of 
    the corners. As before, you'll need Red Pikmin to clear away all of the fire 
    hazards. Use Purple Pikmin against the lone Red Bulborb, and scour the alcoves 
    around the edges of the room for eggs and Mitites. The bulborb will release 
    the DREAM ARCHITECT (280) upon its death. Also, look around for the LUCK WAFER 
    (140), an Ace of Spades playing card.
    Sublevel 5
    Ready your Purple Pikmin team for the imminent boss battle, and then walk out 
    into the clearing to find the massive maggot-like EMPRESS BULBLAX curled up in 
    sleep. The Empress Bulblax is the queen of the bulborb world, and she is your 
    first boss. Unfortunately, this isn't the only time you'll have to battle the 
    empress, but it is by far the easiest battle against her. Toss a Pikmin onto 
    her and then call it back then the Empress Bulblax wakes up. The empress will 
    simply sit there like a sack of potatoes and wait for you to dish out the 
    damage. Start pounding her with Purple Pikmin and watch her squirm. After a 
    few seconds, she'll stop shaking. When this happens, call your Pikmin back 
    immediately. The Empress Bulblax will twist around and begin rolling like a 
    steamroller from side to side. If your Pikmin are still on her when she shakes 
    them off, they'll be sent backwards, directly in the path of the Bulblax's 
    crushingly massive body. Simply wait back far enough to avoid her, and then 
    resume your attack after she stops rolling. If she does end up sending a 
    Pikmin backwards, you can use the small inlets along the side of the cave to 
    hide while she rolls. Repeat the process about four times until she dies. The 
    Empress Bulblax will spit up the PROTOTYPE DETECTOR, a special device worth 
    200 pokos. Carry it and the boss's deflated body back to the Research Pod. The 
    Prototype Detector, when collected, will act as a special radar treasure-
    detector at the bottom of your screen. The needle will shift to the right and 
    begin to beep loudly the closer you get to treasure, making it very useful for 
    your quest. When there is no treasure left in the area, the meter will turn 
    gray and deactivate. Since there is nothing left in the Hole of Beasts, use 
    the geyser in the back to escape.
    -Awakening Wood-
    If you managed your time correctly, you should around half of your day left. 
    If you find yourself short on time, there is nothing wrong with taking an 
    extra day in the Awakening Wood. After you return to the landing zone, round 
    up the same group of Pikmin and head back to the clearing where you fought the 
    Cloaking Burrow-nit earlier. If you want, reenter the Hole of Beasts so that 
    you can acquire more Purple Pikmin. Otherwise, flatten the bag along the right 
    side of the path to reach a new area. The bag will require your Purple Pikmin 
    to deflate it. After you get across, kill the second Cloaking Burrow-nit and 
    approach the new cave behind it.
    -White Flower Garden-
    Sublevel 1
    The White Flower Garden is about as simple as the Hole of Beasts, but there is 
    one pleasant surprise in store for you halfway through, something that the 
    cave's very name implies. The first sublevel is easy; watch out for the half 
    dozen or so sheargrubs (of both genders) and collect the ALIEN BILLBOARD, 
    somewhere in the back. Just be careful that you don't throw any Pikmin over 
    the edge of the platform, because you won't get them back. Take the treasure 
    and the bodies, and then continue to the next sublevel.
    Sublevel 2
    You'll encounter a few FIERY BLOWHOGS down here. These beasts breathe fire, so 
    use the Red Pikmin against them, or charge them with a barrage of Purple 
    Pikmin. Although the fiery end of the blowhog is dangerous, it can be just as 
    devastating when it bucks the attacking Pikmin off of it, sending them 
    tumbling over the edge of the platform. Kill the blowhogs and then collect the 
    pair of treasures lying around, the PETRIFIED HEART gem and the DROUGHT ENDER 
    bottle cap, both worth 100 pokos. To reach the treasures that are lying at the 
    bottom of the inner platforms, simply throw your Pikmin to them, as they'll 
    still be able to climb back out.
    Sublevel 3
    Take your Pikmin down the path and walk out into the large clearing. Three 
    IVORY CANDYPOP BUDS will be waiting for you in the center. Throw your Red 
    Pikmin (leaf status, preferably) into the flowers so that they reemerge as 
    WHITE PIKMIN seedlings. White Pikmin are just as rare and as valuable as the 
    Purple Pikmin, but they're far different from the other Pikmin types when it 
    comes to appearance. These Pikmin are tiny, but they can run very fast. They 
    also have creepy, bulbous red eyes that give them the ability to detect buried 
    treasure. Their poisonous bodies allow them to resist poison fumes, and it 
    makes them fatal or damaging to any enemy that ingests them. However, 
    poisoning enemies with White Pikmin comes at a price; the Pikmin will die in 
    the process, so it isn't recommended. After you round up your new crew, hunt 
    around the back corners of the clearing and tackle the Honeywisps for nectar. 
    Afterwards, follow your radar to find the hidden treasure buried beneath the 
    soil. The White Pikmin will automatically start digging it up, and the rest of 
    your team can help them once the treasure pokes through the ground. Take the 
    SUPERSTICK TEXTILE (80) back to the Research Pod, and then exit the cave. 
    Sublevel 4
    It's time to put your little white troopers to work! Sublevel 4 is riddled 
    with spouts that expel purple poisonous gas. Any Pikmin other than a White 
    Pikmin that breathes these deadly fumes will become poisoned and die unless 
    you rescue it with the blast of your whistle. The White Pikmin can disable the 
    spouts, so use them to clear the path to the treasure and the exit hole. Dig 
    up the TOXIC TOADSTOOL, worth a measly 30 pokos, and the SURVIVAL OINTMENT, 
    worth 90 pokos.
    Sublevel 5
    This is the final sublevel, so prepare for a new boss fight. Round up a group 
    of about fifteen to twenty Red or Purple Pikmin and take them around the bend, 
    where you'll find an odd nest-like enclosure. If you're using Red Pikmin, 
    spray them up with Ultra-Spicy Spray prior to entering the nest. This cavern 
    is home to a deadly BURROWING SNAGRET. Snagrets are giant snake-like birds 
    that tunnel through the ground and emerge to attack your Pikmin. They can eat 
    a lot of Pikmin and they strike swiftly, so be very careful when you fight it. 
    Fortunately, the snagret cannot move above the ground, so it won't be able to 
    hurt you or the Pikmin of you stay out of reach of its sharp bill. When the 
    Burrowing Snagret emerges from the sand, it will do so in two ways. Most of 
    the time, it will emerge all at once and leave you with little time to react. 
    Simply get away from the bird, or get directly behind it so that it can't see 
    you. Wait for it to burrow back into the soil before you approach again. 
    Sometimes, the Burrowing Snagret will poke only its head out before it fully 
    emerges. When you see it do this, aim your Pikmin at its head and begin 
    pounding it continually. By the time the snagret fully emerges, it will have 
    taken too much damage to counterattack, and it will simply retreat back into 
    the ground again. If you hit it with Purple Pikmin, you'll probably be able to 
    kill it in one round. When the Burrowing Snagret expires, it will release the 
    FIVE-MAN NAPSACK, an old glove worth 100 pokos. This treasure is another 
    special treasure. Unfortunately, it's fairly useless. You can press the X 
    Button when you have no Pikmin with you to lie down and take a nap. Any idle 
    Pikmin near you will carry you back to the onion/pod, but there seems to be no 
    real point in any of this. To be fair, lying down does give you slight 
    protection against some enemy attacks, but it's still nothing great. Take it 
    and the Burrowing Snagret's head back to the Research Pod anyway, and then use 
    the three eggs near the nest to feed any deflowered Pikmin. Before you exit 
    via the geyser, brush up against the new FIDDLEHEAD plants growing down here.
    -Awakening Wood-
    After you emerge from the cave, take your White Pikmin behind the landing zone 
    and walk around the set of potted plants. Harass the Iridescent Flint Beetle 
    if you wish, and then climb up the ramp to get on top of one of the flower 
    pots. Throw your Pikmin from the farthest accessible pot to the one next to 
    it, so that they can begin excavating the PILGRIM BULB (55). Now walk back to 
    the Cloaking Burrow-nit clearing with as many White and Purple Pikmin as you 
    If you want, return to the White Flower Garden so that you can get fifteen 
    additional White Pikmin. Otherwise, walk past it and have the White Pikmin 
    begin collapsing the gate. Only they will be able to work on it because of the 
    poisonous fumes at its base. Once the gate is down, they'll be able to disable 
    the poisonous spouts and give the rest of your team safe passage. You can have 
    half of your white team work on this gate while the rest of them work on 
    collapsing a similar toxic gate near the Hole of Beasts entrance.
    The day will probably end before you can get the gates down, so round up all 
    of your Pikmin before the countdown to sunset ends. You don't want to leave 
    any Pikmin behind after a hard day of work. In any case, after you begin your 
    next day, finish up on the gates. After you knock down the gate by the White 
    Flower Garden, take your Pikmin across and walk up to the ledge behind the 
    pair of square blocks. This binary block system will allow you to get up onto 
    the ledge, but you have to be clever about it. Toss all but one Pikmin up onto 
    the ledge, and then have one of the leaders stand on the lowered square block. 
    Toss the final Pikmin onto the raised block so that the first one rises up and 
    allows your leader to rejoin the rest of the Pikmin group. The blocks work 
    like a set of scales; whichever side has more Pikmin weight will sink while 
    the lighter side rises up (keep in mind that Purple Pikmin count for ten 
    Pikmin). You won't be able to get both leaders up onto the ledge, but you can 
    have whoever is left behind toss the final Pikmin up to the other (you can 
    then simply rejoin the leaders later).
    Once you're on the upper ledge, walk forward and locate the CHANCE TOTEM (100) 
    sitting on the left-hand ledge. The Pikmin will take a shortcut through this 
    new path to get to the Ship when carrying the die, but you won't be able to 
    get back up after you hop off the ledge near the landing zone. You may want to 
    stick around so that you can harvest the purple Burgeoning Spiderwort growing 
    up here. Purple berries are rare and valuable, so don't leave without at least 
    one picking. After you have the treasure, walk all the way across the 
    Awakening Wood until you reach the Hole of Beasts.
    When you reach the thin path that leads to the Hole of Beasts, turn left at 
    the fork instead to come upon another poisoned gate. Because it may take some 
    time for the White Pikmin to knock it down, you can have the rest of the 
    Pikmin collect berries or something, or just put the White Pikmin to work 
    earlier while you're doing the other stuff. 
    After the gate is collapsed and detoxified, take a group of Purple Pikmin 
    across, but be prepared to battle another sneaky Creeping Chrysanthemum. If 
    you press your Pikmin against the wall as you pass, you can avoid the 
    chrysanthemum altogether. After you get past it, have your Pikmin begin 
    unrolling the bridge on your left. The bridge will connect to the main 
    clearing, allowing you to get back to the landing zone quicker. After the 
    bridge is unrolled, direct your Pikmin towards the globe behind the 
    The GEOGRAPHIC PROJECTION (200), like the Spherical Atlas you collected in the 
    Valley of Repose, will require Purple Pikmin to carry back to the Ship. It 
    will also unlock a new area after you collect it; the Perplexing Pool. After 
    the Pikmin cart it back to the Ship, you'll have the rest of the day to grow 
    Red Pikmin or revisit caves for additional Purple and White Pikmin.
    Chapter 4: The Distant Spring.
    -Perplexing Pool-
    The new region unlocked by the Geographic Projection is the Perplexing Pool. 
    Back in the old days, this area was known as the Distant Spring. The natural 
    features of this land have remained fairly intact since Olimar's last visit, 
    but there are still a variety of new creatures and caverns that you'll get to 
    explore. During your first run through the Perplexing Pool, you'll be able to 
    obtain Yellow Pikmin, and you'll get to explore two of the region's caverns; 
    the Citadel of Spiders and Glutton's Kitchen. Without Blue Pikmin, you won't 
    be able to explore the flooded areas behind the landing zone. At least you'll 
    never have to fear the elusive Smoky Progg that once haunted the surrounding 
    After the Ship and the Red Onion land, take out 50 Red/Purple Pikmin and 30 
    White Pikmin and exit the landing zone enclosure. A few SHEARWIGS will attack 
    once you enter the large clearing, so swarm them quickly. These insects behave 
    just like Male Sheargrubs, but they can fly when in danger. Simply wait for 
    them to land again or gun them down in midair for a quicker kill. You'll find 
    more of these creatures lurking in front of the small pool of water along the 
    upper right corner of the clearing. After the area is free of the Shearwigs, 
    take your Pikmin leftwards from the landing zone, where you'll come upon a 
    YELLOW WOLLYWOG. Wollywogs are plentiful in the Perplexing Pool, but that 
    doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous. They can leap up into the air and 
    crush any Pikmin that are beneath them when they land. If you swarm the 
    wollywog, it will have a harder time leaping, and there is a good chance that 
    it won't be able to hit any of your Pikmin. For a safe and fast victory, you 
    can pound it with Purple Pikmin.
    Ignore the cave entrance that is just past the Yellow Wollywog and turn to the 
    right along the river. Don't forget to sample the SHOOT and SEEDLING DANDELION 
    flowers for Piklopedia data (the tree Shoots are commonly found near the 
    water, while the Seedling Dandelions are more common inland). Try to move 
    quickly so that you don't alert the Yellow Wollywogs. Soon you'll come to a 
    set of square balance blocks, not unlike the pair you used in the Awakening 
    Wood. Toss all of your Pikmin except one up onto the ledge, and then throw 
    your last Pikmin onto the raised block so that your leaders can join the 
    group. Since you won't be able to get both of your leaders and all of your 
    Pikmin up on the ledge, throw the final Pikmin up, and then race back to the 
    landing zone with whoever you left behind.
    There are a few new enemies in this new clearing, including a SWOOPING 
    SNITCHBUG. This annoying insect can't actually hurt your Pikmin, but it likes 
    to swoop down and snatch them from you two at a time, only to replant them 
    later as leaf Pikmin. Luckily, when the Swooping Snitchbug is carrying its 
    load, its flight will be hindered. Shoot it down, and then swarm it for the 
    kill. As you move further inland, you'll pass a hollow stump enclosure on your 
    right with a dormant combusting creature inside. Ignore it for now, and then 
    turn left past the stump into another clearing. Kill the second Swooping 
    Snitchbug and the Fiery Blowhog. You may also find a strange lump of festering 
    mold, which sometimes grows over the Burgeoning Spiderwort plants. If you want 
    to be able to harvest the purple berries, you'll have to swarm the suffocating 
    fungus and free the plants (as if they weren't already a pain to get). When 
    you reach the back end of the clearing, have the Pikmin begin unrolling the 
    bridge that will connect you to the landing zone.
    Once the bridge has been set, head back to where the sleeping FIERY BULBLAX 
    lay. A Fiery Bulblax is always cloaked in flames, meaning that you won't be 
    able to bash it around with Purple Pikmin like you could with a regular 
    bulborb. Only Red Pikmin will be able to fight it safely, but it can eat a lot 
    of Pikmin if you aren't careful. You can try your luck by just piling the 
    Fiery Bulblax with a multitude of Red Pikmin, or you can petrify it for a 
    safer battle. You'll probably want its body though, so attack it until it's 
    about to die, and then wait for it to break free before you finish it off. You 
    can use Purple Pikmin to stun it and deal a lot of damage, but be ready with 
    your whistle at all times. If you need to, head back to the cavern you passed 
    earlier so that you can save your game before the Bulblax ruins your plans, 
    and then exit immediately and continue. After you defeat the Bulblax, have the 
    White Pikmin begin knocking down the poisoned gate behind it while the rest of 
    your team gathers berries (leave the Fiery Bulblax body though).
    After the gate has been downed and the poison fumes disabled, walk into the 
    enclosure to find the YELLOW ONION, and a few YELLOW PIKMIN hanging out in a 
    nearby tree. Use the whistle to call them down and add them to your ranks. 
    Yellow Pikmin can no longer wield bomb-rocks, but they are resistant to 
    electricity, which is just as useful. They can also be thrown further or 
    higher than the other types, making them ideal for reaching items on high 
    places. Start breeding more Yellow Pikmin by using the surrounding Pellet 
    Posies and the Fiery Bulblax corpse (the White Pikmin can help carry the 
    larger items). After you've grown as many Yellow Pikmin as you can, return to 
    the landing zone and assemble a team consisting of all of your Yellow Pikmin, 
    a few White Pikmin and about 15-20 Red and Purple Pikmin each. Don't get more 
    than 92 though. Take them to the cave entrance you passed earlier by the first 
    Yellow Wollywog, and enter.
    -Citadel of Spiders-
    Sublevel 1
    The first sublevel of the bug-infested Citadel of Spiders is easy; simply find 
    the LOVE NUGGET (40) lying around. You'll also find a few Shearwigs and 
    cleverly-disguised SKITTER LEAVES. Skitter Leaves pretend to be fallen leaves 
    until you approach them. While they are harmless, they can slap you around if 
    you provoke them. After you collect the treasure and the bodies, find the exit 
    Sublevel 2
    There are a few tricky enemies in the nearby clearing in Sublevel 2, including 
    FIERY DWEEVILS and a pair of Yellow Wollywogs. Remember to swarm the wollywogs 
    or attack them with Purple Pikmin to ensure that no Pikmin is killed. You 
    won't be able to avoid them either, as one of them has ingested the CREATIVE 
    INSPIRATION (100). Fiery Dweevils are sinister little bugs that can be both 
    annoying and dangerous. Dweevils are normally timid and shy creatures, but 
    they like to mimic things by carrying them on their backs. When one sees 
    Pikmin nearby carrying something (treasures or creature carcasses), the 
    dweevil will hijack the item. Dweevils are invulnerable while they're carrying 
    things, so attack them with additional Pikmin to loosen their hold on the 
    item. Fiery Dweevils also have an effective defense mechanism; when provoked, 
    they can expel a blast of flame to burn their attackers. Because of this and 
    the many flame spouts in the area, it is best to have Red Pikmin at the ready. 
    Anyway, you may need to knock down a few walls in order to find the LIP 
    SERVICE (50) and the half-buried PARADOXICAL ENIGMA (80), as well as the exit.
    Sublevel 3
    Sublevel 3 is inhabited by a few annoying Swooping Snitchbugs and several 
    ANODE BEETLES. These bugs will take no interest in you or your Pikmin, but 
    their electrical properties make them dangerous. Use only Yellow Pikmin 
    against them, because any other type will be fried instantly by their 
    electrical discharges. To kill one, you'll have to hit it directly to flip it 
    over and expose its soft underside. A lone Anode Beetle is harmless, because 
    it will only be able to fire its electrical tendrils when it connects to one 
    of its nearby fellows. After the area is safe, collect the PATIENCE TESTER 
    (130) and use White Pikmin to dig up the MEMORIAL SHELL (100). Also, don't 
    leave without finding the QUEEN CANDYPOP BUD in one of the alcoves. These rare 
    and valuable flowers change the color of their spots from red to yellow to 
    blue every three seconds, and the color of the seeds that they expel will 
    match the color of their petals at the time they are used. But that isn't even 
    the best part. They only take one seed before wilting, but they expel nine, 
    meaning you get eight free sprouts! Note that it won't turn blue unless you've 
    already obtained Blue Pikmin, and it won't change colors altogether unless 
    you've already found the Yellow Pikmin. Use it to get more Yellow Pikmin 
    before leaving.
    Sublevel 4
    Compared to the rather placid enemies found in the upper sublevels, the new 
    predators found here are fairly dangerous. WATER DUMPLES, cousins of the 
    bulborbs, can eat a lot of Pikmin quickly, so swarm them before they get that 
    chance. HERMIT CRAWMADS are a bit trickier. They lurk inside their nests, 
    waiting to ambush passing prey. Don't let these crustaceans grab your Pikmin, 
    or else they'll drag them back to the nest and eat them. To kill one, set a 
    leader or Pikmin out as bait, and then move out of the way when it strikes. As 
    the crawmad retreats back into its nest, swarm it with your Pikmin. Aside from 
    the enemies, there are a few more flame spouts and gates that you'll need to 
    get rid of in order to get the treasure. One of the Hermit Crawmads holds the 
    KING OF SWEETS (15), while the FLAME OF TOMORROW (10) and the TIME CAPSULE 
    (70) can be found nearby. Before you leave, spend some Red Pikmin on the Ivory 
    Candypop Bud to get additional White Pikmin.
    Sublevel 5
    The boss of the Citadel of Spiders lurks within the large circular clearing, 
    so ready a team of 15-20 Yellow Pikmin for the battle. Before the fight, 
    search the surrounding area with White Pikmin, and throw them up onto one of 
    the square ledges so that they can unearth the REGAL DIAMOND (100). If you 
    need more red spray, you can flush out the Iridescent Flint Beetle lurking 
    beneath one of the mushrooms and knock it around until it releases its 
    stockpile of droplets. After you finish messing around, take your fighting 
    team of Yellow Pikmin into the large, round clearing, ominously shadowed by a 
    large spider web. BEADY LONG LEGS will drop down from above and begin his 
    crazed stampede. This boss's only weakness is his spherical midsection, but in 
    order to get to it you'll have to avoid his crushing feet. Beady Long Legs 
    will almost always stomp around in a distinctive pattern, making eight steps 
    with his four feet in sequence before resting. It's easy to predict where his 
    feet will land, unless he's turning. You can swarm Beady Long Leg's feet to 
    slow him down, but that puts the Pikmin at great risk of being stomped flat. 
    When Beady rests and lowers his body, attack with the Yellow Pikmin. Make sure 
    to call them back as he winds up to whip them off, or else they'll be sent 
    flying. Repeat the process until you defeat him, and use red spray if you want 
    the job to be done quicker. Beady will release THE KEY (100) when defeated. 
    This golden widget will unlock the fun Challenge Mode, which you can access 
    from the Main Menu. After you have it, use the Iridescent Flint Beetle's spilt 
    nectar to flower up any leaf Pikmin before you use the exit geyser.
    -Perplexing Pool-
    After you complete the Citadel of Spiders you can continue with the next set 
    of tasks, if the time left in your day permits it. When you do get a fresh 
    start, take about 30 Yellow Pikmin across the bridge to where the Burgeoning 
    Spiderworts grow. There are two treasures in the surrounding area that you can 
    get, but only with the Yellow Pikmin.
    To get the first, loop around the stump immediately after you pass the bridge 
    so that you get to a stone ledge overlooking the main clearing in front of the 
    landing zone (make sure that the Pikmin don't get sidetracked with the nectar 
    rocks). Throw no more than ten Pikmin up onto the structure next to the 
    bridge, where the IMPEDIMENT SCOURGE (50) lies. As they tote that back to the 
    Ship, take the others around to the back wall, behind the pool of water next 
    to the berries. You'll find an incline along the left end of the wall that 
    will allow you to get up to the ledge along the series of structures in the 
    back. With your Pikmin, walk carefully around the ledge, and try not to let 
    them fall into the water. When you reach the end of the ledge, throw your 
    Yellow Pikmin up onto the platform so that they can take back the GHERKIN GATE 
    (100). You'll need fifteen Pikmin to carry it, so make sure you have that many 
    left after the walkway.
    After you safely collect the two treasures, return to the landing zone and get 
    a team of 35 or so Red Pikmin and 20-25 Yellow and Purple Pikmin each. You can 
    also grab a few White Pikmin if you want things in the next cavern to go a bit 
    quicker, but you won't need them, nor should you exceed 92 Pikmin again. Take 
    your armed forces to the large clearing on the other side of the bridge, where 
    the Swooping Snitchbugs hung out. Walk to the back of the clearing and head to 
    the left to find a clutch of nectar eggs. Use them if any of your Pikmin need 
    flowers. Now loop around the stump behind the eggs and walk off the ledge to 
    get to the Yellow Wollywog stream (avoid them). You will find an electric gate 
    blocking the path to another cavern. Don't go near it with anything other than 
    Yellow Pikmin, or else they'll fry on contact. Hide your Red, Purple and White 
    Pikmin in a safe corner away from the gate while the Yellow Pikmin work on 
    knocking it down. It will take a while, but after it's down you can enter 
    Glutton's Kitchen.
    -Glutton's Kitchen-
    Sublevel 1
    There are several DWARF BULBEARS sniffing around that you'll probably want to 
    get rid of before you do anything. Dwarf Bulbears are slightly more aggressive 
    and alert than regular dwarf bulborbs, but they aren't as territorial, meaning 
    they'll follow you forever as long as you stay close enough to them to keep 
    their interest. Knowing that, you can use Olimar or Louie to lure them all 
    into the back corners so that they stay out of your way, or group them all 
    together for a Purple Pikmin slaughter-fest. The only treasure here is the 
    MASTER'S INSTRUMENT (30), probably located within the enclosed playpen along 
    with a lone bulbear. Lure the beastie out of the way, and then throw your 
    Pikmin over the wall to get the treasure.
    Sublevel 2
    Sublevel 2 consists mainly of a wooden train set that encircles the area. The 
    treasures are most likely found along the outer path, guarded by sheargrubs 
    and Cloaking Burrow-nits. Take your Pikmin and sweep the area to eliminate 
    these dangers. You'll also find a BREADBUG or two. Breadbugs are greedy 
    creatures that only care about foraging for food. When a Breadbug finds a 
    morsel (anything from an enemy carcass to a treasure), it will begin dragging 
    it back to its nest. Breadbugs have a tough outer skin that makes them fairly 
    resistant to Pikmin attacks, though a direct hit will damage them minimally. 
    To defeat a Breadbug, wait for it to begin towing something back to its nest. 
    Swarm the item with Pikmin so that they overpower the Breadbug and drag it 
    back to the Research Pod, where it will take massive damage. Just make sure 
    that the Breadbug doesn't end up winning the tug-of-war bout, or any Pikmin 
    that it was battling will be gone forever once they vanish in the Breadbug's 
    nest. You'll need to look for the MASSIVE LID (100) and the IMPERATIVE COOKIE 
    (25), which the Breadbugs may have already gotten to. Don't forget to use 
    Yellow Pikmin if the treasures are located high up on the train set 
    structures. After you finish your hunt, find the nearby exit hole.
    Sublevel 3
    There are plenty of electrical hazards and Anode Beetles here to give your 
    Yellow Pikmin a good workout. If you need more, you can use the GOLDEN 
    CANDYPOP BUD in the area. After you take care of the electrical threats, 
    you'll have to deal with the PUFFY BLOWHOG. This blue, buoyant creature is 
    filled with hydrogen that allows it to float aloft effortlessly. It will also 
    use this gas to blow a gust of wind at you and your Pikmin, which will scatter 
    them every which way. Throw Pikmin at it until they weigh it down and send it 
    crashing to the ground, and then finish it off. Lastly, you'll have to deal 
    with a few more Breadbugs, as they may have already nabbed the treasures. 
    Collect the HARMONIC SYNTHESIZER (120) and the DIRECTOR OF DESTINY (100), and 
    use the many nectar supplies before you leave.
    Sublevel 4
    The SPOTTY BULBEAR thrown into the mix will complicate things for you, so try 
    and defeat it quickly. Spotty Bulbears are a particularly nasty breed of 
    bulborb that are always on the move and always hungry. You won't be able to 
    sneak up on this Pikmin-eating machine like you would a regular bulborb, so 
    just use Purple Pikmin, or freeze it with Ultra-Bitter Spray. To make matters 
    worse, Spotty Bulbears are almost always tailed by a posse of Dwarf Bulbears, 
    so even if you manage to take out the big guy, you still have to worry about 
    the younglings. It's best to petrify the Spotty Bulbear first, because a dead 
    one has the ability to revive itself after its health meter refills. Spotty 
    Bulbears share this unique ability with one other nasty enemy that you'll 
    encounter later. If it does end up leaving behind a body, carry it back to the 
    pod quickly. You can't try to simply avoid the bulbear, because it holds the 
    HAPPINESS EMBLEM (100). Afterwards, defeat any Dwarf Bulbears that remain and 
    feud with the Breadbugs over the WHITE GOODNESS (60) and then INVIGORATOR 
    Sublevel 5
    This level, like the previous one, isn't very easily run through, but it's 
    still pretty fun. The area is inhabited by a few ARMORED CANNON BEETLE LARVAE. 
    These massive grubs can shoot boulders of dirt from their mouths that will 
    crush anything in their paths. Fortunately, you can use them to defeat the 
    many Dwarf Bulbears without having to worry about putting the Pikmin at risk. 
    Put your Pikmin in a safe corner and then simply align yourself directly in 
    between the Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae and a Dwarf Bulbear so that when the 
    grub shoots, it will kill the bulbear instead. You can even move the Dwarf 
    Bulbears around by having them follow you a bit, so that you can get a better 
    shot at them with the beetles. Afterwards, take your Purple Pikmin and lure 
    the Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae out of their holes, and then pound them into 
    submission. Just watch out for when the beetles buck the Pikmin off, or they 
    may be put at risk of being squashed by the boulders. Once everything has been 
    defeated, collect the bodies, the BOOM CONE (100) and the SULKING ANTENNA 
    (150). Before you leave, use the Queen Candypop Bud to get 100 Pikmin from 
    your 92, and the Violet Candypop Bud to swap five Red Pikmin for Purple 
    Pikmin. Also, make sure that they are all bloomed and ready for the next 
    Sublevel 6
    The boss of Glutton's Kitchen is the GIANT BREADBUG, an immense, boxlike food 
    fiend with a voracious appetite. The Giant Breadbug behaves just like a 
    regular Breadbug, so don't worry about a tough battle. Before you deal with 
    it, use your Yellow Pikmin to disable the electrical traps and kill the Anode 
    Beetles. The beetle carcasses will provide bait for the breadbugs (there are a 
    few regular ones in the area as well). Once the Giant Breadbug grabs hold of 
    something, use as many Pikmin as you can to win the food fight. The only way 
    the Giant Breadbug can kill your Pikmin is if it manages to drag them back 
    into its den, but you'd have to be pretty careless to let that happen. After 
    you drag the Giant Breadbug back to the Research Pod twice, it will die and 
    release the DREAM MATERIAL (100), a special treasure that will make Olimar and 
    Louie immune to electric shock. After you defeat the remaining Breadbugs, 
    collect the treasure that they had been hoarding in their caches. On the menu 
    are the SWEET DREAMER (40), HIDEOUS VICTUAL (100) and MEAT OF CHAMPIONS (35). 
    Use the nectar eggs, and then exit Glutton's Kitchen via the geyser in the 
    -Perplexing Pool-
    A job well done! The only thing left that you can accomplish in the Perplexing 
    Pool right now is to knock down the two remaining electric gates, but without 
    Blue Pikmin you won't be able to do anything with them anyway. One of the 
    gates is across the lake next to the landing zone, while the other is in the 
    river on the other side of the region. The later is tricky to get to without 
    the Blue Pikmin, but if you have time, go ahead and start bringing them down. 
    Otherwise, spend what remains of your time harvesting purple berries, or 
    reenter the caves to take advantage of the Queen Candypop Buds.
    Chapter 5: A Day in the Woods.
    -Awakening Wood-
    The Blue Pikmin that will complete the five-color set are found deep within 
    the Awakening Wood, and only with the Yellow Pikmin will you be able to reach 
    them. Once you have Blue Pikmin, you'll be able to finish up the Awakening 
    Wood by exploring the two remaining caverns and obtaining the treasures that 
    are left above ground.
    As soon as the new day begins, take 40 Yellow Pikmin out of the onion, and 
    have Olimar take them across the Burgeoning Spiderwort enclosure while Louie 
    takes Purple Pikmin and clears the surrounding area of enemies, including the 
    bulborbs and sheargrubs. After Olimar's team makes it to the Cloaking Burrow-
    nit clearing, kill the first burrow-nit you see, and then throw some of the 
    Yellow Pikmin up onto the stump on your right. They will retrieve the HEALING 
    CASK (60) and take it back to the Ship. Now kill the second Cloaking Burrow-
    nit near the White Flower Garden, and then throw all of your Pikmin onto the 
    ledge behind the first burrow-nit. There is a third Cloaking Burrow-nit up 
    here, so make sure that you throw the Pikmin well away from it. To get up to 
    the ledge, loop around by crossing the small puddle of water on your right. 
    Once you rejoin the Pikmin, kill the Cloaking Burrow-nit and have the Pikmin 
    begin collapsing the electrified gate.
    The gate will take a minute or two to bring down. While you're waiting, switch 
    to Louie and continue the berry hunt. After the gate is down, have your Yellow 
    Pikmin carry the first two Cloaking Burrow-nit bodies back to the landing 
    zone, but leave the one on the ledge and the pellets that it dropped. 
    Wade into the center of the pond on the other side of the gate to find the 
    BLUE ONION. You'll also find five wild BLUE PIKMIN chasing WOGPOLES. Blue 
    Pikmin are the only Pikmin that can swim without drowning. While this ability 
    is singular, it is immensely important. Blue Pikmin can even be used as 
    lifeguards to rescue their drowning comrades. Call the Pikmin to you, and then 
    start growing more by knocking down the blue Pellet Posies surrounding the 
    onion. You can also have them attack and kill the Wogpoles, but they swim 
    quickly and can be hard to catch, so ignore them if you don't think they're 
    worth the effort (they are harmless anyway). Make sure you collect that 
    Cloaking Burrow-nit body and its pellets by the ledge as well. After you grow 
    enough Blue Pikmin, have them carry the DECORATIVE GOO (80) sitting on the 
    shore nearby. If you need more Pikmin to carry it, switch back to Louie and 
    return his Pikmin so that you have room to take out additional Blue Pikmin 
    from the Blue Onion.
    Once you make it back to the landing zone with your treasures, take the Blue 
    Pikmin into the small pool of water behind the Red Onion. There is a gate here 
    that will open up the path to the next cavern, but it will take forever to 
    knock down using Blue Pikmin alone. To allow the rest of your team to work on 
    it, have the Blue Pikmin begin breaking apart the mound of rock in front of 
    the gate that is plugging in the water. When the rock is unplugged, the pool 
    will drain out through the fissures in the ground. Clever huh?
    After the gate is down, take the Yellow Pikmin into the new area, which is 
    where you found the Chance Totem and the purple Burgeoning Spiderwort during 
    your first trip here. Cross the narrow walkway above the collapsed dirt gate 
    and have the Yellow Pikmin begin knocking down the second electric gate on the 
    other side. Once that task has been completed, quickly return to the landing 
    site to assemble a new team consisting of 30-50 Red Pikmin, 10 White Pikmin 
    and 20 Purple and Yellow Pikmin. You won't need the Blue Pikmin for the next 
    cavern, so if you want to take the maximum 100 Pikmin into it, you'll have to 
    dash back to the Blue Onion and deposit the Blue Pikmin. Take your new army 
    across the walkway and past the downed electrified gate, and enter the Bulblax 
    -Bulblax Kingdom-
    Sublevel 1
    The Bulblax Kingdom is so named because of the many members of the bulborb 
    clan that inhabit it. Two new bulborb species can be found here in the first 
    sublevel. DWARF ORANGE BULBORBS are essentially identical to the other dwarf 
    species, so you should have no trouble getting rid of them. ORANGE BULBORBS on 
    the other hand are more dangerous, even when compared to the other larger 
    bulborb species. They are paranoid creatures and very light sleepers, so it 
    won't take much at all to awaken one. You won't be able to sneak up on one 
    from behind like you would regularly, because the Orange Bulborb will be awake 
    before you can get to it. Use Purple Pikmin to eliminate them quickly. One of 
    the larger Orange Bulborbs holds the CRYSTAL CLOVER (150). You'll also find a 
    CRIMSON CANDYPOP BUD down here, should you need more Red Pikmin.
    Sublevel 2
    With the Red Pikmin, set out to kill the Fiery Dweevils and disable the fire 
    spouts in the area. The only treasure here is the TEAR STONE (150). 
    Oftentimes, this treasure will be located on top of a stone outcrop. To get to 
    it, throw your Pikmin up to the ledge and then lead them towards the treasure 
    (after you call them back, they won't fall off the outcrop because of the lip 
    along its edge).
    Sublevel 3
    If you have a lot of flower Pikmin, try to kill the WITHERING BLOWHOGS here as 
    quickly as you can. Withering Blowhogs are weaker than their cousins, the 
    Puffy Blowhogs, but behave in the same way. The key difference however is 
    these nuisances have a unique corrosive agent in their noxious breath that 
    will instantly turn any flower Pikmin into slow and incompetent leaf Pikmin. 
    After you kill them, there won't be anything else down here to worry about, 
    unless you count the sheargrubs and the Mitites. You'll need White Pikmin to 
    dig up the OLIMARNITE SHELL (40), but don't worry if you forgot to bring them; 
    there's an Ivory Candypop Bud down here. Use nectar to turn them into flowers, 
    and any other Pikmin that suffered from the Withering Blowhogs.
    Sublevel 4
    Things get a bit hairy down here, thanks to the electrical hazards and the 
    dangerous enemies. Leave the Pikmin behind and scout out the area so that you 
    can lure out the WOLLYWOG (which will fall from above) and the Iridescent 
    Glint Beetle. Both of them hold treasure, so you'll be able to tell when 
    you're getting close to them with your radar. Gray Wollywogs are similar to 
    Yellow Wollywogs, but they can leap farther and detect you sooner. It's best 
    to use Purple Pikmin against them as always, but the Anode Beetles and the 
    electric traps can make that a problem. Use Yellow Pikmin to eliminate the 
    threats between you and the treasure-hoarding enemies before you move in with 
    the Purple Pikmin. The Wollywog holds the UNKNOWN MERIT (100), while the 
    Iridescent Glint Beetle has the CRYSTAL KING (110) in its innards. After you 
    finish killing the remaining Anode Beetles, use the Violet Candypop Buds down 
    here, and take down the Honeywisps that compliment them.
    Sublevel 5
    You'll need to defeat another high-strung Orange Bulborb and its smaller 
    minions in this dingy labyrinth, but at least it doesn't hold treasure. The 
    ANXIOUS SPROUT (50) will be sticking out of the ground, so dig it up and carry 
    it back to the Research Pod. When you explore the corners of this sublevel, 
    watch out for the falling bomb-rocks, which will detonate in a powerful 
    explosion and kill any Pikmin that get caught in its blast radius. Don't let 
    it happen!
    Sublevel 6
    Only two sublevels remain, including this one. There are several dweevils, 
    fire hazards and orange bulborbs (of both kinds) here, but where there is 
    danger there is also treasure. One of the larger Orange Bulborbs has the 
    ETERNAL EMERALD EYE (150). You can also find and excavate the COLOSSAL FOSSIL 
    (140), but make sure that nothing eats the Pikmin as they carry it back. You 
    can get more Purple and/or Red Pikmin by using the Violet and Crimson Candypop 
    Buds here before leaving, but watch out for more bomb-rocks.
    Sublevel 7
    Round up your Red Pikmin and prepare to fight the ruler of the Bulblax Kingdom 
    by disabling the flames that guard his throne room. Now take your Purple 
    Pikmin into the clearing. EMPEROR BULBLAX will burst out of the sand and 
    attack once you disturb his stalk-like eyes protruding from the soil. The 
    final boss of the original Pikmin, the mighty Emperor Bulblax is the king of 
    all bulborbs. Luckily, he is much easier to defeat now than he was then. 
    Before he awakens, throw your Purple Pikmin at his eyes continually, even as 
    he emerges from the ground. By the time Emperor Bulblax can react, he will 
    have taken so much damage that he will die in mere moments. Using red spray is 
    overkill, since your Purple Pikmin should pack enough punch to do the job 
    alone. If you don't manage to kill Emperor Bulblax properly the first time, 
    you'll have to face his wrath. Emperor Bulblax can eat an entire squad of 
    Pikmin by licking them up with his large, sticky tongue. When the emperor 
    opens his mouth wide, move all of your Pikmin away from him immediately. He 
    can also stomp on your Pikmin if they get beneath them, which will kill them 
    instantly. Lastly, the Emperor Bulblax will sometimes let out a deafening roar 
    that will frighten your Pikmin and scatter them in panic, which is something 
    you definitely don't want. Emperor Bulblax's fleshy face is his weakest spot, 
    so keep throwing Purple Pikmin at it when you get the chance. Don't bother 
    hitting his back though, since it's covered in impervious, rocklike armor. 
    When you defeat Emperor Bulblax, he will regurgitate the FORGED COURAGE (100). 
    This treasure will give the leaders resistance against flames, which will come 
    in handy when you go to get the final treasure in this sublevel. After you 
    cart it and Emperor Bulblax's carcass back to the Research Pod, have your 
    entire Pikmin team begin collapsing the gate behind the emperor's throne room. 
    The chamber beyond is filled with water and flames, but you can take the Red 
    Pikmin through the right-hand shore and throw them up to the ledge at the end. 
    To join them, walk up the fiery path in the center. Now throw the Red Pikmin 
    up to the shrine so that they can take back the GYROID BUST (250). To exit the 
    Bulblax Kingdom, use the geyser along the left shore of the shrine chamber.
    -Awakening Wood-
    After you complete the Bulblax Kingdom, you can begin clearing the way to the 
    next and final cavern in the Awakening Wood. The process will be somewhat 
    lengthy, so you'll probably want to wait until the next day. In any case, you 
    will need a lot of Blue Pikmin, so if you do want to wait a day, spend the 
    rest of the first one growing Blue Pikmin.
    With all of your Blue Pikmin (or at least 31, preferably around 40 minimum) 
    and 20 or so of both White and Purple Pikmin, walk towards the back of the 
    large clearing next to the landing zone and cross the unrolled bridge to where 
    the Geographic Projection once lay. Don't disturb the Creeping Chrysanthemum 
    on your right, and instead take the left path to a new clearing.
    There is a Yellow Wollywog in the pond that will need to be taken care of. 
    Leave your Pikmin by the shore and then use Olimar/Louie to lure it inland so 
    that the Purple Pikmin can kill it. Now take your Blue Pikmin and kill the 
    second wollywog further into the pond, but be careful. Now loop back around to 
    the front side of the island, where you'll find two unrolled bridges. You 
    won't be able to get onto the island, but you can throw your Pikmin up to the 
    first bridge so that they can unroll it. Once they complete this task, the 
    island will be connected with the rest of your Pikmin. After you take them 
    across, use White Pikmin to unroll the second bridge since it's covered in 
    poison fumes (don't forget to disable them afterwards). After both bridges are 
    extended, take your team across to the new clearing, but be prepared for the 
    local wildlife.
    A Burrowing Snagret guards the gate that blocks the entrance to the next 
    cavern, the Snagret Hole. Keep your Pikmin at a safe distance while your 
    purple team takes it down. Now head towards the flower bed next to the ledge 
    in this clearing and lure out the Creeping Chrysanthemum, and kill it. Now 
    have your Purple and White Pikmin begin knocking down the gate blocking the 
    cavern entrance. You'll need your Blue Pikmin to collect a treasure back in 
    the wollywog pond.
    Dive into the water with the Blue Pikmin and both Louie and Olimar, and then 
    divide your team so that both have around 20 each. There is another square 
    block puzzle in the water that will let you get the shuttlecock on the ledge, 
    next to the island. First, toss fifteen of your Blue Pikmin on the right-hand 
    block, by the ledge, so that it lowers. With one leader, join them on the 
    block. Now switch leaders and throw the remaining Pikmin on the left block so 
    that the first block rises. Switch back to your first leader and throw the 
    fifteen Pikmin up onto the ledge so that they can grab the AIR BRAKE (100).
    The clearing in front of the Snagret Hole drops off into the landing zone, so 
    if you want you can carry the remains of the wollywogs, snagret and 
    chrysanthemum through this shortcut, but make sure you get more Blue Pikmin 
    with them. Afterwards, pick any sprouts that have been made and switch out 
    your team for 35 Red Pikmin, 6 Yellow Pikmin, 15 Blue Pikmin, 15 Purple Pikmin 
    and 5 White Pikmin. Don't take more than the recommended 76 Pikmin because 
    there are three Queen Candypop Buds in the Snagret Hole. Take your team back 
    to its entrance and go in.
    -Snagret Hole-
    Sublevel 1
    Naturally, there will be a few snagret battles that you'll have to partake in 
    whilst exploring this dungeon, but luckily you won't have to worry about them 
    for the first few sublevels. The first sublevel is unique among non-final 
    sublevels in that it never changes its layout. The level consists of a dark 
    tunnel that winds upwards and into an abandoned birdhouse. You still have to 
    deal with some sheargrubs and an Orange Bulborb at the bottom though. The 
    bulborb holds a marble known as the CRYSTALLIZED TELEKINESIS (120). While the 
    Pikmin take it and the bodies back to the Research Pod, take a lone Pikmin up 
    to the top, where you'll find the exit and the LEVIATHAN FEATHER (10). Have 
    the lone Pikmin carry the feather back, and then exit after you're finished.
    Sublevel 2
    The scenery will shift from a dingy tunnel in a tree hollow to a large, sunlit 
    flower garden. There are two treasures in this sublevel: the COMBUSTION BERRY 
    (190) and the TASTE SENSATION (40). In order to reach them and the exit hole, 
    you'll have to work your way through waves of Male/Female Sheargrubs, 
    Shearwigs, Cloaking Burrow-nits and a Creeping Chrysanthemum or two. Be 
    careful when you cross the stone bridges over the ponds with non-Blue Pikmin, 
    as it is easy for them to fall in. There are also plenty of nectar eggs to 
    take advantage of before you leave.
    Sublevel 3
    Now for the fun part. There are not one, but two Burrowing Snagrets down here 
    that you'll have to battle, and one of them has the MEAT SATCHEL (40). Kill 
    the Swooping Snitchbug first before you fight the birds, and then lure out the 
    one with the treasure. Remember to attack it only when it pokes its head out 
    of the ground, not when it rises up fully from the start. You may as well kill 
    both, since they guard the gates along the wall that in turn guard Candypop 
    Buds and nectar. As always, definitely get Purple Pikmin.
    Sublevel 4
    Although there are no snagrets here to give you misery, there are some Armored 
    Cannon Beetle Larvae, including one with treasure that will drop in from 
    above. You can use the cannon beetles to kill the electrical traps, the Dwarf 
    Orange Bulborbs, the WATERY BLOWHOGS and even each other! For what remains, 
    use Purple Pikmin, but make sure that they blowhogs and beetles don't knock 
    them off the edge of the stage. You can also use Blue Pikmin against the Water 
    Blowhogs, since only they can resist the water it spits (use your whistle to 
    rescue any other type that gets afflicted). Collect the HEAVY-DUTY MAGNETIZER 
    (150) from the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva, and the CRYSTALLIZED TELEPATHY 
    (120) and CUPID'S GRENADE (20) lying around. Before you leave, touch one of 
    the green or orange GLOWSTEMS growing in the area to acquire the final scenic 
    plant Piklopedia file.
    Sublevel 5
    As soon as you begin this level, you'll notice that your radar is going 
    haywire. This is caused by the ANTENNA BEETLE in the area, so you'll have to 
    kill it if you want your radar to work again. Antenna Beetles emit a frequency 
    that not only bugs your treasure-detector, but it also sounds similar to your 
    leaders' whistles, meaning that the Antenna Beetle can actually control your 
    Pikmin! Don't worry though; the bug will only use this ability to defend 
    itself, not to attack you. The Antenna Beetle can leap incredible distances, 
    so once it jumps it will be out of sight for a few seconds. When it lands, 
    swarm it with your Pikmin before it can jump or whistle again. The Antenna 
    Beetle holds the EMPEROR WHISTLE (75). Once your radar is fixed, you can hunt 
    down one of the numerous falling Dwarf Orange Bulborbs that has the 
    CRYSTALLIZED CLAIRVOYANCE (120). Collect your rewards and get on with life.
    Sublevel 6
    This sublevel is pure evil. It's fairly large and mazelike, and there is a lot 
    of water that will make your Purple Pikmin nearly useless against the 
    Burrowing Snagrets. Did I mention there are two of them? One of them has the 
    TRIPLE SUGAR THREAT (60) lodged in its gut, so you can opt to ignore the other 
    one by simply following your radar to the one with the treasure. Then again, 
    the Antenna Beetle puts that idea down. You may as well kill both of the 
    snagrets and take their heads as souvenirs. In addition to the water, there 
    are plenty of poison spouts to get rid of. You're going to have to come up 
    with clever ways of getting non-Blue Pikmin across the puddles, such as by 
    throwing them over or whistling them across. A lot of the times you'll be able 
    to slink by the small spaces in between the water and the maze walls, but only 
    with small groups of Pikmin. If you need more White or Blue Pikmin, use the 
    Ivory and LAPIS LAZULI CANDYPOP BUDS. There is also a falling Dwarf Orange 
    Bulborb that you'll need to track down so that you can get the STUPENDOUS LENS 
    (120). Again, it will be nearly impossible to find it outside of chance unless 
    you kill the Antenna Beetle first. And on top of all that, you'll have to find 
    the SCIENCE PROJECT and the SALIVATRIX (20 and 30 pokos, respectively). There 
    is some good in all of this however. You do get to use a Queen Candypop Bud, 
    which will give you eight new Pikmin. Afterwards, break down any walls and get 
    to the exit. This level is a toughie, so feel free to reset if any Pikmin are 
    Sublevel 7
    As expected, the boss that resides at the bottom of the Snagret Hole is a 
    species of snagret, but this one is a lot tougher than the average burrower. 
    You'll need about 20 Red or Purple Pikmin for this fight, so hide the rest of 
    them in the nearest alcove before you venture out into the center of the 
    arena. It will help immensely to have a few red sprays at hand too. Take your 
    team into the circular sandpit to awaken the PILEATED SNAGRET. This enormous 
    feathered serpent is similar in many ways to a Burrowing Snagret, but it is 
    much more dangerous. The Pileated Snagret has a short, stubby foot that it can 
    hop on, meaning that it will be harder to avoid this thing once it starts to 
    hunt you down. Fortunately, the strategy for defeating the Burrowing Snagrets 
    is the same for the Pileated Snagret. About one in five times whenever the 
    snagret emerges from the sand, it will poke only its head out first before 
    surfacing entirely. This will be your chance to strike. By the time the 
    snagret is out of the ground, it will have taken enough damage so that it will 
    simply retreat back into the ground. Other times, the Pileated Snagret will 
    come up all at once, and you won't have time to attack it effectively. Simply 
    run away, or get directly behind it. You should be able to defeat the Pileated 
    Snagret in about five rounds, but it won't always cooperate. Remember to use 
    your sprays when needed, especially on the slower Purple Pikmin. If you're 
    having more trouble than normal against the boss, you can feed it White Pikmin 
    to help drain its life down, but you'll lose the Pikmin in the process. After 
    the Pileated Snagret has been vanquished, collect its severed head and the 
    JUSTICE ALLOY (100). This piece will give Olimar and Louie added resistance 
    against enemy attacks. Now start breaking down the walls around the edge of 
    the arena to uncover the goodies that they hide, including plenty of nectar 
    eggs and two Queen Candypop Buds. You should be able to leave the Snagret Hole 
    with 100 bloomed Pikmin.
    -Awakening Wood-
    Spend the rest of your day growing more Pikmin. If you're still short on Blue 
    Pikmin, you can reenter the Snagret Hole and use the Lapis Lazuli and Queen 
    Candypop Buds. Just make sure that you have a healthy population of them 
    before the end of the day.
    Chapter 6: Aquatic Phenomenon.
    -Perplexing Pool-
    With all five Pikmin types at your disposal, you'll be able to complete the 
    Valley of Repose and Perplexing Pool regions and reach your goal of 10,000 
    pokos. To complete the Perplexing Pool, you'll have to learn how to use your 
    leaders effectively as a team, especially if you want to get the job done 
    quickly. Since the region is divided into two main bodies of water, it is a 
    good idea to spend one day on the near pond and a second day on the far pond.
    To start, take out 40 Blue Pikmin with Olimar, and 15 Purple Pikmin, 5 White 
    Pikmin, 10 Blue Pikmin and 30 Yellow Pikmin with Louie. With Louie's Purple 
    Pikmin, kill all of the enemies that surround the landing zone, including the 
    Shearwigs, the Yellow Wollywog and the Water Dumples (to the left of the 
    Citadel of Spiders, which you'll have to lure inland first). Now take Olimar's 
    40 Blue Pikmin and divide them so that half work on breaking down the gate 
    behind the Water Dumples, while the other half does the same for the one at 
    the other end of the river (watch out for the wollywogs again).
    With Louie's multicolored team, head towards the shoreline to the right of the 
    landing zone exit. Leave your Blue, White and Purple Pikmin and then take your 
    Yellow Pikmin to the ruins along the side of the clearing. There is a long, 
    curved wall that extends out into the water. The wall has a groove that will 
    prevent the Pikmin from falling off. Throw them all up to the wall, and then 
    go onto the walkway in the water running alongside the wall, and whistle them 
    back. Now go all the way to the end of the walkway. The Pikmin will follow 
    you, and they'll stay on the wall without falling into the water. When they 
    reach the end of the wall, they can rejoin you safely on the platform and 
    begin unrolling the bridge. This bridge will connect you to a beach with an 
    electric gate. Have the Yellow Pikmin begin knocking down the gate. While they 
    do that, return to the Pikmin you left on the opposite beach and then switch 
    to Olimar to check on his team's progress.
    If Olimar's Blue Pikmin are taking too long to knock down the far gate, help 
    the remaining blues take down the gate closer to the landing zone. There is a 
    red Burgeoning Spiderwort in the water here, but don't bother with it. After 
    the gate collapses, take the Blue Pikmin into the pond on the other side. 
    Carefully defeat the Yellow Wollywog and the Water Dumples further in, and 
    don't hesitate to petrify them if things get dangerous.
    By now the Yellow Pikmin should be done with the electric gate. Take Louie's 
    Blue Pikmin through the pond and into the tiled pit on the other side of the 
    gate. Ignore the Wogpoles splashing around and set the Pikmin on the rock 
    cover holding all of the water in. Unlike the last rock plug, this one 
    actually conceals another cavern, but wait to enter it until the end of the 
    day. When the water drains out, the entire half of the pond will be left dry 
    for your Yellow, Purple and White Pikmin. 
    You can use the Purple Pikmin to kill the TOADY BLOYSTER oozing around. To 
    kill it, throw Pikmin at the bulbous gill structure on its back, but make sure 
    that none get in front of the bloyster, or it will eat them with its tentacle-
    rimmed mouth. The Toady Bloyster has the AQUATIC MINE (80) and a few large 
    pellets, so carry them and the bloyster's gills back to the landing zone. 
    Continue further into the drained wetland and kill the two Yellow Wollywogs. 
    Near the back, follow your radar to find the digging point for the White 
    Pikmin. They will unearth the FORTIFIED DELICACY (60). 
    Olimar's Blue Pikmin should still be in the pond behind the landing zone, 
    where it is still wet. When Louie gets back to the landing zone with his 
    troupe, take some White Pikmin behind the Ship and follow the sandy path down 
    to a ledge. Throw them all onto the ledge, and then switch to Olimar, who will 
    be on the other side. Whistle the White Pikmin to him and then have them begin 
    digging up the ONION REPLICA (an actual onion worth 30 pokos). Once it is far 
    enough above ground so that the Blue Pikmin can finish digging it up, throw 
    your White Pikmin back to Louie, and then have the Blue Pikmin carry the 
    treasure back to the landing zone.
    That took most of the day, didn't it? If you have time to spare, finish up on 
    the gate at the other end of the far river. Otherwise, return to the landing 
    zone and assemble together 25 Red Pikmin, 12 Yellow Pikmin, 20 Blue Pikmin, 15 
    Purple Pikmin and 12 White Pikmin (no more than 84). Take them across the dry 
    pond to the entrance of the unplugged cavern.
    -Shower Room-
    Sublevel 1
    It's raining Wogpoles! Go ahead and kill the flailing fry and cash them in for 
    chump change, but watch out for the large rocks that will fall from above and 
    crush your Pikmin. When the rocks fall, look for their shadows and the falling 
    sound they make to avoid them. Using Yellow Pikmin, destroy all of the 
    electrical hazards so that the Purple and Blue Pikmin can kill the Wollywog 
    and the Watery Blowhogs. Finally, collect the MERCILESS EXTRACTOR (90).
    Sublevel 2
    As you explore deeper into the watery world of endless blue tiles, you'll find 
    more interesting new life forms, such as the LESSER SPOTTED JELLYFLOAT. These 
    organisms drift lazily in the air, seeking out your Pikmin. The jellyfloat 
    attacks by inhaling Pikmin into its bell. If the Pikmin remain trapped inside 
    it for too long, they will suffocate and die. Throw Pikmin at the jellyfloat 
    to weight it down before you can swarm it on the ground. You will have to use 
    White Pikmin to clean out the poison spouts, but watch out for the falling 
    rocks as before. Kill the Orange and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs as well, and 
    collect the DURABLE ENERGY CELL (160) and the SUD GENERATOR (60).
    Sublevel 3
    This level is similar to the second, but a grade higher in difficulty, even 
    without any poison or falling rocks. Water Dumples and Hermit Crawmads replace 
    bulborbs, and there are several Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats to kill. You'll 
    also find the pink GREATER SPOTTED JELLYFLOAT, which differs from the smaller 
    blue ones in that it can inhale Olimar and Louie for a short amount of time as 
    well. More annoying than anything, this will leave your Pikmin defenseless 
    against any approaching predators. The Greater Spotted Jellyfloat, although 
    tougher to kill, holds the MIRRORED STAGE (140). After you kill the remaining 
    enemies, use Blue Pikmin to navigate the watery maze and find the SCRUMPTIOUS 
    SHELL (60) and VORPAL PLATTER (60). Watch out for the Wollywog that lies in 
    wait above one of the alcoves.
    Sublevel 4
    Finally, a recovery level! There is still treasure to collect here, but you 
    can do so without having to worry about any foul predators. Follow the thin, 
    rusty pipes into the main clearings and kill the Unmarked Spectralids for 
    nectar. Remember, the red and purple Flitterbies release spray of the 
    corresponding color when killed, so try and gun them down first. There are 
    also two Queen Candypop Buds here, so get whichever color Pikmin that you're 
    lacking in for a total of 100 Pikmin. Lastly, follow your radar to the 
    ARBOREAL FRIPPERY (10), the strange seven-lobed leaf. Ignore the early exit 
    geyser and take the hole down to the next level.
    Sublevel 5
    Now that you've had a nice rest, prepare for more action. There are many Dwarf 
    Orange Bulborbs in this sublevel, but no larger ones thankfully. You'll also 
    find Fiery, Watery and Withering Blowhogs, as well as a gray Wollywog, so 
    fight your way through them with care. While they aren't battling enemies, 
    have your Pikmin work on taking down the gates and disabling the flames. The 
    three treasures here are the PONDERING EMBLEM (100), the BROKEN FOOD MASTER 
    (90) and the ENDLESS REPOSITORY (130). You may need at least 20 Blue Pikmin to 
    get the treasure out of the flooded drainpipe, above the sand mound.
    Sublevel 6
    Sublevel 6 has the same old scenery as the rest of the Shower Room, but there 
    are several new enemies down here. First defeat the dangerous Orange Bulborb 
    and Wollywog, as well as the many smaller bulborbs. Now start breaking down 
    the gates, including the ones guarding the alcoves. This is so that you can 
    find the Ivory Candypop Bud and the DOODLEBUG (a relative of the Iridescent 
    Flint and Glint Beetles). Doodlebugs are foul insects that fart with every 
    move, releasing a noxious cloud of flatulence that will poison non-White 
    Pikmin. Although they are the trickiest of the three beetle species, they give 
    the best rewards when flipped. The first time it is hit with a Pikmin, the 
    Doodlebug will release three nectar droplets. It will then release purple 
    spray droplets each time it is pegged afterwards, up to two more times. If you 
    use Purple Pikmin, you can get the Doodlebug to flip without having to hit it 
    precisely, but watch out for its gas. As you collect your treasures, three new 
    dweevil species will attack you, including the ANODE DWEEVIL and the MUNGE 
    DWEEVIL. They behave like Fiery Dweevils, except they release a different type 
    of defense mechanism when provokes. Yellow Anode Dweevils fire off a jolt of 
    electricity, so use Yellow Pikmin. Purple Munge Dweevils are poisonous, so 
    take them out with White Pikmin. The third type is the far-deadlier VOLATILE 
    DWEEVIL. This oddball type doesn't try and steal your items, but that is only 
    because it already has something on its back; a bomb-rock! Make sure to be 
    well away from this menace before it explodes. Unlike other dweevil species, 
    this evildoing suicide terrorist will actively hunt you down in order to 
    maximize the potency of its blast. The Volatile Dweevils usually lurk in 
    drainpipes or fall in from above. Last but not least is the BUMBLING 
    SNITCHBUG, a creature of pure annoyance. Instead of snatching your Pikmin, 
    this thing will go after Olimar and Louie. Rather than suffering from the 
    embarrassment of being carried away helplessly by the Bumbling Snitchbug, kill 
    it before it spots you. If you do get snatched, wiggle around until you break 
    free of the snitchbug's grip before it slams you into the ground. After every 
    enemy has been killed, haul the RUBBER UGLY (90), ABSTRACT MASTERPIECE (30) 
    and BEHEMOTH JAW (100) back to the pod. You may need Blue Pikmin again if one 
    of them is underwater.
    Sublevel 7
    Before you can claim the cave's final treasure, you'll have to get past the 
    massive RANGING BLOYSTER in the final sublevel. Tear down the many gates and 
    follow the paths that lead into the boss's tiled arena. For this battle you 
    will only need about 20 Pikmin. It really doesn't matter which type, but Red 
    or Purple Pikmin will get the job done quicker. The Ranging Bloyster has an 
    incurable attraction towards shiny objects, which includes Olimar and Louie. 
    The giant slug will use its radar system to track down whichever active leader 
    you are using. Split up so that Olimar has all of the Pikmin, and get behind 
    the bloyster with Louie. When the Ranging Bloyster turns and begins to slither 
    towards Louie, switch to Olimar and attack the creature's flower-like gill 
    stalk, which is its only weakness. The confused bloyster will begin to turn to 
    face the new active leader (Olimar), so call back the shaken Pikmin and switch 
    back to Louie to divert its attention again. Repeat the process until the 
    Ranging Bloyster dies. Keep switching to keep the bloyster confused, and don't 
    let any Pikmin get in front of its mouth, or else they'll be eaten. As long as 
    you still have both leaders with you, this battle should be a cakewalk. The 
    Ranging Bloyster will leave behind the AMPLIFIED AMPLIFIER (100). When you 
    collect it, this special treasure will increase the radius of your whistle, 
    allowing you to call Pikmin from a greater distance. Grab the Ranging 
    Bloyster's gills, and then break down the remaining walls to find nectar and 
    the geyser that will blast you back to the surface.
    -Perplexing Pool-
    The day will probably end shortly after you get back to the Perplexing Pool. 
    When you start the next day, take 85 Blue Pikmin out of the Blue Onion and 15 
    Yellow Pikmin from the Yellow Onion. Take them down behind the Citadel of 
    Spiders and kill the Shearwigs before you dismiss your Pikmin. With the Blue 
    Pikmin, cross over to the platform with the rolled up bridge on it and have 
    them connect the two bodies of land. When you get your Yellow Pikmin over, 
    toss them all over the wall and into the adjacent hollow stump. Call them back 
    and then lead them towards the electric gate by the water's edge, similarly to 
    how you used them to reach the first electric gate by the Shower Room. It's 
    also possible to get your Pikmin into the hollow stump without having to 
    unroll the bridge, and thus without Blue Pikmin. You have to carefully throw 
    them onto the roots that extend into the river, further downstream, and then 
    toss them from there over the wall. Just be sure to kill all of the Yellow 
    Wollywogs in the river with the Blue Pikmin first.
    As the Yellow Pikmin work on that gate, take the Blue Pikmin to the end of the 
    river and set them on the dark gate blocking off the back pond. Ignore the 
    Skitter Leaves, as they are simply a waste of time. Eventually both gates will 
    come down, the dark gate probably before the electric one thanks to the number 
    of Blue Pikmin you have working on it. Be sure to leave someone near the 
    electric gate, because when they finish, you don't want them to fall into the 
    water and drown! Leave about 20 Blue Pikmin as well so that after the gate is 
    down, they can carry the OPTICAL ILLUSTRATION (140) in the hollow back across 
    the river and to the landing zone. Just leave the Yellow Pikmin safely in the 
    tree hollow and take the rest of the Blue Pikmin army to the back pond.
    Kill the two Hermit Crawmads in the first portion of the pond, but take them 
    out one at a time. Continue to the right and kill the two Water Dumples 
    quickly and carefully. Lastly, kill the Withering Blowhog before you're left 
    without any Flower Pikmin. You'll find a new cavern in the back corner, but 
    first you must obtain one last treasure above ground. 
    You'll need both Louie and Olimar together for this final treasure. There is a 
    pair of square block puzzles next to the ledge in the pond, much more complex 
    than any previous puzzles. The four blocks affect the ones that are every 
    other block away. Assume that the blocks are labeled I, II, III and IV, 
    supposing IV is the closest to the cavern entrance. Toss a Pikmin on IV to 
    lower it. With Louie (alone), get on IV. Toss another Pikmin on II to raise 
    IV, allowing Louie to move to III. Toss yet another Pikmin on block I, so that 
    Louie can get on II. Throw another one on IV to raise II, and have Louie get 
    on block I. Now throw 21 Pikmin on III, which will rise block I up to the 
    ledge. Throw 20 Pikmin up to Louie, and then follow the new path to the end, 
    so that you can toss them up to the MASSAGE GIRDLE (100). The Pikmin will 
    carry it through a shortcut in front of the pond, by going through the central 
    clearing, so follow them and make sure there isn't anything in the way to harm 
    After you get back to the landing zone, gather up your 85 Blue Pikmin and head 
    all the way back to the cave entrance in the back pond. Despite the fact that 
    there are all sorts of environmental hazards in this cave, you can only take 
    Blue Pikmin. Make sure you take exactly 85 Blue Pikmin into the Submerged 
    Castle. Remember, the Yellow Pikmin you left by the river will automatically 
    return safely to their onion when you delve underground.
    -Submerged Castle-
    The watery Submerged Castle is short, but its boss is a terrorizing liquid 
    entity known as the WATERWRAITH. The Waterwraith will appear after a few 
    minutes in each of the first four sublevels and run rampant as you try and 
    collect treasure. This phantasmal creature travels along heavy stone rollers 
    that crush anything and everything it its path, from enemies to hazards. And 
    Pikmin, of course. It cannot be harmed at all with your Blue Pikmin, so avoid 
    it at all costs. Try to collect each sublevel's treasures quickly before the 
    wraith appears, and find a good place to hide once it does. Luckily, the 
    Waterwraith has trouble getting into tight corners, so you can use them to 
    hide your Pikmin. In the meantime, you can lure the Waterwraith into killing 
    or destroying as many obstacles as possible. You're going to have to work 
    carefully when it appears though, taking opportunities when the Waterwraith is 
    far way to carry treasure. Luckily, you will get additional help down here in 
    the form of a new and elusive variation of underground Pikmin.... Let the fun 
    Sublevel 1
    Even though you don't have Red Pikmin to deal with the fire hazards and the 
    Fiery Blowhog (one of which will drop into one of the alcoves), the Blue 
    Pikmin will still be able to take care of them all, but be prepared to whistle 
    if any catch fire. The Fiery Bulblax on the other hand, will be tricky. A 
    petrified Fiery Bulblax will still continue to burn, so you're going to have 
    to lure the awakened beast into the water so that its flames go out. Once it 
    gets wet, petrify it and attack with the Blue Pikmin. On the other hand, you 
    can simply let the Waterwraith do the job for you. In the meantime, collect 
    the DIET DOOMER (25) and the PASTRY WHEEL (35) lying around. The Fiery Bulblax 
    has the BUG BAIT (15). Collect nectar afterwards, and take the hole to the 
    next sublevel (don't use the random geyser).
    Sublevel 2
    Sublevel 2 always has the same layout and treasure placement, but the enemies 
    can be mixed around. Break down the gates near the Research Pod that block the 
    two outer areas. As you explore this sublevel, you'll find a family of 
    BULBMIN. Bulbmin are actually parasitic species of Pikmin that infect and take 
    control of their host bulborbs. Kill the larger mother like you would any 
    other bulborb, but don't let her eat any Pikmin. Once she dies, you can use 
    your whistle to command the ten newly-orphaned Bulbmin offspring. Baby Bulbmin 
    can be used just like any other Pikmin, but they are completely resistant to 
    fire, water, poison and electricity. They can be used to carry things, defeat 
    enemies, and accomplish tasks, and they even have the same leaf, bud and 
    flower speed system that the Pikmin do. These 'wonder Pikmin' are only found 
    in caves though, and you won't be able to take them back to the surface with 
    you at the end. Also, they still count against you if they get killed, so 
    treat them with care. Collect the Bulbmin mother's body and the COMFORT COOKIE 
    (10) she left behind, and then use the Blue Pikmin and the Bulbmin to kill the 
    Dwarf Orange Bulborbs and the CAREENING DIRIGIBUG. Dirigibugs are maniacal 
    little insects that float on colorful balloons and produce bomb-rocks, which 
    they'll throw around at you for pure amusement. Pop its balloons before it 
    gets to toss its bomb-rock, so that the explosive is sent flying far enough 
    away to be of little danger. Once the dirigibug is down, swarm and kill it. To 
    collect the CHOCOLATE CUSHION (40), climb up to the top of the sand pile down 
    one of the dark corridors and follow the tunnel behind the wall to where the 
    doughnut sits. As you carry it back, watch out for the dweevils in the 
    drainpipe that are waiting to nab your treasure. Remember to avoid the 
    Waterwraith too as it prowls around the area. Lastly, collect the CONFECTION 
    HOOP (60) resting on the ledge in the other clearing. To exit the sublevel, 
    you'll have to break open the rock cover over the exit hole, which is near the 
    aforesaid treasure.
    Sublevel 3
    It's nearly impossible to get things done here quickly enough to avoid the 
    Waterwraith, so try and get the treasures that are farther away first, and 
    then work inward. To begin, kill the nearby Bulbmin and take its five infants 
    (up to ten will appear unless you would have more than 100 after obtaining 
    them). The mothers don't take long to kill, but they can still eat Pikmin 
    quickly. After you have the fifteen Bulbmin, throw all of your Blue Pikmin 
    onto the flat gray ledges near the Research Pod, where they will be safe from 
    the Waterwraith and the many other dangers in this level. Now, with the 
    Bulbmin, begin hunting down the treasure. Ignore the electrical traps, as the 
    Bulbmin are immune to them and the Waterwraith will destroy them anyway. 
    Collect the SUCCULENT MATTRESS (50) and the COMPELLING COOKIE (10). Also, 
    track down the Withering Blowhog and kill it for the ACTIVITY AROUSER (100). 
    When the Waterwraith appears, it will kill the dweevils and the Wollywog, but 
    it won't kill the blowhog or the Anode Beetles unless the blowhog is on the 
    ground and the Anode Beetles are flipped over. After you collect the treasures 
    and any nearby bodies, break down the gates and find the Ivory Candypop Bud. 
    Only use Bulbmin to get White Pikmin, since you won't be able to take them 
    back to the surface anyway. However, don't use the Candypop Bud until you're 
    finished with the treasure, because the Bulbmin will be much better help than 
    the White Pikmin. Also, watch out for the second Withering Blowhog that falls 
    into one of the alcoves, and take a few seconds to break open the exit hole 
    before leaving.
    Sublevel 4
    This sublevel is riddled with poison spouts and falling explosives. Luckily, 
    if you got White Pikmin in the last sublevel, you can use them and the Bulbmin 
    to clear the hazards away. Then again, you may as well let the falling bomb-
    rocks, Volatile Dweevils and Careening Dirigibugs blow them up for you, and 
    the two new Bulbmin mothers. Just be careful though, since there will be a lot 
    of things going boom. The Bulbmin shouldn't have any small ones following them 
    if you already have 100 Pikmin/Bulbmin with you (you should now have 85 Blue 
    Pikmin, 5 White Pikmin and 10 Bulbmin). Simply lure them together and let some 
    explosives take care of them. Collect the DRONE SUPPLIES (130) and the PROTON 
    AA (90). Lastly, hunt down the Iridescent Glint Beetle and make it cough up 
    the PALE PASSION (25). There is no real need to wait for the Waterwraith this 
    time, so try and hurry through this level.
    Sublevel 5
    After having to deal with the rampaging Waterwraith for four sublevels, it's 
    time to rid the world of this beast once and for all. Break down the 
    surrounding gates to get to the Violet Candypop Buds. Use your ten remaining 
    Bulbmin to get ten new Purple Pikmin. Since the Waterwraith won't appear here 
    until you walk into the center of the arena, you can go ahead and let the 
    seedlings mature into flowers before picking them. As you may have guessed 
    already, only Purple Pikmin can be used against the liquid beast. Break down 
    the gate that leads into the large arena, but keep your Blue and White Pikmin 
    safe behind the geyser while you enter with the Purple Pikmin. The Waterwraith 
    will appear for the final time with a roar, and then continue its usual 
    steamrolls through the place. Compared to the misery it caused you earlier, 
    this boss is actually a pushover. Throw Purple Pikmin at it to freeze it and 
    turn it a solid purple color. Continue pounding the cowering creature as its 
    health drops. Occasionally, it will shake the Pikmin off, and it may even 
    continue rolling again, but you should have no problem in taking it down. When 
    the Waterwraith's health meter finally empties, its stone rollers will 
    crumble, and the beast will begin scurrying around franticly, trying to avoid 
    you. It is now completely harmless, so chase it down and wait for it to pause 
    to catch its breath before you finish it off with your Purple Pikmin. After 
    the Waterwraith dissolves away for good, it will leave behind the PROFESSIONAL 
    NOISEMAKER (100), a treasure that will allow you to pluck Pikmin sprouts by 
    using your whistle; a highly useful and time-saving ability. Use the nectar 
    eggs to flower up your Pikmin, and then find the geyser. If you took less than 
    85 Pikmin into the Submerged Castle, you'll still have Bulbmin left over after 
    using the three Candypop Buds (the one in Sublevel 3 and the two down here). 
    If so, say goodbye to them as the geyser takes you and your Pikmin back up to 
    the surface.
    -Perplexing Pool-
    Completing the Submerged Castle should have erased your entire debt and your 
    10,000 pokos should now be collected. When this happens, your day will 
    automatically end and a closing cinematic will take over. If you still don't 
    have 10,000 pokos, hurry back to one of the caves and collect bodies until you 
    pass the mark. You don't want to pass the mark before you're finished with the 
    area though, since the day will end automatically and you'll be forced to 
    waste a new day just to retrieve what you left.
    The Ship announces its triumphant return to Hocotate. As Olimar blasts off 
    into space, he turns to have one last look at the Pikmin's cherished planet. 
    Only then does he realize his mistake. Louie was left behind! After the 
    credits roll and the game statistics are shown, continue the game by selecting 
    "Yes" when the game asks. Your adventure is far from over....
    Chapter 7: Life without Louie.
    -Valley of Repose-
    When Olimar reaches Hocotate, the treasures he has brought back are used to 
    pay off the company's debt and keep it in business. Olimar tells the President 
    that the strange planet is still filled with treasure that will make the 
    company incredibly rich. The President also learns about Louie's mishap, and 
    so he decides to accompany Olimar back to the planet of the Pikmin to search 
    for more treasure and rescue Louie.
    From now on, your goal will simply be to acquire as many treasures as 
    possible. A new region will be unlocked called the Wistful Wild, which is a 
    geographic combination of the Impact Site and the Final Trial from Olimar's 
    adventures in the original Pikmin. Before you explore it though, it will be a 
    good idea to get the Valley of Repose out of the way, which is the region that 
    started it all for this game. Instead of Louie, Olimar will be teamed up with 
    the President. Note that the Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard entries are now 
    numbered and you should have all but ten creature data entries, as well as 109 
    of the 201 treasures. Also, check out the Ship's snazzy new gold paintjob.
    When you touch down in the Valley of Repose, begin your morning by withdrawing 
    80 Blue Pikmin and 20 White Pikmin. Take them around the first few clearings 
    until you reach the entrance to the completed Emergence Cave. Leave the White 
    Pikmin on the shore as you take the blue team into the pond to break down the 
    gate along the left side. If you have a lot of Pikmin, it won't take long. 
    After the gate collapses, find the rock plug in the water on the other side 
    and dislodge it to drain the pond. 
    Now take your Blue Pikmin into the next pond and head to the left to get to a 
    large clearing, but watch out for the Water Dumples in the water. When you 
    climb ashore, you'll have to defeat the many indigenous creatures in the 
    clearing, including the pair of DECORATED CANNON BEETLES. Due to the high 
    amounts of iron that gets absorbed into their bodies, these orange grubs fire 
    magnetically-charged boulders that will attract towards metal objects such as 
    Olimar and the President's spacesuits. In a way, this makes the Decorated 
    Cannon Beetles more dangerous, but it also makes them more fun when it comes 
    to using them to kill other enemies. You can guide their boulders towards the 
    Cloaking Burrow-nit and the blowhogs to kill them, and you can even use them 
    to kill each other and themselves. Afterwards, have the Blue Pikmin unroll the 
    bridge above the pond so that other Pikmin can reach the clearing from the dry 
    While the Blue Pikmin work, head back to your White Pikmin and take them up 
    the icy path to the top of the hill, where you'll get a surprise attack from a 
    Burrowing Snagret. Don't bother fighting it though, and run past it. The White 
    Pikmin will begin digging up the PINK MENACE (100) at the top. They'll carry 
    the ring back down the trail fast enough to avoid the snagret. Take the 
    remaining White Pikmin to the back edge of the dry pond so that they can once 
    again find and dig up treasure. They will carry the SPINY ALIEN TREAT (50) and 
    the Pink Menace back to the Ship via the shortcut through the drop-off next to 
    the drained pond.
    Dash back to the landing zone with all of your Blue and White Pikmin and 
    exchange them so that you have 15 Red and White Pikmin, 30 Blue Yellow Pikmin 
    and 10 Purple Pikmin. Take them through the Red Bulborb clearing and the 
    drained pond, and then across the bridge to the Decorated Cannon Beetle 
    clearing. Two paths split off from this clearing, so divide your Pikmin 
    amongst Olimar and the President so that Olimar gets all of the Yellow and 
    Blue Pikmin while the President gets the rest.
    With the President's team, take the right-hand path to get to a second large 
    clearing. Kill the Watery Blowhog in front of the poisonous gate along the 
    right side, and then set the White Pikmin on the gate. With the Red and Purple 
    Pikmin, head to the back of the clearing and climb up the small ledge. There's 
    a Withering Blowhog here, so kill it quickly. Now take the Purple Pikmin up 
    the icy path behind the large snowman, but be very careful of the green 
    Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. The icy slope can make it tricky to defeat while 
    it's belching boulders at you. After it dies, throw the Purple Pikmin onto the 
    snowman's head so that they can take his crown, the UNSPEAKABLE WONDER (120). 
    After the White Pikmin finish with the gate, you can have them carry the crown 
    speedily back to the Ship. Also, unroll the bridge behind the snowman. Both 
    this bridge and the poisoned gate lead to new caverns.
    With Olimar, take the left path from the first clearing and enter the shallow 
    pond to your right with Blue Pikmin. Watch out for the Water Dumples, and take 
    them out one at a time to avoid casualties. When you reach the back of the 
    pond, you'll find a sleeping Fiery Bulblax. Awaken the creature, and then 
    tempt it back into the water so that you can petrify it while its flames are 
    out. It will release the TEMPORAL MECHANISM (110) when killed. With the Yellow 
    Pikmin, continue down the path until you see a wooden bear on the right-hand 
    ledge. To reach this treasure, the FOSSILIZED URSIDAE (160), throw your Yellow 
    Pikmin up to the beginning of the icy groove so that they slide down to it and 
    pick it up.
    If collecting all five remaining treasures above ground didn't take up your 
    whole day, spend the rest of it growing Pikmin at the landing site (there is a 
    clutch of nectar eggs on the hill behind the Ship, and there are some decent-
    sized pellets in the area). Just make sure that no Pikmin are left out in the 
    valley when the sun sets. When the next day begins, you can explore the two 
    caves you found earlier. It doesn't matter which one you complete first. The 
    Frontier Cavern's entrance is located at the top of the unrolled bridge next 
    to the snowman that was wearing the golden crown treasure. For this cave, 
    you'll want a good mix of colors, so bring in 85 Pikmin total; 25 Red Pikmin, 
    15 Yellow Pikmin, 15 Blue Pikmin, 25 Purple Pikmin and 5 White Pikmin. The 
    Subterranean Complex is on the other side of the felled poison gate, guarded 
    only by Honeywisps. Take 21 of every color expect Blue Pikmin into it, so that 
    you have 84 Pikmin.
    -Frontier Cavern-
    Sublevel 1
    The Frontier Cavern is a beast of a cave, but the boss is nothing new to you. 
    The cave's first sublevel is overgrown with red shrubs that can make it very 
    difficult to see the Snow Bulborbs that blend in so well with the vegetation 
    and snow. The two HAIRY BULBORBS shouldn't be too much of a problem if you 
    take them out with Purple Pikmin. They are no different than Red Bulborbs, 
    other than their color and the fine, delicate hairs on their backs. Use the 
    White Pikmin to dig up both the ESSENCE OF RAGE (70) and the ESSENTIAL 
    FURNISHING (100). Also, make sure to hit the Doodlebugs hidden in the bushes. 
    When hit three times, they'll each give two Ultra-Bitter Spray droplets, 
    meaning you can get six new droplets from the three bugs, as well as nine 
    droplets of nectar.
    Sublevel 2
    Decorated Cannon Beetles are so much fun! The few in this level can easily 
    kill all of the Snow and Hairy Bulborbs for you before you turn them against 
    each other and themselves. Kill what remains afterwards, and then collect 
    their bodies and the Christmassy JOY RECEPTACLE (60) and ICON OF PROGRESS 
    Sublevel 3
    This sublevel can be tough because of the Spotty Bulbear (which holds the 
    DANGER CHIME, worth 120 pokos) and the many Dwarf Bulbears that follow it. The 
    bulbears aren't the only families prowling around, as you'll also find another 
    Bulbmin herd down here. Because of the mazelike contours of this sublevel, you 
    can easily lure both the Bulbmin and the Spotty Bulbear into walking aimlessly 
    into the walls by positioning Olimar, the President or a Pikmin on the other 
    side of the wall. The purple spray from the Doodlebugs in Sublevel 1 will also 
    help. Use Purple Pikmin to beat them all into pulp, but don't walk away 
    without your ten new Bulbmin. You can use them and the Pikmin of the 
    appropriate color to disable the fire, electric and poison hazards. You'll 
    need the White Pikmin to find and dig up the GEMSTAR HUSBAND (100), but the 
    FLEETING ART FORM (75) can be found lying around. Switch in five Bulbmin 
    afterwards for five White Pikmin via the Ivory Candypop Bud, and search for 
    nectar before you go. There is a geyser down here, but why would you use it 
    Sublevel 4
    There are electrical traps and Anode Beetles aplenty, so use your five 
    remaining Bulbmin and the Yellow Pikmin to get rid of them. Move in with the 
    remainder of your crew to get rid of the snitchbugs. Collect the OMNISCIENT 
    SPHERE (85) marble and the INNOCENCE LOST (100), a decorative star. Search the 
    alcoves before you go to find the Violet Candypop Bud, and use the remaining 
    Bulbmin on it. Beware though, as a bomb-rock may fall sometimes from one of 
    the corners.
    Sublevel 5
    Sublevel 5 is a recovery level, complete with Flitterbies, MAMUTAS, Candypop 
    Buds, et al. The Mamutas are oddly-shaped beings that resemble large gray 
    butts with spade-like arms. They are pacifistic creatures that love flowers, 
    though they will show aggression towards you and your Pikmin. Mamutas will 
    never harm your Pikmin, but they will pound them into the ground with their 
    flat hands, instantly converting them into flower sprouts. This is far more 
    beneficial that harmful, so go ahead and let the Mamutas turn your entire 
    Pikmin army into flowers, especially after you use the Violet, Ivory and Lapis 
    Lazuli Candypop Buds. You can always whistle them all out of the ground, 
    instead of having to pluck each one individually. One of the Mamutas has the 
    BRUTE KNUCKLES (100), a special item that gives Olimar and the President 
    increased power with their rocket punches (quickly tap the A Button thrice to 
    execute this blow). Chase the cloud of Flitterbies around the Mamutas for 
    additional spray and nectar, and then finish off the CAUSTIC DWEEVILS 
    afterwards, which only Blue Pikmin are completely safe from. Now take the exit 
    hole deeper into the cave, unless you want to quit early and use the geyser. 
    Sublevel 6
    Start here by scouting out the area for the Decorated Cannon Beetles, which 
    will destroy most of the fire spouts for you, as well as the Water Dumples. 
    Lastly, track down can kill the Bulbmin mother so that you can take its five 
    minions (you should then have 95 Pikmin and 5 Bulbmin). You'll need the 
    Bulbmin and plenty of Blue Pikmin to carry all of the bodies and the two 
    chessmen back across this flooded cavern. The PRICELESS STATUE and the 
    WORTHLESS STATUE are both valued at 80 pokos, despite what their names imply.
    Sublevel 7
    The dark and expansive Sublevel 7 is home to several Orange and Dwarf Orange 
    Bulborbs. Watch out for the many falling rocks as well. You can try to get 
    some of them to fall on the bulborbs for easy kills, but you'll have to rely 
    on luck more than anything to be successful. Find the SPOUSE ALERT (120) and 
    dig up the FLAME TILLER (120). To get additional White Pikmin, throw your 
    final five Bulbmin into the Ivory Candypop Bud so that you have a full centum 
    of Pikmin. Although it is rare, you can sometimes find an Iridescent Glint 
    Beetle down here, which will give you two red sprays and nectar if you bop it 
    three times. Once again, ignore the geyser in this level and take the hole to 
    Sublevel 8, the final sublevel.
    Sublevel 8
    Congratulations, for you have reached the end of this tough cave. 
    Unfortunately, you still have to get past an old acquaintance of yours. Throw 
    any Purple Pikmin you've got up onto the ledge next to the pod. Dismiss the 
    rest, and then take a lone leader down the dark path that winds upwards 
    towards the main chamber. You will soon see the white, maggot-like BULBORB 
    LARVA crawling towards you. The larvae are easy to kill, as a single punch 
    from Olimar or the President will kill one. However, keep the Pikmin away from 
    them, because they eat voraciously. As you climb up to the top of the cavern 
    you'll notice that the Bulborb Larvae just keep on coming. Try to get them 
    into the narrow gullies so that they get bottlenecked in for easy kills. When 
    you get to the top, you'll find the source of all your troubles; Empress 
    Bulblax. The empress is up to no good, birthing an endless supply of Bulborb 
    Larvae by producing a new one every few seconds. In order to stop this 
    repository of maggots, you'll have to defeat her in the same way you did back 
    in the Hole of Beasts. Kill as many larvae as you can before you head down the 
    path in front of Empress Bulblax to fetch your Purple Pikmin. When you come 
    back, kill any new larvae again, and then start throwing Purple Pikmin at 
    Empress Bulblax's head. The hard part is over; any larvae produced after you 
    start attacking the empress will simply be squished by their mother when she 
    performs her routine steamrolls across the arena. Just be sure that no Pikmin 
    befall the same fate, and make sure to call them back before she shakes them 
    off. When you defeat Empress Bulblax for the second time, she will spit up the 
    REPUGNANT APPENDAGE (100). This shoe will increase Olimar and the President's 
    running speed (but not the Pikmin's, unfortunately). It will also make the two 
    leaders immune to Puffy Blowhog gusts. After everything is calm, scour the 
    area for any surviving Bulborb Larvae that may have escaped your initial 
    purge. Dead larvae don't leave bodies behind, but they sometimes leave drops 
    of nectar. Use it before you use the geyser to exit.
    -Subterranean Complex-
    Sublevel 1
    The Subterranean Complex starts off with poison spouts, bulborbs and 
    snitchbugs of the bumbling kind. Use White Pikmin to clear the paths of purple 
    gas while the Red and Purple Pikmin take down the enemies. The Bumbling 
    Snitchbugs are annoying and disruptive, so take them down quickly. You'll need 
    White Pikmin to dig out the NOUVEAU TABLE (100) from the frozen earth. Also, 
    you'll find the EXHAUSTED SUPERSTICK (50) lying around.
    Sublevel 2
    This place is a bit hazardous in the explosive department; Careening 
    Dirigibugs, scattered bomb-rocks and whatnot. There's also a lone Swooping 
    Snitchbug thrown into the mix to assault your troops. Don't let any Pikmin 
    fall over the edge, and scout ahead to activate all of the bomb-rocks before 
    they become a threat. Get the SPIRIT FLOGGER (70) and the NETWORK MAINBRAIN 
    (100), and then leave.
    Sublevel 3
    Again, try not to accidentally send any Pikmin tumbling into the abyss. The 
    Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae may do that for you if you aren't careful with 
    them. One of them will emerge from its underground lair, and it has the 
    SUPERSTRONG STABILIZER (60) in its keep. Try to get the beetles to destroy all 
    of the flame spouts and each other if possible, and use Red and Purple Pikmin 
    to destroy what is left. Collect the COILED LAUNCHER (70) and the OMEGA 
    FLYWHEEL (60) but watch out for the bomb-rocks that will fall when you try to 
    move them. If you want, you can get five additional White Pikmin with the 
    Ivory Candypop Bud as well.
    Sublevel 4
    Sublevel 4 is a nice recovery level, but unless you want an additional fifteen 
    White Pikmin, there's nothing in particular to do here expect use the nectar 
    eggs and hope for spray or Mitites within them. You really don't need more 
    than 50 White Pikmin total, but go ahead and get some if you're so inclined. 
    As usual, you'll have the option of taking a geyser back to the surface if you 
    want to leave early, but take the hole instead. The show must go on.
    Sublevel 5
    Before you do anything with your Pikmin here, thoroughly scout out the area 
    and detonate each and every last Volatile Dweevil and bomb-rock, including the 
    shower of explosives that come in from above. More will appear anyway as your 
    Pikmin try to take back the MYSTICAL DISC (75) and the ADAMANTINE GIRDLE (70), 
    but leave no bomb intact regardless. To be safe, use the speedy White Pikmin 
    to get through the minefield and keep the rest of your team beneath the 
    Research Pod, or on the platform behind it.
    Sublevel 6
    The crowd of Anode Beetles, Fiery and Munge Dweevils, Careening Dirigibugs and 
    poison hazards will keep you busy, not to mention keep your workforce diverse 
    in color. The awkward necessity of multiple Pikmin colors doesn't help the 
    fact that there isn't much room to maneuver with them in here, so take only 
    small groups with you at a time. The best way to deal with the poison spouts 
    and dweevils is to lure the Careening Dirigibugs into dropping bombs near 
    them. You can also kill the thieving dweevils with Olimar or the President 
    themselves, or by scaring them off the stage so that they fall away into 
    nothingness (don't worry about the lost treasure that they may have been 
    hijacking; it will reappear on the platform). Dirigibugs or no, you'll still 
    need to use Yellow Pikmin to get by the Anode Beetles. In the end, you'll need 
    to collect the VACUUM PROCESSOR (100), SPACE WAVE RECEIVER (80) and REPAIR 
    JUGGERNAUT (85). If you luck out, one of them might be right next to the 
    Research Pod from the start.
    Sublevel 7
    This eerily vast and bomb-riddled sublevel is home to two GATLING GROINKS; one 
    wandering around, and another perched on a raised platform. A Gatling Groink 
    is a fusion of a fish, a motorcycle, a chicken and a tank, with the added 
    spice of what a Pikmin's nightmares are made of. Groinks can be tough to 
    overcome, which is why you may want some purple against them, be it Pikmin or 
    spray. They launch powerful grenades from a distance whenever they sense 
    something nearby. The grenades usually don't kill Pikmin unless it's a direct 
    hit, but it's unwise to risk it. Gatling Groinks also have a windshield on 
    their front end, meaning you should only attack from behind so that your 
    Pikmin won't be deflected like rubber balls. After you kill each Gatling 
    Groink, make sure that you collect its body unless you petrify it first. Like 
    Spotty Bulbears, groinks can revitalize themselves after death. To kill the 
    one wandering around, try to lure it near bomb-rocks and set them off at its 
    feet. The one on the small tower will be trickier though. Although stationary, 
    its elevated position will allow it to snipe down its targets. Distract the 
    groink on one end at the base of its sniper tower with the President, and then 
    throw Pikmin from the other side with Olimar until it dies. The sniper groink 
    has the INDOMITABLE CPU (100). After the groinks are defeated, explore the 
    rest of the level for the FURIOUS ADHESIVE (60) and the THIRST ACTIVATOR (300; 
    a hefty sum), but watch out for the occasional falling Volatile Dweevil and 
    the lonely Careening Dirigibug.
    Sublevel 8
    This is the Subterranean Complex's second recovery level, and it's also the 
    last level before the boss. More importantly, it is the best place to produce 
    Purple Pikmin. With only a single Pikmin, you can make 15 new Purple Pikmin 
    and still have some left over. First, use the two Queen Candypop Buds to get 
    16 more Pikmin (giving you 100 in all). Now trade in fifteen of those new 
    Pikmin for fifteen new Purple Pikmin in the three Violet Candypop Buds. Flower 
    up all of your Pikmin with the many nectar eggs sitting around, and then 
    prepare for a boss battle.
    Sublevel 9
    The boss of the Subterranean Complex boasts one of the most dangerous weapon 
    systems of any enemy in the game. For this battle, you will want to prepare a 
    small team of no more than 20 Red Pikmin. First though, head around the edge 
    of the arena (avoiding the middle at all costs) until you find a barrier with 
    three sides. Hide the rest of your Pikmin and the President behind this 
    barrier, and make sure that they're well huddled against it. Now take your Red 
    Pikmin with Olimar into the center of the arena and rouse the MAN-AT-LEGS. 
    This towering mechanized spider is a relative of Beady Long Legs, and he's one 
    tough cookie. Although he cannot crush your Pikmin beneath his feet like his 
    cousin, he more than makes up for this with awesome firepower. As Man-at-legs 
    rises, start pelting him with sprayed Pikmin immediately. The boss will wind 
    up and shake off your Pikmin, so whistle them back quickly and then find 
    someplace to hide fast. Man-at-legs will open up and reveal his high-powered 
    machinegun, complete with a tracking laser for merciless, pinpoint accuracy. 
    This weapon can tear through your Pikmin forces in seconds, but you can avoid 
    the hellfire by hiding behind any of the obstacles scattered throughout the 
    arena. Wait for Man-at-legs to withdraw his gun before you come out of hiding 
    and continue your attacks. The boss will usually fire his rounds in two or 
    three bursts, but make sure you know for sure that his weapon is retracted 
    before you come out into the open. To hit his body, you'll probably have to 
    wait for him to rest and lower his body, or hit him from the elevated center 
    platform. It is crucial that you call back your Pikmin before Man-at-legs 
    shakes them off, or else you'll have to waste time retrieving the flung Pikmin 
    and not hiding. After five or six of these cycles and a red spray or two, Man-
    at-legs will burst and drop the STELLAR ORB (100). This light bulb will 
    illuminate caverns substantially. You should be able to see its effects 
    straightaway. The Stellar Orb is also the final beneficial treasure, so any 
    others that you find in future caves won't do anything special. Regroup with 
    your other Pikmin and escape.
    -Valley of Repose-
    After you complete the two caverns, your task in the Valley of Repose will be 
    complete. Before the day ends however, make sure that you have at least 100 
    Purple Pikmin in total. You should at this point, but if you don't you'll have 
    to revisit the Subterranean Complex's eighth sublevel and use the Queen and 
    Violet Candypop Buds to get fifteen extra Purple Pikmin. Without 100 of them, 
    you won't be able to complete the Wistful Wild region. Even if you do already 
    have them, you should revisit the cave anyway for the Queen Candypop Buds and 
    the Ivory Candypop Buds (in Sublevel 4). You can also reenter the Frontier 
    Cavern and hassle the three Doodlebugs in the first sublevel for six Ultra-
    Bitter Spray droplets. There will be more than enough geysers throughout the 
    cave to help you escape quickly afterwards as well. Otherwise, spend the day 
    growing Pikmin above ground.
    Chapter 8: Bosses Unite!
    -Wistful Wild-
    With all three of the previous regions complete, it's time to look for poor 
    Louie and find out how much trouble he has gotten into. The last region is the 
    Wistful Wild, where you'll find the last 56 treasures. Again, make sure you 
    have no fewer than 100 Purple Pikmin before you explore it. Since the region 
    is tough, you may also want to take a free day to visit the Awakening Wood, 
    which is the best pace for growing Pikmin thanks to the multicolored 10-size 
    Pellet Posies and the single massive 20-size Pellet Posy. The Wistful Wild 
    will probably take at least two days to fully complete, so at some point 
    you're going to have to take a break from your activities and call it a night.
    When you land in the Wistful Wild, take out the 100 Purple Pikmin and lead 
    them out of the landing zone. Kill the Dwarf Red Bulborbs and then head around 
    the structure behind them to kill the enemies in the small clearing, including 
    a Decorated Cannon Beetle and a Swooping Snitchbug. A Gatling Groink will 
    sometimes wander in too, but it usually hangs out further back in the area. 
    There's a cave entrance in the front end of the clearing as well, but ignore 
    it for now. Take your Purple Pikmin back in front of the landing zone and 
    follow your radar to the right to find the enormous blue dumbbell. This 
    massive treasure is the DOOMSDAY APPARATUS. It weighs one kilogram, meaning 
    you'll need 1,000 Pikmin to carry it! That equates to the 100 Purple Pikmin 
    that you should have by now. Even if the Purple Pikmin are sprayed, it will 
    take them a very long time to lug the heavy dumbbell back to the Ship. For 
    their toils however, you'll be rewarded with an amazing 3,000 pokos; the most 
    expensive treasure in the game! After it finally reaches the Ship, exchange 
    the Purple Pikmin for 50 Blue Pikmin and 50 Yellow Pikmin.
    Take the new group through the clearing in front of the landing zone and head 
    to the right. Squeeze through the metal pathway to get to a pond shore. You'll 
    have to use the Blue Pikmin to knock down the gate in the water, but make sure 
    you carefully defeat the Hermit Crawmad first (if it helps, substitute around 
    ten of your Blue Pikmin for Purple Pikmin to kill enemies quicker). After it 
    dies and the Pikmin finish collapsing the gate, head into the next clearing 
    and walk through the pond until you find a rock plug along the left side, 
    guarded by a Fiery Blowhog. When the pond dries, take the Yellow Pikmin across 
    to the other side of the clearing. There are three Burgeoning Spiderworts here 
    covered by festering mold. You may find it worthwhile to free and harvest 
    them, because these three plants bear both red and purple berries. Anyway, 
    kill the Watery Blowhog and the Shearwigs, and then use Yellow Pikmin to 
    destroy the electric gate in the back.
    After the gate is out of your way, head through and walk down the quiet path 
    until you meet an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. Kill it quickly before it bowls 
    over your forces with its rocks. Afterwards, take the CONIFER SPIRE (15) next 
    to it back to the landing zone. With the rest of your Pikmin, gather up all of 
    the enemies that you've defeated so far and return them as well, or start 
    picking some berries. 
    When you get back to the landing zone, switch out your Yellow Pikmin for White 
    Pikmin, and get Purple Pikmin as well (50 White Pikmin, 25 Blue Pikmin and 25 
    Purple Pikmin should be fine). Take them down the left-hand path out of the 
    landing zone and kill the little bulborbs in the way, behind the eggs. You 
    won't get far with the White and Purple Pikmin, so take the Blue Pikmin across 
    this new pond. Make sure you defeat the Yellow Wollywog in the water and the 
    Cloaking Burrow-nit and Fiery Blowhog on the opposite shore. Afterwards, have 
    the Pikmin begin unrolling the bridge next to the burrow-nit. The bridge will 
    span the width of the pond, allowing your other Pikmin to cross safely.
    If you didn't kill the wandering Gatling Groink earlier, it will probably 
    appear when you get to the other side of the pond. Use purple spray to kill it 
    quickly. Now have your White Pikmin work on tearing down the poisoned wall 
    along the back wall, but leave the President with them to supervise. With 
    Olimar's team, walk down the path to the right and enter the clearing. This 
    area is the original landing zone where Olimar crash-landed his Dolphin long 
    ago. The area is now overrun by three Creeping Chrysanthemums buried in the 
    ground, and two Withering Blowhogs to watch over them. Defeat each enemy one 
    at a time, and kill the blowhogs first. One of the chrysanthemums has the 
    ARMORED NUT (60). To the left of the clearing is another poisoned bridge, but 
    it doesn't have to be collapsed since it leads to the same place that the 
    other one does.
    After the White Pikmin finish, join them with the Purple Pikmin and clobber 
    the Withering Blowhog and the two Orange Bulborbs in the clearing behind the 
    gate. The bulborb in the back also holds treasure; the SEED OF GREED (70). 
    Keep moving past this clearing to find a new hole, accompanied by some nectar 
    eggs. Ignore it and that second poisonous gate for now, and uproot the ANTI-
    HICCUP FUNGUS (30) in the corner so that you can return it to the Ship.
    Once the final treasures above ground are returned, head back to the landing 
    zone and assemble a new team, so that you have 20 Red Pikmin, 6 Yellow Pikmin, 
    15 Blue Pikmin, 20 Purple Pikmin and 5 White Pikmin. Take these 66 Pikmin all 
    the way back to where you got the Conifer Spire. Continue up the path behind 
    its former location until you drop off onto a platform overlooking the 
    Creeping Chrysanthemum clearing. There is a cave entrance and some nectar eggs 
    on the platform, so break them open if you wish and enter the cave.
    -Hole of Heroes-
    The Hole of Heroes is the longest cavern in the game, with fifteen sublevels. 
    Three of these are actually recovery levels however, but that doesn't make 
    this cave seem any shorter. In addition to the brand new final boss at the 
    end, you will also have to fight seven of the nine bosses from the previous 
    areas. That sounds fun, doesn't it? Each sublevel contains only one (or no) 
    treasure. Note that all five of the Gyro Blocks found in the later levels are 
    worth 80 pokos.
    Sublevel 1
    The first level is simple, although there are a few Creeping Chrysanthemums 
    posing as flowers in the garden. Also watch out for the Cloaking Burrow-nits, 
    sheargrubs, Shearwigs, Skitter Leaves and the occasional falling Dwarf Orange 
    Bulborb. Collect the CORPULENT NUT (80) and move on.
    Sublevel 2
    To cure your spastic radar, you'll have to hunt down and kill the Antenna 
    Beetle here. Without killing it, you won't be able to find the ESSENCE OF TRUE 
    LOVE (60), a treasure buried beneath the ground. Knock down the many gates and 
    kill the Anode Beetles, Bumbling and Swooping Snitchbugs, and Careening 
    Dirigibugs. You can collect nectar too, but some of the alcoves are booby-
    trapped with bomb-rocks, so watch yourself.
    Sublevel 3
    All four blowhog species will be found here, as well as some Volatile Dweevils 
    that hide in the alcoves. Don't bother knocking down the gates that block 
    them, because most of the time they hide nothing else. The blowhog combination 
    can get incredibly annoying, so kill the dangerous ones (Fiery and Watery 
    Blowhogs) first before you go after the floaters (Puffy and Withering 
    Blowhogs). Afterwards, collect the LOVE SPHERE (85).
    Sublevel 4
    As promised, here is your first of many boss battles within the Hole of 
    Heroes. Or rather, the first two. This sublevel contains a Pileated Snagret 
    that has the treasure, as well as a Burrowing Snagret thrown in for kicks. 
    This time around, the battle will take place over a sand whirlpool that will 
    make it especially tough for you and your Pikmin to move around and avoid the 
    snagrets. The whirlpool will drag everything into its center, although it 
    won't kill your Pikmin. Start by hiding your spare Pikmin in the nearest 
    alcove, and then take 20 Red Pikmin with flowers out to fight the Pileated 
    Snagret. If you stay on this side of the whirlpool, you'll never have to worry 
    about the Burrowing Snagret even though it can be defeated easily enough with 
    Purple Pikmin after you kill the bigger bird. Try to stay out of the actual 
    whirlpool, and use red spray to speed up the battle. Avoid the Pileated 
    Snagret when it comes out of the ground quickly, and attack it when it pokes 
    its head out. After a few minutes of fighting and maybe a reset or four, take 
    the snagret heads and the LUSTROUS ELEMENT back to the Research Pod. Valued at 
    1,000 pokos, this gold coin was certainly worth it.
    Sublevel 5
    To recuperate from the Pileated Snagret battle, you get a recovery level. This 
    one is probably the best recovery level in the game because of the Mamutas, 
    Unmarked Spectralids, Iridescent Glint Beetles, Queen Candypop Bud and 
    Honeywisps it contains. Chase the Flitterbies and the two Iridescent Glint 
    Beetles for nectar and spray and then get eight more Pikmin with the Queen 
    Candypop Bud. Now have the Mamutas put flowers on your Pikmin's heads before 
    you kill them and cart their bodies back to the pod. With the dozen or so 
    Honeywisps in here, there should be no excuse for leaving this level without 
    74 flowered Pikmin, especially if one of them drops a clutch of Mitites.
    Sublevel 6
    And now the hard part starts back up again. This sublevel isn't very pleasant, 
    mainly because you start off near-stranded on an island surrounded by water 
    and the nasty wildlife that thrives in it. Try to move your entire team out 
    into the shoreline along the back corner, but watch out for any enemies that 
    are there. Now use your Blue Pikmin to kill the Wogpoles, Water Dumples, 
    Hermit Crawmads and both types of wollywog. If you don't mind leaving bodies 
    behind, only kill what is necessary to get the NUTRIENT SILO (130). If you 
    need extra Blue Pikmin, you can use the Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud, but it 
    tends to be rather useless since more often than not it can only be reached by 
    Blue Pikmin anyway. Take some Blue Pikmin with you to the exit to unplug it.
    Sublevel 7
    The Ranging Bloyster is back again. The sluggish boss itself won't be any more 
    difficult to kill the second time around, but the falling rocks and the cannon 
    beetles can present a bit of a problem. Hide the Pikmin in a corner and scout 
    out the arena to dislodge all of the falling rocks. Also, have the cannon 
    beetles (of both colors) kill each other, but don't bother hitting the Ranging 
    Bloyster with them, because it won't work. After everything else has been 
    taken care of, attack the Ranging Bloyster using the same method as before; 
    lure it towards one of the leaders before switching to the other one and 
    throwing Pikmin at its gills. Don't waste red spray on this boss either, 
    because there will be plenty more bosses later on that will better require it. 
    Collect the JOYLESS JEWEL (100) after you waste the bloyster.
    Sublevel 8
    When you reach the second recovery level, you'll be about halfway through the 
    Hole of Heroes. Kill the mother Bulbmin wandering in here before she eats 
    anything, and then take her children. Use these Bulbmin on the two Crimson 
    Candypop Buds, and then exchange one of those new sprouts for nine other ones 
    in the Queen Candypop Bud. The color you get is irrelevant, unless you're 
    short on one's supply. Lastly, track down the two Doodlebugs for spray and 
    nectar. You should leave this sublevel with 92 Pikmin (not Bulbmin). 
    Sublevel 9
    This sublevel can be tough because it is the home of all species of bulborb 
    and bulbear, big and small. It also contains a Fiery Bulblax, which has the 
    DIMENSIONAL SLICER (100) painfully lodged in its stomach. Most of the bigger 
    enemies are in the second clearing, so you can keep the Pikmin safe as long as 
    the dividing gate stays up. Try using the thin wall that separates the two 
    clearings to lure the Spotty Bulbear away from the rest of the area. Post a 
    Pikmin on the other side of the wall and the bulbear will simply walk stupidly 
    into it and stay stuck that way. You can then sneak up behind it and use 
    Purple Pikmin to bombard it to death, along with the smaller bulbears. 
    Remember to collect the Spotty Bulbear's body though. Now kill the Red, Hairy, 
    Orange, Dwarf Red, Snow and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs before you turn on the 
    Bulblax. Make sure you petrify this thing before you stir it. After every last 
    carcass has been salvaged, exit the sublevel.
    Sublevel 10
    When you begin this sublevel, take only Purple and White Pikmin with you 
    during your initial tour through it. The White Pikmin will disable the poison 
    spouts, while the Purple Pikmin will defeat the two Mitite swarms that will 
    appear from beneath you. You don't have to kill them as they'll disappear in a 
    few seconds anyway, but you may want to squeeze a few cents out of their 
    measly bodies. Afterwards, take down the two Emperor Bulblaxes buried in the 
    ground, one at a time. Both the Mitites and the emperors' roars will scatter 
    your Pikmin, so make sure that the Mitites are dead before you engage the 
    bosses. The two Emperor Bulblaxes should give you little resistance as long as 
    you hit them fast and hard. Only one has the TREASURED GYRO BLOCK, but you 
    should defeat both of the emperors anyway because their bodies are each worth 
    fifteen pokos.
    Sublevel 11
    What boss reunion is complete without the grotesquely-impregnated Empress 
    Bulblax? The good news is that this is the last time you'll have to fight her 
    outside of Challenge Mode. The bad news is that this fight is even tougher 
    than the first two, even the one in the Frontier Cavern. This time around, 
    your Pikmin will start off behind the empress, meaning they'll be closer to 
    her birthing end. It will be tricky to get by to her front end without risking 
    the Pikmin to the hungry larvae. While one leader distracts and defeats the 
    incoming larvae, use the other to sneak by them and up to the empress's head. 
    Before you fight Empress Bulblax, have the Pikmin knock down the gate blocking 
    the geyser, so that you have a place to hide your spares. Don't begin the 
    battle with your Purple Pikmin until both Olimar and the President are 
    regrouped at Empress Bulblax's head. Now go ahead and defeat her like you did 
    the first two times. It is important that the Pikmin you aren't using are kept 
    safe behind the geyser, because this time, every time the Empress Bulblax 
    rolls into one of the walls, she will cause a rockslide. The rocks won't hit 
    the Pikmin if they are back far enough, but make sure that the fighting Purple 
    Pikmin are kept safe during her rolls as well. As before, you won't have to 
    worry about the larvae once the boss starts rolling, because they'll get 
    flattened when they try to approach you. Just remember to defeat any that are 
    left after the battle. After Empress Bulblax pops, collect her body and the 
    Sublevel 12
    This is the twelfth sublevel, and the third and final recovery level within 
    this cave. Are you getting tired yet? You still have treasure to hunt here, so 
    take your Purple Pikmin through the level so that you can defeat the 
    Iridescent Glint Beetle that has the LOST GYRO BLOCK captive. It's a shame 
    that you can't get nectar or spray from it, but you can get some from the 
    Iridescent Flint Beetle and the Doodlebug that are also in here. While beetle 
    hunting, make sure that you don't accidentally toss a Pikmin too far over the 
    edge. Afterwards, use the Queen Candypop Bud to get the final nine Pikmin 
    before you use the exit hole. With the nectar that the beetles drop, you 
    should exit this sublevel with 100 fully-flowered Pikmin.
    Sublevel 13
    Only three sublevels remain, and all three are guarded by spider bosses. The 
    first one in line is the dreaded Man-at-legs. This time around, the moat that 
    surrounds the boss's platform will prevent your Red Pikmin from attacking him, 
    and only your Blue Pikmin can be used. Fortunately, there are enough obstacles 
    in the arena to hide behind while Man-at-legs tries to gun you down. Even the 
    central platform will work, as long as you are on the side that Man-at-legs 
    isn't on. Keep your other Pikmin safe in the back corner and ready your Blue 
    Pikmin. When attacking Man-at-legs, remember to watch for when the boss spins 
    to shake off the Pikmin so that you can whistle them back beforehand. When his 
    gun is out, hide behind the wall next to the moat, which is easy to get to and 
    from. Hopefully, you shouldn't have to worry about the other Pikmin that you 
    aren't using, as long as Man-at-legs is kept busy with the Blue Pikmin. After 
    you've defeated the mechanical monster, take the MEMORABLE GYRO BLOCK that he 
    gives you. With all 100 Pikmin accounted for, exit the level.
    Sublevel 14
    Once again, the presence of water in this level means that you'll have to use 
    only Blue Pikmin for the most part. Before you lure Beady Long Legs down from 
    his web, kill the many dweevils in the area. If you're worried about risking 
    the Blue Pikmin to the more dangerous Anode Dweevils, you can always rocket 
    punch them all to death, or simply ignore the ones that aren't between Beady 
    and the Research Pod. Beady Long Legs is still fairly easy to kill, so don't 
    even bother with Ultra-Spicy Spray for the Blue Pikmin. His feet will crush 
    you though, so watch out for them. Remember that he almost always stomps his 
    feet in the same order twice before resting, and don't forget to call the 
    Pikmin back when he's about to shake them off. Beady Long Legs will split and 
    release the FOND GYRO BLOCK, which is the last of the series. Keep all of your 
    Pikmin team safe while you go to find the exit hole.
    Sublevel 15
    Finally, the last sublevel! Start out by knocking down the gates that lead to 
    the surrounding areas, including the main arena. Before you fight the boss by 
    venturing into the center of the web's shadow, kill the four jellyfloats (two 
    of each kind) with all of your Pikmin. Now prepare a team of 20 Red Pikmin and 
    take the rest of them back to the first clearing. With the fighters, coax the 
    cavern's boss into jumping down from his lair. RAGING LONG LEGS is a fat 
    purple version of Beady Long Legs. He's slower than Beady, but he has bigger 
    Pikmin-stomping feet. Other than that though, Raging Long Legs isn't that 
    tough. Start attacking his midsection and wait for him to get ready to shake 
    the Pikmin off. When he does, get all of your Pikmin far away, because the 
    enraged spider will begin to stomp around madly. After he calms down, advance 
    once more to repeat the attack. Even with 20 unsprayed Red Pikmin, you should 
    be able to reduce Raging Long Legs's health by a quarter each round for four 
    rounds until he dies. What spills forth from the crumbling boss's carcass will 
    either be the REMEMBERED OLD BUDDY (250) or a mass of Mitites, if you have 
    already completed this cavern once before. Treasures released by the Wistful 
    Wild's final bosses will not aid you like the past items have, but they tend 
    to be relatively high in value. After you use the nectar eggs by the Research 
    Pod, escape the Hole of Heroes by means of the exit geyser.
    -Wistful Wild-
    Don't dawdle once you get back above ground. Exchange your crew for a team 
    that consists of 27 Red Pikmin, 10 Yellow Pikmin, 15 Blue Pikmin, 20 Purple 
    Pikmin and 12 White Pikmin. The odd numbers should add up to 84 Pikmin. Take 
    them out of the landing zone and into the clearing in front that was once the 
    home of the Decorated Cannon Beetle. Enter the cavern that is just on the 
    other side of the metal structure.
    -Cavern of Chaos-
    Sublevel 1
    As its name implies, the Cavern of Chaos is long and dangerous. You and your 
    Pikmin are in for a rough trip. In Sublevel 1, scout through the area first to 
    detonate all of the littered bomb-rocks. If you can, set them off near the 
    electrical hazards and blowhogs so that you don't have to use your Pikmin on 
    them. Kill the Careening Dirigibugs, and then collect the ENAMEL BUSTER (60) 
    and the MIRTH SPHERE (85).
    Sublevel 2
    This sublevel is built just like Man-at-legs's arena, but you don't have to 
    worry about the boss this time. You will have to deal with three Swooping 
    Snitchbugs and three Fiery Bulblaxes instead. Defeating one Bulblax can be 
    difficult enough, but here you must kill all three for the FROSTY BAUBLE 
    (100), GEMSTAR WIFE (100) and ESSENCE OF DESPAIR (80). Kill the snitchbugs 
    first, and then utilize your sprays against the Bulblax trio. Your 27 Red 
    Pikmin should be able to take them down if you attack them fast and hard from 
    Sublevel 3
    Don't let the Mamutas fool you; this is not a recovery level. There are five 
    or so Creeping Chrysanthemums hidden amongst the yellow flowers here, so 
    carefully study each one before you get near it to see if it blinks at you. 
    You'll also have to avoid many falling rocks and tear down a few gates to get 
    to the treasure. Let the Mamutas plant your Pikmin before you kill them, and 
    then search for the INFERNAL VEGETABLE (30). The White Pikmin will need to dig 
    up the CHILD OF THE EARTH (40) as well. Collect the treasure and the bodies, 
    and then exit.
    Sublevel 4
    This cavern is laden with fire hazards and bomb-rocks. Don't detonate them all 
    beforehand, because they will come in handy when you fight the two Emperor 
    Bulblaxes in this level, old school style. Search out the emperor that has the 
    MYSTERIOUS REMAINS (150), and then awaken him. Instead of attacking him 
    normally, try to get the Emperor Bulblax to lick up one of the bomb-rocks. 
    When he swallows the explosive, it will blow up in his mouth and stun him 
    temporarily. While he's down, attack him in the face with Blue Pikmin (because 
    of the water). You can also have each emperor eat a total of seven bomb-rocks, 
    which will kill them anyway. Defeat both so that you can claim their heavy 
    carcasses, but make sure that there aren't any fire spouts in the way of the 
    traveling Pikmin. Lastly, break down the walls around the edge of the arena to 
    find the MILK TUB (60) and a Queen Candypop Bud.
    Sublevel 5
    Take advantage of this recovery level, because it's the only one that the 
    Cavern of Chaos has to offer. You don't really need to use the Violet and 
    Ivory Candypop Buds, but definitely use the Queen Candypop Bud to complete 
    your party. To mature the new seedlings into flowers, tackle the two 
    Iridescent Flint Beetles and search for the many nectar eggs that fall from 
    above. There is no treasure here, so just move on afterwards.
    Sublevel 6
    Wollywogs and Water Dumples are never a good mix, especially when you have to 
    use Blue Pikmin to get through the water and at the same time Yellow Pikmin to 
    get past the electrical hazards and Anode Beetles. One of the two Wollywogs 
    has the PRINCESS PEARL (100). To be safe, you can simply kill the tougher 
    beasts with rocket punches, but try not to kill more than is necessary unless 
    you really want to. The GROWSHROOM (50) will also need to be picked up after 
    you forge a path to it. If you finish and there are still enemies or hazards 
    left to destroy, don't take any Pikmin with you to the exit hole so that you 
    don't endanger them.
    Sublevel 7
    This level is large, and it's easy to get lost. Watch out for the Cloaking 
    Burrow-nits and the poison spouts, which are the only real threats here. One 
    of the Puffy Blowhogs has the IMPENETRABLE COOKIE (25), but you may as well 
    kill them all, and the Withering Blowhogs, so that they don't pester you. 
    Also, hunt down the FUEL RESERVOIR (120), yet another battery. You will 
    probably have to roam pretty far and knock down more than a few gates to find 
    it and the exit hole.
    Sublevel 8
    This is one of the toughest levels in the cavern, not because of the first 
    Gatling Groink, or because of the second Gatling Groink, but because of the 
    zillions of Dwarf Red Bulborbs that extend out as far as the eye can see. Of 
    course, things will get easier once you get the groinks out of the way. Try to 
    lure them close to the landing zone before you kill them, because the level is 
    far too large for your Pikmin to be carrying them across. Otherwise, the 
    groinks will probably wake up long before they reach the Research Pod, or the 
    Pikmin will probably get eaten by one of the many bulborbs. If you can, get 
    the two Gatling Groinks to bomb each other by standing close between them. 
    Once they are out of the way, begin the tedious process of killing each Dwarf 
    Red Bulborb one by one. Both Olimar and the President teamed together can take 
    out a bulborb with their rocket punches fairly quickly. Thankfully, the only 
    treasure here is the FRUIT GUARD (130).
    Sublevel 9
    This sublevel isn't too bad, but it's the last one before you reach the 
    dreaded boss. If you use White Pikmin only, you can avoid having to clear away 
    the poison spouts and they'll be able to move the treasures fast enough to 
    dodge the Careening Dirigibugs' bombs. Collect the intriguing WIGGLE NOGGIN 
    (85), and the MATERNAL SCULPTURE (55). There is a large pool of water in this 
    level that you'll have to watch out for though, especially since its sides are 
    too steep for your Pikmin to climb out of if you try to whistle them back 
    (though you can use the Blue Pikmin to rescue them). Watch out for the 
    Bumbling Snitchbugs too.
    Sublevel 10
    To keep your Pikmin out of harm's way, keep them inside the initial enclosure 
    while you take no more than 20 Red Pikmin to fight the boss. The SEGMENTED 
    CRAWBSTER is the daddy of all crawmads, and it has a very bad attitude. The 
    battle against this boss will be quick, but it is hard to pull off without 
    losing any Pikmin. The Segmented Crawbster will curl up into a tight ball and 
    then roll towards you like a crushing boulder. Try to avoid it at all costs, 
    but at the same time try to make it roll into one of the walls. When it 
    collides, it will flip over and expose its soft, pink underbelly, which is its 
    only weakness. The only problem is that it only exposes its vulnerable flesh 
    for a few seconds, and you must first avoid the rockslide the Segmented 
    Crawbster's impact causes. If you make it through the cascade of falling rocks 
    without losing any Pikmin, run up to the crawbster's side and throw all of 
    your Pikmin onto its stomach. When the crawbster rights itself again, call 
    your Pikmin back as fast as you can. The boss will swing his oversized right 
    claw around like a club, which will deflower your Pikmin instantly. Because it 
    is nearly impossible to make it through the battle without your Pikmin losing 
    their petals, it helps to use Ultra-Spicy Spray to retain their speed. 
    Sometimes, when the Segmented Crawbster crashes into the walls, it will 
    dislodge nectar eggs from above, which will be your only source of nectar 
    after the battle. Luckily, it shouldn't take more than two or three rounds to 
    defeat the Segmented Crawbster. When you do, collect its body and the 
    SILENCER, a severed doll head worth 670 pokos. Nice!
    Chapter 9: The King of Bugs.
    -Wistful Wild-
    Only one cave remains to be explored; the Dream Den, located on the other side 
    of the two poisoned gates in the later portion of the Wistful Wild. The 
    toughest cave of all should be saved for last, after you have mastered every 
    other boss and obtained all but the final 21 treasures. Remain vigilant 
    though, because completing the Dream Den is your only chance at rescuing 
    -Dream Den-
    The team you should take into the fourteen-sublevel Dream Den depends on how 
    many trips you want to finish it in. The problem is that the final boss is 
    handled better without Blue or Purple Pikmin, but you'll certainly need those 
    to collect the treasures in the rest of the cavern. To make things easier, 
    take 20 of each Pikmin into it (they'll hum a new tune as they march behind 
    you) and complete Sublevels 1-13. Use the geyser in Sublevel 14 to escape to 
    the surface, and then return with a new team of 40 Red Pikmin, 30 Yellow 
    Pikmin and 30 White Pikmin for the final boss.
    Sublevel 1
    Some of the final levels in the Dream Den are insanely difficult, but the 
    earlier ones shouldn't give you too much to whine about. If they do, you may 
    not be ready for what awaits at the bottom of this dungeon. In Sublevel 1, use 
    White Pikmin to disable the poison spouts that block off the alcoves and the 
    second clearing. There are several Dwarf Orange Bulborbs here, but a lot of 
    them are found outside of the boundaries and can be ignored. Kill the Lesser 
    Spotted Jellyfloats and the Hermit Crawmads before you collect the DISGUISED 
    DELICACY (40). To escape, you're going to need some Pikmin to break apart the 
    rock formation over the exit hole.
    Sublevel 2
    The chirping Gatling Groink in this sublevel is positioned in a sniper-esque 
    manner at the top of the central tower. It has one of the level's treasures, 
    but you might want to try to get it to shoot the Snow Bulborbs and the Hairy 
    Bulborb before you go after it. To defeat the groink, set the President at the 
    base of the tower, and then sneak up behind the distracted groink by taking 
    your Yellow Pikmin with Olimar up to the raised platform on the other side of 
    the tower. After it dies, collect the MANUAL HONER (130), and the IMPLEMENT OF 
    TOIL (55) lying nearby.
    Sublevel 3
    Alas, more electrical and poison hazards to deal with. As you explore this 
    sublevel, watch out for the bomb-rocks that fall from the sky and from the 
    Careening Dirigibugs. You will also see a few Dwarf Bulbears, and some of them 
    will appear to be getting excited over nothing. There is in fact a Spotty 
    Bulbear hidden above them, but it will only drop down when you pass under it 
    (and through the mob of dwarfs) with Pikmin. This bulbear has a treasure, and 
    you can defeat it without using a single Pikmin or bomb-rock. Simply lure the 
    hungry beast off the edge of the platform by positioning yourself so that 
    there is a chasm between the two of you. After it disappears into the abyss, 
    the GLEE SPINNER (140), a GCN Control Stick, will replace itself on the 
    platform. This is the only treasure here, so find the exit hole after you're 
    Sublevel 4
    This sublevel is shaped identically to Sublevel 5 from the Subterranean 
    Complex, but instead of falling explosives you have to get rid of several 
    Anode Beetles, Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae and poison hazards. You can use 
    the beetle larvae to kill each other and destroy most of the poisonous fumes, 
    but they won't all be defeated. Since it is very easy for a Pikmin to get 
    flung over the edge of the platform by the cannon beetles, it is probably best 
    if you rocket punch all of the survivors. It is tedious work, but you'll be 
    rewarded with the MIRRORED ELEMENT (300).
    Sublevel 5
    This level is filled with all sorts of fiery things including spouts, blowhogs 
    and a Bulblax. There are also Red Bulborbs and Withering Blowhogs to contend 
    with, which fit the red theme even though they aren't fiery. Even the treasure 
    is red! To get the INSECT CONDO (40), kill the Fiery Bulblax. Like the Spotty 
    Bulbear in Sublevel 3, this one can be killed easily by luring it off the edge 
    of the stage. So can the Red Bulborbs, but you don't need to meddle with them 
    if you don't want to.
    Sublevel 6
    Almost everything in this sublevel sucks, in a literal sense. The whirlpool 
    from the Hole of Heroes is in here, as well as a few Greater Spotted 
    Jellyfloats and Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae, which all attack by inhaling 
    first. One of the jellyfloats has the FUTURE ORB (200). If you can, try to get 
    the beetles to hit the floaters. It will be tougher to 'aim' them with the 
    whirlpool shifting you around, and the jellyfloats usually don't drift low 
    enough to be in range of the boulders. Collect the larvae corpses after you 
    finish and knock down the gates around the arena for nectar.
    Sublevel 7
    Puffy Blowhogs, Careening Dirigibugs and Bumbling Snitchbugs all cramped in a 
    small chamber are a bad idea. Alone, these enemies are mere annoyances, but 
    together they can cause utter mayhem. The blowhogs will scatter your Pikmin in 
    every direction and the snitchbugs will scoop you up while you try to recall 
    them, preventing you from rescuing them from the dirigibugs. To minimize the 
    casualties, kill each enemy one at a time. One of the Puffy Blowhogs has the 
    ESSENCE OF DESIRE (90) in its bowels. You will need to break open the exit 
    hole before you can use it this time.
    Sublevel 8
    All four elemental dweevil species (that is to say, not Volatile Dweevils) can 
    be found scurrying around this dweevil maze, waiting to nab your treasure. 
    Take all of you Pikmin though so that you can defeat the dweevils and destroy 
    the fire, poison and electric hazards with the appropriate color. There is an 
    Antenna Beetle in the maze too, but you shouldn't have trouble finding the 
    POSSESSED SQUASH (180) and the EXTREME PERSPIRATOR (150) treasures even with 
    your buggy radar. Keep in mind though that the beetle can confuse your Pikmin 
    with its shrill whistle. Collect the treasures from the back corners of the 
    maze, and then continue.
    Sublevel 9
    This is the final recovery level in the game, so make the most of it. Track 
    down the Iridescent Flint Beetle and the Iridescent Glint Beetle in the 
    alcoves near the pod, which together will give you up to three Ultra-Spicy 
    Spray droplets. The two Doodlebugs in the other clearing will give you two 
    Ultra-Bitter Sprays each. The remaining sublevels in the Dream Den are about 
    to get extremely hard so enjoy this rest while you can.
    Sublevel 10
    Ugh! This is one of the toughest sublevels in the entire game, and it nearly 
    guarantees more than one attempt if you want to get by it without losing any 
    Pikmin. The water that surrounds the flat stump makes it difficult to keep the 
    Pikmin that you can't use safe from the swimming predators, which include 
    Wollywogs, Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats, Water Dumples and Fiery Blowhogs. Even 
    if they don't get to you, the wandering Gatling Groink eventually will. Try to 
    move your team out to the sandy shore in the back corner, but make sure you 
    keep the Purple Pikmin up front so that they can kill anything that gets in 
    your way. Wait for the Gatling Groink to come near before you attack it. After 
    it is defeated, separate your team and take your Blue Pikmin to fight what is 
    left. The TALISMAN OF LIFE (90) is hidden inside one of the jellyfloats, and 
    it tends to be the one furthest to the Research Pod. You can kill everything 
    else save the jellies with Olimar and the President, but you may want sprays 
    to make things easier if you use Pikmin. If the enemy arrangement isn't 
    working out for you, try resetting the level until you find something that's 
    easier. Thankfully, the Talisman of Life is the only treasure here.
    Sublevel 11
    There are no water puddles in this level, but the Dwarf Bulbears, Cloaking 
    Burrow-nits, Fiery and Watery Blowhogs and Bumbling Snitchbugs still make it a 
    tough one. There is a Breadbug wandering around that will try to steal your 
    treasure, but you should simply let it so that it does all the dirty work for 
    you. After you defeat it, the treasures will both be located in the same 
    place, making them easier to collect. Watch out for the electrical traps and 
    poison spouts, which can be oddly placed sometimes. Pick off the enemies one 
    by one and collect the BOSS STONE (110) and YELLOW TASTE TYRANT. The exit is 
    sealed, so take a few Pikmin with you when you leave to open it.
    Sublevel 12
    The twelfth sublevel is filled with spouts of poison gas, so keep your White 
    Pikmin with you as you knock down the gates and explore the area. Watch out 
    for the falling rocks and use Purple Pikmin to kill the Wollywogs and the 
    Orange Bulborbs. One of the bulborbs has the STRINGENT CONTAINER (130). The 
    only other treasure here is the buried UNIVERSAL COM (100), but you'll have 
    trouble finding both of them unless you kill the disruptive Antenna Beetle 
    first. Collect the bodies if you wish and then find the exit hole.
    Sublevel 13
    There are two Red Bulborbs and two Orange Bulborbs in here, as well as a 
    single Hairy Bulborb. The isolated Orange Bulborb has the treasure (HYPNOTIC 
    PLATTER, worth 100 pokos) again, but at this point you should have no problem 
    killing them all with Purple Pikmin. This is the next-to-last sublevel, so 
    make sure you grab as much nectar as you can from the alcoves before you exit. 
    Give the bulborbs your long goodbyes, because the game's final boss is just 
    around the corner.
    Sublevel 14
    This is it; the final battle against the game's toughest boss. Remember to use 
    the geyser first so that you can come back with the team of 40 Red Pikmin and 
    30 Yellow and White Pikmin each. The center of this arena contains a pile of 
    littered artifacts, and on it sits...Louie! When you try to rescue your 
    unconscious comrade, the towering TITAN DWEEVIL will rise up out of the sand 
    and equip himself with the four artifacts. To take down the lord of bosses, 
    you will need all of your Pikmin, a lot of patience and a good length of time. 
    Like the smaller dweevils, the Titan Dweevil can assimilate certain objects 
    and protect itself with them. However, this boss can take on multiple items at 
    a time, and only when all of them are removed from its body will it become 
    vulnerable. The four items that the Titan Dweevil has been outfitted with are 
    powerful weapons that it will use against you. These weapons can devastate 
    your Pikmin forces, and even your leaders aren't fully-resistant against their 
    might. When the Titan Dweevil uses a weapon, its body will change color 
    according to the elemental property of the weapon, allowing you to tell what 
    it is going to do. Only one type of Pikmin is immune to each of the four 
    weapons, but the dweevil will use all of them against you as long as it still 
    has them. As if the weapons weren't powerful enough, they will increase in 
    strength the more damage they take. Unlike an item on a regular dweevil, the 
    weapons that the Titan Dweevil carries will take much longer to knock off. The 
    weapon attached at the front end of the Titan Dweevil is the SHOCK THERAPIST. 
    This electrical armament is probably the most dangerous of the boss's items. 
    When fired, the Shock Therapist releases several small nodes that will scatter 
    across the arena. Moments later, a powerful current of electricity will run 
    through each and every node, smiting any non-Yellow Pikmin that gets too 
    close. As the weapon's power increases, the firing range of the connecting 
    nodes will increase and the time it takes to electrify them will be 
    instantaneous. On the Titan Dweevil's left side is the FLARE CANNON, a 
    scorching flamethrower that sweeps a searing arc of flame across the arena. 
    Only Red Pikmin can safely take a hit from this fiery weapon, but other types 
    can be rescued by the blast of a whistle. This flamethrower will cover a wider 
    area as it gets increasingly powerful. Although the Flare Cannon is quite 
    potent, it is easier to keep your Pikmin safe from it than some of the other 
    weapons, such as the MONSTER PUMP on the Titan Dweevil's right side. Only Blue 
    Pikmin can survive the hydro blasts that this weapon surges. Like the Flare 
    Cannon, a Pikmin can be saved from the Monster Pump with the whistle. However, 
    this weapon has the longest reach of any weapon, and it is capable of striking 
    Pikmin hidden in any corner of this sublevel. Because of this, it is a good 
    idea to destroy it first so that your unused Pikmin can remain safe. The shot 
    frequency and speed of the Monster Pump will be boosted as it gets closer to 
    being disabled. Finally, at the boss's rear, is the COMEDY BOMB. This chemical 
    weapon unleashes three to four streams of noxious gas that can poison any non-
    White Pikmin in the arena. Now that you know the Titan Dweevil's arsenal, it's 
    time to take this bad boy down. The weapons can be detached from the dweevil's 
    body in any order, but because of the nature of some of them, it is wise to 
    destroy the stronger ones first. Until the Monster Pump is destroyed, none of 
    your Pikmin will be safe from its attacks, so you should destroy it first. The 
    Shock Therapist should be dealt with second, because it is the only weapon 
    that can instantly decimate your Pikmin. Once both of these have been 
    disabled, the Titan Dweevil will be considerably easier to defeat. Start by 
    grouping all forty of the Red Pikmin with Olimar, and keep the rest of them in 
    one of the corners with the President. Make sure they are out of the circular 
    enclosure, but keep them close enough so that you can whistle to them in case 
    of an emergency. With red spray, attack the Titan Dweevil's Monster Pump as it 
    rises out of the ground. Purple spray will be next to useless against the 
    Titan Dweevil, but you can still use some to freeze it if it's about to use a 
    weapon you can't avoid. Whenever the boss uses the Flare Cannon, Shock 
    Therapist and Comedy Bomb, get out of the circular arena to avoid its attacks 
    and be prepared to rescue any Pikmin if you couldn't avoid the dweevil in 
    time. When the Monster Pump is used, return to your other group of Pikmin and 
    be ready to rescue any that get hit. The more you damage a weapon and the more 
    powerful it gets, the more the Titan Dweevil will use it against you. You will 
    have to be very careful if you want to make it through this terror without any 
    casualties. After the Monster Pump finally falls to the ground, you can 
    breathe a bit easier, because you'll be able to hide the Pikmin you aren't 
    using back by the geyser, where they will never be touched. Take your Yellow 
    Pikmin now and go after the Shock Therapist. As long as you can whistle to 
    your Yellow Pikmin in time, you should little trouble with the remaining Flare 
    Cannon and Comedy Bomb. Once the Shock Therapist is down, take out the Flare 
    Cannon with Red Pikmin, but watch out for the gaseous Comedy Bomb that the 
    Titan Dweevil will still be able to use. Finally, when the Titan Dweevil is 
    left with only the Comedy Bomb, use your White Pikmin. As long as you stick 
    with them, there will be no way for any Pikmin to be lost. Eventually, the 
    Comedy Bomb will detach from the Titan Dweevil's body, and the boss will be 
    left vulnerable and defenseless. Gather all 100 of your Pikmin together and 
    attack the dweevil's fleshy midsection. Without any weapons, the Titan Dweevil 
    is harmless, but it can shake its smaller arms around to shoo off your Pikmin. 
    Just keep tossing your troopers at it until after a long and difficult battle, 
    the final boss dies in a frothy mess of goo and bubbles. After the dust 
    clears, Louie will be left sitting in the dweevil's wake. With thirty Pikmin 
    apiece, collect all four of the Titan Dweevil's artifacts. Each is worth 1,000 
    pokos. Lastly, collect Louie so that he can be returned safely to the Ship's 
    cargo hold. Louie is considered a treasure worth ten pokos, and he goes by the 
    title, KING OF BUGS. Once you have him and the four other treasures, exit the 
    geyser and return to the surface. Congratulations, for you have beaten Pikmin 
    -Wistful Wild-
    Louie has been rescued from the monstrous Titan Dweevil and all 201 treasures 
    have been collected. The Ship blasts off from the ground and flies over the 
    landscape as the Pikmin celebrate with a spectacular gathering and display of 
    light. Multicolored Pikmin onions flank the Ship as it exits the planet's 
    atmosphere and rockets away across the stars.
    After the credits roll again and the final game statistics are displayed, 
    you'll be able to return to the planet of the Pikmin and spend your days doing 
    whatever you'd like. Nothing will change, other than the fact that new enemies 
    will appear after a certain amount of days in some areas. For example, after 
    the thirtieth day, Beady Long Legs and some Spotty Bulbears will appear on the 
    surface of the Perplexing Pool. The most interesting of these new enemies 
    however are the mysterious, unnamed golden beetles that appear in the back 
    areas of the Wistful Wild. These swarming bugs will compel your Pikmin to 
    harvest them as they would nectar rock clusters. Unlike the rocks however, 
    these insects release massive (and I mean massive) amounts of Ultra-Spicy and 
    Ultra-Bitter Spray, as well as nectar. The catch is that these bugs sometimes 
    poison your Pikmin in defense, so be ready with the whistle. In one swarm, you 
    can obtain spray amounts into the twenties. These bugs are a truly amazing and 
    elusive secret to the game. However, you won't have truly mastered this game 
    until you conquer Challenge Mode....
    Challenge Mode.
    Challenge Mode is a fun addition to the game that can be accessed from the 
    Main Menu after you collect The Key in the Citadel of Spiders. Each Challenge 
    Mode challenge is like a cavern, and you explore it with a predetermined 
    number and type of Pikmin and spray. Your objective is to find the golden key 
    in each sublevel and return it to the Research Pod before your time expires. 
    Doing so will reveal the hole to the next sublevel, or the geyser that lets 
    you complete that challenge. You are allowed to find additional treasure as 
    well so that you can get a better score. After you finish, you'll be awarded 
    points based on how many Pikmin survived through the challenge, how much time 
    you completed it in, and how much treasure you earned. There are thirty 
    challenges in all, which can have anywhere from one to seven sublevels. Only 
    the first ten can be played at first, but every time you complete one a new 
    one will unlock, until all thirty can be played. The icons that appear over a 
    selected challenge indicate its completion status. A green dot represents a 
    locked challenge. A leaf represents an unlocked but uncompleted challenge. A 
    flower means you completed the challenge, and a pink flower indicates that the 
    challenge was cleared without losing a single Pikmin. The challenges vary in 
    difficulty, but they are all fun and challenging in their own way. You will 
    encounter almost every enemy and every boss from the main quest in Challenge 
    Mode, as well as many of the treasures. Once you obtain thirty pink flowers, 
    you will unlock a hidden cinematic, Louie's Dark Secret, in the Bonus section, 
    which explains what really happened to Louie's shipment of golden Pikpik 
    -Explorer's Cave-
    2 Floors
    50 Red Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    The first sublevel can't be any easier; the key is sitting nearby in one of 
    the alcoves and there aren't any enemies to worry about. You may as well 
    collect some of the other treasures lying around as well.
    Sublevel 2
    Although this sublevel isn't much tougher than the first, be cautious with the 
    Dwarf Red Bulborbs. The sleeping Red Bulborb has the key, so defeat it by 
    throwing your Pikmin at its back. It's dangerous to fight this thing unless 
    you use sprays, so use them up for an easy battle. Collect the key and any 
    other treasures if you wish, and then break open the exit geyser to complete 
    the challenge.
    -Novice Training-
    2 Floors
    30 White Pikmin
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    The fruits look tempting, but don't get distracted from the key. Use the White 
    Pikmin to disable to poison spouts, and then trade in half of your team to get 
    fifteen Purple Pikmin from the three Violet Candypop Buds. After you have the 
    new Purple Pikmin, break open the eggs for nectar so that your Pikmin will 
    mature into flowers. You'll also disturb a few flint beetles, each holding a 
    coin. Ignore them and move on.
    Sublevel 2
    This time, use White Pikmin again to disable the spouts of venomous gas so 
    that the Purple Pikmin can defeat the Puffy Blowhog. It has the key, but it 
    will defend itself with blasts of air that only Purple Pikmin are bulky enough 
    to endure. Purple Pikmin will also help defeat the flint beetles and Mitites 
    quicker. You can still use White Pikmin to dig up buried treasure though.
    -Lost Toy Box-
    2 Floors
    100 Yellow Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    The Lost Toy Box is the only challenge where you get 100 Pikmin of the same 
    color, but you don't have a lot of time to waste. The Red Bulborb has the key, 
    so use spray to kill it quickly and watch out for the dwarf minions.
    Sublevel 2
    There are more bulborbs down here, but these are orange variations. The larger 
    Orange Bulborb has the key, so use your remaining sprays to take him down. 
    Orange Bulborbs are a bit more edgy than Red Bulborbs and they are easy to 
    wake if you aren't careful. This sublevel gives you more time than the first, 
    so if you want you can collect more treasure before you leave.
    Creator's Garden
    1 Floor
    50 Blue Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    While the Blue Pikmin are appropriate for defeating the watery enemies like 
    the Hermit Crawmads, Yellow Wollywogs and Water Dumples, it's the Fiery 
    Blowhog that holds the key. Use sprays if needed, especially for the more 
    dangerous enemies like the Hermit Crawmads. The blowhog won't give you much 
    trouble as long as you rescue any burning Pikmin with your whistle.
    Green Hole
    2 Floors
    10 Red Pikmin
    10 Yellow Pikmin
    10 Blue Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    Ignore the many treasures in the alcoves of this sublevel, but make sure you 
    find and kill the two Bulbmin mothers wandering around. Like any bulborb, 
    Bulbmin can eat Pikmin quickly, so pile your Pikmin on their backs for a 
    speedy kill. After their defeat, call the babies to you so that they can join 
    your team. Bulbmin are parasitic Pikmin controlling the bodies of small 
    bulborbs. Under your command, they can perform any task a regular Pikmin can 
    and they are immune to fire, water, electricity and poison. The key is lying 
    around here somewhere, so collect it and move on. If you want, use nectar to 
    get flower Pikmin/Bulbmin before you descend.
    Sublevel 2
    The sleeping Fiery Bulblax has the key, so use Bulbmin and Red Pikmin to 
    defeat it. You'll probably need red and purple spray to defeat it safely. 
    Watch out for the dwarf bulborbs as well. The Bulbmin will remain in the 
    cavern when you exit, but they still count against you if they get killed.
    Hot House
    2 Floors
    1 Red Pikmin
    1 Yellow Pikmin
    1 Blue Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    Even though you begin this challenge with only one of the three basic Pikmin 
    types, you can get more by throwing them into the Queen Candypop Buds, which 
    will each eject nine seeds after they're used. They change colors, and the 
    color of the seeds they output will be the same as the color of the flowers' 
    petals when they are used. Use the three here to get nine Pikmin of each color 
    (red, yellow and blue). Kill any dwarf bulborbs in the way and collect the key 
    lying around.
    Sublevel 2
    Use the Yellow Pikmin to disable the electrical hazards and the Red and Blue 
    Pikmin to defeat the Fiery and Watery Blowhogs, respectively. The Watery 
    Blowhog has the key, so if you want additional Blue Pikmin to tackle him, get 
    more from the Queen Candypop Buds down here. Once you have your key, find the 
    Brawny Abyss
    2 Floors
    50 Blue Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    Leave your fifty Blue Pikmin beneath the Research Pod and scout ahead to lure 
    out the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. This green grub can shoot boulders of 
    dirt from its mouth that will crush your Pikmin instantly. You can align 
    yourself so that the boulders miss you and hit the Snow Bulborbs and the Fiery 
    Blowhog instead. You will need to come back and kill the Armored Cannon Beetle 
    Larva however, since it has the key. Use the red spray so that you don't end 
    up with Pikmin pancakes.
    Sublevel 2
    This time it's the Decorated Cannon Beetle that has the key. This orange 
    variant shoots magnetized boulders that home in on Olimar and Louie. You can 
    still use the beetle to kill the other enemies in the area, and you can lure 
    the boulders around so that they come back and hit their own originators. 
    Likewise, you can use the purple spray to defeat the Decorated Cannon Beetle 
    Red Chasm
    1 Floor
    40 Red Pikmin
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    4-Ultra Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    This labyrinth is filled with Dwarf Red Bulborbs and larger Red Bulborbs. One 
    of the bigger specimens has the key, but it is impossible to tell which one 
    has it and which ones have the Petrified Heart gems without killing them 
    first. Use up all of your sprays, and hope that you get lucky the first few 
    times. Red Bulborbs aren't terribly difficult, but they can gobble up your 
    Pikmin quickly and suddenly.
    Trampled Garden
    1 Floor
    40 Red Pikmin
    20 White Pikmin
    20 Purple Pikmin
    Sublevel 1
    A wide assortment of random treasures awaits you in this challenge, including 
    the key. Withering Blowhogs can turn all of your Pikmin into leaves, but the 
    Mamutas will pound them back into flower sprouts again. Luckily, neither of 
    these creatures can kill your Pikmin. However, don't leave any sprouts in the 
    ground, or you won't get the pink flower.
    Twilight Garden
    1 Floor
    50 Yellow Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    Sublevel 1
    The enemies down here are pushovers. Dwarf Red Bulborbs and Male Sheargrubs 
    can eat your Pikmin, but they won't be able to if you swarm them quickly. 
    Simply ignore the Female Sheargrubs, which are harmless. The only true threat 
    here is Beady Long Legs, who will drop down from above and ambush you. 
    Naturally, Beady has the key, so take him down with all 50 of your Pikmin. 
    With red spray, this battle shouldn't be too difficult. Remember, you had to 
    beat Beady Long Legs to unlock Challenge Mode, so it's not like he's anything 
    new to you. Just remember to avoid his crushing feet, and call back your 
    Pikmin when he's about to shake them off. After you beat him, you can collect 
    some of the other goodies lying around before you leave.
    Cryptic Cavern
    5 Floors
    5 Red Pikmin
    5 White Pikmin
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    Five sublevels, five Red Pikmin, five White Pikmin, five sprays, and five 
    whole minutes that it'll take you to complete this challenge. Each sublevel 
    here is the same. All you have to do to find the key is hunt down the single 
    enemy within the level and beat it. Your White Pikmin can dig up treasure too, 
    but you don't have a lot of time to waste for that. Search for the Doodlebug 
    in Sublevel 1 and flip it over with a direct hit so that the key pops out. Use 
    White Pikmin to avoid the Doodlebug's fart poisoning.
    Sublevel 2
    This time, the lonely Watery Blowhog has the key. Don't bother using your 
    sprays, because you'll need them later on. Any drowning Pikmin can be saved 
    with the whistle.
    Sublevel 3
    The Anode Dweevil here has the key now. This timid insect can defend itself 
    with a jolt of electricity, so it's best if you leave your Pikmin out of it 
    and defeat the dweevil with Olimar and Louie. Again, you should still have all 
    of your sprays at this point.
    Sublevel 4
    The Fiery Bulblax will be tough to beat with only five Red Pikmin, so go ahead 
    and use the Ultra-Bitter Sprays on it. Don't use White Pikmin though, because 
    a petrified Fiery Bulblax will still continue to burn. There aren't any buried 
    treasures in this sublevel, so don't even bother hunting.
    Sublevel 5
    The boss of this challenge is the Burrowing Snagret, a giant, snakelike bird 
    with an appetite for Pikmin. To defeat a snagret, wait for it to rise up out 
    of the ground. Most of the time, it will come out very quickly and you won't 
    be able to react. Simply get far back enough so that the snagret can't reach 
    you with its sharp beak. Sometimes though, the Burrowing Snagret will poke 
    only its head out before rising up the rest of the way. When this happens, 
    throw Pikmin at its head. This will cause more damage to the bird, and it will 
    prevent it from attacking. This battle will be easier of you use Ultra-Spicy 
    Spray. If you want to take the easy way out, feed the snagret your poisonous 
    White Pikmin. This will drain its health quicker, but it won't get you a pink 
    flower. Take the snagret's head and the key back to the pod, and then exit.
    Concrete Maze
    3 Floors
    2 White Pikmin
    Sublevel 1
    Ack! You have very little time and only two White Pikmin! Fortunately, the 
    gates in this maze fall almost instantly, but you will be pressed for time to 
    find the key. It may be easier to try this challenge with two players, 
    provided you find someone else to help you with it. This way, you can split 
    the two White Pikmin amongst yourselves and cover twice as much ground. If you 
    have no friends, then tough luck. It's not just finding the key that can be 
    hard, but finding the exit afterwards.
    Sublevel 2
    This level is even larger than the first, but you get more time thankfully. 
    Explosive Volatile Dweevils and bomb-rocks will fall from above, but your 
    White Pikmin should be able to move fast enough to avoid them. The gates are 
    as weak as ever, so find the key as fast as you can and then look for the 
    Sublevel 3
    If you make it to Sublevel 3, you'll be rewarded with a reasonable amount of 
    time to finish this challenge in. Use the Queen Candypop Buds to get more 
    Pikmin, and then collect the key.
    Collector's Room
    7 Floors
    50 White Pikmin
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    With seven sublevels, this is the longest challenge in the game. It isn't easy 
    either, because with a limited amount of spray and no Purple Pikmin, you'll 
    have to rely on luck more than anything to defeat the large bulborbs in each 
    level that have the key. Don't use any sprays on the first Red Bulborb, but 
    hurry because you don't have much time.
    Sublevel 2
    The Orange Bulborb has the key here. Use a red spray against this one, since 
    Orange Bulborbs are tougher to beat than Red Bulborbs. If you want to, grab 
    some of the treasures scattered around.
    Sublevel 3
    Again, the Red Bulborb has the key. Don't use any spray on it. You can collect 
    some of the other treasures since they are closer to the Research Pod, but 
    don't bother with the ones that you have to dig up first.
    Sublevel 4
    Sublevel 4 is larger than the other ones, so don't waste too much time. The 
    lone Hairy Bulborb has the key. Hairy Bulborbs aren't any different than Red 
    Bulborbs, so don't bother with sprays.
    Sublevel 5
    Rinse and repeat. The Red Bulborb has the key, obviously.
    Sublevel 6
    This sublevel contains another Orange Bulborb. If you don't feel safe with it, 
    use up a purple spray to make things run more smoothly. There's also a rubber 
    duck, milk tub, spoon, mug and bar of soap lying around for you to grab.
    Sublevel 7
    If you made it to the final sublevel without losing any Pikmin, you'll still 
    have to deal with the Gatling Groink that guards the last key. This bio-
    machine hybrid fires explosives at your Pikmin, but they don't always kill 
    them. Attack the groink from behind, since its front end is protected by a 
    windshield. Use up the remainder of your sprays for this enemy. Gatling 
    Groinks can revive themselves after a few minutes, so collect its corpse if 
    you plan on salvaging the Nintendo artifacts lying around.
    Dweevil Nest
    1 Floor
    25 Red Pikmin
    25 Yellow Pikmin
    25 Blue Pikmin
    25 White Pikmin
    Sublevel 1
    The Fiery, Caustic, Anode and Munge Dweevils can be avoided, since they aren't 
    dangerous unless you provoke them. If you do fight them, beat them with the 
    appropriate type of Pikmin to avoid danger. You may have to kill the ones near 
    the key, since they like to hijack treasure near them. Use White Pikmin to 
    carry things back faster. You may as well grab a few of the other unguarded 
    treasures, like the Paradoxical Enigma, Wiggle Noggin, Leviathan Feather and 
    Cavernous Abyss
    1 Floor
    25 Red Pikmin
    25 White Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    Start off by killing all of the dweevils that lurk in the small passage 
    between the two clearings, and use the Red Pikmin to destroy the flame spouts. 
    To get the key, you'll need to lure down Raging Long Legs from his lair and 
    defeat him. Raging Long Legs is similar to Beady Long Legs, but he has a 
    larger body and bigger feet. Use the Red Pikmin to attack his midsection. When 
    he gets ready to shake his attackers off, whistle them back quickly before 
    Raging Long Legs goes on his brief, berserker rampage. The boss will stomp 
    around angrily for a few seconds, so make sure you are at a safe distance from 
    him with all of your Pikmin until he calms down. Raging Long Legs isn't much 
    tougher to defeat than Beady, but if he lands a foot on any of your Pikmin, 
    your pink flower will be ruined. The White Pikmin are fairy useless in this 
    challenge unless you want to go after buried treasure.
    Snack Pit
    1 Floor
    5 Red Pikmin
    5 Yellow Pikmin
    5 Blue Pikmin
    5 White Pikmin
    5 Purple Pikmin
    Sublevel 1
    Food fight, anyone? This chamber is littered with an assortment of tasty 
    treats, but you aren't the only one that will go after them. The Breadbugs and 
    the Giant Breadbug can only be beaten in time if you play tug-of-war with the 
    food they try to carry off into their nests. If your Pikmin drag the breadbug 
    back to the Research Pod, it will take substantial damage. It will take two 
    attempts for each one to be killed this way. Concentrate on the boss (the 
    larger breadbug), because it has the key. If all else fails, throw Purple 
    Pikmin at the beast to damage it. As long as you complete this challenge and 
    don't let any Pikmin get dragged into the breadbugs' nests, you're guaranteed 
    a perfect pink flower.
    Three Color Training
    1 Floor
    30 Yellow Pikmin
    15 White Pikmin
    15 Purple Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    There is another Gatling Groink in this challenge, and it's located at the top 
    of a sniper tower. This groink's height advantage will make it all the more 
    deadly and tougher to kill. You can't simply get by without fighting it, 
    because it has the key. Use the White and Yellow Pikmin to destroy the Anode 
    Beetles and the poison spouts first, and then take down the groink itself by 
    putting Louie on one side of the tower. While the groink distracts itself with 
    him, go around behind it with Olimar and throw the sprayed Yellow Pikmin up to 
    it. The groink will try to shake off your Pikmin from time to time, but such 
    is life. Collect the key and anything else you might want before you exit.
    Hazard Training
    2 Floors
    25 Red Pikmin
    25 Blue Pikmin
    I Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    There are plenty of enemies and valuable treasure here, but it's the Fiery 
    Bulblax that has the key. Use Red Pikmin to kill it and the fire spouts in the 
    path. If you have to cross water to get to the Bulblax, lure it into the water 
    so that its flames extinguish, and then petrify it.
    Sublevel 2
    There are more blowhogs (including the annoying Withering Blowhog) to mess 
    around with, as well as a few dwarf bulborbs and fire hazards. Watch out for 
    the rogue dweevils and battle the Orange Bulborb for the key. You have plenty 
    of time in this sublevel, so go ahead and collect treasure before you finish.
    Cave of Snarls
    2 Floors
    20 Red Pikmin
    25 Blue Pikmin
    5 Purple Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    Pick off the sheargrubs in this level, and then move in on the blowhogs. The 
    Withering Blowhog has the key, so avoid the Puffy Blowhog. If you need to 
    cross water in order to reach the exit, you can get to it alone without 
    Sublevel 2
    The final sublevel also contains a Puffy and Withering Blowhog, and once again 
    it's the smaller orange one with the key. The sheargrubs in this level hold 
    feathers, if you care.
    The Giant's Bath
    2 Floors
    50 Blue Pikmin
    5 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    Most of the opposition here is water-based including the Toady Bloyster that 
    has the key. Avoid the Hermit Crawmads, the Bumbling Snitchbug and the Greater 
    Spotted Jellyfloat. To kill the bloyster, throw Pikmin at the structure on its 
    back, but don't let the slug eat any of your Pikmin. There is a lot of 
    treasure here, but nothing worth fighting the other enemies over.
    Sublevel 2
    You've made momma mad! The boss of this sublevel is the Ranging Bloyster, a 
    giant mollusk that loves bright objects like the light bulbs on Olimar and 
    Louie's helmets. The boss will use its sonar to track down whichever leader 
    you are using. To kill it, give Olimar all of your Pikmin while Louie 
    distracts the Ranging Bloyster. Quickly get behind it with Olimar and throw 
    the Pikmin at its gills before it shifts its attention to him. Switch back to 
    Louie to confuse the beast, and then repeat the cycle. As long as you switch 
    effectively to keep the bloyster juggled, it won't be able to eat any Pikmin. 
    If you plan on getting any more treasure down here, you'll need to use the 
    Ivory Candypop Buds to get White Pikmin, so that they can dig stuff up.
    Rumbling Grotto
    2 Floors
    30 Red Pikmin
    30 Blue
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    4 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    The Rumbling Grotto is named after the enemies that emerge from underground, 
    including the Male and Female Sheargrubs, Shearwigs, Cloaking Burrow-nits, 
    Iridescent Glint Beetles and Creeping Chrysanthemums. Use up all of your 
    purple spray here, especially on the nasty chrysanthemums. You will need the 
    red sprays for the next sublevel. The key is lying around here somewhere.
    Sublevel 2
    The evil Pileated Snagret has the key, and it won't give it up without a 
    fight. Use Red Pikmin against it, since they are more powerful than Blue 
    Pikmin. Like the Pileated Snagret, the Burrowing Snagret has a distinctive 
    method of rising up from the soil. It will either do it quickly (four out of 
    five times) or it will rise up slowly and only poke its head out first (one in 
    five times or so). Attack it when its head is poking out, and flee any other 
    time. The Pileated Snagret differs from the smaller Burrowing Snagrets in that 
    it has a small foot, which allows it to chase down your Pikmin when you try to 
    get away. To avoid the snagret when this happens, get behind it so that it 
    can't see you. The Pileated Snagret is very tough to kill, and it's more 
    resistant to attacks than the Burrowing Snagret. This boss is challenging, so 
    winning a pink flower may take multiple attempts.
    Subterranean Lair
    1 Floor
    20 Red Pikmin
    20 Yellow Pikmin
    20 Blue Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    This may well be the toughest challenge of them all, despite the fact that it 
    only contains one sublevel. There are three Spotty Bulbears roaming around the 
    arena, each tailed by small groups of Dwarf Bulbears. Traditionally, large 
    enemies such as bulbears are defeated with Purple Pikmin, but you'll have to 
    make do without. One of the three Spotty Bulbears has the key, but it's 
    impossible to tell which one. You need a lot of luck to find the key on your 
    first try. It will help if you lure all of the bulbears together and then 
    petrify them all before you rush in for the kill. Just watch out of the 
    smaller Dwarf Bulbears too. If the prize bulbear doesn't end up being the one 
    nearest to you, try resetting the level. Once you have the key, dash to the 
    geyser and don't even think about grabbing anything else. If any bulbears get 
    in your way, petrify them.
    The Hidden Garden
    1 Floor
    Sublevel 1
    This challenge is nice and relaxing, so enjoy the break. You don't get any 
    Pikmin or spray in this one, but you do start off with two Bulbmin. Alone they 
    won't do much, so walk through the pipelines until you find the Queen Candypop 
    Buds in the clearing. Turn the two Bulbmin into 18 Pikmin of any color. If you 
    want, chase the Unmarked Spectralids fluttering around. One of the Skitter 
    Leaves has the key, so hunt them down quickly and find the geyser.
    Abduction Cave
    1 Floor
    30 Red Pikmin
    30 Yellow Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    This cavern, like the Rumbling Grotto, is named after the enemies within it. 
    The Greater Spotted Jellyfloat and the snitchbugs will try to snatch up you 
    and/or your Pikmin, while the dweevils will go after the treasure. Use the Red 
    Pikmin to disable the many fire spouts and then go after the jellyfloat for 
    the key (use purple spray). Dirigibugs and jellyfloats can kill your Pikmin, 
    but they are slow and easy to get by.
    Secret Testing Range
    2 Floors
    10 Red Pikmin
    10 Yellow Pikmin
    10 Blue Pikmin
    10 White Pikmin
    10 Purple Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    You can use all five types of Pikmin and both sprays to help you in this 
    challenge. There are two Gatling Groinks wandering around, and one of them has 
    the key. Use Ultra-Bitter Spray to freeze one, and kill the other by pounding 
    it with Purple Pikmin (if the first one didn't have the key). Make sure that 
    none of your Pikmin get hit directly by the groinks' blasts. Although this 
    sublevel is the same one in which you fight Man-at-legs in the Subterranean 
    Complex, the boss is nowhere to be found, right...?
    Sublevel 2
    Wrong. If you want to make it out of this alive, you're going to have to face 
    up to Man-at-legs and his devastating weapon system. The watery moat that 
    surrounds the central platform prevents the 40 Red, Yellow, White and Purple 
    Pikmin from aiding you in this battle, so you'll have to hide them in the 
    corner while you use the Blue Pikmin. Man-at-legs is a creature with both 
    biological and mechanical components. Like Beady and Raging Long Legs, this 
    spider's only weakness is his orb-like midsection. While he can't use his feet 
    to smash your Pikmin to pulp, he will defend himself with a machinegun that 
    can wipe out an entire platoon of Pikmin before you even know what's going on. 
    Luckily, the weapon fires at a low angle, so you can avoid it by hiding behind 
    any of the obstacles in this sublevel, including the thin walls that surround 
    the moat. When you attack Man-at-legs, get on the central platform so that you 
    have a height advantage on the boss. When Man-at-legs twists and shakes the 
    Pikmin off, call them back and find a place to hide before his laser tracker 
    pinpoints you. Don't come out of hiding until you're sure that Man-at-legs's 
    machinegun has been withdrawn. Remember to use up the Ultra-Spicy Spray to 
    make this battle go faster. If you want any of the other treasures in the 
    alcoves after Man-at-legs drops the key, use your White and Yellow Pikmin to 
    disable the appropriate hazards. If Man-at-legs gives you trouble, keep trying 
    until you prevail over him.
    Breeding Ground
    3 Floors
    4 Red Pikmin
    3 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    Toss the four Pikmin into the Queen Candypop Buds so that you have at least 25 
    Pikmin, and get a good mix of colors. Don't hesitate to use purple spray 
    against the Creeping Chrysanthemums, and collect the key quickly before more 
    are roused.
    Sublevel 2
    If you want more Pikmin, take down the walls around this level and use more 
    Queen Candypop Buds. The Red Bulborbs here are keyless, so don't bother with 
    them. Once you find the key, look for the exit hole.
    Sublevel 3
    Use the three colors to deal with the fire and electrical hazards, and the 
    water puddles. One of the blowhogs has the key, so use up your remaining 
    sprays in trying to find it. You can also grab a Danger Chime (the bells) or 
    two, since there are a lot here.
    Cave of Pain
    1 Floor
    50 Red Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    This challenge is tough, because the entire cavern is booby-trapped with all 
    sorts of falling objects that will appear every time you move a muscle. Stay 
    far away from the bomb-rocks and the Volatile Dweevils, and don't let any 
    Pikmin get caught beneath a falling boulder. Even an Anode Beetle, a Hairy 
    Bulborb and a Fiery Bulblax will drop in on you. Use your purple spray to 
    freeze the Bulblax, and use the red spray to make your Pikmin faster. Luckily, 
    there are no tricks to getting the key itself. Avoid anything else that falls 
    and run for the exit after you're finished.
    Bully Den
    1 Floor
    25 Purple Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    You have 30 seconds to knock down the gates and collect the treasures before 
    two Waterwraiths drop in from above and announce their presence with fearsome 
    bellows. Before they arrive, try to bait some of the Volatile Dweevils into 
    blowing themselves up. Waterwraiths are liquid monsters that ride around on 
    stone rollers that can crush anything from Pikmin to enemies. To avoid them, 
    hide in the corners so that they can't reach you. If you're lucky, you'll be 
    able to fight one Waterwraith at a time if they are separated by gates (which 
    they cannot destroy). To kill one, throw Purple Pikmin at it. This will freeze 
    the wraith and turn it purple. Continue attacking it until its rollers break. 
    Now the Waterwraith will scuttle along trying to avoid you. Chase it until it 
    stops to catch its breath, and then finish it off with the Purple Pikmin. 
    Don't bother using your purple sprays unless your Pikmin are about to get 
    crushed. One of the Waterwraiths holds a disturbing but pricey doll head, but 
    the other one has the key. Oftentimes, more enemies will drop down from the 
    sky while you try to fight the wraiths, including a gray and Yellow Wollywog 
    and some Anode Beetles. Ignore them, since the Waterwraiths will crush most of 
    them anyway.
    -Sniper Room-
    1 Floor
    30 Yellow Pikmin
    20 Purple Pikmin
    1 Ultra-Spicy Spray
    1 Ultra-Bitter Spray
    Sublevel 1
    This midnight garden is filled with some of the game's tougher enemies, such 
    as cannon beetles, bulborbs and a Careening Dirigibug. Watch out for the 
    Gatling Groink on the upturned bucket raining death upon your Pikmin. If you 
    keep your distance from its perch, you should have little to worry about. Use 
    the cannon beetles to kill each other, and defeat the Orange Bulborb with 
    Purple Pikmin. Once the path to the key is safe, retrieve it and escape.
    -Emperor's Realm-
    5 Floors
    20 Red Pikmin
    20 Blue Pikmin
    10 Purple Pikmin
    2 Ultra-Spicy Sprays
    2 Ultra-Bitter Sprays
    Sublevel 1
    You've made it to the final challenge, and beating it will give you the last 
    Challenge Mode pink flower. The trip to the finish won't be easy though. This 
    challenge contains two different bosses and every species of bulborb, bulbear 
    and Bulblax imaginable. To begin, find the white Hairy Bulborb and bash it to 
    death with Purple Pikmin for the key. Use Red Pikmin to clear the path of fire 
    hazards, and watch out for the Dwarf Red, Snow and Red Bulborb(s).
    Sublevel 2
    There is a key-hoarding Spotty Bulbear in here, as well as its troupe of 
    smaller Dwarf Bulbears. Wait for it to come to you before you spray it with 
    purple spray and pound it to dust. Don't bother with the fire hazards or the 
    Orange and Dwarf Orange Bulborbs in the back though, and simply exit.
    Sublevel 3
    The Fiery Bulblax in this sublevel is the final bulborb subordinate you'll 
    have to face, and it's got the key. First use the Red Pikmin to disable the 
    flame spouts, and then take out the Bulblax with your last Ultra-Bitter Spray. 
    You can use either Red or Blue Pikmin to defeat it, depending on whether you 
    petrify it in the water or on land. Before you leave, use the Queen Candypop 
    Buds to increase your army, and flower them up with the nectar eggs.
    Sublevel 4
    The lady of this realm is Empress Bulblax in all her glory. With the exception 
    of the added fire hazards, this battle is no different than the one in the 
    Frontier Cavern, where you faced the mighty empress for the second time. She 
    has no interest in your Pikmin, but she will give birth to live Bulborb Larvae 
    every few seconds to defend herself. The hungry larvae are weak, but they can 
    consume Pikmin quickly if you aren't careful. To kill Empress Bulblax, who 
    obviously has the key, throw your Purple Pikmin at her head. The empress will 
    twist and squirm as she takes damage, but she'll pause just before she shakes 
    the Pikmin off. Call them back before they are sent flying. Empress Bulblax 
    will begin rolling from side to side, killing anything that gets in her path. 
    This includes the larvae, so as long as you can get the empress to roll quick 
    enough, the babies will never reach you. After the empress stops rolling, she 
    will resume giving birth to more larvae. Keep hitting her until she dies. 
    After she releases the key, kill any remaining Bulborb Larvae with 
    Olimar/Louie, and then take back her body. The fallen larvae don't leave 
    behind bodies or treasure, but they do spill nectar for your Pikmin.
    Sublevel 5
    Emperor Bulblax no longer claims the title of the game's strongest boss, but 
    he is Challenge Mode's final boss and the last thing keeping you from a pink 
    flower. There are three emperors down here, but you won't be able to tell 
    which one has the key. You have a one and three shot of finding and defeating 
    the right one the first time around, but you shouldn't have trouble beating 
    them anyway. When an emperor awakens, try to get him to swallow a bomb-rock. 
    The explosive will go off in his throat and stun him for a few seconds, giving 
    you the chance to attack his vulnerable face. Because of the water, you'll 
    probably end up having to use Blue Pikmin. Emperor Bulblax can lick up a lot 
    of Pikmin and he gets the chance, so if he opens his mouth wide, make sure 
    there aren't any Pikmin in front of him. He can also stomp on them if they get 
    caught beneath his feet. Make sure he doesn't roar either, or else your Pikmin 
    will scatter in panic and the other sleeping emperors will awaken. For 
    curiosity's sake, the other two emperors have valuable gold and silver coins 
    in their stomachs. Once you grab the key, avoid the fire, bomb-rocks and 
    remaining Emperor Bulblaxes and get to the geyser so that you can claim the 
    final pink flower. Victory!
    This is a series of lists that show all Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard entries, 
    as well as the items found in the Exploration Kit.
    1.	Red Bulborb
    2.	Hairy Bulborb
    3.	Orange Bulborb
    4.	Dwarf Red Bulborb
    5.	Snow Bulborb
    6.	Dwarf Orange Bulborb
    7.	Spotty Bulbear
    8.	Dwarf Bulbear
    9.	Bulborb Larva
    10.	Fiery Bulblax
    11.	Water Dumple
    12.	Bulbmin
    13.	Fiery Blowhog
    14.	Watery Blowhog
    15.	Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
    16.	Decorated Cannon Beetle
    17.	Puffy Blowhog
    18.	Withering Blowhog
    19.	Gatling Groink
    20.	Iridescent Flint Beetle
    21.	Iridescent Glint Beetle
    22.	Doodlebug
    23.	Female Sheargrub
    24.	Male Sheargrub
    25.	Shearwig
    26.	Cloaking Burrow-nit
    27.	Ravenous Whiskerpillar
    28.	Anode Beetle
    29.	Mitite
    30.	Hermit Crawmad
    31.	Swooping Snitchbug
    32.	Bumbling Snitchbug
    33.	Careening Dirigibug
    34.	Antenna Beetle
    35.	Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
    36.	Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
    37.	Fiery Dweevil
    38.	Anode Dweevil
    39.	Caustic Dweevil
    40.	Munge Dweevil
    41.	Volatile Dweevil
    42.	Toady Bloyster
    43.	Yellow Wollywog
    44.	Wollywog
    45.	Wogpole
    46.	Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud
    47.	Crimson Candypop Bud
    48.	Golden Candypop Bud
    49.	Violet Candypop Bud
    50.	Ivory Candypop Bud
    51.	Queen Candypop Bud
    52.	Creeping Chrysanthemum
    53.	Skitter Leaf
    54.	Unmarked Spectralids
    55.	Honeywisp
    56.	Mamuta
    57.	Breadbug
    58.	Pellet Posy
    59.	Common Glowcap
    60.	Clover
    61.	Figwort
    62.	Dandelion
    63.	Seeding Dandelion
    64.	Horsetail
    65.	Foxtail
    66.	Glowstem
    67.	Margaret
    68.	Fiddlehead
    69.	Shoot
    70.	Empress Bulblax
    71.	Burrowing Snagret
    72.	Beady Long Legs
    73.	Emperor Bulblax
    74.	Giant Breadbug
    75.	Pileated Snagret
    76.	Man-at-legs
    77.	Ranging Bloyster
    78.	Waterwraith
    79.	Segmented Crawbster
    80.	Raging Long Legs
    81.	Titan Dweevil
    Treasure Hoard.
    1.	Cupid's Grenade
    2.	Sunseed Berry
    3.	Combustion Berry
    4.	Seed of Greed
    5.	Disguised Delicacy
    6.	Insect Condo
    7.	Citrus Lump
    8.	Spiny Alien Treat
    9.	Anxious Sprout
    10.	Child of the Earth
    11.	Love Nugget
    12.	Infernal Vegetable
    13.	Anti-hiccup Fungus
    14.	Toxic Toadstool
    15.	Growshroom
    16.	Onion Replica
    17.	Science Project
    18.	Pilgrim Bulb
    19.	Arboreal Frippery
    20.	Conifer Spire
    21.	Armored Nut
    22.	Corpulent Nut
    23.	Meat of Champions
    24.	Hideous Victual
    25.	Meat Satchel
    26.	Taste Sensation
    27.	Triple Sugar Threat
    28.	Compelling Cookie
    29.	Impenetrable Cookie
    30.	Bug Bait
    31.	Imperative Cookie
    32.	Comfort Cookie
    33.	Succulent Mattress
    34.	King of Sweets
    35.	Enamel Buster
    36.	Diet Doomer
    37.	Pale Passion
    38.	White Goodness
    39.	Chocolate Cushion
    40.	Sweet Dreamer
    41.	Confection Hoop
    42.	Pastry Wheel
    43.	Possessed Squash
    44.	Fossilized Ursidae
    45.	Colossal Fossil
    46.	Leviathan Feather
    47.	Olimarnite Shell
    48.	Fortified Delicacy
    49.	Scrumptious Shell
    50.	Memorial Shell
    51.	Mysterious Remains
    52.	Crystal King
    53.	Future Orb
    54.	Gyroid Bust
    55.	Unknown Merit
    56.	Lustrous Element
    57.	Mirrored Element
    58.	Vorpal Platter
    59.	Invigorator
    60.	Milk Tub
    61.	Merciless Extractor
    62.	Broken Food Master
    63.	Utter Scrap
    64.	Decorative Goo
    65.	Master's Instrument
    66.	Manual Honer
    67.	Implement of Toil
    68.	Heavy-duty Magnetizer
    69.	Harmonic Synthesizer
    70.	Emperor Whistle
    71.	Director of Destiny
    72.	Sud Generator
    73.	Flame of Tomorrow
    74.	Impediment Scourge
    75.	Dimensional Slicer
    76.	Time Capsule
    77.	Lip Service
    78.	Mirrored Stage
    79.	Behemoth Jaw
    80.	Joy Receptacle
    81.	Fleeting Art Form
    82.	Danger Chime
    83.	Spouse Alert
    84.	Innocence Lost
    85.	Essential Furnishing
    86.	Icon of Progress
    87.	Temporal Mechanism
    88.	Mystical Disc
    89.	Vacuum Processor
    90.	Indomitable CPU
    91.	Network Mainbrain
    92.	Space Wave Receiver
    93.	Sulking Antenna
    94.	Nouveau Table
    95.	Omega Flywheel
    96.	Spirit Flogger
    97.	Superstrong Stabilizer
    98.	Repair Juggernaut
    99.	Adamantine Girdle
    100.	Massage Girdle
    101.	Superstick Textile
    102.	Exhausted Superstick
    103.	Furious Adhesive
    104.	Petrified Heart
    105.	Eternal Emerald Eye
    106.	Regal Diamond
    107.	Tear Stone
    108.	Princess Pearl
    109.	Crystal Clover
    110.	Unspeakable Wonder
    111.	Essence of Rage
    112.	Essence of Despair
    113.	Essence of True Love
    114.	Essence of Desire
    115.	Pink Menace
    116.	Joyless Jewel
    117.	Frosty Bauble
    118.	Gemstar Wife
    119.	Gemstar Husband
    120.	Universal Com
    121.	Omniscient Sphere
    122.	Crystallized Telepathy
    123.	Love Sphere
    124.	Crystallized Telekinesis
    125.	Mirth Sphere
    126.	Crystallized Clairvoyance
    127.	Maternal Sculpture
    128.	Extreme Perspirator
    129.	Rubber Ugly
    130.	Paradoxical Enigma
    131.	Silencer
    132.	Wiggle Noggin
    133.	Coiled Launcher
    134.	Boom Cone
    135.	Flame Tiller
    136.	Doomsday Apparatus
    137.	Aquatic Mine
    138.	Stupendous Lens
    139.	Air Brake
    140.	Worthless Statue
    141.	Priceless Statue
    142.	Boss Stone
    143.	Luck Wafer
    144.	Talisman of Life
    145.	Strife Monolith
    146.	Chance Totem
    147.	Dream Architect
    148.	Stone of Glory
    149.	Glee Spinner
    150.	Cosmic Archive
    151.	Remembered Old Buddy
    152.	Fond Gyro Block
    153.	Memorable Gyro Block
    154.	Lost Gyro Block
    155.	Favorite Gyro Block
    156.	Treasured Gyro Block
    157.	Proton AA
    158.	Durable Energy Cell
    159.	Courage Reactor
    160.	Fuel Reservoir
    161.	Drone Supplies
    162.	Patience Tester
    163.	Endless Repository
    164.	Fruit Guard
    165.	Nutrient Silo
    166.	Stringent Container
    167.	Survival Ointment
    168.	Healing Cask
    169.	Abstract Masterpiece
    170.	Optical Illustration
    171.	Thirst Activator
    172.	Yellow Taste Tyrant
    173.	Salivatrix
    174.	Gherkin Gate
    175.	Alien Billboard
    176.	Activity Arouser
    177.	Hypnotic Platter
    178.	Massive Lid
    179.	Pondering Emblem
    180.	Happiness Emblem
    181.	Quenching Emblem
    182.	Drought Ender
    183.	Creative Inspiration
    184.	Spherical Atlas
    185.	Geographic Projection
    186.	Prototype Detector
    187.	Five-man Napsack
    188.	Brute Knuckles
    189.	Repugnant Appendage
    190.	Stellar Orb
    191.	Forged Courage
    192.	Dream Material
    193.	Justice Alloy
    194.	Amplified Amplifier
    195.	Professional Noisemaker
    196.	The Key
    197.	Shock Therapist
    198.	Flare Cannon
    199.	Comedy Bomb
    200.	Monster Pump
    201.	King of Bugs
    Exploration Kit & Other.
    MEGA TWEETER: Increases the range of the whistle.
    PLUCKAPHONE: Allows Pikmin sprouts to be plucked from the ground with the 
    SOLAR SYSTEM: Illuminates caverns.
    METAL SUIT Z: Gives Olimar/Louie/President more resistance against enemy 
    SCORCH GUARD: Gives Olimar/Louie/President immunity to fire.
    ANTI-ELECTRIFIER: Gives Olimar/Louie/President immunity to electricity.
    RUSH BOOTS: Allows Olimar/Louie/President to run quicker. Also gives them 
    immunity to Puffy Blowhog attacks.
    ROCKET FIST: Olimar/Louie/President can execute a powerful punch.
    TREASURE GAUGE: Special treasure-detector that activates when treasure is 
    near. The gauge deactivates when there is no treasure in the area.
    SPHERE CHART: Unlocks the Awakening Wood region.
    SURVEY CHART: Unlocks the Perplexing Pool region.
    NAPSACK: When Olimar/Louie/President have no Pikmin with them, they can lie 
    down, offers some protection against attacks. Nearby idle Pikmin will 
    transport you back to the onion/pod.
    THE KEY: Unlocks Challenge Mode.
    Copyright 2006 Ryan N. Parra-Merrell.

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