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Reviewed: 08/14/06

Where are the Pikmin? Back again!

Now, I ask you to imagine this: One day you are driving your 18-wheeler, having endured a long trip to deliver an astounding amount of cargo, and you just wish to return home. Unfortunately, a large object is sent hurtling at you, and with no way to move in time, you get hit and spin out of control. When you wake up, you are in a place you have never seen before, and you find a little red beet-looking creature staring at you. Your turn once more to find your truck in utter shambles. It appears you have landed in a primitive area, untouched by your kind. With the help of this little beet creature, called Pikmin, and his yellow and blue friends, you safely navigate through the neanderthalic wasteland that is your wrecking site.

Now, imagine this. Last time, I promise: Your little carrot buddies have helped you...well, more like did all the work for you, but let's not go into detail...and you have reconstructed your truck, and bidding adieu to your little Pikmin pallies, you leave. You miraculously find your way back to your company's parking lot, to be greeted by your boss and a weird employee, who proceeds to tell you that since you went missing, the company had fallen into serious debt. A crane then proceeds to grab your truck and run off with it.

Welcome to Captain Olimar's story. Yes, all that wondrous story-telling happened to him, if you replace the truck with the spaceship, the object being a on, so forth.

Here comes the very interesting part. It seems that the Company is in debt because the strange-looking employee, named Louie, was supposed to deliver a load of golden pikpik carrots, but along the way, his cargo was devoured by hungry space rabbits. Now that's debatable. However, the boss doesn't seem to mind. Olimar drops a bottle cap he held for his son in surprise, and a nearby hunk of red metal surmises that it is worth a 100 poko subtraction from the debt. The boss goes on to throw Olimar and Louie into the thing, and sends them off to the planet once more.

Now I shall discuss the actual game. Unlike the previous game, which commanded you to find your spaceship parts in order to re-construct your lovely spaceship, this one demands batteries, fruit, cans, globes, bottle caps, and other junk that is worth quite a bit of poko to them, and is also about five times bigger than them. How? With your lovely Pikmin pals, no doubt! Another fresh twist is this: No stinkin' time limit! Wooohooo!

The controls are simple enough. (A) to throw, (B) to call your Pikmin, (X) to dismiss them, (Y) to switch control between Olimar and Louie, and various other buttons. The actions associated with each button have been switched around a little from the prequel, but not enough to confuse anyone in the slight bit.

Sound is amazing. The whistles used to call our carrot companions, plucking them from the ground, throwing them, ordering them to charge headfirst into a wall, or just hearing them hum their boredom whilst they trail behind you, the sound is always cute and fitting, not to mention that there's a sound for almost every darned thing you happen to do in the game.

Graphics are, in fact, quite detailed and beautiful compared to most Gamecube games floating around out there. It's always fun to see Pikmin shimmy up a plant stem as it sways in the wind or whack an enemy repeatedly against the posterior with their little leaves. Other times you are content watching cherry tree petals float from the sky as you worm your way through a swarm of snoozing predators.

Gameplay. This is, undoubtedly, the very epitome of this wee little wonder. The gameplay is something unlike any other game before it. No guns, gore, or suggestive dressing. Need to clear out a few baddies? Send a few reds or purples with their fighting capabilities, or the yellows with their love for explosive bomb rocks, and that's that. After they put their life on the line, they'd gladly carry the corpse of their fallen foe to their mother ship, called an onion, and make more pikmin to also endure their suicidal lifestyle of choice. In fact, they'll do this until you get what you need and leave them.

Lo, and behold: Nintendo, the Supreme Overlord of All Things Gamely!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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